he's so happy they won!!!


Yuri Plisetsky,
15 years old,
GPF gold winner 🏅

Поздравляю, Yurio.

Viktor and Yuri got to celebrate together, I think Yurio deserves to celebrate with someone too.

Okay so we’re all really happy about the victuri kiss (like holy fuck so happy) but I’m gonna stop freaking out about that for one moment to point out that Phichit won gold!! And made history as a Thai Skater! 

Like I feel like for obvious reason figure skating in someplace like thailand isn’t seen as seriously as it might be in someplace like Russia and I’m just so happy for him. Plus he won over Yuuri, who did a move at a time in his routine that not even Victor had tried before which just shows how blown away the judges were by his performance.

It must have been a really big day for ice skating fans in YOI that day. A Thai skater winning gold and Japanese and Russian male skaters kissing on international television like damn. I’m just so happy for all of them. 


Mark is bad at games 😂😂 but he’s good at eating jellies🍬🍬 


I just watched a Live Stream of a tortoise vs a hare, and the tortoise stopped right in front of the finish line for like 15 minutes.. the hare started to creep up but THE TORTOISE DID IT. HE WON. I’m so happy



Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs, What a heck of a season they’ve had!

Prince Phichit has graced us with his presence yet again, and it didn’t disappoint me one bit. even though it’s almost a week late, I still want to share these with you guys hgnnnnn

I bring you another 8 majestic frames of Prince Phichit (FP ver.)

Frame 1. addressing his majesty’s followers to the right

Frame 2. in the center 

Frame 3. to the left  

Frame 4. *whispers sexily* lend me your ears~  

Frame 5. I can show you the worrrrrrld~  

Frame 6. shining, shimmering, like my costuuuume~

Frame 7. ahhh I don’t understand. I can’t even see his whole face but this is so sexy ;A;

Frame 8. that jawlinnnnne!! 

GOT7 Reacts to you agreeing to date them

Jaebum: *Gets really happy but keeps to himself so he won’t get teased*
“What I’m nnot smiling, what are you talking about Youngjae?”

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Junior: *Tells everyone at dinner or something*
“I don’t know why she agreed either.”

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Jackson: *Posts about it on every social media possible*

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Mark: *Blushes like a small bunny*
“I’ll see you at 8?”

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Youngjae: *Giggles after everything he says*
“What?” *Giggles*

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BamBam: *Runs around screaming and dabbing*
“Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.”

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Yugyeom: *Becomes completely flustered and jumbles up his words*
“So…hmpff…when do I-I-I need to pick you uph?”

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