he's so pretty *.*


I don’t want to punish you.
                                                     What, then?


And the most painful part is, that’s over.

anonymous asked:

I'd love to see Echo and Flowey together, or maybe Echo and Asriel together if the latter's still alive

I’m still weighing my options re: Asriel vs Flowey, but since I had a few Flowey requests (and I have a larger project in mind for that), have a Flower and a Prince becoming cool new friends


I call this post: left facing Jay… just standing there 
This post is also called “IF ASTERIA WONT DO IT THEN I WILL”

As a final note, I’m pretty sure that Troll Jay is my favorite thing I’ve ever drawn in my entire life


Michael Rooker talking about the little girl asking him why he’s so pretty. And then he starts asking random audience members if they think he’s pretty.