he's so happy to see her again :'d

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Honestly, I really want Hidekane to be endgame because if Touken stays a thing by the end of this whole mess I just know Hide will accept it with a big goddamn smile and he‘ll be so happy for Kaneki but I just think Hide has been through too much and I want him to be just as happy as Kaneki and I like to think that that‘d be the case when/if they‘re together.

Ehh. Headcanons are all good and dandy, but if you’re asking me…

Kaneki is not going to leave Touka for Hide. She loves him, too, and I don’t think it’s appropriate for Kaneki’s character– at this point of the story, where he chooses to live just to see his wife again– to abandon her for someone else. I would personally balk if that happened. It’s not romantic or touching or anything. 

So, consider this instead: 

Touka and Kaneki staying together doesn’t mean Hide is going to be unhappy. We still don’t know if Hide’s “confession” was a “confession” at all– he only said he loved Kaneki (I say I love my friends all the time and I mean it??), and that doesn’t mean his heart is going to be broken over a relationship he actually encouraged. Honestly, I think he would be the most genuinely enthusiastic, supportive fan of their relationship out of anybody, and all three of them would be a packaged deal together. 

✨ OT3 ✨


I only just noticed on a rewatch that Karen takes her shoes off when she and Frank are in her apartment. And he watches her do it. For some reason I’m reacting to that. I guess it’s the being home and choosing to be unguarded and something in front of Frank and welcoming him into that space and not just for a quiet place to talk, but her home, where she takes off her bag and coat and is barefoot - but she also does it with her back to him so it’s totally open yet.

I’d been so distracted the first time watching it and getting caught up in the back and forth between her happy he was there, then reacting disappointed and resigned to finding out he was looking for her help and not just to see her, and then Frank turning it all around again by bringing out flowers - but for contact - and that smile/look and her risking it anyway with the hug, the hug, the hug - and it being worth it because she gets it back from him too.
(And that she got a nice apartment like she deserves)

I loved all that. So much emotion back and forth and reaching out and then taking a step back and so very them.
But somehow now I’m hung up on that fact that she takes her shoes off and even that is part of their interaction.

Their every scene, I swear. Oh man.

Hobi as your boyfriend

so uuuuuu she back at it again! hobi this time hope u dolls like it💗💗💗

theres also one for yoongi and Jimin 

•so many smiles everywhere :“”)

•loud as hell!! Fr everytime you walk into the room even if u left 5 minutes ago for a bathroom break he YELLS bc he’s just too damb happy 2 see you!

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Scott- Persistent

Request-  Can I request a Scott x reader where they’re just really cute and pure together, because she’s a smol bean like Scott from season 1 so together they’re just the cutest couple. But then on the other hand they’re a power couple as he’s an alpha and she is the most powerful witch in her coven. I just think that’d be really cool 😊 and I have to say I always read your imagines (read them all!!!) and I’m so happy it’s open again!! /  can you pls do isaac or scott imagine (whoever you choose would you be able to somehow add the other one in?) you both went to bhhs but never saw each other much,you happen to be going to the same college so y/n one night downloads tinder for the lols to see the type of guys around then she matches with him and they have a very short convo,couple weeks later shes in one of her lectures and hes also there too she sees him and tries to avoid him (lmao this actually happened to me) thanks so much!

A/N- For the sake of time and my chemistry grade, I combined these two. Hope you like it!

“Do you think he’s going to come this way?” Isaac asked, peering through a shrub behind the library.

“Not if you keep talking that loud,” Scott said gently.

Isaac flushed, and suddenly lowered his voice. “Right, sorry.”

“Y/n is going to try to force him this way,” Scott said. “But I’m not sure if he’ll show in the first place.”

Isaac nodded, and the two sat in silence for a minute or two, waiting for their target to appear. “So…you and Y/n. You really like her, don’t you?”

Scott grinned, and leaned back on his heels in the grass. “She’s amazing. I can’t believe she even wastes her time with me.”

Isaac rolled his blue eyes. “Scott. You’re the True Alpha”

“And she’s the most powerful witch in her coven,” he reminded him. “And she’s got this amazing heart. And she’s so pretty…”

“Christ, I get it,” Isaac said. “I’m just glad you’re-”

“Shh!” Scott suddenly hissed, grabbing him by the shoulder. “Do you hear those footsteps?”

Indeed, someone was coming toward them, crunching through the dead leaves. Isaac tensed, letting out a low growl.

“Isaac, wait,” Scott ordered, but the Beta was already leaping out of the bushes. Scott launched himself out after him, but it was too late. Isaac was already being thrown back with a yelp, landing on the grass at Scott’s feet.

“Oh my god! Isaac?”

“Y/n,” Scott said, eyeing your shocked face. “What happened to the hunter?”

“He never showed, but oh my god, Isaac? Are you okay?” you gushed.

You were standing over him, staring down at him nervously. “He just jumped out of the bushes! It scared me.”

“It’s okay,” Scott said, placing a hand on your back.

“Speak for yourself,” Isaac groaned.

“Sorry,” you breathed, holding out a hand to help him up.

Isaac took it gladly, shooting a glance at Scott. “Where did you meet her again? Supernatural fight club?”

You laughed nervously, but Scott grinned and wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “Actually-”

“Oh god,” you groaned, letting out a nervous laugh. “Please don’t tell him.”

“I met her on tinder.”

“Not really,” you corrected, elbowing him softly. “We talked for a few hours, but then I deleted my profile the next day. I just got embarrassed by the whole idea.”

“But I found her again,” Scott told him proudly. “I ran into her in the dining hall. And then I just kind of stared at her, and she got uncomfortable and left.”

You couldn’t help but smile at that. “You were weirding me out.”

“I didn’t mean to. I was going to say something, and then I realized you didn’t smell human.”

“So you just stared her down?” Isaac asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Yep,” you said with a smirk, causing Scott to blush. “But he came up to me later and apologized for freaking me out. ‘Course he kinda ruined that when he asked me what I was.”

Scott groaned and you laughed. “I didn’t mind. I just didn’t want to tell him in the library.”

“Yeah, that was probably for the best,” he agreed.

You smiled, and leaned forward to press a kiss to his cheek. “I’m glad you were that persistent.”

“Me too,” he said, leaning closer to you.

“Ahem.” Isaac cleared his throat before things could get too heated, and looked between the two of you. “So now that the hunter didn’t show, what are we going to do?”

“Hmm,” you thought, giving Scott’s hand one warm squeeze. “Movie Night?”

happy baby ~ short jonah marais imagine

a/n: y/d/n = your daughter’s name

“noo,” you groaned, throwing the sheets off of your body and standing up to go calm your daughter who had just begun to cry. she hasn’t been able to make it all the way through the night for an incredibly long time, and now was one of the night’s where she couldn’t. you had just fallen asleep a mere hour ago after you had finally finished replying to all of your work emails. now it was 3:47 in the morning and you were being woken up by the sound that you hated the most. her crying. 

“it’s okay, angel. i got this one,” jonah muttered, his hand on your shoulder pulling you back into bed and his voice still groggy since he had just woken up as well. you flashed him a grateful smile as he kissed your forehead and made his way towards y/d/n’s nursery as quickly as he could. he was just like you in the way that it broke your hearts when you heard her cry. she was too young to talk yet so you never really knew what was bothering her. 

less than a minute later her cries turned into laughter, causing you to smile into your pillow. you then climbed out of the bed for the second time and padded across the cold wooden floorboards and out into the hallway. the light coming from her nursery was flooding out into the hallway through the crack left in her door. you slowly walked towards the source of the light and stopped just before entering. you knew that if you were to walk into the room that jonah would stop what he was doing. he was always so soft around babies but he would never admit that to you.

you leaned your back against the wall to the side of her door and listened to her joyous laughter, a smile breaking out on your face. when you turned your head slightly to look into the room you saw jonah sitting in the rocking chair in the corner of the room with y/d/n standing on his knees. he was holding her hands and bouncing her up and down, all while making silly faces to make her laugh. after admiring the sight of the love of your life with the light of your life, you turned back around and leaned against the wall again. 

suddenly, her giggles came to a halt, but you could hear her gentle yawn. you were jus about to walk back into you and jonah’s shared bedroom when his angelic voice filled your ears. he was singing her back to sleep.

“you are my sunshine,

my only sunshine.

you make me happy,

when skies are grey.” he sang softly. you proceeded to peak into the room again to see him now walking around the room and rocking her in his arms. a sight that made your heart practically swell out of your chest. 

you were so lost in your own thoughts of how you could have ever gotten so lucky that you didn’t even notice jonah putting y/d/n back into her crib and him coming out of the room to find you there. 

“were you listening to all of that?” he chuckled to which you nodded sheepishly. “let’s get some sleep, alright, gorgeous? you got a big day tomorrow,” he smiled, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and pressing a kiss to your temple.

thank god it was dark in that hallway cause man, were you blushing. 

also unedited af

Nova vs Chapter 18: This is how we do it

Hello everyone, Mr.E here and back! Thank you for everyone who likes, comments and reblogs this story. it means a lot to me

i want to apologize to those who were waiting for this. I took a month off because in all these nearly 2 years of writing (holy snap that’s next month) and the random bouts were i didn’t post, I never actually took a break. but I’m back, refreshed and ready to keep stories for you amazing people.

Here it is, the finale of the current arc thought of by my good friend @marionette-j2x who was kind enough to let me borrow her ocs *Jelina, Mary and Berry with their lord Kim* and let me write out the arc idea she came up with and a special @thefandombytes who helped me with some translations. thanks buddy, I greatly appreciate it! 

This is not the story finale so no worries, there’s still some more nova on the way. Well I am going to simply let the show get on the road cuz I know a few of you waited a long time for this so here we go.

also here’s the link to the ff page in case you want read this from the beginning or stumble upon this randomly https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11773524/1/Nova-Butterfly-vs-the-Forces-of-Adolescence

Notification Squad 

@hipster-rapunzel @isolated-frequencies @artgirllullaby 

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Carisi-centric thoughts on Ep 18x18

The last fifteen minutes really ruined what was, until then, a perfectly serviceable episode. It really flew by, up until that point, and I kinda liked it. It was dumb but fun :D

I even liked the hypnotism angle, but I must say, I think the problem persists; yet again, the episode had an interesting premise, but it failed to take advantage of it. Why not go into the practicalities of hypnosis? Where was Huang to get on that stand and explain it in detail? Speaking of, wouldn’t Barba talk to an “expert” during the trial? Why not make a show if it and demonstrate hypnosis? Wouldn’t that be fun to watch?


OK, guys, I’m going to be honest. I’m of two minds, when it comes to this episode. Sonny-wise, the episode was fantastic (and let’s be honest, that’s always my main concern lol), the premise was fun, we got Barba working with the entire team, not just Liv, and the case itself (the investigation of it, at least) was twisty enough to remain enjoyable.


From a legal standpoint, this episode was laughably bad. It honestly left me baffled. Who wrote this? The last fifteen minutes were ridiculous. No way would Barba ever get a conviction based on what we saw. I’ll expand on that in a minute (in EXTENSIVE detail), but first let’s start with the good.

Sonny and Continuity

A lot of great stuff in this episode! Sonny pulled a classic Sonny, and looked into the case thoroughly, going above and beyond and finding information about out a crime which was committed out of state. He even dug up a civil suit. That’s absolutely consistent with the Sonny we know. It’s what he’s always done. He never gives up, he finds smart ways to work around the obstacles and solve the case.

I also appreciated that Sonny showed real empathy when he heard the first victim had died. Peter played that little moment so well. Both the surprise and the sadness. What I loved most about it, was that it didn’t feel like he was thinking “oh shoot, there goes our witness.” It felt like the old Sonny, the one who used to cross himself when he found a dead body. The Sonny who’d take the time to grieve, just for a moment, when confronted with the death of a stranger as opposed to last week’s Sonny, who dismissed actual death threats like he didn’t give a shit lol.

And I do always love it when Sonny cracks a case with his research. Even though he didn’t actually crack it, because what the fuck? But, again, more on that later.

Sonny’s Love Life

Wait, Sonny has a legit girlfriend that’s been mentioned more than once? Can we meet her, please? I’ve always wanted to see him happy and in love :D and making out with someone lol. I just wish we knew more about her. A name, even. Wouldn’t Amanda know her name? She and Carisi are obviously buddies. So far, the info we got on her is a) her bra size (classy, SVU writers) and b) that she’s into that raw food trend. I like that, actually. It fits Sonny. He seems like he’d totally be up for trying new experiences food-wise and otherwise, and this could be their thing, going around random restaurants and trying to convince each other to eat weird dishes, lol.

I love it when our characters are shown to have lives outside the “show”, but can we actually see it? Can we see Sonny all flirty and cute? If they don’t want to cast anyone new (because they seem averse to creating new characters), can’t we at least see, like, Sonny smiling as he talks on the phone, or as he reads a text, with Fin teasing him about it? Or something? Please? :D

Barba Thoughts

I was surprised Barba was the one to suggest hypnotism. Way to think outside the box! I’m not sure he was the best person to do that (he seems like a total skeptic who’d shoot that theory down immediately), but I bought the excuse of him having come across it before. Plus, I loved that he was the one who got to solve the case, for a change. And I also liked how the entire team, Barba included, spent several scenes brainstorming together. I had missed that. Barba in the precinct, with the entire squad.

Aaaaand that’s where the fun ends, and the pedantic/annoyed part of my post begins, lol.

Why on Earth would Barba take legal advice from Liv? Why would he ever play that tape for the jury? If that’s not reasonable doubt, I don’t know what is. Why would he follow Liv’s actual instructions? She’s not a lawyer! She directly affected the case, in a way that could have been detrimental, even though Barba seemed like he knew better (since he tried to talk her out of it, before folding as always), and the way the episode chose to resolve that was by having Liv and Barba drinkin’ it up at a bar.

Liv’s mistake was never identified as such, and it took Sonny “deus ex machina” Carisi and his random discovery to save the day.

Even though it shouldn’t have. Which brings me to:

The Law

Me for the first like 45 minutes: OK BUT WHERE IS RITA???

Me when Rita appeared: YASSSSSS QUEEN

Me at the end of the episode: NOOOOO QUEEN 

Where do I begin?

Why was Barba acting like hypnosis was sure to be accepted as 100% real and effective by a court of law, let alone a jury in its entirety? Why did he seem to “suddenly” realize he had no case (which, d’oh) at the halfway mark, only for Liv to wrongly convince him otherwise? And, even if Barba did manage to stumble upon a group of jurors who all believe in hypnosis, why didn’t he bother actually proving anything?

To get a conviction, Barba would have to prove that:

  1. hypnosis is real,
  2. hypnosis can be powerful enough to make a woman consent to sex against her will,
  3. Trask has the skill to hypnotize people,
  4. Trask actually hypnotized this specific victim, and
  5. Trask raped this specific victim.

None of that was ever proven. None. Like I said, no expert was shown explaining just what hypnotism entails. No proof was given that Trask even knew how to do that (so what if his mentor taught him, does that mean he now knows how to do it perfectly?). There was an actual tape with the victim’s ‘consent’ that was played but not actually debunked.

And oh Lord. That old case Sonny dug up. WHERE. DO. I. BEGIN.

What defense attorney, hell, what judge would allow a totally random arrest from over 20 years ago to be brought up into a totally unrelated criminal trial? Not to mention, no one even bothered to point out that the defendant was a drug addict at the time (22. YEARS. AGO), and he had since “changed.”

To be fair, the writers tried to make it work, with Barba asking Trask if he had ever been arrested, to “open the door” to bringing up the previous arrest (and also to get Trask to lie on the stand). Problem is, Trask only lied about the arrest itself, not about the specifics of it. With that in mind, Barba would only be able to mention the arrest itself, to contradict Trask’s testimony and present him as a liar. But he’d never be able to introduce the actual details of the arrest, the actual facts of that old case.

Barba would need to ask something specific to open that door. Something like, “Have you ever been accused of anything like this before? A man in your position, wealthy and surrounding himself with drugs and beautiful women,” blah blah. If Trask had lied about that, then Barba would have been able to bring up a similar case from the past (even the case of the dead woman mentioned previously). 

Unfortunately, there was nothing similar about the case Sonny found. No relevance, no probative value. A drug addict, ill and scared, letting someone die? Over 20 years ago? An expunged arrest, no conviction? That was prejudicial as fuck. Rita would have it thrown out in 3 seconds. Many times, prosecutors can’t even mention actual (and relevant) convictions, because it would be prejudicial, unless the specific convictions have a significant probative value relating to the case on hand.

Same goes for that half-assed “confession” to Trask’s mentor-slash-friend. Trask never mentioned this specific victim. That was circumstantial as fuck. I’m embarrassed on Rita’s behalf for losing this mess of a case. The old Rita would never.

Legally speaking, this was a total circus. Barba proved nothing. No way would the jury find Trask guilty. No way would Rita Fucking Calhoun let any of that fly. This is Dana Lewis levels of character assassination, in my book. 

Stray Thoughts

Is Liv working reception now? Didn’t she used to have an office? Where her subordinates could reach her, if a victim wanted to speak to “someone in charge”? You’re a Lieutenant, sis! Let someone else man the doors!

Declan? 👀

Amanda didn’t judge a victim, for once, and the case involved drugs! Progress!

Fin listening to that lady for like 5 minutes? YES. His face was the highlight of the episode. Fin himself was the highlight of the episode, actually. So many great lines, and Ice-T was clearly having fun.

Speaking of, we got Fin joking! And Carisi joking! And Amanda laughing! Who are these people? I don’t recognize them :D

Seriously though, I really appreciated the attempt for a more ‘lighthearted’ episode, but the writers should have stopped themselves riiiiiight before giving Rollins the line, ‘look deep into my eyes, you’re under arrest.’ Because no.

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If Kit and Emilia do a movie (tv series) together, what genre(s) would be on your wishlist for them? Kate & Leo teamed up years later post Titanic, so I can totally see kit and Emilia acting together again in the future.

Honestly? This is probably the least popular answer to this question but I would want them to do comedy. We’ve seen Kit do it and even the rare funny moments in the show prove he has excellent comedic timing imo. 

And Emilia is just naturally hilarious and happy. I love her laugh and I want them in something where laughing, smiling, and kidding around is encouraged. 

That’s why I actually love their sort of different D&G campaign. Because usually perfume or cologne commercials are so serious and attempting to be sexy. But theirs are lighthearted and fun with dancing and smiling and some real people. I think it fits both their personalities. 

So genre wise I think like a rom com would be great for them. 

Excerpts from “I’d like to believe that I’d do it again”

Hey, so I wrote this Whizzvin College AU (which clocks at about +60k words), and I thought that maybe I could share some of my fave excerpts from this behemoth. It’s a little long, so apologies for that. BUT HEY, JUST WANNA THANK EVERYONE AGAIN FOR SUPPORTING THIS STORY AS SO MANY PEOPLE DID. IT MAKES ME HAPPY.

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1). Favorite Curious Village Character?

Lady Dahlia

Dahlia’s beautiful, bossy and has quite a sad backstory. They don’t really delve into it much, aside from mentioning her dreams which are actually Lady Viola’s erased memories, but it puts Baron Reinhold in a different light. It was hurting both he and Flora to see the robot Lady Viola, so he had “it’s” memories and personality changed. Then, the baron dies. Flora is left without a mother again. And Dahlia is left longing for a child. 

I would’ve liked to have seen one moment between Flora and Dahlia where they reconcile. (Possible scene for the Professor Layton anime?) Now that Flora is older, you’d assume she wouldn’t be scared of Dahlia anymore. Maybe she’ll never seen Dahlia as a mother, but they could become friends. Clearly, Dahlia cares about Flora’s happiness and she accepts her decision to leave with the professor.  

Dahlia certainly set the stage for PL characters to come. Her over-the-top outbursts are comedic (Poor Matthew…) but she possesses hidden depths. 

I hope she gets to see Flora again.  

i need robron post reunion being cute and sneaking around (not as an affair this time but as like secret boyfriends/fiancé)

i picture a scenario where they’re in the mill having a secret shag. they can hear liv’s bus up the road so robert is running down the stairs with aaron behind him trying to put his clothes and shoes on. aaron’s hair is a mess, robert grabs his keys kisses aaron and flies out the mill before liv walks down the drive and then she comes in with aaron standing there looking all smiley dodgy and she’s like wtf why are you so happy? and he gives her that aaron look and she walks inside and aaron looks over and sees robert standing at the top of the drive and they smirk at each other and then decide maybe they need to cover their tracks better from getting caught again so they use the scrap yard for their rendezvous and ugh it would be comedic and romantic and light and fun because they’d be taking things slow and kind of getting to know each other again maybe even go into couples therapy even and when aaron asks robert to move back in it would be such a big moment maybe give him back the watch as well

ugh i just need it all so bad give me that cute horny boyfriends/fiancés 2.0 era we deserve

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Not sure if you're a fan of superwave if not then no need to fill, but superwave meeting up after a long time maybe with some hurt/comfort thrown in?

its a ship i’m on the fence about but honestly, i pretty much love mick with anyone who’ll be sweet with him and hold him tight.

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    anonymous submitted to letterstodamie                    

These past few days the fandom has been quiet, we have only seen our queen and believe me I don’t complain she is a the most beautiful sight, her whole aura screams good vibes and that’s amazing.

Maybe the subject that I want to approach in this opportunity tho lacks on good vibes and good energy but it’s something that I consider important. I know we all miss our King, I do too, and I’m sure he will be seen whenever he feels is the time to do, we know how this works, we have been following this for a long time, come on, is not a matter of rocket science here, it all has a reason to be. Now, what bothers me and I want to point out is why there are people believing that if he in fact appears has to do it with his ex wife?, and yes for me this is the reality she is his EX WIFE and to be honest at this point only THE MOTHER OF HIS KIDS, there is no room here for another appellative when it comes to her simply because is what I see based on their acts, you know that acts speak louder than words. Yes, he respects her. Yes, she is the mother of his kids. Yes, she will always be linked to his life, whether we like it or not, but does this mean she is with him as his wife?. Absolutely not, I thought it was pretty obvious, come on, we all have eyes and reasoning, the only love interest he has is Dakota, I know many say that it has to do with the PR and blah blah blah, and I agree, but at some point this has to come to an end, so it bothers me, it really does when people who consider themselves “damies” think that he still follows her orders, or that she owns him, seriously? We have all seen Jamie changing in these past years, do you really believe this is the case? I invite you to do an exercise think about the Jamie back in 2015 and the Jamie now, what do you see? I’m gonna tell you what I see, I see a man who was lost, and now has found himself again and is happy, and you know what I see when I see him with D or with his daughters, yes… his happiness.

Some have to define what they truly think, be honest, whether you believe he is already divorced and with D or you believe he is still with this woman and she treats him as her puppet and D is the poor damsel in distress.

I really hope all the Damies are in the first group, by heart, to think better of the people we admire. 

The truth is, we are here because we admire them and we want true love to win, I’m sure they are doing it, even tho I can’t see it and I don’t have “sources”, I really don’t need it you know why? because I believe in what I see, that’s the only advice I have if you believe it too have confidence in this, don’t doubt, the truth is right there don’t act as blind, and be real with those who follow you.


I know people are excited for Cas to be back and I’m happy they didn’t kill him off, too, but poor Dean. Poor Dean “what’s dead should stay dead” Winchester. He brought someone back once 10 years ago and now he can’t get away from it. I’m sure he’s going to be happy to see Cas and if he sees Mary again he’ll be happy to see her, too, but I bet it’s messing with his mourning process. He gets yanked around through grief so much, especially with Cas who died seemingly permanently like this before only for dean to find out he’d survived after months of mourning him. Maybe the reason he’s insisting so hard that Mary and Cas are dead is because he wants closure. He wants a natural end to his mourning that can only come with time… and them staying dead. I love Cas, but if they’re going to keep him (which they better) they need to stop killing him for the angst in the first place, because it fucks with Dean’s head twice for him to die and come back.

Cheering up your child (VIXX)

Y/S/N: you son’s name

Y/D/N: your daughter’s name

N: -does whatever it takes to make your daughter happy. Stupid little dances and voices made her happy. And he usually wouldn’t stop til she’s happy because that’s his job- “sweetie look at daddy. Yeah lets be happy. I won’t stop til that little from becomes a big smile”

Originally posted by yuu-jin

Hongbin: -all your son did was cry until his father held him. Once he was in his father’s arms he stopped crying and Hongbin worried about putting the little guy back down- “don’t worry Y/S/N daddy’s got you. I won’t put you down. Maybe mommy can take you so daddy could pee”

Originally posted by leootastic

Leo: -you gave him a smile as he made sure your son’s moody episode was fully over. He kept giving you a look as he bounced the little boy- “how much longer til he’s out of his terrible 2′s. I don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to handle all of this”

Originally posted by jaehwanswife

Ken: -your daughter liked all the weird things that scared most children but she was now obsessed with voodoo dolls. So her father made sure she got things that made her happy when she was sad- “Y/D/N look what I got. It’s the one from our album I bet you’ll cuddle this one. It’s my favorite and I want it to be your’s too” 

Originally posted by skaxogus

Ravi: -your son was learning to walk but often fell. So while he was working he heard a loud cry and he looked up to see Y/S/N crying as he sat on the ground- “aw buddy did you go boom? I’m coming then we’ll get some snacks and we’ll try again”

Originally posted by leojuseyo

Hyuk: -Y/D/N was very moody after preschool because she didn’t get to nap. So he promised you he’d get her to nap and all that before you got back home from work- “come now baby put a smile on that adorable face. I promise when we get our nap in you’ll be all smiles”

Originally posted by svngyeolo

Love Triangle

Pairing: Sonny x Reader 

Requested: No

A/N: So this is my second imagine! Thank you so much for all your support on my first that I posted. I promise they won’t all be Sonny! I have quite a few requests so I am hoping to get through some of those this weekend! Also (Y/D/N) stands for your daughters name. As usual, let me know what you think and send in your requests!! The next one will be for Nick! 

You hadn’t planned it this way, you honestly hadn’t planned it at all. Your daughter, (Y/D/N), was meant to be spending the weekend with her father in queens. This gave you and Sonny alone time, as your relationship was still in its early stages. You were caught in the heat of the moment when a sharp three knocks were heard through the apartment.

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fix it au where even though they lost yahiko. nagato wants to change the shinobi system and he opens up orphanages. he fixes amegakures system reestablishes everything. appoints konan as the kage and he works as a diplomat between the other villages. 
HE MEETS LITTLE NARUTO AND WILL VISIT KONOHA AND HE….. eats ramen with his cousin. he takes in karin. he tried to support uzushio but he didnt make it in time and he just wants to help fix it and refurbish it. jiraiya is so proud of them when he finds out. nagato writes to jiraiya frequently. 
i just want this au because one) nagato and konan had the capability of having change + deserve happiness two) i want to see them in robes. 
if you don’t think nagato is also a kage u better guess again. konan really wanted nagato to be the only kage but he told her they’d both be it together. 

The Warm Down

Submission for #ttt

Author ladyoftheteaandblood

Warming this contains smut, happy fluffy smut of the Id like some of that kind. Please be advised read with a Cuppa and a HobNob.

Tom and OC, Tom has just got back from a run but has he run out of energy.

Feedback is always nice thankyou.


Hot and sweaty from his run, he looked at her with those big blue eyes and grinned his most wicked grin.

“Oh come on sweetheart you have just run, surely you need time to recover?” She asked him in disbelief at his boundless energy.

“Nope need a huggle with my honey right now!” And with that he grabbed her, threw her over his shoulder and marched into the bedroom.

He threw her on the bed and bounce on straight after, wrapping his arms round her tightly and rolling on top. Being a gentleman (sometimes), he took his weight on his elbows and looked down at her.

“Hey there pretty lady fancy a roll in the hay with your favourite sexy guy?”  He ground his hips into hers leaving her under no illusion as to how horny he was.

“Well I would but he can’t make it today so you will have to do” she replied smiling up at him and grinding back.

He kissed her hard on the lips letting their tongues explore each other happily for a long time. His hands went on to explore her body over her clothes knowing that it made her want him all the more.

Tom unbuttoned her shirt and kissed her neck just in the place that made her wiggle. Her bra was a front loader, as he called it so he took no time at all in opening it up and stroking her breast with his hands before let his well trained tongue run over her sensitive skin.  He Stopped at her nipples where he teased at them with his lips, then taking one in his mouth to devour as she arched below him.

“Roll over my beautiful girl.” He moved off her long enough for her to do as she’d been asked,

“Hey greedy when do I get to play with your goods” came the muffled question from the pillow.

“Oh just shut up and enjoy it, I’ll get mine soon enough” he straddled her at hip level and proceed to massage down her back.

Tom slipped off her shirt completely and then removing all clothes down lower with a bit of an undignified pull and wriggle. Now she buck naked he surveyed the fantastic body below him and let out a growl.

“You make me so bloody horny woman” and with that he removed the T-shirt and shorts he was wearing and laid on top of her pressing his hot rigid cock onto her butt and back. She simply pushed back up onto his lean muscular body and giggled at his moaning.

He could have taken what he desired then but that would have been too easy and he wanted to hear her yell his name as she writhed in pleasure.

Sitting back up still over her, he massaged her butt adding tiny bites and long licks that just missed that oh so wanting spot. She groaned under him and pushed back harder but just he swiped her butt with a large hand and laughed out loud at her protests. The hands returned to rub again this time going between her legs and finding her warm and wet and oh so willing. With gentle fingers he explored her and found her nub till she was bucking and moaning louder than the walls could keep in. The finger removed and he grabbed two pillows and placed them under her butt. God she was almost begging now as her ass was pushing into the air. He laughed again but this time crawled down and put his mouth to her cunt and delved inside with his tongue flicking and licking as he held her down on her pillows her legs as far apart as she could get them so he could get further in.

The tongue wandered off to her clit and flicked there, she bucked again and let out animal sounds as he, enjoying his power ran his tongue up and down finally sucking at her till she yelled his name and crashed into an orgasm that had her crying out for him to Fuck her.

Who needs a second telling? covering her back, he lined up his straining cock and thrust, feeling how wet, hot and tight she was around him and hearing her gasp as he filled her. Pulling back slowly he repeated the move several times before the need in him took over and he pounded away making the headboard beat a happy rhythm on their wall. She moved slightly making his cock rub her so sensitive bud again and the world became a blur as she and he tore into a muscle clenching, all consuming, overwhelming orgasm. Wave after exquisite wave hit them before the world reset itself and they snuggled together in a happy pile of contentment.

“See that’s how you warm down from a long run” he told her in a Sleepy muffled voice.

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