he's so hard on himself sometimes

Did anyone stop to think that maybe Jongin crying has nothing to do with kaistal or kaisoo or anything involving scandals and shit- but maybe, just maybe, because of Jongin’s own inner turmoil and personal insecurities that we don’t know about??


There was something puzzling yet enchanting about admiring him from afar. He made people feel like they knew him, but still kept parts of him to himself. Sometimes, if you got lucky, he would strip himself of his being and parade himself completely to those he cared about the most, almost as if he was reserving those little parts of himself to thank them for being in his life. And of course, they all accepted it because he was a gem and knowing even the smallest detail about his day was something to treasure deeply.

Every single day for the past four years, I observed him closely and watched his every move the best that I could. I had been led to believe that he was perfect, but I also knew that was impossible, so I kept my eyes open to his flaws and neither held them against him nor did I brush them off. But mistakes were rather seldom when it came to him because he carried himself well, and although my heart ached at the thought of him, I also wished he would somehow mess up just to prove to me he was just as human as I was and everyone else.

There was something dangerous in falling in love with someone you know vaguely. No matter how much I wanted to love him completely for who he was, because I only saw parts of him, that was what I fell in love with. I didn’t want to admit it, but there was a tugging bit at the back of my head that sometimes told me I fell in love with the idea of him instead of him as a person. It was absurd to think about, because I was rightfully convinced that I knew him and I could read and understand him better than he could do so himself, but that was what my thoughts fed me.

I knew my intentions were genuine because I never demanded anything from him in return. All I wanted was to absorb every fiber of his being, may it be that he let me or not, and that he continue to be himself.

So now, four years later, I am still here hurting at the thought of him. It was ridiculous, wasn’t it, how someone who is your main source of happiness can have so much control over you that they can also make you feel sadness and pain with their mere existence.

But then it always goes back to one thought, and then everything would be okay again. I was just glad to know that someone like him existed in this world that never really deserved his presence in the first place.


Jungkook the guy who rarely cries just shed a tear at yesterday’s muster while giving his ment for the end. The reason behind his tears? He said he’s so thankful Army helped them stand where they are. He is thankful to us for reaching this success. I’d like to take a Second and just say that he’s the one who made it where he stands💗 He deserves where he stands because he worked hard for it . Jungkook is so humble and well mannered that he sometimes thinks he owes this success to everyone else but himself . I just wanted to highlight that … Jungkook made it where he is because he has the talent and skills it takes to stand on that stage. He is a talented and beautiful hard working human inside out.I just want to tell him : JEON JUNGKOOOKKKKKK !!!! Army supported you but remember that you made it there yourself with your amazing positive attitude and hardwork.All the sacrifices you made ,all the sleepless nights and all the sweat you poured into it since you were 15. You deserve that spot because you got what it takes to be standing there. Army owes part of their happiness to you too. Thank you for making music and standing on that stage,for giggling, for making your sassy poses and for your little comments that make everyone scream cause you’re a little flirt even though you won’t admit it.Thank you for your laugh,cause those are things that help us ARMYS when we feel down❤❤❤

Give me Draco and Harry dancing in the kitchen for no reason as the wireless crackles with static in the background, laughing as their socks slide on the floor and they fall against the kitchen counter breathless from laughing.

Give me Harry and Draco splayed across the couch with Harry completely covering as much of Draco as possible just because he can and Draco pretending to be affronted “honestly potter could you be any heavier” as he buries his face in Harry’s hair to hide his smile.

Give me Draco complaining about everything as they move into their first flat together and Harry’s nerves are shot because God Draco can still be a prat sometimes and Harry had worked so hard to find a place he thought Draco would like but then he overhears Draco muttering to himself “none of this is good enough for Harry” and oh….oh.

Give me bumbling and awkwardness as Harry tries to teach Draco to cook and he wants to learn because damnit if Harry can do it how hard can it be but he also resists because he’s never had to and he doesn’t like to fail so he pretends to hate it. Harry pretends not to notice as ingredients continue to disappear from the pantry but there’s never anything to eat and they end up eating takeaway most nights.

Give me middle of the night when Harry can’t sleep and he tosses and turns relentlessly until Draco huffs and pretends to be annoyed for old times sake but the way his fingers find Harry’s show him otherwise as Draco wraps his arms around him pressing a kiss to the scar on his forehead that still hurts in his heart

Just give me Harry and Draco finally free from Voldemort; free from others expectations and guilt and fear as they find themselves and find each other.

All done?
Wtnv Headcanons

Cecil makes those little Self-Care reminder type announcements you see all over tumblr on the Radio.

Sometimes they’re reminders to the town in the face of disaster. “Did you remember to tie down your garbage cans? Remember, it’s garbage CAN fly away, not garbage can’t!”

Sometimes it’s a reminder to himself for things. “Did you remember to lock the door this morning? Yes. Yes? Yes definitely yes.”

Most of the times though, they’re subtly aimed Carlos’s way, because since Cecil found out how sometimes he forgets to eat and drink water and take breaks when at work or even at home, the host was determined to help. So he slips little reminders and prompts into the show. “Have you had a break today? You work so hard. Take a ten minute break to recharge.”

Or “have you had eight cups of water today? Remember, it’s not just a good idea, it’s the law!”

Or even reminders like “have you considered the fact you are incredibly loved by a lot of people today? Not a person, not even just two or three persons, a lot of people. A lot of people care about you and love you immensely, even when they aren’t right there at this moment, even if they don’t say it outright. You are incredibly loved, dear listener. Even you, Steeeeeve Carlsberrrrrg.”

Headcanon #3

Lance is actually not that oblivious to change if it’s subtle. Pidge’s gender reveal was a surprise because it was so abrupt, but with everything else he takes it in stride and goes with the flow. He comes from a big family so obvious things are changing all the time so he’s used to it.

Which is why when Keith’s skin starts getting purple spots he’s a bit nervous at first because “Is that supposed to happen?” But as the days go on and with no change in Keith besides the slight color change in his appearance he just shrugs it off, accepting it since no one else has said anything, granted the spots are on places like his arms and just under his collar, so it’d be hard to see them.

Sometimes Keith’s eyes will flash yellow, but Lance noticed it’s only during periods of high stress or anger. Which may or may not mostly had to do with Lance himself.

Sometimes Lance will see purple ear tips poke out  from Keith’s hair and he may or may not have thought about how soft they would be.

There was one time where Keith fell asleep sitting, his skin purple and ears poking out (Luckily no one else but Lance was there) so Lance snuck in a few ear rubs and almost woke up Keith laughing when he started purring in his sleep.

Sometimes Keith will start keening if he’s having a nightmare and LAnce will rub his ears to help him settle.

So it’s kind of a shock for everyone when everyone else finds out during training (The sparring bot landed a pretty hard hit so Keith pretty much tore it apart with his bare claws) and they’re all just surrounding him looking at him with a fear of “What the hell?”

And Lance walks in, takes one look and he’s just like “Huh…the claws are new, when’d you get those.”

Everyone’s looks at him like, “What?!?!?!”

“You knew???”

“I thought everyone did to be honest.”

And during all the commotion Keith is on his knees digging claws into his scalp keening because he doesn’t know what to do this is too much.

And Lance just tells everyone to shut up(excuse my language princess) and walks over and hugs him to his chest rubbing at his ears and Keith calms down because it’s familiar and helps and he’ll never admit it but it feels nice to have Lance’s scent around him, the idiot whispering reassurances in his ear in Spanish and just holding him.

Lance motions for everyone to leave, that they’ll talk about it later but not now and they just leave the two be.

GOT7 as element benders
  • Jaebum: Fire nation prince. Will become ruler of the fire nation some day. Once accidentally burned himself while bending.
  • Mark: Uses his air bending to find the most creative places to hide so he can be alone. Is often found sleeping in the weirdest places.
  • Jackson: Constantly tries to break his record of biggest boulder he moved. Likes to take mud baths for his skin.
  • Jinyoung: Had full control over his water bending at age 3. Makes fake pee stains on the other students' pants when the instructor isn't looking.
  • Youngjae: Uses his earth bending to make random flowers grow rather than throw around big rocks. Laughs so hard sometimes that he accidentally makes the ground shake.
  • Bambam: Constantly sets things on fire. Also has the ability to bend electricity. Will prank people by giving them shocks when they shake his hand.
  • Yugyeom: Makes Jinyoung trip a lot using his air bending. Actually barely touches the ground when he dances.


talking from experience, when all you wanna do is finish your damn project the person trying to pull you away from it (for whatever reason) may seem like a monster or a villain but in this case lance was only looking after shiro.

you know what, luke gives a lot and he tries really hard and i think sometimes people forget he’s not always in a position to come to his own defence, he can’t always explain himself or his life to us and he shouldn’t always be expected to. but he tries and i know a lot of us know what it feels like to try and have that not be enough, to not be able to explain ourselves. imagine that on the scale he deals with shit.

HYYH on Stage: Epilogue - Press Conference in Nanjing~[TRANS]

Starting from Rap Monster, can you say what you think about the member to your right? Can you assess him?

RM → JM: Well, can I say that his height is 3 points and weight is 5 points? Jiminie works very hard. We have similar personalities. Many people can’t tell but  We think a lot when we’re alone and have similar thoughts despite having the biggest height difference in the group.

JM → JK: Jungkookie…I still don’t know what kind of person he is. Everyday, he shows a different side of himself. I think he’s a sincere person, but sometimes, I feel that he’s an idiot. He’s still young, so I think he’s the most innocent member. 

JK → JH: Hobi hyung is a hyung that I can learn a lot from. He’s always positive and has a bright personality. Usually, he asks to check and practice the choreography, Since we all have our own things to do, we get tired. So, he’d gather us together and encourage us to keep practicing. 

JH → J: Jin hyung is a member that nags a lot. He has a great personality. Really. He thinks about the members and takes care of us, so I want to say ‘thank you.’ I’d give hyung 100/100. 

J → SG: Suga is…firstly, he has a remarkable passion for music. We share a room together, and he doesn’t usually come home. If you go to the studio, he’s always in his room with the light on. As a member of the same group, I think he’s amazing. He also takes care of the members. When someone is hungry, he tells them to eat bread or something. He really takes care of us. 

SG → V: Taehyungie is always earnest with everything that he does. He takes things seriously and does his best. He has the ability to do well in everything, so I think that he has a promising future. 

V → RM: Firstly, Namjoonie hyung thinks about us the most in the group. For example, if a member is worried about something, he’d contact them to talk about the problem and solve it. Even when I’m tired, I could keep up because we encourage each other. 

(HYYH On Stage: Epilogue - Press Conference in Nanjing)

do u ever just listen to born singer and cry? idk, i think about namjoon’s death threats and how he hasnt let that stop him from doing what he loves to do. i think about how jin is regarded as the untalented, pretty face of the group when in fact he can actually sing. i think about how suga barely gets any sleep bc he’s constantly producing songs that he sometimes doesnt even think are good or good enough. i think about how jhope always tries to make us smile but disregards his own feelings at times even though they’re just as important,and how he tried so hard to learn how to rap so he could fit in with the (at that time) all rap group. i think about all of the body issues jimin has and how he’s starved himself to fit this mold people want him to be, and how much he has practiced singing and dancing for hours upon hours to try to improve even though he’s already amazing. i think about how v almost didn’t even get into bangtan but is so so so grateful that he did and never fails to mention his love and appreciation for the members and armys. i think about how jungkook was only 15 years old (he was, and still is just a kid) when all of this started and how stressful this is for him, to try to live up to this “golden maknae” standard of being good at everything. i think about how much they’ve given up, things as simple as spending time with their family and friends, and getting a good night’s rest. and then i think about how despite all of this, they try so hard to make us happy all the time, no matter what. their music, bangtan bombs, livestreams, tweets, etc. make me so happy and i just really really appreciate everything they do. i hope they’re happy for the rest of their lives and continue to do what they love because they really deserve it



Shaking your head, you waited until Dean was in front of you before grabbing his hand for a handshake, saying, “You are really something, you know that?”

The officer beside you asked, “So, you two really know each other, huh?”

You shot the officer the easy-going smile that had been given to many officers before him. You had been in this situation enough to know it worked on them all. “Who, this joker? I wish I didn’t sometimes.”

Dean slapped you on the shoulder, hard enough to tell you to stop talking in double meanings. He replied, “C’mon, we both know you don’t know what you would do without me.”

The officer eyed you both, but after a moment, said goodbye and excused himself as he walked back to the crime scene.

Once the officer was out of earshot, Dean grinned at you. “A handshake? Really?”

You winked as you began walking back to your car. “I don’t think he would have believed my story if I had given you a wedgie.”

Dean followed, chuckling as he shoved you with his shoulder. “Y/N, it’s been too long.”

BTS + their flaws

based from reading (most of) their interviews

Jin: When he jokingly teases something that could hurt others, without knowing. Sometimes he would feel lonely and down. He could have problems with saying or even knowing what he wants and it confuses others and makes himself feel uncomfortable.

Suga: Looks can be hard as a rock but not unemotional, cares a lot but doesn’t know how to show it. Won’t try to hurt those who hurt him, but can be mean or bitter when he is and wouldn’t admit he’s hurt.

J-Hope: The vitamin of the group who is a bright person who lives in so many colors but there are times he could only see is black and white, could be grey too. He is very known as dork and charming but sometimes he feels like he’s carrying the weight of everyone’s happiness, like he’s responsible for it, and that can be too much for him from time to time.

Rap Monster: Overthinks a lot because he doubts if he’s doing right or wrong, and can get angry over little things. When in rage he might say things he don’t really mean and regret later. Very focused on his goals so much that sometimes he forgets to take care of himself.

Jimin: Pushes himself a lot when he doesn’t need to. Maybe because he sometimes, he feels that he’s powerless, as if something was sucking his energy out of him. And when he feels like you make fun of him or jokingly criticize him, he would doubt himself a lot, which causes the former.

V: He is aware of what makes other people happy and of how to cheer them up – love to laugh and make jokes, especially taking the risks of people would see him that he’s immature. Bothered deep thoughts would keep him awake and although, he usually have many friends they don’t know who to talk to and then could feel like the whole world gave up on him.

Jungkook: Let’s himself get dragged through the dirt all the time and even if someone’s treating him like crap. Pretends he’s okay but truly not and do literally whatever he can to help and make someone happy. Sometimes he regret things so much that he would hate himself for making those mistakes. It takes a lot of strength to seem as strong as he is.