he's so pretty when he cries

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HC's for the main three and s/o adopting their first child~


-So friggin excited!

-Almost as excited as the kid he and s/o’ll adopt

-Also, spoils the kid a ton, since he wants to give them an amazing life


-Pretty worried he and s/o won’t be allowed to adopt

-So when they’re given the green light, he’s overjoyed

-Will go around showing his kid off to people, because he’s so damn proud


-Honestly, he’s just so happy to make a kid’s life better

-Probably cries from happiness at some point

-He’ll definitely want to adopt more kids

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hi i have $20 can kenji like straight up murder me?? u can have the money i won't need it when i'm dead (rly tho i just went through like most of ur tag for him i love The Boy v much. and also ur art style is like pretty as hell???)

Kenji will probably just throw those 20$ out bc he’s a lazy motherfucker who doesn’t want to go a foreign exchange place to convert it to Danish Krone that he can actually use, so if you would like those 20$ not to go to waste either 1) convert it to the right currency 2) just buy him food that works pretty well and also that way he would enjoy murdering you a bit more uwu
(ily thank you very much for thinking so about him and my art style <3)

Okay but if Keith knew Shiro had a crush on Allura, do you think he talked about it while he and allura were alone in the pod??

Imagine if Keith were trying to play wingman for Shiro, except he was really bad at it

“So… Shiro’s arm… it’s pretty cool… it could light up someone’s world.”

“Did you see how sweaty shiro was in training; it was moist.”

“He’d make a great father, even if his kids are half alien from a species he had only learned about less than a month ago.”

Or alternately: Keith being a little shit

“Once, when I was 15, Shiro got mad at me and locked me in the bathroom and the lock broke so I was stuck there for an entire day. He was so sorry he cried for three hours straight.”

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHARE THIS. What is happening in our country right now is very real, and very scary. This is my family member that this happened to. In California, a state that is known for being so liberal. A BOY in middle school. Just because he is black he is now being verbally attacked, and physically threatened at his middle school. I cried when I read this letter, but now I am hurt and outraged. He is one of the kindest, respectful, and all-around amazing kids I know. Especially for him to be in middle school, (We all know those are the years that kids can be pretty bad) but not him. He is the LAST person that deserves this kind of treatment, and it breaks my heart that this is happening to him, and many others across this country. I took out all names and locations in this letter, to keep my family anonymous for their safety. Know that this is happening everywhere. Know that racists and bigots are emboldened by these recent election results to do and say what they want. I never thought we would be at this point again as a country. And to those of you who are about to say “All Trumps supporters are not racist, this is the minority of Trump supporters” PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG. I want you to. Go out and support the minorities and LGBTQ people in your life. Volunteer at an LGBTQ youth center, or go to a Black Lives Matter protest and support. Show that the lives of people that don’t look and sound like you are important to you. And most importantly don’t stand by while people in positions of power pass laws that endanger other’s rights. SHOW YOU CARE. Because as of right now, it seems that there is only heartlessness and/or ignorance in those who support this man. Please share so others can be aware of these things and know that this is unacceptable.

what i love about keith is that he’s definitely the fiery, angry one of team voltron. he’s like the quietest and most brooding. when he first met the team he really only greeted them with sarcasm and seriousness.

but as you get to know him… it’s increasingly obvious he’s a huge dork. just because he’s the angry one doesn’t stop him from laughing loudly like a little kid when hunk held those arusian lollipop thingies in front of his eyes and cried out dramatically. keith has plenty of smiles like he teases lance that his comms are shorting out after proving to him that nyma couldn’t be trusted. he’s so clueless when lance tries to get him to cheer with him. “i say vol, you say??” “uh….. vol… tron???”

i’m pretty satisfied that the writers gave many sides to him. they made keith a kid pretty well like. he’s probably one of the older teenagers of the group, and he’s likely had a rough past, but he’s still a boy. and he still acts like a kid and it’s so great

The hyungs are whipped

Soooooo, I was writing Jungkook/Everyone smut and got the feels so I decided to make a compilation of the hyungs spoiling, adoring, and being totally weak for their beloved maknae! Gifs, picture credits, and translations, to owners!

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Right-Hand Man

okay I promise this is the last one but this chapter just has SO MUCH I can’t handle myself.

@norixology and @renjingujifortheladies both pointed out to me that Yashiro is getting his right arm back. If you notice, it’s pretty numb through half of the chapter but once Doumeki leave to take his pants off and they kiss? Yashiro curls his hand into a fist:

When he sits up afterwards, he looks at it as he raises it a little and it shakes, then he holds it to his face as he cries:

I’m just so damn happy because someone in each of my OTPs loses an arm and at least Yashiro is getting his back!

Lams, for @hamiltonandfluff​‘s anon:

  • who hogs the duvet: John, if only because he tends to depression-oversleep whereas Alex tends to be more of a anxiety-insomniac. Alex usually retaliates by putting his freezing cold hands and feet and nose right on him.
  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going: Canon Alex does this, and then gets annoyed when John takes a while to respond. But if John doesn’t get his daily text, he’ll get worried and text Alex a bunch to make sure he’s okay. 
  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: Alex grew up without much money, so he had to become creative with gifts by necessity. Though can “coupon for free dick pic” really be called creative.
  • who gets up first in the morning: Alex, see above. He’s obnoxiously chipper about waking John up too.
  • who suggests new things in bed: I think Alex at first, but once John gets over the worst of his hang-ups, it’s pretty equal.
  • who cries at movies: Under normal circumstances, Alex. But Drunk John puts him to shame.
  • who gives unprompted massages: John tries this when Alex is working at home and looking stressed, and Alex jumps in his seat so much that he nearly breaks his computer. So while Alex does like his massages, they generally have to be prompted. Alex will totally do this to John though.
  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick: Alex visibly worries about John more, and when John’s in a bad place he has to restrain himself to keep from hovering. But Alex also gets sick much more often and while John hates that, he also really likes the moments where Alex is physically unable to go off and do work or whatever and just has to sit there and let John take care of him.
  • who gets jealous easiest: Hahaha. John. Definitely John.
  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music: John’s from the South, but Alex was that kid who hung out with the teacher during recess. So it depends if you think bro country or Gloria Estefan is more embarrassing. 
  • who collects something unusual: John probably still is that natural history geek at heart, so their apartment ends up kind of looking like an Etsy witch’s, with porcupine quills and a deer skull and a butterfly collection and a frog preserved in formaldehyde that Alex makes John put in the closet whenever they have company (or whenever they’re making out on the sofa. He swears he saw its eyes move once).  
  • who takes the longest to get ready: Both of them care about their appearance, but John’s side of the closet is much bigger, so he probably deliberates for much longer over what he’s going to wear.
  • who is the most tidy and organised: They’re both pretty messy, but Alex has worked retail so he probably has more basic housekeeping knowledge than John, who grew up with maids and shit. 
  • who gets most excited about the holidays: It changes throughout their lives- at first, neither of them is particularly psyched about holidays, since neither of them feels like they have much of a family to celebrate with. But once John reconnects with his family and once they start a family of their own, they kind of work with each other to help each other get excited for the holidays again.
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: Man, I don’t know or care much about spoon politics. They do what they want.
  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports: They’re both pretty competitive, but John’s the most likely to be a giant baby if he loses. It’s not a good look.
  • who starts the most arguments: Alex, simply by virtue of the fact that he’s the one who’s more likely to put their issues out in the open. A fact which is the instigation of more than one argument itself.
  • who suggests that they buy a pet: John, definitely. Kid grew up with a small zoo of pets. Alex is fine with it, though he still thinks it’s gross that John lets the dog lick his face.
  • what couple traditions they have: Hmmm. They probably have regular meet-ups with the rest of the Revolutionary Set. But in terms of couple-exclusive traditions, I think it’d be something like Alex writing John poetry or John doing Alex’s portrait each year.
  • what tv shows they watch together: They’re forbidden by their neighbors from watching CSPAN together anymore. But they’re both fans of those Troubled Male Anti-hero shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men or whatever.
  • what other couple they hang out with: They’re tight with the Schuylers, so Eliza & Molly Pitcher and Angelica & Maria Cosway. They also hang out with Laf & Adrienne a lot, and Hercules & Beth invite them to dinner at least once a month.
  • how they spend time together as a couple: Well, this isn’t a broad question at all. A lot of bouncing ideas off one another for their respective jobs, a lot of gossiping about their mutual friends, a lot of trying to just be there for each other when their brains start attacking themselves.
  • who made the first move: In the canon timeline, I feel like it would be John, because he would probably be more aware of his own sexuality and Alex would probably be hopelessly transparent with his crush. Modern AU, I think it could go either way. If I had to choose, I’d still say John- John likely would be more quiet about his sexuality and Alex would likely be more open, so John would know that he could ask him out whereas Alex wouldn’t be sure. Also, Alex would still be hopelessly transparent with his crush.
  • who brings flowers home: John, because he is a good Southern boy.
  • who is the best cook: Alex likes cooking, but John generally has more time so he usually does it. His sister sends him their mother’s peach pie recipe when he tells her that he’s been cooking more, and that’s his favorite thing to make. 


  • He pulls out his hearing aids when he’s working to avoid auditory distractions. Lance learned that pretty quick when they were in the Garrison, and sits where Hunk can see him to better be able to tell him when someone needs him.
  • Pidge was the first to suggest that she and Lance learn sign. Hunk cried when he found out.
  • Hunk was really lucky when they found Blue. He’d had a feeling and shoved a new package of batteries in his back pocket before they left, so he has a couple months of life for hearing aids. He’s terrified of the day they run out.
  • He literally talks with his hands- signs along with his words constantly. He got made fun of by some of the other cadets, so now he tries to keep something in his hands to stop signing when he doesn’t need to. 
    • Lance found out a few weeks later. He tried to fight them, but Hunk ended up patching him up and crying.
  • Sign language depends a lot on body language to express “tone of voice”, so Hunk is very, very expressive. Thankfully, so is Lance. Pidge learned she had to be the same pretty quickly, because tone still goes over Hunk’s head sometimes.
  • Keith, Shiro, and the Alteans don’t know Hunk is HOH until a drill- those alarms are loud enough he gets a faint, watery sound- caught him while he was working. Lance and Pidge started signing Shiro’s pep talk to him, and when Shiro trailed off and asked what they were doing, they realized we never told them Hunk is deaf.
    • Shiro immediately demands to be taught sign language. He needs to be able to communicate with his son teammate.
  • Turns out, having a language that comms won’t translate is tactically useful.
    • Less useful in their Lions, where Hunk can’t see them.
  • Yellow learns quickly that her new paladin doesn’t always respond to sound and feeds the impressions across their psychic link. Because of that, his reactions are a little slower to things he can’t see, but Yellow can protect him. Her requirements for a paladin and “kind and caring”. She doesn’t care about trivial things like his ears.
EDIT: My friend corrected me. The batteries would last maybe a month if he’s careful.

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Hiya!~ Can I get headcannons for the main three on their wedding day/night? Reaction to their s/o walking down the aisle, the reception, garter toss. Just fluffy wedding hcs, please. Also maybe honeymoon spot?...This blog is great


-Even though his proposal is very simple. the wedding is definitely not

-You don’t want to know how much everything costed

-When he sees s/o walking down the aisle, he grins widely (no tears)

-Their first dance is to ‘Stay close to me’

-Dresses up nicer than s/o

-Their honeymoon is somewhere quiet, where they won’t be bothered


-Wants the wedding to be simple, preferably at Hasetsu

-Cries a waterfall when he sees s/o in their outfit, because they’re so beautiful

-Stutters through his entire vows and blushes through s/o’s

-The triplets are pretty much the main photographers

-Minako cries more than Yuuri

-He wants the honeymoon to be somewhere where he hasn’t been yet, so he can experience it with his new spouse


-Wears his hair in the half ponytail 

-All of his blushyness disappears and is replaced with a smooth af Yuri

-His vows make s/o cry, because he says all the things he usually wouldn’t 

-Wants to get away from the reception as fast as possible to have some time alone with s/o

-Has to suppress tears once he sees s/o walk down the aisle

-Wants to do something adventurous for the honeymoon


-Planning to be a barista.

-Waited a few years to enroll so he could be with his friends.

-Is rather reserved for the most part.

-Until he pulls an all nighter and he starts asking questions like “Do penguins have knees?”

-Lowkey the smartest out of everyone.

-Is very aware of Luhan’s crush but he pretends not to be.

-Totally planned on being a loner

-Until he met Xiumin (he swears it’s not a crush, just a high admiration.)


-Tries to act tough but he’s actually watched The Notebook & The Vow (He still cries)

-Gets pretty lonely sometimes

-Gets defensive when called ‘flower boy’

-Was really excited to attend college (Only Suho knows though)

-Has an obsession with space, he could probably tell you every star’s name

-Likes to hang out with Tao when he gets stressed.

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  • insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible

They’re both pretty good at dancing.

  • likes to watch reality tv

Romano. Spain joins in from time to time but only finds it enjoyable because of Romano’s ranting

  • refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone


  • is the jealous / protective one

Romano, but Spain can get pretty protective, too

  • goes all out on the holidays

Spain. He tries to persuade Romano to join in on the decorating and it works sometimes.

  • cries over books

They both get emotional when they finish a really good series, but Romano cries more than Spain when it comes to books.

  • is terrible with kids

They’re both amazing with kids

  • drinks too much caffeine

Romano. Spain knows exactly how he likes his coffee so he usually fixes it for him on the mornings when Romano is just too exhausted to do it himself.

  • could sleep for twenty-four hours straight


  • never wears matching socks

Spain does it sometimes. It agitates Romano

  • punches a tree when they’re angry


  • gets scared by the toaster

Romano. Spain finds it hilarious

so if she pulls the sword, he dies
if she doesn’t pull the sword, she will eventually die

wow…they definitely were not kidding with a sad tragic love story

merry christmas everyone

Smol 5'1 Enjolras telling all his friends the reason he doesn’t date is because his standards are too high and when questioned by Courf what that means Enjolras just stares at him in the eye dead serious
“He has to be 6'4 so I can climb on his shoulders and finally be tall like I’ve always dreamed”

Courf cries

A few months later a super tall R walks in to a meeting for the first time because Ferre dragged him
Enjolras is already flustered because DANG THAT BOY HAS PRETTY EYES
Courf notices and strides over to the new kid and The first thing Courf asks (and very loudly so Enjolras can hear in his little corner) is how tall he is

R just blushes because well he’s obviously taller than Ferre by a couple inches and R is a little self conscious about his height and mumbles out a shy “6'5”

Enjolras nearly dies


We don’t mean to hurt him, we don’t mean to let him get tortured, we don’t mean to break his chocobo shaped heart. But he is just so goddamn pretty when he cries o-o

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Could you do a scenario with the guys having a dream that their s/o died and how they’d react initially and with their s/o?

Of course, here you go, please enjoy it!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • When he wakes up, he immediately checks to see if you’re by his side.
  • He almost cries when he sees you there, he’s so relieved.
  • He doesn’t wake you up…but he does check to make sure you’re still alive.
  • He stays up for just a little longer to make sure you’re okay before going back to sleep.
  • He doesn’t quite fall asleep right away, but he cuddles up to you, nice and warm, and eventually falls back asleep.
  • The next morning, he keeps an eye on you all day.
  • He keeps up conversation with you, which is pretty unusual for him.
  • He never brings it up with you, and is more just relieved that you’re okay.
  • That night though, he cuddles the hell out of you, all night.
  • He doesn’t want to let you go.
  • And finally, you ask him what’s wrong.
  • He tells you it’s just nothing, and you both go back to sleep.

Rantarou Amami

  • He’s not nearly as composed as Korekiyo.
  • He wakes up in a cold sweat, panting, and isn’t too subtle in immediately checking if you’re alive and okay.
  • When he sees you okay, he does cry. He’s so relieved.
  • He didn’t mean to wake you up, but he’s practically hyperventilating and sobbing and you can only sleep through so much.
  • But the second you wake up you’re attentive to him, holding him and stroking his hair and rocking gently to calm him down.
  • He eventually calms down and tells you about his dream, and as worried as you are for him, you’re flattered by how much he cares about you.
  • He doesn’t sleep for the rest of the night, so neither do you. 
  • You two talk quietly all night, you keeping the conversation up as well as you can to keep reminding him you’re alive.

Ouma Kokichi

  • There is no possible way to sleep through Ouma crying.
  • When Ouma cries, Ouma cries LOUD.
  • And right now, he’s sobbing.
  • He wakes you up immediately, and you feel terrible, because he’s crying and shaking and he looks terrified and why didn’t you wake up sooner.
  • You apologize and hold him and ask him what’s wrong, stroking his hair and kissing the top of his head and kissing his forehead and kissing his lips and just trying your best to make him feel alright.
  • He tells you - though you can barely understand it through his crying - about his nightmare, and you feel a little guilty but you don’t quite know why.
  • He refuses to go back to sleep or let go of you, clinging to you all night long and sniffling, keeping you fully awake. 
  • He can’t seem to catch his breath or stop crying, so you feel more sympathetic than frustrated about not being able to sleep.
  • It takes a few days for him to go completely back to normal, and for a few nights he wouldn’t even sleep.
  • After a while though, you begin to wonder how much of it is real terror and how much of it is him tricking you to get affection.
  • Suspicious…

Shuuichi Saihara

  • Firstly, he leaves the room. He doesn’t want to wake you up with what he’s about to do.
  • Secondly, he locks himself in the bathroom, huddles up in the corner, and cries quietly. As quietly as he can. Again, he doesn’t want to wake you.
  • But crying turns into sobbing because he’s just completely overwhelmed with emotion and he doesn’t know how to handle it.
  • Inevitably, you wake up, and go looking for where that sound is coming from.
  • Sure enough, you arrive at the bathroom door, which is still locked.
  • You knock quietly.
  • He doesn’t let you in.
  • You sit beside the door, talking to him quietly, trying to calm him down.
  • Eventually he comes out and grabs you, pulling you into a tight hug and crying softly against your shoulder.
  • Really, right now, he just wants to hold you.

Kaito Momota

  • He screams when he wakes up.
  • He didn’t really WANT to wake you up, but…the scream kind of did it.
  • He’s shaking and scared and you hold him tightly, asking him what’s wrong over and over again, but he just stays quiet.
  • Finally, he tells you everything.
  • Every single detail of his dream, every last one of his feelings.
  • You tell him that you’re here, it was just a dream, you’re here and you love him and you’re safe and everything is okay.
  • It takes a while but eventually he agrees to go back to sleep.
  • While you fall asleep pretty easy, it’s a little harder for him.
  • He holds you close, just taking in every breath of you as he tries to will himself back to sleep.
  • Even then, he’s up for another hour before he finally falls asleep.


  • He…can’t really dream…

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He is crying HEAVILY.
  • It wakes you up almost instantly.
  • The second he sees you awake, he pulls you into a tight hug and won’t let go.
  • He needs to know you’re there.
  • He needs to know you’re alive.
  • You shush him quietly, coaxing him and gently playing with his hair.
  • You remind him that you’re there.
  • You’ll always be there.
  • It was just a dream.
  • You’re okay.
  • He’s okay.
  • Everything is okay.
  • Gonta is going to be brave, just for you, and go back to sleep.
  • You’re very proud of him!

Ryouma Hoshi

  • Hoshi is NOT okay with this.
  • He doesn’t want to wake you up though, that would be rude.
  • It takes him a second to notice how badly he’s shaking.
  • He knows it was just a dream, but…
  • He can’t help checking to see if you’re still alive.
  • He’s so relieved when he sees that you are.
  • He recovers quickly, but he still doesn’t like the thought.
  • But he’s used to nightmares enough that he knows it’s all fake.
  • He goes back to sleep, but stays cuddled up to you that night for sure.

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Warning: You having kids who are 100% Digger’s kids. Seriously, you are a fertility goddess.  

A/N: I feel lost with this one. 

PS: A Chakram is a pretty awesome weapon you can throw! 

If you were honest with yourself, you had never thought Digger could be a good father or even be there for you when you needed him the most, but he had proved you so wrong.

The day you had told him you were pregnant with your first son, he had run away, shoked and perplexed. You had cried for an hour before he finally came back, apologizing for upsetting you and running away like a coward. He had even bought your unborn child a stuffed purple unicorn, named Chakram.

Of course, you had accepted his apology. Digger had been your boyfriend for two years back then, and you couldn’t just have left him.

You fully understood why someone would react like that.

Seven years and another three kids later, you were pregnant again. Your fifth child. You had groaned and decided that after you gave birth to your child, you would make sure to not get pregnant again.

You shifted slightly on the couch and cuddled your back deeper into Digger’s chest while your thoughts swirled around. It was a nice silent evening and Digger held you in his arms, slowly caressing your belly. Just two more months until Baby number five would be there. You hummed. 

“I feel hungry.”


“Feed me.” You leaned your head back and pouted up to your boyfriend. “It’s not only my fault that I’m pregnant again, love.”

Digger’s eyes narrowed before he let out a surrendig moan. “Fine.”

You smiled as he stood up and helped you get comfortable again.

Then, the silence was disturbed by your rioting sons. You gazed at the two boys, both laughing aloud and running with Boomerangs around - the boomerangs Digger had gotten them for their last birthday.  

“Boys, no running around with boomerangs!” You shouted, exhausted and looked over to the playpen where your youngest boy should have been. But it was empty . “And where is…” You stopped and stretched to look behind the couch where your youngest son always liked to play. “There he is.” A smile graced your lips. One thing the little man was an expert of - his talent of getting out of that damn playpen. “Hon, come out.”

“Uh-uh.” He didn’t even look up, still playing with the purple unicorn, which belonged to your oldest boy, who was currently asleep. You let out a sigh. The twins, the middle-kids, were the hardest to tame. Being only five years old they were in a stubborn, energic and rough phase of their life. While your oldest, a little bit over a year older, had been more pleasent, the two little devils had too much Digger in them. And so they liked to tease the youngest. 

“Come to mama, hon.” You softened your voice. “I bet Chakram would like to cuddle.” 

Immediately he looked up and waddled aroung the couch. You helped him to get on the couch and let him cuddle up beside you, Chakam in his hands. He looked so much like Digger. Same hair colour, same eyes, same and same lips. 

You sighed. 

You wanted one child. One child to look at least a little bit like you, but Digger had apparently strong genes.

“Hope the next one doesn’t look like another Digger…” You murmured under your breath, caressing your son and your belly, feeling another kick,. “I hope you’re gonne be a girl. I have 4 boys and a big toddler, I don’t need another one.” 

“I’ve heard that, Darl’s.” 

(Requests for Imagines and Headcanons are open!)