he's so protective

Sebastian had attempted to keep Lacey had arm’s length for a little while. She had been persistent, and it worked for a little while, but eventually, he gave in. They had been secretly having an affair for a while. Months went by, letting the summer melt into fall, fall to winter, winter to spring, until finally, summer rolled around again, and the Quarter Quell was among them. Sebastian had yet to put his foot down to Lacey about returning as a mentor, because he knew that a Quell would surely stress her to the point of breaking. Burton had convinced him, but it honestly didn’t take a lot of effort on his part. 

The Quell was going to be announced today. After several uprisings in different Districts and Victors from around Panem showing rebellious activity, things had been uneasy. Sebastian was a rebel, but he wasn’t going to play his cards in a stupid way. He had people he wanted to protect. So he waited it out. 

When the Quell was getting ready for announcement, he helped his elderly father over to the Flax residence, wanting to be with Lacey and her family while this was announced so they could all discuss what it means to mentor in the Quell. He didn’t want to do it, but it was necessary to protect Lacey. So they got over to the mansion, Burton opening the door and hugging Sebastian as they eased Andronius Thread into the room. The older man, now pushing eighty, smiled at Lacey who was dressed at her casual best. Sebastian eased him down into an arm chair, leaning his cane against the side. 

“Don’t strain yourself, Dad,” Sebastian said before rubbing his father’s arm and going to Lacey, giving her a hug. 


“I’m sorry, Dean… I didn’t know who else to call…” There was no stopping the hot tears that spilled down my cheeks. I wasn’t even sure what I was crying about any more. The copious amounts of alcohol I had been encouraged to consume clouded my mind and blurred my vision. I couldn’t remember what had happened that left me sitting in a parking lot by myself, but I was sure of one thing. He was here to save me. Dean was crossing the space between us with urgency, his eyes wide and his brow creased in concern.  

“Y/N! Are you okay? Did anyone hurt you?! I swear to god if anyone laid a hand on you…” Dean hurriedly removed his jacket and folded it around my shaking body. The brightness from the Impala’s headlights was glaring off my flashy, short dress and the heels I held in one hand. I felt ashamed and childlike, desperately wiping the moisture from my face. He didn’t seem to notice my embarrassment. He was too preoccupied with searching my body for any signs that I had been injured. Overwhelming relief washed over me. He was here, it was all over.

“I’m okay, now that you’re here.” I choked back another sob and fell forward into Dean’s arms. His warmth felt like home to me. For the first time that night I felt safe and content. Dean pulled me tighter to his chest and spread a wide hand over the back of my hair. I could feel the anxiety in the way he squeezed me close. His breath came as a shaky sigh when he spoke again, this time the words more stern.

“You never, ever hesitate to call me when you’re scared. I would never forgive myself if…” He paused and I could feel a small shudder rock his body before he continued. “Come on, let’s get you home”

p.s. This whole situation is probably giving him flashbacks to the time his dad saved him from that bar in New York.

I really want Alec, if he’s ever in Idris for an extended time period, to look ut for other queer shadowhunters. I mean, look at how he dealt with a pickpocketer.

Alec terrifying Academy students harassing a queer kid outside campus

Alec punching out a nephilim man trying to put something in a girl’s drink

Alec letting queer kids kicked out by their families crash with him and Magnus at the Warlock Representative’s house until they find somewhere steady

Alec telling lgbt nephilim kids who say they came out because of him how proud he is of them and how strong he knows they must be

Alec protecting the ever-living hell out of anyone being physically harmed for their sexuality to the point where you wonder if Jace is actually the “nice parabatai” after all

I just. Alec looking out for lgbt kids in Idris <3


Gohan: “Uh… Hey, Piccolo! Do you mind if I ask you about something?”

Piccolo: “What’s that?”

Gohan: “Well, uh… When Dende and the other Nameks left to resettle on that new planet, you could’ve gone with ‘em! I was wondering why you chose to stay here with us. They’re your people.”

Piccolo: “Well, I might join them someday. But for now, I feel like my mission is here on Earth. Sometimes connections between people run deeper than where they’re from or what color skin they have.”

Cal becoming a daddy like:

- “Hi there angel, you’re daddy’s little girl aren’t you? My favorite little princess, and I’ll protect you from all the nasty princes, promise!!”

- not letting anyone but you and him hold her after she’s born

- kissing all over her tiny little face to wake her up :(

- “Baby, do you think she’ll be a daddy’s girl? I mean she has to be, I’m the best dad around… right babe?”

- holding little girl Hood 24/7 because he’s so protective

- blowing raspberries on her little chubby cheeks :((((

- being a tickle monster just so he can hear her sweet little giggles

- him being like :D all the time when baby girl Hood can finally talk!!!


- “Look mommy!! Me and da-da match!!”

- Calum at this point never stops smiling okay

- having dance sessions to Disney soundtracks, and baby girl Hood falling asleep on his shoulder during a slow dance to “You’ll Be In My Heart” from Tarzan

- putting her down for a nap and kissing her teeny little forehead before he leaves the room :(


- “Hey there Squish! Wanna go get some ice cream before the show with daddy? Don’t tell mommy though, it’s our little secret.”

- smiling so big whenever she get’s ice cream all over those cheeks of hers

- “I wuv you Daddy!” *makes a huge mess with ice cream* “This is yummy!” *giggles*

- her falling asleep on his shoulder again with her face buried in his neck and her little hands clutching his shirt as they walk home :(((((

- bringing her to one of his shows and her clapping wildly as she watches her daddy do his thing from the side of the stage

- asking her to come on stage and she waddles out to him in little converse and a 5sos shirt big enough to be a dress and her HUGE noise canceling headphones :(

- “Little one can you wave at everybody? Say hey?” *buries her face in Calum’s neck* “Noo come on baby girl!! Wave at all your friends bug!”