he's so kissable

Okay but imagine this:

  • Gabriel and Leo going to a pride parade
  • Leo’s cane getting wrapped in rainbow ribbons
  • they wear matching rainbow shirts that have arrows and say “He’s my better half” or something really ridiculously corny
  • they do the whole parade holding hands
  • Giovanna makes them a sign to carry that says “Love is blind” in lettering on one side and in Braille on the other side
  • Leo being so happy because it’s the first time he’s ever felt really accepted
  • Gabriel constantly kissing Leo because he’s so adorable and kissable when he’s happy
  • Gabriel explaining everything they’re passing to Leo even though he can’t really understand what it is
  • Gabriel taking a bunch of selfies with Leo to remember the day forever
  • Gabriel and Leo buying each other pride flags (the softest ones they can find) to remember the day forever
  • Leo falling asleep on the bus ride home and Gabriel pulling him close and being super protective of him 
  • Leo not-actually being asleep but pretending so that he can lean on Gabriel’s chest
  • Gabriel knowing this and not caring 
  • Gabriel and Leo getting to spend the whole day together without having to worry about judgement
  • Gabriel and Leo being really cute and happy together

Teaser for my Gratsu story! It will be called “Two Tickets” and this is from chapter 3. 

The longer they kissed, the more Natsu forgot about the outside world. All he could think about was Gray and that delicious mouth of his. Natsu grew bold, teeth skimming over Gray’s bottom lip before giving it a rough tug. 

He grunted in response, sending fire through Natsu’s veins, straight down to his crotch. He shifted his legs to get more comfortable as he ran a hand through Gray’s raven locks. Just as he suspected, they were soft, similar to his lips.

They pulled away slightly so they could catch their breaths. Natsu gasped for air, feeling his lungs burn from denying them oxygen for so long. Once he got enough, he looked back at Gray. 

Gray was staring right at him, dark eyes glossy and lips swollen. He looked so kissable, Natsu couldn’t help when he leaned in an inch and-

If anyone wants me to tag them in the first chapter when I eventually post it, let me know. I’m working on chapter 3 of 10 right now. (And with my horrible overwriting problem it’s looking like it may be 11 chapters, or one chapter will just be extremely long. So far I have over 12k words written, but they definitely need to be edited and proof read. Hope you all enjoy when I start posting it!

Update: I finished chapter 3. (a little over 8k words) Total so far for my gratsu story is 20k words! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to start chapter 4!

Snippet from a Klance thing I'm writing

What would happen if Lance actually scores an alien girlfriend that happens to be super affectionate with him? Keith’s blood boils, to say the least.

I’m working as much as I can on finishing this, so let me know what you think so far!!

“Oh, he’s just so kissable!!” She screams, and Keith’s throat dries up as he watches them share what had to have been their millionth liplock this week.
Keith notes the way Lance holds onto her hips and the way he leans into every movement and how he bites her lip gently at the end. The red paladin finds himself licking his own lips unconsciously, and later that evening in his dorm, he will be imagining himself in place of that loud alien girl. In Lance’s arms, he imagines, it’s warm and welcoming and exciting, and just the thought alone is enough to make Keith’s heart literally skip a beat. He finds himself waking up from these really, really good dreams covered in sweat, chest heaving, a horrified look on his face. Sure, he’s accepted the fact that he has feelings for lance, but he is blatantly aware that he has no right nor any business interfering with a perfectly happy relationship, and that makes him even more miserable.

So Kissable

@drunkookie asked: “*request where jungkook can’t stop kissing you bc you’re wearing his favorite flavor of lip gloss”

“Jung Kook stop please” you giggles as your boyfriend kept peppering you with sweet and short kisses ever since he saw you applying your mint flavored lip gloss.
“I can’t you taste so good, you’re just so kissable” he kept kissing you as he trapped you on the sofa with him laying on top of you.
“Kookie as much as I enjoy your kisses, I have to go; I don’t want to be late for my interview”
You got up from under him, as he let you finished getting dressed.
Once you were done, you headed out to leave noticing a pouty Jung Kook. You looked over at him and engulfed him in a hug.
“I promise once I get back you can kiss me all you want, okay” you looked over at him and noticed how his demeanor changed.
“Okay, good luck” he pecked your lips one more time before you left out the door, hoping to God that you won’t think about kissing Jung Kook during your interview and messing up.

Preference #96 Lipstick

Liam- When you wore lipstick Liam knew that the first thing you would do would be to get a hold of his cheek and leave your lip stain on him. “Really?Again?” he chuckled, taking a look in the mirror. “It suits me quite well doesn’t it?” you said it did and before you could leave, he spun you around and kissed you full on the lips. “They’re just so kissable,” he spoke before releasing you to finish dressing up.

Louis- You were never one to fully do make up, you liked to put as little of everything as you could get away with but on the occasional weekend when you went out with Louis you’d wear a pink lipstick, just to brighten up your face. Although he loved your lips natural, he did enjoy seeing the shape of your lips accentuated. “I always forget how wonderful your lips look,” he would comment, “Need a reminder of how they feel too?” he smiled, “Definitely,” well, the night out was postponed because you never made it out of the bedroom.

Niall- "Babe?“ you heard his feet collide with the squeaky wood as he walked towards you. You noticed him holding red lipstick in his hands, "Are you secretly a drag queen Ni?” he laughed but denied the fact. “I wanna try and put it on you, cause I saw this video and…” you stopped listening and pulled him down on the couch in front of you, “Okay, start,” you said preparing for a hysterical disaster. He unscrewed the cap and began tracing your upper lip, then you lower one. Niall looked so concentrated, it was adorable. Holding up a tiny mirror he showed you the end result. It looked fantastic.

Zayn- After a long day at work, cleaning the house and making dinner, you crashed on your bed and fell asleep before Zayn came over. He had a copy of your keys and entered but couldn’t find you anywhere, until he found you in your room. Your face was squished between two pillows and the lipstick you had on marked the candid white cloth. He took a picture and kissed your forehead, before laying next to you, draping a blanket on the pair of you before he hit the sack as well.

Harry- There is nothing Harry loved more than returning home from a party or formality, and change into comfortable clothes. You were exactly the same. The first thing you did was change into sweats and clear your face from makeup. If Harry was done changing before you, and you looked particularly tired he would offer to help you. He took a wet cloth and gently rubbed your face clean, saving your lips for last. Looking at him quizzically, he would show a crooked smile then speak, “I can take care of the lips without this.” He threw the cloth away, cupped your face and kissed you for God knows how long.