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Uncle Percival Graves Things
  • The gang saving him from whatever prison Grindelwald had him in. 
  • And Percival Graves while a strong willed wizard, had felt Grindelwald’s harshness.
  • Queenie and Tina waste no time in helping him recover, and keeping him up to date.
  • Graves isn’t surprised that Tina stood her ground against Grindelwald - she is his best auror after all. 
  • Graves is familiar with Newt, he is in communication with the brother. But then he finds out that Newt and Tina are getting closer so he goes all PROTECTIVE UNCLE GRAVES on Tina.
  • It’s how he finds out that Newt met Tina when she was assigned to the Wand Permit Office and he thundered an almighty “WHAT”
  • Tina tells him what happened to the Second Salemers and Credence. And Graves just sighs.
  • Because he knows Tina is strong and capable but she also has a great heart and it did get her into close trouble several times.
  • “But to attack a no-maj, Porpentina! What were you thinking?”
  • But he’s trying to hide his proud smile because GODDAMN THAT IS WHAT PORPENTINA GOLDSTEIN DOES.
  • He also is curious about what happened, because for Tina to break the rules that she knows by heart, something is up.
  • And Queenie gives him a separate update, and Newt provides his side as well, and Graves is just downright horrified/enraged.
  • And he’s back and all is well and good until they receive a report of an obscurus sighting.
  • And Tina is the first to volunteer, and Graves comes along - and so does Newt, to provide the insight, Queenie, because she isn’t about to let Tina go into trouble all by herself, and Jacob because well, I’m not about to let you guys go into trouble.
  • (Graves is gesticulating wildly about Jacob, HE SHOULD BE OBLITERATED and Tina’s all “Sure, we could, but he’s the only one who can get along Newt’s creatures nicely, so if you can do that fine, go ahead, obliterate him.”)
  • (“Also he makes great pastries!” Queenie follows up)
  • (“Did you say pastries?” Graves is now curious.)
  • (Because you bet your ass Queenie read his mind, and the man loves his pastries)
  • (And Jacob gives him a sample and Graves is not letting him know that THESE TASTE GREAT YOU’RE MY NEW FRIEND NOW)
  • Anyway, they’re off to the obscurus sighting, and Newt makes him read up on the obscurus notes he has.
  • And it’s Tina who sees Credence, and assures him that they’re here to help, and Credence is relieved.
  • She brings him back to the place they are staying, and Jacob’s there keeping watch and making food for the group.And Jacob’s first order of business? Feed him up with pastries. Even if Queenie reacts because desserts came first.
  • It’s Newt who comes in first, and he is relieved to see  Credence is doing well. And he asks his permission to check if he is well.
  • Queenie’s next, and not only does she give him a friendly hug, (and slightly squinting Jacob for the pastries), but she lets Newt do his thing.
  • The last is of course Graves, and the first time Credence sees him, he starts to panic, and Graves has the good sense to apparate off to a far place as the gang calms Credence down.
  • They take time to explain that he is the real Graves, that it was Grindelwald who had deceived him.
  • It takes him time to fully trust them, and they have things they want to teach him, but the first thing he learns? Baking pastries from Jacob.
  • And Jacob fully takes time to teach him what he knows, and he’s very patient. Credence learns fast, and he likes his time in the bakery.
  • One day, Credence asks Jacob why Graves was with them, and Jacob tells him, “He is a good man, he helps out Tina and Queenie and Newt and they’re trying to change things over at MACUSA.”
  • It’s hard to explain how Graves isn’t Grindelwald!Graves, because he tries to not get too involved with the politics of the wizarding world. “But I trust them and they trust me. I wouldn’t want to destroy it what we have.”
  • It goes on until one afternoon, on a day where Jacob and Queenie go on a date, and Credence is confident he can handle the bakery on his own, in comes Graves.
  • (Because hotdog is Tina’s weakness, and Jacob’s Pastries are Graves’)
  • And he’s about to leave (apparate ASA FUCKING P) until Credence yells out “Wait sir!” and he tries to calm himself.
  • Graves is cautious as well, and the two of them try make it through a transaction.
  • (Because Jacob usually has a bag ready for Graves, or that Jacob would let Graves have the first take of his newest creations, and Graves could not be bothered to know what the pastries are called.)
  • “Uh, what would you recommend?” Graves asks, because an attempt at conversation! He quickly follows it up with “Because Jacob usually has a bag for me and -”
  • Credence is trying to balance both calming down and doing a good job at describing these pastries. Graves realizes - he’s basically eating ALL of this.
  • So Graves tells him, “I’d like one of each one.”
  • And Credence does it, and when he tells him how much it is, oops. Graves does not have dollars with him.
  • Credence is of course, confused. He can’t just let him out of the store without paying, but he’s their friend…
  • And just in time, Tina comes around - because it took way too long for Graves to take his break - and when she sees them both, Credence and Graves, she’s already preparing herself.
  • “Tina!” Credence tells her. “Mr. Graves doesn’t have money to pay for his purchase!”
  • Tina looking at Graves and his pastries in the bag he’s carrying, and back to Credence. And she just laughs hard. Then she asks him how much it all was.
  • “Bring no-maj money next time,” Tina tells Graves, and they apparate back to MACUSA.
  • At dinner, they’re telling how their day went and Queenie just blurts out, “Percy went to the bakery? Oh dear!”
  • And Newt jumps to “Credence let me check you” but Credence assures him that he’s fine, and Mr. Graves was also okay, but he didn’t bring any money but Tina paid for his pastries.
  • Jacob: Oh, he didn’t need to! He takes his stuff then leaves. Like, he comes in sulking one day, takes a niffler bread then apparates. I don’t bother to ask, especially if he sulks.
  • Queenie: *agrees* He sulks so much Teenie.
  • Tina: Don’t look at me, we’re doing great so far.
  • Newt: Sulking really doesn’t suit him. 
  • Tina: It’s true. He thinks no one sees him smile after he’s eaten a few, but we can see it.
  • Jacob: Anyway, what did he take this time?
  • Credence tells him how he’s taken one of each, especially the new ones.
  • Jacob: But those are yours right? The ones you’ve been tying out?
  • Credence just nods, but he sees Jacob beaming with pride because he knows how great Credence is with baking.
  • The next day, it’s Graves who is first in line in the bakery, and he just stutters, “Uh, I brought enough no-maj money now.”
  • Jacob: Sure you do. Sure you do.
  • And Graves gives praise on the bread he “bought” yesterday, and Jacob tells him, “Well, glad you liked them, cause most of them were made by Credence here.”
  • So Graves just looks at Credence as he’s packing up Graves’ bread, and Graves, not knowing how to react, gives him a thumbs up.
  • (Because he doesn’t want to possibly unleash the obscurus in the bakery, or he isn’t sure how to give praise other than performance reviews.)
  • So while waiting for his change (”I have change?”), Graves tries to reach out to him by asking if he wants to learn magic.
  • And Credence looks at his feet, and mumbles about how Queenie is teaching him charms, and Tina is teaching him defensive spells, and Newt is teaching him about the care of magical creatures.
  • Graves: Oh.
  • Credence: How about history? Of magic here in America?
  • And Graves is “Yeah, yes sure. I can do that.”
  • (Because spoiler alert: GRAVES IS A HUGE HISTORY NERD.)
  • So on the weekend where Credence has time for his wizarding education, Graves suddenly shows up in the Goldstein residence with a ton of history books.
  • And it’s just the gang giving a loving environment for Credence to grow.

Friendly reminder that if Zevran is saved in dao, in his da2 lore he begins single-handedly taking down the Antivan Crows from the inside. He either buys or assassinates all the leaders, and nobody even sees him coming before their entire squad is dead. He’s literally assassinating the most famous group of assassins on his own and if you don’t think that’s some badass shit right there then we can’t be friends

Someone come cry with me. I just watched this fancam and you can see Jimin just quietly sitting next to Namjoon during BigBang’s performance, not talking or moving really, even though we know he’s a massive BB fan. We’ve talked a lot about how Jimin always seem to be the one most sensitive to the members moods. How he’s always right next to them, comforting them, when something happens. Like when Jungkook messed up his flip on AHL and Jimin gave him encouragement to keep practicing and told him he looked cool anyway, trying to make him feel less embarrassed. Or when V got all that ridiculous backlash for mouthing Loser and we can see Jimin in pictures sticking to him like glue, hugging him and trying to make him smile. We have so many little moments of Jimin being there for his members and giving them comfort and support in the way they need it, and I just…everyone needs to appreciate Park Jimin. Park Jimin who sat silently in support of his hyung who was having the near shittiest day imaginable even when one his favorite bands was playing. Park Jimin, who didn’t try and smile and hug and make jokes like he might have with V or Jhope because he knew that wouldn’t help Namjoon, but just stayed next to him to remind him he wasn’t alone. We all need a friend like Park Jimin.

About ships

Boy and Girl: *blush at each other*

People: it’s canon.

Two boys: *blush at each other, hug, think about each other all day, hold hands, stare at each other lovingly, dream about each other, share lots of intimate affectionate moments*

People: look at those bros! Such strong friendship!

People: *brush hands with friends of the same gender* no homo!