he's so protective

After Robert gets forcefully outed by Chrissie

Diane: I think they’ll be happy if you were having a fatal heart attack

Robert: Aren’t you meant to be my family?

like what an actual bitch. 

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Wonder how Harry would react if his daughter and one of the boys son dated. Maybe she lied to Harry that she is going shopping with her girl friends and maybe at the same time harry pops to a store and sees his daughter and his band mate's son kissing.

Can you imagine? Oh my god, he’d be so bloody protective over her because she’s his baby girl and he doesn’t want her to grow up so quickly and get boyfriends and move on with her life. He wouldn’t be upset that she had a boyfriend because he’s just happy that she’s happy with someone, but, he’d be upset that she kept it from him and felt the need to leave him in the dark.

Seeing them both in the supermarket, buying sweets and snacks for what he could only guess was for a movie night, would give him an unhappy feeling in his belly because he didn’t know anything about it. He’d make sure he kept hidden so she didn’t see him, but, he’d definitely give the boy’s father a text to see if he knew anything about it.

Your son is dating my daughter?


Your son. Is dating. My daughter.

They’re in the supermarket buying stuff together. Did you know?

He told me he was going to a footie game at the park…

She told me she was going shopping with her friends…

I swear to god, if they buy condoms, I will flip and rip his balls off.

You touch my son and I’ll rip your balls off.

Metaphorical. I do want grandkids.

But, neither parent would push for their kids to tell them. And when the time comes, they’d support their child and be thankful that they’re with someone that they grew up with and became close friends with as they became older. xx

Steven Universe S1E17 “Lion 2: The Movie” - Afterthoughts

This was super, super cute, holy shit.

Finally Connie reappeared, i was waiting for that since Bubble Buddies and this was even better than what i imagined the second time she appeared would be like. Connie definitely has some issues, she’s pretty insecure about herself and unconfident, but i think Steven is going to slowly help her work that out, i’m looking forward to her next appearence on the show! (And more Connverse shipping fuel, plz)

Lion’s origin is still really mysterious, but i think that will get cleared out, possibly. This episode pretty much proved Lion’s relation to Rose, which is giving me even more questions about him, was he Rose’s pet? Is he a gem? Did Rose create him so he can protect Steven? Can’t really tell for sure at this point.

I rate this episode an 8.5/10, until next time!

Well <3 First gift for @dyingstararch and @seraphinit, little Drip and little Splotch meet my Azur <3 i really like their design =D And Oh my ! I’m sorry but my Azur thinks theses two are children >w< So he wants to protect them ! <3

By the way, This is the first time I put color on his armor, I don’t know I’ll keep these or not but he looks like a knight in a shining armor, no ? ;D

Drip belongs to @seraphinit

Splotch belongs to @dyingstararch

Next gift is for warlord-zellak :3

Ok, everything is exactly the same except Cas kept his female vessel’s cute green hat ....

Credit: the wonderful @emmaesme


young bum is a blessing


but who in the world eats a banana with chopsticks? the none other Lee Jeno😊