he's so kissable


Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Reader wants to unleash the darkness Steve hides inside.
Word Count: 2.8k
Warnings: Spoiler alert! Dirty talk, oral sex (male receiving), and rough uprotected sex. - This fic assmumes Reader is on the pill. [Don’t be a fool and wrap your tool].

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   New Year’s Eve - Avengers Tower, Manhattan, NYC 

As you had put the last touch to your makeup, you left the en suite bathroom to find your shoes in a hurry. Your brother- Tony had organized another fancy party at the Tower in the name of the Avengers to celebrate the New Year.

When you got the invite, Steve didn’t seem willing to attend the party because of all the bad things that had happened in the year, but after many puppy eyes and cute pouts, you eventually dragged him there with you and the rest of the team.

“You ready, Y/N?” Your boyfriend asked behind the door of your bedroom.

“Yes, come on in,” you told Steve as you put your high heeled feet on the bed and seductively rolled up your stocking that matched the lingerie under your dress for the night.

When you turned your head to him, you caught America’s golden boy staring and swallowing hard. “Um… Tony just told us to hurry up.”

“I’m ready,” you grabbed your clutch bag and went to give a soft kiss to Steve. As things were about to go out of control like you’d planned… you broke away, smirking.

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Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: Stiles and (Y/N) have been together for only two weeks, still being stuck in the awkward stage. They share their first kiss whilst watching Back To The Future and have a little sleepover.

Word Count: 1.3k

Requested: Yes by anon.

A/N: Requests are open!

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Staring down at your flats, you paced up and down Stiles’ driveway, not knowing if you should go knock straight away or give it a few extra minutes. It was nearing six in the evening, and the night sky was clouding over you; an easy breeze running through your hair, swirling it from its straight nature. You flattened down your skirt, walking up to the door and taking a deep breath.

Raising your fist, the door opened slightly making you gasp. Was this where the man jumped out and killed you? You peeked around the door to see a grinning Stiles Stilinski with a little blush on his cheeks. “I was wondering when you were going to actually come up.” He teased, gesturing for you to come in. You laughed awkwardly, cursing yourself for being like that; so indecisive.

The lights were dim in house, candles were lighting on the tables and there was a romantic ambiance surrounding you. “This is nice,” You said to him, taking a seat on soft couch where he had a blanket laid out. On the coffee table, there was a range of juices and sodas, along with popcorn and sweets. “You’ve everything planned.” You giggled, kicking your flats off leaving you barefooted in his house.

Stiles nervously scratched the back of his neck, settling down next to you. “I hope you like ‘Back To The Future’ because we’re watching all three.” He laughed, wrapping his arm around you and pulling the blanket over the pair of you. You reached over to grab the bowl of popcorn as he pressed play. You giggled as he started to mimic the actors and that’s when you decided to join in, “Good evening, I’m Dr. Emmett Brown and I’m standing in a parking lot…” You continued, laughing as you mixed up the words.

Stiles glanced at you, amusement in his eyes as he listened to your soft voice mixing in with Doc’s deep one. “I may or may not have watched this yesterday… Twice.” You shamefully admitted eating a fistful of popcorn. Stiles pulled you into his body closer, you felt the heat of his body through his shirt and you couldn’t help the pink colour rising through your cheeks. “You’re amazing.” He mumbled into your ear so that you could hear him perfectly. Your head turned to him, confusion on your face, “I know it’s only been two weeks, but I do really like you (Y/N). You’re not like most girls.” He chuckled, “I mean, I don’t know many girls that can recite the whole of back to the future.” You giggled and leaned into his chest.

His hand found their way to your hair, as he massaged your scalp slightly before pulling strands of your hair and wrapping them around his finger. It did feel nice, you enjoyed the feeling of his fingers running through your hair. That’s when you felt the sensation of his fingertips gently trickling down your neck, leaving goosebumps on your skin. You looked up to him through your eyelashes, licking your lips as you looked between his eyes and his pink lips that looked so… kissable.

He ran his fingers through your hair again, leaving them at the back; holding you in place. “Can… Can I kiss you?” He stuttered, his brown eyes trailing from your eyes, to your nose to your lips. You inhaled the air he was breathing and nodded, nervously biting the inside of your cheek. His lips twitched into a small smile before he leaned in slowly, his nose touching yours and covered your lips with his own.

The kiss was gentle, and sweet. No one deepened it, and no one begged for more. You knew it was the first kiss of many so you wanted to enjoy the softness of his lips against yours. He pressed a little harder before pulling away, a goofy grin resting on his face. “I liked that,” He whispered, his breath running over your face. You smiled and nodded, resting your forehead on his; “Me too.” He wrapped his arms around your shoulders pulling you back into his chest where you continued to watch the movie.

It was reaching eleven o’clock when Stiles walked you to the door, his hand resting on it so it didn’t shut on your face. “Goodnight,” He whispered, leaning forward giving you another peck on the lips. This was a repeated action throughout the night, after your first kiss; numerous followed. Soft, sweet pecks on the lips, the cheeks, the forehead – everywhere. You grasped onto his hand, giving it a squeeze. “See you tomorrow.” You walked away from the house, looking back at Stiles smiling at you.

“(Y/N)!” He shouted, running out the door and towards you, you turned to face him and met him half way; crashing your lips to his. This kiss was desperate and sloppy. He ran his hands through your hair, resting on the back of your neck and you had yours wrapped around his waist pulling you closer. “Stay with me tonight?” He begged, your eyes widening and you pulled back from the kiss.

“Really?” You asked, “I’ve no clothes with me.” He shook his head, grabbing your sleeve, and bringing you back up to the house, the door was wide open. “Don’t worry about that.” He replied over his shoulder as he walked up the stairs.

You stood awkwardly by the doorway of his room as he rummaged through his draws pulling out a shirt and throwing it at you. “Come on in,” He laughed, looking at you with admiration. You closed the door shut and walked to the middle of the room, looking around it and feeling Stiles staring at you. “This is… very you.” You giggled, staring at a pile of dirty clothes in the corner, a messy desk with school books and pages ripped out and the posters on the wall.

Stiles laughed before coughing awkwardly and reached for the hem of his shirt, “Is this okay?” He asked as your eyes widened at his action. You nodded eagerly, and blushed as he pulled it over his head; his abs on show. Your eyes glanced quickly over them before looking up to his eyes and then he went for the waistband of his tracksuit bottoms tugging them down gently and kicking them to the side.

He stared at you as you turned around, tearing your top off your body but that was when you felt a presence behind you; the heat radiating off him. “You don’t need to hide yourself.” He whispered into your ear, his lips touching your neck. You felt his fingers mess with the back of your bra before it slid off your body. You took a step away from Stiles, turning to look at him; his eyes trailing down to your exposed breast. You took a deep breath before pulling your jeans off leaving you in your panties.

Stiles’ eyes were similar to saucers as you pulled his shirt over your body. The top slid over your body like a dress and rested to the middle of your thigh. “You look great,” Stiles smiled, walking over to you, and placing another kiss on your lips. You giggled at his words and lead him over to his bed. He lay down first on his side, gesturing for you to lie down. You sat down on the bed, your body sinking into it immediately. You lay down with your back against Stiles’ chest; his arms wrapped around you tightly, holding you protectively.

You sighed into content as you relaxed your body against your boyfriend’s. “I like this,” He whispered into your ear, giving your neck a little peck of his lips. “Mmh, me too.” You sighed happily, feeling the warmth pressed against your back.

Only Us (Part 2/2), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Reader owns a bookstore that Lin often frequents.

Words: 1,161

Author’s Note: Smut lite at the end (spoiler-y?) but yeah. I’m tired and I love Lin so here’s this thing. Part 3 is gonna be a bit angsty but that’s life, yo.

Warnings: Smut lite? Cursing.

Askbox | Masterlist | Part 1

Alright this is cool. You could be cool. Totally fucking cool.

You had been texting on and off for a bit, mostly just to catch up on a few things. You foolishly asked his relationship status and spent a week kicking yourself that you had come off desperate.

He, being the charming and ever-oblivious Lin that you remembered, enthusiastically replied that he was single and ready to mingle.

You were pretty sure no one had used that phrase un-ironically in years, but he loved to prove you wrong. The texting led to plans, the plans led to solidifying plans, and those solid plans led you to his front door step, a casserole dish in your hands.

You dug up your family’s sacred casserole recipe for this.

Balancing it carefully in one arm against your hip, you knocked quickly.

Shit. You really didn’t think this through. What were you going to greet him with? Was a ‘hello’ too casual? Do you hug him? Are you supposed to hug a Tony and Grammy winning artist?

“You made it!” He happily answered, the door swinging open the second your fist finished knocking.

You stood still for a second - maybe you could just bolt and try again another day. Like a video game, you had three lives to get it right.

“Casserole.” You presented him with the dish.

“And here I was thinking that was a cake.” He quipped, taking the dish from your hands and tilting his head, “Come on.”

With no other option but to follow (he did have a very secret casserole in his hands) you trekked behind him, closing and locking the door. No escape.

With the casserole reheating in his very nice oven - he opened a bottle of cheap wine. His taste hadn’t changed from high school, although back then he was chugging liters of various flavored Shasta.


“I know about you.” You blurted, eyes trained on your half-empty glass.

“That’s a weird and ominous thing to say.” 

It certainly was, but there was no going back now.

“I’ve probably walked by billboards with your face on them hundreds of times and I didn’t even know. Magazines and newspapers and-” You stopped, taking in his quirked eyebrow, “You rap about a dead white guy!”

You shoved your pointer finger in his direction, as if you were accusing him of a horrible crime.

“Guilty.” He shrugged, reaching for his glass.

“Don’t even get me started on the Tony award.” You cried, suddenly feeling very small in his vast New York home.

“Dude, you need to settle down.” His hand was on your knee and you could do anything but. You forced your babbling to cease, but your throat cried for another drink of wine.

It’s just-” You hesitate, all too aware of his hand still very much pressed against your knee, “-it’s bizarre. I went to high school with you!”

“High school was nearly twenty years ago.” He offered, as if that would provide you comfort.

“We haven’t seen each other in almost twenty years.” You mused.

“How did you ever survive?” He asked as his oven beeped. He sprang into action, serving the dish in a very friendly way that definitely didn’t say ‘Hey, it’s been twenty years, let’s bang.’

Except it totally did.

You tried to ignore the implications of the cheap wine and the dim lighting as knifes scraped against china plates. Everything was totally normal and completely platonic.

You remembered the feeling of his hand on your knee.

After dinner he led you to his study - which held practically as many books as your store did with a piano tucked into the corner. The view of the George Washington Bridge from a certain spot in that room reminded you of your forty-five minute bus rides to school.

You smiled fondly at the memories, wishing to God that you tried a little harder, wiggled a little deeper into his friend group. Maybe you’d be somewhere else - maybe your sacred casserole dish would belong to the both of you.

You shook the thought from your head and tried to focus on what he was saying - something about getting together on another day.

“Sure.” You answered, not positive as to what you were agreeing to.

“Great! You can look at your schedule-” You lost focus again, eyes trained on his moving hands as you sat next to him on his worn out couch.

You suddenly recalled a random article you picked out about him. The fluff pieces - you’ve come to find - always had a sweet few paragraphs about how sweet the celebrity is and what they ordered for lunch that day.

This one - a Times magazine article - focused on his likability. How he walked into a room or spoke to someone and suddenly everyone was smiling and laughing and completely infatuated with him.

He was like that in high school, completely charming and you couldn’t remember a time he had been without a girlfriend. 

Yet here he was, completely single and he wanted to spend his off day eating your stupid casserole and drinking cheap wine with you.

You could see where the Times was coming from.

“-and you’re totally not listening to me, are you?” His head tilted as he re-gained your attention, “I’m probably rambling. If you don’t stop me I will literally talk forever, so really just cut me off-”

You rushed forward before you could second guess yourself.

This guy who had once been a distant but permanent fixture in your life came stumbling back in and he was successful and smart and funny and everything you remembered him being and more. You hadn’t felt this excitement since college, freshly out of the tiny pond and thrown into the ocean.

Someone’s eyes would linger just a bit too long and you could picture your entire life with them before they turned away.

The kiss was quick and you certainly wanted to go back for more. You chanced a glance in his direction, the moon illuminating his figure from the window.

“When I pictured us kissing back in high school it was always me kissing you, not you kissing me.” He laughed, relaxing into his couch as he held his hand out to you.

Just glancing over him felt like you were hit by a truck. His dopey grin and long hair that he hadn’t stopped running his hands through all night. He was so god-damn kissable it made you angry.

You denied his hand and upped the ante, throwing your leg over his and settling into his lap.

He immediately sat up, attention gained, hands secure on your waist and a questioning look on his face.

“You pictured kissing me in high school?” You asked, which was quickly answered with a nod. “I pictured kissing you, too.” You admitted, “But I’m picturing something completely different now.”

“You are?” He gulped, grip on your waist tightening as you pressed further into him.

You smirked.

“I am.”

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The question is... why do you love Dan? 😊

oh god..i was hoping no one would ever ask me this. this is about to get really mushy and embarrassing pal

okay so I love Dan for many many reasons so lets start with because he’s so incredibly sweet. like he always thinks about others and wants to make sure that they’re okay. I love that he treats fans so kindly it’s like he immediately becomes friends with everyone he meets. I love that he gives to charity and is even an ambassador for one. I love that he is vocal about the things he believes in. i love that he covers female artists songs and doesnt change the pronouns. I love that hes such a dork about David Lynch and movies and music. I love that his smile makes my heart warm even when its ice cold. I love his dorky clothes and how even tho he has a lot of money he looks like an average person. i love all his goofy hairstyles, i love his big beautiful eyes and their wrinkles. i love that even though he is a horrible dancer that doesn’t stop him from dancing. i love that he can laugh at himself. i love all his freckles. i love that he has stretch marks cause that makes me feel less awful about mine, i love how talented he is at writing songs and singing. i love that he is so humble. i love that he makes the stupidest faces when he takes selfies. i love that he is so hugable and kissable. i love that he has a slightly crooked tooth and middle finger (my middle finger is also slightly crooked) i just love everything about him

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Taehyung daddy smut partition beyoncè 😊

Daddy’s Little Kitten- V(Requested Smut)

Partition- Beyonce(Audio)

//daddy has some new toys for his favorite little kitten//

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daddy kink warning obviously, so proceed with caution nonnies;)

I walk out the bedroom door, surprised to find Taehyung sitting at the table, loosening his tie after a long day. “Hey babe, why didn’t you tell me you were here?”

“I wanted to surprise you,” He smirks a little, jaw slackening a bit when he sees me. “What are you wearing that in public for?” He demands slowly, licking his lips sensually.

My dress is tight and black, settling in my curves and down my mid thigh. I grip the wall as I lift one leg to put on my blue pumps, meeting Taehyung’s eyes as they roam over my body while it’s shifting and moving under the fabric.

“Kitten…” Taehyung purrs, leaning forward on his legs.

“I have a meeting in an hour, Tae.” I block his intense eye fucking session, putting on my other wheel before skirting around the opposite side of the table and into the kitchen. Searching through the drawers for our granola bars, I feel Tae ride against me as I bend down. 

“It should be illegal for you to go out like this.” He murmurs, bending over my hunched figure and breathing onto my neck.

“Tae.. I-”

“Shhh, hush little kitten.” He applies the slightest pressure with his fingers along my sides.

“Tae I really need to get going.”

He hums. “You said an hour.” His tongue flicks across my skin, eliciting shivers down my spine. “Don’t you know all the things daddy can do in that time?”

I swallow thickly as his long fingers lace through my hair, pulling my head back and moving closer against me, rubbing through the thin material of my dress. “But-”

“You’re going to make daddy angry if you keep resisting. Don’t you want to see the surprise I brought for you?”

I nod, straining against his grip. I’d spent forty five minutes getting dressed up and I wasn’t even going to make it out the door on time. Taehyung gives my ass a little pinch as I stand and break from his clutches, spinning around to meet with rock hard chest.

His tie is off, spinning it between his agile fingers before cocking his head. “Give me your hands, kitten.” He orders, tying my wrists together with a firm knot, the silk stretching against my skin.

My core is slowly heating, the feeble fabric of my thong soaking, only worsening from the friction as he leads me to the bedroom, legs rubbing as I walk. I’m not sure what kind of surprise Taehyung has, or whether I’ll even be able to walk after he’s done showing it to me. Because once he’s gotten fired up, it takes him a long, long time to come back down.

He tells me to sit on the bed and I do so, trying to stay patient as he reaches up in the closet for a rectangular black box, my stomach churning nervously as he saunters back over, opening the sleek, reflective lid.

A long black vibrator sits inside, a little pink collar sitting on top of it, a little heart on the collar branding me as Daddy’s Little Kitten. A small whimper escapes my lips, rubbing my thighs together to try and get more between my legs.

“Daddy…” I moan quietly, loving the intense look he gives me.

“What do you want, kitten?” He asks, leaning over me to fasten the collar around my neck, stepping back to admire my form. “I’m just about willing to give you anything looking like that.”

I lick my lips, tasting the cosmetic of my red lipstick. I’d love to see it over Taehyung’s face, painting his plump lips in a deep rogue. “I want you.”

He hums in assent, taking the vibrator from it’s box and rolling it between his palms, heating the cool rubber. “Daddy wants to play with you first.”

Leaning me back against the pillows, the pads of his fingers shimmy up the hem of my dress, pushing the stretchy material up the smooth expanse of my thighs until it’s pooled around my hips, underwear darker where my arousal has soaked through.

“Oh, Kitten.” Taehyung’s exaggerating voice enthralls me, deep and guttural in my ears. “Does Daddy really get you this excited?”

I whimper as he rubs a finger along my inner thigh, sensations ripping through my core at his barely there touch. “Ngggghh, yes.”

Slipping his fingers under my panties he pulls them down from the center, nails just lightly grazing my clit before he’s gone, leaving me a mewling mess in his wake. “You look so pretty laid out for Daddy like this.” He murmurs against my calves, lips working their way back up my skin. “Close your eyes.”

I do as I’m told, nails digging into my palms as he gets higher and higher, my body arching at the sudden sensation of his surprise toy against me. He moves the rubber head up and down along me in slow circles, not even turning it on and knowing it’s enough to drive me insane.

“Hmmm, let me hear you, kitten. You seem awfully quiet.”

He flips the switch on the side of the vibrator, a low purring sound coming from the black toy and high pitched moans tearing from my throat as it stimulates my clit in a cacophony of pleasure. My hips are rocking of their own accord, broken cries falling from my lips.

“Daddyyy… I-” My throat works as I struggle to keep my composure, fighting an uphill battle. “Daddy, please, I’m already about to-”

“Hold it.” He growls. “If you cum now, you’re going to be in very big trouble, Kitten.”

I roll my eyes, throwing my head back against the mattress and trying to squirm away from the toy, which only drives Taehyung to hover over me, trapping me as he turns it up higher. Before I can cry out he catches my lips in a kiss, swallowing the orgasmic sound whole.

His tongue slips along mine with ease, overtaking me in an instant as my legs begin to shake as I push away my approaching orgasm. I can’t breathe or focus or comprehend anything but the raw ecstasy that he’s put me under, careening under his demanding control.

“Daddy I-!” Falling headfirst into my orgasm I can only barely recognize that Taehyung has pulled from my lips, staring down at me with that deep, deep rogue spread across his lips and cheek. He looks so kissable, so fuckable, so sexy.

His groan turns into a growl as he watches me orgasm, writhing and rocking my hips up into the vibrator as it works me shamelessly and rocks me from head to toe. “You were a naughty kitten.” Taehyung’s voice is dangerous and low as he leans in, the room now quiet without the buzzing. “Now Daddy is going to have to punish you as soon as you get back home.”   

His words reach through the euphoria, shaking my head. “No, no, I’m sorry. I’ll be a good kitten, Daddy, I promise. I don’t want punishment.”

His smile is a wicked sympathy, his large hands beginning to pull my dress back down over the curve of my ass, slapping it roughly as I arch. “Bad kittens don’t get rewards.” He states, getting up from his spot above me with dark eyes. “And Daddy still has more surprises in store for your return.”

daddy tae got me feelin some kind of way…

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here, there, and everywhere

i want her everywhere and if she’s beside me i know i need never care … | 3,500 words | rated T

day five of rucas fic week ( future ) | aka 3 times riley and lucas moved in together and one time they didn’t

“Oh, come on, you have to take this with you.”

Riley hops off Lucas’s bed, photo in her fingers as she wanders over to him. They’ve been cooped up in his bedroom for more than a couple of hours, meticulously going through all of his things to decide which items he’s going to put in her room for the remainder of their time in the city. Sure, college is calling their names and they may be thousands of miles apart in just a few months, but while he’s here he’s going to be spending far more time at her place than anywhere else.

Offering him a drawer in her bedroom and practically inviting him to move in seemed a little crazy when she first thought about it, but in the end she’s glad she did. It feels right, and she knows it’s not like his parents are likely to care much. She has to wonder if his father will even notice he’s gone.

On the other hand, she does worry about how she’s going to top it as far as birthday gifts. But she’ll consider it a challenge.

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distracting kiss- techienician??

When you are competing, maybe playing video games or something so you press kisses anywhere available; arms, nose, knees, ears, knuckles, temple, just anywhere to distract them.

The redhead has never struck Matt as much of a party guy–he seems, more than anything, like he wants to keep to himself. Which was a shame, since Matt would have liked to get to know him better. Though Techie wasn’t classically handsome, not chiseled or muscular or smoldering or anything like that, he seemed so sweet and soft and Matt had thought more than once about what he’d do if he asked him to go out and do something with him. But he’d always assumed the answer would be no. 

So seeing him at the party had been a surprise on its own, and seeing him laughing, a mostly-empty beer bottle lightly dangling from one hand as he talked to someone that Matt didn’t know was even more shocking. Who the fuck was he when he wasn’t at work?–or when he was drunk, which Matt had to assume he was. His hair was tied back in a loose ponytail at the nape of his neck, and there was a perfect amount of pink to his cheeks and nose. He looked so kissable that Matt had to tear his eyes away.

This was fascinating. Even more interesting that when someone suggested they all play Super Smash Brothers, Techie literally jumped at the opportunity, the beer bottle falling to the ground–luckily, it was empty by that point. Now was the perfect opportunity to get in close, and Matt took up the offer as well.

Even tipsy–to put it lightly–the two of them had been playing this game forever, and pretty handily dispatched the other two players. Party guests started to gather around, holding dripping cans of beer and bottles of hard cider, betting money and joints and chicken nuggets on whether Matt or Techie would win. “We gotta switch to timed battles next round,” somebody said. “These two are gonna be at it until fucking Judgment Day.” 

Techie giggled.

Of course they made it down to one life each. By this point it had become the sole focus of everyone at the party, and the stakes were only getting higher, more snacks and cigarettes added to the betting pool. Matt’s hands were beginning to sweat, and he couldn’t tell if it was from holding the controller or from sneaking glimpses of Techie, who was playing with a mock-focused on look on his face, his tongue just barely poking out from between his lips. 

When it seemed liked Matt was poised to win, Techie used his last weapon, and leaned in to press a sloppy, adorable, sudden kiss on Matt’s mouth, somehow managing to send Matt’s character topping off the edge. Game set!

“He cheated!” wailed those who had bet on Matt. “Come on, that’s just playing dirty!”

But Matt, who had ostensibly lost, could see only the mischievous look in Techie’s eye, and the way he was touching his lower lip with the tip of hid finger, and he knew now that Techie would not mind one bit if, while the next round of players took their turn, Matt kissed him on that worn-out couch, under the low fairy lights, while everyone else screamed and laughed and carried on. 

I am and have been extremely in love with Cole Sprouse since I was a little kid and so when I started watching Riverdale I DID NOT EXPECT TO SUDDENLY FALL IN LOVE WITH KJ. I just wanna kiss his face… like all the time.

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I mumbled about this in the tags but if mackie were single I’d say yes but DID U KNOW HIS WIFE IS HIS FIRST GF OR HIGHSCHOOL SWEETHEART AND tbh that’s so CUTE I want to die whenever I think about how FUCKIN FINE HE IS.

Tbh, I have never wanted to kiss someone SO BADLY as I did him. Honest to god. He looks so soft and kissable and that right there is why all caps has to be canon because stove and borky have eyes.

callout post for pascal

pascal @doriangreye is very problematic and i’m here to tell you all why

  • blinds me with his radiance every time he sends me a selfie
  • writes awful names when he wants to come into my rabbit room
  • made me CRY because he did so well in his exams and i was so proud of him
  • dragged me in the groupchat and then messaged me because he was worried he was being too mean (how is anyone that sweet??)
  • not ONLY is he a bottom, but he’s a TRIPLE bottom
  • is too far away for me to kiss right now (which is problematic bc he’s so cute and kissable)
  • covered his face when we were video calling because i was bullying him too much and he wanted to punish me

to conclude: i love him hes a sweetie and i cant wait until he’s here with me