he's so pleased lol


—  Can’t we just stop and argue, now? Be done with it?

—  I don’t want to argue.

DK is your babo, The8 is your sunflower, Chan is your baby. Then Jisoo oppa is Jeonghannie’s ____ ?
JH: Deer

Credit: 趙依依 
Source: confretti
Trans: jeonghoonhao

따뜻하게 지내세요 - Stay warm

너무 추워요! - It’s so cold!

눈이 오고 있어요 - It’s snowing

얼어 붙어요 - It’s freezing

눈송이 - Snowflake

얼음 - Ice

서리 - Frost

우산 - Umbrella

우비 - Raincoat

스카프 - Scarf

장갑 - Gloves

코트 - Coat

부츠 - Boots

담요 - Blanket

핫 팩 - Hot pack

뜨거운 초콜릿 - Hot chocolate

따뜻하게 지내세요 - Stay warm

감기를 잡을하지 마십시오 - Don’t catch a cold


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TianShanWeek - Day 1 - Pursuit

*during lunch time*

Zhan Zheng Xi: I wonder why the other two still haven’t shown up…

Jian Yi: Oh! I got a text from He Tian before, he said he was in hot pursuit of Mo!

Zhan Zheng Xi: … 

Zhan Zheng Xi: What the fuck is that supposed to mea-…

*Mo crashes and bolts through the courtyard*

Zhan Zheng Xi: …

Zhan Zheng Xi: Where the fuck is he-…

*He Tian chases Mo with fire set to his clothes*

Zhan Zheng Xi: …

Jian Yi: …


Pokemon sun and moon - (Tiny)Team skull boss and Xurkitree

“The Xurkitrees think Guzma was one of their kind, yet they confused why he is too small/short and think he must be a newborn ub…..” 

Since I had drawn him in his ub form (Tiny Xurkitree) with the Xurkitrees so, why not in his human form too? lol and I just love when he is ub and being mistake and take care by original xurkitree  = w =

PS. I’m not sorry ; w ;

Edit : I edit the picture so it would be smoother than original! :D 


meet my shit archer oc matthias who may or may not be flirting with hanzo just to spite jesse (he french btw,,,,,,,,,,,he also need friends)


When will they be safe and happy? Probably never.


“When house of cards brings out your inner hoe
Frick this is me

PLEASE excuse my voice, but I had to share this. Prompto is so thirsty that he was trying to hit on an old lady at Galdin Quay. Seriously, watch and tell me otherwise LOL
Next time you whip out the camera to snap shots of the fellas, just watch them. You may witness things like THIS LOL also I had to record this off of my TV with my iPad because I did not have my capture card hooked up or a jump drive nearby Ha ha ha PS4 doesn’t let you upload video to anything but YouTube and Facebook. So….