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so we stagedoored for kinky boots last night after we walked my friend to the train station because it was right after the show ended and we had some time. i’ve been wanting brendon to sign one of the old tarot cards for years now so i thought, why not? i see the show friday and i want a playbill signed so it was perfect. i didn’t even notice it until my friend showed me the bursts that she took, but you can see that he’s so excited to see the tarot card that he continues stares at it as he’s signing a playbill. i can die happy knowing i made brendon happy by bringing old panic merch by


AU: jughead jones - typical nerd, film buff, writer, southside high student who’d rather not associate with anyone. his life is uneventful until he catches the eye of betty cooper, a beautiful young serpent with a less-than-perfect reputation.
the one thing he knows: he’s fallen in love with her.
the one thing he doesn’t know: she’s just as broken as he is.

requested by: @jeemyjamz

I really hope you like this, because I had such a fun time making it! I love this concept so much. 

as always, send me your bughead au aesthetic ideas - I love doing them. I have I think 2 or 3 more lined up. 

send me your bughead au ideas!



  • Stutters out an invitation and blushes like a mad idiot
  • Is so fucking surprised (but happy) when he gets a yes he forgets to breathe for a second
  • Plans the perfect date forever then realizes he had the wrong day in mind
  • Is super upset about it but in the end takes his crush out to see a movie, which turns out to be even more fun
  • Definitely takes a fuckton of photos in purikura booths and laughs at how silly they are
  • Somehow manages to hold hands and breathe at the same time
  • He’s so afraid his quirk is going to magically activate itself and break his date’s fingers as well as his own
  • Doesn’t kiss on his first date but gathers the courage to ask them out again
  • Basically, he’s cute and manages to relax and be himself which definitely gets him a second date too
  • The cutest little blushing ball ever


  • “I don’t really care if you’re going but it’s gonna be fucking epic, just saying”
  • He totally fucking does care and stares at them until they say yes
  • Takes them to a metal concert, I can’t see it any other way
  • They both end up having a lot of fun but of course they both lose their voices from screaming that much and their necks are sore
  • It’s super late when they get out of the venue and they’re starving
  • What do you do after a metal concert? Get some fast food
  • They’re laughing and this is the perfect moment for a kiss
  • If Kacchan wasn’t so oblivious of course. He needs a direct hint for stuff like that
  • “Katsuki, you have ketchup on your face-” “Fuck, thanks.” And he wipes it off
  • He acts like this wasn’t even a date because it wasn’t but he’d gladly ‘hang out with them again’
  • Basically he’s a mess but he’s a hot mess


  • What are dates?
  • Doesn’t like to plan things too much, just kind of wants everything to evolve naturally
  • You know, a walk in the park, ice cream and relaxed chatter
  • It’s the best way to get to know someone after all
  • He has many of those moments where he just sees them smile and it makes his heart skip a beat
  • ‘I can’t do this’
  • Looks chill but is actually nervous af
  • A walk in the park turns into stargazing and unintentional hand brushing, shoulders bumping
  • Is worried about them being home late and getting in trouble so he escorts them home just in case
  • Gets a kiss on the cheek right before they part and a subtle invitation to go out again
  • He got this


  • He’s not even subtle about it, he straight out comes to his crush and asks them out
  • Doesn’t hide his excitement when he sees them and immediately tells them how beautiful they look
  • Basically showering them with compliments, but they are all 100% honest
  • He hasn’t planned any of this date so he just goes with the flow
  • You like cotton candy, we’ll get some. Wanna go to karaoke? Sounds fun!
  • His dates are 100% spontaneous and 150% fun, really, he’s a natural at this
  • If it gets cold, he’ll give them his jacket without thinking, they can’t even try to object
  • Takes a photo or two for memories
  • Is not afraid to make a fool of himself, which is also why he looks so cool doing everything
  • It’s really hard not to fall for him even after only 1 date
  • “You know, I feel like I could kiss you right now”
  • And so he does, if they agree of course
  • The only right thing to do of course is to walk them home and make sure they’re feeling well
  • He doesn’t even need to ask for a second date. The question is when
  • That’s it. He’s the master of dating


  • Oh boy, this cute little mess needs half an hour of mental preparations to ask them out
  • When he does, though, it turns out alright but he’s not sure if they understand what kind of date this is
  • He has no idea what to wear
  • 15 minutes early, you know, just in case
  • Struggles with staying 100% relaxed so he helps himself out with his quirk
  • This turns into an exchange of tricks with their quirks and a conversation about them
  • Once he relaxes, he can pretty much open any topic and find mutual interests
  • Takes them to a nice café and insists on paying
  • Blurts out something like ‘you’re so pretty’ and blushes like mad after saying it
  • Constantly reassuring himself that he will be fine
  • Date ends with a smile and a wave
  • Texts them that evening and continues their lively conversation late into the night, receiving a ‘we should repeat this’ before they say goodnight
  • Basically, he’s cute and he got this
Practice (M)

Request- I was wondering if you can do a request of you and Taehyung being dance partners and it turns into a heated dance eventually smut. THANK YOU XXX 

I am so so sorry this took so long, I really hope you enjoy it though!  

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Three months ago if you were asked what Kim Taehyung was like you would have said, arrogant fuck face. He was a little cocky and you hated him, not just because he was cocky. He was a member of your dance crew, he thought he was the shit because he could dance and he was good looking. You’ll give him that, he can dance he slays and he is hot, but does he have to be such an ass about it. 

You had put time, energy and basically giving everything you had to get were you were. You were and extremely skilled dancer, you worked your butt off. You loved everything about dancing, how it could take you to a new world, let your emotions go. 

Taehyung joined your dance group about two years ago, at frist you thought he was sweet, but not after he took getting parts in shows as a right for his good looks and his talent in dancing. 

The last straw was when he started fucking girls in the group, then ignoring them like they didn’t exist. Which really set a fire under you, because those girls all left after a while, to embraced to stay. That lead you to hating Kim Taehyung with a passion. 

But that hate was gone. 

Three months earlier~ 

You were stretching in a corner, waiting for your class to start. Taehyung was flirting with Girls from another group, which made you roll your eyes. You always wondered, did he even care to be here, was this just another ploy to get laid? You roll your eyes yet again and continue stretching. 

“Okay, is everyone here?” Your instructor walks into the class, looking rather excited, you’ve never seen him so gleeful. You walk get into a circle, surrounding your instructor. “I’ve got excited news for you all.” The class clap and cheer. 

“We’re going to be doing a group project, the winning couple get to be in Big Bangs upcoming music video.” He yells excitedly. You can’t help but cheer along with your class. “Taehyung, why don’t you pick your partner first, since you performed so well last week.” Taehyung smirks, walking into the middle of the circle, eyeing up all the girls, whom are batting their eyelashes at him. As you stare in disgust. 

“Y/N.” Your heart stopped, did he really just say your name? Well, him standing in front of you with his hand out, says yeah he did. What the fuck, you thought. Was he serious right now? 

“What? Why?” You push his hand away, girls beside you gasp and look at you like you have three heads. 

“Because, I think you’re an amazing dancer and I want a good partner to actually have a chance to be in that MV. So come one lets go.” As much as you would hate to admit, Taehyung was probably the best partner to go with. He was skilled and people always loved him. 

“Okay.” You merely whisper, taking his hand. He smiles brightly at you, pulling you down into a private studio. He closes the door behind the both of yous. 

“Y/N, I know you don’t really like me, but how about we put that a side and really try out best and win this. Think about the opportunities that this will bring.” He stares at you with hopeful eyes. 

“I agree, but if were going to do this, I have to trust that you wont be late to practice. This is serious, Taehyung.” You give him a stern look, to show him you’re serious. 

“I promise, I’ll never be late.” He smiles a boxy grin. You understand why girls for him so easily he was adorable, yet sexy. 

Over the next couple of weeks you and Taehyung worked well together. He actually really sweet and caring. He always brought you and energy drink and helped you perfect a move. He funny too. You were quickly starting to like the quirky boy. 

But frustration was getting to you. You were sweaty, it was an extremely hot day in summer. You and Taehyung had been going over your dance for hours now. Going over the same part again and again, you just couldn’t get it right. 

“Y/N, lets finish here for tonight. You should go home and rest.” Taehyung walks over to you, putting his hand on your shoulder with a a sweet smile. 

“No, one more time. I’m not leaving til we get this right!” You press play on the device, music filling the small practice room. You and Taehyung start performing the routine. It was all going perfect, until you twirled out and landed on your ankle. 

“Fuck.” You mutter, the pain shooting from your leg to much. Taehyung was by your side in a matter of seconds, pausing the music. 

“Shit, are you okay?” 

“Yeah, help me up. Lets go again.” You say attempting to stand, but Taehyung stops you. 

“Wow, wow, wow, hold up. You can’t practice on a sore ankle, it will swell and you wont be able to complete. We need to get you home.” Taehyung helped you put your shoes on and stand up. He slung your gym bag and his over his shoulder. You started walking along side him out of the building, you groaned in pain, putting all your weight on one foot. 

“Here, let me.” Taehyung put one arm at your back and the other under your knees, he picked you up bridal style. 

“Oh my god, Taehyung put me down.”You scolded him. 

“No, you’re hurt. I’m not having you walk around sore.” You put your arms around his neck, afraid he might drop you. You looked at him, he was truly so beautiful and had the cutest freckle on his nose. Shit, you thought, you were starting to like him. 

“Y/N.” Taehyung waved wildly at you, as he approached you with a coffee.” He handed you the cup and give a small hug. “How’s your ankle?” 

“Ahh, it’s fine, Thank you for the coffee.” You smiled at him as you started to walk into the studio. 

You both stretched and started to practice your routine. It was going well, until Taehyung spun you to hard making you slip, with him on top of you. You open your eyes to see Taehyung staring back at them, his hands were on either side of your head. He looked so soft. He beginning to lean down to your lips, but someone cleared their throat. 

“Is that part of the dance?” You loom up to see your instructor smirking at the both of you, you could feel your cheeks heat up. 

“No sir, sorry.” You said pushing Taehyung off you and standing up. 

“You both should go home and rest up before tomorrows competition.” Your instructor winks at you and then leaves. 

“Hes probably right. I’ll see you tomorrow, Taehyung.” You quickly gather your stuff and leave, as quick as your feet can carry you. You nearly kissed Kim Taehyung. That would be a huge mistake, you didn’t want to leave this studio, you considered these people your family.. not all, but a lot of them. 

You got ready for the competition and went to the studio, where it was taking place. You were nervous, not about the competition, but seeing Taehyung. You took a deep breath and entered, you instantly spot Taehyung leaning against the wall talking to a few of his friends. Fuck, he looked amazing. He was wearing black ripped jeans, a white over-sized t-shirt and a snap back, showing off his glories facial features. He looks at you and smiles, walking over to you bidding his friends goodbye. 

“Hey, you look great! Are you ready for this.” He pulls you into a huge that lasted a moment longer then normal. And did he just smell you? 

“Yeah, I’m ready, are you?” You ask, pulling back from his embrace. But, weirdly you wished he could hold you for longer. 

“Yeah, we’re up soon, lets do this!” He beams, grabbing your hand, interlocking his fingers with yours. You heart speeds up. He dragged you to the stage, squeezing your hand, to assure you. It was oddly comforting. 

You turn came, your instructor giving you both a thumbs up. You get into position. Taehyung give you a small smile. The music started, both you and Taehyung started to react the routine, it played out prefect, the crowd cheered, boosting your confidence. 

You finish the routine, taking a bow with Taehyung and walking off the stage. You turn to him. 

“That went prefect, oh my god.” You smile happily at him. 

“It was, you were great out there, y’know.” He shows off his beautiful boxy grin. 

“Thank you, you were too!” 

You go to watch the rest of the performances with your friends, Taehyung keeps glancing over at you. Not that you minded though. It was time to announce the winner, the couple that got to be in the music video. 

You leave your friends to find Taehyung, wanting to be with him when they announced the winner, in case it was you both. 

“I’m so happy to announce that Y/N and Taehyung have won. You both had an amazing performance. We are all so prod of you both. Anyway, foods on us, help yourselves to anything.” Your beaming happily and finally see Taehyung, your smile drops when you see him kissing a girl. He pulls back, his eyes finding yours. Shit, you smile and turn. You shouldn’t be hurt, yous weren’t together, then why did it hurt so much. 

“Y/N.” You hear your name being called, but you continue walking. “Y/N, will you just wait a minute.” You could hear Taehyung getting closer, but you just keep walking, like he wasn’t there. “Y/N, would you stop!” Taehyung grabs your arm, pulling you back. 

“What do you want?” You snap, you didn’t mean for it to come off so harsh, but it did. Taehyung looks down the hall, still holing your arm tightly, he pulls you into an empty practice room. “Taehyung, what are you doing?” You question him, with a confused look on your face. He locks the door and walks closer to you. 

“We won.” He states. 

“I know.” 

“Why did you ignore me when I was calling you.” Taehyung backs you up against the mirrored wall. Arms on either side of your head, trapping you. 

“You called me?” You ask innocently, marking Taehyung scoff. 

“Why are you playing dumb?” You don’t answer him, you just roll your eyes. 

“What do you want, Taehyung. I have stuff to do.” You state. 

“I want you.” Taehyung leans down capturing your lips with his. The kiss is soft, yet passionate. You begin to move your lips against his,  his hands placed on your waist, bringing your body flush against his. You place your hands on his chest and push him back. “What’s wrong?” He asks breathlessly. 

“I.. I don’t want to be one of your girls, that you fuck till you find new pussy to play with.” You boldly told him, Taehyung looked taken back by your statement. 

“Y/N, you really think I’m just looking for a fuck buddy with you?” You nod. “Well you’ve got it completely wrong. I’ve liked you for a while now. I think your funny, kind and hella sexy while we’re at it. But any time I tried to talk to you, you’d dismiss me. Look, I know I fucked around a bit, but who hasn’t? Just give me a chance, I asked for first pick of partners so I could pick you. Please just give me a chance, I’m not going to hurt you, I promise. And if I do you can cut my dick off.” 

You try to decipher if he was telling you the truth. You were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. He had really showed you a new side to him over the last few months. 

“Okay.. but I swear to baby Jesus, if you fuck me over I will kill you.” 

“Ahh, I like my baby crazy.” He smirks, pulling you into his embrace, his hands sliding down to grope your ass. “The crazy ones are always kinky as fuck.” He whispers into your ear, kissing the side of your neck. 

“You’re such a little shit.” You pull him down to your lips, you jump wrapping your legs around his waist. You push his snap back off his head, so you can run your hands through his hair. He licks at your lips, you instantly open them allowing him to enter your mouth. His tongue playing with yours, you moan into the kiss. 

“Fuck, I’ve wanted to this like every practice we had.” He confesses. He pushes you against the wall, holding you up with his hips he takes his t-shirt off, throwing it behind him. His torso is tan and looks delicious. “Fuck, I really need you right now!” 

“Then have me.” You smile, kissing the nape of his neck and collarbones. He unzips his pants, pulling them down along with his boxers. His dick springs free, Taehyung rolls a condom down his dick, that he had in his pocket. You can feel it against your pantie covered pussy. You pull you panties to the side, letting his dick get slick with your wetness. 

“Fuck, you’re so wet.” Taehyung moans in your ear. He lines himself up with your centre, and slowly pushes in. He his thick, stretching you out nicely. 

“Tae, you’re so big.” You moan out. “Please move, now.” You pant out between kisses. Taehyung starts to fuck you against the wall. Pounding your pussy hard and fast, you clung on to his back, digging your nails into him. 

“You’re so tight, fuck you feel amazing.” Taehyung moans in your ear. It was all so arousing hearing him pant and whimper because of you. “Oh, baby are you coming?” 

“Y-yes. Fuck Taehyung,” You basically scream, he was hitting your spot prefect with every thrust, sending you to oblivion. You feel your orgasm hitting you, sending shock waves all over your body. 

“Fuck you’re so tight, fuck I’m going to cum.” Taehyung pants out breathlessly. He continues to thrust into, grunting riding out his high. He thrusts a few more times before he stops, holding you tight in his arms. He leans his forehead against yours, hes looking into your eyes with a smile on his face. 

“That was hot as fuck.” You giggle at him, placing a hand on the nape of his neck. “How about I take you for dinner and then we go for round two. I’d say your place, I share my apartment with my friend and its just not where I want our first date to end.” He pecks your lips and pulls out of you. 

“I would love that.”  

You both get dressed and leave the studio, you’re just praying no one heard yous. 

I’m so sorry this took so long. I hope you like it! Thank you all for reading!! 

Feed back is always appreciated x 

-Admin Abe x 

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Can we get some Prompto giving everyone forehead kisses while half asleep in the morning and then everyone expects them again and again?


Prompto recalled with perfect clarity how it had all started.

He’d been really, really sick the night before, and bless them, the other three had taken such good care of him.

The next morning, Ignis’ tea had worked its magic, and he’d never felt better.

He’d rolled over and spontaneously kissed Gladio’s scarred forehead in gratitude. The big behemoth had smiled sleepily, but to his surprise, Noctis reached out, fingers grabbing at Prompto’s shirt, grumbling, “Where’s mine?”

Prompto had obliged, stroking his black hair back, scrunching it affectionately. Not wanting Ignis to feel left out, he’d kissed the advisor too, nervously biting his lip as he pulled back, only to see his rigor-mortis sleeping face soften to a smile as well.

So every morning when he rose with the sun, Prompto gave each of his three best friends a thank you kiss, for continuing to look after him every day.

As a thank you for reaching 150 followers (though I’m now somehow at over 300), I’m writing 150 word drabbles. Send me a person or a pairing plus a word or a sentence, and I’ll write you a 150 word drabble (or headcanon) in return! (note, drabble requests will close around Friday/Saturday 23rd/24th June)

Loud Voice (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! Wang So) Pt3

Type: Fluff

Request: could youu make Loud Voice part 3, i really lovenit!!!

Part 1 Part 2

So had decided to step up more after you had announced your second pregnancy, your first child to be born in his home. And in the end Taejin was going to need to bond with his father and uncles, so baby number two gave him and his son the perfect amount of time to truly bond. He smiled lightly as Taejin held onto his clothing helping himself down the few wooden stairs that were in front of him. He received a pat on the head from So who let him take off running through the dirt “keep an eye on him” you call as you came outside “stay inside” he spoke as you gave him a look “you’re clumsy when you’re pregnant” he calls loudly. “I want to do things too” you whine as you went to step out. So gave you a stern look as you sighed “he’s about to eat a flower” you tell So he turns quickly seeing his son about to eat something from the ground and rushed over. You gave a smile listening to Taejin’s whines and groans as his father stopped him from doing as he wanted.


“Dada” Taejin spoke as he attempted to continue but all So could make out was ‘dada’ from his babble. So took hold of his son’s little hand as he was pulled away and towards trees “you must enjoy nature” he told his son who simply smiles “you do” he cooed softly as he took him along the lining of the trees letting the blossoms touched his son’s hair which sent the boy into squeals and laughter.


Laughter filled the air as the ever growing boy ran away from your recently returned figure after the birth of your newborn son Pyo. “I got him” So mumbled as he ran after the small boy who didn’t seem to ever rest no matter what. “Taejin” So called as he could hear his son but not spot him. “Taejin” he spoke more playfully as the nearing toddler stuck his head out from behind the tree he was at and So took off towards him as Taejin screamed happily attempting to run away from his father “be careful” you call clutching Pyo closer to you as you watched Taejin fall over.

So smiled as he helped up his son but held him close as Taejin whined “your mother doesn’t want you running off Taejin” he spoke sternly as Taejin pouted but laid against him. “Does Pyo enjoy his walk?” So asked as he glanced down at the newborn who was fast asleep. “Doesn’t seem to care” you tell him as your youngest had been asleep since the moment you stepped out into the outdoors. “Well Taejin still enjoys it” he told you as you nodded looking over at the boy who was getting tired against the warmth of his father. “He’s one you never have to worry too much about being happy” you smile as So gave a small smile in agreement.

One Last Time

Pairing: Barry Allen X Reader (eventual Barry Allen x Iris West…well okay sort of not really)

Summary: Barry Allen will do anything to save Iris West from dying even letting someone, who he believed he no longer had feelings for, make the ultimate sacrifice.

Warnings: Angst. Death.

A/N: Don’t own the song. It’s called ‘One Last Time’ by Elise Estrada. Also only used part of the song. I really don’t know where this came from but i do plan on rewriting it. Something about this is telling me it needs to be tweaked. Sorry it took so long to post, I’ve been catching up on Star Trek.

And it burns my heart that you don’t feel the flame
No, I just can’t make you love me
So hold me like you mean it
And I’ll pretend to feel it one last time

Y/N laid on the bed that she once shared with Barry Allen. The man she believed was the one for her. He was charming and sweet. And in the beginning of their relationship, he was the perfect gentleman with the exception of never being on time for any of their dates. But lately things had been changing for the both of them. Especially with their relationship. Y/N noticed how distant he was becoming with her. Spending more and more time at the West House than the apartment that they both shared. She wasn’t stupid at all. She was just naive to think that in her life someone would reciprocate the same feelings as her.

Slowly wiping the tears from her eyes, she got up from her side of the bed looking at the picture frame that sat on the nightstand. The smiles on the faces of the two people in the photo eliciting a frown on her face. She picked the picture frame up. Opening the back, she pulled the picture out and ripped the photo into pieces. Y/N looked at all the photos in the room and slowly began to pull all the pictures out of the frames. As she looked at Barry’s side of the bed, she looked at the photo on his nightstand and lifted the frame up. She was just about to pull it out of the frame when she heard his voice ask, “What are you doing, Y/N?”

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Okay, this is a little strange but I had it in my brain and couldn’t get rid of it.

So here, a little love perspective from Finn Trevelyan. Because he also can’t believe how perfect Dorian Pavus is.


Our first look at each other, that first conversation, the first kiss.

The first declaration of love and the first fuck.

I begrudge those moments we lost. From the second we met we should have been together.

I’ve always been yours.

I’ll never forget it, any of it, every moment burned into my mind.

You picked stars from the sky and they flow through my veins.

I could never forget the feeling, and how perfect everything was… is.

We could be awake all night and talk until the next morning, the sun setting and rising around us.

We could lay down for an eternity and simply stare into each others eyes and the world would never be boring.

When I thought it couldn’t be any better, you whispered the three most beautiful words in my ear;

“I love you.”

It’s love. Real love.

With a tear in your eye, you said that you never knew this feeling could exist before I tumbled my way into your world. You were never allowed, never thought yourself worthy.

It was the best moment of my life; when you finally realised you deserve it.

All of it.

We are so equal, you and me, but different at the same time.

We have something that other people just dream of, that they long for.

Found in a hopeless place, but absolutely full of hope.

They gossiped about us, and people wanted blood because we dared to fall in love.

They can burn, for all I care.

As we sit in another camp, on another mission, I watch you laugh over the fire, your grey eyes shining like silver. All I can think about is how fucking lucky I am.

I watch you as we fight, your grace as you tear our foes apart, pulling faces only you could make attractive, and in an instant your eyes lock onto mine.

You smile, they’re all dead and we’re alive.

So alive.

I reach for you and you softly whisper.


I savour the moment before the world starts turning again.

Juice x Reader

song this is based off (https://youtu.be/pFjryf8zH_M)

Hope this is at least somewhat decent.

Juice had always been this happy upbeat person. That’s what attracted me to the man. He has the brightest smile and the most beautiful brown eyes.

So a couple years later after dating him, He asked me to be his old lady. The years pass by, we get married. He gave me the perfect wedding and the most beautiful vows which included the famous line every Samcro wedding had. “I promise to treat you as good as my leather and ride you as much as my harley.”

Three years later, i found out i was pregnant. We are having twins. Boy and a girl. Both of our dreams are coming true. It didn’t take long for that to come crashing down though. ATF Agents had started to snoop around and put Juice even more on edge. He wasn’t the same man anymore. He became distant.

I knew it wasn’t always gonna be easy at all. I know there would be problems along the way. So when i found out, Juice tried to hang himself with everything going on. It scared me i couldn’t loose the man i loved.

When Juice walked through the door, i walked up to him and grabbed his face and kissed him. He pulled back at first and just looked confused “What was that for babe?”

“I love you Juice, We love you. Our twins don’t need to loose their daddy.”

“You know?”

“Yes Juice i know. Chibs called me, He told me.”


“Why did you do this or much less try Juice, are we not enough anymore?”

“It’s not that Layla. It’s ATF agents sniffing everywhere. The damn cop harassing me. It’s beginning to be too much. Every where i turn i’m in some shit hole.”

“You aren’t though Juice, it’s hard now i know baby but we always make it. Don’t we?”

Juice looks up at you and nods his head in agreement. “We always make it baby.”

“So be that tough sexy man i know Juicy. Be that strong perfect man i married. You can have the emotions baby but don’t let this shit bring you down baby.”

“I love you Layla.”

“I love you Juicy.”

Club shit got worse before it got better it always did but my life with Juice was always getting better. He struggled he always did.

At the end of the day, me and Juice made each other stronger.

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Ey~ how would a first kiss with Yusuke and Goro play out?

ohohoho~ I hope you enjoy


- A first kiss with this kid… would be pretty damn awkward.

- He’s never kissed anyone before, his ideals had prevented him from ever pursuing anyone until now. So you can bet your bucket he’s inexperienced as hell.

- It wouldn’t really have been planned either, it was just on a whim. 

- It was a nice day at the park, everything was perfect, the scenery was pretty, S/O looked divine.

- He couldn’t help it, this was the perfect moment.

- S/O had thought that too.

- I’d like to think their first kiss was slow and sensual, albeit still a bit awkward, but his lips are just so soft wtf how

- Afterword they just sit in silence, appreciating the scenery that just somehow got even more beautiful after the moment theyve shared


- Unlike Yusuke, Akechi likes to have things planned out accordingly.

- Appropriate place, time, and atmosphere, are all things he takes into account before going for the kiss.

- Fancy surroundings? Check. 6:30 p.m.? Check. Romantic mood? Double check.

- After all these are accounted for, that’s when he makes his move to subtly lean in, hoping his S/O got the hint.

- Ding ding they did, and they lean in too to catch his lips with their’s.

- He’s so happy afterwards he just has a goofy smile on his face and its downright adorable.

- Just hope the media didn’t see or else you’ll be seeing it on all the newspapers, magazines, and social media sites

hi !! hello sweet angels !! my name is max, i’m 21 years old, and i live in the eastern timezone. this little guy has been in my head for about a month now, and i felt like this was the perfect place to try him out !! i’ve also never been in a royal roleplay before so bare with me if i get a few things wrong here and there. i’ve always been interested in joining one because the concept is so awesome to me, but i’ve never had the time until now. anywho, you’re not here to learn about me, you’re here to learn about kyril !! he’s lovely, sometimes, but you’ll be able to find out other things with this lil intro !! if you like this, i’ll go ahead and shoot you a message to plot !! thank you in advance for reading about my little bean !!

&&. ( kyril isidore pásztor ) is ( 27 ) year old and works as a ( professor in political science ). he is often confused with ( matthew daddario ). some say that he is ( indecisive and gullible ), but he is actually ( loyal and honest )

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This trailer got me shook. Josh looks perfect. How can he be so hot? Chadwick is phenomenal. I believe I saw Dan Stevens in there too. I'm a mess. The story seems like a tear-jercker. Sorry I just had to scream to someone.


Ohh man Josh was on FIRE. 💕 He and Chadwick look like such a kickass duo. It’s a very new part for Josh, which I am so excited about. Usually he gets typecasted as the heavy socially awkward nerd or something… but this is a  huge step in a different direction. This is some serious shit. I’m ready.

Also thank you for proving me right about that being Dan Stevens I thought I was losing my mind. Well… I am. But YEah I’m gonna cry buckets this film looks breathtaking! Such an important part of history I’m so glad that they’re doing justice to Thurgood Marshall’s story and extraordinarily hard work! I can’t wait till October!

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Headcanons for tfa waspy suddenly having a really good week. Not just by his standards but like just the perfect week. I'm cashing in the get out of gay baby jail free card too BTW.

*gently takes card, shoves it in bra* okay

- Wasp is considered one of the unluckiest mechs in the universe; that much is true. He’s(sadly) used to being used as the universe’s chewtoy. So, when things start going right for him, he’s.. more than suspicious.

- He hasn’t been beat up, thrown, or threatened. Nor has he been insulted or verbally harassed. He’s been smiled at, and when he had hurt himself by accident, actually attracted the concern of some nearby bots. It’s almost like the universe was taking pity on him.

- And, as it turns out, for a full seven solar cycles, he was given the break he needed. Everything went well enough to encourage him to keep going throughout whatever he may be doing in the future.

- He is a blessed boy…, he is gentle,,..,., he is wasp

- Then a week later, everything’s back to being shitty. Wasp is enjoying it while he can.






also the fact that he keeps nervously checking Viktor’s reaction makes my heart weak 

Yuuri is so brave I love him 


som super early tazboys designs……………i’’’m got so much work to do refining them (esp outfit wise lord Jesus)


Yuri Plisetsky WeekDay Seven: Free Day
↳ In Regards to Love ~Agape~ [insp.]