he's so handsome in uniform

Nick and Judy Go to the Club Ch.1

The time is 6pm and the sun is beginning to set over Zootopia. Officer Judy Hopps is sat at her desk finishing up some paper work, ears drooped back from boredom. It had been a few months since the Night howler incident and she was now a well-respected officer in the ZPD with several medals and commendations for her tireless efforts both in the community and the academy. However, what she was most proud of was her partner. Nicholas P. Wilde, the fox who had helped her on the missing mammal case and Night howler incident.  Nick was intelligent, brave, and excelled at thinking on his paws. He was also a gifted speaker, born with a silver tongue. It was rare that he couldn’t talk himself out of a sticky situation if all else failed.

Judy suddenly realized she had been staring at a picture of Nick she had on her desk. “How long have I been staring at this?” she thought to herself. “He looks so handsome in that officer’s uniform. It defines his body so well, wait! What am I saying?” she snapped herself from her thoughts of Nick. “I really shouldn’t be thinking like that.”  Just then she noticed Nick leaning against the doorframe of her office. “Hey Carrots, thinking like what?”

“Oh Nick!” Judy half yelled as she jumped up in her seat her ears shot straight up now. “It’s nothing, just having some trouble focusing on my paper work is all” she stated with a light chuckle. Nick gave her a slightly confused look. “Well, I have an idea for something to help take your mind off work.” he said. “Oh yeah, and what’s that?” Judy asked. Nick looked at Judy and gave her a playful smirk “Now that would ruin the surprise.” He turned away and looked over his shoulder “Just be ready for me to pick you up by 10 o’clock tonight and wear something comfortable.” he said with that famous sly smile. “Nick!” Judy yelled, but he had already disappeared down the hallway. “What could he have planned for us so late?” she thought to herself before looking back over at the picture of him on her desk. “Sly fox.”  

It was now 9:30pm and night had fallen over Zootopia. Downtown Zootopia which was known for its amazing architecture, takes on a completely new form of beauty once the lights begin to shine. The nocturnal animals are out in this city that never sleeps and now Judy was going to join them. Judy had moved into a slightly larger apartment since her time joining the ZPD, though this did not help her escape her crazy neighbors “Bucky and Pronk” who only a week after her move were now living next to her again. It seems their financial status was like her own. This didn’t bother her though as she didn’t move to escape their racket. She just wanted a roomier place with a private bathroom and that’s what she had now.

Judy stepped out of the shower and grabbed her towel and began to dry herself off. It was white with carrots printed on it. She stepped out of the bathroom and over to the dresser thinking about what to wear. “What should I wear? He told me to dress comfortable but didn’t tell me where we were going, dang it Nick. You also have to try and be so cool and mysterious.” Judy decided to go with a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt that had pink text on it that read, “Don’t call me Cute or else!” Nick had gotten her this shirt as a gift after he joined the academy. It was the first thing he had bought for her and it made her smile. She rarely got an opportunity to wear it so she figured now would be as good a time as any.

Judy looked over at the clock and it was nearly 10 on the dot when she heard a knock at her door. When she opened the door, she was frozen for a moment admiring the fox standing before her. Nick was wearing tight black jeans and a black satin button up shirt that shined like his coat accented with a red tie. Judy had never seen Nick dress this way and was transfixed by how amazing he looked. She heard a faint voice calling her name before snapping out of her stupor and realizing it was Nick. “Hey Carrots you in there?” Nick asked. “Yeah, sorry.” Judy muttered. “So where are we going anyway? You seem to have dressed up quite nicely.” Nick smiled looking down at himself, “Oh this, well for the nightlife I figured a Hawaiian shirt might not be the most appropriate thing to wear.” “Have you considered that it might not ever be an appropriate thing to wear?” Judy scoffed playful as they walked to the taxi waiting outside. “You know I look good in those shirts.” Nick exclaimed as he held the taxi door open for Judy. “Do I know that? Yes, yes I do.”

Nick got into the taxi and looked at the driver, “We’re ready now.” The taxi took off clearly already aware of the destination. Judy looked over at Nick “So you’re still not gunna tell me where we’re going?” Nick looked down at Judy with that sly smile, “Don’t worry Carrots, you’ll find out when we get there. Besides I don’t want to spoil the surprise.” Judy looked out the taxi window admiring the city lights as she was rarely out this late and typically went straight to bed when she got home. “It really is something, isn’t it?” Nick said softly. “Being a nocturnal animal I don’t sleep much so I get to see the city lit up like this every night. That’s why my eyes get so dark sometimes.” Nick pointed at one closed eye that had a slightly purple tint to the lid. “Oh yeah? I always thought you just wore eyeshadow.” Judy said as she playfully elbowed Nick in the side. “Ha ha ha.” Laughed Nick sarcastically. “Very funny Carrots, but this fox doesn’t need makeup. He has an abundance of natural beauty.” Judy couldn’t help but agree with that statement in her head, but said nothing out loud.

Judy watched out the window as the taxi pulled under a bridge on the outskirts of Downtown Zootopia and stopped. “Here ya go fox, that’ll be 15 dollas.” said the taxi driver. Nick handed the driver a 20 and told him to keep the change. Nick got out and once again held the door open for Judy and as the taxi drove away it revealed their destination across the street. A building tucked under the bridge with a line of animals waiting outside and loud music that could clearly be heard from outside. This was obviously a nightclub, but what stood out to Judy was the name of the club in glowing neon lights above the double doors that read “Wilde Times.”

Judy pointed up at the sign, “Nick is that?” “Yup! This is a nightclub that Finnick and I have had planned for years.” Nick interrupted. “And you my dear Carrots get to be my guest of honor at our grand opening.” Nick said as he wrapped his arm around Judy’s. “Nick I’m not really much for the club scene.” Ignoring her protest Nick dragged Judy across the street and into the club waving at the patrons as he entered proudly with his bunny companion. “So how about we have a few drinks first?” Nick suggested as he walked Judy to the bar where Finnick was serving drinks.

“Finnick my main fox mammal!” Nick exclaimed as he walked up to the bar with Judy before taking a seat. “How are ya buddy?” Finnick smiled at Nick “Good, I’m happy we finally got this place up and running after all these years of planning and hard work.” “You mean hustling?” Judy said with a smirk. Finnick stared down Judy “Hmph, so how’d you get fluff butt down here?” Nick smiled and laughed, “Easy Finnick, I actually didn’t tell her where we were going. It was a surprise.” Finnick chuckled at this and asked them what’ll they have? “I’ll just have carrot juice please.” said Judy. “Gimmie a glass of our finest bourbon my dear Finnick!” shouted Nick. Finnick brought them their drinks and then poured himself a shot. The three toasted to a successful business and the start of an exciting night!     

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THE MORNING AFTER Bucky x Reader drabble (pre-captain america fa)

A/N: just some Bucky drabble that i whipped up :) (i’ve been really into morning after stuff lately. which is funny cause im ace) but this is being publish on mobile so it might not have all the proper grammar and conventions and stuff. but enjoy please!

You woke up the next morning, the two of you lying naked in bed together, still curled up and bundled in the sheets from the night before. He slowly ran his fingers through your hair as you laid in silence with your eyes closed, coming out of sleep. When you opened your eyes you saw the calming light of the morning pouring through the cracked windows, sending in a breeze that smelled like campfire and fresh laundry, the trademark smell of a childhood in Brooklyn. If you had told yourself when you were a kid that you would wake up like this one day with Bucky, you wouldn’t have believed it. and now, even though your cheek was pressed up against his hot skin and there was no where that the two of you hadn’t touched each other, you still could hardly believe it. All of it felt like a photograph, but even if it was you were quite content with staying like this for as long as you could.

Neither of you wanted to break the silence, because the chilling morning was enough to fill your ears, but the two of you could never sit in silence. you both had too much to say. “Good morning (Y/N).” Bucky said in his gravelly morning voice.

“Good morning Bucky.” You replied, and as he name fell off your tongue you got butterflies in your stomach. no matter how long you had known him, saying his name made your skin tingle with delight.
His fingers absent-mindedly combed through you messy hair, and you could feel his smile through his skin. “I can’t believe last night happened.”

“Neither can I,” you chimed, trying to hold back the school girl giggle that you wanted to give.

“Can I see you?” He asked softly into your head.

You slowly rose from his chest and sat up against the headboard so you could look at him, and instantly you fell in love all over again. He was unshaven and disheveled looking, but perfectly Bucky. He looked so handsome in his uniform, but this was your true best friend, the one who looked like he had just got in a fight but also the boy you would want to take home to your mother. Only he could be the perfect mix of both.

Looking at you, so vulnerable and naked, a way that he had never seen you before, took his breath away. He comically clutched his chest and held his breath, making your cheeks go red. To him, your sex hair and droopy eyes was better than any makeup or pretty outfit that you could buy. This was the real you, and he was so in love.

Hands Behind Your Back

I walked in the door and hung up my gun on the rack inside the door after securing it safely. I turned to see my beautiful wife standing there smiling at me. Coming home from a job like that everyday really made me appreciate what I had. I walked towards the woman I was madly in love with and took her in my arms kissing her gently. She smiled. 


I glanced at Justin; he always looked so handsome in his uniform. “Well hello officer,” I teased tugging at his badge. He smirked. I kissed him, showing him how much I loved him. 

“I missed you,” he said softly.

“I missed you more baby,” I said smiling at him.

He sighed, holding me to him tightly like he never wanted to let go. I knew when he did this; it meant he’d had a hard day on the job.

“What happened today babe?” I asked gently.

He sighed, “I was called to a homicide not to far from here. We investigated the house and found a woman beaten, raped and murdered in her own bed. It’s just so hard to look at something like that, and to come home to you, and look at you…and I just don’t know what I would do if anything ever happened to you. This job, it makes you realize anything can happen at anytime to anyone, even those who least expect it. I just love you so much it hurts to think about stuff like that. That girl was someone’s daughter, someone’s girlfriend, someone’s sister, someone’s friend…”

He was usually good at not letting his job get the best of him, but sometimes he just couldn’t help it. Seeing things like that every day had to be difficult. “Hey, listen to me,” I said gazing into his eyes. “You can’t think like that, I love you and I’m right here, so stop it,” I said kissing him again. 

I had been completely in the mood to make love to him when he walked in the door, and his worrying was killing it. I decided to distract him from his morbid thoughts. I looked him over again and I couldn’t take it anymore he was so handsome in that police uniform. “Babe, let me distract you from those terrible thoughts huh?” I asked, trailing a finger over his uniform. 

His worries faded and he smirked at me. “What did you have in mind?” He said raising an eyebrow, still holding me in his loving grasp. 

“I was thinking I’m a bad girl and I need to be punished officer,” I tease biting my lip. He smiled.

“We’ve still never done the officer and bad girl role-play have we?” He chuckled.

“No sir, we have not, but I’ve been dying to give it a go.” I chuckled. 

His face changed, and he was now in cop mode I could tell, I smiled. “Well then, Mrs. Bieber, go wait for me upstairs in our room and I shall be there momentarily,” he said smacking my ass and heading the opposite way. 

My stomach fluttered in excitement as I sat on the bed waiting for my husband. He walked in the room soon after, swinging his handcuffs around, smirking. He locked the door, I guess this was my cell, and turned around to face me again.

“You have been arrested under the charges of being too incredibly sexy for society’s eyes to handle. Do you have any weapons on you before I search you?” 

“No,” I whispered, taken back by how extremely hot this was.

“I think this requires a strip search,” He said, still in a professional tone that was completely turning me on. “Stand up,” I did. he walked up to me until his faces was inches from mine. 

He ripped off my shirt in one quick motion. “Hands behind your back,”he ordered, I obliged. He cuffed them, my chest pressed forward by the angle of my arms behind my back. He patted me down, from head to toe. “Have anything on you that’s going to poke me?” He asked. 

“No, but I know you do,” I chuckled. I glanced at his face and could tell he was trying not to laugh. He stood up, his face-hardening again as he met my eyes again, reaching for my jeans. He undid the button before unzipping them and slipping them down. He threw them to the side and his hands roamed my body from my legs to my shoulders. He continued to trail his hands over my body, groping every inch of me. I felt myself becoming wet. He took off his tie, throwing it to the floor, loosening his collar buttons. He rolled up his sleeves to his elbows, slowing off his strong forearms. He took off his badge, leaving him in his plain shirt. 

Justin then backed me into the closest wall before pulling away from me. “Spread your legs,” he ordered. I obliged. He spread them farther with his knee, before reaching down to slip off my panties and letting them fall to the floor. He kicked them to the floor. He then turned me around shoving me into the wall face first. He undid my bra and slid it off, leaving me completely naked before him. He pressed my breasts into the wall briefly, hardening them before flipping me around again to face him. He pressed my back into the wall and his hands started their searching again. He felt up my breasts, squeezing and groping them, running his hands between them. 

“Not hiding anything there,” he said kissing one of them gently, momentarily out of character, before his face hardened again. He reached one hand down between my spread legs, grazing my thighs until he got to my pussy. He grabbed it tightly in his hand and squeezed. Any touch from him made my eyes close. He felt my clit, noting how wet I was and smirked. He began rubbing, searching, yet making me hold back moans by biting my lip. He used his other hand to graze my ass, squeezing and feeling around it. One finger slipped inside me and I gasped. He moved his finger around slowly; seemingly searching yet causing me so much pleasure I couldn’t help but moan. 

“Did I say you could moan?” He whispered in my ear seductively. 

“No sir,” I answered holding back a whimper as he moved his hand away from my pussy. His hands trailed the length of my body one last time and I gasped when he touched my breasts and pussy. He stood back up straight, meeting my eyes. 

“What did I say?” He scolded.

“Sorry,” I breathed. He pressed me farther back into the wall, my cuffed hands almost in pain, almost.

His hands rested on my waste as he gazed into my eyes, face inches from mine. “Looks like you’re not hiding anything on you…too bad you still need to be punished.”

He undid his belt, throwing it to the floor roughly. He took off his shirt, leaving him in his white wife beater, muscles bulging through it. He pulled down his pants and then his underwear, kicking them aside. I stood there immobile as he pressed me against the wall and ripped off his wife beater. Soon we were both naked and breathing heavily. He pushed me down to the floor on my knees. 

“Your punishment is to make me cum,” he said shoving his extremely hard and large cock in front of my face. I knelt; hands still tied behind me and tried to keep my balance. He reached down to open my mouth and shove his length in. One of his hands squeezed and pinched at my breasts as I began to suck his cock. His hand reached down to guide my head, tangling in my hair, forcing my mouth back and forth faster, sucking his cock. I pulled my mouth off and took his length in again and again, sucking and moaning, causing him extreme pleasure. He shoved himself into me further, deep throating me until I gagged around his shaft. He soon began to groan in pleasure and he came in my mouth, spilling all his juices in my mouth. 

“Swallow,” he commanded, panting. I did, not hating it, not liking it. He panted, pulling me to my feet. He kissed me gently on the forehead, acting out of character again for a moment, but seemingly unable to be aggressive with me for too long, without showing me he loved me and didn’t mean it. 

He was back in character a moment later as he hardened his face and gazed into my eyes. “On the bed, spread eagle,” he ordered walking to pick up his belt. I gulped what the hell was he doing with that? I obliged and lay down on the bed face up, legs spread but my arms still stuck behind my back, popping my chest in the air farther. Justin soon came, belt in hand, to kneel on the end of the bed looking down on me. I gulped in slight fear at how far he was going to take this; he caught it in my eyes and leaned down above my naked form to whisper in my ear. “Relax, love, I would never really hurt you,” he said kissing me gently and passionately. I smiled and he pulled away hardening his face again. He flipped me over on my stomach so he could reposition my handcuffs. He then flipped be back over so I was lying on my back and pulled my hands above my head re-cuffing them. He then took his belt and used it to secure my cuffs and hands to the headboard. His already hard again cock brushed against my body as he did so and I whimpered with need. Once I was securely immobile once again Justin pulled away to glance down on me. 

He shivered at the sight before him, lust darkening his eyes. He reached down to stroke my breast, causing me to arch into his hand, needing some form of contact from him. He bent down and began kissing and sucking them while gyrating his body against mine, causing us both to moan, needing each other. He finally pulled away, reaching down to rub my clit in circles while I moaned. He trailed kisses from my pussy up my stomach, to my breasts and finally to my mouth, leaving me wanting more. He kissed me passionately for a moment before leaning away to position himself between my legs. Justin lined himself up and slammed into me once roughly causing us both to groan in pleasure, closing our eyes. Justin leaned down over top of me, pinning my hands down firmly, his strong muscles above my head supporting his weight as he pulled out and slammed into me again. My mouth lingered open in pleasure and he captured it in a fiery kiss, before pulling his head away and resting his forehead on mine. He continued to pound into me forcefully, causing us both to begin screaming and moaning in absolute ecstasy. He continued to pound me and soon the bed was hitting the wall from the force of it, my breasts jiggling with each thrust. 

His thrust became quicker and harder as I arched into him with each one, wanting him as much as he wanted me. Fucking him right back. Soon I felt my walls clench around his large, hard dick and he came inside of me. We rode out our orgasms panting and moaning together, Justin still pounding me as he came. When we were finished he pulled out and collapsed on top of me, sweaty and breathing deeply. We lay for a moment as he rested his head under my chin. I wanted so badly to stroke his chocolate locks, but my arms were still tied. He reached down and kissed my entire body top to bottom before reaching up and untying my arms from the bed. He got up and found his handcuff key, undoing them and letting my hands fall free. I rubbed my wrists, where they were read from the pressure on them as we made love. 
Justin lay down next to me, grabbing one of my wrists and kissing it gently. “Sorry, I never thought about that happening,” he gestured to the redness.

“It’s fine,” I smiled.

“Did I hurt you? Was I too rough?”

“No Justin, you were prefect, that was so hot…so fun,” I said kissing him. 

He smiled and pulled me into him, kissing my forehead gently and hugging me close. 

“Let’s not do that one again for a while, we’ll save it for special occasions,” he chuckled.

“Why it was so fucking sexy…”

He gazed at me. “I didn’t say I didn’t enjoy it, I thoroughly enjoyed that. It was insanely hot, it’s just that, it’s hard for me to be so rough on you, I’m constantly worried about hurting you, and I couldn’t live with myself if I ever accidentally did. We can do it again babe, because that was the most fucking amazingly sexy night ever…let’s just give it some time,” he said smiling.

“Agreed,” I laughed. 

“Besides, I prefer to be gentle with the woman I am madly and passionately in love with,” he said trailing his hand softly down my body, resting it on my bare breast.

“Oh Justin, I would never deny your gently side, no matter what you do, you drive me mad,” I said resting my hand on top of his over my breast. 

“We’re too lovesick for our own good,” He chuckled, kissing me softly.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” I said snuggling into his chest, burying my head under his chin, exactly where it belonged, exactly where I was the happiest.

- Lilo

can someone please write a fic where cas is a pilot and dean smith gets promoted and has to start taking the private company jet everywhere and of course he’s terrified but the pilot’s so handsome in his crisp, perfect uniform so he tries to keep it cool. and maybe cas notices he’s nervous since it’s just the two of them and tells dumb, awkward jokes to put him at ease and dean finds that he doesn’t hyperventilate so much when cas is the one flying the plane. and maybe cas is always like “this is your pilot speaking…” on the intercom and dean’s finally like…you dweeb i know you’re cas we’ve been flirting and unnecessarily saying words like “cockpit” and talking about “how smooth the ride was” for three months now. and of course cas is a fan of procedure and safety so he won’t do any dangerous mile-high club stunts but mayyyybe once they’re landed cas and dean can fuck and afterwards dean can straighten out cas’s pilot wings pin so he’s all perfect and presentable again. 

(and since the plane is cas’s baby it’s only fair to get just as acquainted with dean’s impala on their first real date)

The Case of the Really Bad (ie loud) Music


In which, Maka, daughter of police Captain Albarn finds herself in a bit of a pickle when her roommate’s party gets the cops called on them. Well, it could be worse…Officer Evans seems helpful enough.

Yeah soooo, I’m writing a connected slice of life series for soma week this year. One chapter a day for a week of the delicious officer!Soul and flustered/embarrassed/adorable law student!Maka. 

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