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More thoughts on relativity falls that I had to draw out.

GruntyMabel owning a motorbike, wicked.
Grenda and Candy as grannies, these are not sweet old ladies.
Stanleys huge crush on Dan, yeeeeeep.

One Year | A Gaston Story (Chapter Ten)

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One Year | A Gaston Story

Gaston (Luke Evans) X OC

Summary: Gaston made all the wrong choices in life, and when a dramatic fall from the Beast’s castle leaves him wounded and near-death, he thinks it’s the end of his time. Suddenly, an old beggar woman appears at his side and heals him back to his normal self but gives him one year, and only one year, to find true love before his time on earth and the town’s memories of him come to an end.

Prologue | One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

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Gaston and Anne fell speechless when a crowd of enraged villagers accumulated in the doorway. Their hunched forms exuded animosity as their whispers escalated in volume to shouts of confusion and wrath. Quickly, Gaston and Anne released their grips from one another.

Anne couldn’t face Gaston, she couldn’t even look at him, for she feared his reaction. She remembered his encounter with the townspeople her first morning in Villeneuve followed by a similar confrontation with Tom and Dick in addition to his explosive rage when he found her in his room. Needless to say, the young woman was aware of Gaston’s temper. Although he was beginning to change in many aspects, his anger and resentment towards Villeneuve only enlarged with passing days.

One person, in particular, stepped forward from the doorway as he promptly adjusted his black vest and rolled up his cream-colored sleeves. Anne instantly recognized him from her stroll around town with LeFou; He was a man by the name of Monsieur Jean. She was surprised, he appeared to be very reserved and often forgetful, but a fire sparked threateningly in his eyes as he stormed towards them, solely focused on Gaston.

You! What on earth gives you the right to be here?! On this occasion?!” There wasn’t a hint of suffering in the way he spoke that was puzzling to Gaston. For the most part, the villagers were angry, but this man’s resentment was quite personal.

It was at this time Anne turned to Gaston but, to her surprise, there was no fire burning in his eyes or knuckles that turned pale with pressure. He was sympathetic…confused, but there was a softness that lingered in his features.

“I don’t mean any harm,” he insisted. “I’ll be going now.”

“You don’t mean any harm?” It was now Tom who sauntered from the doorway to Monsieur Jean’s side as he crossed his arms with repugnance. From a distance, Dick glanced from side to side with a bewildered look; He had no clue of his friend’s intention.

Sure,” Tom continued. He must have consumed at least five more drinks during his brief duration inside the castle. “Isn’t that what Gaston is known for? The harmless war hero, the harmless hunter…the harmless monster.”

“I’m warning you,” Gaston, his patience wearing thin, raised a pointed finger in Tom’s direction.

As Anne’s gaze settled on Monsieur Jean, he was already staring in her direction. His eyes, narrowed with concern, were slightly covered by wild strands of curly silver hair. Awkwardly, the man shifted in his stance as if he regretted confronting Gaston.

“Mr. Potts,” a woman called from the stairs, causing Monsieur Jean to turn towards her. She was a beautiful woman who spoke gently with warmhearted intentions. Eyes wide as they traveled to Gaston, she cautiously stepped forward until her husband’s voice stopped her.

“It’s alright, dear, we have it under control here.”

As the interested villagers moved from the doorway into the courtyard, Anne noticed her newest acquaintance, Lumiere, had joined the perturbed woman at her side. Neither of them seemed particularly offended by Gaston’s presence and Anne began to question why those in the castle possessed such a different opinion of him compared to the villagers. Her eyes locked with LeFou’s momentarily as he, fearing for what may ensue, summoned her to join him and Stanley by the castle steps. Subtly, the young woman shook her head to decline his request, and so LeFou inched closer to them.

“Please, just be on your way then,” Monsieur Jean urged Gaston, who stared at the man with uncertainty. Normally, Gaston would receive irrational statements and insults from the villagers, but it was as if Monsieur Jean pitied the hunter.

“Don’t you see what he’s doing?” Tom exaggerated. “Gaston wanted to make a fool out of us all! Wasn’t it just months ago when you stormed this castle to kill the Prince?!”

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“I must see this man die. My hands around that throat, strangling the life out of him slowly, watching that light flicker and fade from not only his eyes but his precious stars………………….and yeeeeeeeeet I also kinda wanna go grab an ice cream sundae with him and go hang out at the beach? Lol, IDK. Hmmmmmm. What a complex range of emotions I’m feeling ALL AT ONCE.” 

Dylan Larkin #3

Requested by Anon:  Hey!! Can I request a Dylan Larkin one where you both hate each other at first but one day you one of you catches feelings and don’t know how to bring it up? Cause you ‘hate’ each other? [Here it is! This might have to have a part 2. We’ll see. Message me if you want a continuation! :)]

Part 2.

Word count: 848

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Dylan Larkin skated in front of you and banged his helmet on the glass before gliding away.

Your friend turned and gave you a weird look, “the game hasn’t even started yet and he’s already riled up?”

“What?” You asked, gulping down some of your beer, “don’t look at me like that. I’m just sitting here doing nothing.”

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Matt Espinosa - Little boy (smut)

Request:  Can you do a smutty Matt Espinosa one where you’re a bit older than him and you tease him about it and he shows you the man he is 😏


“Baby, I’m home!” Matt sang as he entered our apartment.
“I’m in the kitchen!” I shouted back finishing the dinner.
“What are you doing?” I felt his hands around my waist and he kissed my cheek. I immediately smiled.
“Just some dinner to my boyfriend.” I turned off the owen and took out the lasagna.
“Your boyfriend must be a very lucky man,” he said kissing my neck.
“I would say that he is a boy,” I teased him. I was a year older than him and always reminded him of it, which he hated so much. But it was funny seeing him get pissed off about something he could not change.
“Argh not that shit again, Y/N,” he groaned releasing me.
“You know I was just teasing you,” I laughed and grabbed his hand pulling him back to me.
“But it’s not funny for me,” he whined not hugging me back.
“It is for me. You are my little boy,” I grinned knowing it would make him go crazy. And I was right, but this time he reached a new level of being pissed off.
Suddenly he picked me up and brought me into the living room and put me down to the couch.
“Matt, what are you doing?” I asked as he got on top of me and pinned me down with his waist.
“I will show you who is the little boy,” he said and the next thing I knew was he kissing me so hard my lips hurt and grabbing my ass pulling my waist to his. He kissed my neck and then bit my skin above my collarbone.
“Oh God,” I moaned as his hands found their way to my chest.
He took my shirt off impatiently along with my bra and in a minute I was completely naked under him. He grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head so I couldn’t touch him. He started to kiss all the way down from my chin to my stomach leaving a bunch of hickeys on me. I wanted to tell him to stop because people will see them but all I could do was to moan and say his name.
When he got to my lower stomach he released my hands and looked me in the eye.
“If you move your hands, I will stop,” he said. I nodded breathing heavily. Then he lowered his head and when I felt his tongue on my heated clit I swear I could scream.
It felt so good and I wanted to grab his hair but right when I moved my hands he pulled away.
“I told you. Keep your hands in place. ”
I needed him, so I nodded and tryed to keep my hands where he wanted them to be. “Good girl. ”
He slipped two fingers into me and he started to move them in and out. He knew me so well, he knew what I enjoyed the most.
When I was close, he just stopped.
“Matt, I need you inside me” I moaned desperately.
“What do you need baby?” he asked taking his clothes off slowly, as if I wasn’t dying under him.
“You, I need you!”
“And who am I?” he asked as he positioned himself between my legs. I tried to grind my waist up to his but he pinned me down and kept me in place.
“My one and only,” I said breathless.
“That’s true, but it’s not what I want to hear. ”
“You are a fucking man, my man, just Matt please fuck me already!” I swear I could cry, I wanted him so badly.
“That’s right baby girl, ” he said and finally entered me.
I screamed his name as he started to thrust into me so hard.
“Can a boy fuck you like that?” he asked breathing heavily while he never stopped moving.
I shook my head no dipping my nails into his back. Usually he was so gentle when we were having sex, but he was so pissed now and wanted to show me how manly he was. And I enjoyed every minute of it even if it was painful a bit. He was so hot with sweat all over him. I grabbed his head and kissed him hard as he was slamming into me over and over again.
“Matt, I’m close, oh my God,” I moaned arching my back.
“Come on, let me make you feel good,” he said and it flipped me over. I screamed his name as I reached my highest high. He groaned into my neck cuming into me.
We both tried to calm down, he kissed me gently, caressing my sides.
“Will you call me little boy again?” he asked when we managed to sit up on the couch. I smiled at him kissing his lips.
“If it leads to some incredible, hot and amazing sex then yes.”

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How would MONSTA X react to sitting with their girlfriend on a rollercoaster?

OMG THIS IS SO CUTE THANKS FOR REQUESTING AGAIN. Ok I’m going to stop virtually yelling at you now. You do not know how exciting it was to write this.


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“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”

This was your first time riding a rollercoaster, so you were beyond terrified of the possible experiences you’d be facing. Shownu, being the sweet and amazing boyfriend he is, he’d constantly remind you that he’s there and would let you hold his hands tightly for reassurance. I think he just wants you to enjoy yourself.

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You were holding onto him for dear life for the whole ride and you looked like you weren’t feeling good. As soon as you stepped off, he immediately asked if you are okay, before treating you for popcorn and cotton candy to make you feel better. He’d also remind how brave you are for doing this.

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The two of you were just cuddling each other throughout the whole thing because 1, you were scared af and 2, he wants to his precious s/o.

“We can make it through this!”

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Words could not describe how happy he was that you were holding on to him so tightly during the ride. You weren’t usually like this, so he lowkey loves and will definitely take you out to more rollercoaster rides just so you can cuddle him.

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“It’s alright, Y/N. It’s gonna be over soon.”

He’d let you squeeze the life out of him just so you could feel safe and protected. He wants to show how manly he is every now and then so this is a good thing to him.

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Would be freaking out as much as you were that you ended up having to comfort him in the end.

“Aish, that was a bad idea to go on there…”

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He’d be calm throughout the ride, but would also be laughing now and then at your terrified state. He’s pretty much a bad person to ride a rollercoaster with because he’ll just laugh at other’s pain. Jk. He’d probably just tell you to hold on to him if you’re ever scared.

requests are open!

The sweetest midnight snack

Request: Hello! I love your imagines, and I was wondering if you could do one with Hotch x Reader where he wakes up in the middle of the night to find you in nothing but his shirt raiding the fridge, and then you proceed to slow dance in the kitchen together and maybe he proposes or something? Thank you!

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Hotch, Y/N

Warnings: None

HA! My bae! This shall be fun >:) I’m not gunna have him propose, but I’ll get close! Hope ya’ll enjoy! ~AdminAnna


You shot up out of your bed, breathing hard. You rubbed your eyes quickly, trying to make sure you were still where you fell asleep. Indeed were in his dark sheets, tangled up next to the love of your life. Aaron had gotten back from his case late last night. You’d waited up, excited Jack was at a sleepover so you two could have some alone time. You were making dinner when he’d arrived. You wanted to surprise him with one of his favorites. He’d walked in, dropping his bag, his jacket and his brief case in the hall (so un-Aaron like). You just taking the pan out of the oven. He came up behind you, turned off the stove, swept you up into his arms and kissed you greedily. The dinner was soon forgotten as you moved into his bedroom, a trail of clothes and uneaten dinner the only thing in your wake. You weren’t even sorry about your spoiled plan. 

You brought the sheet up to cover your chest and looked down at Aaron. He was sleeping soundly, which was unusual for him. He was on his back, one hand thrown above his head. The latest case was hard for him, you could tell. He never greeted you with that intensity. You reached over, touching his cheek lightly. You were trying to assure yourself your nightmare wasn’t real. He was fine. He was right here. You laid your hand lightly on his chest, feeling him breathe. You needed that confirmation. 

You thankfully didn’t have nightmares of him being hurt by an unsub often. Tonight’s was the worst you’d had in a while. Without knowing the cause, you laid down again, trying to go back to sleep. After a while, you shifted around. You couldn’t get comfortable. You’d lay on your back for ten seconds, then get restless. Then you’d lay away from him, then want to look at him again. 

Finally you couldn’t take it anymore. You were hungry. You could feel the lasagna down there calling your name. 

You pulled back the covers slowly, creeping out of bed. You grabbed Aaron’s crisp white shirt slipping it on and doing some of the buttons. It came to your thighs. Eh. Who was gunna see you anyway, right?

You lit the kitchen candles, not wanting the harsh light to reach the bedroom and wake him. You thought about turning music on to keep you company. But again same issue presented itself so you settled with humming. Clair De Lune came to mind, so you began, reaching into the fridge for a drink to go with your meal.

Suddenly, behind you, your song came on. You spun around, startled. Aaron was smiling softly at you, wearing nothing but boxers. He’d woken up seconds after you’d left the bed.

“You got up,” He reached out his hand toward you.

You took it and he pulled you to him. He put one hand on your waist, taking up your other hand. You placed your free one of his shoulder.

“I know.” You said softly, “I was hungry. A passing hunk of an FBI man just happened to attack me in the kitchen. I didn’t mind much.”

He spun you around slowly, then held you close again. You laid your head over his heartbeat. His skin was soft, his chest hair tickling your face. You didn’t know he could dance. He was so manly, dancing never occurred to you. But now, with the classical music, the candles, in his shirt on his kitchen floor… it didn’t seem so far fetched.

“Oh (Y/N),” He breathed, “You have no idea how much I love you.”

You laughed lightly, feeling if either of you made too much noise this perfect moment would shatter. Right then, there was no BAU. No unsubs. No guns, weapons, work days or deadlines. It was just you and Aaron. Two people who adored each other. 

“I love you,” You reaffirmed, “I’m so glad you’re back.”

He sighed, “I’ll never leave you for longer then I have to.”

You leaned back, looking straight into his eyes.

“I know. And I’ll always be here when you get home.”

You went back to dancing, letting your minds run in whatever direction they wanted.

“I want to be with you forever,” Aaron said, holding you a little tighter, “I want to be the only one who gets to see you like this. Who gets to come home to this kind of love from you.”

You heart tightened in your throat. It wasn’t a proposal. But It wasn’t far off. You loved Aaron with your whole heart. But you were glad he didn’t propose. You didn’t want it to be just after he got home from a long case. You wanted him to be prepared. To be sure.

“You will be.” You answered simply. Truthfully.


You took your arms, looping both of them around his neck, “I promise you. Im yours for always.”

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Well, we already knew Niall was a moaner from the hummus eating video years ago but now Thatcher he's older he has that manly roughness in his voice! I'm so wet right now!


I met my (past) Korean Crush!

I had a great time last night! I didn’t expect any of this!

I went out with my brother and his girlfriend (3rd wheel alert!). We were standing around waiting to line up to get our tickets, when we walked in I automatically looked at a group of Asian guys standing around talking among themselves and since I’m attracted to Asian men, I was staring and being team nosy trying to listen while I stand around, but it was busy and loud so I could barely hear them.

I walk by them and then one of the guys tapped me on the shoulder as I was walking by and I was so surprised I was thinking, Omg they saw me staring, play it cool! But it wasn’t that! He said “Do you remember me?” and I was just 0_0 I was thinking to myself ‘Girl yo ass better lie’ because he may think he know me and we can become friends, then the other side of me said ‘Bitch don’t do it! your lie will get caught up into more lies’, so I said “I don’t think so, sorry” and so he told me, “We went to school together, High school, Mrs.____ class, 11th grade” and I was like, O M G, I said his name in shock and I asked him, “Are you sure” lol!! he looked soooooo different, he’s so manly, grown now, and all muscular-y now and he’s soooo wow! handsome, he was handsome then, but now! Lord have mercy! you know how people looks changed a lot after High school!

So, my mouth was open for a good few seconds and his friends was looking at us and they were laughing at me, I was so surprised, not only does he look different, I just never thought I’d see him in a million years! We were cool in High school, not friends, but acquaintances and I had the BIGGEST crush on him, so I was shy around him most of the time, and I didn’t expect him to remember me! It made me feel special honestly, because I didn’t think he would ever think of me or ever remember me and it’s been 5 years since High school, so I was so happy and felt so special that he remembers me! I don’t know if he has a girlfriend or not, but I was wondering, hoping he’d be like, “I’m single” lol! our conversation was brief, but he did hug me and told me, “It was nice seeing you, after all these years”, he smelt so good! and I said “ Hope to see you around! again, don’t be a stranger”.

I didn’t want to go without seeing him for years and years again, so me being bold, I did ask if we can stay in contact! Hooray for my ass, I’m still so proud, so we did exchange numbers and we both keep up on facebook, instagram, and I on the low, low have my notifications on (shhh don’t tell nobody!) , turns out he’s single, so if anything more happens, I’ll be so happy, right now, we just text and @ each other on posts lol, he’s so cool! The big crush I had on him in High school is coming back soooo hard, more than ever, I never expected to see him again, I use to think about him a lot and wonder what he’s been up to, Now I know! and it’s amazing how this happened. love your blog by the way! I’ve been into Korea and their movies, dramas, music, culture since for ever. Bless you!

Still into you  (Stiles Stilinski)

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Stiles x Reader

Y/N - Your name ; Y/L/N - Your last name

Summary: It’s been 5 years since the Pack and Y/n last seen each other. Everybody was busy going different ways.That is why they decide to meet again in Beacon Hills. Y/n never really got over her feelings for Stiles..

Warnings: fluff at the end

A/N : It’s kinda long but I’m so proud of it. My first Stiles Imagine on tumblr! I hope you have fun reading it! My requests are always open, so don’t hesitate :) 


Reader’s P.o.v.

Five years. It has been five years since I saw my friends. Five years without any supernatural adventures, well for me. Five years without seeing my best friends every day.After graduating at Beacon Hills Highschool our Pack went to different places except Stiles, he became a Deputy in Beacon Hills, Scott went studying to become a veterinarian, Lydia and Kira went both off to some awful expensive college and we all don’t exactly know what Malia did after our graduation. Then  there is me, Y/N. I moved to Los Angeles to follow my dream of becoming a Make-up artist.

It wasn’t easy to keep in touch, with everybody in seperate places. I don’t know about them, but I sure as hell missed every single one. I sort of got homesick in the first year. It was one of my biggest fears: losing my friends, which most I’ve known since kindergarten. But to be honest, I missed his brown eyes the most out of all. The things he done to me, five years ago, are indescribable. Stiles Stilinski made a fool out of me without knowing it.

I never actually told him my feelings back then. I was too scared and the fear of ruin our friendship drove me nuts. I can remember those sleepless nights. All those emotions I had to hide when he was near me. As he started dating Malia, it got worse and I ended up not sleeping for days or even weeks because all of the thoughts that came to my mind at night. 

He’s happy now, if you really love him you should be happy too. For him.

Eventually I told myself to get over it, but he still got that special corner in my heart.

I just parked my car infront of that fancy Pizza place we decided to meet. I looked around. Man, nothing changed within those years. The city was still quite scary to me when the dark hits it. One last look into the mirror to check my face and I get out of my car to walk inside. The smell of fresh baked Pizza filled my nose. Although it is pretty full in here, the atmosphere is amazing. Places like this make me so happy. I searched for the others but no one seemed to be here yet so I walked to the reception and saw a familiar face.

“Hey Y/N! Wow it must have been a thousand times since we last seen each other. You got all grown up.”

“Oh well hello Cynthia. Yes, actually five years.”

She used to be my neighbour until her husband died and Cynthia decided to move across the city to find herself a little house near the woods.

“Wow. Just Wow. Anyways how can I help you?”

“Uhm well…”, I started to think about who reservated our table.

“Is there a reservation for McCall?”

Cynthia scrolled down the list and shakes her head.

“Hm, Stilinski maybe?”, I ask

“Yes, Stilinski, five persons at eight pm. May I get you to your table?”

I nod and follow her through the tables full of familys, couples and other people.

“Here you go Y/N.”

I thank her and she smiles politely as she leaves.

After a few minutes one after one, they came. I am so glad everybody made it. Lydia hugged me the longest and almost started to cry as she complimented me about my sense of fashion that I got since LA.

Scott’s got his billion dollar smile on and you can really see how glad he is for this pack reunion to happen. The moment Stiles walked in I stopped breathing. He looks so mature now. So manly. His hair is short again.


There goes my denial of feelings. Damn.

“Hey guys!”, he said with the brightest smile, that made my heart melt.

“Hey.”, I whispered and blushed.

I feel like a fucking sixteen year old again.

We start talking and reporting about our new lives and I’m amazed by the enthusiasm from everybody. 

Stiles proudly tells us about being a Deputy at his dad’s police station. Everytime he talks about cases they solved together his face lights up and honestly, it is adorable.

Malia informed us about her dog obedience school she opened three years ago with her dad.

I never, in a million years, thought Malia would love to train dogs when she is the one who doesn’t likes to be commanded.It’s kinda ironic.

“Now Y/N it is your turn! How’s LA?”, Malia asks.

I look into the round of people I love so much but stop at his brown eyes. They didn’t change. Nearly everything about his look changed within those years but they stayed the same.

He looks me in the eyes too.

“Yeah Y/N tell us!”, Stiles says and breaks the eye contact.

“Well, I work for some celebritys and do their Make-Up. That’s pretty much all. The first year without you guys were hell. I never thought I could miss people so much.”, I answer.

They all agree and go in for a big group hug and don’t even care about the table between us.

It’s been a wonderful evening. So short but so fantastic. We all agreed on meeting more often and as the reunion ends we all fall into each others arms. As everybody already drove off Stiles and I are the last ones to go but we decide to take a walk in the park. As we walked we found the small playground we used to play when we were kids. We went straight to the swingset where our younger selfs believed it would be possible to swing so high we could touch the sky.

“Thank you for coming Y/N. I’m really glad to see my best friend again and not just talk via text message.”

I don’t know if I should be hurt because he emphasized the word best friend or if I should be happy because he seems to miss me.

“ Thank you for organizing this and me too.”, I say.

He just nods.


I turn my head around so I can see his face.


“How is loverboy doing?Did you already tell him you love him, the way I told you?”, his eyes looked straight into mine but I turn away.

“Didn’t have the guts yet.”, I answer.

“Oh come on. There is nothing you can loose! And if the boy says no, he is a complete douche idiot!”

I start to laugh “ Douche idiot?”

He shushs me.

“Honestly, you’re so beautiful and you’re funny and you’re the kindest person I know.You should really go for it.”

I blush.

“Stiles?” I can’t believe I’m doing this.


“ So I just take your advice then and do it?” I mumble fast in a questioning tone.

“I love you.”, Stiles says out of nowhere

 Wait what?

“Y/N I love you. I realised it when you were long gone and off to LA. I know I sound like a total douche idiot…”, he laughs, “but I don’t know. I guess I realised it much too late. But yeah. I love you Y/N Y/L/N. ”

I feel too overwhelmed to bring out a word. Minutes go by and I try to wake up,  because obviously this is a dream.

“Could… could you please say something now, it get’s kinda awkward”, he whispers.

I can’t think straight and from one second to the next I get off the swingset and stand infront of Stiles. Our lips crash together and the kiss is so full of relief and happiness it’s crazy. It is so passionate.

“You’re the loverboy.”, I smile

Thank god. I couldn’t take it if it would be someone else.”