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Secretly dating Steve Rogers:

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Some NSFW content below

• You are dating Steve for about six months now and you are part of the staff working for the Avengers in the new compound.
• You keep this relationship a secret because the super soldier is technically your boss and you both want to stay very professional, avoiding some delicate situations.
• You both try to keep a straight face when you see each other at work.
• Him actually swearing like a sailor. Basically, he’s always been the one who swears too much in the team and you like teasing him about it.
• Steve calling you ‘Agent’ and you, calling him 'Captain’. Sometimes, your tone may sound very suggestive to his ears, so you cough and walk away.
• At this moment, your boyfriend excuses himself and joins you casually…
• Quickies ensue everywhere: restroom, office, gym… and Quinjet. Everywhere.
• Passionate sex.
• Quiet sex. You’re still trying to not moan, though.
• You both stop yourselves from kissing when you are in the same room as your coworkers.
• Sweet pecks when nobody is around like he can’t help it.
• Slapping or groping his butt when you walk past him.
 - “Nice ass, Captain.”
• Steve trying to keep his composure when he sees you biting your lip as you work.
• You always spend too much time in the training room because your boyfriend working out is a real beautiful sight offered by the heavens. He isn’t a walking pair of muscles, though.
• Spending secret moments on the roofs when you are sure you would have peace:
 - “This is beautiful.”
 - “The sky isn’t as beautiful as you are.”
 - “Aww, Steve.”
 - “Stop laughing!”
• Making out!
• Begging Steve to bring the stealth suit at home.
• Feeling like you are hiding your boyfriend from your over protective parents and that makes you giggle all the time, which he thinks is the most adorable sound in the world.
• You, playing footsie and you know exactly when you have to.
• Him surpassing the urge of punching Tony when he sees him flirting with you. Let’s be honest, that’s in Tony’s nature, so it’s harmless. Nothing serious.
• Staying away from each other during the billionaire’s fancy parties, yet when everyone is very drunk enough, you stay glued to Steve and just act like a normal couple: laughing, kissing and holding hands.
• The first time he said: I love you was simply whispered softly in your ear, just as he was passing by the same hallway.
• At this moment, you dropped every paper you had in hands and rushed to join him casually…
• Lots of makeup to cover up the hickeys and other love bites.
• Putting on your best unemotional face when you see him coming back from a mission exhausted or injured.
 - “I’m fine, Y/N. Get back to work; I’ll be there when you come home.”
 - “Are you sure?”
 - “Yes. Now, go before I have to suspend you for flirting with a superior.”
 - “Oh, yeah?”
• Sharing an apartment outside the compound, but you obviously keep your previous address in your records.
• The team actually knows about your secret since the beginning, but they decide to act like they don’t know because you two are pathetically funny to watch.

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completely random nurseydex headcanons
  • dex listens to classical music hear me out on this he loves it and it calms him down and helps him sleep 
  • nursey doesn’t chirp him when he finds out but he does make him a twelve hour long playlist and brings home some of his mom’s classical vinyls after christmas 
  • nursey’s favourite coffees are the ones with literally all the sugar in them and dex thinks this is offensive 
  • he still buys him one every time he goes to annie's 
  • nursey has a pet lizard back in new york and it’s called pip 
  • yes like pip from great expectations 
  • this kid i swear 
  • dex snorts when he laughs i would die for this headcanon 
  • ransom records it and sets it as his text message tone 
  • nursey likes to listen to dex explain code to him even though he doesn’t understand any of it 
  • he likes to see dex so passionate about something he’s good at 
  • this works similarly for dex and books, although dex loves to listen to nursey reading to him because of the soothing nature of his voice 
  • dex has so many drunk texts from nursey and he likes to present them to the haus the morning after
  • it has become haus kegster tradition
  • surprisingly dex is really good at talking about Feelings
  • nursey is literally terrible at this but he realises how important it is so he struggles through
  • dex laughs so much at nursey’s terrible attempts that they come out of these talks five hundred percent closer
  • nursey is enamoured with dex’s family
  • he and dex’s sisters form some sort of weird society when they visit
  • he always insists that he’s terrible with kids but dex’s heart just explodes when he sees nursey with his family
  • nursey is absolutely wonderful with kids
  • dex is surprisingly touchy once they’re together
  • he likes to drape himself over nursey
  • nursey makes dex mixtapes
  • he pretends to hate them but he actually has them all on his phone
  • they’re dorks

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dating Newt Scamander would be like.?

  • You, him, and Leta are all friends in Hogwarts, drawn together by your outcast natures and love of magical creatures  
  • After Newt gets expelled, you two write each other letters every day
  • You miss him terribly when he’s away travelling 
  • He misses you too, so much more than he thought possible 
  • You’re waiting for him when he returns from his trip. You spend ages talking about his trip, even though you already know everything from his letters, just because you love hearing how passionate he is about his adventures
  • The time comes for him to leave for his next trip, and you’re saying goodbye before he boards his ship. He gets halfway up the gangplank before he stops, turns around and says “How would you feel about coming with me?”. You smile and tell him you thought he’d never ask. 
  • You were close before?? Well, that doesn’t compare to spending life in each other’s pockets, travelling and rescuing magical creatures as you go. 
  • The way you throw yourself into the trip and your natural curiosity about all the creatures makes him feel alive. 
  • Watching how careful and gentle he is with creatures that most wizards would kill as soon as see makes your pulse race. 
  •  The lines between intense friendship and a romantic relationship blur, and you almost slip into the latter without realising it
  • Only actually realising how your relationships look to other people when a wizard who’s offering you accommodation says “Here’s the room for you and your spouse, Mr Scamander.”  There’s much blushing, lingering eye contact and half finished sentences before the confusion is sorted 
  • “Are we dating? Not that I’m opposed to that, not at all, I’d love to be - I mean - would you like us to be?”
  • You would very much like to be
  • The conscious transition from friends to dating is awkward at first until you talk and decide to let whatever happens happen
  • After that, it’s a lot easier. You don’t feel like there’s any rush, it’s just about what happens naturally 
  • Your first kiss is really sweet and definitely worth the wait
  • Long days of working together, but enjoying every minute of it
  • Getting new creatures he discovers subtly named after you
  • He’s so awkwardly affectionate, and you adore it
  • He brushes your hair out of your face a lot. It takes your breath away every time
  • You’re the only person he trusts enough to look after all his creatures when he’s ill or otherwise unable to tend to them
  • Casually referring to any creatures that were born in your care as your ‘kids’ and then having to explain to people that you don’t actually have any children
  • Strolling through the case, hand in hand, checking on all the creatures
  • Just a lot of him playing with your hair really
  • Asking why the Erumpet gets a mating dance from him, but you don’t 
  • Patching each other up when one of you gets a little careless around a creature
  • Stealing his blue coat when you’re cold. He’s not even annoyed, just pulls the coat around you a little tighter and tucks you into his arms
  • Him reading his journal to you of all the creatures he’s ever found and studied
  • Reading every draft of his book, offering suggestions and possible edits to be as helpful as possible 
  • Forehead kisses
  • Being the only other person that Pickett is happy to be carried by
  • Cute little messy handwritten notes left on your work desk
  • 100%, without question, the sneaky, sneaky Niffler steals the ring just before Newt can propose. Newt invents looking into the camera like he’s on the office decades early when he realises what’s happened

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I’ve wanted to examine Jim’s bedroom for awhile now because a person’s bedroom usually says a lot about them. It looks like:

  • jim is a pretty big reader. he has two bookshelves full of books
  • he likes space. there’s a poster with an astronaut, a model rocket ship, and a globe covered in constellations in his room
  • he played baseball when he was younger. I’m guessing elementary and middle school aged based on the different batting helmets on top of the bookshelf 
  • he must not be too good at it and/or didn’t do it that long though since he only has one small trophy to show for it
  • theres also a microscope up there. does he like science? 
  • he’s passionate about race cars and motorcycles as well as vespas. cool vehicles in general
  • he wants to try skydiving
  • he keeps a calendar
  • there’s a pinewood derby car on the one high shelf and a green robot that kind of looks like a Transformer
  • okay he definitely likes science. this room is so much science and engineering. even though he doesn’t like math
  • he must also like some wild west movie about a dude named Chad. maybe its his favorite movie
  • there’s no personal photos in his room. not him or his mom or Toby. i feel like thats kind of significant 
  • he also keeps his room very clean (but that’s not surprising)

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Okay, what are some of your Macdennis headcanons just... in general....... about anything.... sorry this is so vague I probably sound super weird!

i’m not really sure what exactly you had in mind, so i thought i’d hit you with Soft™ funny bad men:

  • though mac loves nothing more than showering dennis with affection, he can’t bring himself to say “i love you” again after that one unreciprocated time when they were held hostage. it’s a quiet sunday morning and they’re curled up on the couch trading kisses, and mac is absolutely lost in how surreal it is to be finally doing this with dennis when he hears the words, hushed and brief and gone as quickly as they came. mac thinks he’s misheard, and dennis looks startled at himself but as the silence hangs in the air, a small smile plays at his lips, and it’s quite possibly the best he’s ever looked to mac, who finally gets to say the words back to someone instead of saying them first.
  • dennis cries after they have sex for the first time.
  • ever since the rpg, dennis has tried to one-up mac’s gift for valentine’s day each year but he’s absolute shit at giving gifts. mac treasures them all anyway.
  • when snacking late at night, dennis always wakes mac up from letting the microwave play the loud beeping noise at the end, but mac doesn’t mind because hey, dennis is eating.
  • dennis would never admit it in a million years, but his favorite physical thing to do with mac is spooning. he’s the little spoon.
  • they’re each other’s phone backgrounds - it happened one night after one too many tequila shots. mac’s is of dennis sleeping, with his hair comically sticking out in every direction, while dennis’s is of mac wearing his mesh tank and flexing. neither of them changed theirs back the next morning.

I wanted to write a jealous Pynch fic and then I saw someone talking about how they wanted to read a 5+1 jealous Pynch and I kind of stole that idea, so here you go. It’s all set after TRK, except for the first one (no Kavinsy, though, if you’re worried about that).
This is almost 10k words, which makes this the longest fic I’ve ever written, so enjoy I guess.
Mentions of past abuse and internalized homophobia, but it’s nothing big

Ronan Lynch and Adam Parrish are both incredibly complicated beings, not easy to figure out or predict or understand. Really understand. Gansey tried to make sense of who they are as a person, maybe without realizing it. Because he can’t resist a challenge, a puzzle of sorts. It’s the reason he’s so passionate about Glendower. Probably why he surrounds himself with difficult friends, even though he will never truly get them.

Adam and Ronan, though. They’re different together. They do understand each other, because they want to, because they’re more themselves when it’s just the two of them, because you don’t have to hide certain parts of yourself when you know you’ll be accepted anyway.

They don’t take each other’s shit. When Ronan is being an even bigger asshole than he usually is, Adam will call him out on it. When Adam is being unreasonable, Ronan will not hesitate to tell him. And they work.

Anger is something they both struggle with, something that they don’t particularly like about themselves, but which simultaneously means it’s something they share, so they don’t tiptoe around each other, they don’t pretend to be fine, to hide that anger.

They’ve understood each other long before they even realized it.

And they work together.

Anger isn’t the only thing they have in common, though. Jealousy is a feeling that’s so incredibly woven inside them, that it’s now simply a part of them.

Adam Parrish has spent his life dreaming of things he can’t have, carrying water in cupped hands to the shore and ending up with not much at all, but slowly and surely seeing his hole in the sand fill, while surrounding himself with people who have those things without ever having had to work for it. It’s a particular brand of torture, but it’s worth it if it means he’ll be able to call himself one of them some day.

And Ronan Lynch, who’s experienced too many losses a person his age should ever have to go through – his father; his mother’s soul that only existed when his dad was there to breathe the life into it and then it wasn’t just her soul, it was her body too and now he’s officially an orphan at the                    tender age of eighteen and really, he’s just a child, or he feels like one anyway; his glitter loving friend, partner in crime, confident though he never actually told him anything, the creepy fucker who was but a faded image of a person Ronan does not know at all, so did he really? Lose him? Maybe that’s what hurts the most in the end; his best friend and brother whose death were possibly the most antagonizing moments of his existence. No wonder he’s a little territorial. It’s what each of his heartbeats are saying don’t lose anyone else, I wouldn’t be able to take it.

So, really, the jealous feelings that arise when they officially become a thing (and even before that), shouldn’t come as a surprise.



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Everything is Blue

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  • So, Yoongi would be a music production major and a photography minor. Both are things he’s very passionate about and both are things that would make decent careers in the future.
  • Honestly, Yoongi seems to really value education but at the same time, he understands that test scores and grades don’t define who you are or where your talents really lie. So, he’s enjoying his time and he’s trying his hardest because he’s a perfectionist but he’s not stressing if he gets a B.
  • Yoongi really is a perfectionist, though. He wants everything to be done right and he doesn’t accept anything less. And that can cause some problems for him.
  • Even though he doesn’t really care about grades, he still cares.
  • Like, he doesn’t handle failure well so if he fails a test or a professor doesn’t like his piece, it bothers him.

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VIXX: showing affection

N: besides his usual affectionate skinship, he can totally turn into a mom sometimes. Always making sure that you ate enough, drank enough water, got all your work done- he’s happiest when he knows you’re physically and mentally in the best shape. Hakyeon loves showering you in kisses, no matter where you two are. Will never be clingy, though, and always knows his limits when he’s with you. Never deprives you of affection and constantly reminding you of his love. Unlike some members, he definitely isn’t shy to always share his feelings and be always vocal about his affections. 

 Leo: Taekwoon is really complicated because he’s so shy and withdrawn sometimes, even with you. You’ve accepted it, though, and always give him space when you see that he needs it. He always appreciates this, and will reward you with a passionate kiss and warm hug as a silent ‘thank you’. Unlike Hakyeon, he isn’t very vocal when it comes to sharing his feelings. Instead, he’s very sentimental and buys you whatever he sees that will remind him of you; whether it be food, flowers, clothes, etc. A big cuddler, so he shows most of his affection when both of you are alone and curled up on the couch or your shared bed. 

 Ken: oh, man…this boy will not hold back on anything- you’ll know as soon as he does when he realizes he’s in love with you. Mainly because he’ll probably scream it out loud, unable to contain his thoughts “Oh my god…I think I love you.” Will definitely spoil you rotten. He doesn’t see why he shouldn’t; after all, you’re his soul mate and what else could he be spending his money on? In front of people, he could be very silly and teasing towards you, but in private he’s actually very dependant on your love and your touch- he’ll practically live on your lap if you let him. Gentle kisses and whispered “I love you’s” are his favorite things in the world. 

 Ravi: so much showing off!!! He loves you and you love him so he wants everyone to know!!!! He will tell literally anyone who will listen about how great you are. He’s not great about being vocal with his feelings, instead he’ll settle on buying you extremely thoughtful gifts and always complimenting you 24/7. Constantly asking your opinion on anything, whether it’s new music that he’s working on, or his fashion choices on a particular day. Values your opinions above anything and anyone else. Might actually force you to wear his clothes, just because you look so irresistible, and he might actually take this opportunity to tell you “I love you” while he’s nibbling on your ears. 

 Hongbin: confused about everything. All the time. Won’t even realize that he loves you until it hit him like a brick in the face one day. From then on, he’s less self-loving around you and you become his main focus and priority. From running to the store at midnight due to cravings or letting you see his emotional side, he’s all about you. He’s built sort of an emotional wall around himself and won’t let too many people see it, but all of that will crack if anything even remotely bad happens to you. Isn’t afraid of expressing his feelings for you as time goes on. Loves kissing you and absolutely does not care who sees him doing it. 

 Hyuk: this little devil is all fun and jokes on the outside, an emotional wreck on the inside. He’s constantly struggling to tell you how he truly feels. Might settle on a song with one of his hyungs assisting him. He knows his voice isn’t perfect, but he’s learned from Leo hyung that it’s important to sometimes express your untold feelings through a song. Very hesitant about telling you he loves you at first, and mostly won’t do it because he assures himself that you already know. From the way he looks at you, it isn’t hard to tell. Skinship is also very important to him. And like Jaewhan, he lives to cuddle with you.

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what dating Lee Minhyuk would be like;

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  • I think Minhyuk is the type to subconsciously pull you closer to him while he sleeps.
  • mutter sweet sentiments in your ear while hugging you from behind.
  • He adores that you cling to him on a morning, though he hates to see you pout when he has to leave.

“I know baby, but I have to go” he’d pout with a exaggeration to make you smile.

“Your smile is my favourite thing”

  • He was cheesy, there was no doubt about that.
  • he smiles uncontrollably when you complement him, he just cant help it
  • he’s infectious, his entire personality is infectious
  • he’d tell those horrible but yet lovable dad jokes that make the members crease in cringe
  • despite his showmanship, you love his sensitive side
  •  he isn’t afraid to admit that he’s wrong, he loves to know more about things and learn.
  • he’s justifiable, reasoning and responsible.
  • though sometime she is forgetful.

“Uh have you seen my keys?”

  • he’s so passionate about the things he loves. You’ve seen him sing in the studio and it melts your heart because his soul is poured into it.
  • He’s easily embarrassed

“Baby please stop dancing in the middle of the shop. you know I have to keep a low profile while I’m out”

“I’m not doing anything” you’d laugh while attempting to twerk on the cereal shelf.

  • He’s charismatic. whether its screaming at the members for stealing the last slice of pizza to posing for the photobook pictures.
  • Minhyuk, I think, would love to play with your hair. Long, or short, he will find a way to plait it and brag.
  • He saves all of your selfies, the double chins, the ugly ones, the gorgeous ones and show you off to the members.
  • meme. say no more.
  • he’s innocent, he gives off the  aura of innocence
  • until he acts like he does in fighter, strutting up and down your hallway with the blue steal pout.
  • he’s weird. But its the admirable weird. he makes you want to sit there and do unnecessary stuff because its fun.
  • you watch everything that he does. so when it comes to the things where he’s sexy, charismatic- he usually dancing in the background with some sort of jig which really makes you question him.
  • when he goes away, he’ll be the type to FaceTime you when it is night time for you

“Baby, you need to sleep”

“i don’t care if its nice to see my face, you need to sleep”

“Want me to sing?” Song off key to make you laugh.

  • He’s been the shoulder you needed when you needed to cry.
  • he was there for everything, every laugh, tear, pain and anger.
  • when he wakes up on a morning, he is completely unaware of everything in existence.
  • when he is asleep, his eyes are open slightly.

okay, it’s about to get a tad NSFW:

  • he’s got the sweet and innocent vibe going on, so I think he would be the type to follow your lead. Let you set it.
  • lip biting, because when isn’t that ever not hot on minhyuk
  • he has that stare, you know the one, where he’s completely and utterly piercing into your soul.
  • he’s teasing, avoiding what you want to do purposefully to make you whine.
  • he’s a menace, flirting sexily when around the members to make you blush
  • basically, you’re newly weds without the newly wedded part.

“Aw baby, you thought I was just cute” with a smirk and eyes that smoulder.

he is the type to sneak out of his dorm and go get vender food with you at 3 am in the morning, even though he’ll be tired the next day.

  • he coddles you
  • idolises you, treasure the ground you walk on.
  • he gives you his jumpers, lets you sleep in his shirt and boxers
  • hes cheeky

“I’m Lee Minhyuk! I can do what I want, when I want” he says as you tell him to have another bowl of rice.

“only because I want to” he’d state with defiance.

  • He’s caring, you’ve seen how he is with the members and its lovely.
  • he’s pure af
  • I think minkyuk is the type where he’s try to stay awake with you, to talk about anything and everything, but he’d fall asleep because youre just so darn comfortable.
  • he can be cocky
  • he can be sexily arrogant
  • but minhyuk? He’s selfless

“no no, you eat first”

“Baby? How much sleep have you had?”

“It’s ok, I can do this for you”

a/n: I hope this okay for you anon, I think minhyuk would legit just be the cutest ever because he has the type of personality where he’ll love to do everything. He’ll be interested in anything that you do, if you like to read? Then he’d ask you to read to him. He’s precious and more people should love him.

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Examples of the puppy head tilt confused shawn

THE TWO AT THE END ARE NSFW what did you expect from me? also thanks to my love @ffoleyasitis for helping with these, I love you little one. 

  • You are talking to him about your major and he doesn’t understand anything because you have been studying the subject for a semester and are only telling him about a small part of the whole thing. But he is still super interested in listening to you because you look so pretty when you get all passionate. But Oh God now you are talking about math and yeah you lost him. head tilt
  • You have a face mask on and your entire face is covered in black stuff and Shawn comes home from the studio and just wants to cuddle and eat something. But his S/O decided to become the Goo Monster. He might be tempted to join you though. head tilt
  • You guys are watching a movie and you always play this game where you tell each others theories on who is the murderer and you are talking and talking and you are naming characters he didn’t even know where in the movie. And why the fuck would the mother do that? Your theory is kind of out there and he is struggling to follow. head tilt
  • You have been working on an essay for hours and your hand hurts. When you get back home you just flop down next to Shawn put your hand in front of his face. “Please massage my hand?” “Why?” head tilt
  • you want to try this new position with him and it just doesn’t seem physically doable “My dick doesn’t bend that way darling.” head tilt
  • You are giving him a blowjob and your hair is messy, your eyes are pooling and drool is trickling from your mouth. “Oh love, you’re a mess.” head tilt

-you’re friends would be pissed

-but you’d bring out his good side

-he’d try to be all tough guy in the relationship but his eyes would betray his inner feelings

-Damon would be around you 24/7 just to piss Kai off

-TBH, Kai would be totally possessive and the jealous type

-he would love showing you off, and showing you’re his

-his arm, constantly over your shoulders while you’re out and about


-helping with his mood swings

-calming him down (he really likes it when you run your fingers through his hair)

-love bites, i mean come on, this is Kai we’re talking about

-he would actually be pretty sappy too though, like he loves you and he’s never felt that before and he doesnt want to lose you

-so romantic dates (that you can’t tell anyone about because it would ruin his rep. (but you would totally tell your friends))

-he doesnt have many friends to gush about you to, and he’s accidentally gushed about you to Damon before (which will never happen again)

-he would actually love cuddling, because he loves having you in his arms

-piggy back rides

-after a while he wouldent even mind showing he loves you

-he would say ‘i love you’ a lot because he does

-but he would be like ‘i dont get this. my stomach doesnt feel good, its like butterflies. but its good?’

-he would love it when you fall asleep on his chest, like when you watch movies. and he would love running his fingers through your hair (then you’d wake up and he would have braided your hair and it would actually be really good like???)


-but roughness also, if you’re okay with that

-heart eyes motherfucker

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I was actually SMILING through that proposal scene

1. For one thing, it was the most anti-climactic thing I’ve ever watched. The way it happened, C$ was robbed–there was no passionate speech, no big romantic gesture. H00k could barely manage to smile about it because he was so upset.

2. The devastating secret hanging between them felt like a dark veil, marring what should have been a beautiful moment in their relationship. 

3. The contrast between Emma’s innocence and Hook’s deceit was  deliberately striking in this scene, as it was in last week’s episode.

Basically, everything that could’ve gone wrong for this proposal, did. I almost feel sorry for the C$ fandom (almost, lol).

This season has taken some pleasantly unexpected turns. Though I love exploring theories for how it may play out, I’m just excited to keep watching. For the first time in a LONG time, I’m excited to keep watching. I’m not naive enough to believe the writers won’t have everyone forgive H00k in a simple 2 minute conversion, but at the same time… I’m more convinced than ever that we’re about to witness the reveal of a major plot twist–one that the writers have been planning from the beginning. 

Starts with “Swend,” ends with “game”  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

gmw fanfic

“Tell me about her.” His smile was faint, yet knowing, and you could see the interest in his eyes. He understood how you felt for her.

You know he knows exactly what she’s like; he’s known her since middle school. Still, you start talking about her, because you know he wants your perspective on the pretty brunette.

“She’s beautiful.” That’s the first thing you can muster, even though that clearly isn’t enough to explain how much she means to you. “She’s the most beautiful person I’ve met.”

He sits there and listens, not even once interrupting you as you begin to drone on and on about the girl that makes your heart beat faster than any other.

“Not just on the outside, because basically every little thing about her is so unbelievably beautiful. The way she cares about everyone around her so much, how she believes that the world is filled with goodness, and that no one is truly evil, how passionate she is about just about everything she does, and how she doesn’t have a single bad bone in her body.”

The look in your eyes says it all; it portrays every single feeling you have for this girl.

“She’s so incredible, in so many different ways. It amazes me, sometimes, that someone like her would ever wanna be with someone like me,” the smile on your face is soft as you continue, “And whenever I do have those doubts, she kisses me, and reassures me that she wouldn’t rather be with anyone else, and that just…it just always leaves me awestruck, because this girl, this beautiful, determined, ray of absolute sunshine, loves me, and no one else but me.”

You pause, smiling as a memory comes back to you, “This one time, she had forced me out of bed at three in the morning, to go get ice cream from that one 24-hour ice cream parlour, and I gotta tell you, I was ticked off that she woke me, cause it had been the first night of sleep I had had in a while.”

“But,” You run a hand through your hair, “In that moment, when we were sitting there, licking our ice cream cones, and she had that goofy, adorable smile on her face, and there was a little ice cream on the tip of her nose, and she looked at me with those big, brown eyes of hers,”

“I just, I couldn’t stay mad at her then.” You shake your head, “That was when I had realized that I wanna spend the rest of my life with her, and no one else but her.”

You keep your gaze on the floor for a second, or two, before looking back up at the blond man sitting across from you, “She makes me stronger, Lucas.”

His smile widens as you go on, “When I’m with her, I feel like I can do just about anything. She makes me feel like nothing is impossible, as stupid as it may sound.” You both chuckle at that.

“I just,” you take a deep breath, “I just can’t imagine her being with anyone else, and I can’t imagine myself with anyone else either. Riley, she…she keeps me going, she keeps me happy and inspired and energized.”

“She’s so positive, and adamant, and caring, and kindhearted, and quirky, and just so exceptionally adorable, sometimes I can’t even handle it.” Your smile just continues to widen with every word you utter,

“She is such an unconditionally good person, who cares so deeply about everyone’s hopes and dreams and beliefs, and even their feelings. Honestly, it’s so astonishing to me how wonderful she truly is.” You know you’re rambling, but you can’t seem to contain yourself.

Once you get started about this girl, you never stop.

“And sure, she has her flaws, she can be kinda controlling, and yea, sure, she complains a lot, but it doesn’t change the way I feel about her, not even in the slightest. Even her flaws seems adorable to me.”

You take a deep breath, and then go on, “I just…I look at her, and I just feel something inside me go off, and then I start smiling like an idiot, and I can’t think straight anymore, and I just become so hopelessly obsessed with looking at her, to the point where it’s probably unhealthy, but I don’t care. I probably wouldn’t even be able to stop myself from staring at her if I tried.”

“And, and I always find myself absentmindedly painting her,” you bite your lip, “like, I’ll be painting a park for an exhibit at work, and my mind will start to drift, and next thing I know, she’s sitting under one of the trees, smiling that dazzling smile that I’ve grown so fond of, and, well, my piece will be ruined because there are strict rules about what I have to put in each portrait, but I won’t care.”

“I’ll just continue to paint her for hours on end, and because of that I’ll have to stay up and redo all my paintings for work.” You shrug, “But it never phases me, I just love painting her so much. I can’t seem to ever get my mind off her; I guess she’s my muse.”

For a second, you both just sit there, you smiling at the ground, and Lucas smiling at you.

“I love her, so much, Lucas.”

“I know you do.” He nods, his kind smile still not leaving his face, “She loves you, too, more than anything.”

You smile, but don’t say anything, so Lucas speaks up again, “I’m really glad that you two ended up together.”

Your eyes widen just slightly, and he goes on, “You two complete each other, you’re practically made for one another. And, I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone as in love with another person as you are with Riley.”

“We all see how happy she makes you, ya know.” He’s still charmingly grinning at you, “I didn’t even think you knew what happiness was until I saw how you acted after you and Riley got together.” He started laughing at that, and you try your best to threateningly glare at him, but end up cracking a smile anyway.

“But all jokes aside,” he shrugs, “I hope you two always stay together, and continue to make each other as happy as you do.” He rubs the back of his neck, “Relationships like yours and Riley’s don’t come that easily, you two are very lucky to have each other.”

“I’m lucky to have her. I don’t know where I’d be if it weren’t for Riley believing in me all the time.”

“You’ll keep her safe, right?”

“Of course. I care for her more than I care for myself, come on, Friar, you know this.”

“Yea, yea, I know, just making sure.” He chuckled for a bit, and then his laughter died down, and he nodded lightly, “It’s real nice to see you this happy, Maya.”

“Thank you, Huckleberry, I appreciate that.” You smirk, “And I appreciate you listening to me ramble on for hours about your ex-girlfriend.”

He laughed, “Anytime, Hart. Anytime.”

Don’t Be A Fool (Smut)

Request: Could you write something that has to do with laur coming to the show and neither y/n or Shawn knows about it so there’s a little argument? But ends with smut.

Word count: 3,090

A/N: I don’t hate Lauren. 

Don’t Be A Fool (Smut)  

“I wanna love you with the lights on, keep you up all night long” You sang along with the rest of the crowed.

Though, you’d been with Shawn to what seemed like a million of his shows, you never got tired of singing the words aloud.

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anonymous asked:

How did you determine your budgies' genders? Did you pick two males on purpose?

Male and female budgies both make amazing companions, so that wasn’t something that mattered to me when I got them. They can both learn to talk too, despite the myth that female budgies never do.

Pixel was a purchased bird (before I became so passionate about adoption) so his immediate friendliness won me over rather than what sex I thought he was, though his cere suggested he was male to me and he certainly acted like a male budgie (flirting at everything he could see, haha).

Widget was adopted, so I chose him based on his need for a nice home rather than anything else. Again, it really wouldn’t matter though as I would have accepted him regardless.

So even though I didn’t pick two male budgies, I’m kind of glad it ended up that way as they get along so well without worrying about any breeding hormones or egg laying. Male budgies can be such adorable flirts, these two certainly fit that description! Pixel and Widget will happily sing and flirt with each other for hours. They’ll try so hard to impress each other with lovely little dances and songs. Every night when I cover them up, I hear them start making tiny squeaky noises and if I peek they’re always preening each other before sleep. It’s so cute! 

H/D Erised 2016 recs

I want to rec some of my favorites from this lovely Drarry fic exchange (though I’m afraid I haven’t read anything posted after the 21st…) So many surprises this time!! As always, I’m forever amazed by the talent of this fandom.

The Full Four Seasons by ravenclawsquill (49k) 

AHH, I LOVED THIS. I am still screaming inside just thinking about it. Excellent writing, such passion, so many feels. This one had a wonderful depiction of Drarry and their dynamics (special shout-out to Harry, he was my dorky fave). They were just SO SWEET together, I can’t. Friends to lovers, banter, fluff and angst, we even had coffee shop dates, how am I supposed to resist??

Five Weddings and a Potions Accident by lauren3210 (19k) 

I’ll just let it be said that friends with benefits is one of my absolute fave tropes, and this one had plenty of it. I had such a blast reading this fic, I loved the ease and comfort between Harry and Draco, the passion, the sweetness. They were perfect together AND YET OBLIVIOUS!HARRY STRIKES AGAIN. Gosh. I could watch these two fall in love forever. I never wanted this fic to end.

Boom Clap (The Sound of My Heart) by femmequixotic & noeon (39k) 

This fic!!!! Oh, I enjoyed it so much! The angst, the pining, Draco’s anxiety tugging at my heart strings, the friends-to-lovers, the really fascinating magical theory that is my weaknesssss. And that twist towards the end? I’m not going to spoil BUT I may or may not have squealed aloud in public. ALSO TATTOOED HARRY?? Loved this fic, it was beautifully done.

Weeds or Wildflowers by lumosed_quill & sdk (17k)

Oh my god, this was hilarious. The whole matchmaking idea was cracking me up so bad, Draco’s increasing desperation even more so. I loved the pining, the chemistry between the characters, teacher!Harry, Draco’s vulnerability… I am already dying to read this one again, it was a true joy.

Bound To You by agentmoppet (28k)

BONDING FIC. Another of my weaknessessss. This one had some amazing magical theory in it, I love the idea of Hogwarts and cursed objects being sentient, Harry had the coolest profession ever, and I was so so impressed by the writing. We were just thrown right into it and it was beautiful???

The Owl and the Pussy-cat by khalulu (8.1k)

I adored the writing style in this one, it was brilliant and hilarious. Draco’s skepticism and Harry’s adorkable cupcakeness (this is a word okay 100% legit)!. DRACO NOT KNOWING WHAT A PLAY DATE IS. And the animals!

On Open Wings by dicta_contrion (15k)

This is another one with gorgeous writing. I especially loved how much was going on ‘between the lines’, the way things were understood instead of stated. It was simply marvelous. Interesting take on Harry’s heroism as well!

A Purely Selfish Act by SqueekaCuomo (27k)

I cried rivers pretty much all throughout, it’s been a good while since a fic made me cry like this. IT JUST HURT ME SO BAD. Right in the feels. But it was lovely, and there was time travel happening! And sweetness, too!

My Favorite Jimin Things

1. His smile

2. When he smiles and his eyes turn into crescents

3. How he can go from 0-100 real quick

4. His high notes and his harmonization

5. His BEAUTIFUL voice

6. How squishy he can be when he’s happy  

7.  His giggle and laugh that makes ARMYs melt

8.  How he helps his members when theyre under stress

9.  How he cheers them up when they’re sad

10. His doting on jungkook

11. 95 line shenanigans

12. His chubby cheeks

13. How he doesn’t want ARMY to worry about him

14. How he wants to look the best for his fans even though we would love him anyway


16. How strong he is was in overcoming his insecurities and his struggles with self-esteem

17. How he works so hard to please his fans

18. How he never stops reaching to achieve higher goals

19. His passion for doing the things he loves

20. The genuine love he has for his fans and his members

21. His fluid dance moves (DOES THAT BOY HAVE BONES I THINK NOT)

22. How dedicated he is to working hard on dancing and singing

23. How far he has come as a vocalist and as a dancer

24. How beautiful he is inside and out

25. And how this young boy from Busan, full of dreams and hopes, with questions and insecurities, overcame them all and became the strong, confident, successful, and hopefully happy, Park Jimin we know

Jimin is such a wonderful person and I hope that he too sees how amazing he is and knows his worth and feels loved. Those nasties need to k-stop or they’re gonna catch these hands