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Have you ever drawn Aphrodite Percy?? Or (robbie rotten voice) WOULD YOU LIKE TO

My dude aphropdite!percy is my go to au, I call it the ‘hes so pretty I want to cry au’

behold the collection (usually always accompanied by hades!annabeth or annadeath as I have taken to calling her) But since I spoil you guys here’s a baby aphrodite perce for the road

please no more pjo asks rn!! (commissions)

VIXX - How they react to handjobs

“How would VIXX react when you are giving them handjobs (would they be vocal/submissive/sweet/dirty-talkers and so on ^_^)”

(A/N: I’m writing this whilst listening through Kratos for the first time lmao rip me; also Good Night & Good Morning made me cry ??? like actual liquid came out my face ????? I HATE BEING WONSIK BIASED WHY DID HE SING AND WHY DID HE SPEAK ALL LOW WHY DID HE DO THAT TO ME SOMEONE SEND HELP BC YA GIRL IS GON E. Also my lil binglebong go so many more lines im sO haPPY FINALLY JELPI)


Hakyeon: At the beginning I think Hakyeon would be pretty vocal, but more like he’d probably be giving you some kinda slight directions like “fuck (Y/N) faster, yes, like that omg”. But once you’re doing it exactly how he liked, he’d be a handsy lil shit, so expect him to be, uh, returning the favour to you at the same time.

Taekwoon: Leo is always difficult bc like, whereas he’s shy and quiet af on camera, I think he could be fairly dominant in the bedroom. The boy’s like two minds in one body so I think he’d probably vary. Majority of the time I think he’d be kinda quiet, not really vocal, but more breathy, letting out long sighs of your name. But expect his face to be buried in the crook of your neck leaving mad hickies for the world to see. 

Jaehwan: I picture Jaehwan as being preeeetty submissive honestly, but not like completely. He’d be vocal, but not really dirty talking, more just praise, though he would get pretty sweary. Depending on how you were both positioned obv I think he’d pretty much just melt; head back, eyes closed, with a huge blissful smile spread across his face.

Wonsik: DefiniTELY a dirty talker like omg, like he’d be telling you just how well you’re doing and how much he likes it, all whilst being very vERY sweary. Expect some pretty intense tongue kissing and lip biting too tbh. He’d let out some loW AF moans too like jfc, or really just one really low, drawn out “fuuuuuuuuuck” as he tilts his head back. 

Hongbin: I feel like our shy little bean would be pretty quiet at first, but the closer he got to finishing, he’d turn into a total mess. An ‘eyes screwed shut, probably whimpering your name mess’. Afterwards he’d feel almost obliged to repay all your hard word all whilst praising you for how you make him feel. He’d probably never take his lips off yours the entire time.

Sanghyuk: Hyuk will always be a baby to me but he’s apparently pretty experienced with the ladies so I think he’d probably be one of the more vocal ones. He’d wanna get you off too, so he’d be taking care of your needs at the same time. The closer he got to finishing I think he’d get pretty loud and his moves w his fingers on you would get rougher. 

Me: Welp, I’m leaving! Sorry, but there is way too much discourse in this fandom. It’s toxic and honestly taking a toll on my mental health. I don’t think I can associate myself with VLD until y'all can calm the fuck down and realized none of this shit is actually real. So, bye!

Voltron Fandom: M'kay. But before you go heres a pic of HOT REBEL MATT AND A BUNCH OF THEORIES.


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Winter Special Taehyung

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  • hey everyone i’m at family dinner and i’m not in the mood to socialize
  • i’m chilling with my grandma tho that’s pretty rad
  • anyway your girl aka me got this taehyung request like seven years ago but i was gonna wait for christmas week
  • and then all my teachers slammed me with tests and projects and i was like lmao yikes there goes my plans!!
  • okay so this is gonna try to be holiday themed because obviously not everyone celebrates christmas but i do and so a lot of holiday traditions revolve around that but i’m gonna try to be as unbiased as i can??
  • okay so in this au let’s say it’s the fIRST HOLIDAY TOGETHER
  • wow wild
  • i live in an area that has snow but like in january and february so like blizzards around then
  • but in this au we are gonna have a white christmas because it’s gonna be wild
  • tae is probably someone who plans for christmas the day after halloween
  • so like you guys start decorating pretty early like the first of december??
  • he comes home one day and you’re lounging on the couch, one of the seventeen dogs on your stomach
  • and tae just throws this pile of christmas lights on the ground and he’s like
  • “babe we are gonna need a laDDER”
  • and you’re like taehyung wth i don’t wanna go outside im watching attack on titan season two,,, and crying,,,
  • and he’s like is anime more important than me
  • you pretend to think about it and he starts to whine and sticks out his bottom lip and crosses his arms over his chest
  • you laugh and stand up and pepper his face in kisses
  • “okay fine but only because i love you”
  • so you and taehyung bundle up because if you know me you know i love nyc so it’s probably set in nyc
  • so he wraps you up he would be a little overprotective
  • like bundles you in a scarf and pulls one of his sweaters over you and pulls a beanie down on your head
  • and then also proceeds to give you minutes and puts earmuffs on you and then kisses your nose all cute
  • he probably proceeds to go out shirtless or something because he’s definitely a person who worries about !! like worries about everyone else save himself poor thing
  • so you have to pull him back inside to dress him appropriately
  • tbh he gets you ugly matching christmas sweaters and they’re not even really christmas but you know like the nordic style sweaters?? think those in like neon pink or something
  • or something mildly inappropriate
  • i thought i was gonna finish this on christmas but your girl started her seventeen fruits basket au and i’m super excited tbh even the drawings i did make me happy?
  • okay anyway y'all go outside to hang some lights and you take the doggies out with you too so they can run around and live their doggy dreams
  • tae pulls this huge ladder out of the garage and you’re like since when did we have this and he’s like since i tried working construction that one day and you’re like since when did that happen?
  • this fluff gets a helmet on and puts some elbow and knee pads on too just to make sure he is extra safe and protected
  • tbh he wants your help but one track mind so as soon as he’s up on the ladder he kinda sorta forgets that you’re standing down there and tries stringing all the lights up by himself??
  • you kinda end up being the moral support and the one who holds the ladder to make sure that he doesn’t fall off it,,,
  • tbh he almost does like he’s climbing down and he misses a rung of the ladder right? and he stumbles and you’re like tAE
  • but then he steps on the next rung and you heave this sigh of relief because you do not want to spend the holiday season in the emergency room
  • it looks super nice though!!
  • you guys are the ones on the court that like go big or go home and you’re sure you can see your house from Nebraska or something?
  • like the entire house is COVERED and later taehyung is like we need to get those lights that go off based on which song is playing on the radio don’t you think so babe
  • and you’re like yah um yikes no thanks tae
  • bUT
  • white christmas // holiday right
  • after the lights are all up, you’re like wow we did so much work i am really tired i think i could go for a hot bath,,,
  • you’re leaning down to ask one of the doggies how they feel about that when something cold and wet slams into the side of your face
  • slowly, you turn your head and there’s tae, standing there, smiling innocently, mittens shoved into his coat pockets
  • you glare at him but let it slide
  • but then he launches a snowball at the back of your head and ooh buddy
  • you grab a handful of snow tbh you don’t even try to form it and you just chuck it as hard as you can, aiming square for his chest
  • except you miss and it lands like twenty feet away from him and he just starts to cackle
  • he starts piling up snow around him and you’re running to take shelter behind the tree in your front yard
  • he starts rapid firing snowballs at you and damn he has a good aim and you’re squealing and he’s laughing
  • heck he’s laughing so hard that he ceases fire for a few seconds and that’s when you make your move
  • you run over to taehyung and you grab a pile of snow and before he knows what’s happening, you shove the snow down his shirt
  • he screams and starts to jump and dance around and you’re laughing hysterically
  • he starts to chase you around the yard and the dogs follow along excitedly because they wanna be part of the action too??
  • tae finally catches up to you and he tackles you into the snow and now he’s practically smashing you but that’s okay
  • his nose is all pink and there’s snow all up in his hair, even his eyebrows
  • the snow is cold but taehyung is warm so you don’t really mind him laying on top of you like this tbh,,,
  • he stares down at you and this soft smile pulls at his lips
  • “hey, um, i love you.”
  • “I love you too taehyung…”
  • he leans down and kisses you super softly and you go to wrap your arms around his neck but the one of the dogs jumps on top of you guys and the moment is kinda sorta ruined
  • and that point you guys decide that it’s probably best to go inside and warm up before you get hypothermia or something??
  • you guys usher all the doggies in and then you two shut the door
  • you two have set up some old rugs and you start to strip off all your wet clothes like hats and gloves and jackets and boots
  • “you go get a bath, i’ll make you some hot chocolate” tae mumbles as he kisses your forehead
  • “with marshmallows?”
  • “of course with marshmallows”
  • tbh he probably gets bored of waiting for you though and brings the hot chocolate up to you because sweetheart
  • after you both finish warming up with a bath, you head downstairs for more wintery fun
  • aka caroling
  • caroling to yourselves
  • caroling karaoke?
  • tae is definitely one of those people that would turn on the holiday music as soon as november first rolls around
  • so like this isn’t anything new to you
  • he gets a hairbrush and starts belting out rudolph the red nosed reindeer for you as you chill and sip your hot chocolate over on the sofa
  • what are some good christmas love songs besides the baby it’s cold outside because that song is super nasty and gross okay and he will not be singing that piece of garbage
  • so he sings something PURE
  • i don’t know any good christmas songs okay so maybe he sings you like dope christmas version
  • tbh he probably gets so riled up that he ends up singing christmas carols at you and you’re kinda like babe,,, babe we have neighbours
  • oh btw tae gets all the dogs santa hats and christmas dog sweaters
  • okay but tae
  • tae would LOVE making cookies right??
  • like sugar cookies because you can get the cute christmas cut outs and red and green sprinkles!!
  • so like baking cookies is always a thing you two do
  • if you’re like me and leave the stove on over night and put metal in the microwave that is a okay because i think tae, while not being the best cook/baker, would be a really diligent one so he always makes sure that things are safe
  • honestly he probably goes over the top with his safety and ties his bangs up in the lil apple thing and makes you tie your bangs/hair up too lmao
  • you guys have matching aprons!! with candy canes or reindeer on them
  • tae is always like ooh lemme tie yours
  • and so you can feel his fingers brush over the skin of your neck and his breath is all warm and sends a shiver down your spine
  • and after he ties the strings in a cute lil bow he kisses the back of your neck all soft
  • “did i mention i love you today?”
  • making cookies is WILD
  • taehyung is such a cutie and sometimes he gets too excited right?
  • so he drops an egg and it totally splatters and one of the cats tries to eat it and he panics and starts running around all crazy
  • you just clean it up?? all easy??
  • he gets flour all in his hair and you have to scold him because taehyung we just got baths
  • he tries throwing flour at you at one point in the game but you give him the look of death and he promptly proceeds to get back to actual baking
  • his favorite part is decorating the cookies though!!
  • “see this star?? with the pink sprinkles? that one is jin”
  • “oh, the gingerbread man with the red cheeks is you!! and i put a heart to show how much i LOVE you”
  • proceeds to eat the christmas tree cookie that is yoongi hyung
  • correct me if i’m wrong but
  • but taehyung would totally try to stay up and find santa
  • you don’t have the heart to be like santa isn’t real?
  • so you let him stay up all he wants
  • probably tries to set some traps to make sure he catches santa in the middle of the action
  • omG
  • wrapping presents though
  • like you guys go shopping for all of the boys right?
  • and then you’re like okay time to wrap the gifts babe
  • taehyung cannot wrap presents to save his life
  • like he tapes himself to the present?
  • and he wastes all the paper too…
  • like your living room is a complete mess??
  • plus he can’t focus, like he spends half the time sticking bows on you
  • says he’s gonna try to wrap you up in wrapping paper but only successfully manages to wrap your calf up
  • “this year, how about you just put some bows on and stand under the tree, because all i want for ch-”
  • “tae don’t”
  • and then he starts belting out some mariah carey again
  • smh
  • i don’t wanna do decorating the tree because not everyone does that so instead how about decorating the door frame
  • with mistletoe
  • wink wink
  • one day you walk in from work and to your surprise taehyung is just standing at the door, smiling widely
  • you give him this look and push past him because you are hungry and there are some cookies in the fridge that you wanna eat
  • taehyung starts to whine though so you turn around to ask what’s wrong
  • “you gotta walk through the door again!”
  • “taehyung i will do no such thing i’m hungry and i wanna take a nap”
  • “no babe, you goTTA”
  • you plan to ignore him but then he gets even more whiney so you huff and head back outside into the cold
  • you come back inside, grumbling rather loudly
  • and you miss the mistletoe again tbh
  • tae groans and he points up
  • and you kinda “oh nasty is that poison ivy, how’d it get up there?”
  • tae just shakes his head and facepalms
  • “it’s mistletoe? you know that thing that people kiss under?”
  • “OH WAIT”
  • you run out the door because you gotta try this one more time
  • you come back in acting all oblivious
  • and then with some really strained acting you kinda “oh what are the odds of mistletoe being here?”
  • you bat your eyelashes and taehyung just laughs and rolls his eyes
  • you smile softly and shut the door behind you
  • and taehyung leans down and kisses you super softly
  • but ends up backing you against the door and running his hands through your hair
  • after that he puts mistletoe above every single doorway in the house because that is definitely something he would wanna try again
  • presents though??
  • tae is someone i see spoiling his lover
  • like spoiling
  • whereas yoongi and namjoon i think would get less gifts but ones that were super duper sentimental, taehyung would get you everything you ever laid your eyes on ever
  • so whenever the time rolls around, there are like fifty seven million poorly wrapped presents wherever you keep your presents right?
  • and you’re like taehyung OMG BABE
  • tbh idk what guys like all the old guys (and by old i mean like in their twenties?) they always fawn over watches except for bing bing because he likes drawing and virtual reality goggles smh
  • so i think you would end up getting him a really super nice watch or something and then doing something super sentimental as well like drawing him something if you’re an artist or writing a song or something? or like performing a song or baking something maybe along with the watch
  • oh by the way one of your gifts is a new puppy bye bye
  • okay but anyway when you hand tae your gift you’re like yikes guess what i know it’s not anything special or anything i just thought-
  • but he’s already tearing up and he tackles you to the ground and he’s all like!!
  • he ends up tearing up when you open your presents too because the look of joy on your face is too much for him to handle honestly
  • after you open gifts you guys snuggle on the couch
  • and you sit and watch the cheesy claymation movies together as the snow falls outside
  • btw his fave is jack frost and you cannot convince me otherwise!
Are you making fun of me?!?! (Sodapop Imagine)

!Okay this is for an anon that requested it, dont get sad if it sucks, im not good at writing shy people!(: (but i tried just for you, my lovely little human) 

I’ve always been a shy girl, more shy than others. I dont really talk to people but im polite. I got made fun of for years and now all socs do is fuck with me. So i always think someones laughing at me or mocking me, its all the same to me. 
For the past few days I’ve been going to the DX Sodapop had been complimenting me a lot, whether its my outfit, my hair, or my shoes, no matter what its something. It’s starting to get on my nerves, I don’t find it funny like he does because I don’t think hes stopped to think that I actually thought he was pretty tuff and maybe I liked him..a little bit. I knew Soda before he dropped out and he was in a couple of my classes, we were even partners once for an English assignment.

“Hey (y/n), you look really pretty today” Said Sodapop as he rang up my items.
“Oh uh Soda can I get so gas on pump three” my voice was quiet and soft, i didn’t even look at him. 
“okay your total is $4.50” he smiled at me as I slid the five dollar bill across the counter, he touched my finger tips as he grabbed the bill. It sent shivers down my spine and I smiled slightly.  "I can pump that gas for ya darlin" He smiled yet again and we walked out to my car.  
I had a black ‘65 stingray even though I was a greaser, i won it in a bet. 
“nice lookin car you got here, not as nice lookin as you though.” I blushed as he pumped the gas in my car. 
“thanks Soda" 

The next day I came in Soda complimented my shoes, he said ’ them red heels sure make your legs look nice (y/n)’ he smiled at me, this mocking sure aint in my favor. 

Soda did the same thing for a week, complementing me then pumping my gas. Its gettin real old. 

"hey (y/n)!" 
Soda ran up to me and sat down beside me. I was gettin a coke at the dingo and reading my biology book for my test tomorrow. 
"Hi Soda” I didnt look up from my book. 
“Okay so i have something to ask ya.” he grins and looks at me with puppydog eyes. How bad could it be..
“okay, shoot" 
"well uh, I was wonderin if you could go to the Nightly Double with me Friday night?” he was still smiling real big. 
“Soda..Is this so kind of joke? You know I really dont need another person baggin on me Soda especially a guy I like! Its just rude Soda" 
I tried hard to hold back my tears and i was successful.For a little bit..
” no no Doll it aint like that! I really like you ya see, first girl I liked a lot since Sandy, a-and I really wanna go with you (y/n) I wouldnt do you like like that.. i really really wouldnt.“ a tear escaped my eyes ” sweetheart dont cry dont cry, Im not trying to hurt you, why would i hurt somethin so pretty" he smiled and i giggled a bit, I knew Soda wasnt out to hurt me or humiliate me, at least I was pretty sure and i think its worth the risk. I kissed Soda on the cheek. “I’ll see you Friday night. Dont you bale on me Curtis.” I smiled and whispered in his ear “I really like you too Soda. thats why I was so upset. Im sorry”
“its alright doll.” he kissed my cheek and stood up. “Its a date” He smiled and went on his way.

Its a date… 

BTS - Would You Rather

I was tagged by the awesomest @kittae thank you :D doing this gave me SO MANY drabble ideas like i should have plenty of material for months. by the way, someone please do a GOT7 version of this i would love that. :) anyway i need to atone for my dirty thoughts after this thanks for that and I tag whoever wants to do this its fun but will also make you die a little inside you have been warned enjoy!

Would you rather:

- Build a snowman with Tae OR Have a snowball fight with Hoseok

definitely snowball fight with Hobi! i can imagine how much he would be running around flailing and screaming haha

- Get coffee with Yoongi OR Get ice cream with Yoongi?

coffee for sure like im thinking of a cloudy day and sweater paws and quiet talk while sipping hot coffee yeah ima go cry now

- Go to the cinema with Jimin OR The amusement park with Jungkook

as much as i love Chim Chim, i love theme parks so much and im a rollercoaster junkie and i think kookie is pretty fearless too which means he would be able to keep up with me when it comes to rides

- Do a dance cover with Hoseok OR Sing a duet with Jin

dance cover with Hobi time and i will attempt to dance everything and making him smile or laugh is a bonus

- Kiss Namjoon OR Cuddle Yoongi

this is cruel i want both i need both damn it but it is my dream to snuggle with yoongi sorry namjoon baby i will kiss you another time

- Babysit with Jimin OR Dog-sit with Tae

children hate me and i love dogs so there you go

- Meet Hoseok’s family OR Have Tae meet your family

oh gosh i would much rather meet hobi’s family than traumatize baby tae

- Film a commercial with Hoseok OR Film a sketch with Tae

neither because i am super camera shy as hell and will hide under a table until the coast is clear

- Hug Jimin OR Hold hands with Jungkook

i want to hug jimin so bad and i will accidentally smother him but im thinking about the height difference if im wearing boots i can probably lay my head on the top of his head and that would be cute as hell

- Go to Paris with Jin with OR To London with Yoongi

london with yoongi all the way my love and one of my favorite travel spots hell yes no offense to jin or paris though

- Film a drama with Jin OR Do a photo shoot with Namjoon

again with the cameras well i suppose i could tolerate some pictures with namjoon as long as i maybe get to sit on his lap

- Attend an award show with Namjoon OR Wear couple t-shirts at the airport with Jungkook

you mean the couple beanie and oversize white t shirt and jeans deal yeah sign me the fuck up im cool with it and i can threaten to slap sasaengs while im at it hehe

- Spend a lazy day with Yoongi OR Explore a city with Hoseok

lazy day with yoongi is like the most important thing on my bucket list

- Fall asleep next to Jimin OR Wake up next to Jungkook

i wanna fall asleep with angelic chim chim

- Make up a silly rap with Tae OR A silly choreography with Jin

silly choreo with jin that would be hilarious

- Have a fun picnic date with Hoseok OR A fancy date with Jin

i love picnic dates that would be fantastic thanks hobi

- Have Jungkook serenade you OR Tae sing you to sleep

oh gosh if tae sang me to sleep i would probably never wake up again

- Have a dance party with Hoseok OR Sing karaoke with Yoongi

why cant i have both i want both and you cant make me choose fight me

- Go camping with Jimin and TAE OR Go to the beach with Namjoon and Yoongi

i dont really like the beach but my babes are there so im down to get my toes in the sand

- Cook with Jin OR Bake a cake with Jimin

i want to bake a cake and lick icing off his fingers just saying

- Have a sleepover with the hyung line OR A birthday party with the maknae line

oh yes sleepover time with eating junk food and having pillow fights and drinking wine and spilling all our secrets and maybe some kisses here and there who knows hey we’re adults we can do what we want

- Celebrate Halloween with Jungkook, Yoongi, Tae and Hoseok OR Christmas with Namjoon, Jimin and Hoseok

i love halloween so much and dont really care for christmas picking out costumes that go together would be so much fun id love it


- Dom Hoseok OR Sub Jin

i have a hard time picturing a dom hobi but i guess anything is possible

- Wear lingerie for Namjoon OR Put lingerie on Jimin

oh lord have mercy i would love to hear namjoon’s comments on my lingerie i would put on a fashion show to be honest

- Tie up Jungkook OR Get tied up by Tae

i will tie up kookie and he’ll sing like a canary when im done with him

- Pull Yoongi’s hair OR Get your hair pulled by Namjoon

fuck yes daddy pull my hair i love getting my hair pulled

- Have shower sex with Jimin OR Have pool sex with Tae

me and chimchim would never come out of that shower to be honest someone bring us food please

- Perform oral on Jungkook OR Have Hoseok go down on you

oh heck no i plead the fifth on this one

- Have romantic sex with Jin OR Rough sex with Jimin

give me that rough stuff i would love to watch baby jimin try to get a handle on me

- Have angry sex with Tae OR Make up sex with Yoongi

im screaming right now i read this too fast and saw angry sex and yoongi and now that i see the real options im disappointed haha

- Suck hickeys onto Jungkook’s neck OR Get hickeys from Tae

i feel like tae would be so good at marking up skin and he would probably love the hell out of it

- Put a blind fold on Jimin OR Get blind folded by Namjoon

ill have both please but im not usually a fan of being blindfolded so namjoon would have to wrestle me first and i would enjoy that

- Have phone sex with Namjoon OR skype sex with Hoseok

just thinking of namjoon’s voice makes me… happy

- Ride Jimin’s thigh OR Ride Jungkook’s thigh

they both got such beautiful thick thighs i love thighs theyre my weakness

- Have Jin call you “kitten” OR Namjoon call you “babygirl”

i would hear babygirl once and melt into a puddle to be honest

- Wear a collar for Jin OR Put a collar on Jimin

meh not a fan of collars so id probably bow out of that one and chain up jimin haha

- Beg for Yoongi OR Make Jungkook beg for you

i would beg all day and all night for yoongi

- Have sex backstage with Hoseok OR In the kitchen with Jin

aint nothing like getting some on a kitchen counter am i right

- Get teased under the table at a dinner by Namjoon OR Tease Jimin

i would love to watch namjoon get away with that

- Play never have I ever with Namjoon, Yoongi and Jungkook OR Strip poker with Hoseok, Jimin, Tae and Jin

never have i ever with the holy trinity of death by sexiness for a thousand alex thank you

- Do body shots with Namjoon, Yoongi and Jin OR Get lap dances from Hoseok, Jimin, Jungkook and Tae

i can only imagine what hobi would do oh lord i cant get the mental image out of my head now haha

Nothing Like Us

I did this for Jimin so I could merge the requests bc they seemed to work together!! Jungkook’s cover gives me life to it’s so nice T^T i’m sorry if this is shitty tho! look at this smile tho im crying why is he is pretty like imagine him grinning at you T^T
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You’d think that a 10 year relationship would mean something, right? Like maybe at that point you’d start thinking about marriage and kids and a house, a life together that was more than just this. You didn’t know where you and Jimin were going and it unnerved you, were you going to spend another 10 years as you are now, in the same apartment with the same doubts going through your head?

It was the biggest fight the two of you had had in a while. You had expressed your insecurities and right away Jimin grew defensive, asking you why you weren’t sure, saying that if you really loved him you wouldn’t need any clarification that the two of you were meant to be. The worries you felt were not doubts about your feelings for Jimin, you loved him more than anything that much you knew would never change, but you worried about how Jimin saw you. He said he loved you, but did he love you enough to be with you forever, to grow old with you or was he going to wake up one morning and decide you didn’t have what he wanted?

“I LOVE YOU, JIMIN!” you cried, throwing your hands in the air as he huffed angrily, “don’t you dare question that, but I need to know that this relationship, us, means something to you. Or are we going to spend another 10 years in the same place we are now?”

“The same place?” he retorted, “You mean in love? Together? Happy?! If that’s what you’re talking about then yes! I hope we stay like this!”

You shook your head, turning your back on your boyfriend as you raked your nails through your hair. Did he not see where you were coming from? Were you being unreasonable? You took in a shaky breath, shutting the door to your bedroom and you swear you could you hear Jimin shuffle on the other side. You wanted him to come in, to sit down and talk to you about how you were feeling but he never came, though you could see his shadow under the door. You’d never fought with him so badly before, any argument had you apologising or Jimin circling his arms around you in a hug that wouldn’t end for a while.

You weren’t sure what to do, you couldn’t take back anything you’d said and you couldn’t help but wonder if maybe you’d screwed everything up. He was just as confused as you were, you could tell he was thinking about it from the way he hung outside the door, unsure of whether he should come in and you felt guilty. Your mind began to race and you stood, tears welling in your eyes as you pulled a duffle bag from the top of your wardrobe, filling it with your things.

You needed to think, you needed to know that Jimin really did love you, see a future with you so you took the coward’s way out of your argument. Waited until Jimin was asleep, opening the door to the bedroom ever so slightly and you were relieved to see he was not sitting directly at the door. You slipped out of the room, your chest tightening as you spotted him asleep on the couch and you covered your mouth with your hand as your cries threatened to tear through your throat.

It hurt you to do this, but you didn’t know what else to do. You needed to think, you couldn’t go on like nothing happened, you couldn’t deal with continuing on like this so you wrote a shaky note, leaving it on your kitchen bench as you made your way out of your shared apartment.

It wasn’t a goodbye, not yet.



Panic was the only thing going through Jimin’s mind a he read Y/N’s note over and over, unable to understand the reason. He was confused, everything seemed fine, they were happy, Y/N had never expressed any concerns until the night before but Jimin never expected anything like this. Her note said that she needed to think but he couldn’t comprehend what there was to think about. He gave her everything he had to give and couldn’t understand why she would push him away like this? Why sneak out in the middle of the night instead of talking?

Jimin raked his nails through his hair, doubting everything he had said. Was he too harsh? Too quick to judge her doubts when she had expressed them? Jimin should have spoken with her, heard her feelings instead of freaking out. He should’ve followed her into the room and tried to understand why she felt so unsure. He was used to being the one to resolve, it was his job to keep her from feeling any kind of doubts, he was the one who made her day, not ruin it.

Was this the end? Was this what finally brought down their 10 years? They were so perfect for each other and he wondered if it was all worth it. Was Jimin really worth everything they had gone through? After finally getting through to the company, allowing them to be friends let alone even allowing them to date, to get an apartment together, the long separation when Jimin went on tour, she was there for all the stressful nights and insecurities he dealt with as an idol. Had it all become too much, should he just let Y/N go?

Jimin hung around the apartment, waiting anxiously, hoping for Y/N to return but she never came. Jimin didn’t call her, didn’t text, didn’t call around to find her, she said she needed to think and he was going to give her time, as much as she needed but he was getting scared. What if she never came back, what if she disappeared completely from his life and it as that thought that made Jimin realise what their whole argument had been about. He didn’t want to lose her, nothing could ever replace her, make him feel like she could but he couldn’t remember the last time he had shown her how much he loved her. He had said it countless times, but after 10 years he felt like there should be something more and he hated himself for realising it after she had left.


You hesitated outside of the apartment, your hand shaking as you turned the key in the lock. One week you had been gone, seeking the advice of your mother and yet you still had doubts about your decision. You couldn’t just throw 10 years away but Jimin had done nothing to try and get you to come home, you felt unimportant, abandoned and you thought that maybe he had grown tired of you. You hated yourself more than you could possibly express but you needed to do what was best, for the both of you.

You opened the door to a silent apartment and you bit your lip, looking straight forward as you made your way through your home, heading straight for the bedroom to gather the rest of your clothes. Your stomach churned, nerves shaking your hands and you didn’t know if you were relieved or hurt that Jimin wasn’t here. You cleared your throat, opening the door to your bedroom and your heart sank as you cursed, you had jinxed yourself. Jimin sat on the far end of the bed, his back facing you. He knew you were there, you could tell from the way his back stiffened as you entered the room.

You sucked in a shaky breath, willing yourself not to cry as you retrieved one of the large suitcases from your wardrobe. You went about packing your clothes and once that was done, you wandered through the apartment, picking up trinket things that you owned, gifts from friends and a framed photo of you and Jimin from one of their award shows. You couldn’t believe what you were doing, you could feel your heart breaking in your chest and it took everything in you to keep yourself together as you returned to the bedroom, meeting Jimin’s panicked gaze as he stood in front of your suitcase.

“Don’t leave,” he whispered and you shook your head, a tear slipping from your eye, “Stay with me,”

“I can’t,” you voice broke and Jimin took a step towards you, causing you to flinch.

“Please, Y/N, there’s nothing like us,” his eyes pleaded with you, “We’ve been through so much together,”

You shook your head once again, mind racing as he continued to talk, his hand fishing into his pocket for something.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t realise sooner,” he spoke quickly, “I’m so sorry I couldn’t give you what you deserve sooner,”

Jimin pulled a black velvet box from his pocket and you couldn’t help the sob that escaped from your throat. This couldn’t be happening, not when you’d finally made a decision, not when you’d finally accepted your decision.

“There’s nothing, no one that could ever replace you in my life,” he stepped towards you, holding the box flat on his palm, “And I never even imagined that I’d find a love that was so true,”

Jimin pulled the lid open, revealing an intricately pattered, silver ring with an orange stone in the middle. It shone as it caught the light and you heart stilled in your chest. This couldn’t be happening, you couldn’t believe it.

“You’re all I know, all I need,” he pleaded, “Please, Y/N, Marry me?”

You were silent, you didn’t know what to do, what to say. Your mother had said to move on, to let him move on but everything in your gut was telling you that you were supposed to move on together. That you were meant to be, that everything happened for a reason. Jimin fidgeted in front of you, his eyes searching yours as you stared at the ring. You were so completely, unbelievably in love with this oblivious idiot and you couldn’t believe that even thought he didn’t love you like you loved him.

“Why couldn’t you have asked me that before I packed all my shit,” you laughed, wiping the tears from your eyes as Jimin face lit up in a grin.


Dex is an ugly crier - is face goes red, his nose gets blocked, big fat tears roll down his face.

He used to get teased mercilessly by his sisters and schoolmates whenever he cried, so he stopped letting himself cry.

Nursey cries differently. Its almost like whatever was holding the tears back has broken, and they just fall from his eyes - often without him noticing it.

sometimes i think he can’t help but be a tool 

Misunderstanding (B.I.) -M-

“So a Fan is coming here?” I asked as i sat down next to B.I in Ikon’s practice room.
“Yeah. They won this contest that YGE held.” B.I explained as he rested his head on my shoulder.
“Oh!” I exclaimed, “i always used to enter those. I really wanted to meet Yesung Oppa from Super Junior”
“Yah yah yah. You only get to call ME oppa.” He whined
“Hanbin,” i chuckled. “Just because you told everyone in the world that we are dating doesnt mean that youre going to be the only guy i call oppa”
“But Waeeee” he whined.
“Because youre the only one i will call my 자기야” i smiled. B.i looked over at me and smiled back before pecking my lips.
“Aish, Hyung and ____ are so cheesy” Chanwoo stated.
“Yah! Jung Chanwoo!!” B.I glared.
“Ah Mianhe” Chanwoo resonded.
“So, when is the fan getting here?” I asked.
“I5 minutes” Junhoe said.

Several Minutes passed when Yunhyeong’s phone went off.
“Oh!! Guys, shes coming up!” He exclaimed
“Really?” Jinhwan asked, “ Ok everyone get up and pretend to be hard at work” Suddenly, the atmosphere went from being nonchalant to focused. I watched as the boys practiced their choreos. A chuckle escaped my lips as i compared their performing images to their real images, especially B.I. onstage he was charismatic and sexy but offstage he was a goofball.

My thoughts were interrupted by the door opening. A petite girl walked inside hold an Ikon fan banner.
“OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGod!!!!!IKON!!!” She screamed.
“Oh! We didnt know you were going to be here so early! We were just practicing…for 2 hours” Bobby nodded.
“I, MiYeon Jung, just witnessed Ikon practicing!!” The girl began to spazz out.
“Let us introduce ourselves. 1,2,3..we are Ikon (im not sure what their greeting is)"B.I stated and bowed with the others. "And over there,” he pointed towards me, “is my girlfriend ______” i smiled and waved at Miyeon. She gave me a weird look but quickly covered it up with a smile back.
“Did you eat yet Miyeon?” Donghyuk asked.
“No.” She responded.
“Alright then well pick up some lunch” he nodded. “Why dont you stay here with ____ for a while and then well be back”
“Why do all 7 of you need to go,” miyeon questioned.
“Becuase the members are very complicated with what they order so we have to go personally to choose our food” He explained.
“Yeah, so well be back in about 15 minutes” Bobby stated and ushered everyone out.

“Hi,” i greeted Miyeon once the boys had left. “Its nice to meet you” i held out my hand. She slowly took it into hers and shook it.
“Same” she smiled dryly. “So how long have you and B.I oppa been dating?”
“About a year,” i responded.
“Is he a good boyfriend?” She asked.
“Hes amazing….and sweet and caring and everything youd want in a guy” i gushed.
“Oh…thats great..” she mumbled.
“So whos your bias in Ikon?” I questioned.
“Your Boyfriend..” she sighed.
“Ah….” i awkwardly replied. “Um wel-” my words were cut off when i heard the door creak open. Then Suddenly, MiYeon fell to the floor.
“MiYeon-ah!” I exclaimed and bent down to help her.
“Oh My God! Are you alright?” B.I ran inside.
“I..i…” she looked up with tears “i was just telling ____ how much i admired you and she hit me”
“What?!?!” B.I and i exclaimed simutaneously.
“____? Is that true?” He asked as he helped Miyeon up.
“No!” I defended. “Shes lying,”
“Why would she do that?” B.I raised his eyebrow.
“Maybe shes a nutcase,” i replied.
“____! First you hit her and now you insult her?” B.i. gasped
“Youre s-so mean,” MiYeon cried and hugged B.I
“____, i think you should go,” he glared at me.
“But….fine,” i sighed and grabbed my things before making an exit. As i left, I ran into Junhoe.
“Did hyung find his wallet?” He asked.
“I dont know..” i mumbled and kept walking to hide my oncoming tears.

“Theres no way ______ could do that!” Chanwoo exlcaimed when B.I explained what happened as the members were sprawled around the practice room.
“But she did..” Miyeon sniffed.
“I dont think so….i mean, im pretty sure she was crying on her way out…why would she cry if she hit you?” Junhoe called from his spot near the door.
“Maybe she felt ashamed. She should feel ashamed” B.I scoffed. Suddenly, someones phone went off.
“Ah, Mianhe,"Miyeon stood up "I have to take this” She exited the practice room, leaving the door slightly open.
“I still dont think she did it,” Donghyuk sighed.
“Think what you want…Ill think what i want” B.I replied.
“So you think she hit her?” Bobby asked.
“Yes.” B.I bluntly stated.
“And what if she didnt?” Yunhyeong questioned.
“I saw Miyeon crying on the floor. Do you honestly believe that she would just fall and blame ____?” B.I argued.
“I do..You have to hear this..” Junhoe motioned the others to come towards the door. They confusedly did as he said and listened carefully.

“….yeah!! I cant believe he fell for it!! Now he’ll be mine!!” B.I’s eyes widened as he heard the words Miyeon said.
“Yeah. Now that shes out of the way, itll be so much easier. God, shes such a slut, hanging aro-”
“Get Out!” B.I exclaimed as he opened the door.
“O-oppa?” MiYeon stuttered.
“Do not call me that! AND DONT YOU EVER INSULT MY GIRLFRIEND!” he yelled.
“B-but-” she began.
“가!!” BI screamed. Frightened, Miyeon ran off.

“Shit!” B.I hit the wall of the practice room. “I didnt believe her…..and she probably hates me right now”
“Would you blame her? I mean you just said she should be ashamed of herself. And for what? Telling the truth?” Junhoe shook his head.
“I have to do something…..im going to her place” BI nodded.
“Are you sure thats a good idea. Im not too sure she’d want to see you” Bobby stated.
“I dont care. I need to apologize,” BI grabbed his things and ran out the building.

“Soohyun-ah, andwaeyooo” i sobbed as i watched the end of ‘Secretly, Greatly’ on DramaFever. I shoved a handful of chips into my mouth. Crumbs fell onto my pajamas and i brushed them off. “Why cant all guys be as great as you??” I sighed. “My guy is so stupid.” I grabbed a couch pillow and tossed it at his picture on the coffee table. It missed and landed on the floor, causing me to groan. I put my computer aside and got up. I picked up my pillow and hit the photo, sending it towards the open door. My eyes widened as i looked up and saw BI standing by the doorframe.
“What Do you want?” My expression turned grim.
“Can i come-” he began.
“No.” I interrupted. “I want you to leave. As a dumb man once told me, I think you should go”
“_____..please…weve been together for over a year an-” BI started.
“And you still dont trust what i say. You took that girl’s word over mine!” I interjected.
“Im Sorry..i was wrong….please just let me explain,” he sighed.
“Did you let me explain? Hanbin, this cant be a oneway advantage streak. I left when you asked me to and You didnt let me explain. Why should i give you those luxuries!?This just doesnt work! I….We dont work like this. If this is how youre going to treat me i dont want to be wit-” it was now BI’s turn to interrupt me.
“Dont!” He closed the front door and walked towards me.“ Dont say it….” i felt tears well up in my eyes as he closed in. He lifted his hands and wiped away the ones that fell. “I was stupid, dumb, an asshole, a jackass, i dont deserve you but i do Love you. Please, dont leave me. ” i looked up at him and felt my heart melting at his words. Despite his stupid actions, i did know he loved me.
“I love you too,” i cried and wrapped my arms around his nape. His hands stuck to my waist. After a few minutes, B.I pulled away and kissed me. It started slow and became more intimate as time passed.
“_____” B.I moaned. I was surprised by his sudden tone. “Baby, i feel horrible for what i did….i want to make it up to you”
“How?” I questioned, leading B.I to attach his lips to my neck.
“Let me please you,” he sighed against my skin. “Tonight…” He nipped and sucked on my skin. “Ill do anything you want.” B.I pulled away and squatted down to pick his picture up off the ground. “Including fucking you on the floor” i gulped at his words and could only manage to nod nervously at his offer. B.I smirked and grabbed my arm, pulling me into my bedroom. He slammed the door shut and pinned me against the wall.
His lips crashed against mine in a sloppy kiss.
“What do you want ____?” BI breathed againt my lips.
“I….i…” My words were unable to come out as B.I’s hands carressed my sides.
“Say it ______. Do you want me to fuck you senseless? Eat you? Take your clothes off with my mouth-”
“That one,” i moaned, causing him to chuckle. B.I lifted me up and tossed me onto the bed. He slowly climbed ontop of me and leaned down so that he was right above my stomach. He maintained eyecontact as he grabbed the hem of my shirt with his teeth. B.I put his hands on my waist, sending shivers up my spine, as he pulled my shirt over my head. He trailed kisses down from my jawline to my hips. His lips captured the waistband of my shorts and pulled them off my legs. My breathing became heavy as his eyes scanned my body.
“Damn,” he bit his lip, “i forgot how sexy you looked under clothes” he moved ontop of me once again and was about to continue when i stopped him.
“I want you out of that shirt” i stated. “I remember how 'she’ clung to it and that bothers me”
“Your wish is my command” B.I slipped his shirt off and tossed it aside. Almost immediately, my hands reached out and trailed over his torso. A groan escaped B.I’s lips as i did so. I proceeded to take off his sweatpants, Exposing the bulge protruding through his boxers.
“Someone’s horny” i chuckled and pulled B.I into a kiss. His body rocked against mine as our lips mingled. His tongue slid against my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I parted my lips and allowed his tongue to enter. I moaned into the kiss as his tongue fought with mine for dominance. I drew back and allowed him to take over the kiss. I rolled my hips against his, earning a moan from him. B.I pulled away and sat up. He licked his lips and reached behind my back to unclasp my bra. He took it off and continued on to massage my breasts.
“H-Hanbin,” i gasped. B.I smirked and leaned down, taking one of my breasts into his mouth. His tongue swirled and flicked my mound continuously. “Aah,” i moaned as he went on to give the same service to my other breast. “Ungh…Hanbin~”
“God ______, ” B.I sighed. “ Youre so sexy when you moan my name.”
“Hanbin-ah” i breathed. “I want more”
“Tell me exactly what you want ____” He stated.
“I want to ride you” i responded.
“Lets go then” he quickly removed his and my remaining clothing. I sat up and moved closer to him. I placed my hands on his shoulders and positioned myself above his length. I slid down onto him, causing both of us to moan from pleasure. I began to slide on his length at a painfully slow pace.
“_____, G-go faster,” B.I panted.
“AhAhAh,” i shakily chuckled. “Youre supposed to listen to me, not the other way around.” I rolled my hips as i went down on him, causing him to throw his head back.
“______,” he moaned.
“Baby, Do you really want it?” i whispered as i went even slower.
“Y-Yes,” he groaned. I leaned in and nibbled on his ear lobe.
“Beg for it,” A growl escaped his throat as the words left my mouth.
“____, Please” he pleaded.
“Please what,” i bit my lip as pressure was building up in my body.
“Please…F-faster,” he responded.
“I’m not sure I-” I began.
“Damn It _____” B.I exclaimed and grabbed my waist, slamming me down hard onto him.
“Aah!” I gasped as B.I continued this. Finally giving in to him, i quickened my pace, adding more pleasure.
“Yes, Baby Like that” B.I moaned and captured my lips as I rode him.
“Mmmm” i moaned into the kiss as i felt myself build up and come over his length. Momentarily, B.I came as well, filling me with his warm liquid. Tired, i fell back onto the bed.
“Aniya,” B.I hovered over me “we are not done yet. I still have alot more apologizing to do….Tell me _____, have you ever wanted to be fucked until you couldnt think straight?” His words caused me to immediately become wet again.
“Hanbin-ah” i pulled him closer by his nape and crashed my lips onto his.
“I’ll take that as a yes,” he chuckled. “But….”
“But?” I whined.
“How about we take up my offer from earlier and i’ll screw you on the floor” B.I whispered seductively and squeezed my sides.
“I-” Before the words could even leave my mouth, B.I lifted me up and placed me on the floor. “Oppa!”
“Im sorry baby. I couldnt wait,” he winked and plunged into me without warning.
“Aah! Hanbin!” I screamed as he moved in me at an inhumane pace. “Right there” Pleasure washed over me like a wave of ecstasy as B.I hit my sweet spot.
“_____, you feel so good,” B.I moaned and continued hitting that same spot. To add to the pleasure, I rocked my hips against his to match his thrusts. Moans left both our lips with each movement. Suddenly, i felt my walls clench around his length.
“Shit,” B.I cursed and rammed into me with more speed and intensity, sending me straight into my 2nd orgasm. Almost immediately after, B.I came into me with a rush.
“H-Hanbin…” i gasped. B.I lifted me up as he gathered his breath and laid me on the bed. He pulled the covers over my body and climbed underneath them to join me. He pulled me towards him and rested his head in the crook of my neck.
“I love you..” i felt the steady rise of his chest as he spoke.
“I love you too..” i responded and slowly closed my eyes in an attempt to fall asleep.

Holy Lord. I havent written smut in about a year and this just killed me. It literally took me days to write this. Seriously, the B.I feels are all over the place!

If any of you guys have more requests for me, whether fluff, smut, or angst, feel free to ask~