he's so happy with his own joke

I’m not joking about Harry getting his own cooking show though. Give me a happy Harry in a decorative yellow apron, detailing slowly and passionately how to layer a red velvet cake. Imagine his brow furrowing as he concentrates on pouring the batter or getting the icing just right. And then he’s glowing at the end when it’s finished, smiling as he says to join him next week when he makes special Christmas-themed cupcakes.

Reibert Headcanons!
  • Reiner and Bertholdt have been friends since they were little, but towards the end of high school they both realized that they had a crush on the other. They were totally oblivious to each other’s feelings for a long time before officially getting together in college.
  • They’re both heavy sleepers, which is incredibly fortunate because they won’t wake each other up with their annoying sleeping habits…
  • …Usually. Reiner has woken up to plenty of bruises from Bertholdt moving around so much while he sleeps. But it’s worth it to snuggle at night.
  • They enjoy reading together, even if that means they’re just cuddling together in silence while absorbed in their own books. They also have fun picking out books that they think the other will like.
  • Reiner loves Bertholdt’s laugh. He doesn’t usually get to hear it much, but he thinks it sounds like music and is the cutest thing on the planet. He’s constantly joking around and trying to make Bert smile so he can hear his happy little giggles.
  • They’re both suckers for couple-coordinated Halloween costumes.
  • Bertholdt likes to write Reiner little notes and letters, leaving them around their apartment or sliding them into Reiner’s books and supplies for him to find. He gets especially creative hiding them when he knows they’re going to be apart. Reiner saves each and every one.
  • Even though Bertholdt feels awkward about being the taller one, Reiner likes their height difference. It makes Bert a great size for cuddling and it’s easy to spot him in crowds. And his forehead kisses are perfect.
  • Reiner gives Bertholdt so many nicknames, and they tend to get more ridiculous the more he wants to bug him. But he’ll never stop calling him “Bertl.” Ever.
  • Holding hands is one of Bertholdt’s favorite romantic gestures. It makes him feel loved and supported, and Reiner’s hands are strong, warm, and surprisingly gentle.
  • They wear each other’s sweatshirts almost more than they wear their own. Bertholdt likes to wear his loose and Reiner prefers a tighter fit so their clothes can still fit each other pretty well.
  • Bertholdt often struggles to fall asleep, but he’s found that he has a much easier time when he’s safe and warm in Reiner’s arms.
  • Their personalities complement each other very well and they’ve found that they’ve learned a lot from the other. Reiner helps build Bertholdt’s self-confidence and offers support when he’s having a rough time, and Bertholdt is always there to listen to Reiner, helping him slow down and take stock of his own emotions and needs.
  • They’re always looking forward to making new memories together~~

I really love a bleeding heart Jeremy ??

Like the ex cop who just wanted the world to be nice but realized it wasn’t gonna happen
Who stops to pick up a stray cat while bleeding from a bullet to the side because it looked hungry
Who, after finding out about a wedding in the park across the street from their heist on the same day, puts his foot down until Geoff agrees to change the date
Who gives so much of his heist money to charities that the rest of the crew has to buy him food so that they know he’s eating
Who has to leave the room when the crew starts fighting because he doesn’t want them to know it upsets him
Who laughs with them when they make jokes about murder but can’t look anyone in the eye if they’re covered in blood or he has blood on his own hands
A Jeremy that just wants everyone to be happy


He looks so hot like this. @plaidstiel-wormstache

“And you just bought day-old croissants instead of fresh ones because they were half off?” You rolled your eyes and dropped the old pastry back in the bag. “You’re so cheap”

“I’m not cheap!” He defended taking the same treat you left.

“Yes, you are. And that thing is so old, you’d crack a tooth trying to bite it.” He mocked you when you turned around and started stripping in order to take a shower.

“Shit!” He complaint and you shook your head, you told him so.

“This thing is so hard…hard as my cock now that I’m seeing you naked”

You turned to face him and he was biting his lower lip, doing some sort of happy slow dance at his own joke. You rolled your eyes again and walked into the bathroom.

How They React To Their Crush Being Shy At First, Then Turning Out To Be Really Funny (EXO)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

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Author: Taebaby

SUHO: He would’ve been thinking of ways to spark up a conversation with you, knowing how shy you were, he’s a little angel, he didn’t wanna make you uncomfortable (too pure). He’d be sitting next to you somewhere clearing his throat ready to be a man, you turned to him looking nervous as you blurted some joke about how the both of your tension together could blah blah… (I literally couldn’t think of any thing funny, i am s o so r r y) causing a happy-surprise grin to break across his face

CHANYEOL: This monkey would’ve been trying for ages to get you to warm up to him, cracking jokes, bringing you small gifts (’here you go!’ -‘this is a pen, chanyeol’ - ‘yes but its a nice pen and its sparkly’) making sure to accidentally run into as often as possible. At some point you made you made a funny remark about how he’ll get you a collar and leash soon like god damn (kink?), which makes him crack the fuck up

KYUNGSOO: Satansoo would’ve been sitting next to you, chewing his cheek thinking about how to break the ice since he knew you were kinda shy when he heard you throw some damn funny ass shade at another member out of nowhere and he knew in his heart you were the one

BAEKHYUN: This demon sweet boy would know all along that you had good humor burried in you somewhere, so he’d be relentless at trying to dig it out. He’d constantly teasing you, pickin on you and generally just annoying the shit out of you (not mean tho, he ain’t that evil) until you finally snapped and clapped back at him with a jab that literally made his pitiful ass drop to the floor wheezing 

JONGIN: This kid wouldn’t expect it at first so he’d be minding his own business, secretly paying attention to you a couple seats away, a few friends in between, when would make a joke that was dangerously close to being dad humor and it would just kill him

SEHUN: Your shyness would bother him at first, thinking maybe you didn’t like him back at first, but when the two of you were accidentally locked in a closet together (Baekhyun and and Chen were holding the door closed, bitches saying ‘we don’t know whats wrong it won’t open’), the silence bothered you so much that you let out an extremely weak attempted at a joke. It would be so unexpected to him (and actually funny too) that he’d be on the floor of the closet in no time (Baekhyun: ‘what are you two doing in there?’)

XIUMIN: When you’d make an offhand joke, nt really trying to hard to be funny, he would literally be too impressed with you like (’Oh my gosh that was really funny!’ - ‘but i didn’t even-’ - ‘really funny’)

CHEN: I think he’d be pretty relieved that you turned out to be funny because that would mean less awkwardness and tension when talking and stuff because he funny too shit

YIXING: He’d be relieved too but in a different way. Like he seems really shy himself so it would almost seem impossible for him to find a way to talk to you, but he wouldn’t have to worry about that shit cause you’d come at him with a joke that strted out pretty smooth but ended in disaster (I mean, not true disaster though, you got him to laugh and like you much more)


KRIS: He wouldn’t let himself look phased, but it surprise him a bit how funny you actually were, and it would take him a second to come back with a response. He’d keep it smooth though, because he’s BenBen

TAO: It would delight him to see how you defeat your shyness with humor, like the fact that even though you seem timid most of the time, when you tell a funny story the confidence it brings practically rolls off you

LUHAN: Lu wouldn’t get enough of your jokes, literally jumping at any chance he got to see your face light up telling them. Even though he loved you as you are (shyness and all) he’d still love seeing you come out of your shell with humor

EXO Reaction || Girlfriend Saying She Loves To See Them Eat
Similar Reactions:

| SHINee |


“I’ll eat lots for you~”


“That’s a unique thing to love about someone”


“Of course~ A full Jongdae is a fun Jongdae~”


*Having a little tummy of his own, he’d be kind of happy that you don’t mind and still wish for him to eat well*


“Hehe~ I know~”


“Ok, I will remember that”


*He honestly wouldn’t know what to say, all he knew was to keep in shape so he was taken aback by the compliment*
“Thank you”


*He’d find it cute and joke around*
“Aww, should I get chubbier for you?”


“I hope this isn’t some fetish you got”


“Gahh~ You’re so cute when you say things like that”


“You’ll make me want to eat too much if you say things like that”


“… I’m eating this for you”


anonymous asked:

i haven't stopped crying since the full weight of jim being canonically dead hit me earlier today. it's so dumb to be upset about but the idea that he was so lonely and that nothing seemed worth living for is hitting me where i live. i'm trying to keep myself from despairing because while jim is dead the actor who brought him to life is a happy successful openly gay man in a long-term relationship and maybe i can have even half of that kind of life if i try but i'm hurting so bad that (1)

a character that i became so emotionally invested in took his own life (and did it holding the hand of the only person who he ever truly loved) and it’s like sending me deeper into a depression. i can’t even articulate correctly why this hurts so fucking bad but it does. i was joking to myself earlier about jim living it up in hell but for the sake of me not crying until i dehydrate i guess i need to believe that he’s at peace and isn’t hurting anymore. i’m pathetic lmao (2/2)

Sweet anon, I feel you. My sorrow isn’t so much about the characters and what The Final Problem let us conclude about them, including Moriarty. I’m sad because I genuinely can’t believe what this show did to itself. It may sound too dramatic, but I feel similar to when great pieces of art or monuments are destroyed. I can almost feel it like physical pain. 

The acknowledgement that this show could be the best ever made if it continued in the same level as the previous series. And yet, look what they did to it. I can’t believe Moftiss couldn’t find better ideas for Series 4, we all genuinely had way more decent ideas than they did. I can’t understand what they were trying to achieve or what they thought they’d achieve. It is painful to realise that I will never see the real continuation (not just ending) of the story I loved so much. Because I don’t accept Series 4 (especially TLD and TFP) as canon. I think it’s my right. It’s their story but I have my right to privately wipe out all the moments I believe are disgrace to the rest of the story. I will continue it on my own. Do the same, Anon. Imagine it. Don’t think of what an episode of clowns and bleeding paintings and enamoured coffins and ghost women tells you to think is true. 

For me Jim Moriarty is still alive. Always desperately in love with Sherlock Holmes. Always ready to begin an even more mind-blowing game. Always eager to make Sherlock feel alive. And Sherlock is always there too, always understanding him, knowing him, missing him, getting as much of him as he can through their games. There is something between them that will simply never die. A simple short meeting that could make worlds collide and establish an episode as a masterpiece. That’s what this power between them can do. Nobody died that day on the rooftop. Nothing ever died between them. And most importantly, no other villain in Sherlock stood a chance to outshine Jim Moriarty. The Final Problem proved it. 

Forget what you saw in an episode that never was worth your 90 minutes and, there, Jim is alive. I conclude, rather lately, that we are probaly a huge factor for these characters’ depth. Jim IS alive. 

And if you want a more realistic proof, well, I have one of this too. So, Moriarty apparently filmed some footage for Eurus, where he announces the final problem begins. But his final problem in TRF was completely different and didn’t include any mad sister whatsoever. People seem to forget that Jim didn’t shoot himself out of nowhere - Sherlock somehow “threatened” him and Jim tried to avoid getting defeated. And then, Eurus says “Jim gets his revenge through me”. She doesn’t say “I get my revenge through him”.

So basically, even now, it’s all about Jim. His is the final problem. John. He just found in Eurus the person who was (meh) more efficient because she had already succeeded once. 

So, would Jim really die if he stood a chance to have Sherlock? No. Sherlock keeps Jim alive. Jim is not suicidal as long as he can have Sherlock and he will never choose to die as long as Sherlock lives. And of course *chirps* Moriarty didn’t intend to kill Sherlock on the rooftop. He really didn’t, the canon at this point is the last thing to trust, so TRUST ME.

Just because Eurus says that Jim is dead, this doesn’t mean anything. It could mean Jim is hiding completely after the Reichanbach incident. Perhaps he is indifferent about her (which I believe) and just waits to see if she’ll pull this off. 

But you got me there. Jim Moriarty was and is lonely and sad, badly needing someone and I can’t deny that. This is after all the beauty of his character. But think of it this way: they all are. Sherlock is lonely and sad for the most of his life, Mycroft is lonely and sad, John has been lonely and sad for most of his life too. Molly. Lestrade too. Mrs Hudson. Even Irene. Even Mary. They’re all together a big “family of sorts” but it’s clear that they all need a certain person to intimately forever bond with irreversibly. But as it is, nobody managed this till now and the show ended with a very ambiguous platonic parentlock. We never saw them, getting there, reveling in their happiness. Will it happen? Hopefully, for all the characters. But apparently we were destined to only see them lonely and in need. 

And same with Jim Moriarty. But none of these characters is entirely alone, for somebody always cares deeply about them. And somebody cares for Jim too. Somebody does ;)

It’s totally understandable that the realisation made you cry - I think I am still handling it because I have gone all “erasure” mode. Re-writing memories o_0

But when Severus Snape in Harry Potter died, I used to cry locked in the bathroom for whole weeks! So I understand you. The difference is that Harry Potter remained a great story till the last page and Snape’s death was inescapeable and cathartic for the character, literally a salvation, so you knew it was for the best and had to accept it.

But in this joke’s case, I suggest you erase whatever you don’t like in it and all will change for the best. Jim Moriarty reigns over the world and prepares a next level game for the ever eager Sherlock Holmes :)

[DRABBLE REQUEST] Deskmate!Wonwoo

Request: When you and Wonwoo start dating to show their best friends that they can be together, too.
Requested by: 15-stars
Word Count: 2,893 
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None

A/N: So according to wonwooed, a drabble is equivalent to 3109845805 words, please forgive her.

In honour of Jeon Wonwoo’s 21st birthday. Please continue to stay healthy, happy and I’ll look forward to the day where I can see you cracking your old dad/grandpa jokes slay the stage again.


Originally posted by wonwomin

You both started off as classmates.

He had slipped into the seat next to you on the first day of school in History class and introduces himself as Jeon Wonwoo, extending his arm out for a friendly handshake, his hand easily dwarfing your own.

You take a liking to him immediately, noting his slim, round glasses set on his prominent, high cheekbones, his jawline defined and looked like it was intricately carved by the gods themselves. He was quiet and hardly spoke a word throughout the lecture, his eyes narrowed in concentration at the teacher’s words that had faded into a monotonous drone long ago.

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but just like imagine zuko returning to the Southern Water Tribe and wearing those big furry parkas to keep warm and asking Kanna about betrothal necklaces and she teaches him how to make them. it takes him a lot of time and trying to be sneaky around Katara. After he’s done it just looks terrible because he’s not gifted with making jewelry and carving and making intricate details, but he tries to make it meaningful.

So he shows it to Sokka who, of course, makes a joke about it’s quality and how he never knew Zuko was so cheesy (Steam?! Like cooking? Geez, Zuko!) and he’s kind of nervous asking Hakoda about it until he finally does and the poor guy bursts into tears because his strong baby girl is finally FINALLY growing up and moving forward with her own life and it’s so emotional to him because he’s reminded of his days working on Kya’s necklace and he’s just so happy and doesn’t even care how it looks because he can tell Zuko tried his best and put alot of thought into it and—

I just love Zutara and families okay????

Big Bang Reaction to: You Being an Idol Who Other Idols Want to be With

jay park version; here

T.O.P: reveals lots of embarrassing things about you. “ah, s/he may seem perfect on screen but s/he’s a lot more human in real life. (y/n)’s poop stinks so bad, just like everyone elses.” he’s not trying to bring you down or anything, but he doesn’t like ppl treating you as if you weren’t human. you would make a mistake one day, as does everyone, and the fact that you’re “perfect” will make it a scandal so he’s trying to avoid that & protect you, in his own way

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Taeyang: “you can look but not touch!” he’ll joke. he’s so happy that you’re popular and it makes him proud. especially since, out of everyone in the world willing to die for you, you chose him. and that means a lot

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G-Dragon: wears a cool exterior whenever others gush about you with him around. he doesn’t want to show that it bothers him on camera. he’s happy that you’re doing well of course & that people like you. but he gets a bit jealous to see others light up when they talk about you. you’re his at the end of the day, you know?

Originally posted by hell-ogoodbye

Daesung: “ah, that’s true! (y/n) really is amazing!” he’s so happy that people love you. of course they would, you’re great! he absolutely adores you, even more than anyone else. and he’s not sure what made you pick him but he’s so happy you did. and he’ll do anything to keep you

Originally posted by no-8

Seungri: “it’s not surprising really. I’m great, (y/n)’s great. I think it was obvious to everyone that we would end up together. perfect people are drawn together, don’t you know?” *cue intense eye rolling from the other boys*

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anonymous asked:

I'm sorry you just reblogged this "remember that time they asked who the strongest exo member was and jongin stepped up and he was like “my arms aren’t strong, but my heart is” - I watched that Happy Camp episode too and he said, 'Although your arm muscles should be strong, the strength in your heart is more important,' and then snorted like a teenager at his own terrible joke, he was being a dork so the hosts sent him back and that is the TRUE LEGACY OF KIM JONGIN,



ps; asdfgh I’m so sorry for the late reply.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Are you still doing matchups? If so~ please match me with someone! I'm a smol (158 cm) girl that loves languages and cultures! I have short ginger hair, brown eyes and freckles I'm typically assigned as the mom role (take care of yourself!) in friend groups- but get called dad because of my horrible sense of humor (puns/dad jokes) I really like cuddles but freak out too much with the dokis so i usually stand for hand holding and shoulder rests I also get excited and startle really easy ty

I pair you with Viktor Nikiforov.

  • Admires your passion for languages and cultures~ if you don’t know Russian, he’d be happy to help you learn
  • He finds humor in your jokes and puns, and will even reply with a few of his own. likes it when you dote on him. if you wanna be the Mom and Dad of your friends, then sure why not ^^
  • Loooves to cuddle with you. he gets pouty when you want to stop, but he’ll tone it down/give you space. will def settle for hand-holding and shoulder rests tho


Crowley strolled into the common room behind one of his ‘friends’. He couldn’t stand the guy but everyone needs a friend. All Crowley had to do to keep him happy was smile, nod, and laugh at all his jokes. He sat down on the leather seat next to his ‘friend’, pretending to listen as he bragged about this, that and the other. He was so focused on himself that he hadn’t even noticed Crowley was getting very bored, nor had he noticed him move away.

A dark-haired, pale-faced girl had caught Crowley’s eye, he’d seen her around but they’d never formally met. Perhaps it was time to change that.

“Hello,” he greeted her “Likes the sound of his own voice,  that one.” He gestured to his ‘friend’ still yammering on to whoever would listen. “Though I’d rather be talking to you.” He grinned.

It had been a long day and Andromeda was deep in the middle of her Herbology homework when someone spoke to her, jolting her out of her concentration. She looked up with a brief frown, but quickly smoothed it out to a little smile. “Well, I suppose somebody has to carry on enough conversation to drown out everyone who’s not,” she said wryly, following his gaze over to the talkative boy. “Sometimes I think the phrase deafening silence is a little too literal.”


ignoring the joke, this actually makes me sad, Nny dreams of a world where he’s okay and hasn’t burned all his bridges with his life 

Nny just wants to be happy but, hes so deep into his own awful reality where hes done awful impulsive things and hes so deep in his mental illnesses that happiness is impossible for him, so he dreams of it, but hates waking up, thus hates falling asleep

 help me im so sad over this

jasminevaleska  asked:

Could you do a gotham ship for me? Please? I'm 5"3 with like reddish brown hair and green eyes. I'm pretty outgoing and laugh a lot, like my friends say I laugh a little to much sometimes. I love ironic things, and like sense of humor is a top priority with basically everything in life. I'm happy pretty much all the time, and I'm in theater. Thanks

Hi there! I would ship you with…Jerome!

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You were Jerome’s ideal girl, with your stunning appearance and quirky personality. You loved to laugh and Jerome enjoyed telling jokes at all times - so of course he was always trying to make you burst out laughing at his humour - and you always would! Your constant happiness never failed to make Jerome smile and he even valued your feelings above his own!

I hope you liked it, my lovely! ❤

                                        Before He Fell
                           ~Chapter Three - Entry 06~

           PREVIOUS CHAPTER|CURRENT|NEXT CHAPTER                                                                         Table of Contents

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deanmon-deann asked: Cas out on a date with a complete and utter asshole in a really nice restaurant and Dean is their waiter who feels the need to intervene. Thank you so much!

Author’s note: This story includes restaurant owner Dean, writer Castiel, burgers, dick jokes, and a happy ending. Not gonna lie, I loved writing this. ;)

“Wouldn’t you agree, Castiel?”

Castiel blinked at the mention of his name, only now realizing that he’d been entertaining himself with his own private thoughts, rather than with the person keeping him company. He had always prided himself on being a good listener; no matter the subject, no matter the person talking, he always found ways to find himself in the words of others. He was never one to zone out when someone talked to him, but unfortunately, he’d be forced to make an exception for the man currently sitting across from him at the table.

The guy had been bragging for thirty minutes straight, ever since they’d entered the restaurant, and by now Castiel felt like murdering his brother Gabriel for making this blind date happen to begin with. Gabriel must’ve been possessed if he truly believed that Castiel would get along with someone who was such a snob. And in all fairness, what were the odds with a guy named ‘Dick’?

“Yes, I ehm… I think you made an excellent point there.” Castiel stumbled a reply, winging it.

Lucky for Castiel, men like Dick Roman didn’t need much encouragement to keep talking about themselves, and Castiel took a much needed sip of red wine as Dick started rambling again.

“So I thought to myself, two best-selling books, why stop there? I want to share my greatness with the world. I want to do things that are bigger, Castiel. I’m considering running for president…”

Castiel tuned it all out again as he resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Just what the world needed; more Dick. Bigger Dick. Castiel couldn’t help but snort at his own inside joke. He blamed boredom.

“Care to tell me what it is you find so funny about my plans for my upcoming career?” Dick snapped rather loudly, catching him in the act.

Castiel cringed at the outburst, quickly shaking his head. “Nothing, I just…” He trailed off, not even finding this guy worthy of a proper excuse.

Dick pointedly lifted an eyebrow, opening his mouth to say something, but then there was a blissful interruption.

“Everything alright here?”

A deep, smooth voice made Castiel turn his head, and his heart fluttered enthusiastically when he looked up to immediately get lost in eyes painted in green and gold. There was a friendly smile greeting him, so unlike the stoic expression that seemed to be permanently stuck on Dick Roman’s face.

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when i was thirteen, patty’s boyfriend was a big boy with fists that left bruises on her cheekbones. i babysat for her cat while she went to visit the rest of her family in China. she said that the makeup was easy to apply after the third day, once the area stopped being so tender. she said she was happy, in the way i said that i was fine, just tired.

the way other people said his name, it was like the boy was made of gold. he smelled of never showering and burped and laughed at his own jokes. his jokes. his jokes. most of them fell around the crowd with a few chuckles, but most of them were about patty, about how she’s fresh off the boat, about dating ‘an Asian girl.’

i stared at him and wanted to ball him up and shove him down my throat. so many of my guy friends worshipped the ground he walked on, but patty’s secret was one i wouldn’t share with them. it wasn’t my place to tell her story. she used to come in and take help from me. we’d stand in the bathroom and i’d keep ice on her body. it wasn’t the first year i was mislabeled a lesbian, but it was the first i wore it proudly. i directed every slur i could at me. i was strong. at least i wasn’t dating my bully.

other girls eventually found me. they all had the same exact story: this boy was nothing but a big mouth that would end up in bigger regret. he would start off by secluding them from their friends. by the end, they were alone and broken, and everyone loved him.

everyone loved him.. he tried to make my hatred of him into a joke, tried to win in a battle of words. it was a mistake on his part. at one point he put his arm around me and said, “you know, for a bitch, you’re pretty.” i said that if he touched me again, i was going to chop him into pieces. he tried to kiss me much later, laughing. 

i punched him in the face. it didn’t heal her broken bones. she moved out of the state. she went back home. she said, “America is too much for one Chinese family alone,” she said, “nobody believed my story when I told them.” I said: I do. I do. I do.

Everyone asks me: why didn’t she leave. why didn’t she speak up. why didn’t I say something. they ask for adult responsibility from a teen. they blame her. they blame me. they blame everybody but his body, the one swinging into little girls until they were reduced into ashed. Why wasn’t I stronger. why didn’t patty just tell her mom. why didn’t she move sooner. why didn’t they break up.

her face was always warm under my palms. i was the last friend she had left. she begged me not to tell. she said it was better if she stayed silent. it lessened the howl of his hell. she’s who taught me how to apply liquid eyeliner. she used to play the piano so well she won multiple championships. he broke her fingers the first time she tried to get out. after that, no objections ever left her mouth.

she said: “everyone loves him too much to see.”

but i do. but i do. i carry your story with me.

—  For my dearest logodaedalist. Thank you for your constant friendship. // r.i.d
Who wants to kiss Calum? - Calum Hood OneShot

Why are the guys always asking “Who wants to kiss Calum?”? Read and find out why Calum gets angry and ashamed about the story behind it but solves his problem with the help of his best friend!

Who wants to kiss Calum? – Calum Hood OneShot

At first it was just a joke. Calum laughed about it. He found it funny too, but after a few days… maybe even a few weeks… he hated it. He really genuinely hated his bandmates for it. Yeah, he hates them right now and that’s why he’s so happy his best friend visits him on tour. So he can have at least a few hours without his stupid best friends and enjoy himself for a while.
Right now the band had a short break and they stay at a nice hotel. Everyone has their own room and they take their time to themselves. So Calum drives to the airport to pick me up. I’m sitting on my little suitcase waiting for him. He texted me a while ago that he’s on his way, so it shouldn’t take him that long to arrive.
I search through my tumblr and twitter and even though I know how much Calum hates it right now, I still chuckle lightly at the “Who wants to kiss Calum?” videos and pictures. It’s just so cute when he gets all flustered and tries to hide behind his hands and I can hear him in my head shouting at Ashton to shut up. It makes me chuckle a bit harder but I’m interrupted by my best friend.

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