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For the alien prompts, can you do "There’s this new kid in my school and they’re pretty weird. Not the cliche kind of weird, as in they actually don’t know how to fully operate as a human being and I think they might be an alien" for boyf friends? Preferably where Jeremy is the alien? Thank you! :D

this is super late omg i’m so sorry nonny,,,

When Micheal talked to the new kid, Jeremy Heere, he was kind of unnerved. Sure, Jeremy seemed cool as fuck! He really really did! And he wasn’t too bad to look at but… something in the way Jeremy spoke, like he was just remembering human dialect. In the way that he was so amazingly underwhelmed by new techinology and scientific breakthroughs- as if he were rolling his eyes and thinking secretly ‘been there, done that’- it made him… unnerved, as Micheal had said before. But also, strangely attracted- it made Micheal feel… like he was pining? Or at least had some sort of sick attraction towards Jeremy.

So, when Rich pulled him aside during lunch and asked why he was staring at the new kid, Micheal wasn’t surprised. But the way he phrased it was… less than ideal…

“Dude, no judgement or anything but, like, are you gay for the new kid? Like, no offense but he’s not what I thought your type was?” Rich had said lowly, his voice a mere whisper amongst the chaotic yells of the lunchroom.

Sputtering in flustered embarrassment, Micheal struggled to correct Rich. “No-no I’m- no- I- Rich it’s just, Jeremy is weird. Not the cliche kind of weird, like the sorta weird where he he actually don’t know how to fully operate as a human being and I think he might be an alien.”

Rich raised an eyebrow at him sarcastically. Mockingly. Judgmentally.

“Mikey… you’re reading way too much science fiction…”

But when Micheal saw Jeremy staring at him from across the cafeteria, his too-blue eyes piercing his eyes- and almost his soul, it felt like, he doubted that was the case.

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I love your Captain Underpants oc Mr.E! When I was in 4th grade my math teacher was called Mr.E ( his full name was to difficult to pronounce) he did this cool thing where if you answered a math problem correctly he would give you a dum dum lollipop. One day he told the class that the mystery flavored dum dums where named after him.

i’m glad you like him!! and omg that’s so cool… art imitates reality……………

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Lance,,,being insecure,,,,and the team helping,,,in subtle ways,,,in my,,,aesthetic,,,

anon,,,you get me,,,,

  • lance has no confidence in himself, thats a fact
  • but he hides it pretty well, all the jokes and bravado keep people off his tail
  • and the trick behind all that is that lance is observant.
    • like scarily so
  • so imagine when missions start to go wrong and lance does something behind everyones back that gets them back on track
  • or when they’re having team meetings, he wil mention something thats really off hand that no one really thinks about till later because omg it makes so much sense. and im talking wayyy later, to the point wehre its not relevant anymore
  • but its doesnt stop there
  • sometimes pidge will be sleeping in an odd place and lance will bring her a blanket so she doesnt get cold
    • he also saves the stuff on her laptop and turns it off or idles it for later
  • hunk will misplace something in the kitchen and lance sometimes walks in and ‘magically’ finds it for him
    • lance just knows where everything is
  • when coran is doing maintenance on the castle, lance likes to appear and give him a helping hand
  • shiro has a hard time sleeping and lance found a soothing body wash for shiro specifically that helps him calm down some, enough to sleep more than he does
    • (you cant tell me that lance doesnt know where all the cosmetic stuff is in the castle, the boy has a nose for it i swear)
  • keith is the training room gremlin and when kes been at it too much, lance will come in and basically screw up keiths groove enough to get him out of there
    • usually takes 3 or 4 challenges before keith has had enough and storms out
    • lance’s feelings arent hurt by it, he just wants keith to take care of himself ok?
  • allura can work herself to the bone too so when shes in the control room, lance likes to come by and start talking about earth
    • the similarities draw allura out of her head and start to open up to lance about altea
    • and by the end of the convo, allura is yawning and lance tells her to go to bed. works like a charm
  • and i like to think it takes a really long time for anyone to realize that lance has been keeping them together this whole time
  • like when conversations get to heated, he will make a joke at his expense and it diffuses the situation
  • or he will say just the right thing to kickstart a really great plan
    • all the while not taking any credit for it
  • like my dudes, lance cares so fucking much and no one notices, but hes completely okay with it since the team is all together and he can see his own family in them
  • he doesnt want to lose that
  • so he sticks to being the Middle Child™ and accepts being looked over as long as team voltron is together
BTS reaction to falling for you when you perform


He had heard your name multiple times before but he had yet to see you perform. When he heard that were performing he was happy to finally see what you were made of. He didn’t expect to fall for your talent. He couldn’t keep his off of you. Even if the other boys tried to get his attention or talk to him he wouldn’t take his eyes off you because God you looked great. He made a mental note to talk to you after the show.

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He wouldn’t even notice he enjoyed your performance so much at first until he realized that it wasn’t just the song that had him so excited. He thought you were absolutely beautiful. When you looked his way and blew a kiss that was when he internally lost it. He made sure to blow a kiss right back though.

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This boy omg he would be smirking the whole time. Especially when you looked his way. He would look like a total fuckboy but he doesn’t give a shit he just wants you to notice him as much as he notices you. He wouldn’t want to be the first to talk to you so he would make it so you would go and talk to him.

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His initial intention was to see your dance moves but he ended up looking at your body instead. Not to mention the song you were performing was pretty sexual as well so this just made you even more attractive. He felt hypnotized because he couldn’t look away. After the performance he would talk to you and get your number the same night.

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He would be really impressed with your performance. Your song had lots of meaning and your high note was amazing. And how beautiful you looked while doing it was all Jimin could think of. You were on his mind for the rest of the night. If only he could get the courage to talk to you. He would talk about you to the other members and they would tell him to talk to you. Maybe you should go talk to him?

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He would watch you closely as you performed. He saw how beautiful you and your voice was and he wanted you so bad. He wanted you to want him too. So when it was their turn to perform you better get your body ready because Tae is about to use that tongue to his advantage. He’s gonna have his eyes on you.

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He would be all BLUSH. Like is he seriously falling for someone over a performance???? He just can’t believe this is happening right now. He wasn’t going to talk to you first that’s for sure. But he will casually take off his jacket because it got “too hot” in there. And he would get your attention then.

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I hope you liked it!!!!! Hehe I enjoyed making it! Don’t forget requests are indeed open!!!

~Admin Chi

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one of your peter drawings got me thinking...his earpiece is actually a hearing aid

How cool would that be tho.,,,,HOW COOL. yondu and the ravagers picking him up and in the mix of everything peter lost his aid- and the ravagers not understanding why he wont listen to them- not understanding why his hands are shaking and moving so frantically….yondu asks him if this is some sorta game of charades before remembering DUH he isnt listening to you- “what! Are you deaf boy?” And practically screams it at him before peter nods exasperated because YES THAT’S EXACTLY IT. and then peter sits and has a good cry and suddenly things make sense to the ravagers now.

i doubt any of them really know sign language before peter teaches them best he can…yondu is the only one really alright at it…the others are too sloppy and have an easier time just talking to him and having him either read their lips or when he’s wearing his hearing aid.

IM NOT SURE THE ACTUAL ORIGIN OF HIS MASK, but i like to imagine yondu steals it from somewhere and gives it to him “so you can understand what im sayin all the time boy” AND PETER IS SO HAPPY BC IT LOOKS SO AWESOME??? he loves it… eventually tho, all the ravagers become pretty decent at signing and they all use it to communicate quickly and subtly on missions.

HIS TEAM THO, omg his team…drax always wonders why he never takes the earpiece off and peter has to go through another explanation as to why and that he doesnt exactly hear as well as others. Rocket obnoxiously asks why he keeps flappin his hands around and making dumb faces whenever he cant think of something to say…gamora argues that he’s expressive and “that’s just how humans are”. Peter rolls his eyes and has to explain asl “sometimes i just talk with my hands…like when you gesture, but uh, with more purpose”- “that’s a language??? Well i guess ive heard weirder…well- you know what i mean” ….so the team sets out to learning sign language (imagine groot only ever signing “i am groot”) and rocket thinks it’s pointless “you always wear the piece anyway, so why we gotta learn a whole other language…” but does it anyway and the dumb smile on peter’s face is totally worth it when rocket insults him one day using asl…

Weird headcanon time: Roadhog occasionally takes pictures of Junkrat when he’s sleeping, but mostly just sits and watches. 

Okay, time to explain. After they get out of Australia and start racking up that good cash, start getting closer and eventually falling in love, Junkrat would hit the hay for the night and just…… sleep. Like, just rest. Away from bounty hunters, hellish wastelands, wailing police sirens. He can actually sleep in peace. He’s not waking up at 30min intervals anymore, not sleeping in uncomfy positions so he can get up as quick as lightning in case of an attack. Because with Roadhog by his side and out of the outback, he feels a lot safer. 

Junkrat looks… particularly peaceful when he sleeps. Yeah, I’m p sure he drools a bit too, but hiding out and staying away from people trying to kill him probably trained him to be a quiet, and still sleeper. So he lays back in the pillow and illuminated by moonlight, he looks like a peaceful, sleeping angel. Like a damn renaissance painting.

Roadhog loves it not just because he can finally get some damn peace and quiet, but because this is when Jamie is at his most beautiful (aside from when he’s on a kill streak lmao) And roadie wants to cherish moments like these so he gets a digital camera and just… takes pics. Of course, after a few times, he’d feel guilty about it because he knows it’s kinda creepy, so out of the blue he just asks Junkrat if he’d mind pics of him taken while he was unconscious. 

 "Well… whaddya takin’ em for?“ 

”… Just to look at them.“ 

"Oh, really? Heheheheh ;) Geez Roadie, could just wake me up if ya feel that way, mate!" 

 "No. You don’t understand.”

“What? So then… what, ya just like lookin’ at me while I sleep? Eeehhh…" 

"You’re…. pretty that way. Never mind. I’ll just delete them.”

“Pretty? Oh… uh…" 


 And then they’re just kinda like awkwardly skirting around the subject for the next few minutes because neither of them know what to say, but also because Roadhog thinks he fucked up. He’s sure that Jamie is mad at him for crossing lines, and even goes so far as to just destroy the camera under his heel. 

Jamie feels… touched, but doesn’t know how to express it. Nobody has ever called him "pretty” before! He doesn’t know how to feel, but nothing negative comes to mind when he thinks about it. They don’t talk about it anymore. 

But roadie still keeps an eye on his sleeping angel.

  • before jungkook even thinks of confessing to you first, he’s going to try and figure out some way to guarantee that you like him before he takes any steps forward
  • this will probably include him teasing you about any “crushes” you have, he’ll probably even pull in taehyung and jimin to help him out and be like “hey…do you know who they like??” and taehyung will start laughing and be like JUNGKOOK YOU LIKE THEM DONT YOU and jimin will be like ???? wait you like them???? i thought you were just curious about who they like??? and basically jungkook learns: never ask for secretive help from the 95 line
  • but at some point jungkook decides that you know what hes just has to tell you because although he’ll never say it outloud, the softness of your smile and the happiness that you bring up in his heart is something he can’t just play off anymore
  • so he does tell you,,,, after like three failed attempts to get you alone and when he does you can see it’s hard for him because he acts like this over confident kid but in real life he’s just as insecure and nervous as anyone else and you know when the three words come out ‘i like you’ they’re the most genuine thing jungkook has ever said to you
  • your first dates are all more like friends hanging out,,, you go to the arcade and battle each other in all the games trying to win more tickets but when you’re like one hundred short of the big teddy bear jungkook gives you the remaining amount and then turns away so u dont see him get red in the face 
  • you go to like the movies, usually comedies or action films and you two laugh and have a good time but it’s not exactly romantic 
  • like your fingers brush in the popcorn and jungkook has like an electric shock run up through him because god he wants to hold your hand but ….. ???/? would you want that???? he needs to know
  • finally after like four or five dates of you just chilling with each other, usually going to crowded places like amusement parks, arcades, or the zoo jungkook is finally like ‘we text all the time, they keep going on dates with me, i can do this. i can kiss them.’
  • and so for the first time ever he invites you to a late dinner and it’s at a small little place tucked away near bighit but the food is really good and jungkook’s like ‘it’s a gem for me and the hyungs……im glad you like it’
  • and you guys like talk….much deeper than before and you learn some things about jungkook that shock you, you know that he’s always putting on the most positive front to keep others happy and sometimes he teases to show he has confidence, but somehow you see that that isn’t always just the reason and you know you spill some personal stuff to and you leave the place (jungkook does not let you pay he was like we could split halves but if jin hyung finds out he’ll call me cheap forever) 
  • and as he’s walking you home he’s looking at you from the side of his eye and he’s like …. their lips….look…..soft……jungkook get urself together
  • and he totally gives himself this inner peptalk and he like leans in a couple times to put his hand on your waist but keeps hesitating and pulling back
  • and u notice ofc but u kinda wanna see him pull the first move but by his third attempt you just stop walking and you’re like ‘come here’ u pull him down by the collar and just kiss him gently and u pull back and jungkook is just……..there are just stars in his eyes but he’s also smirking and ur like???/ and he’s like
  • “you like me a lot don’t you?”
  • and you’re like SRSLy jungKOOK rigHT NOW with tHE TEasing 
  • you wanna hit him but he runs ahead chuckling and you like chase him through the streets its cute heh
  • so jungkook slowly and steadily gets more stable in his confidence to like initiate romantic things with you he starts holding your hand and giving you small kisses, but mostly in private because he has this protective feeling over you like you learn this later but he’s like ‘i want to be the only one to see your face after we kiss….i really like it’ (cheese lord right here)
  • but anyway one day you come over to watch him play basketball with the hyungs and like when his team wins he runs over to like high five you but u lean up to kiss him and congratulate his victory and like literally 
  • jungkook almost falls over on the spot
  • like the boy almost goes down like the london bridge 
  • the rest of bts burts out into laughter like taehyung does NOT Let the maknae live after that
  • jungkook gets a lil pouty at u for it but ur poking his cheek like ‘hey hey,,,, it’s not my fault u got so shocked’ and hes like ‘kissing me in front of the hyungs??? that’s like signing my death wish ……’ 
  • did i mention that dating jungkook also means youre now jin’s child in law basically like he treats you like it
  • makes you and jungkook call him both to make sure you are ok when you’re out on late dates
  • if you don’t jin gives you an ear full on safety precautions and how “you kids” worried him to death 
  • taehyung and jimin become like your best friends
  • taehyung helps you play pranks on jungkook like all the time but like he also plays pranks on you and jungkook like once he ‘accidentally’ leaned his head on your shoulder while you were over for a movie marathon just to see it piss jungkook off and when jungkook put ice cubes down his shirt as revenge taehyung whined to u like ‘ur boyfriend is so extra’ but u were like ‘that’s what u get for fake flirting with me nerd’ 
  • jimin is so soft he’s always like ‘tell me if jungkook is treating you right! ill get on that lil demons butt if he’s not ^^’ and you’re like omg thank u and tbh ur always like scolding jungkook if he says anything about jimin being small or w/e and jungkook is like “ur dating me not jimin stop worrying about him” and ur like “wow taehyung was right u get so extra when your jealous” 
  • jungkook like 24/7: im not the jealous type
  • bts: UHUH Ok .mmmmHMMMM
  • as you get comfortable with skinship you learn jungkook absolutely adores giving you back hugs,,, like if you go in for a hug, he somehow turns it into a big hug
  • buries his head in the crook of your neck, nuzzles your hair, tells you the most cutely embarrassing things only because you cant see his face so he is safe 
  • but also whispers like “i drank all the juice even though you told me not to, sorry babe’ and u turn around to scold him but he’s running away laughing…..this is also a habit of his hehe
  • but no seriously he loves holding you in his arms like that and he is always the big spoon if you nap together
  • he does this thing where he pulls you just closer and closer as he gets sleepier and it’s so cute hehe u can feel his lips on the side of your neck sometimes and youre like “jungkook-’ but he’s already knocked out
  • deep into the relationships like half of your dates are either at the dorm/practice room with you and jungkook like watching anime on some laptop or the tv, usually like you two are laying upside down off the couch or are sprawled out on the floor and jin is always like ‘u two are such children!!!!!! jungkook take them out somewhere fancy!!!!’ but ur like no worries mama jin watching anime and feeding each other like nachos is my ideal type of date rofl
  • jungkook always lets you borrow clothes when u come over to the dorm
  • like he has this endless supply of big flannels and white t-shirts so ur always like laying around wrapped in the sleeves of his big flannel and namjoon is like smh is that your couple item? a damn flannel? and u and jungkook are like we are a simple couple
  • if u wear something cute jungkook doesn’t really comment but if you ask like ‘do i look nice?’ he gives you this smile slash smirk and you’re like what does that mean but he just shrugs
  • he can be so aggravating
  • once tried to used your head as an elbow rest and you almost tackled him for it
  • yoongi in the back like:SMAck dOWn 
  • jungkook also carries you to annoy you
  • like you can get up perfectly fine by yourself but jungkook scoops you up in his hands and is like ‘let’s go to the kitchen and get some snacks’ ur like i can walk i have feet but he’s just laughing like ‘i know, but im so strong right???? im such a good boyfriend’ ur like omf no ur being unnecessary 
  • but he is strong,,,,,it’s nice what no you didn’t say that
  • once you and jungkook bought a goldfish on impulse and named it ‘iron man’ and jin was like oh my god can you two even keep that thing alive for more than a week???
  • (probably not sorry iron man)
  • so like when jungkook kisses you remember how he’s like ‘i want to keep it private, this is just for us’ well he’s like that because its kind of his nature to keep things he loves all to himself and also like he’s such a slow kisser sometimes it drives you insane 
  • his kisses are like always soft never applying to much pressure and his lips move only when yours do…..he’s probably a fan of running his tongue over the roof of your mouth slowly, keep you two pressed tightly together for as long as possible with his hand no the back of your neck or on your lower back
  • you’re kinda like expecting him to snap or something, but he likes having you wait and you know want him to do more but knowing that he won’t 
  • jungkook won’t admit it but he loves it when you initiate kisses first, especially if he’s just droning on about something and you’re like ‘come here, instead of talking let’s make out’
  • in his head he’s like hell yes sign me up but on the outside hes like ‘aw you can’t wait a little lon-’ thankfully you shut him up pretty fast 
  • once taehyung got a photo of you kissing and threatened to show it to jin so jungkook did aegyo and let him record it as a payment for him to delete the picture you were like omg and jungkook was like “i sacrifice so much for us” rofl
  • jungkook and you want to go to disneyland and one day you plan to and tbh you two got to the amusement park in seoul and get matching cute headbands but thats like the only couple item u guys really have
  • minus like the flannel he bought you for a holiday once
  • and also probably like adidas slippers hoseok gave u two as a gift on ur 100th day or smthing
  • jungkook does this annoying thing where he lays his head on your stomach while you’re laying down on your phone and ur like ur heavy get off but he does not. he is like “ill get off when u put down ur phone and pay attention to me” hes like 5 
  • you guys eat street food when you don’t get to have dinner and jin nags no matter what but nothings better then walking by the han river in the night breeze holding hands and eating snacks ,,,,, its simple but to you and jungkook its relaxing 
  • once he changed your ringtone to a linkin park song and it was so loud when he called u u almost screamed 
  • in revenge you deleted gdragons albums off his phone 
  • a beautiful relationship really amazing
  • but in all seriousness when you’re down, jungkook can be awkward or clumsy, but he is caring. he really hates seeing you upset but he knows when he needs to give you space because he believes in you and knows you can fix your own problems but if you need him there, he will be there.
  • he’s not good with words but he’s good at knowing what you need like if you really need to call another friend or if you just really need a cup of your favorite tea like he’s got you. no problem. it’s like some sort of telepathy between you two
  • and you have it for jungkook too like he will never out right say he’s sad or needs to lean on your for support but you know when he’s going through something dark like you can read him and it’s comforting for him because he isn’t the type to say it specifically so thankfully you love him enough to know yourself
  • but for the most part you and jungkook are a giggling couple of fun, excitement. like people see the two of you and are reminded of their young first loves it’s so cute
  • jungkook made a photo of you sleeping-in a face mask his phone background so you made a bad fantaken of him yours and you two instead of getting mad just high fived each other for being so witty
  • jungkook shyly kissing your forehead for the first time and you being like “let me kiss yours” and him holding his bangs down like ‘nooooo way’ 

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Characters reacting to MC fangirling over anime characters?

Author’s note: what shows do you guys watch??? I’ve seen so many animes and read so many mangas it’s ridiculous


  • tbh he probably fangirls over LOLOL as much as you do over your anime
  • he would try to get into the anime that you were watching so he could understand what you were crying talking about
  • “Now you know why I was crying a couple nights ago.”
  • now every Thursday when it comes on he makes popcorn and you watch it togehter


  • when you told him that he was working with a voice actor from your ALL TIME FAVORITE anime, he was pretty confused
  • later that night when you went to bed he searched it up 
  • that next day he came home with a signed poster and a note from them
  • yOU WERE JUST SO HAPPY AND he was so happy that you were happy
  • little did you know he spent all day trying to get an autograph for you and worked really hard to think of what you would want your fave to say


  • already being fan girl herself, she knew how draining it could be
  • she asked a TON of questions
  • “Have you ever written a fanfic? Do you have a blog? lol guilty What about posters?”
  • as long as you went to a Zen concert with her she would be more than happy to attend anime expo with you


  • when he opened your closet and all of your fan gear came out, he was so confused
  • even when you explained what a fan girl was he still didn’t get it
  • it wasn’t until you compared your love of this anime to his love of Elly that he understood
  • “So it’s something very precious to you? I see… tell me more.”
  • He would actually be very intrigued and want to learn more about it
  • little did he know once yo start an anime you can never stop


  • when you made reference to your favorite anime and he understood, you were pretty surprised
  • when he ran away and came back in full cosplay
  • you
  • died
  • that was probably the moment you knew you were in love with him
  • you two went ON AND ON about crazy theories and then went online and bought tickets for the nearest anime con avaiable

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Hey, could you do what you think the RFA+V+Saeran's reaction would be to finding out that MC is actually, like, 12. No romance, of course. Just SFW stuff :)

I really like platonic asks and they’re a lot easier to write so this was a good kick start to doing headcanons for the night! Thank you for the cute request     -Green💚


-he is kinda excited tbh 

-yoosung finds himself getting along with people your age more easily because he’s kinda young himself 

-and you don’t tease him like everyone else does!!! fuckin SCORE!!

-he will show you all of his games!! you play games all night

-yoosung you are ruining this child stop 

-he’s the really cool and friendly older friend that you brag to everyone about 

-Yoosung finally feels cool for once oh my god he luvs u 


-ok so Saeyoung is basically a really cool but HORRIBLE DAD 

-he literally went up to you when he came in the apartment to protect you and just went “I’m your dad now go tf to bed” 


-no but he fucking makes dad jokes ALL DAY and it’s so horrible when he’s IGNORING YOU 

- “Saeyoung what are you doing? I’m bored!!”

- “Hey “I’m bored”, I’m fuckin BUSY” 

-he’s so sassy to you oh my god tone it down they are literally 12 

-Saeyoung can’t help but feel responsible for you though. He cooks for you even if he’s trying to get you to not like him (WHEN HE’S CALLING HIMSELF YOUR DAD. YOU CANT IGNORE SOMEONE AND BE LIKE ‘BUT IM UR DAD THO’), and he’ll make you cool new toys 

-by toys I mean WEAPONS because you need to protect yourself you are a child 

-once everything is in the clear tho and you, a 12 year old literally go through the religious cult shit and help him save his brother, you really are like his kid. If you don’t have parents to return to, he will gladly take you in and raise you in a quirky Saeyoung way. rewards for learning is chips like omg

-you are tempted to say you have no parents 


-you thought saeyoung was bad? HAH 

-the worst father 


-i don’t know why he doesn’t just send you home, but he makes you stay and schedules tutors to come so you don’t get to skip school now its just 1000x harder 


-no but he is so worried about you. and very nervous like he’s sweating because he doesn’t want to fuck this up and have you hate him 

-cause this guy is a sucker for kids guys. so while he’s basically putting you in your own god damn private school he’s spoiling you like crazy 

-you have this billionaire wrapped around your finger and he doesn’t even deny it 


-… c h i l d…. 

-is very very tempted to speed to the apartment and send you home right away when she learns your age 

-but saeyoung is like “it’s chill” but it is NOT C H I L L SAEYOUNG

-the whole time Jaehee kinda just is salty towards saeyoung because WHY WOULD YOU KEEP A CHILD ALL ALONE IN AN APARTMENT…

-what about s ch oool

-so she offers to tutor you through the messenger while you miss fucking 2 weeks of school 

-she is now your mother. did you not understand how something worked?? boom now you know it all and the history of it 

-the two of you get along really well tho. she’s always inviting you to her coffee shop for private tutoring lessons and just hang out sessions

-your official babysitter if your parents are out of town 


-slams himself into a wall when he hears you are 12 year old because he was hitting on you so hard 

-takes this as a learning experience and now when people come up to him he makes a habit of asking for age (why didn’t you have the habit before-hand??)

-is now the Cool Older Brother who will kick all of your bullies asses 

-but you can never tell him if you have a boyfriend because he will literally sit him down and give your bf the Talk 

-you would rather tell your god damn dad then tell Zen 

-so he’s pretty protective. but other than protective he’s super chill with you and likes to sass you like there is no tomorrow 

-when he has the dream about Unknown breaking in, Zen doesn’t even hesitate omg. He is so much more impatient and is ready to kick Saeyoung’s ass if he doesn’t give him the address right N O  W

-he will constantly be giving you beauty tips and giving you makeovers while talking about his new shows and how men are wolves so only hang out with chicks okay 


-what is this sassy, lost child doing here 

-he doesn’t want you there at all bc he knows what’s going on and he is so afraid for your safety,, 

-but you’re sassy and persistent on helping out the RFA so instead of you staying at the apartment all alone, he comes and lives with you for the time being 

-he is constantly out of the house bc of his “travels” but it makes him feel much better knowing where you are and staying communicated with you through just texting and not the messenger 

-though he makes his “Travels” a lot shorter so he can come back to the apartment and make sure you’re fed and put in bed. 

-V keeps to himself though and tries not to make anything personal or get too attached to you 

-it doesn’t work where can he sign the adoption forms


-he didn’t?????? know??? that he sent a 12 year old to an apartment?????

-even when he broke in he didn’t fucking know ajdnakjdg

-it wasn’t until you came to infiltrate Mint Eye that he knew and that kind of made him stop for a minute 

-staring at you in the cell, scared and clinging to Saeyoung.. fuck, that pissed him off. 

-he wanted to rip you away from Saeyoung. You weren’t safe with him! He would ruin you… ruin your future… just like he did with him. 

-Saeran basically looks at you and sees himself. 

-so privately he meets with you outside the cell and he offers you to leave Mint Eye and pretend like nothing happened. He doesn’t… want to ruin you. You’re too young. Too pure for paradise. 

-when you refuse, it irks him, but he was expecting it. He almost likes how much fire you have in you even when you’re quivering in your shoes.

-so he lays off of you. pretends to not see you. Saeran really doesn’t want you a part of this, but since you won’t leave… he’ll pretend like you aren’t even there, and it’s just him and Saeyoung. 

-it’s much easier not to feel guilty that way. 

Reita and Aoi vs shit talkers and snake ass hoes (Rajigaze Jan 13)

Reita: Ring-name, “My feet are so cold I can’t sleep.”

Aoi: I see.

Reita: Welp, looks like you have poor circulation.

Aoi: Yep.

Reita: So this is Anger Mail. “I get really annoyed at people who have bad mouths.”

Aoi: Okay.

Reita: “When people try to talk down to me like they’re better than me, I get mad.” 

Aoi: Yes.

Reita: “At several places where I’ve worked before, I would get mad at things like that and end up getting into arguments with my boss or coworkers, we’d fight, and I’d quit.”

Aoi: Hmmm…

Reita: “I can deal with it for a while, but when it starts to build up I eventually explode. Reita-san, Aoi-san, do you guys ever get pissed out – pissed off omg” (laughs) “At the way someone talks to you?”

(*the idiom in japanese for get pissed off is like ur stomach stands up pls i have no idea what this means but he accidentally said arm instead of stomach)

Aoi: Uhhhhh so what about you?

Reita: (gigglin) What about me? How I feel about people who talk shit?

Aoi: Yeah, I’m pretty bad…at least when I’m working.

Reita: But usually you’re fine? 

Aoi: Well–

Reita: Even if you get asked if you’re sure you didn’t pick up the wrong size twice you’re fine? You wouldn’t be pissed?

(*he is still dragging out this one time when Aoi told a story about a store employee who did that to him with some underwear and it pissed him off bless his heart)

Aoi: Well I mean I wouldn’t get mad.

Reita: (laughs) Okay okay. But if this person ends up getting mad and fighting with their boss, doesn’t that mean they talk shit too? 

Aoi: Hmm…yeah but….I think if you really don’t like them eventually you gotta give em shit.

Reita: Hmm yeah I guess…you’re right…but they say [people] talk like they’re above them….but I mean your boss is technically above you, right? 

Aoi: Well like they say things like, “I want you to work harder for what you’re getting paid,” you know?

Reita: Yeah yeah yeah

Aoi: So I can see how it would sound like they’re talking shit. 

Reita: Ahh yeah yeah

Aoi: Right?

Reita: Yeah…..but like, it says they fought with their boss and coworkers from several places….like the fact that this has happened at many places…it kinda makes me think the problem is actually with this person, you know? 

Aoi: Well, yeah…

Reita: I’m not tryna talk shit but (laughs) 

Aoi: Well I think it would be both people’s fault if they are arguing. 

Reita: Yeah I guess you’re right…you don’t just start arguing from doing nothing. 

Aoi: Yes just like our conversation before. 

Reita: Oh yeah (laughs)

(*In the previous mail Aoi was trying to figure out why his computer was crashing even though he claimed he ‘wasn’t doing anything’ and everyone told him ‘your computer doesn’t crash from doing nothing, you obviously did something’)

Aoi: Yes, there is always a reason.

Reita: Yes.

Aoi: So before you get mad, please take a look at yourself, and reconsider.

Reita: Right. 

Aoi: And if you’re still upset, then you can say something.

Reita: Ah yes. 

Aoi: Yes.

Reita: You’ve become so mature.

Aoi: Yes.

Reita: (laughs) But we don’t really meet people like that [who think they’re above others] in our work, do we? 

Aoi: Yeah I don’t think we do!

Reita: Right? I mean we might in the future but…is there anyone you had a really bad first impression of? 

Aoi: …………no, there isn’t…hmm idk……..there are people who suddenly changed one day though, you know? That’s just the industry we’re in, I guess.

Reita: Yeah, I can see that. 

Aoi: People will do anything to make it…..I’m like, “Wait what? Aren’t we friends???” 

Reita: (laughing) I know, it’s scary, huh!

Aoi: It’s scary! I was like, damn I never wanna become like that. 

Reita: Ahhhh, you know how people say the more famous you get, the more friends you have? But idk, I feel like that’s not true sometimes. 

Aoi: Yeah for sure. 

Reita: When people are super nice to me right off the bat, I’m like…okay something’s up with this person. 

Aoi: Yes yes yes yes.

Reita: Right….well anyway guys, the way you talk really affects how things will go for you, so please be careful.


I was running passes & I saw W looking into a classroom but I didn’t want to come up behind him, so I just kept walking. Well he started walking behind me & it was a good minute before he said “so let’s talk about these pants you’re wearing, they’re white so they can stain easily, & they’re too tight.” I said “too tight, whaaat?” (not gonna lie, they fit pretty snug) he said “Let me finish, I don’t appreciate you wearing these types of clothing, leaves nothing to the imagination. I’m gonna get you a dress that goes all the way down to your ankles, a big flowy one. That way nobody looks at you.” while smirking the whole time. Omg I almost died, he was totally checking me out😭 Then I saw him again but he was in the hallway talking to a group of students & when I walked past he said “Amish dress, Amish dress” & I busted out laughing. Everyone was like wtf & he said “oh yeah guys, that’s my favorite student right there.”

pixiegirlx  asked:

First date with Tyler, after talking online for months you finally meet and have the first date. It's beautiful and full of laughter, it also ends in a kids or sex if you do NSFW. Just gimmie feels!

First of all I’m so sorry this has been sitting in my askbox forever. I wanted to get it right and I didn’t want to force out writing when I knew I wasn’t ready for it. ( @pixiegirlx )

Also I no longer take NSFW requests on this blog, just as a head up.

- Maybe you were friends with Amy or Kathryn in college and you guys went your separate ways but you still tweeted them regularly and always promoted the team’s livestreams
- donating when you could and Amy/Kath being like “Omg that’s y/n!! They’re so great!!”
- So then you start Skyping with them to catch up
- And the rest of the team interrupts the call to meet you and Tyler is absolutely smitten with you from the moment he starts talking with you
- He follows you on twitter first
- Lots of flirtatious tweets before he finally DM’s you
- (slidin’ into them dms)
- Then you guys start skyping pretty regularly
- at first for just an hour or two and then over the course of a month or two it turns into Skyping until one of you falls asleep
- Tyler’s fucking exhausted all the time because he never gets regular sleep now and the team starts to notice and ask if he’s sick or something
- He let’s it spill that you and him have been talking all night almost everyday
- A and K: “Awww that’s so cute.”
- T: “It’s not like we’re dating or anything.”
- M: “Not yet.”
- T: *Gives Mark a death glare*
- And then Mark and Ethan who are sneaky boys start concocting a plan to get you to L.A to go on a date with Tyler
- mark is fucking ready to buy you a plane ticket if that’s what it takes - you but you won’t let him plus your really nervous
- what if Tyler doesn’t even want to go out with you if you did come to L.A
- so a little more time passes, more Skype calls and texts and tweets and you two are just really happy with each other
- mark and Ethan keep telling you that Tyler likes you a lot but you still don’t believe them
- M: “You have to tell y/n how you feel.”
- T: “why?!”
- M: “Ethan may have already told them.”
- E: “Woah, hey Mark did too!!”
- so Tyler calls to apologize for his idiot friends being idiots and sharing his big secret that yeah, he likes you.
- you confess that you really like him too
- “So…what if I came to see you?” You ask, watching the big smile spread on his face

- your first date is really nice and dorky he takes you to some of the touristy spots in L.A
- he’s smiling at you the whole time and has total heart eyes
- he wants to kiss you the moment he sees you but doesn’t know if that’s okay
- so he waits until it late and he’s driving you back to Amy’s place where you’re staying
- him walking you to the door and suddenly he kisses you
- The rest of the team watching through the window going “Awww”
- You guys hear them and flip them off

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do you think Nat enjoys seeing and making Tony blush? Not that ashamed blush, but the slightly embarrassed and flustered blush. Like when someone sincerely compliments him. Or, to everyone's surprise, when he is asked about sex. When he is talking to someone he has a crush on - he blushes, stumbles over his words. When his stomach grumbles when the room was silent. When asked about his inerests. And, also to everyone's surprise, when someone tells him he's pretty.

This got a little out of hand, so please watch out for the cut. Also I threw a little WinterIron in at the end because I just couldn’t help myself, I hope you don’t mind!

OMG I LOVE THIS!!! I’m ALWAYS here for blushing Tony (and you’re absolutely right, there’s a big difference between ashamed and slightly embarrassed and Natasha would be careful not to cross that line). 

And Tony blushes super easy, when you live with him 24/7 at least. He’s probably so used to the security of his masks in public that every genuine reaction embarrasses him and is seen as a lack of control, at least in his head.

That especially includes his body’s reactions, the stomach grumbling you’ve mentioned but also yawning or sneezing or (and this one is the absolute WORST) a hiccup. Tony will always look a tiny bit like he’s been betrayed when one of these things happen, and he’ll immediately try to change the subject, take control of the conversation again or flee into his workshop. 

These are probably the reactions that Nat is the most careful with because she doesn’t want to make him feel (even more) uncomfortable with his own body. (And also because it’s not as much fun if she herself isn’t the cause of Tony’s embarrassment).

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demigod jin

Originally posted by rapdaegu

  • i wasn’t gonna start this au yet but y’all know i’ve been having a rough day and i should probably be taking more me time but i wanna write so i figured if i was gonna write well maybe i should do something i really excited about…
  • for everyone who has never read percy jackson, first of all, i demand that you read it because that series did a lot for me and it’s still one of my favorite book series and my happy places??
  • and secondly lemme help with the main idea
  • basically one of your parents is one of the greek gods, being a child of zeus, poseidon, or hades is really rare, monsters hunt you because you’re a half-blood, and lastly camp half-blood is a place where all the greek half-bloods can go and be protected from the monsters and all??     
  • so believe it or not, for this au, that’s right, you’re a demigod surprise!! i’m not gonna say who your godly parent is because that’s no fun, but here’s a list if you wanna read up on them and decide! tell me who it is when you come to a decision omg
  • anyway,,,
  • jin,,, i hate to be stereotypical but jin is the son of aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty
  • ever since jin was a small boy he was dripping with good looks and people became constantly enamored with how good looking he was
  • his dad was a well known fashion designer back home, and so from a young age, jin was also dressed in the most popular and stylish of fashions
  • like imagine baby jin rocking some like scarves and suspenders and beanies and baby converse omg
  • and as a toddler he had the fake glasses and all??
  • because jin’s father is a well known fashion designer, aphrodite was immediately attracted to him
  • a lot of the gods have flings and they’re like wow you’re attractive, but as soon as the kid is born they kinda roll
  • partly from necessity too but like
  • aphrodite really really truly loved jin’s father and she wanted to settle down with baby jin and his father but zeus was like oh no you don’t you’re leaving that mortal right away if we can’t be with those we love, then neither can you
  • and so she tried her best to stay and visit when she could but by the time jin was like two, she was completely out of his life
  • jin’s dad did his best to raise his baby boy, he did, but he was always so overwhelmed and caught up in his work that most of the time, jin was cared for by his dad’s secretaries
  • and when he got old enough, jin really kept to himself
  • everyone was always intimidated by jin because wow the face of a god from such a young age, and child of the famous designer
  • that not many people, especially people his age, ever really took the time to talk to jin or get to know him for who he really was
  • all people seemed to care about was that jin was a pretty face
  • so a lot of people got the impression that jin was self absorbed and conceited but he really learned from an early age that the only thing people seemed to care about was his looks
  • okay but jin gets to camp half blood pretty late
  • i think the average age was around like twelve for rolling up in the camp but jin was fourteen
  • one of his dad’s older secretaries was actually one of aphrodite’s handmaidens and she always worked behind the scenes to make sure that no monsters harmed jin
  • but one day as jin was walking home from his preppy elite rich person school, some crazy demented hag monster lady came at him with a cane that looked much more like a sword when jin took the time to look and soon he was running for it down the streets of new york city
  • luckily the secretary was on her way to pick him up and she packed jin into her car and sped off
  • she had to quickly explain to jin what a half-blood was and what was chasing them and the entire world of the greek gods and goddesses was real and thriving
  • jin handled it pretty calmly at first??
  • he seemed pretty collected as the drove towards camp, because after a bit the monster stopped chasing them
  • when they finally reached the border of camp, jin hugged the secretary and kissed her head
  • “you know i always considered you my mom”
  • and she’s cheering up because she loved jin like her son but this is what’s best for him and she hugs him really tight before ushering him off
  • another key part of camp half blood is getting claimed by your godly parent
  • i read the books in fourth grade and so i might forget some of the details but from what i remember your parent claims you by flashing their emblem above your head or something?
  • it takes jin under a week to get claimed because his mom is like omg my fave son is here!!
  • she makes it really dramatic too because who would aphrodite be if she wasn’t a drama queen?
  • like it’s the friday night capture the flag game…
  • jin is standing with all the hermes kids because that’s where all the unclaimed kdis stay??
  • and chiron (the centaur dude who runs the camp) is dividing up the teams
  • and he’s about to call out aphrodite when there’s this flashing light
  • jin is just kinda standing there obliviously because capture the flag isn’t really his thing, he doesn’t like running around with his dagger and trying to slash people?? he much rather help some of the apollo kids tend to wounds and all??
  • so he doesn’t even realize the light is coming from above his head and everyone is staring at him
  • and he kinda defense mechanism “look i know i’m pretty but-”
  • “spoken like a true son of aphrodite”
  • and he’s like wait wha- OH OH OH
  • and he gets all blushy and everyone is cheering at the aphrodite cabin swarms him and pulls him into a group hug
  • fast forward a few years now
  • jin is the head of the aphrodite cabin
  • he’s like super blessed by aphrodite like not only is he super beautiful, but he’s realized he has the gift of charmspeak, which is basically like his voice is so potent that just by speaking, he can get people to do whatever he wants
  • his charmspeak isn’t the most powerful in the world, but he can still get yoongi, hoseok, namjoon, jimin, and tae to do whatever he wants
  • only jungkook is invincible to his power
  • jin is like a camp legend tbh
  • so obviously you know about him
  • but you’ve never really talked to him, not really
  • all of that changes
  • aphrodite is the goddess of love, need i remind you, and she’s gonna set jin up with you no matter what it takes
  • it’s the friday capture the game
  • finally jin found a part he can play
  • he stands in the buffer zone of the playing arena which is like basically the forest and he helps fix and adjust armor for people who need it
  • you’ve been running around in enemy territory and someone done bludgeoned you with the butt of their sword and your breastplate is dented and it actually hurts quite a bit
  • before the moron can hurt you again, you race off to the neutral zone, hoping someone can help you out
  • wow guess who’s standing there, it’s jin!!
  • you hurry over to him and start trying to pull the breast plate off but something hurts, badly
  • you wince and examine your arm only to realize there’s a pretty nasty gash and you’re like when did this-
  • jin clucks like a mother hen and without thinking grabs your arm to examine the wound
  • you try to jerk away but he gives you this look “there there, it’s okay, you’re not gonna be problematic are you?”
  • you kinda freeze and stare at him and it seems like suddenly you’re in a fog and you can’t get out of it?? like you’re in this dreamlike state and you don’t know where it came from but you feel like you’re out of body
  • but then you snap out of it and kinda-
  • “that stuff doesn’t work on me pretty boy”
  • jin’s eyebrows furrow and he purses his lips and you think he might be mad??
  • but then he starts with the wind shield wiper laugh and soon you’re giggling too??
  • it takes him like seven hours to catch his breath but when he does he introduces himself and you repeat the gesture and you kinda,,, kinda don’t wanna go back into the game now??
  • jin won’t let you either because he thinks you’re cute and he doesn’t wanna miss up in this,,, completely random,,, not staged by his mother,,, chance to meet you,,,
  • so he’s like yah i think you should sit out for a little bit these wounds look really serious
  • he knows that the apollo kids are supposed to handle this kind of thing but he needs an excuse-
  • he grabs some gauze and he dabs your wound with like his shirt or something because he’s dumb,,,
  • and then he wraps your wound but he does such a crappy job of it that the bandages are like five feet thick?? like it’s like there is a balloon on your arm or something…
  • and when he gets your breast plate off he doesn’t actually know what to do about it so he kinda just awkwardly sets it down on the ground
  • it’s my own headcanon that there are some old rusty high school bleachers in the middle of the woods for spectators and people who don’t wanna play and jin just kinda invites you over
  • you two chill on the bottom bleachers and you don’t ever go back into the game because jin is telling you some quality greek puns and you’re in hysterics over them
  • and even after the game ends you two decide that it’ll be fun to hang out
  • there’s like a wild camp bonfire after the game and instead of hanging with your cabin you plop down next to jin
  • the apollo kids are leading with some music and you kinda notice jin humming along and you realize like he has a really really pretty singing voice?
  • you find yourself tuning everyone out and just listening to him instead…
  • but then some of his friends stumble over and they look at you and they get these wicked smirks and they’re like ;)))
  • and jin snaps out of his trance and he starts stammering because yoongi and jungkook are very much interested in who you are
  • because jin never really talks to people outside bangtan or his cabin so they’re like wiggling their eyebrows
  • and jin is like omg nO stOp leaVE
  • and you’re all embarrassed too because maybe they walked over when you were casually leaning against jin’s shoulder…
  • you kinda excuse yourself and you’re like my cabin is calling my nAME
  • but the next day
  • you see jin at the dining hall and you wave and he waves back and after that he shyly comes over and asks if you wanna go to the arts and crafts cabin after breakfast
  • which you do
  • the crafts cabin never has a lot of people in it because everyone rather by climbing the lava rock wall or sparring but nah, jin likes the crafts cabin
  • he brings you in and he’s like
  • “see that huge tapestry?”
  • you nod
  • it really is huge
  • it’s a dark purple with gold embroidery around the edges and the picture on the  tapestry looks like a goddess up near the top holding a long red string in her hands…
  • down below is a boy sewn in holding one end of the string but the rest isn’t finished…
  • jin kinda gets all shy “that’s mine”
  • and you’re like !!!
  • because it’s usually the athena kids that make tapestries but this is probably one of the most intricate and detailed ones you’ve ever seen
  • you go over to inspect it and you’re like wow what aren’t you good at??
  • you two stay in the crafts cabin and he teaches you how to use the loom and you have to share the stool and he has to guide your hands with his hands and you can feel his breath on the back of your neck… amazing
  • the next day you suggest you guys hang out again but you’re like i get to pick what we do…
  • you take jin down to the sparring area and he’s like have you seen me,,, i don’t know how to hold my dagger, let alone use it
  • and you’re like nah it’ll be fine
  • you’re wrong
  • jin has a lot of potential, because he’s broad-shouldered and definitely built for defense
  • but boy lacks confidence and training because people always assume aphrodite kids don’t want to fight at all
  • so you’re like lemme help
  • so you show him how to set his shoulders and how to stand and where to put his weight
  • you teach him how to jab and slice and block and all of those things i learned from wind waker…
  • he’s really clumsy you realize??
  • like when he walks and talks he’s so graceful and godly and poised
  • but seeing him fight he’s like a chicken with its head cut off and you think it’s so so funny like honey…
  • he gets all defensive and red in the face and he tries to show you some rad moves and he ends up tripping and falling and scuffing his knees up and you’re like baby omg what it this
  • you have to go up to the infirmary cabin after that and hoseok is there, being his smiley son of apollo self…
  • he fixes jins knees up while making really exaggerated winks and smiles at you two
  • jin is like hoseok please
  • and hoseok is like hoseok yes
  • you kinda smile but you’re all blushy and shy and you kinda just give him a look but jin is too busy scolding hoseok to notice
  • you two do get a lot closer from that and you try your hardest to bring him out of his comfort zone and all the boys note that he’s so much more smiley and confident in his entire self, not just his looks
  • he i forget what i was gonna say
  • he gets much better at fighting though and you’re like so proud because you made this happen??
  • all the aphrodite kids ship you so so hard and whenever any of them see you they’re like hey honorary sister/brother in law and you’re like nO WAIT WHAT
  • and jin is like haha
  • i dont know what theyre talking about
  • haha
  • hahahaha
  • and he gets all red and his hands get all clammy and he’s like s/o to my mom for making me fall heads over heels in love,,,
  • and you’re like what was that jin
  • and he gets all !! nothing
  • and you’re kinda suspicious but whatever
  • you two flirt and get close and all but neither of you wanna convince because demigod things you know…
  • one day you’re chilling in your cabin and chiron is like yo i need you for a bit
  • and he drags you to the main cabin and he takes you upstairs and whatever and that’s where the oracle is??
  • and basically you get this long drawn out prophecy about appeasing hera’s wrath or something??
  • and you’re kinda in a daze or whatever
  • because you have never been on a quest before?? it’s always been a low key dream of yours? but you were like nah i would never ever be chosen because i am a small insignificant bean but-
  • but nah you’re being chosen?? right here right now??
  • you can;t focus for the rest of the day?/ all you can think about is packing for your quest and who to bring on your-
  • one answer is obvious to you and you’re like oh
  • oh
  • jin
  • jin is the only one you can think about bringing
  • usually a quest is three but it could be two…
  • and you’re all flustered and shy and your heart is racing because you can’t even begin to think about facing the dangers of the mortal world with jin
  • gotta protect him from ugly monsters
  • wouldn’t that be the dream?
  • you don’t wanna tell him right away though because you know he loves being at camp… and you don’t want him to risk his life for your dream
  • but the entire camp gets wind of your quest
  • and jungkook is the one to break it to jin and he’s like pal… buddy… guess what, guess who’s going on a quest
  • and jin is like omg my lill bean congrats!!
  • and jungkook is like lmao um no
  • it’s your loVER
  • and jin just pales and he takes a deep breath because that’s dangerous and risky and you will be unsafe and he will not have this??
  • without thinking about it twice, he runs to your cabin and barges in even though that’s not really allowed
  • you’re packing a small bag of everything you might need and jin just kinda stands there awkwardly
  • “were you gonna tell me?”
  • you stare up at him and you nod a bit and you open your mouth to speak but jin is rambling now
  • “look i know i’m not the best fighter and i’m not that tough or brave or resourceful or talented or whatever!but i’m going to protect you no  matter what, so you don’t have a say, you’re going to take me!!”
  • you smile and inhale sharply
  • you run into his arms and bury your face in his chest “that stuff doesn’t work on me pretty boy… remember??”
  • you two hug super tight and it’s really gentle and sweet and then someone walks in and suddenly it’s a lil awkward…
  • but yes, jin does go on your quest with yoU!! the two of you go together
  • and yes, he’s there to protect you every step of the way
  • from spiders, angry killer dandelions, furies, and crazy goddesses too!!
  • and if you ever get hurt, he’s there to kiss your boo boos better because he loves you
  • tbh from olympus, aphrodite is collecting bets because you two got together on your own…

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... solangelo headcanons... maybe... 👽

of course ((: so i decided to do headcanons about them falling in love hope you like it!
• so during the three day stay in the infirmary nico & will get close & become bffs yay!!
• they spend a lot of time together, during meals, nico will help will out in the infirmary, will helps nico with training the little kids in fighting, it’s all very nice
• but nico goes to hazel a lot & hangs with percy & jason so it’s not like they’re ALWAYS together
• but anyways will kinda starts noticing cute little things about nico after a year of being close
• like omg wow look at his cute little freckles & his nose when he laughs & oh gods the sound of his laugh & how dark & pretty his eyes are & how warm his hands always are & his sweet accent &
• shit all the sudden will has a crush??
• but what he doesn’t know is that nico has always had a crush on him lmao
• have you seen his eyes?? & how shiny & golden his hair is?? & how his calves look when he runs?? & how intelligent he sounds when he speaks doctor talk?? so yes of course nico has a crush, thankyou very much
• so anyways like another year passes & each boy feels the slow transition from Like to Love
• & shit man everyone around them wants to tell them to get a room already when they do the cutesy lovey eyes at each other but also they know these boys deserve to fall in love slow & sweet
• & Finally on a cold december day the two are wandering around new york in little italy & get gelato even though it’s freezing & nico throws his head back & laughs for like ten minutes straight after will butchers italian words on a sign & he sighs i love you after he’s done & oh shit what did he just do
• & wills just kinda like ohhhh that was nice to hear & is kinda in shock
• but then all the sudden nico isn’t scared anymore & stands up straighter with his pink gelato in his hand & clears his throat & looks will right in the eye & says i love you once again very clearly
• & will stutters for a moment & says it back & throws his arms around nico & they kiss & laugh & for once it’s kinda perfect
• when the wander themselves back into camp they see a few hands exchange money & can do nothing but laugh & lean into each other in pure love

ellicelluella  asked:

For the AU thing: college AU where Matt is hopelessly into Foggy the first time they meet? :)

1. He brings up marriage every chance he gets and tries to reverse-psychology Foggy into kissing him.

2. He talks Foggy into starting a firm, just the two of them, but Foggy’s name goes first because Matt loves it so much.

3. He falls completely to pieces whenever they have a fight…

Okay, okay, I’ll do this for real. ;)

1. He’s never had a crush on a boy (that he recognized as a crush on a boy) before so he’s really confused about why he gets tongue tied and bright red around Foggy so frequently.

2. Especially when they have to CHANGE FOR BED OMG or when Foggy randomly says he’s pretty (Foggy says this a lot) or pats him on the back or ruffles his hair and Matt kind of wishes Foggy would stop but also never wants him to stop ever.

3. He spends so much time sniffing Foggy-smell into his lungs that Foggy’s convinced Matt either has chronic allergies or is constantly getting over a cold.

4. He hates when girls flirt with him because Foggy (who is also pining away) always too-cheerfully talks about how Matt always gets the pretty ones and Matt hates it when Foggy has a reason to talk about other people being pretty.

5. When he realizes that what’s happening here is that he has a crush on Foggy, he rushes off to confession, sits down in the confessional, and says, “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned…” and then is silent for a really long time, thinking about it, and finally shouts, “NO I HAVEN’T” and storms out, and the priest is like “…What?”

ok our date was… i don’t… you guys i don’t even know what to think or say lmfao that was the most surreal experience of my life, i cannot believe i was ever unsure as to whether he liked me because oh my god he’s a RELENTLESS FLIRT and he’s SO FORWARD and like, he is really cute and funny and i do really like him but i… ok he’s 37 and i’m 24 and i think he might want to move faster than i want to, like i think i might possibly have gotten too much of what i wished for… but… oh… i don’t KNOWWWW

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loopyloo2610  asked:

I need Samon fluff, like you do not believe! Please share any Samon headcanons you have! What was his first kiss? How does he act when Hajime talks to his s/o, how does he react when he gets confessed to and more, just anything please <3



  • His first kiss was probably with his current s/o, as this boi barely dates anyone
  • When his s/o confessed to him, he legit had no idea what to do or say
  • like omg someone actually liked him??? 
  • When he first kissed his s/o, like Jyugo he had no idea what to do so he just rolled with it
  • He’s a pretty vanilla kisser, as he’s sweet about it
  • Whenever Hajime tries to talk to his s/o, Samon goes into rage mode and tries to convince s/o to come with him and help with something
  • Obviously his s/o knows he’s jealous, so they play along before letting him know that he’s the greatest bf ever (Samon still doesn’t believe it)
  • Likes outdoorsy and indoorsy dates with his s/o
  • His outdoor dates are mostly to the countryside or somewhere in nature, while his indoorsy dates are video game dates or just rainy cuddle dates
  • He is a closet nerd, and would only admit this later into the relationship (since he’s scared of his s/o leaving him)
  • Unless his s/o is a nerd too (like me!) then he would admit it earlier

That’s about it from me! Thank you for asking!!!