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Scenario where Kenma, Akaashi and Tsukki reveal their feelings their s/o. P.s. I love your blog so much♥

Thanks I love you too! (^-^)/ I really loved writing this I had a lot of fun! Thanks for the request 💚💚

Tsukishima: You and Tsukki had been friends for as long as you could remember, you had seen eachother through a lot. You were there to comfort him after he learned the truth of his brother, and he was there for you when your hamster died. During your long friendship you two had always gotten the question “Are you two dating? you of course always laughed it off, and Tsukki always looked annoyed at the question. You knew he’d never date or like you like that, despite how you may feel. You decided a long time ago to give up on that dream. Yamaguchi mentioned that they have a practice game after school today, so you decided to go and watch your friends. Once at the gym though you were met by Nishinoya and Tanaka, who were floored a pretty girl came to watch their game, you were struggling to escape their attention when Tsukki made his way over “Oi, leave her alone she’s taken.” Taken? You weren’t, never the less you were thankful to be pulled away from the two second years. “Tsukki! Thank you for getting me out of th-” he quickly cut you off and pulled you to outside of the gym. You noticed he was bright red, “Tsukki are you okay? Do you need water?” He grabbed your hands, now this was getting espescially weird “Y/n I need you to listen. I’ve liked you for as long as I can remeber, really liked you. And seeing the fact that other guys find you attractive and may take your attention away from me isn’t okay with me. I want to take you out. On a date. God this is stupid, you don’t even feel the same way, it’s obvious you like Yamaguchi and I-” now you were the one to cut him off by kissing his cheek. “Well, if you had paid a little more attention you’d have known I feel the same way.” He smirked down at you and as you two walked to the gym said “Well, I beat you to the confession, I guess you were pretty slow too, since you missed all my obvious affection.” Sarcasm was dripping from his voice. You snorted “Oh yeah like that time you "tripped” and pushed me into the fountain?“ He put his arm around your waist, "You needed a cold shower from being around me” you gave him a small punch to quiet him.

Kenma: Kenma had a problem, he liked you and he didn’t know how to tell you without it being scary for him. You were the Nekoma manager and over time he had found himself becoming more and more enamoured by your behaviour. He made the mistake of telling Kuroo this, leading to the situation he was stuck in now. While the team was cleaning the gym up after practice Kuroo had assigned you and Kenma to returning supplies to the closet, on your final trip, you both heard the door click and discovered you had been locked in. Kenma begged Kuroo to open the door his response was a no. “Kenma, trust me on this I will not open the door till I hear you tell her the truth.” You during all of this looked very uncomfortable, Kenma felt bad. He didn’t want to put you in this kind of situation, Kuroo had taken it too far. “Hey Kenma? You don’t have to say anything, but I don’t like how cramped it is in here, and I would appreciate it if you could say what you need to, to get us out.” Kenma felt himself sweating, he saw how uncomfortable you were and as he took a breath he mentally planned to murder Kuroo later. “Y/n listen, Kuroo knows this and that’s why we’re are in here now. I-” he felt his breath hitch he didn’t know quite how to finish the sentence, so you did it for him. “Kenma, I feel the same way I just assumed you weren’t really a romantic relationship type, so I didn’t push it. But if you would like, I want to give a relationship a try?” He was blushing furiously while nodding. He about nearly died when Kuroo opened the door and revealed not only him but the entire team heard your guys’ confession. Yaku and Lev were applauding, Yamamoto was crying about the beauty of love. That’s it Kenma snapped, and began to furiously yell at his team terrifying everyone except you, you were laughing at how he can be so prescious but was hillarious when angry.

Akaashi: You were in love with a beautiful setter. The only problem? You were pretty sure he had a boyfriend meaning he was gay AND taken. You of course weren’t for sure but he was always being followed by a tall, silver, haired, third year, and always was doting on him and his problems. Everyone just kind of assumed they were a couple you included. That didn’t stop you from secretly watching their practices just to catch a glimpse of the beautiful setter. Day after day you went, little did you know that you were being watched as well. “Akaashi, who’s that pretty girl who’s always in here? She’s not one of my fangirls, I think she’s here for you.” Bokuto had noticed you slipping in every day and the loving states you sent to Akaashi. Akaashi looked up and saw you, “Oh she’s a girl in my class, I’ve never talked to her that much, she is nice though.” Bokuto felt the cogs in his owl head turning, he wanted to get his best friend into a nice relationship also he wanted to end the rumours they were secret lovers, (he totally blamed Kuroo for that). *THE NEXT DAY* “Akaashi look! There’s that girl, let’s go sit with her.” Akaashi gave his friend a weird look, “Okay if you really want to.” The two volleyball players made their way to where you sat, working on some homework. When you looked up to see who was sitting by you, you nearly fainted. Akaashi was the first to speak “Hey y/n, sorry to bother your studying, can we sit here? It’s kind of full everywhere else.” You felt as if you could hardly breathe or speak so you just nodded. You went back to studying, trying to control your blushing face, and Akaashi began to quietly eat. Bokuto sighed. He saw this wasn’t going anywhere, so he took the initiative to make you two converse, “So y/n, have you ever come to one of the volleyball games? I’m the star of course, but Akaashi works all the magic behind me. Do you have a favourite position?” You nodded, “Oh yeah, I like to watch you guys play a lot. The sport is really cool and you all make it look even cooler. I really like the setter, they really help pull the team through.” You felt yourself blushing hard again, and saw Akaashi’s ears turn slightly red. “You know y/n, Akaashi still needs a date for the dance, do you know anyone who could take him?” You gave Bokuto a puzzled look, “Aren’t you dating Akaashi? Why do you want your boyfriend to take a girl to the dance?” They both looked at eachother horrified then Bokuto yelled, “DAMN YOU KUROO! WHY DOES EVERYTHINK IM GAY FOR AKAASHI?” As Bokuto became more and more emo, Akaashi looked to you “I’m not dating Bokuto, and would you like to go to the dance? It may help to kill some of those rumours and help Bokuto get his confidence back.” You looked to the now fallen Bokuto, then to Akaashi, wow he was pretty and he was asking YOU to a DANCE. How could you refuse? “Of course I’d love to go.” Bokuto jumped up “Hey! Hey! Hey! My plan worked Akaashi, I got you a girlfriend! I really am too much.” You giggled as Akaashi agreed, Bokuto was pretty amazing.