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Let me tell you something about power imbalances

Since the Otayuri-discourse is getting really annoying, I would like to tell you something. Power imbalances can have an effect on every relationship. Romantic as well as platonic. A power imbalance can turn into an unhealthy relationship of any kind. But there is one thing, that everyone seems to ignore: A power imbalance itself does not cause abusive behavior. On its own its neither good nor bad. Its the way it is used, that makes the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationship.

A power imbalance is like a “tool”. It can be used by an abuser to take advantage of its victim. The abusers keep themselves on the higher level to maintain the imbalance. This can lead to physical and emotional abuse. The abuser can easily pressure the victim into doing things that they aren’t comfortable with. For example: Older friends pressuring the younger one into drinking alcohol/older lover pressuring younger to have sex despite them not being ready for it. And this is obviously a horrible thing.

But a power imbalance can also have a positive effect. In a healthy relationship the more powerful part tries to minimize the imbalance. They don’t see the other on as lower. They want to be on an equal level. The imbalance can be used to help the younger one grow, while also making sure that they are safe don’t go over their limits. It can be reassuring to have someone more experienced that can help you in life and share their experiences. One great example for a healthy relationship with a power imbalance in the beginning is a ship you all love: Victuuri!

At the start of the show Yuuri is a loner. He doesnt have many friends and the only thing he really cares for is skating (and Victor of course). He has huge anxiety and really lacks in confidence. He idolizes Victor and therefore sees him as above him.  Also, Yuuris love life before Victor is pretty much non existent and he just becomes a blushing mess at the mere mention of eros. On the other hand we have Victor “Sexiest-Man-Alive” Nikiforov. He is way more experienced and confident than Yuuri and has had a few relationships in the past. All this puts a huge imbalance on Victors side. We see this in the beginning, when Victor was really pushy, thinking Yuuri was still as confident and flirty as he was at the banquet, making Yuuri feel visibly uncomfortable. When Victor sees this, he tones down the flirting to keep it at a pace that Yuuri can comfortably move along with. We see Victor helping Yuuri becoming more confident in his abilities and more comfortable with his sexuality. Victor used the power imbalance to turn the idol-fan-relationship into a loving relationship between two equals.

This concludes, that a power imbalance itself does not automatically make a relationship bad. Its the mindset of the more powerful person, that determines if this imbalance can be healthy or not.

Now lets talk about Otayuri!

First of all, Yuri is not the pure, innocent, little child, that needs to be sheltered from everything, that you all seem to think he is. We are talking about the “kid” who wanted to skate to eros, because he thought it would fit him better. The kid who watched Yuuri and Chris pole dancing and kept tons of photos of it. The kid who told Mila to stop acting horny after breaking up with her boyfriend. Most 15/16 years old boys are not innocent angels…  Also, Yuri is actually quite mature for his age. Yuri moved away from his home to St. Petersburg when he was around 10 years old. He is the main provider for his family since his junior debut. Growing up away from home, with this high responsibilities makes you mature faster. He committed his life to figure skating. He had the determination and disciplin to win GPF gold on his senior debut. This level of dedication, endless training, without complaining, to work towards a goal, is a sign of maturity. Sure, sometimes he acts childish and on impulse, but so does Victor, the guy who pauses his career for a year, travels to Japan and suddenly shows up naked at a hot spring, because of his crush on a drunk Yuuri.

We have seen Otabek and Yuri both supporting and admiring each other. We see Otabek helping Yuri to grow. Yuri doesnt act like an angry brat with him. He is much calmer and happier around him.  Kubo even said that Otabek sees them as equals. There is only a small power imbalance between them. Its even smaller than between Victor and Yuuri. And since their relationship is based on mutual respect and support, and Otabek wants them to be equal, there is not even the slightest hint, why this relationship would be abusive in any way. To me this looks like the perfect base for a healthy relationship. So what makes you think that Otabek would be a predator? What makes you think he would take advantage of him? Why would he harm Yuri? This is what bothers me the most about this discourse. By saying this ship would be unhealthy , disgusting and bad, you are accusing Otabek of being an abusive asshole. And this magnificent, loving character does not deserve this hate.

This post is obviously not meant to say that all relationships with age differences are totally ok. This is meant to explain, that it is not always automatically bad. There are many unhealthy relationships where both people are the same age or where the abuser is the younger one. Age alone is not what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy. The mindset of the individual person is!

Don’t Objectify Me!

Summery: Based on this Sinful Sunday Ask

Triggers: Smutty smut, Angry bucky, Dom(ish)!bucky (wasn’t my intention but it happened) Unprotected sex (Before you tap it, wrap it), Masturbation

Word Count: 1600+

A/N: I don’t wanna go to college tomorrow, also the inventor of coursework needs to fight me.


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‘Do you not fucking speak english?!’ You screamed over at Bucky. The two of you were meant to meet for dinner at one of your favourite restaurants after you had finished work. You booked a table there for 6, giving you enough time to get home and change before you got there.

‘Yes, I speak over 30 languages’ Bucky yelled back at you, taking off the gym clothes he wore to meet Steve earlier that day. According to your boyfriend you had said seven so he thought he could finish at the gym at 6;30 giving him half an hour to get ready. Only when he got home you sitting on the bed, all dressed up and fuming from having to wait for him.

‘Ok. I’ll say what I said to you yesterday is Spanish. Seis!’ your hair was pinned back and styled so you took it out, facing the mirror but you could still see his reflection.

‘You said seven!’ He was now taking off his hoodie and shirt. You were so mad at him but he looked so good.

‘I said six!’

‘No, you didn’t’

‘Why would I book a table at six then tell you seven? What, you think I want to spend quality time with my glass of fucking water’ you finally turned to look him in the eye, but he couldn’t look at you. For a second you weren’t sure if he was angry or upset. But then you heard the metallic whirring of his arm, it was very distinctive when he was angry 

‘I’m not doing this right now’ He turned away from you, his hands in the air. Then stormed off into the bathroom, slamming the door hard behind him.

‘Good. Fuck off then’

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Smart Mouth

Pairing: Alexander x Reader

Requested?: Yeah buddy!

Prompt: “owo what’s this?- I mean can I request a Alex x Reader where they argue A LOT and Alex ends up confessing to R in one of the arguments pls??”

Words: 2.4k+ (my longest one so far)

Dedications: Huge thanks to my best friend @helplesslylins and my twin @secretschuylersister for helping through this long process and proofreading for me! I love you both <3 Also, @fragmentofmymind I know you’ve been waiting for this so here you go ;) Lastly, @shinymarbles I think this was your request but if it wasn’t then sorry for the tag!

(A/N: So glad this is finally done, I hope you enjoy!)

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“You’re impossible, Alexander!” You groaned, rubbing your temples and turning away from the short-tempered man. It was barely 9 am and he was already at your throat over your choice of cereal. Well, the cereal wasn’t for you, it was for the guy who was currently lounging in your bed after a rather fun hook up.

“I’m just saying. Anybody who willingly asks for Cheerios must be clinically insane.” Alexander shrugged, sipping what was probably his 5th cup of coffee.

“You know, maybe if you didn’t chug coffee so much, you could reach the top shelf of a bookcase.” You brushed past Alexander, going down the hall towards your room.

“I’m not short! I’m vertically challenged!” He yelled after you, grumbling as you disappeared into the room.

Your relationship with Alexander was…complicated, for a lack of better words. You were friends, though based off the amount you guys argued anyone would think you hated each other. The bickering between you two was at an all time high as of recently and it was confusing you. Something as simple as a movie selection ended up in a 20 minute debate that only came to a conclusion thanks to Herc grabbing the remote and picking something. Alex’s usual light teasing tone was now masked with another emotion that you couldn’t decipher. There’s a clear shift and you weren’t sure how to go about it.

Soon after he finished his cereal and got your number, the man who’s name you now knew as James left your apartment. The door could barely shut before Alex was speaking again.

“Sex was probably mediocre at best.” He called over his shoulder, eyes on the computer as he typed away furiously. You sighed and rested your forehead on the door before turning to face him.

“It was actually great, want a play-by-play?” You sauntered over to him, standing in front of his computer and crossing your arms. Alex made a show of gagging before covering his mouth.

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naive - peter parker x reader (part 3)

w/c: 971

warnings: mild angst i guess?

sorry this took so long but here it is! the final part :’) shoutout to everyone for liking, reblogging, and commenting on this fic and sending me asks or messages about it!!! it made my day every time and it warms my heart 2 know that people enjoy my work. 

by the way? the title is a reference to the song naive by the kooks and if you’ve never heard it before i recommend you go give it a listen! 

anyway i hope you all enjoy this! and here i will put my (first ever!!! aahh!!!) tag list: @devilsdaughter1225 @samsfabuloushair @emily-ily2


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You bounded down the stairs as fast as your legs could take you. You saw Ned and MJ together at the bottom and shouted, “Have you seen Peter?”

“I’ve given up on trying to keep track of him tonight,” Ned said lazily. “Last I saw him, he was going to find you and Flash.”

“Oh, and he ran outside a few seconds ago,” MJ added, not even bothering to look up from her book.

“Agh, thank you,” you huffed, giving her arm a friendly squeeze before running off.

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Always Be

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Reader 

Word Count: 1,792

A/N: Just a love story inspired by Alessia Cara’s ‘I’m Yours.’ Enjoy :) 

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Don’t acknowledge him. 

Don’t acknowledge him. 

Don’t acknowledge him.

Holding back a groan, you forced out a closed-lip smile for Clint and Natasha before taking a sip of your coffee, disregarding the nuisance seated beside you. You told yourself to control the anger within and that the constant annoyance would eventually subside.

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Unrequited // Kol Mikaelson // requested

Request : can u do a onesided kolxreader where she has a crush on kol but he is with readers sister? Whether kol n sister know of your feeling or not is up to u. Thanks. 

Sorry for the long wait!!! This has been in my ask for like a month lol.

Requests are closed. xx

Pairing : KolxReadersSister

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s/n - sisters name

I stood on the other side of the bar, watching as he danced with my sister. I could see why he chose her. She’s beautiful, smart, and everything I’m not. I’m just the stupid sister with a third grade crush. But that doesn’t mean it hurts any less. They look so happy.. I just wish I was the one who made him that happy.

Love is a terrible thing. It’s even worse when it’s unrequited. You know almost every detail of this person, you know how to talk to them and how to make them feel better. Yet… no matter how hard you try they only want that other person. When I couldn’t watch anymore I quickly turned on my heel and left the building.

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Bf! Mark

✴ Requested

  • Mark is such a chill person to be with tbh
  • Being an SM Trainee was hard and you totally understood Mark’s nervousness as he entered the room looking intimidated af
  • You smiled at him and he managed a weak smile before standing next to you
  • He was a new trainee and you felt a need to protect him. Also for the fact that he hadn’t been in Korea for most of his life
  • You started talking to him, inviting him to group hangouts. It was after a while but you two became inseparable 
  • He had made new friends but always stuck by you. Not because he felt indebted to you but because he genuinely liked you
  • A while before his debut, he started feelings things for you. Like whenever you were around he would get really excited and have butterflies in his stomach
  • You began to notice sudden changes in his behaviour: how he would stutter when talking to you and avoid you at all costs and try to ignore you when you were around
  • One day you decided to confront him about it and his reply was that he was just busy but you knew something was up.He was lying and doing a pretty bad job at hiding it
  • Valentine’s Day was around the corner and you internally sighed knowing that you’ll get no flowers or chocolates this year as well. SM had set strict rules :NO DATING NO DRINKING NO STAYING OUT TOO LATE and blah blah blah
  • If only you had a boyfriend who would make you feel special on this day that everyone seems to love
  • And suddenly you thought about Mark, what would he be like as a boyfriend. Flirty? Shy? Forgetful? Childish? You laughed to yourself. “I wish I had a boyfriend like him”
  • You opened your locker to change into your practice gear when you saw a box of chocolates and a rose sitting on top of your clothes. Your eyes widened. You weren’t expecting anything like that. So you excitedly held the box in your hands and smiled, who would’ve done this? The fact that you had a secret admirer excited you
  • When you opened the practice room door you saw Mark sitting against the mirrored walls, scrolling on his phone. You figured he was here for practice as well but just found himself distracted by his phone. But he was wearing casual jeans and a yellow hoodie. Not the ideal clothes for practice
  • “Are you here or…” You asked, a little awkward.
  • “Oh no sorry I was waiting for….” he stopped as he looked around. Everywhere except you. This kid was so confusing these days
  • “You were waiting for??”
  • “Uh I was waiting for you, because I got hungry and I didn’t want to go alone and I figured since you’re always hungry you’d go with me”
  • He talked too fast, as if he was nervous
  • “I was going to practice now, if you can wait for an hour maybe-”
  • “No its ok, we’ll go sometime else”
  • he bolted out of the room so fast he put lightning to shame
  • later that day, all the trainees decided to have dinner together. And of course Mark was there. Your secret admirer had your mind occupied the whole day. Until Haechan spoke
  • “Ya did you like the chocolates? i picked it out like Mark picked out the blue ones and honestly-” and BAM the secret was out. Mark’s eyes widened at Haechan, him sinking back in his posture holding his mouth and wanting to cry. Mark looked shattered. You stared at Haechan who looked scared af but still amused
  • So it was Mark, he was your secret admirer and it made you go crazy. Mark stood and left the room but you were quick to react and followed after him
  • “You could’ve just told me you know” you called after him. He stopped in his tracks and looked back at you
  • You jogged towards him and smiled bright, although much shorter than him, he looked small
  • “Why are you so scared?” You asked
  • “I’m afraid of rejection,” he said, smiling softly
  • “And how are you so sure that you’ll get rejected?” He looked up at your smiling face, confused and clueless
  • “CATCH ME BEFORE I TELL EVERYONE I LOVE YOU” You said while running away from him
  • “YA! NO COME HERE!” He yelled after you. You both ran along the building and the back gardens. “Y/N I SWEAR TO GOD!” He was laughing now while running after you
  • The sky was growing darker as night time approached. Mark finally asked you out on a date and you smiled the whole way back to the dorms
  • With Mark its just shy smiles and awkward hand holding
  • He’s just always so SHY around you
  • Wants your approval before doing anything 
  • You really want him to lighten up around you but he’s always afraid he might do something wrong
  • it takes him a good five months to get used to being in a relationship
  • Your first kiss was so sweet and pure. He made you feel so squishy and warm. He was literally blushing after and then hugged you because he was excited too
  • Makes your hair sometimes and it ends up being a really bad plait but you let your hair stay that way the whole day because he was proud of it
  • Always wants to show you something that interests him
  • and if he perfects a move or a dance or a line in his rap he makes sure you hear it and wants to know your opinion
  • He wants to know everything about you and wants you to know everything about him
  • Him just being around you makes your day better 
  • Your dates consist of ice cream parlours, cute selfies and lots of hand holding and kissing
  • He always walks you back to your dorm
  • Texts you with loads of cute emojis
  • freaks out when you dont reply
  • and then scolds you for not replying and gets so angry and you just laugh at him
  • “I’m serious y/n stop laughing at me”
  • so cute *.*
  • Haechan loves teasing you both and has named u as “love birds”
  • Mark gets so worried when you’re sick like he literally runs to your dorm when he hears you’re sick
  • “What happened?” “Are u ok” “oh my god” 
  • “Its just a cold”
  • Midnight strolls and him shyly giving you his jacket because Taeyong told him its a gentlemanly thing to do
  • Laughs at your jokes even if they’re not funny
  • So clumsy and smol you want to protect him
  • but he’s always protecting you and you’re like but you’re always on a death wish???
  • Like he once crossed the road without looking and you lost your shit and scolded him the rest of the day
  • Misses you if he hasn’t seen you for two days
  • Late night texts and he ends up falling asleep but keeps alarms so he still replies you
  • he’s always so impressed by you and lowkey looks up to you and is always so inspired when you’re around 
  • “wahh y/n you’re so good” “y/n you’re amazing” “i wish i can be like you”
  • movie marathons with him staring at you and looking away when you notice
  • and then you rest ur head on his shoulder his heart beat quickens and he smiles to himself and internally he’s like “YASYAYSYAYSFUCFUC” but on the outside he’s like “its fine, its all cool just breathe”
  • loves sharing his playlist with you and wants to hear your music too
  • you both practice together and if either of you ends up falling or missing a step you both laugh so hard
  • and then he just rests his head on your shoulder as you both scroll through your phones and then he shows u a funny meme and you show him some too and you both just laugh like idiots
  • really forgetful so you serve as a daily reminder for him
  • he works too hard and it concerns you but you always show up with food at his dorm and bring him vitamin water
  • he remembers so many vivid and small details about you and it startles you cuz he pays much attention to you??
  • Mark was the best thing to ever happen to you, he’s not only your boyfriend but your best friend and you were glad haechan spoke up that day
  • and although he was so mad at Haechan, he was so happy that you liked him back 
  • *cries* i love mark
Always- An Ivar Imagine

So @whenimaunicorn sent me the prompt: “Truth or Dare? I dare you to spend the rest of the night tied to Prince Ivar at the wrists.” Thanks for the prompt!

Here is the result. More angst than originally planned. Oops?

TW: mild sexual content, infidelity

You had never known Hvitserk to be cruel.

Okay, that was a lie. You had never known him to be cruel to you. Other people were another story. But tonight, tonight you fell into that category of “other people”. For what he had done, you would consider the cruelest thing of all.

It had started innocent, a game of truth or dare among brothers and friends. It was a game played often, as you had known the Ragnarssons since you were all grubby children, playing in the mud. The ale and laughter had flowed, to the point where you could almost forget the aching hole that was etched permanently upon your heart. But then, it had been your turn. You had chosen dare. And Hvitserk, drunk and careless, had dared you to spend the rest of the night, tethered by the wrists, to none other than Ivar.

Ivar, the man you were hopelessly in love with. Ivar, the man you could not stay away from. Ivar, the man who would never be wholly yours.

You agreed to the dare, not only to be spared the severe penalty but to savour any sort of closeness you could get with the Prince.

You moved to sit beside Ivar. Someone came and bound your wrists together, you didn’t know who. All you could focus on were her eyes, staring at you from across the table, hating you. Wishing you would one day take to your father’s fishing boat and not return. Drowned, dragged to the bottom of the sea, a sea that she could somehow bend to her will. She knew, she knew that his heart lay with you and not with her. She was a pawn, a token used for land and power and offspring with a strong bloodline. You, you were the fire in his blood, the beating of his heart, the name on his lips when he took her to bed.

But you were a nobody, and princes did not end up with nobodies. They had mothers and fathers and brothers who pushed for alliances, for duty, for the good of the people. They ended up with someone who could give them those things.

You were not that someone.

You could feel Ivar’s skin next to yours, where your wrists touched, warm and familiar. It made you ache for an easier time, when there was nothing but bare skin and love and the hopes of the young and foolish. Hopes you could one day be together, love freely and without restraint. You hardly got any time with each other now. Every moment you could spend by his side was a precious one.

As if he could sense your distress, your lover placed your linked hands under the table, onto your thigh. He had not said anything when Hvitserk had issued the dare. He had not protested, had not insisted it be an insult to his wife to be tied to another woman. He had simply let it happen. A choice. A declaration. You over her, every time. And she knew it.

The weight of your joined hands on your thigh was comforting, a balm amidst the tension that was threatening to suffocate you. She flicked her eyes down to the table, disgust marring her pretty face. To her, you were worthless. She could not see what kept drawing him to you. You both knew she didn’t love him, only married him for the name and the power and the role of duty. But it irked her to no end that he did not fall at her feet like all the others, did not desire her body. She wanted to catch her prey, but he kept slipping through her net.

The game continued on. You could not focus. Ivar’s hand had inched higher up your thigh, fingers stroking over the soft material of your dress. Her eyes were now on her husband, cold and stony. He growled, baring sharp white teeth as his fingers sunk deep into your thigh. Baiting her, showing her what she was to him. The title of wife meant nothing.

It should have comforted you, to know he only wanted you. That she was nothing to him. But it still hurt. It hurt to know she carried the title of wife, and not you. It hurt to know she was by his side, would one day grow round with his child in her belly. She would have his future, and you would be naught but a secret in the dark. You did not want to share, you wanted all of him. Every moment, every look, every touch. It was not enough to know he loved you. Your heart was greedy. It wanted everything, for it and it alone.

Ivar pushed your joined hands further into your lap, fingers teasing your flesh. You could feel the desire flowing through them, his simmering need for you. With her, it was all about business, securing a child. With you, it was love and passion and burning, all consuming need. You did not get many chances to be together, and every encounter was a like a wild summer storm, fierce and raging.

He stopped his movements on your thigh, instead leaning over to ghost his lips over the shell of your ear. No one was watching but her, no one cared but her. You should have felt bad for her, how must it feel knowing your husband cares not for you? But you did not. You would never see her as anything more than a thief. A thief who stole your happy future.

“Truth or dare?” Ivar whispered softly in your ear, voice laced with a dark lust. You shivered as his words slid over your skin like a silken scarf.

“Dare,” you whispered back, not daring to look at his face.

He leaned closer, his heady scent enveloping you like a tender embrace.

“I dare you to take me to bed. My bed.”

He meant the bed he shared with her, in the back of the Great Hall. You sucked in a breath. You had always met somewhere, never had he taken you in that bed, since he had gotten married. It was probably a bad idea.

But you did not care.

You stood up, grabbing Ivar’s crutches for him from where they leaned upon his chair. He allowed himself to give you a heated smirk, before the two of you awkwardly made your way towards the back of the Hall.

Her eyes followed you the whole way there.

But once you were enclosed in his private quarters, all thoughts but Ivar left your mind. He somehow managed to get his knife out of his belt, cut your bonds and throw you onto the bed with a few smooth motions. You eagerly reached for him as he lowered himself out of his crutches, desperate to feel all of him against you.

You needed him like air, you craved him like a drug. He fell upon you with a fervour only he could have, all groping hands and hungry kisses and loud, needy moans. He did not try to quiet himself, he did not care if she heard. If anyone heard. You found you did not care either. You arched into him and let him sweep you away in a tidal wave of pleasure.

He took you fast, and he took you hard. No loving caresses, no soft teasing, no slow and sweet build up. Pure carnal desire, the kind that leaves delicious aches and bruises to savour. Ivar in his truest form, making you cry out, making you beg for more, more, more. You knew nothing but the slide of hot, slippery skin, the taste of salt and sweat, the stars exploding behind your eyelids.

After, you curled yourself around him, pressing your shaking body as close as you could get. He enclosed you in his arms, letting you rest against him as you both caught your breath. As you laid there, your euphoria faded, and the ache in your heart returned.

“It should be enough,” you said softly, tracing a pattern over his chest with your fingers. “It should be enough to share you, and know that it is me who holds your heart. People do it all the time. Look at your brothers, sharing Margrethe between them. But I am selfish. I want you all to myself. I want to be your only wife, and the only woman you take to bed. I want to give you all your children. Is that wrong?”

He began to stroke his fingers through your long hair, blunt nails scratching gently over your scalp.

“It is not wrong,” he said, voice rumbling in his chest. “It is not wrong, for I feel the same way. I do not want to be tied to her. I do not want her to bear my children. I chose you, and only you, a long time ago. When I think of how I would feel if our situations were reversed, I want to kill something. The thought of another man touching your makes me sick.”

It made you sick, too. You twisted so you could press a soft kiss to the underside of his jaw.

“If only I was not who I am. If only I was like her, from a family worthy-”

He cut you off with a firm hand to your throat, pulling you on top of him so he could look at you with angry eyes.

“Do not ever say that again,” he growls, fingers squeezing, squeezing. “Do not wish you were anything but what you are. You are perfect. You are not less than her. Do you hear me?”

You nod, and his fingers relax. His eyes, however, stayed hard and blazing.

“I will find a way,” he vowed. “I will find a way to weaken her father, to make it so he is not more powerful than us. I married his daughter so he would not overpower us; I will make it so he has no power, and so I will no longer be in need of my marriage. Then,” his face softens ever so slightly, “then I will be free to marry whom I wish.”

It was a lot to promise, and probably very much unlikely to come true. But you clung to his words like a child clings to its mother’s skirts. A distant hope. You leaned forward to press a kiss to his lips.

“I should go,” you whispered, thinking of her sitting in the Great Hall. “I should go before she comes to you.”

His grip on you tightened, possessive. “No. You will stay. She will not come to me tonight. You will stay, and let me hold you. I will wake at least once with you in my arms.”

You knew you should leave, before leaving got any harder, but a night in his arms was more than you ever got. So you agreed, nestling down against him, letting him wrap himself around you. The darkness pressed around you like a comforting blanket, wrapping you up in a world where you could pretend only the two of you existed.

“Truth or dare,” you whispered, finding his hand in the dark.

“Truth,” his hand was warm, calloused, perfect.

“Will you always love me? No matter what our lives become?” You knew the answer. But to hear it was a bandage across your broken heart

A sigh. A kiss on your head. Broad fingers squeezed yours.


I known with Vikings sharing is caring, but I imagine some of them are not into it. Happy Sunday! ❤️

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[Pretends to crack knuckles]

Welcome to a new series that I’m lamely calling “The Legend of Meta”, because boy howdy, I sure have a lot of things to say on a lot of characters and about Breath of the Wild in general.. And I’m bad with naming things. I love writing meta (aka long ramblings) and the zelda series is my heart and soul, so why not make a series right? None of this is #confirmed by Nintendo, none of it is #official, merely my own thoughts and opinions.

If sonicmega finds this I’m gonna kick my own ass tbh I love him, great dude, great VA, but listen ok I don’t need him knowing I spent more hours than I’m willing to admit thinking about every little detail about his character. That’s just weird.

Word Count: 5031
Estimated Reading Time: 24 minutes, 51 seconds
Series: 1 of ?

Anyways, this post will contain spoilers from here on! Even the link!

Here is the complete dialogue script for Revali for your convenience!

So as you can plainly tell by the title card, I’m going to be starting off with our well known local bird and arrogant friend, Revali. I’ve seen a wide spread love, and wide spread hate rather quite equally for this character, and quite honestly? I can understand it. From what we are given in game, Revali is a self-absorbed, arrogant and rather downright rude Rito, but seemingly only to you, to Link. Many find this to be annoying, and many find it to be relatable, comical even! Which is fine, do what makes you happy! But as a rhetorical question, how many have you truly thought on his character?

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Mornings With You- John Laurens X Reader

request from anon: Ok, so like I saw this really cute story about a couple, and I so saw John Laurens doing this? So like, could I have a John Laurens x reader where the reader normally goes to work early but not today, but john doesn’t know. So he just slides into the kitchen singing and dancing and then sees the reader and it’s just fluff? Maybe? Idk. If u don’t wanna that’s chill. Love you, byeee!

a/n: this is so cute, thank you so much!! love you too!!

I heard my phone buzz and I reached over, almost knocking it off the nightstand in the process, and grabbed it. I tried to make out the time as I adjusted to the sudden change of light.

After a few minutes of staring at my phone screen, I no longer had to squint to try and make out the time. 10:02 am. I sat up quickly, stressed out that I was late for work before relaxing and remembering that today was my day off.

I looked over at the other side of the bed, expecting to see John still curled up and still asleep but to my surprise, the bed was empty. Huh, he must’ve forgotten that I wasn’t working today. I walked out of our room and into the hall that led to our kitchen. I heard John singing loudly and I smiled a bit, peeking into the kitchen.

He was wearing sweatpants and socks, the latter he was using to slide around the kitchen while he was making his coffee. He was using a spoon as a microphone and was twirling around and because of the socks, he almost fell several times.

“So this is what you do when I am off to work.” I said, amused and he turned around upon seeing me, smiling widely. He ran towards me and hugged me tightly.

“You’re home!” He grinned and he kissed my cheek and I smiled again. “So am I wonderful singer or is that just my opinion.”
“Well I definetly don’t think you can exclude the dancing from your singing act- but yes.”

“It would be better if you were here every morning.”

“Are you trying to impress me?” I asked him and he grabbed my hand and spinned me around in the kitchen.

“Maybe.” He smiled and he twirled me around.

“Well I didn’t know you were so good at dancing.” I told him and he brought me close again. He kissed my lips this time.

“Only for you, dearest. On that topic, is there a special reason you are home?”

“Isn’t wanting to spend time with my amazing partner reason enough?” I smiled and he looked at me amused.

“For me, yes. But I don’t think your boss would let you off if that was the reason.”

“I’m taking your advice.”

“What are you and what have you done with my partner?” He teased and I rolled my eyes.

“Yes I didn’t know it was possible for me to take a break either.”
“What are you going to do all day?”

“Spend time with you or sleep.”

“If I were you, I would chose sleeping with me. So you can multitask.”

“Tempting offer but you can invite your friends, if you want.”

“To sleep with me?” He asked, confused. I laughed a bit and shook my head.

“To come over today. We can all hang out, play games on the wii?”

“Alex is banned from playing on the wii.”

“Do I dare to ask the story?”

“You know that hole that I helped fix in Laf’s apartment?”

“Yeah, I believe I know the one.”

“Alex lost a game- Mario Kart I believe.”

“I mean I understand what happened but this is so vague. Like what happened? Did he punch the wall? Did he throw the controller?”

“You may never know.”

“Oh come on.”

“Fine, fine. So I was in the lead somehow- probably because Hercules was half asleep but he was still kicking Alex’s ass, right? But somehow Alex gets ahead of me and Hercules and we are in the last lap. I deploy a blue shell and it hits Alex. Alex looses terribly. He kind of threw the wii remote harder than he intended and he hit the wall at the perfect angle to make a hole.”

“Mm. Who won that round?” I asked and he grinned.


“I’m guessing Alex gets angry everytime you bring up?”

“That day didn’t happen according to him. Fortunately he doesn’t decide whether or not a day happens.”

“That happened the day I met you, wasn’t it? I was living with Peggy and I lived across the hall from Lafayette and I knocked on his door to see what all the commotion was about.”

“Never have I been so happy to open a door in my life and if I remembered, I was very smooth.”

“You were crying because of how hard you were laughing.”

“Same difference.”

“Ha. So anything in particular you want to do today?”

“Everything’s fine as long as it’s with you.”

why is it that this fandom ALWAYS finds something to demonize shiro for?? as if hes gotta be Perfect or hes toxic and a bad leader like??? if its not one thing its another i s2g and now of ALL things i keep seeing angry rants about how shiro treats lance like shit and hes toxic for him or some bullshit like?? that makes me so??? upset and kinda mad tbh??

are we forgetting that it was lance who shiro first extended his hand to?? that shiro told lance in episode one that they should all trust each other and make decisions together?? that lance is always ready with a counterpoint to any strategy shiro makes, but shiro NEVER yells or tells him to shut up or says he’s being stupid, simply counters his arguements with valid points?? that it was shiro that trusted lance to analyze the battleship layouts and double check strategies/ideas when they were going in to rescue allura in s1? that it was shiro who trusted lance to be with him on that mission in beta traz, didnt even try to interrupt him as he took that risky shot to save slav, cause he knew he could do it??

do they have a lot of moments together like keith and shiro or keith and lance do?? no, cause keith and shiro have history, and keith and lance have that constant rivalry to keep them running into each other. shiro and lance havent really found a mutual connection. YET. the crew has been making it a pretty obvious point to develop them individually before getting them to really interact with eachother on deeper levels. they have a plan and frankly peoples lack of trust in the creators and in SHIRO is very disappointing.

shiro isnt perfect, none of them are. he’s only human. but not putting lance on the pedestal that the fandom puts him on and then blaming shiro for lances own insecurities that shiro has had NO WAY or opportunity to really know about or pick up on is ridiculous.

shiro may have a bit of bias for keith, sure, but this fandom is WAY too biased for lance. he’s my favorite too, trust me, i get where some of your disappointment and worry is coming from. but letting it blind you and really get to you when we’re barely on season 2 is too much yall. its not healthy. and its disrespectful too. chill. take a deep breath. have patience. trust the creators, and please trust shiro and stop demonizing him for things out of his control smh.

The Sun and The Moon

This imagine is loosely based off a chapter from the book Attachments by Rainbow Rowell (I’d recommend anything by @rainbowrowell!!), and the song Liability by Lorde. Enjoy! :)

Birds sang outside the window. Watching them, I felt envy at how oblivious they were to everyday problems; they didn’t have to fret about money or jobs, or if your boyfriend was thinking of breaking up with you.

“I think Jason’s going to break up with me,” I said softly, already the lump was forming at the back of my throat. Maybe it was the mere thought of not waking up next to Jason’s body, or it could be the fact that Justin’s eyes were burning with pity, aiming their fire directly at me.

“How do you know? [Y/N], I’m sure that’s not the case,” Justin replied with the same amount of softness in his voice, it was enough to send me to sleep. “You know I’m not too keen on him but I can see he loves you.”

“Does he? We hardly see each other anymore, if we did break up I probably wouldn’t even notice.” I stirred my milkshake with the straw, watching the tiny bubbles dance together, and collide whenever one of them missed a step.

“Are you happy?” Justin asked, taking my hand and making me look up at him. “If you’re not happy, maybe this is what you need, it could be good for you.”

“I love him. He’s the person I always dreamed of being with, he’s those butterflies that you hear about when you’re young, the ones you stop believing in when you get your first high school boyfriend and you can’t seem to feel anything but how rough and uncomfortably hot their hand is around yours. He’s the butterflies and the sparks, and the sun and the moon all thrown together in one big mush, I don’t wanna lose that,” I sniffed, making me realise that tears are falling from my chin and onto the dance floor in my milkshake.

Justin nodded. “You need to talk to Jason. You shouldn’t let yourself go getting upset about something that may or may not be real, and as your best friend, I can’t sit here and watch you literally drink your own tears.” He grimaced.

I sniffed again. “You’re right, I should talk to him. I’ll go now, I mean, if that’s okay?”

“Don’t worry about me, I’m about to drink two milkshakes, I’ll be more than fine.” I threw my jacket on while watching Justin pull my milkshake next to his half-empty glass. I gave him a hug around his neck - it was warm in a pleasing way - and pecked the side of his head. “I’ll call you later, if I’m crying, you’ll know to bring the full fat ice cream,” I joked with a hint of seriousness.

The drive home caused my heart to come alive in my chest and I was sure it had never experienced so much panic before which seemed to cause the panic levels to rise, making me panic more, and so on. I attempted to calm myself down by turning up the volume of the radio, a slow song was playing and I let myself get lost so I didn’t have to think about where I was headed.

The moment was perfect, but it had to end. And it did. Before I could comprehend anything I was shutting off the car’s engine and climbing out, setting a foot on the hard concrete and feeling it vibrate through my body. My legs shook as I moved up the driveway.

I knew Jason was home because my car now sat perfectly next to his own. I didn’t look back as I let myself in. “Jason?”

“I’m up here!” he called from upstairs. I followed his voice.

Walking into our bedroom, I saw Jason sat at the small desk in the far left corner of the room, his body hunched over something that I couldn’t see, and something I wasn’t bothered about in the slightest in that moment.


“Mhm? What’s up?” he muttered.

“Can we talk?”

There was a pause before he swivelled around in the chair so that he faced me, giving me his full attention. All of a sudden my racing heart returned from its small vacation.

“What d’you wanna talk about?” he asked after I hadn’t shown any signs in continuing the conversation.

“I, uh, I wanna ask you something,” I gulped and sat down on the edge of the bed, not daring to get comfortable just yet.


“What do you see in our future?” I picked at my fingernails helplessly.

“Why’d you ask?”

The fact that he answered my question with a question set my veins on fire.

“Just wondering.”

“I see us. Together. As we are now,” he said.

“Really? You think we’ll still be together in the future?” I asked, trying not to let multiple questions fall out of my mouth all at once.

“Of course, why would we not be?” he frowned.

“I don’t know, maybe because one of us didn’t want to be?” I chanced a glance at Jason and saw him already looking at me. I could almost see the machinery working in his head.

“..What are you talking about?”

“Be honest with me, be truthful, because lies are ugly, especially coming from someone so beautiful,” I said, and immediately regretted my words, sounding like someone out of a movie. “Something has changed between us, don’t tell me you can’t see it.”

Jason sighed, and I knew I wasn’t going to like what was to follow. My breath hitched in my throat.

“I don’t know what it is,” he said. “Things were great, things were perfect-“

“I know, I was there,” I muttered.

“I don’t think this is working anymore,” his voice rasped, and my Jason had never felt so far away. “We need space.”

“So long story short, you’re breaking up with me? I was right?” I stood up to allow the sadness and the anger and confusion to circuit through the rest of my body instead of getting trapped in my hands, making me want to punch something.
“No, I just think we need some time apart,” he said too calmly. I was angry at him for always looking so at peace, even then, while my world was falling apart. I scoffed.

“C’mon Jason, we all know that means the end. I get it. Stop bullshitting,” I spat, wetness warming my cheeks.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“No,” I laughed, unable to stop shaking my head, “you don’t, you don’t because if you did, you wouldn’t be doing this. You’d stay and love me like I want you to. You can’t love me and still want to leave!”

“[Y/N], I think you need to calm down,” Jason looked at me with so much pity in his eyes that I felt two feet tall.

“What is it? Why don’t you want me?” I whispered, backing against the wall. Jason didn’t make any effort to move from his chair. I don’t think he moved since he turned to look at me.

He sighed, closing his eyes. He looked beautiful and I hated him. “You can be too much, [Y/N]. At the beginning it was cute and it was everything I loved you for. But it’s changed now, I’ve changed. I need time to myself, to think, I can’t have that with you.”

Every word that left his lips - lips that once gave me so much love and attention - shattered my heart just a little bit more.

Jason once took me all the way to Paris to kiss me at the top of the Eiffel Tower. We got lost on the way back to the hotel so we booked a room in the most run-down place in the middle of the city, and he kept me warm and touched me all through the night, not wanting to stop in case it brought us back to reality. All of that seemed so far away. Where had Jason gone?

“I’m too much?”

“For me, yeah. I love you [Y/N], I really do, but I just don’t think this is what I want anymore. I need someone who gives me space when I need it, who lets me invest time into other things. I can’t always be here to take care of you.”

“I don’t need taking care of, Jason, I’m a grown woman,” I muttered. “I want you to leave.”

“Okay,” Jason said. “I’ll be out by the end of the week-“

“No,” I said. “I want you out now. Go on.”

“[Y/N], you can’t just-“

“I can do whatever the fuck I want to, you’re leaving, remember? Get out, I don’t want to be around you right now.” I pulled my jacket around my body, watching the floor as Jason stood up. “Justin was right about you,” I whispered.

“Was he now?” Jason spat. “What did he say? Could you hear him properly while you were on your knees?”

My mouth dropped and a fresh batch of tears filled my eyes. I started to suffocate on the silence that followed his words. It might have a hurt a little less if Jason showed some sign of remorse, but the same glare stayed etched on his face.

“Get out.”

“I’m surprised you’re not begging me to break up with you, so you can fuck him without the guilt of doing it behind my back.” Jason grabbed his jacket and I knew this was the last time I’d ever see him again, my heart was burning.

“You know that never happened,” I whispered.

“Do I?” he asked. “It seems like a pretty good explanation to me.”

“Stop it! Stop trying to turn this around me! You’re the one that’s breaking my heart, this is not my fault,” I shouted, but he didn’t flinch. “For the last time, get out.”

Jason didn’t look back as he hurtled out of our bedroom (my bedroom?) and down the stairs. I awaited the slam of the door and only a fews seconds later, it rang through the house. I flinched.

I didn’t think of what I was doing as I called a taxi, not trusting myself to get in my car and drive, and laid on the floor until I heard it pull up outside my house. The twenty minutes of waiting were the most lonely; I thought the silence would comfort me, but it turns out all it wanted to do was taunt me.

I cried in the taxi. Not for Jason, but for myself and for the breaking of my heart. I replayed the best moments with Jason through my mind like a tape, and cried both because of the memories and because the tape was over. All I could do now was rewatch it.

Thanking the driver, I handed him all the money in my pocket and climbed out of the taxi. I heard him drive off as I dragged myself up the driveway and slammed my knuckles on the wooden surface, enjoying the pain that greeted them.

I realised that I wasn’t even sure if he was home, but Justin answered almost instantly and for that, I was thankful. The warmth of his house wrapped around me, so did his arms.

“It’s over,” I sobbed into his chest while his hands rubbed my back. It almost felt like Jason. “It doesn’t seem real.”

“Come on, get inside,” he said softly while closing the door behind us. Justin held onto me as we walked through his house and up the stairs.

Justin’s bed was bigger and softer than my own; I happily fell into the sheets and pulled them up to my chin. It somehow made me feel a tiny bit better, like a minute segment of my heart believed things wouldn’t be so bad.

“Do you want to talk about it, or is it too soon?” Justin asked as he climbed beside me, the space next to me sunk and I fell closer to him. Turning to face him, I adored the familiarity he brought, I didn’t want to stop looking at him.

“Am I too much?”

Justin frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Jason, he said that I’m too much for him, he said he needs space.”

He didn’t speak for a while, giving me the fear that he agreed with Jason, but the gentle in his eyes made me think otherwise. “You deserve someone who loves all of you all the time. Your love and energy should be spent on someone appreciates how much you are. It’s never too much.” His finger was tracing my cheek, sending a warm, fuzzy feeling along my skin.

I didn’t know what to say, but I knew what to do, and I did it. In a matter of seconds my lips were pressed against Justin’s and I was kissing him, and he was kissing me. Our breathing got faster by the second. I could feel Justin’s body moving closer with hunger. Letting my fingers, move through his hair, I heard him moan softly.

We pulled away for air and looked at each other, panting softly. Justin was the first to laugh, making me follow lead. We shook our heads slowly, like we were both thinking the same thing. I dropped my head onto his chest and for the first time since I watched Jason walk out forever, the silence wasn’t so haunting.

@froekenpest (is it working now?) and I are talking about Draco’s characterization, specifically having lots of life history and dealing with it.

Every now and then, Draco stumbles with his feelings. It’s shitty and he’s the worst person to be around ever because he’s moody and cruel and nasty and self-destructive, but he’s the type to disappear when that happens. He doesn’t want to be around anybody, and he doesn’t want anyone to see him–for vulnerability reasons, but also because he knows it’s not fair to lash out at people, even if he wants to (and he does).

I have this scene of Draco with his back to Harry. Harry trying to get Draco to talk about it, but the more he tries, the more infuriated Draco gets.

Harry just doesn’t get it. He couldn’t possibly understand the things Draco’s grappling with, because their lives have just been too different. He wouldn’t understand the way Draco needs to push at the bruises he’s harbouring until they hurt and feel like they’re bursting open, because that’s his catharsis: remembering every single mistake he’s made, every fucking choice that has led him to being where he is today, every cursed, wretched thing he’s ever done that make him this ugly amalgamation that’s more beast than human sometimes.

Harry couldn’t possibly understand, and that infuriates him even more. Harry, the perfect human. Harry, who is lauded as amazing, who saved the world and is treated like a hero, Harry who can do no wrong.

He’s so angry and bitter, and the next time Harry opens his mouth to say something, Draco jumps down his throat.

“Don’t treat me like your charity case, Potter,” he snarls, and behind him, Harry’s mouth clicks shut in surprise. There’s a second of silence, and then he exhales sharply, sounding angrier than Draco expects when he speaks next.

“Is that what you think this is–what you are? Charity?”

Draco smiles cruelly to himself, feeling the bitter words crawl up his throat and spill out of his mouth.

“That’s what you do, isn’t it, Potter?” he sneers Harry’s surname acrimoniously, and doesn’t have to be facing the man to see how he flinches at the animosity. “You take in the strays, people who can’t get by without your help. Isn’t that what you did with the  Weasleys? Pathetic and contemptible, too poor to even feed their children but too stupid to stop having more.”

Harry’s silence speaks louder than any words he could have said then. Draco feels the shame creeping up his neck, making his cheeks burn like he’s standing in front of a blazing fire.

See? He wants to shout into the silence. See what I am? Not so eager to help now, are you?

The quiet continues, and Draco tenses and relaxes at the same time, waiting for Harry to explode, to shout abuse at him, to hit him, assault him, call him exactly what he is and what he deserves.

Harry doesn’t do any of that. What he does is breathe, raggedly at first, and Draco counts the inhales, synchs up their breathing without really noticing.

Then, after what feels like a lifetime, Harry says:

“I won’t be here if you’re going to behave like this. When you’ve calmed down, I’ll be in the living room.”

He leaves, then: leaves Draco to his miserable desolation, and Draco triumphs in having driven him away. He’s fiercely glad that Harry’s left and incandescently angry at him at the same time. How dare he leave–how dare he not get angry–how dare he walk away?

He’s so bitter and angry and resentful in that moment, because Harry is supposed to be different. Harry isn’t supposed to give up on him, isn’t supposed to leave him alone: that’s just not what Harry does, and Draco is incensed.

How dare he be like everyone else? But then… of course. Of course he is. That’s what Draco wanted: he wants to be alone. He wants to push people away, because that means he’s right, that Draco is as big of a mess as he feels–that he isn’t worth staying for, and the thought burns and burns at him, making him even more furious.

Draco feels like a volcano is about to erupt inside him. It’s hot and angry and bubbling dangerously like if he so much as twitches, he’s going to burst and breathe fire more savage than fiendfyre, and he wants to let it–good god does he want to just let it out and let it consume him and burn the whole world to the ground.

It won’t come, he knows, because it never does, even when he’s burning brightest and wants it most, it refuses to manifest and Draco is trapped with it simmering just under his skin, zinging through his veins until he wants to tear at his own flesh to make it stop. But he can’t, because this is what he is. This is who he is–and that thought winds him higher.

(Of course, when he does come back down and regain sense of himself, he goes out and stiffly, unhappily apologises. He knows he’s wrong, he knows what he said is terrible and not true, but apologising still hurts, even if Harry–and the Weasleys–deserves it.)

I think that’s how Harry would handle Draco’s self-hating episodes. After the first couple times of them winding each other up and blowing up together, Harry would get smart and not engage when Draco was like that–just walk away and talk when he was less awful about things. And Draco would learn (conditioning, Harry is absolutely treating him like a dog, haha) that responding like that isn’t appropriate or even a good way to handle things, and they’d end up doing better together. And that’s how Harry helps.

Come Find Me VI

So this is a little short, but at least I got something done? I hope you like it anyway, sorry for the delay. This is a turning point in the story. I promise, things get a little better from here. Also @cosmic-melodies, since you asked.

Anxiety jerked his jaw out of Roman’s grip. Roman let him, but didn’t let his gaze shift off the other side. He didn’t know what was going on here, but he knew it was serious. Part of him wanted to go right now and fetch Logic and Morality. But at the same time he didn’t want to risk Anxiety clamming up even more.

“So,” he began slowly, his mind racing. “There are several things I need to address. But let’s start simple. Why weren’t you eating?”

Anxiety wasn’t looking at him. “Why the fuck should I tell you,” he said, his shoulders hunching in.

“Because what you seem to believe,” Roman snapped, frustration and worry bubbling up from within him. “I actually do care about what happens to you! And actually, you know what, let’s start there instead. Why on earth would you think we don’t care about you? We fight, yes, but that doesn’t mean I hate you. That doesn’t mean I want to see you hurt. That doesn’t mean I want to see you like this!”

“You know Princey,” Anxiety said, his hands fiddling with the hem of his jacket, “You’re really good at those pretty words and promises. A real charmer, if you will. But see the thing is, it’s your actions that show the truth. So I don’t think you guys don’t care about me. I know you don’t. So you don’t have to lie and play nice because you think it makes you a hero. Just forget we ever had this conversation and go back to your oh so perfect life. I don’t care anymore.”

Roman’s frown deepened. Anxiety didn’t sound angry like he had before. Now he just sounded defeated. Not to mention what he was actually saying was disturbing.

“You said something about that earlier,” he said, trying to recall the exact words. “Something about learning your lesson, and then later how it took a week for us to find you this time. Wh-what were you talking about.”

“It doesn’t fucking matter, okay,” Anxiety told him, his hands beginning to ball into fists. “Nothing fucking matters anymore.”

Roman stared at him. This wasn’t good. He had to figure out where all this was coming from, but if Anxiety couldn’t talk to him, how on earth was he supposed to do that?

Think, Roman, think, he thought. Use your creativity, and work it out.

Okay, he thought. Anxiety hasn’t eaten in week, uh, that’s the same amount of time he talking about us taking to find him. Find. That’s an interring choice of words. And earlier he sounded really upset about why I did come in, talking about how it wasn’t because we cared…

“Did you want us to find you?” he blurted out, things suddenly clicking into place.

“Right now I want you to leave me alone.” Anxiety snarled, his shoulders hunching in defensively.

But Roman wasn’t deterred.

“You wanted us to search for you,” he said, mind racing furiously. “You wanted us to notice that you were gone, to prove that we cared, that we’d help you. And we-“

“Didn’t.” Anxiety finished for him. “Yeah, I noticed that. I mean, I guess part of me always knew, but this past week just helped to make that little fact crystal clear.”

Roman was going to be sick. This was a disaster. They-he had messed up so badly.

“Anxiety, that’s not true. I am so sorry, I, we didn't” he stammered out.

“Really, Roman?” Anxiety rolled his eyes. “I thought we went over this. Telling me a pretty lie won’t magically make this all better. And you know what, maybe this all of best. Now I know what to expect, instead of hop- whatever. Point is, it’s done.”

Roman felt helpless. He could have stopped this days ago. He’d been right by Anxiety’s door, and if he had just reached out and knocked, things would have been better. But he hadn’t, and now he might broken Anxiety’s trust in him forever. And Anxiety was right, there were no words to fix this.

But, maybe, actions might.

The beginnings of a plan beginning to swirl inside his mind, Roman reached out and wrapped his arms around Anxiety.

I’m going to make this up to you, he vowed silently. For what kind of prince would I be if I ignored the injury I so callously dealt you.

Anxiety shoved him away. “Get off,” he hissed.

Prince let him.

“I’m going to go talk to Morality about making soup for lunch,” he said. “I’ll be back soon to bring you some more water though. Try not to move too much. You need to let your body recover.”

Anxiety scoffed “Yeah, yeah, do whatever the hell you want. I really could not care less.”

But Roman could hear the lie in his voice. Anxiety did care what he and the others did, more than he had ever realized.

“I’ll be back soon,” he repeated, then headed towards the door.

Morality was probably in the common room. The trick would be not revealing why he wanted soup. Maybe he could play the random craving card.

True, telling the others might make things easier, and Roman did think they would need to learn at some point what had happened, but he’d promised not to say anything to them. And right now he had already lost enough Anxiety’s trust. He didn’t need to lose anymore.

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Avoiding [Sirius Black x Reader]

Requested: no

Summary: (Y/N) has a crush on Sirius and thought that he liked her back until he sees him with her friend Marlene. She then decides to avoid him but, at the end of the day, he gets mad and asks her what’s going on. Both too stubborn to admit anything, James and Lily have to get involved.

Warnings: Angsty but ends in fluff

Originally posted by softtroublemaker

“I would never have thought that Marlene would stab me in the back like that Lily!” you said, sitting on the stairs of the astronomy tower, tears running down your face and Lily rubbing your back. The music from the party organized by Sirius Black to celebrate Gryffindor’s win was now distant.

“She knows I’ve liked him since third year and still flirted with him, what kind of friend does that?” you exclaimed, mad at your so-called friend for flirting with your crush.

“I know you’re mad (Y/N) and you have every right to be but, don’t go doing anything stupid.” Lily told you, her eyebrows knitted in concern.

“Don’t worry, you know I’m not that kind of person. Anyways, he was flirting back so my hopes have gone to hell and they’re never coming back.” You said. Inside, you didn’t have an ounce of feeling left, you felt empty. Sirius Black had been your crush for three years but he only saw you as another one of the guys. “I’m just gonna ignore them and everything is going to be fine.” You wiped the tears of your face and got up, “I’ll move on soon enough.” You said before walking off.

               Lily was still left on the staircase, disappointed. She knew about everything: Sirius’ crush on you and your crush on him but she couldn’t do anything about it because she had promised James and (Y/N) that she wouldn’t say anything about it.

Urgh! Why must humanity be so annoying?!” She thought to herself before getting up to look for (Y/N).

               (Y/N) was walking near the Black Lake, “Huh,” she thought “the Black Lake, he’s everywhere.”when she spotted the shadow of a couple, the guy was leading the girl by the hand before kissing her. Wondering who it was, (Y/N) neared the couple and saw the very last people she wanted to see: Sirius and Marlene. Once she distinguished their faces through the veil of darkness in front of her, she bolted. As fast as she could, (Y/N) ran to reach her dorm.

               The only moment she stopped was when she had to tell the Fat Lady the password. She didn’t even stop when she saw that Remus, her best friend, was on the couch reading a book. He brought his eyes up from the book hearing the racket that (Y/N) made by slamming open the door but it was too late, he only saw a leg going up the stairs to get to the girls’ dormitory.

               Once she arrived to the sixth year dorm door, (Y/N) banged it open and dove headfirst onto her bed. Tears were falling from her eyes and she tried to stop them but they kept coming. With tear-stained eyes, (Y/N) (L/N) fell asleep.

               (Y/N) woke up an hour earlier than she was supposed to and found Lily, Alice and Marlene sleeping softly in their beds. She decided to get ready for class since she knew she would never be able to fall back to sleep and headed to the bathroom.

               She walked out of the bathroom an hour later in her uniform. She was drying her hair with a towel when she spotted someone on the couch. Sirius. Not wanting to talk to him the girl started speed walking back to her dorm but, she wasn’t quick enough.

“(Y/N)?” he asked, turning around to face her with a confused look, “I have to be honest it kinda looks like you’re avoiding me.” He joked.

“No, no! I-I just needed t-to get my hair brush from the… from the room.” You said nervously.

“Why are you lying to me (Y/N)?” he asked, a sad look in his eyes but you ignored it knowing it wouldn’t help you get over him.

“I-I’m not” you replied, knowing you’d been caught but still going along with it.

“Really?” he inquired, you nodded, “Then what’s that in your hand?” you looked down at your hand, and there it was. Your wooden hairbrush. “So, will you answer my question?” he demanded.

“I-I’m sorry Sirius I’ve got to go wake Lily up otherwise we’ll be late for class.” You said in a sad attempt to avoid him and headed up the staircase.

               Once you reached the door you could overhear two people talking:

“He really hurt her,” it was Lily speaking in a worried voice, “she said that she’s moving on. What are we going to do?”

“We’ll figure it out Lily,” what sounded like James said, “these two are meant to be together.”

               Not wanting to hear the rest you barged inside surprising Lily and James, “Don’t do anything, there’s nothing to figure out you guys, Sirius is meant to be with Marlene and I’ll learn to get used to it.” You said hopelessly before leaving the room and heading to the Great Hall to have breakfast.

               When you entered the Hall, your eyes immediately caught Sirius’s. It seemed like he had been staring at the door to see you.

“What are you hoping for (Y/N)? He’s looking for Marlene.” you mentally scolded yourself.

               You decided not to eat and headed directly to your first class of the day. Potions. Joy. Professor Slughorn wasn’t mean or anything, his classes were just boring.

               During the entirety of Potions Sirius Orion Black was staring at you. You kept your gaze on the work but it wouldn’t stop anything, he would just keep staring.

               When Potions class was over, you packed your bag as fast as possible and headed to Arithmancy, a class without Sirius fortunately. But, somehow, he still managed to send you enchanted origami swans from whatever class he was in. You wanted to open the perfectly folded piece of paper but you knew that whatever was written on it would send the walls you had built crashing down. So, you reluctantly burned every one of the with a whispered ‘Incendio’.

               This charade had continued for the rest of the day until at the last hour, you were speeding out of the class when Sirius caught your arm.

“What the hell is going on (Y/N)?!” he yelled angrily, catching the attention of all the students around you.

“Please let me go Black.” You responded calmly, not wanting to break down.

“Black?” he said with a hurt look on his face, “since when do you call me by my last name? What did I do to make you avoid me?” he lowered his voice, “Because I have been scouring my brain all day and I can’t seem to find what I did. Just tell me love.”

It was my turn to get angry, “Love?!” you scoffed, “what gave you the right to call me that? You have never cared about anything you jerk! This isn’t an interrogation so stop asking questions that will never be answered! You can just stay away from me and everything will be perfect!”

“What?” he let go of your arm, stunned, but you didn’t move, “(Y/N) I don’t know what I did but I,” his voice broke, “I’m sorry for hurting you like this.” He looked at the ground with heartbroken eyes.

“Well it’s too damn late now isn’t it! I can’t I act like you hurting me wasn’t the worst thing that has ever happened to me, can I?!” you roared, “You can try to do anything but only one thing can save our friendship but that’s never happening okay! You can just give up!” you said, not noticing James behind you.

“Listen Padfoot, I hope you forgive me for this but I’ve got to say this:” James said, surprising you, “(Y/N) (L/N), Sirius Orion Black is in love with you and has been in love with you since fourth year.”

“Prongs! Wh-” Sirius started

“I am not kidding SHUT UP PADS!” James yelled, “and Pads, (Y/N) likes you back.”

“What on earth are you talking about? Then, why on Merlin’s beard would he kiss Marlene? Huh? Answer that Potter.” You demanded

“Well, Lily and I were pon-” he started

“JUST SPIT IT OUT!” you yelled and James jumped in surprised

“Amortentia, she slipped it in Padfoot’s firewhiskey at the party, we found some in her bedside table.” He said, showing you the vial and winking at Sirius.

You were stunned and looked at Sirius, “Is all of this true Sirius?” you asked

He jumped to the occasion, “Of course, it has always been you for two years. I love you (Y/N), will you be my girlfriend?”

“NO!” a voice screeched, Marlene, “Sirius was supposed to be my boyfriend not you!” Lily walked up to her and sucker punched her right in the face.

You took Sirius’s hand and said, “Yes Sirius, I love you too.” At these words, Sirius smashed his lips against yours and all the students around you cheered.

“WOO! Get some Padfoot” James cheered.

prompt: Bat!sis and Bruce share a sweet moment with the quote ‘clever as the devil and twice as pretty’

pairing: Bruce Wayne x Bat!sis (daughter)

words: 924

The sound of the front door slamming resonated throughout the manor and made both Alfred and Bruce aware that one of their children had returned home, and the sound of heels angrily clicking against the ground confirmed that it was [Y/N].

[Y/N] was the second oldest child, being Bruce’s only biological daughter that had come into his care two years before Dick had once her mother had passed away. Currently, the young woman was in college and was majoring in both mathematics and engineering, two things she had been passionate about as a child, and by the sounds of it things didn’t go so well at college that day.

Bruce sat at the island in the scullery, a cup of coffee at his side and his laptop in front of him while some files were scattered around the island. He would have much rather been in the cave doing this, but he couldn’t stand the bickering that was occurring down in the cave while Tim, Dick, and Damian were training.

Alfred was facing him at the other side of the scullery, preparing some snacks and drinks that he could bring down to the boys in an attempt to find a way for them to be civil. His eyes looked up to meet with [Y/N], who’s eyes looked tired and stressed while she roughly brought her hand up through her [H/C] hair and let out a deep sigh.

[Y/N] offered the man a smile, which he returned as he greeted her. “Good afternoon miss. Wayne, may I offer you some cookies?” Shaking her head, [Y/N] sat down at the island near her father and leaned forward with her arms crossed against the cold marble and a chill ran up her arms and made her hairs stand up as she moved her arms forward and lay her head against the cold marble.

Alfred gave Bruce a look that said ‘talk to her’ without the need for the words to be vocalised. Bruce may not have been the best with his kids, he was honestly surprised they didn’t resent him for what he did and put them through, but he wanted to try and improve and he knew the best place to improve was being there for his children.

Placing the file that he had picked up only a few moments prior to [Y/N] walking into the scullery back onto the island he looked to his daugher, “[Y/N], sweetie what’s wrong?” [Y/N] moved so that her head was now laying sideways on her hands and she could look at her father, “Some jerk in my engineering class.”

[Y/N] now moved so she was sitting upright and looking at Bruce properly. “He said something and I just let it get to me.” Bruce raised an eyebrow and moved closer to her.

“What did he say?” A sigh passed [Y/N]’s lips and she looked to the marble counter of the island, her eyes scanning over it’s beautiful design and taking in how intricate it was, hesitating for a moment before replying.

“It’s so…stupid.” Bruce placed a hand on her shoulder and rubbed his thumb along the blade in small circles,trying to comfort the young woman. “ It’s not stupid. Sweetie,if it bothers you then there’s no way it’s stupid.”

Turning her head to look at her father, the words tumbled out of her mouth and she started to rant. “He told me I was too pretty to be an engineering major that I would be better of at home learning to be the perfect wife for him. It made me so angry.” Now [Y/N] stood from her seat and started to pace up and down the scullery floor.

“And I know it’s stupid.I have been hearing things like this since I was a kid. Wives of businessmen always telling me ‘what a beautiful wife you’d make one day’” Using air quotes as she spoke, the irritation was clear in her voice and in her body language.

“It’s like I can’t be smart and pretty. And if I know what I’m doing,I’m bossy. If I don’t I’m incompetent.” Stopping where was standing,she crossed her arms over her chest and turned to face Bruce once again.  “They expect me to be one thing at a time. I don’t want to be one thing. I want to be everything.”

Bruce stood from his seat and walked towards the girl, his hands holding onto her arms gently as he looked down at her with a smile on his face.” And you are.” [Y/N] looked up to her father with a confused look on her face.

“[Y/N] you are amazing,you are so smart and so beautiful.Anytime someone asks me about you I tell them you’re as clever as the devil and twice as pretty.” Bruce let out a breath and let in another, “You are stronger than any of them, if they saw the way you knocked your brothers about in training they wouldn’t dare say anything about you again. You are not bossy, and if they say you are then remind them that you are the boss.”

A small smile had replaced the scowl that had been on [Y/N]’s lips as she wrapped her arms around her father’s waist and he wrapped his around her shoulders, “And if there is one thing that you are.You are a Wayne and they couldn’t do half the things that you can.”

anonymous asked:

A Chloe x Alya fic where they love each other as volpina and the bee thing (I'm tired and brain dead rn so I'm bad at articulating things but I hope you know what I'm talking about) but despise each other as their real selves? And make it a reveal fic? This could be a chapter fic or one shot I don't care but please :D

Bless you, praise you anon.

Okay, so ehre we go! Did someone ask for Dark Cupid but with Queen Bee and Vixen? Too bad, cause this is pretty much what I did/ Bonus points if any of you get where I got Queen Bee’s attack from.

Part 2(coming soon)(cause no way in hell I’m leaving this as it is lmao what are you taking me for, someone who can write angst and leave it as it is?)

Alya had one day from hell because of one and only Chloé Bourgeois. She had never been more grateful for an akuma, it gave her the chance to blow some steam. True, she was using her flute more like Chat was using his staff, rather than make some illusions, but she was in the mood to hit something. And the new akuma gave her the perfect opportunity. She didn’t pay much attention to the name but it was turning people in fairytale characters. Why was Hawkmoth akumatizing little kids again? Right, because he was an asshole.

“What got you so riled up, foxy?”

“Nothing you should worry about, your highness.” Alya replied playfully while kicking another knight over the head.

“That angry scowl on your gorgeous face always gets me worried.” she declared wrapping the string of her spinning top around two knight before slamming them against a tree.

“Well, I’d hate if my small problems would ruin that bright smile off your face.”

Queen Bee kept smiling, ready to flirt back, when Ladybug shouted for her. “B! I could really use your help right now.”

The blonde turned towards the akuma that was momentarily being kept in place by Ladybug’s yoyo. Alya moved to cover her as she called for her signature move.

“Poison Sting!” she called out moving her spinning top towards the akuma

Alya didn’t quite catch what happened next. The akuma managed to escape Ladybug’s grip, dodging the spinning top and at the same time sending an attack towards Queen Bee. The next thing Alya saw was her teammate lying unconscious on the ground. And one of the gems in her comb began to flicker. Alya’s heart sunk.

“Get her out!” Chat screamed at her while dodging another attack. “Secret identity. We got this. Go!”

Without hesitation, Alya picked Queen Bee up and began to run. She did her best to avoid the crowd as she sprung on a lamp post then on a lower roof, then a higher one. By the time they reached what she considered a secluded enough corner two of the gems on her comb already flickered off.

“B,” Alya called out gently shaking her shoulder. “Come on Queenie, don’t do this.”

She was desperate. Queen Bee was close to detransform and knocked out by whatever the akuma did to them. Okay, think Alya, think. The akuma knocked only her out, right? She turned some people into knights and she even saw some frogs. The akuma was fairytale based and… of course! Alya snapped her fingers, finally finding the solution.

Looking down at Queen Bee, slipping peacefully with her head in Alya’s lap. She was never the biggest fan of those tropes from the fairy tales she used to read to her sisters, but they were in a desperate need right now. So desperate to even use a true love’s kiss.

(She tried to ignore the weird sensation in her stomach at the thought of it not working.)

Stroking her cheek gently, Alya leaned over, capturing Queen Bee’s lips in a kiss. Ironically, her lips really tasted like honey. She can’t wait to tease her for this later. And maybe kiss her again.

After what Alya thought was enough to break the spell, she broke the kiss, looking down at her partner. Queen Bee frowned and began opening her eyes.

“Huh? What happened?” her eyes squinted around, confused. Then she noticed who was looking down at her, her lips curling in a smile. “Well, hello there beautiful. ” she stood up, allowing them to be on the same eye level. “Care to tell me what happened after the akuma hit me?”

Alya felt relief flood her. It worked! Queenie was safe and sound. And she was apparently her true love, but they’ll discuss that later. Alya was beaming. But before she could answer a golden light appeared, making her shield her eyes. Oh, no. So had forgotten entirely about the detransformation. And while Alya knew she should have looked away and protect the identity of her partner, but she was frozen in place. And as the light vanished in Queen Bee’s place stood one and only Chloé Bourgeois. Alya gasped.

“This… was unexpected.” the blonde remarked as her kwami hid with a snicker. Looking at Alya she gave her a smile, almost shy smile that wasn’t characteristic for either her personas. “Hey, foxy, I know I’m sexy, but close your mouth, you’ll catch flies.”

Alya did that. She wasn’t sure what to feel in that moment. It was too much. A wave of all kinds of feelings hit her and almost knocked her off her feet. She couldn’t do this. Not now. She got on her shakily before beginning to back off.

“Vixen?” Chloé called her superhero name in what felt like forever. “Look, I know we aren’t supposed to know, but the bright part.”

“Just… don’t.” Alya managed to say turning her back. She couldn’t do this. For once in her life, Alya felt like running away.

Chloé stood on the rooftop looking at the orange figure disappearing over the rooftops. And for the first time in years, her heart was shattering again.

Writer’s Block, the Third

I know it’s been a while, but man, oh man, don’t EVER title your story the worst thing that could happen to a writer. With that being said, thanks to @burkygirl and @xerxia31 for general hand-holding, butt-kicking, and very frank discussions about where this fic is headed. And thanks to @katnissdoesnotfollowback for having a birthday and giving me a reason to write this. Hope you like it! You can read the whole thing here. Don’t forget to talk to me. ;) Pbg 

Originally posted by sensualkisses

The walk to work is short, but I’m no less exhausted after my sleepless night than if I’d had to run miles to get there. All night long, my mind was wrestling with mortification mixed with a little self-loathing - while my body was on a whole other track. It doesn’t care that I lost control in the arms of my nemesis, moving in a single night from my first kiss to… whatever the hell that was. Nope, my body finally knows what it was missing all these years and it  wants more. More kissing. More touching. More stubble under my fingers. I actually imagined what it would be like to lick him in forbidden places, like his nipples, or… lower. Much lower.

I spent the night at war with myself – blushing at my thoughts one second, berating myself the next – until I finally caved into fatigue. I woke up three hours later to find my alarm had been going off for twenty minutes. Sleep, however little, did nothing to dispel the embarrassment. It clings to me like aggressive static electricity. This must be what the walk of shame feels like. Maybe I should read that book again.

The mid-morning sun blinds me when I turn the corner of the building, or I would have seen him, jumped behind a tree or hid in the alley until he left, but the sun is part of the universe after all. And I’ve already gotten the message that we are not friends.

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Pairing: Fili x Reader

Characters: Fíli

Warnings: Mentions of Death (Sorry)

Word Count: 2, 246 (I’m so sorry…again)

Note: This one-shot with Fíli x Reader was requested by the lovely girls who wanted a second part! Hope you guys like this one as much as the first! <3 

1. Oh my goodness!!! Please let there be a part 2 with Fili’s reaction when Kili tells him and gives him the stone!!! Please?!?!?

2. While reading this I had to like stop myself from crying because my roommate is sitting right next to my lol but yes I vote for round 2 lol

3. PLEASE!!! Please may we have a second part?!?!? 

Links: Part 1 Part 2

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How unbearable it had become for me to awake alone each morning, for the past two and a half years in nothing but the dried tears of sorrow and misery to keep me company. Deeply inside, at the roots of my soul, I knew that nothing was to be the same any longer but I didn’t want to admit it. I loathed to admit it.

Why? I had pathetically questioned myself countless and numerous times. What had I done to the heavens to deserve such punishment? What had I done to anger Illuvatar?

Even the torturous, long days seemed to mock me as they took an eternity to pass by. The blowing winds did so as well, whenever I would decide to leave my house - which was once every blue moon. The winds seemed wicked as I heard them scream in my ears. There was absolutely nowhere I could go to hide myself from the rest of the world or perhaps bury my foolish deeds as deep as I could into a whole in the ground. But I was certain that even the soil of this Earth wouldn’t want to partake in my measly matters.

Therefore, I decided to do what any heartbroken, lonely woman would do - I locked myself in my own home, lay my head upon the pillow, letting the heavy slumber aid me in escaping reality. And what a crass idea that had been!  

I had jolted awake every time, with the familiar feeling of my pulsing heart hammering against my ribcage, as it seemed that at any point, my heart would break through it. My dark, luscious hair would be damply sticking to my neck and forehead and furiously, I’d rub my eyes, thinking it would make the nightmare disappear. I wouldn’t even want to begin describing the horrifying details of the same spiralling abyss that was my nightmare. But the only thing I cloud say was it always portrayed a figure that looked a lot like Fíli.

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