he's so precious and adorable i love

Now it’s my turn to scream! A while back, the lovely @tanooqueen was super sweet and wonderful to gift @destatree and I, little matching Squishy (Malboro) Pins! Look at that dorky smile, he’s so precious and cute!  ♥

Portable and adorable Squishy is ready to go on my work tag so that I’ll always have a piece of love with me! ♥ Thank you so much for this beautiful gift Kawaii-eek! ♥

 You guys should totally consider getting one! ♥
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Luke has the most precious nose???? the way it’s pointed at the tip and his nostrils flare when he sings, I’m just in love with his pixie whoville nose???? I want to nuzzle it with my own and leave little kisses on that beautiful sloped tip and just be able to slide my finger down the length of it to annoy him so he scrunches it in that adorable way that I absolutely undoubtedly adore. I am the number 1 Luke nose Stan and I will always Stan my whoville daddy 

Catching up on Dragons in Places and omg, Jared’s frustration in ep 4 from everyone killing his orcs so easily has me dying lolol

Holly: “Jared’s still mad about the 10 minutes.”

Suzy: “He’s got like an eye twitch right now..”

*everyone cracks up laughing especially Arin*

Suzy: “Jared’s hiding his face”

Jared: *still trying to talk to Barry “Just do an attack roll.”

Ross: “He’s so upset.”

Jared: “Don’t listen to the rest of them.”

And then his triumphant “HA! YOUR PUNCH FAILS!!” at the end of that bit.

Awww, you precious DM. I adore him. And I love all these peeps so much.

Edit: got to the end of the ep. And Jared’s “IT SHOULDA BEEN COOL, OK??!!” Lolol Jared you poor thing. I’ve only briefly seen some of Projared’s stuff just in association with Game Grumps but this dude is quickly winning over my heart. Gotta look into more of his stuff for sure :)

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Have you read taproot? It's about a gay ghost and his necromancer florist bf and it's amazing!!

WHAT!? NO!! Oh my gosh- I looked it up and you guys it is so cute- the art style is precious and those character designs are TO DIE FOR!!! I’m 100% seeing myself becoming obsessed with this! That is some parallel thinking man!

(Though to be fair, I was being simplistic in my
description, technically my guy is an arborist since he does mostly greenery, but runs a flower shop because that makes better money, and mostly the story’s about organized crime and the cello and New Jersey LMAO I don’t think anyone wants my elevator pitch here.)

Headcannon that at least some of Yuuri’s fans have always found his awkwardness endearing

“It was so cute, I walked up an said he was my fave and he immediately looked over his shoulder like I couldn’t be talking to him, then pointed to himself like, ‘Me?’” #ProtectKatsukiYuuri

“As he skated by during warmups, I held up my sign and yelled as loud as I could, ‘I LOVE YOU YUURI!!!’ and GUYS I SCARED HIM HE ALMOST FELL because of me i felt bad but it was also the most adorable thing i’ve ever seen   (̂ ˃̥̥̥ ˑ̫ ˂̥̥̥ )̂ “

“Our awkward skating son”

“He’s like ten years older than you?”


“Katsuki Yuuri is too precious for this world”

“I want to bundle him in blankets and keep him safe forever”

@ v-nikiforov “Please tell us you bundle our precious boy up and protect him”

v-nikiforov - “Of course!!!!!” [Insert pic of Viktor holding a Disgruntled Katsuki Yuuri Burrito]

“Dear fans, please STOP GIVING HIM IDEAS”

Part 2


young bum is a blessing



So, Do i love this game? Yeah, it was A+! Full of adorable and funny dialogues (also puns were great), art in it is cute and gorgeous and characters were really awesome! (Also i added captions! ;>)

Also if you’re curious my favourite dad is Hugo Vega, i may not know much about anything, but seeing him so passionate about wrestling and learning is the cutest <3


Fanboy Wonho is honestly the purest and sweetest

I think I’m going through a little bit of an art block *sigh*


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)


Oct 14 — Happy Birthday, Seidou’s Toujou Hideaki °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° 

“It’s a challenge Youhei, let’s see which of us get to stand on the mound as Seidou’s first string pitcher first. I still haven’t given up on being a pitcher yet, you see.”