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Right. So. Might be mildly addicted to your 'Gods and Monsters' series. Definitely need an intervention, but I'll prolly ignore that anyway, so... anyway, can you do something with Zeus and Hera? I've always thought it was massively whack that the goddess of fidelity was with --according to Greek mythos--one of the biggest adulterers on Olympus. Definitely smelling a bit of an abusive relationship there, if you catch my drift... okay byeeeee

Hera, the young goddess of marriage and family, is only unfaithful to her husband once.

She seduces Zeus first, right as the war ends and they’re all pain and ash and thrumming with the excitement of victory. She smiles just so and touches his bloody chest, her hand pale against the dark copper of his skin and, and when he looks at her his eyes spark with the lightning he so easily commands. She is named his wife that very night, her body littered with bruises from his rough, eager hands, and she tells herself the bile at the back of her throat tastes like victory.

She is queen of the gods. This is what she wants.

They’ve all claimed their domains and gone their separate ways, Demeter to the earth, Hades to the underworld, and Hestia to Olympus where they plan to build their palace. But Poseidon still lingers. “Don’t you have an ocean to conquer?” she asks.

He looks at her, then behind her to where Zeus is busy sketching plans for Olympus. “You don’t have to do this,” he says softly, “you – you can come with me if you want. Or I’m sure Hades would take you.”

Hera has no time for Poseidon and his soft heart. “I will only belong to the best,” she says, tossing her head so her crown of curls fall over her shoulder. “You should go. You have work to do.”

“There are more important things than power,” he says uncomfortably, shifting from foot to foot.

“No,” she says, “there aren’t.”


Hera would not mind Zeus’s women so much if they were not constantly giving him children, something she has been unable to do.

She is an obedient wife. She does not turn her powers against him, and she’s tolerant of his mortals at first, but the longer she is empty of child the less patience she has. How can she be the goddess of family without one of her own?

Her spite gets in her way, and she hurls every kind of obstacle and curse she can at the woman her husband lies with. At first he is angry with her, and bruises litter her throat and wrists. Then, as her wrath and powers grow, he is afraid of her. He watches her warily, sneaking to the mortal realm when before he wouldn’t even try to hide it. He submits when she pins him to the bed and rides him hard, desperate for a child of his, desperate to fulfill the perfect image of wife and mother she’s built for herself.

No matter her magic, no matter how many times they lie together, Hera does not get with child.

She goes to Hestia, and her sister presses a hand to her stomach and purses her lips and says, “Must it be his child?”

Hera stares. She’s the goddess of marriage and family. She is not capable of infidelity. “I – I can’t.”

“Just once,” Hestia says, “the problem is not with you, nor with him, clearly. Only the combination of you both. Lie with any other man, and you will have your child.”

So Hera, just once, puts on a disguise and goes to the mortal realm. She finds a man with skin darker than Zeus’s, a rich warm brown that matches his soft eyes. She lies with him, and it hurts. He is kind and patient and kisses the edge of her jaw, her shoulders, her navel. But to be unfaithful grates against her very nature as a goddess, and every moment is agony. He finishes, his mouth whispering kind things against her own, and she leaves as soon as she can.

It works. She becomes round with child, and is happier than she’s been in a long time. She does not mind Zeus’s mortals, and he even becomes kinder while the baby grows inside of her. His hands become softer, and he spends less time away from Olympus.

The baby is born, and Zeus is furious.

The child is too dark to be his, and he tears it from Hera’s hands while she lies exhausted from the birth. “What do you care?” she cries, struggling to stand, “You have dozens of children. What does it matter if I have one?”

He holds the baby in one hand and grabs her jaw with the other, pulling her to her knees. “You are my wife,” he hisses, “the goddess of marriage and family. You will have my child, or no child at all.”

He throws the baby from Mount Olympus. Hera screams, pushing herself away from him and attempting to jump after it. Zeus catches her around the waist, and with a crackle of power and roar of rage, he sends a lightning bolt after the baby.

The child may have survived the fall, but not the lightning.

“NO!” Hera screeches, clawing at his arm as she struggles to escape his grasp. Normally she’s not this helpless against him, but delivering her baby has left her weaker than she’s ever been before.

He presses the flat of his hand against her swollen womb, adding pressure until she cries out in pain and tries to squirm away from him. “My child,” he repeats, voice low and terrible, “or no child at all.”

He lets her go, and she collapses, grasping out a hand over the edge of Olympus. But the blood between her thighs is still wet, and she can’t find the energy to stand. She wonders if she’ll have to crawl down the mountain to retrieve her baby’s corpse.

“Sister!” Soft hands grab her shoulder and gently roll her onto her back. Hestia’s face fills her vision, and Hera has never seen the older goddess of hearth and fire look so cold. “I’ll kill him,” she says, hands hovering over Hera like she’s not sure where to begin. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t think this would happen, I didn’t think he would – I didn’t think.”

Hera curls on her side until she can place her head in her sister’s lap. She’s not sobbing anymore, she’s never been one to fall into hysterics, but she can’t stop crying, a steady stream of tears dripping silently down her face. Hestia runs trembling hands through her hair. “Don’t,” she whispers, “I did this, this is my fault. I – I should have known better.”

Hestia’s hand cup her face, leaning over so she can look her in the eye. “This is not your fault.”

Her sister stands and picks her up in her arms. Hera tries to tell her to put her down, that Zeus will be angry if she leaves, that she did this to herself. But she falls unconscious before she can get any of it out.


Hera awakens someplace soft and warm. She opens her eyes, and she’s inside Hades’s palace. Her confusion lasts only until her memories come rushing back, and then she has to bite her lip until it bleeds to stop herself from crying out.

“Hestia brought you here. She’s returned to Olympus to cover for you both. Do not worry – Zeus doesn’t know where you are.” She turns her head, and sees the goddess of magic at her side. Hecate smiles, “I have mended you, do not worry. All is well.”

All is not well. That statement is so far from true, and her instant urge is to crush Hecate to dust for the audacity. Before she can make up her mind one way or the other, there’s a soft knock on the door. It opens to reveal her elder brother. “I have something that belongs to you,” he says, and Here focuses on the bundle in the crook of his elbow.

Her baby’s corpse. She’s relieved someone thought to get it. Her heart feels like lead, and all the control she’d had over her emotions is gone instantly. She hopes they’ll leave her alone to hold the body of her child and weep.

Hades gingerly sits on the edge of the bed, and Hecate rises to help Hera prop herself up so she’s at least sitting. “He’s a strong little thing,” Hades says, and Hera doesn’t understand.

Then a warm, wriggling baby is placed in her arms. He’s got great big eyes and his mouth splits into a toothless grin when he sees her. “He’s alive,” she says numbly.

“Not without sacrifice,” Hecate says softly, and reaches over to undo the blanket he’s swaddled in.

Her son has no legs below his knees.

“Zeus’s lightning bolt didn’t kill him, but we cannot return what was lost,” Hades says, pained. “When he’s older, maybe we can do something, give him something in place of legs. But for now, there’s nothing I can do.”

The king of the underworld is the most powerful god after her husband. Hera knows that, even if Zeus doesn’t. If Hades can’t do anything about her son’s legs, then no can. But he’s alive, Zeus didn’t manage to kill him, and Hera finds herself so grateful that she’s holding a smiling, living child that she can’t be anything but relieved. Her son is alive, and happy. He doesn’t need legs.

“I can’t bring him back to Olympus,” she looks up at them, “Can you find someone to raise him? Someone you trust?”

She doesn’t trust anyone, so it can’t be her choosing.

“You’re going back to him?” Hecate demands, “Hestia said – but I thought for sure – you don’t have to! Don’t go back to him!”

“I must,” she holds her son to her chest, and he reaches out with chubby hands to tug at her hair. “I am the goddess of marriage, and he is my husband.”

Hecate stares, aghast. “Don’t – don’t, Hera. Please. Stay here. Hades will protect you.”

She looks up at her brother, and he raises an eyebrow. He would protect her, he would put himself in between her and Zeus’s wrath if she asked him to. But she won’t, and she thinks he knows it. She says, “I am Hera of the Heights, of Argos, of the Mound. I am the cow eyed, white armed goddess of marriage and of family. I am Hera, queen of the gods.” She looks down at her son, and her heart clenches, because for now a title that cannot be afforded to her is that of mother. “I will not abandon my dominion, nor my husband. I will return to Mount Olympus.”

“But you don’t love him,” Hecate says helplessly.

Hera stares, baffled that anyone could think her marriage had anything to do with love. “Of course not. But this isn’t about love. It’s about power.”

The goddess of magic swallows, then says, “I will raise him.”

Even Hades is surprised by that. “Hecate?”

“I will raise him,” she repeats, “He will stay with me, safe in the underworld where Zeus cannot find him, until he’s old enough and strong enough to protect himself.”

“Thank you,” Hera says, and lowers her head enough to kiss the top of her son’s head. “Tell him that I’m the one that threw him from Olympus.” When she looks up, Hades is resigned while Hecate looks on in horror. “Tell him, tell everyone. I gave birth to a hideous son, and I threw him from Olympus. His legs were crushed in the fall. I did this. Zeus tried to stop me, but could not.”

“Why?” Hecate asks.

Hera smiles down at her son, her heart full with a helpless sort of love. “So that when he ventures from the safety of the underworld, Zeus will have no reason to hurt him. So that when he comes to Olympus, Zeus will be unable to hurt him without explaining he was the one that tried to kill him in the first place.” She runs the back of her finger down his cheek, and he grabs it, his little fist holding onto her. “Blame me, and he will be safe.”

Hecate looks like she wants to argue. Hades puts a hand on her shoulder and asks Hera, “What’s his name?”

Her son smiles, and tugs at her hand, the beginnings of a giggle gurgling in his throat.

“His name is Hephaestus.”


When she returns, she no longer has any patience for Zeus’s mortals. When before she had only inconvenienced them, now she’s not playing any games. Those that do not die end up wishing they had, and she’s especially vindictive to any mortal carrying her husband’s child.

She sits on her throne, waiting, a smirk curled around the corner of her lips.

Zeus barges in and charges towards her. He’s so angry smoke is rising off his skin. “You,” he hisses, “this is your doing.”

“Whatever do you mean?” she asks, unflinching when he slams his hands on either side of her head, crushing the back of her throne with the force of it.

“She and the children are dead,” he snarls, “my children are dead! I know this is your doing, it reeks of your handiwork.”

Hera slides forward to the edge of her throne, their faces nearly touching, and spreads her legs. He flexes his hands, because even at his most furious he still wants her. She is his wife and his queen. She banishes her clothing so she’s spread out before him, hair piled high and jewelry glinting around her neck. “What are you going to do about it?”

He kisses her hard enough to bruise, and Hera crosses her legs around his back, urging him closer. “Why are you doing this?” he hisses, mouthing at her neck, because he hates her even as he loves her, hates her because he loves her, and loves her because he hates her.

She waits until he’s inside her to lick the shell of his ear and whisper, “My child, or no child at all, husband.”

When he breaks her skin with his teeth, she only laughs.

They do this to each other. Maybe they are meant to be together.

gods and monsters series part xv

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[Requested] Yuu and Tomori's Love Life Abridged - The Thrilling Saga [updated]
  • Nao: Welcome to the academy!
  • Yuu: fuck this place
  • Nao: oh why you wanna end up like my bro?
  • Yuu: wut
  • Nao: I lost my brother, but thanks to that one person I can trust, I was able to escape that school environment...
  • Yuu: that's sad
  • *an episode later*
  • Yuu: good god
  • *shit goes down*
  • Yuu: you know you are kinda pretty
  • *another episode later*
  • Nao: Let's go camping!
  • Yuu: fuckin christ this student council is whack af
  • *goes out shopping*
  • Yuu and Nao: *argues about groceries*
  • Yusa: oh my god those two are so in sync!
  • Takajo: They should go out!
  • Yusa: nah they ain't dating
  • Takajo: awwwwww
  • Yuu: aw fuck ayumi is sick
  • Nao: She also has the "collapse" ability whatever that is. We should probably take care of her
  • Yuu: idk
  • Ayumi: ARE YOU TWO DATING????
  • Nao and Yuu: fuck off
  • Ayumi: *dies*
  • Yuu: *hides himself in his room*
  • Nao: Oh god, he lost his little sister. That's pretty understandable.
  • Yuu: *runs away from home*
  • Nao: He probably wants to be alone, I mean, I can't blame him...
  • Yuu: *does nothing but eat pizza and watch anime*
  • Nao: Maybe he'll cheer up if he does something that he enjoys???
  • Yuu: *gets addicted to a violent video game and releases maniac laughter*
  • Nao: It was someone close to him but-
  • Yuu: *starts picking fights with everyone who crosses his path*
  • Nao: oh dear...
  • Yuu: *snorts crack cocaine*
  • *kicks the shit out of Yuu*
  • Nao: I was watching you this whole time! Get your ass out of the grass, and come with me. I wanna make you something.
  • Yuu: dammit
  • Nao: Just one bite, and then I swear we'll have nothing to do with each other anymore
  • Yuu: fine
  • Nao: *makes him rice cake*
  • Nao: Ayumi probably did this because she wanted to be your mom when she wasn't around anymore. Look at this *points to book*
  • Yuu: How did you get my mom's-
  • Nao: She probably saw this as your favorite meal and wanted to make it for you
  • Yuu: *gobbles it up*
  • Nao: it's good ain't it
  • Nao: Feeling better? :3
  • Yuu: what the fuck you said you wanted nothing to do with me after this
  • Nao: after one bite, you ate the whole thing, and i watched thinking "Wow, you must really want something to do with me!"
  • Yuu: ... please go fuck yourself
  • Nao: come back, k?
  • Yuu: k
  • *an episode later*
  • Nao: who wants to go to the Zhiend concert with me?
  • Yusa and Takajo: you should go yuu!
  • Yuu: Why me?!
  • Yusa and Takajo: dude literally everyone here ships you and tomori and if you don't fuckin go out with her you'll be sorry
  • Yuu: FINE
  • Yuu: *meets Sara Shane*
  • Sara: you love that tomori bitch don't you
  • *the next day*
  • Nao: i don't want anyone thinking we're dating please put the phone case back
  • Yuu: fuck
  • Nao: here hold my hand i don't wanna be bored
  • Yuu: oh well what do you know maybe she likes me
  • *shit goes down with memories*
  • Nao: you collapsed
  • Nao: oh sorry forgot
  • Yuu: da fuck happened
  • Kuagami: right this way
  • Yuu: r... r u fuckin kidding me rn
  • *mmm whatcha say*
  • Shunsuke: so I timeleaped and shit so there you have it
  • Yuu: can dis bitch pls stop
  • *saves Ayumi*
  • *an episode later*
  • Yuu: hey so all this crazy shit happened in another world would you believe me if i told you that i'm from the future?
  • Nao: ya probably
  • Yuu: Thank you for everything!
  • Nao: the fuck you talkin about
  • Yuu: Well, in a different world, you did cool stuff
  • Nao: well, thanks i guess...
  • Nao: *gets kidnapped*
  • Kumagami: *dies*
  • *an episode later*
  • Everyone: ya she good
  • *visits Tomori*
  • Nao: well i have this crazy idea but idk if it will work. It would be a feat of strength though
  • Yuu: What is it?
  • Nao: You see... if you loot everyone's ability all around the world and then took the anti-power vaccine... that would save everyone
  • Yuu: ...
  • Nao: See, I told you it was craz-
  • Yuu: IMMA DO IT
  • Nao: lol wut
  • Nao: bruh you don't even have a motive...
  • Yuu: ya i do
  • Nao: what then?
  • Yuu: i love you
  • Nao: *looks into the camera like she's in The Office*
  • Yuu: What?
  • Nao: I came to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • Yuu: bitch why the fuck do you say that
  • Nao: our compatibility is absolutely the worst we would never be a good couple
  • Nao: Fine. Save the world, and we'll fuck. Sound good?
  • Nao: ur really desperate for my pussy aren't you?
  • Nao: fine then
  • Yuu: *leaves*
  • Nao: lmao hes fuckin dead

Things Not Considered
Word Count: 1300
Rated: T
Warnings: Drug overdose
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“Monsieur Zimmermann! Monsieur Zimmermann!” 

Bob Zimmermann took a lot of things for granted. 

He worked hard every day of his life. He had made it to the NHL on nothing but his own merit and gave 100% of everything he had for everything that he did. Bob Zimmermann was not the type of man to believe he could have missed something along the way. 

When he first held his son in his arms he had known it was over, no going back. No Stanly Cup win or League trophy was ever going to feel like anything more than empty metal now that he knew what this feeling was. 

“Monsieur Zimmermann! Call 911! Call 911!” 

Jack had been, right from the very first breath he took, the most important thing in the world to Bob and Alicia Zimmermann. Before he even took his first steps the world was talking about him. Everyone was speculating about what a great hockey player he would grow up to be, and Bob was bursting with pride. His son was going to be the greatest hockey player the NHL had ever seen, and was going to break every record. Bob knew it. 

“I do not know! I do not know! He was just laying there!” 

The day Jack stopped needing his father to lace up his skates for him was the day everything had really begun. Jack trained hard and he never complained, even as a child. He did every drill and every workout that was sent his way and, more than that, he excelled at them all. Jack Zimmermann ate, breathed, and lived hockey and Bob knew his son was nothing less than hockey royalty, destined to take the throne from him one day. 

Nothing would stand in his way. 

“Bobby he’s not breathing! Oh god, he’s not breathing…” 

The anxiety had been, admittedly, a set back. 

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based off of jet lag (ft. natasha bedingfield) by simple plan

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My babysitter- Luke Hemmings/punk Luke part one.

My babysitter- Luke Hemmings part 1

Jaymie’s POV-

‘I don’t understand, I don’t need a babysitter I’m nearly 17!?’ I scream towards the two parents in front of me with a bee unamused look as they sigh.

'Listen Jaymie, last time we had to come home early and to half a kitchen left, this time were gone for longer so I’m sorry, he should be hear soon anyway.
We love you and there’s money for food and emergencies in the kitchen were going to miss our flight.’

With that being said they left, see my parents own a small restaurant not far from where we live in Sydney Australia but we have only lived her recently, we also have another restaurant in England that seems to have been getting popular all of a sudden so they have gone to relocate that place to somewhere bigger.

Collapsing onto the sofa I could cry when the doorbell is rung as soon as I sit down.

'ITS OPEN’ I shout assuming it’s the babysitter.

So in strolled in some badass looking blonde boy with lip ring and from what I can tell there’s a black nose ring on the left side of his nose.

Out of nowhere this guy just starts laughing like to the point there’s actual tears streaming down his face.

'Hey Mikey come look at this!’ The guy calls over his shoulder as another boy walking in takes one look in my direction and followed the other boys actions.

'What the fuck are you laughing at!?’

Whipping his eyes the first boy answered.

'When I got told I was babysitting someone’s little girl I assumed like a 5 year old not some stuck, rich kid good girl’ he chuckles as I’m actually offended.

'For one I am not stuck up, rich kid? So because I’m not poor I’m categorised as some rich kid and as for good girl I’ll let you think that for now okay’ I smile walking of into the kitchen.

Sitting down on a stool I can just about hear the two guys whispering.

'Got your work cut out for you this time Luke’ there’s amusement in the boys voice as he chuckles closing the front door.

It’s silent for a couple of minutes before the boy who I’m assuming is Luke walks through my kitchen throwing his leather jacket on the island to go through my cupboards…cheeky little shit.

'So what’s your name kid?’ He doesn’t even look at me as he takes out a box of Cheerios walking to the fridge to get the milk, I watch him as he grabs a handful of the small circles throwing them in his mouth to gulp the milk from the bottle.

That’s fucking gross, only I’m aloud to do that!

'Jaymie, and now you can go buy me some more milk’ sighing I fold my arms on the Islam counter placing my head on them.

'Well jaym’s (pronounced like James) looks like ill be staying in this humble abode for a while, I don’t buy my own milk and I’m not about to start buying yours’ he laughs patting my shoulder to which I flinch not realising he had walked over.

'Prick’ I mutter slowly slinking out the kitchen as I hear him shout 'no swearing your grounded!’ Just to see if he’s serious I walk out of the front door slamming it shut to make sure he knows I’m not inside anymore.

Walking down the street I’m grabbed back by my wrist harshly.

'Im in charge and I just said you’re grounded that means inside of the house, understand!?’ I can feel his hot breath fanning over my face and If I was a normal person I’d find that hot but people breathing on my freaks me out.

'Don’t fucking breath on me’ I glare as he cocks an eyebrow up before pulling back towards the house.

'I didn’t think you were being serious!?’ I trying pulling my wrist from his grasp but he’s not having any of it.

'I wasn’t, but I didn’t think you’d leave …’ He doesn’t loosen his grip as we reach the house and close the door but he throws me towards the starts as i stumble I grab onto the banister to stop myself from falling.

'What the fuck was that for!?’

'Room, I have friends over soon’ is all he says as he turned on his heel walking to the living room.

This is going to be one long month.

AN: I dunno do you like it Should I carry on!?

Mistakes, part 7. (Neymar imagine)

His p.o.v

If i ever thought i had felt pain before, i was wrong. Nothing hurts as much as remembering how it is to kiss her, to touch her and to hold her, and not being able to do it again. Hell it even felt amazing when she called me ‘babe’, even though i know she didn’t mean to call me that. You’d think that her kissing me would make me happy, but i feel miserable. I realize it’s because i know she regrets it. No matter how much she wants me, she won’t give in to me, and that hurts. She feels like a drug. You can’t give a heroine addict who is recovering 10% of what he usually would get, because you know his desire for more will slowly kill him.
I just put Davi in bed, and hugged him a little longer knowing he’s the reason she is still in my life. I need to get her back, i think when i get into my own bed. I need to win her back, and make her mine again, and i will do anything to make it happen. I drift off into a sleep, with dreams about her.

She was the last thing i thought of when i fell asleep, and the first thing i thought about when i woke up. I’m in way too deep. I watch as Davi eats his cereal, and go in instagram. I’m pleasantly surpised when i see pictures of her and Davi ice skating yesterday. I rub my temples and try to think of an excuse to go to her. Instead i text her, but as soon as i press send i regret it.

Her p.o.v

I got sick the moment i stepped into my house. It’s been almost 3 years since i was ill, and it feels like hell. I blow my nose in a kleenex and pull my blanket back to cover me. It’s 57 degrees in my house and i’m still cold. I sneeze and feel my eyes water. This has got to be the worst day ever. I wonder what my friends would think if they saw me like this. They’re used to my perfect make up face, and my prefect outfits and hair. When i think about it like this, i  realize that i don’t really have any real friends. In the show business everyone pretends to be your friend, and you feel like you’re really popular. But at times like these you realize how lonely you are. My only real friend was Neymar, but now i don’t even have him. I could call David or Oscar but they are somewhere far away from me, and busy with their own lives. I get startled when i hear some weird sounds from the kitchen. Is there a robber in my house? I stand up cautiously, with the blanket wrapped around me and go take a look. I freeze when i feel wetness down at my feet, and i see how there’s water coming out of the dishwasher. The washing machines are in the basement of my apartment building, so the dishwasher is literally the only thing that would ruin my house if it broke down. And it did.
'OH GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK!’ I yell throwing away my blanket. Now i have to call someone to fix this mess and who knows how long it may take? When i pick up my phone to call someone i see that i have a text. Somehow i just know it’s him. I open it.

We need to talk.

I sigh and delete the message.
'No we don’t.’ I say aloud, before calling a plumber. 
About 4 hours later i’m checking in to a hotel, close to my house. The plumber said it would take at least three days to fix my dishwasher and fix the water damage. The people who lived below me came to yell at me and were suprised when they saw a famous person had been living above them. Irritared i give my credit card to the guy at the lobby, and he takes it cautiously. 
'How many nights?’ He asks, and i sigh.
'I have no idea, at least a week.’ Now that people know where i live i have to find a new house, on top of my new movie being filmed and all the problems with Neymar i feel like exploding. I feel like killing him for bringing me all this trouble. 
'Alright, if you don’t check out i’ll keep your room reserved for you.’ He smiles at me and nod.
'You’ve got room 203, which has a nice view on the skyline of London. It’s on the 6th floor, the last room on the right.’ I thank him, and walk towards the elevator with the guy who carries my bags and my two trolleys. I take one from him, and by the time i arrive in my room i’m sweating and puffing. I organize my clothes in the closet, and put my toiletries in the bathroom. After that i’m exhausted, so after i take a shower i collapse on the kingsized bed. I get a text from my agency, telling me that everything had to be stopped at the set today because i cancelled last. Which m minute. Which means i have no choice than to go tomorrow. I groan and set my alarm before drifting off into a restless sleep.

I don’t know how late it is when i hear someone banging on the door. I think it’s a dream, and turn around pulling my covers with me. But the banging continues, and i stand up, irritated and mad. I’m ready to slap the person who’s responsible for disturbing my sleep. But when i open the door, confusion takes over and i forget how to speak. Neymar is standing in front of my door, yelling at the guy who helped me with my bags earlier. 
'Sir if you harass people i’ll have to call the police.’ He says, holding his hands up, but Neymar has stopped screaming and looks at me now.
'What the hell do you think you’re doing?!’ I snap, and his face looks angry again. 
'Is everything ok miss?’ The younger boy asks. He looks a little pale and intimidated by Neymar but i nod and he leaves.
Neymar rudely walks into my room, and i wonder why he’s here.

'Are you gonna answer me or what?’ I ask, crossing my arms. He looks around, and turns around to me.
'YOU’RE STAYING AT A FUCKING HOTEL?!’ He yells, and i flinch.
'My dishwasher.. it-’ I start. 'I KNOW!’ He disrupts me and i’m honestly a little scared of him. 
'Do you know how i had to find out you were spotted in town at 2 fucking am?! I read it on twitter! I had to go to your appartment to find out what happened!’ I shake my head in confusion.
'Why were you looking for me?’ I ask, my voice sounds small and i see how he relaxes a little.
'I’ve been calling you all day, you left me no choice!’ He says, throwing his hands in the air. 
'I was too busy moving all my stuff. You can’t expect me to come running to you everytime you need me.’ I snap.
'And i’m ill, so i didn’t have the energy to talk to you.’ I add. His expression softens.
'You’re ill? How are you now?’ I sigh, and walk over to the bed to sit down. I’m wearing nothing but my underwear and  robe so i pull it down to cover my legs a little.  
'Not exactly great. Considering you just barged into my room.’ I say, looking up to him. He’s wearing jeans, and a tight white shirt and it looks amazing on him. He kneels in front of me. 
'Why didn’t you come to me meu amor? You could stay with us till your house is fixed.’  He says, and something inside of me snaps when he does. The fact that he acts like nothing happened, and we’re besties. Like i’m his puppy, who does everything he asks from me. I stand up, pushing him away and he stands up too.
'Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?!’ I yell at him, placing my fingers on his chest and pushing him away. He’s startled by my sudden mood swing.
'We broke up Neymar! We aren’t together anymore, and it’s all because of you! Because you couldn’t stay faithfull to me! You ruined everything we had, all because of her and you don’t even care about her!’ I dramatically grab my head. All my anger, my confusion and sadness comes together in one big ball of frustration and i’m glad it happens now. I’m not even finished yet.
'Because of you i had to move out in the middle of shooting a movie after months of hearing no, everytime i went to a casting! Because of you, everytime i see Davi i get reminded of what could have happened! We could’ve been happy!’ My eyes start to water, and i don’t care.
'How could you do this to me?’ I ask, and my voice cracks. Great..
'I loved- love you so much. I would have done everything for you! I would have moved to Brazil just to be closer to you, but you ruined it.’ I finish, with a sob, and Neymar’s hurt look satisfies me in the weirdest way possible.
'I’m sorry i ruined everything.’ He says, and i see the tears in his eyes.
'You gave up everything for me and i threw it away. I just want to ask you for one more chance baby. I miss you so much.’ His voice cracks too, and we’re a mess. 
'I don’t know why i didn’t realize this before but you are the red string in my life that keeps everything together. You were my first girlfriends Davi liked, and i’m so stupid for not seeing it before. Please give me one more chance.’ He says, getting down on his knee for me. He takes my hand, and i get the crazy idea he’s going to propose to me but that can’t happen. He wouldn’t do that. That’s crazy even for him. He can’t do that. I thought.. Because Neymar reaches for something in his pocket, and when he opens the little velvet black box, i feel all the blood drain from my face.

+sherlolly because...what was said

I’m still working through my feelings from TFP and today’s focus is that of the aftermath of Molly and Sherlock’s phone call. Also, I wanted to play around abit with a line that had troubled me in the episode. I guess I wanted to comfort myself a little haha. If you’ve come to read it, thank you so much. :) xx


Words  (also on FF.net)

It had been a week since the phone call. Molly had not been surprised at the silence after what had been an odd game of tug-of-war; a fight to see who could hold on to their veneer of protection just a little bit longer. Sherlock was not one to expose the contents of his heart, whatever those contents were, but neither was Molly. Sometimes, things were much better left unsaid, and Molly was a firm believer of that. 

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hepahestus  asked:

9 or 11 bellarke please :)

bellarke drabble, based on this gif (i did 11!):

send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write a drabble based on the gif

It was the most important night of Clarke’s life, and Bellamy Blake was nowhere to be seen. Not that she expected to see him, not when they hadn’t even spoken in two years.

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Hiiiii i know your drabbles aren't open but ... Put this on the side until you have time coz if i don't send it now i'm gonna forget the idea 😂 i was thinking of a Bucky x Reader (obv) where at the end of Winter Soldier he hides by a clinic to get his arm fixed (Steve dislocated his shoulder) and the reader is an intern and finds him by the side of the door and is super kind super calm with him and helps him? 😇

this…is so cute thank u for trusting me with prompt (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Originally posted by allthisherostuff

“(Y/N)?” Your boss asked, peeking her head out of one of the exam rooms.

“Yeah?” You asked, filing your time sheet.

“We’re closing up, could you please go lock the back door for me?” She politely asked.

“Sure thing,” You smiled, dropping the folder back into the cabinet.

You were grateful for your boss. You were only an intern, but she treated you with the same respect as the doctors and entrusted you with large tasks. You were starting to get the swing of things and found yourself falling in love with working at the small clinic.

You walked to the back door of the clinic, your pale blue scrubs rustling with each step you took. Just as you were about to lock the door, you heard commotion outside. This peaked your interests, and you found yourself opening up the door, looking for the source of the noise.

You let out a yelp when you found a man huddled up next to the red trash-bin. He was donned in what looked like specialized military gear, and he had a metal arm which was cradling his flesh one.

“Sir? Hello?” You called out, waving your hand. “Can I help you?”

He peeked one eye open, “I’m hurt.”

A soft smile appeared on your face, “Alright, come on in. I’ll help you.”

“No,” He croaked, “Nobody else can see me.”

“(Y/N)? Its date night with my husband tonight, do you mind finishing closing up?” Your boss called out, ushering her last client out the front door.

You winked at the injured man, “No!” 

A look of relief washed over his face.

“Whats your name?” You ask, stepping over to him.

He crinkled his nose, obviously thinking hard, “Bucky?”

You hoisted his metal arm over your shoulder, helping him stand up, “Well Bucky, can you tell me whats wrong?”

“My shoulder, I think its dislocated.”

The both of you lumbered down the hallway to one of the exam rooms. He was quiet, and you didn’t prod information out him.

“Okay,” You huffed, setting him on the exam table, “I’m gonna need you to, undress,” You explained, waving your arms around his body. “I’ll step out in the hall, let me know when you’re ready.”

You shuffled out of the room, collapsing onto the floor next to the door. You knew who he was, you watched the news. But he seemed so calm, and it was obvious he was in danger, so you went against your natural instincts to call the police and instead, help him.

“I’m ready,” He called out.

You stepped back into the room. Bucky sat on the bed, shirtless, with just his black pants on. You tried to not ogle his toned abs, considering the situation, but you stole a look because you couldn’t help it.

“First things first,” You began, pulling a pair of gloves onto your hands, “I need to pop your shoulder back into place. This might hurt, like really really bad.”

He smiled, “I can handle it.”

You placed your hand on either side of his bicep and pushed upward, forcing the bone back into place. There was a crack, and Bucky winced, but other than that, everything seemed fine.

“Wow,” You breathed, “Last time I did this, they passed out.”

Bucked laughed through his nose.

“I’m gonna put you in a sling, it’ll help prevent further injury. Also, put this bag of ice on your shoulder, it’ll help inflammation.”

You handed him all of the materials he needed. He grabbed your hand with his metal arm. He moved close to your face, his forehead close to yours.

“Thank you,” He whispered, “For taking care of me.”

“Of course,” You choked out, trying to focus on his eyes and not his lips.

“Maybe I’ll come back someday,” He swiftly pressed a kiss onto your cheek, and left the room in a ghost like fashion.

You noticed his clothes crammed into the corner of the room. You grabbed them and rushed out of the room hoping to catch him before he left.

“I have your shirt!”

But there was no response. You stood in the hallway, feeling the cool breeze of air flow through the open back door. You laughed a little, and touched the spot where he kissed you, hoping that he returned.

The One That Got Away

Dirty Harry Styles Imagine by lovezaynlikealovesong

‘Okay, Fine’ you said after throwing harry’s black shirt back into the closet, 'don’t wear it, its just that…it suits you more and I wanted you to look good tonight’ 'what do you mean, I don’t look good always?’ he asked in an annoyed voice. 'I didn’t say that, Harry… I meant to say tha-’ 'I know what you mean (Y/N)!’ he said picking up his belt and giving you one last look before leaving for the party 'you coming or not?’ he asked raising his voice. You hated when he was this way, well no one likes it but, it was extremely upsetting, and that too on christmas eve as well as Lou’s birthday party was making it even more worse. 'Of course I am baby’ you replied trying to calm him down a bit, but it didn’t help…not a bit.You shrugged it off and gave a last look in the mirror to yourself.'like you mean the 'baby” he murmered, thinking you didn’t hear it,but actually you did. He opened the door for you, as he always did, giving you the hint that he still cares about you. But you were too involved in the argument to notice that, it was way too difficult for you to take your mind off the mini fight you both had been having in installments for a pretty long time, and you knew that these were just warm ups, teh real thing was yet to come, but tonight? no, it can’t be,  you thought to yourself, you were pretty sure. 'Thank you’ you said, but not with feelings, it was now sort of a routine for you, Harry opens the door, you say thank you. 'What happened?’ you asked confused, he was just sitting there, on the driver’s seat, not moving an inch, 'Look, love I’m sorry’ a sudden smile plastered your face but you tried to hide it,'Harry…you know what? lets just act like nothing ever happened, hm?’ you said letting the smile now show. He nodded in reply with his cheeky smile. He turned to you saying 'I love you, (Y/N)’ you smiled and placed a soft kiss on his cheek, 'please don’t ever leave me’ he said just a second after you pulled from the kiss, 'huh?’ you asked faintly, assuming he didn’t hear it you made your way back to your seat. He never said before, not even when you both had the worst of fights, not even when you nearly 'left’ him once, this statement of his was just getting you to worry, a lot. Half way through the ride, you got a text, and your mobile was kept on the dashboard, in front of Harry,'could you please see that for me?’ 'Babe, I’m driving’ he said passing you your phone 'Here’ he said, weirdly, reading the sender’s name, his smile immediately disappeared  he frowned, yet again. He gave him a confused look and took the phone from his hands at the same time. ‘James’ you read, you couldn’t quite get why he did that after reading ‘James’. Something in that text made you chuckle, you replied,he replied, you replied, he replied, and it kept on like this. The car stopped with thrift making your phone slip from your hands and fall on the car floor, you thought he’ll make the move, but he didn’t, instead he stepped out the car  not giving a damn about you and your phone and making his way into the party.You were now sure, He. was. pissed.and the strange part was you were not even sure what the reason was. ‘Hey (Y/N)’ Eleanor greeted you with the cutest smile ever, you both had become bestest of friends she had helped you with harry most of the time when the ‘Larry’ rumour took swift. ‘What’s up with harry’ she asked wrinkling her eye brows, ‘I’m asking myself the same question, El’ you replied ‘hmm… okay anyways, this is Angela’ she said pulling you towards some her friends and introduced you to them, you could sometimes see from the corner of your eyes, a guy the same guy everytime, stalking you. It was a bit weird at times but you didn’t bother much really.


'Aahh!’ you screetched softly as the vodka trickled down your throat burning your passage and making way to you stomach. 'You’re really funny, Will’ you said chuckling a little.'Well, I like you too’ he said you gave him a sudden stare and your face turned serious. What an asshole, Harry thought, he loved you way too much to let go but seeing you with another guy was just unbearable for him, it was just the party and he people who were keeping him away from pulling you in for a 'forever’ kiss. 'Hey, do you mind a dance?’ the guy asked you, 'umm…I don’t think so, I’m dating someone and we just… things are not great between us and-’ 'Yes, of course that Harry guy you’re dating, well if he’s mad at you…’ he slowly moved towards your ear and whispered 'why not make him jealous?'you looked at harry and smiled. 'I cant bare this anymore!’ said Harry,banging his glass on the table.He was completely drunk and had lost his senses, but when a person’s drunk that’s the time he does what he wants and he wanted you, to feel you and make you feel loved and kick that 'asshole’ out of the way, just you and him. He was with the boys on the balcony and could see the bar from the view clearly and there you go, holding his hand as he pulled you from your seat to the dance floor, you recognised something familiar, smiling you said over the loud music, 'this is my fav-’ It’s her favourite song harry thought, and a sudden telepathy made you both exchange glances and there he was, furious, brisking his walks towards you. 'What is this?’ he said getting a hold of your wrist and pushing the man back and coming in his place. 'Harry, please, listen to me, I-’ 'No YOU listen to ME! you’re coming home with me now!’ you couldn’t understand what he meant, what about louis? it’s his birthday, how would he feel? right now Harry and you were more important than louis’ birthday bash, you came greeted stayed but just didn’t say a goodbye. It’s okay he won’t mind. 'Who do you think yourself to be?’ shouted Harry in his perfect voice, pushing you against the car door. 'Harry I-’ 'What’s happening there?’ you heard a heavy old man’s voice, you figured it was the police and decided to leave. 'Was that the Jason guy?’ he asked in a voice full of hurt.'Harry ple-’ ’(Y/N)! was he or was he not?’ he asked pressing the accelerator harder. 'No, no he wasn’t, I had just met him’ you replied 'and you’re off dancing with him, a stranger whom you had just met and you can’t dance or even talk to your boyfriend once, whom you’ve known for 8 months?’ 'Babe, I’m sorry I dont know- I-I just don’t know whats gotten into you nowadays!’ you continued 'you’re just so-so… hard to be with, you talk to me rudely,you don’t talk to me the way you used to and everytime I look in your eyes all I see it hate nothing else’ you stopped and realized what you just had blurted out of your mouth. 'I can’t believe you just said that’ harry said hitting the brakes and the car stopped right in front of the house you both lived in for 5 months now.You both moved in, you threw your purse on the couch, you saw harry taking his belt off and coming towards you and lifting you bridal style, but not the usual soft and fragile way but the harsh yet passionate way. He swiftly threw you on the bed not caring if t hurt you or not, he was hurt and wanted you to make up to him, and this was his way.'Harry, what is your prob-’ and he cut you off with a passionate kiss gradually slipping himself onto you, so that he can face you and ou can face him. His hands were snaking on your waist and his eyes were just staring at your beautiful face studying all your expressions. He slowly moved his hands to your busts, he knew it was turning you on and he was right. 'Harry, I don’t wanna do this…’ you said pulling away from the kiss. ’(Y/N), you can’t decide everything we do in our relationship’ he said breathlessly,'you hurt me (Y/N), more than you know, you’ve been really bad, and I’m going to punish you, you deserve it bitch.’ you were lying, w-h-i-t-e l-i-e. You wantd him so bad, you didn’t even know that yourself,  and him getting harsh on you was even more of a turn on.'Harry I-’ 'Shut up! will you?’ he said in his harsh voicehe literally tore your shirt apart, and pulled your jeans down and threw it somewhere. All you were left in was your undergarments.He pulled you closer to his now bare chest, 'No other guy can touch you’ he said with soo much lust and passion in his eyes that you couldn’t resist a kiss but he pulled away, and didn’t let you kiss him. He got up attacked straight at your chest, gosh! he was making you feel so good. You held him so tight, it felt like if you let go of him you’ll collapse. He slowly moved to your your busts and instead of unclipping your bra, his anxiousness just tore it from the back and he threw it aways not letting go of your skin’s taste. You were going crazy, so uncontrollable 'Don’t enjoy it you whore, it’s your punishment’ he knew you were enjoying it and that it was no more a punishment but a pleasure. He had to make it worse for you, to give you the lesson. he left your skin and pushed you hard on the bed, even the push gave you the feels. He slowly kissed you on your cheek and moved towards your ear, 'Don’t move even a bit now, if you break the rules I’ll make it even worse’ he left off with an evil grin and slowly started to leave love bites on your soft point. Unacceptable, you had to move, you couldn’t contain what he was doing to you, it so overwhelming. Both his hands were stretching onto your and held your palms in place squeezing them so tightly, you went crazy his arms were sliding on your armpits and it felt so good, you couldn’t help but arch you back a bit. You felt something, on your right wrist you couldn’t quite tell what it was, and you were way too overwhelmed to even figure it out. 'I told you not to move bitch.'He was now tying your hands, it was way too much now. 'Harry, ple- SHIT!’ you screamed as pushed in one of his fingers into you, it felt so good, you moaned loudly as he added one more to it. He was now thrusting, staring at you not blinking a bit, 'you’re so beautiful’ he said, your body was responding way too well for him to lessen the punishment. ’(Y/N), I told you not to move’ he said with celnched teeth as he pushed another finger into you, he was doing you so hard and it felt so good you just wanted to hold him, tight and never let go. 'Harry, please let my hands be free’ you said looking into his eyes, he was still moving you, you know how hard it was you to keep your eyes open. 'Tell me you love me’ he said pulling his fingers out it felt so bad, you didn’t want him to stop. 'Of course I love you Harry’ you said 'I know you dont mean that’ he said pulling your hands harshly out of the now loose cloth from which he had tied your wrists. You immediatly pulled him for a kiss, it was long and passionate, his hands were all over you, snaking slowly on your waist, to your busts, and finally to your clit, he moved slowly from your lips to your neck to your busts and started to taste them, he left bites all around your nipple and you arched your back giving him even more access. You pulled his hair which made him groan, he slowly and gradually moved to your stomach and left wet kisses all over your tummy, and finally now he was eating you up, he licked all around your clit your body could not at all control itself, he was making patterns with his tongue so softly that it was tickling, it was so overwhelming, you punched your fingers into his back and that. that was the thing that turned him on so much that he couldn’t contain it and bit your clit'Harrryyy!’ you screamed as you cumed and arched your back lifting your face almost to his and you both went down back to the bed together with a kiss, your lips were moving in perfect sync, and he was into you in no time, 'I’m sorry’ he said as the pain made you scream, 'I deserve it'you said breathlessly,'hmm… you do’ he said clenching his teeth and pushing himself completely into you 'Aahh! Harry?!’ you screamed 'how did that feel?’ he was hitting your G-spot so hard without even coming out, just pushing himself in more and more 'Harry, t-that hurts’ you said, it hurt really bad, but at the same time it felt so good.'That had hurt me hundred times more than this, (Y/N)’ he said pulling himself out, you heaved out really hard. Harry harshly kissed you, your eyes were closed you felt every inch of what he was doing to you, he was really making you fall more for himself, and he was succeeding. Slowly he started to push, in and out, all that time he was just kissing, biting and licking you shoulder line, one of your hand was in his hair and the other was busy clenching your nails into his back, everytime he was just pushing in pure passion. 'Ha-r-ry, I c-can’t t-take it anymore’ you said in parts, heaving out. 'Cum, NOW!’ he ordered, this order was not hard to follow. You were so close but didn’t say anything before just thinking it would piss him even more. You juices mixed together and he didn’t leave you at all, he wanted more of you, you too wanted to feel him even more. wow! he thought to himself looking at you, your hair were all around your face spread out on the bed and your mouth opened begging for his lips’ flavour. He kissed you softly on your lips, and whispered ’ I love you’ in your ear and kissed again under your ear and pulled his hair. You both just lay on the bed for like one minute. As he slowly picked you up, not leaving your body you both got up together, never losing the eye contact, and now your back was resting on the wall behind the bed, he pushed himself closer to you and without pulling out he was again doing the same thing. 'You’re-mine’ he said pushing in again with clenched teeth, it hurt but he was so close to you his heavy breaths were just enough for the hurt to turn into pleasure. Again, you both had your second round now this time, all the time his tounge was exploring your breasts, you were so overwhelmed, you pulled his head towards yours and kissed him hard, hard enough for all the feeling to be shared, he growned biting your lip, he had reached his high, 'not now Harry, pl-please’ you said catching your breath, he bit your nipple, really hard, trying to control himself you moaned extremely loud and let your juices mix again. He left his hot breaths on your chest and reaching your lips and licked them and finally kissing them, you were too weak now to kiss him back but didn’t pull away you were just pushing in for more. ’(Y/N), I love you baby, please don’t do that again to me’ 'I won’t I p-promise’ you said with utter difficulty. 'I love you’ you said hugging him tightly.


Autumn Leaves - Part 6

So here’s part six. I honestly have no idea how many parts this will have but I’ll just keep going with it until I get it to where I want it to go. Thanks again for reading/liking/reblogging you are all great and enjoy!

kneekeyta ducky17 rinncincin stephsadickhead bitchy-broken i-dream-of-emus tinakegg jessicacandesign murderyoursoul abullofshit celestev31 areyousad8118 girlwithafoxhat kristicallahan jackiewalsh2013 finnsnelons anglophileyoungblood idontliketalkingtoanybody llexis milymargot alyssaloca scumothaearff


“I- It’s not, it’s not what it looks like” Rae stuttered her eyes wide with shock.

“Yeah I fell and Rae helped me up and, and…”

“You don’t have to explain anything to me but you two fuckers are lucky that it was me who just walked in here and not our Chlo. I wouldn’t expect this from you Rae I mean your Chloe’s best mate, him" Chop said pointing to a shocked and disappointed Finn "maybe, but not you”. Well that was something Chop hadn’t expected to happen tonight although he wasn’t completely surprised. He had an inkling Finn had a bit of a thing for Rae by the way he’d gotten all weird yesterday and the look of disappointment on his face from presumably being interrupted confirmed this.

“What! You’ve got it all wrong nothing happened or was going to we were just chatting. I wouldn’t got for Finn and especially not after he’s been with Chlo and upset her because the last thing I’d want to do is hurt her” Rae lied. Recently she’d been thinking about Finn more and more and she knew she had got him all wrong but she just didn’t want to admit it. He was of course extremely gorgeous too and Rae wouldn’t have minded just putting her lips to his right there and then and getting to taste a bit of the ultimate slice that is Finn Nelson. That could never ever happen though not now he and Chloe had had a thing and Chloe so clearly still liked him and would do for quite some time.

Finn snapped his head to look at Rae after hearing what she’d just said. ‘I’d never go for Finn’. What would be so bad about going out with him he thought. A minuet ago it had seemed she was about to kiss him if he hadn’t kissed her first and now she’s saying she would never be with him. He really didn’t understand this girl. He probably shouldn’t have tried to kiss her the same day he’d ended things with Chloe though because from what he’d gathered she was pretty cut up about it. That wasn’t what he wanted but he couldn’t let things go on any longer, couldn’t lie and then upset Chloe even more one day. He knew Rae was a really great friend too and he knew she would never betray Chloe so nothing could happen between the two of them. He’d just have to push his feelings aside, it was just a crush after all, he’s had them before and they’d passed and this would too.

“Well whatever ‘that’ was let’s just forget about it yeah? Chop suggested.

"Sounds good mate, why don’t we head to the kitchen and get a couple more drinks, I’m not nearly as drunk as I should be by now” Finn said cheerfully, patting Chop on the shoulder.

“That’s more like it, let’s make this a proper party. Raemundo you coming?”

“As much as I’d love to Chop I think i’ll go find Chloe and see how she’s doing” Rae said.

“Alright well you know where we are” Chop said grinning before walking off with Finn in tow.


After pushing her way through the mass of drunken and almost lifeless bodies Rae found herself at the stairs and decided it was best to start up there. Barney’s house was really fucking big.

After checking three or so rooms, being greeted by ‘fuck off’ mostly, she decided to try the fourth room at the other ending of the landing. Just as she was making her way there something caught her eye. It was Archie. Kissing some guy. It stopped Rae in her tracks. She didn’t care that care that Archie was gay, it was his business and he was still the same person, it just shocked her. She wasn’t sure what to do. Should she just ignore it, maybe he didn’t want everyone knowing. She decided just to walk past as though she hadn’t seen anything but just as she was walking past Archie looked up and seen him, his face was a picture of complete terror. Like he’d just seen the most terrifying thing in the world.

“Rae” Archie breathed out.

“Do you wanna go outside for a chat Arch” Rae said sympathetically. She could find Chloe in a while but right now she knew Archie needed her.

“Ehhh, y-yeah” He stuttered. His eyes were glazed over with a threat of tears spilling out of them at any moment. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He was always unsure of his sexuality but kissing that guy tonight had proved to him he was gay and he didn’t think he’d been so relieved about anything in his entire life. That thought soon faded away though when he seen Rae. Now everyone would find out. He’d be known as gay Archie, he’d be called names like faggot and poof. As much as he’d hate all that though he was most worried of what Finn and Chop would think of him. It had always been the 3 of them, ever since they were little kids. They would do absolutely everything together. He didn’t want them to treat him differently. He didn’t want them to act different around him, like they were worried he liked them as anything more than a friend. He didn’t want them feel like he’d lied to them and that they didn’t really know him at all. He was still him. He just liked guys.


Once they were outside they found a wall to sat on and Archie took a deep breath preparing himself for what was to come.

“Look Rae about what you saw, you can’t tell-”

“Arch I would never tell anyone ever unless you wanted me to. You being gay, if you are that is, has nothing to do with me. I just want you to know that if you are gay, you can talk to me. I’m not about to go treating you any differently because your still the same kind, caring, considerate, loyal and might I add boring bastard at times, that you were when I first met you. I’m so glad I did. I’ve never met anyone quite like you and I known you al that long but I love to bits”. Rae looked Archie and see nothing but relief and a small smile on his face as he looked at her.

Archie engulfed Rae into a hug and lay his head on her shoulder ”I really fucking love you Rachel Earl”.

“Oh Arch” Rae said gently rocking him as he wept.

A few in minuets later Archie pulled out of the hug. “I think I’ve always known” he said thoughtfully. “I’ve done stuff with girls but it just never felt right. Then tonight when I kissed Adam, it just felt so right. I was so fucking relieved it’s like I’ve spent my whole life unsure of who I am and tonight I finally figured it out. I’m so glad it was you that seen that happen. You we’re just the person I needed tonight Rae. How am I ever meant to tell Chop and Finn” he asked, his eyes searching her face as if it held all the answers.

“Look we will worry about that in the morning but tonight you should just go and enjoy yourself. Celebrate finding out who Archie really is” Rae said.

“Your right, thanks so much I don’t know what I’d do without you I’m so glad I met you” he said before kissing her cheek.

“Hey don’t you get all soppy on me now. Finn and Chop are in the kitchen . Go join them and get pissed” Rae said laughing slightly.

“Aren’t you coming?”

“I’ll join you in a bit, I need to go find Chlo first”.


After Archie left her she made her way back up the stairs and headed for the room she was about to check when she seen Arch.

She stood at the door to listen for any noise and she thought she could hear voices but it was very faint. She slowly pushed the door open and drew in a sharp intake of breathe at what she saw.

“Chlo? Rae said her voice shaking.

"Rae? What are you doing here? Chloe asked almost angrily, confusing Rae.

"What am I doing here? What are you doing, taking that shit? Rae asked firmly pointing to the lines of a white substance Rae presumed was cocaine that Chloe had clearly sniffed up her nose as she kept wiping it self consciously.

"I’ts just a bit of fun, Ian let me have some you should try some” she slurred swaying slightly.

Rae looked over at he bed to see a sleazy looking man watching them looking lustily at Chloe. She then turned to look at her friend and found that she wasn’t there anymore. Her eyes were dark, almost like they were dead they had no life in them.

“That’s not fun Chloe, fun is going to a gig or getting drunk at the pub and having a food fight after it. That” she said pointing to the drug “isn’t fun!”

“Oh give it a rest Rae what are you my mum, why do you care anyway”

“Of course I care your my best mate Chloe” Rae couldn’t believe Chloe had done this. It was like she was having a breakdown

“Oh is that why I saw you kissing Finn then ” Chloe asked shrugging her shoulders.

“What are you talking about I’ve never kissed Finn I wouldn’t do that to you.” Rae didn’t have a clue what she was talking about.

“I seen you two earlier  getting all cosy, he was going to kiss you, so don’t tell me you care about me when you’d do that” Chloe said looking away.

“No you’ve got it all wrong we was just talking and he fell and I helped him up and we ended up close nothing happened and it wouldn’t have because I don’t like Finn that way and I couldn’t do that to you” Rae said hoping Chloe would believe her. She couldn’t bare to lose her best friend.

“Whatever” Chloe said. Rae noticed the colour had drained from her face and she seemed like she was trying to focus on something, anything. She then began to stumble around a bit before she collapsed with a thud to the ground.

“CHLOE!” Rae screamed before dropping to her knees beside her friend. “HELP SOMEONE HELP!”

People began rushing in to the room and within minuets the gang had cane uo to see what was all the cause for the commotion. They peered there heads through the crowd in the room to find an unconscious Chloe and a crying Rae who’s face was clouded with concern and fear.


“Omg what happened” Izzy cried also bending down next to Rae.

“She, she took something and then she- just down she went” Rae said her voice cracking.

“Holy shit” Archie said bringing his hands up to his mouth.

Finn looked down at Rae crying and he did the only going he felt he could do in this situation. He took her in her arms and let her cry on him. He tried up soothe her as best he could but he knew it was no use. He was just as worried as Rae was.

“What the fuck we going to do” Chop asked, sounding fragile as he looked down at his friend in horror.

Fantastic Foursome - Preference #2 - Dentist
  • Dan: You and Dan hop in the car, driving to the dentist to get your wisdom teeth out. On your way there, Dan turned his head, staring at you for a moment until he spoke up. "You're awfully calm over getting your wisdom teeth pulled out." He states, his eyes glancing back on the road. You shrug casually. "Yeah, dentists don't really scare me that much. I had to go there a few times as a child." You explain. "I find it quite easy." You add. Dan looked at you like you were crazy. "Really? Your not even one bit nervous or scared of getting your teeth yanked out?" "Nope." You reply, popping the 'p'. "Geez Y/N, wish I was as brave as you." he said. Once you arrive at the dentist, you both sit down in a seat, waiting for your name to be called out. You then suddenly feel a few butterflies, but you shrugged them off, wanting to show Dan that you weren't scared at all. Then came the dreaded moment. "Y/N?" one of the nurses called out, spotting you and giving you a smile. "Come right this way." Dan got up, reaching out to take your hand but you sat completely still, your hands frozen onto the sides of the chair. "No." you say sternly. Dan and the nurse exchange looks, then glancing back at you. "Y/N? You okay? I thought you said you were alright with it." "Not with getting my teeth yanked out." You hiss at him, quoting at what he said in the car. Your eyes still fixed on the space that you were staring at, your knuckles turned white from gripping the chair to hard. Dan gulped, now feeling bad at what he said. "Come on love, once it's over we can watch Doctor Who and eat some ice-cream." "Vanilla ice-cream?" You pout, now peering over to look at Dan, giving him puppy dog eyes. "Whatever flavour you'd like." He grinned. You shakily stand up, grab onto Dan's hand tightly and follow the nurse into the room.
  • Phil: "Don't make me go! Please!" You beg on your knees, clinging onto Phil's plaid shirt. "Y/N, your Mum said I have to take you! She said I'm the best at reassuring you!" You let out a loud whine, collapsing to the floor dramatically. Phil bent down to pull you up but you growled at him, making him jump back. "Don't touch me." You hiss, laying on your stomach. "Y/N, please, it will be over in no time." He grinned, crouching down next to you. "Bull." You reply back, your voice muffled from facing the ground. "Come on!" He says, literally dragging you out the door with your hands. You made your body limp, making yourself heavier for him. Phil groaned, picking you up and flinging you over his shoulder, carrying you to the car. You sat there in your seat, not even moving to put your seat belt on. "You are so dramatic!" Phil laughed, reaching over to buckle you in. You were still limp, your head resting against the window. Which was quite a bad mistake, since Phil drove over a bump, causing you to hit your head on the window. "YOW!" You yelp, jerking up and clutching the side of your head. Phil couldn't help but snicker. "That'll teach you." But the caring person he his, he reached his hand over to your head, giving it a quick, gentle rub. You both pull into the car park, Phil unbuckling his seat belt and hopping out of the car. You quickly made yourself limp again, meaning that he would have to take you in himself by carrying you again. Phil opened the car door, a dull look on his face. "Seriously." He sighed. "I'm not carrying you again." "Carry me." "No." "Yes." Phil chuckled silently, knowing he was defeated. He picked you up, carrying you bridal style to the entrance of the dentist. A few people gave you strange looks, but you just smirked at them.
  • Chris: Your leg jumps up and down anxiously as you bite your nails, staring into space. Chris looks up at you from the magazine that he found upon the coffee table in the waiting room. "What's up?" he asks innocently. "What's up? What's up!" You stare at him like he was crazy. "I'll tell you what's up. I'm at the bloody dentist about to get my bloody teeth yanked out!" You hiss loudly at him, making a lady look up from her newspaper and give you a stern look. When she wasn't looking anymore, you stuck your tongue out at her. Chris smirked and snickered, shaking his head. "Yes, obviously. But why do you look so nervous?" You turn your head to him. "Did you not hear me?" "Yes, I heard you quite fine." He pelted back sassily, his eyes on the magazine again. You huffed and crossed your arms, waiting for that dreadful moment where your name is called by that awfully cheery lady with the bad nose job. You felt Chris place a comforting hand on your leg, making it immediately stop shaking. You sighed. You've been petrified of dentists since you could remember. Right now, you were a nervous wreck! You lean into Chris's chest, starting to calm down a bit. He smiled and booped your nose, chuckling silently. You both then continued to read the magazine until you heard the nurse call you up. "Oh dear God help me." You mumble, praying up towards the roof. Chris laughs and takes your hand, telling you it's going to be okay as well as cracking a few jokes while leading you in there.
  • PJ: You seat next to PJ on the uncomfortable seats, waiting patiently for your turn to get your wisdom teeth out. "Will it hurt Peej?" You ask, looking up at him, the colour draining from your face. "It'll be fine Y/N." He whispers, pulling you into a hug. You lay your head on his chest, twiddling your thumbs. You suddenly felt sick, but you knew it was just from the butterflies in your tummy. You clutch your stomach lightly, a small frown on your face. PJ pressed a light kiss on your temple, grabbing one of your hands and holding it tightly. You smile a little, he always made you feel better. You start humming your favourite song, hoping that it would take your mind off the dentist. Pj smiled to himself, tapping his feet along with your humming. You hummed a few more songs until the dentist walked in and gave you a grin. "Y/N, is it? It's your turn." You gulp. "Oh God PJ, I don't think I can do this!" You squeak, your heart pounding. "Yes you can." he smiled reassuringly, giving you a quick thumbs up. You took a few deep breaths. "You're right, I can!" You say, beaming proudly. "That's the spirit! Lets go!" PJ grinned as you strolled confidently to the room, PJ chuckling behind you.
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