he's so hard on himself sometimes

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be 100% honest, do you think jungkook has ever been with a girl because personally i feel like he's so cute not to have been before.. but who knows lol

maybe! I want to say that maybe he hasn’t really gotten into a very serious relationship yet because he was so young when he debuted, meaning he was even younger when he was a trainee and those years are so stressful like there’s probably hardly any time to have a life outside of practising. but he’s probably talked to girls, maybe he’s been on dates, etc. sometimes he seems really shy esp around girls, even though I think he’s opened himself up a bit more (because I think it’s pretty easy to tell he was a shy kid when the group first debuted) and he and the boys have been hella busy lately so idk! hard to say but I hope that when he finds the right person, he’s happy :”)

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now that i read ur translation for jin's chatroom.. that's why he went into vlive??? why does he have to train hard? because of his confidence or? aw jin i hope he knows he is perfect no matter what :((

Anonymous said: thanks for translating btw!!!

Yes. His VLIVE was titled as, “boost confidence”. What he means by train hard is to gain his confidence again. Seokjin mentioned how he got used to all his confidence he had gained, which means his self-esteem has been low lately. That’s why he cut his hair so he can gain confidence again, train himself to be confident. 

Seokjin is perfect, but at the same time I can understand why he (all of Bangtan/idols in general) usually have low self-esteem. Their job is practically based around 50% looks and 50% talent. Sometimes one more than the other. So it seems pretty normal, but it’s our job as their fans to remind them that they are beautiful, handsome no matter what.


Jungkook the guy who rarely cries just shed a tear at yesterday’s muster while giving his ment for the end. The reason behind his tears? He said he’s so thankful Army helped them stand where they are. He is thankful to us for reaching this success. I’d like to take a Second and just say that he’s the one who made it where he stands💗 He deserves where he stands because he worked hard for it . Jungkook is so humble and well mannered that he sometimes thinks he owes this success to everyone else but himself . I just wanted to highlight that … Jungkook made it where he is because he has the talent and skills it takes to stand on that stage. He is a talented and beautiful hard working human inside out.I just want to tell him : JEON JUNGKOOOKKKKKK !!!! Army supported you but remember that you made it there yourself with your amazing positive attitude and hardwork.All the sacrifices you made ,all the sleepless nights and all the sweat you poured into it since you were 15. You deserve that spot because you got what it takes to be standing there. Army owes part of their happiness to you too. Thank you for making music and standing on that stage,for giggling, for making your sassy poses and for your little comments that make everyone scream cause you’re a little flirt even though you won’t admit it.Thank you for your laugh,cause those are things that help us ARMYS when we feel down❤❤❤



talking from experience, when all you wanna do is finish your damn project the person trying to pull you away from it (for whatever reason) may seem like a monster or a villain but in this case lance was only looking after shiro.

I dare you...

@sprout2012​ for your delightful prompt “I dare you to kiss the next person to walk into the room”. My mind actually went in a totally different direction… so I thought I’d post it even though you already had a few xD Enjoy!

Harry stared at his reflection in the mirror above the fireplace. The light from the fire flickered across his features, catching on the hard lines and shadows that had formed sometime over the last year when he hadn’t been paying attention. Some days, he barely recognised himself.

The eighth year common room was filled with students celebrating their last exams, but despite the happy buzz of conversation humming around him, he couldn’t bring himself to join in.

Someone shrieked, the music grew louder, and the space between couples began to disappear. Even Ron and Hermione were joined together by the lips, and it made him stiffen with a bitterness he didn’t want to acknowledge.

Why couldn’t he be like that? Why hadn’t he been able to let go of the grief and pain, and find someone else to lose himself in? Someone to help him forget?

His eyes flicked back to the mirror, and he saw that his face had twisted into a strange sneer that would be more at home on Malfoy’s face than his own.

“Just do it,” he murmured to himself. “Just let go.”

No one paid him any attention, caught as they were in their own celebrations.

He raised his eyes until he was staring himself down in challenge. “I dare you to kiss the next person to walk into the room.”

As if on cue, the portrait door swung open to reveal a head of white-blond hair, bowed low as if braced against a storm. Harry spun around, his eyes widening at the sight of Malfoy, who seemed to be drawn by some invisible force as he stopped dead and looked up to meet Harry’s eyes. He frowned, confusion marring his features as he took in the sight of Harry’s panicked expression.

Just as Harry tried to pull himself together and remember that he wasn’t bound by stupid, whimsical promises muttered to a mirror, Malfoy changed direction and headed towards him.

“You look like you’ve seen a Dementor,” Malfoy drawled, looking him up and down curiously.

They were civil enough these days. The first time they had seen each other on the Hogwarts Express had been a strange experience. It was obvious that the urge to insult or heckle each other had entirely passed, but the familiarity between them couldn’t be denied, which left them uncertain with where exactly they stood.

A mumbled hello and an awkward nod in return seemed to indicate they were friendly, if not quite friends, and they had moved on.

But kissing was something entirely new, and Harry couldn’t explain the way the thought suddenly got lodged in his brain and wouldn’t let go. He should just laugh it off - maybe even tell Malfoy what had happened so they could both laugh - but he couldn’t. Instead, he felt his cheeks begin to flush and his stomach clench in a way that was undeniably familiar, although more pressing matters of impending destruction had always allowed him to ignore it.

Malfoy’s brow creased, and he looked on the verge of questioning Harry’s sanity, but Harry’s hand twitched and before he knew it he had caught Malfoy by the back of the neck and dragged him down into a rough kiss.

He figured, what the hell? He could always blame it on the alcohol.

Just as he was about to pull away and make his escape, he heard Malfoy make a sound somewhere between a groan and a whimper, and then strong hands were grabbing him by his shirt and pulling him even closer still. He gasped, threading his fingers through fine, blond hair as Malfoy’s tongue met his, surprisingly gentle against the sharpness of teeth on lips.

The kiss was meant to be quick, confusing, and - most importantly - easily dismissed, but this felt urgent and real. It felt like the entire year had been building to this, and all the time Harry had wasted by not finding someone to help him forget had actually been time spent waiting for this.

Because, really, how could you ever forget? How could you ever forget those red eyes burning into your soul and making you think and do things beyond your control?

Who else would understand that but Malfoy?

Chests heaving, they broke apart, staring at each other with expressions that were equal parts shock and wariness.

“Why?” Malfoy asked, eyes flashing as they searched Harry’s face for an answer.

“Because I wanted to.” Harry’s breath caught in his throat as he waited for Malfoy to reject him.

Slowly, Malfoy’s lip began to curl into a small smirk, very different from any Harry had seen on him before. He felt his stomach flip in that familiar way once more, and knew without a doubt that he was screwed. Unable to stop himself, he smiled back.

Scooping up the bag he had dropped when Harry first kissed him, Malfoy ran a hand through his hair and gazed down at Harry thoughtfully. Carefully, as if he thought Harry might run, he reached forward to run his thumb along Harry’s jawline, tracing the outline of his cheek and neck so tenderly Harry couldn’t help but shiver, his eyes falling closed at the touch.

When he drew his hand away, Harry’s eyes snapped open, and Malfoy laughed at the unspoken question there.

“Because I wanted to.”

Then he hoisted his bag over his shoulder and walked away, leaving Harry staring longingly after.

Give me Draco and Harry dancing in the kitchen for no reason as the wireless crackles with static in the background, laughing as their socks slide on the floor and they fall against the kitchen counter breathless from laughing.

Give me Harry and Draco splayed across the couch with Harry completely covering as much of Draco as possible just because he can and Draco pretending to be affronted “honestly potter could you be any heavier” as he buries his face in Harry’s hair to hide his smile.

Give me Draco complaining about everything as they move into their first flat together and Harry’s nerves are shot because God Draco can still be a prat sometimes and Harry had worked so hard to find a place he thought Draco would like but then he overhears Draco muttering to himself “none of this is good enough for Harry” and oh….oh.

Give me bumbling and awkwardness as Harry tries to teach Draco to cook and he wants to learn because damnit if Harry can do it how hard can it be but he also resists because he’s never had to and he doesn’t like to fail so he pretends to hate it. Harry pretends not to notice as ingredients continue to disappear from the pantry but there’s never anything to eat and they end up eating takeaway most nights.

Give me middle of the night when Harry can’t sleep and he tosses and turns relentlessly until Draco huffs and pretends to be annoyed for old times sake but the way his fingers find Harry’s show him otherwise as Draco wraps his arms around him pressing a kiss to the scar on his forehead that still hurts in his heart

Just give me Harry and Draco finally free from Voldemort; free from others expectations and guilt and fear as they find themselves and find each other.

// ive already done a shy MC, but not a short one. Check out my shy MC post if you’d like!
( I believe 150 cm is 4'11 for anyone who’s curious!! )


YOURE SO TINY HES SCREAMING what a cutie pie you are!! He’s super tall compared to you, so he pats your head probably more than you’d like. He likes to tease you about your short height, but it’s never mean. He loves how tiny you are, it’s a lot easier for him to pick you up! He’ll even get things off the high shelves for you, but sometimes he’ll watch you for a minute just jump up and down trying to get something. He can’t help himself, you just look so cute.


He notices your height, but it’s nothing he really mentions. He’s so tall compared to you though so it’s hard to ignore. But he likes it, especially resting his chin on the top of your head. He’ll tease about it sometimes just to fire you up, in the heat of the moment he likes to hook a finger under your chin and lean down while he brings your face closer to his before placing a kiss on your forehead to get you all flustered.


He’s so relieved, he was so scared you’d be tall and not like his height because of that, he’s relatively short himself so it’s an amazing change to look down at someone for once when he’s talking to them. He likes to put his hands around your waist and pull you close to him, burying his face in your shoulder and placing feathery little kisses on your neck to make you blush.


You’re so tiny?! He’ll playfully tease you about it immediately but it’s all in good fun, he does really like how bite sized you are. If you get flustered and pouty about his remarks he’ll grab your wrist and pull you into him, softly biting at your shoulders and neck while joking you’re his mini snack all wrapped up and gifted to him as a present.

Cuddling with Percival Graves headcanons

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>Requested by Anon ! 💚<

Outside your apartment:

♦ Graves isn‘t a fan of PDA unless it‘s holding hands but if you two had a moment alone in public where nobody else is watching you then he‘d pull you into a tight and sweet hug and run his fingers through your hair while giving you lots of kisses everywhere. It‘s hard for him to keep his hands off of you in public but he can‘t show other people this side of him.

♦ Graves would make an exception for his own ‘no display of affection in public’ rule if its really cold outside. He can‘t and doesn‘t want to see you freeze so he gives you his scarf and holds you tight while he wraps himself and his coat around you. His coat wouldn‘t cover both of you while he wears it but it would still be nice.

♦ Sometimes when you sit or stand next to each other he feels the urge to play with your hair. It‘s next to your lovely personality the thing he loves the most about you and he just has to touch it. He also loves holding hands, it‘s so soothing and relaxing for him to know that you‘re next to him and he likes to draw little circles with his thumb over the back of your hand.

Inside your apartment:

♦ Graves can be really annoying if you ignore his request for cuddles, then he just grabs you from behind and kisses your neck while he complains how unloved and alone he feels. Of course he just pretends to feel like that to earn your pity. You’re smart so you know his tricks but you still feel bad for him and give him what he wants. (Unless you‘re just really not in the mood for body contact and cuddles, then you shut him off and Graves probably pouts for a few hours.)

♦ He sometimes tricks you when you‘re too busy with other things so he can cuddle you, for example he pretends that he found something interesting in the newspaper or he tells you that something funny is on the tv and when you walk up to him to check for it then he pulls you into his lap and wraps his legs around your waist. If you accept your fate then he‘s nice to you and caresses your skin with his fingertips and probably makes you compliments for being so cute , pretty and cuddly but if you complain or try to wiggle free of his grip then he tickles you and bites your neck.

♦ Graves wraps all his limbs around you at night and turns into a giant octopus, there‘s no escape of his death grip unless you wake him up which results with him complaining and being whiny. He‘s willing to forgive you for waking him up if you cuddle up to him again and if you give him a few kisses.

♦ He prefers to be the big spoon in bed and to take the dominant part in your relationship in general but he doesn‘t mind if you take this role sometimes as well. It‘s a nice change for him and he loves it when your shower him with attention and kisses and it‘s just one of the best feelings for him if you wrap yourself around him.

♦ Graves gives the best cuddles when you‘re sad. He can‘t stand it to see the love of his life unhappy so he tries to cheer you up with a good cuddle session. He sits down with you on the couch (or bed, whatever you prefer) and showers your in compliments and kisses. He likes to pull you into his lap with your face in his direction and your head pressed against his chest. He‘ll pet your head and tell you how wonderful you are and lists all the reasons why he loves you.

Headcanon #3

Lance is actually not that oblivious to change if it’s subtle. Pidge’s gender reveal was a surprise because it was so abrupt, but with everything else he takes it in stride and goes with the flow. He comes from a big family so obvious things are changing all the time so he’s used to it.

Which is why when Keith’s skin starts getting purple spots he’s a bit nervous at first because “Is that supposed to happen?” But as the days go on and with no change in Keith besides the slight color change in his appearance he just shrugs it off, accepting it since no one else has said anything, granted the spots are on places like his arms and just under his collar, so it’d be hard to see them.

Sometimes Keith’s eyes will flash yellow, but Lance noticed it’s only during periods of high stress or anger. Which may or may not mostly had to do with Lance himself.

Sometimes Lance will see purple ear tips poke out  from Keith’s hair and he may or may not have thought about how soft they would be.

There was one time where Keith fell asleep sitting, his skin purple and ears poking out (Luckily no one else but Lance was there) so Lance snuck in a few ear rubs and almost woke up Keith laughing when he started purring in his sleep.

Sometimes Keith will start keening if he’s having a nightmare and LAnce will rub his ears to help him settle.

So it’s kind of a shock for everyone when everyone else finds out during training (The sparring bot landed a pretty hard hit so Keith pretty much tore it apart with his bare claws) and they’re all just surrounding him looking at him with a fear of “What the hell?”

And Lance walks in, takes one look and he’s just like “Huh…the claws are new, when’d you get those.”

Everyone’s looks at him like, “What?!?!?!”

“You knew???”

“I thought everyone did to be honest.”

And during all the commotion Keith is on his knees digging claws into his scalp keening because he doesn’t know what to do this is too much.

And Lance just tells everyone to shut up(excuse my language princess) and walks over and hugs him to his chest rubbing at his ears and Keith calms down because it’s familiar and helps and he’ll never admit it but it feels nice to have Lance’s scent around him, the idiot whispering reassurances in his ear in Spanish and just holding him.

Lance motions for everyone to leave, that they’ll talk about it later but not now and they just leave the two be.

So, I know everyone calls Jungkook the Golden Maknae but honestly it makes me kind of worried. Fans have this image of him being constantly perfect and good at everything, which can be extremely dangerous for his health and well being. 

Always being told you’re good at everything means you’re not allowed to not be good at something, and I’m worried that sometimes he might push himself too hard or be WAY too hard on himself. Like remember for his birthday when they pranked him by getting mad at him and telling him he didn’t hit the centre mark and told him that he’s not perfect and basically needs to check himself and he fucking shut down. Then he cried when he realized they were pranking him because he felt so shitty about not doing well and disappointing them. I feel like he puts himself through so much emotionally and physically to appeal to this high standard of perfect and it honestly worries me so so so much. 

So, Jungkook: It’s okay to not be perfect, none of us are, and you’re never disappointing us. Please don’t push yourself past your limits for the sake of trying to meet that standard. 

Words And Actions

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Characters- Dean x Reader

Summary- You can tell Dean is struggling, and one night you decide things need to change.

Word Count- 1038

Warnings- None, surprisingly.

A/N- This is part of @iwantthedean‘s Quickie Challenge where I had to write a fic with no dialogue (which can be really hard when writing more than one character) and @loveitsallineed‘s Playlist Challenge with ‘Hero’ by Skillet.

Very early on in life, you discovered the worth of actions. Words were cheap, fickle things that people spewed flippantly, but actions- actions spoke louder than words. Actions spoke of true intent, and held more meaning to you than words ever did. That’s what made your relationship with Dean so special. Dean was a man of few words who took more stock in immediate action than his brother did. Sure, he sometimes got himself into trouble leaping before looking, but he always managed to come out of it fine.

Dean never bothered to use trite words- a steady hand on your shoulder and a question in his eyes was more than enough to let you know he cared. And he did care quite deeply. Those he let himself care about were special to him and he would move mountains for them. He always had his own way of making sure you were looked after, of checking in with you. You appreciated the solidarity you found in his presence, his steadfast and kind nature more of a comfort to you than any cheap words.

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Thoughts on Breakdown and Bulkhead

I dunno, sometimes I just think about these guys and I felt like chattering. In the later half of the Aligned continuity, and practically only in the later half of the Aligned continuity (until IDW needed him, anyway) Breakdown is this great big huge guy that swings a massive hammer and smashes stuff up. In TFP he wrecks some ruins, he crashes through some vehicles, he fires a missile at a museum… big, powerful guy. But sometimes I sit and think about the fact that according to Aligned canon, he actually wasn’t always a big brute. In fact, he started out just as small and physically less capable as he was in G1. His size and strength came at a sacrifice of speed and agility, by personal choice… why?

According to official sources that for the life of me I cannot remember, and if anyone could refresh my memory I would love them forever, it’s because Bulkhead beat his aft so hard that he went and upgraded himself just to be able to compete.

Now I know this says a lot about Breakdown, but I also like to think about what this says about Bulkhead, too. Look at Breakdown’s personality. He’s honestly the sweetest Decepticon in the whole series, okay? He encourages the vehicons, he helps his boyfriend with personal maintenance, if another ‘con asks him for a favor he lends a servo… slag it, Dreadwing… he’s actually a pretty great guy. For frag’s sake, he’s the medic’s assistant. He’s the Decepticon’s fragging nurse. So usually he’s actually fairly calm and non-destructive unless, of course, one of two things is happening; either he’s teamed up with Knock Out and getting caught up with things that way because they just play off of each other like that, or he’s caught sight of Bulkhead. Bulkhead is just amazing at bringing out the jerk in Breakdown. His very presence makes the blue bruiser talk more trash and take more pot shots than he does on his own, or even at Knock Out’s encouragement.

And frankly, I’m starting to get really curious about just how Bulkhead managed to earn the undying ire of the (respectively, amongst his own) gentle giant of the Decepticons.

Bulkhead, as we know, is a Wrecker. Big tough guy, he was part of an elite special forces group that got the job done or died trying… and if they died, you probably went down with them. The Wreckers took on scrap that nobody else wanted or was capable of handling. They were tough guys, and they meant bad news for the Decepticons. And Bulkhead is a formidable force even after he strikes away from the team to follow Optimus Prime. At one point in the early part of the series he rips a Vehicon’s internal wiring and possibly his very spark out. He crushes through those little guys like they’re nothing… and to him, I think they are nothing. Remember, this is the same Autobot that wanted to leave not one, but two humans to the Decepticons… Agent Fowler, and Vince, the bully from the human ally’s school. Oh well, he said. Sucks to be them, he shrugged. Bulkhead is often portrayed as this gentle giant by his own right, but honestly, I don’t think he’s that gentle. He’s careful, specifically, with Miko, because he loves her. But if Fowler, Vince, and every tool Ratchet owns is any indication, said courtesies don’t extend very far elsewhere.

Which honestly tells me that it should have been pretty easy for him to just eliminate tiny Breakdown in whatever fight they had if he had had the chance. So either he didn’t have the chance to finish him, or something else was going on in Bulkhead’s head that he just didn’t care to do the job. Honestly, I lean towards the second… I think that whatever job Bulkhead was doing, whatever mission he was on, he had other priorities and just didn't bother finishing off the enemy lying in his path. I think he just looked down at this little battered-down Decepticon, shrugged, and moved on. He had other orders, he didn’t need to spend his time killing this kid. That’s what I imagine happened. And I think it’s the indignity of this… that he wasn't worth taking the time to kill, he was too insignificant for Bulkhead to think hey, maybe this guy will be a threat later and I should do something about that now… that lead Breakdown to hold a grudge. He decided that the next time he saw this Wrecker, things were going to be different. He wasn’t going to be spared just because his opponent decided he had better things to do. He was going to make an impression next time.

And a few massive upgrades later, we ended up with the big brute we all know and love.

Anyone else have any ideas they’d like to share?

destiel 1k. my first attempt at smut bye

Ah, ah, right there, oh

Sometimes, Cas worked himself too hard.

Fuck fuck fuuuuuck

He would get stuck on a certain chapter or scene, or a troublesome plot line would need fixing.

Keep going, don’t stop

He would pace and think and think and pace until his own spinning imagination became his enemy, until his rigorous work regimen stopped working in his favor, until his desk became a prison.

Fuck, you feel so good”

Sometimes Cas needed to get out of his head.

Yes yes yes

Some people did drugs. Some people took walks. Some people slept or meditated or laid in a relaxing bath.

Oh God, oh my God

Castiel preferred to call Dean Winchester.

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He might be a confident character who rests within himself but even he has trouble telling when he’s overstepped a boundary u.u

Boundaries are so important tho, especially since Genji is so emotionally damaged and Zenyatta is conflicted between respecting the boundaries (although he’s not certain where they lie), and helping Genji push them - sometimes accidentally.

Wtnv Headcanons

Cecil makes those little Self-Care reminder type announcements you see all over tumblr on the Radio.

Sometimes they’re reminders to the town in the face of disaster. “Did you remember to tie down your garbage cans? Remember, it’s garbage CAN fly away, not garbage can’t!”

Sometimes it’s a reminder to himself for things. “Did you remember to lock the door this morning? Yes. Yes? Yes definitely yes.”

Most of the times though, they’re subtly aimed Carlos’s way, because since Cecil found out how sometimes he forgets to eat and drink water and take breaks when at work or even at home, the host was determined to help. So he slips little reminders and prompts into the show. “Have you had a break today? You work so hard. Take a ten minute break to recharge.”

Or “have you had eight cups of water today? Remember, it’s not just a good idea, it’s the law!”

Or even reminders like “have you considered the fact you are incredibly loved by a lot of people today? Not a person, not even just two or three persons, a lot of people. A lot of people care about you and love you immensely, even when they aren’t right there at this moment, even if they don’t say it outright. You are incredibly loved, dear listener. Even you, Steeeeeve Carlsberrrrrg.”

Lucien Lachance tries so hard to say without saying or really knowing that Astrid is going to fuck the Dragonborn & the rest of the Brotherhood over. He tries so hard to keep the Dragonborn in line with the Five Tenets, despite Astrid’s prodding them in the opposite way. He tries so hard to point out that Cicero doesn’t actually deserve to die. He TRIES. Because he’s been betrayed in a very similar way himself.

what it’s actually like to date Yoo Kihyun...

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The Reality of Dating Kihyun…

  • 50% of the time you just stare at Kihyun like: ಠ_ಠ
  • “I need a refund on my boyfriend…where’s my receipt.”
  • And the other 50% you’re like: e_e
  • “What is your purpose in life?”
  • Because Kihyun is literally such a grease ball in private, oh My gOD.
  • He lives to make you flustered and finds humor in your embarrassment. He finds it endearing and he smiles so hard whenever he succeeds in breaking you down, like why???
  • But after his shenanigans, he’ll just hold you and press your head to his chest as he laughs to himself at your cuteness, oh wow, he loves that.
  • His silent, open-mouthed laughter, and it almost sounds like he’s choking sometimes, and there are occasions when he actually does lmao, this man baby.
  • Him clapping and doing that little bounce dance when he’s excited.
  • Talks about you behind your back to others, but it’s never anything that’s really serious or disrespectful (he’d never disrespect you).
  • He’s just harmlessly venting to the guys, he’d never even consider leaving you, let’s be real.
  • But it always gets back to you bc one of the guys is gonna spill the tea all the time, and you’d never reveal his identity to kihyun because he’s like your lil spy/informant in the group, bless him for his sacrifice.
  • Know who i’m talking about???
  • And when you confront kihyun about it, that lil bean is so cunning like:
  • (◕‿◕✿)
  • “Lol my dearest love, what lies have you been told? i never heard of such a proliferation of absurd falsification in all my life.”
  • Boi what is this, does he think his big words are gonna let it slide? How easy does this turd think you are?
  • You let it slide cuz you’re weak af for him
  • ANYWAY, kihyun is extremely caring, and it’s the perfect counter for his greasiness.

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REQUEST: Credence wants to ask the reader on a date, but he doesn’t know how so he goes to Newt or any one of the gang for advice.


WARNINGS: none, just fluff and cuteness.

A/N: Never realized how hard it is to write fluff, but at the same time it’s very satisfying. Thank you for this request, dear anon. Sorry that I didn’t include the date itself, but the drabble just felt finished. Hope you’ll like it!

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