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weird hc: Nina has sick beatboxing skills

Okay not only is this not weird at all but it’s so true?? And I don’t wanna go all shippy on you but Benny and her DEFINITELY have these weirdo performances as a couple where he raps, she beatboxes? They’re definitely That Couple, no matter how you turn it. They’re That Couple with all the PDA, they’re That Couple who wears matching T-shirts, That Couple who marry way too young but stay together the rest of their lives, That Couple that have a bunch of kids and they’re all beautiful and smart and healthy.

So yeah, Nina is honestly a huge dork and she can beatbox like a queen, y'all. She was so envious of Benny when she crossed him in Bennett Park, not just because she wished she could be so carefree and happy and not stressed, but also because he could actually take time to rap with friends? Do the creative things he loved? So lucky.

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I'm pretty sure the answer to HOW IS RHYS STILL ALIVE? would be: Vaughn, Yvette, Loader Bot, Fiona, and Sasha (and that one time Zer0). A boy can afford to be reckless when he's surrounded by hypercompetent people. ;D

This is a better answer than I ever could have hoped for, on so many levels. He’s not indestructible or lucky, the people around him are just actively keeping him alive.

He is so lucky he has friends/allies that have an investment in his survival.

Tatsu and FREE CITY

Based on the generous research of the original post, aka anotherscape, and on the rather extravagant prices for most of the clothing featured, one can only assume that Tatsu has a contract to endorse their label…

or he’s just a big fan of theirs. *smile*





FREE CITY Lets go hoodie 

FREE CITY Undershirts 



FREE CITY collar necklace

*Whatever the reason, Tattsun is pulling off the look very well!

Oh, and try and leave a comment on wordpress, for all the hard work done to gather this information.

I can relate to Percy Jackson’s love for blue foods, blue things and just the color blue in general. But I did not realize just how much I had the passion for it until I stumbled across this beautiful blue drink. And now I just want the constant supply of blue food like Percy gets. Is that so much to ask?