he's so in love and they're so doomed

  • Tabata: NOCTUNA? Oh yes it's gonna be so CANON! So, listen, we're gonna make them meet for a very short time when they're basically infants, making flower crowns and do things kids do. Then, we won't give them either a proper goodbye and we won't allow them to meet again for 12 years. So they won't actually interact for 22 years, when they finally will look each other in the eyes in the afterlife! Of course in the meantime they can text each other, but not via those super technological phones everyone - especially royalty - has: they're gonna have dogs as messangers, so they won't ear each other's voice for years and it's also gonna pass some time before the news arrive. Only the girl will actually do something useful for the boy, just like a common man-device, while the boy will regret his whole life not even trying to call her when he obviously could (but we will let people think that's because the empire forbids it). They both will be stucked with memories about when they were kids and we're gonna make them marry in the afterlife as if in 22 years their emotional/physical/mental needs never changed at all!
  • Also Tabata: LUNYX? Noooo they're NOT CANON at all! They're grown up and mature people! They meet only for 2 days. So we're gonna give them a beautiful first talk with fireworks in the background, flirty conversations, they're gonna save each other's back multiple times in just one night, they're gonna have protection instincts towards each other, smart and quick remarks, intimate conversation in the dark, yearning looks, deep respect for each other's position, gifts, promises, chemistry, they're gonna encourage each other, support each other, you know, like a doomed love? Yeah but not really that canon, because they're not canon of course ahahahahah
  • Fandom: ... Ok, that sounds fake but ok.
  • Lucifer: Give me back my son!
  • Sam: I'm sorry, but we've you know...adopted him. And to be honest, he stands a better chance with us
  • Lucifer: All your friends and family are dead Sam, they all die
  • Sam: Okay, wow. And you're wrong I have living people, Mom, Dean, Cas
  • Lucifer: What do they all have in common?
  • Sam: They're my family
  • Lucifer: No! They've all died Sam
  • Sam: Yeah, well. At least MY Dad, didn't abandon me to run off with his sister
  • Lucifer: That hit was so below the belt! That was so low, I think you just kicked an ant in the nuts
  • Lucifer: We were having a friendly discussion about everyone you love being doomed, and you had to go and say that :(

anonymous asked:

ok how about bluesey and pda? don't worry, take your time answering if you want, and also thanks for all you're doing for the bluesey fandom <3

Anon, I am so very sorry that it’s taken me so long to respond to this. Thank you for sending in this prompt, I hope you have a great day/night.
• these two are so soft with each other like it kills me
• PDA for them is holding hands and forehead kisses and leaning on each other’s shoulder and gansey standing behind blue and looping his arms around her tummy or resting his palms on the sides of her chest
• they don’t full on make out in public but they do occasionally steal kisses from each other
• blue is significantly shorter than gansey, okay, this is canon. sometimes when gansey is looking down at her his heart swells with so much love for her so he’ll kiss her on the crown of her head or lean in and kiss her on the neck of collarbone
• these two just disgustingly look at each other with so much love and they don’t even realize they’re doing it until Ronan makes gagging sounds or throws something at them
• whenever they’re standing near each other, even when they’re not touching, they both appear to be leaning towards the other one, like gravity will not allow them to be too far apart
• gansey playing with blue’s hair
• blue playing with gansey’s hands
• whenever they’re sitting next to each other they either have their calves crossed or their thighs pressed together
• evertime blue remembers she can kiss him she stands on her toes and is barely able to reach his chin so she just gives him a quick smooch there
• he always respond by kissing the tip of her nose
• whenever blue is cold she leeches onto gansey and it’s pathetic but adorable
• all of their friends are completely disgusted with their disgusting display of how disgustingly in love they are
• but they’re all secretly so happy for them because blue and Gansey thought they were doomed from the very beginning but now they have each other and they have forever and they can finally kiss

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Blue and Gansey are literally my babies and I can't imagine them not surviving and thriving but from the beginning of book one, on the first page, from the first sentence we've known Gansey's going to die and Maggie's said that he is and so they're doomed but they can't be because I love them so much. Blue and Gansey and Ronan and Adam and Noah all need to be together forever and Uncle Ronan and Uncle Adam should watch Blue and Gansey's kids at their house and WHY CAN'T THIS HAPPEN
Deadpool quotes || Sentence meme
  • "A-Poc-Key-Lips. I think I found my new favorite word!"
  • "My common sense is tingling."
  • "These things are like my dream arch nemesisisis or is it arch-Nemesisisi I can pummel, gouge, eviscerate and mutilate and they'll keep coming."
  • "I never miss with the sheep gun!"
  • "Look at doctor doom he is respected because he got big scary cape."
  • "Lets wear elbow pads and shin guards with spikes coming out of them."
  • "I play a pretty mean bagpipe."
  • "For the love of bill gates this thing is adorable."
  • "Oh, yeah, he's totally trustworthy! Except where money's involved. He would sell his granny's walking cane for a buck. In fact, I bought his granny's walking cane for a buck."
  • "So three mutants walk into a bar, right?"
  • "Do I get a badge for this?"
  • "Explosions attract the coveted 18 to 24 year old male demographic."
  • "Oh, oh, so they're letting Robin Hood in, but somehow the Avengers keep losing my phone number. What's up with that?"
  • "Oh man, I forgot to bring the marshmallows. "
  • "You look like something I horcked up last time I had swine flu."
  • "All right, look at that. Crap, I got a little venom on you. "
  • "Phew! Smells like somebody just teleported a bean burrito."
  • "Wanna use me for a dartboard?"
  • "You're just me without the funny, and the lithium."
  • "What, no top hat? What kind of magician are you?"
Fanart Monday!

Man, waking at 6 am every day for college is gonna be the death of me. Good thing that, as a skeleton comic author, I can’t really die!

Let’s keep the lovely fanarts coming!!

Lovely fanart of the week, submitted yesterday by @family-tumbler-of-doom!! [Doggy Frisk, so cute cute cuteee!!]

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I have always loved Padme and Anakin, from the time Episode II came out even though their story was doomed. I found your blog after seeing TFA and rewatching the prequels (which aren't great but they aren't terrible either - and like you've said, they're canon now) and I just love it! I just want to protect sweet Anakin who only ever did things because he loved so much.

Yes me too! I feel almost all of the Anidala fandom just wants to wrap Anakin in a blanket and protect him from all of the manipulations from Chancellor Palpatine and all of his struggles. He loves Padme so much he was willing to do all of these dark deeds just to save her. It’s such a tragic, heartbreaking story. )’: </3

I love these two so much and I want to protect them so much! 

I mean, look at the cute

They both deserved so much better! </3

Ft 496
  • Me: honestly gildarts was clearly natsu's mentor cause the first page displayed it perfectly
  • Me: gildarts is so mushy for Cana I can't
  • Me: ROGUE
  • Me: <b><i>ROGUE</b></i>
  • Me: tangent, I love how sabertooth and fairy tail were enemy guilds and now they're all buddy buddy and yeah that's what fairy tail is all about
  • Me: Gildarts please obliterate God Peacock
  • Me: oh look at Wendy's development. she would normally be the one that's scared but nah she was like fuck dat shit *smashes character development button*
  • Me: Mashima don brought back the feels of how fairy tail used to be aka BEFORE TARTAROS
  • Me: lisanna and Mira are so cute
  • Me: oh fuck glasses dork is back. I mean he has white hair so he's doomed to die like every male character with white hair right