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Red Jamie and the White Lady - Part 22

Welcome to Thursday everyone! I hope you’re enjoying this story as much as I am! I can’t wait for things to pick up speed with this. I’m certainly enjoying the ride. Shout out to @diversemediums for being an amazing co-conspiritor on this story and making sure it shines! You’re awesome!!

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Neither Claire nor Jamie broke eye contact as Murtagh left the room and shut the door behind him. Her heart was pounding from her temples to her fingertips; it was as if some force would result in chaos if either of them moved. Jamie stood, tall and broad, a Viking Highlander ready for whatever battle came his way. Claire stood her ground.

“I’m not your enemy, Jamie.”

He looked at her, wary, but his posture notably relaxed.

“I ken that,” he said stiffly.

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this is what you want

length: 1.9k

type: angst and lovely fluff

warnings: blood, killing a monster

  • Based on this quote:
  • “Sharing a room you hate most is like sharing a room with a siren. (The kind on police cars, not the kind who try to entrap you when you cross the English Channel.)” -Simon Snow, pg. 166
  • AU where Simon and Baz cross the English channel on a quest, but Baz gets seduced by a siren on their way

thank you to @acraycratfangirl and @the-jeans for being my amazing betas!

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The Sad One (Black Hat x Reader)


Black Hat x Reader

A/N: This is for @beachcitysweetheart !! I had fun with this and I’m hoping it is actually sad to someone other than myself… x)&

How did this happen? Black Hat…dead. Your mind could still hardly comprehend it. Black Hat, the person you loved, gone from this plain of existence.

And he left it alone. You should have been there…

Tears rolled down your cheeks. Everyone knew how you felt, so there was no use in hiding them. As if you could with him in front of you…like this.

Handsome as ever, Black Hat laid in a coffin in front of you. The empty feeling in your chest grew more cavernous just looking at him for what you assumed would be the last time. The room was empty, but soon, you figured, it would be full of people there to pay respects to the infamous super villain.

“Black Hat I’m…I’m so s-.” You attempted to speak, the first time you’d done so since hearing the news, but sobs broke up your words. When you tried again, your voice was higher in pitch, “I’m sorry. I should have been there. You were my mentor, I looked up to you… I’m not really sure what to do. I love you, Black Hat.”

There. You finally said it. Years of holding it in, and you finally admitted your feelings to him. Late though you may have been.

Your knees gave out and you sunk to the floor. Sobbing quietly to yourself, and praying no one would see you. You looked up to the coffin, trying to take deep breaths and calm yourself down. But then you saw him.

Black Hat rose from the coffin with vampire-like ease, and stared down at you with bored eyes.

“I knew it.” He said coldly, stepping over you and walking out the door, “You’ve gone soft.”

And so you were left, confused and alone. Angry, yet relieved. Embarrassed, but whole again.

However, the effects of that night soon manifest themselves. Black Hat avoided you constantly, you were called to help less and less. Days went by with no contact or request from your boss at all.

Two weeks later you sat alone at the breakfast table, trying to put a dent in the oatmeal you’d made for yourself. You always got up before the others, and before the sun. The mansion was quiet, and you enjoyed the company of silence.

However, a dapper young whatever-he-was soon walked into the kitchen, looking at you with unenthused eyes. You looked back to your food.

Black Hat went for his coffee without a word to you. Why couldn’t he have just fired you for unprofessionalism or something like a normal person would?! Anything was better than living like this, with your guts on the table for him to see. He had centuries of secrets, you had one. Yet he knew everything about you and you didn’t even know what was under his hat.

You sighed, about to throw what was left of your breakfast away, when suddenly, an alarm went off. Relief flooded over you, the sweet call of duty rescuing you from the awkwardness of the morning.

You were the all in one security team for Black Hat Inc, a job that came with a surprising amount of action. More people wanted to rob that maniac that you originally anticipated when you signed on. Still, a job with Black Hat was better than watching him from the sidelines. Even with the past events, you loved your job, and you were good at it too.

Black Hat followed, bored, as you sprinted down the hall to the warehouse where orders waiting to be shipped were kept. “Probably curious to see just who’s trying to rob him this time”, you thought reaching for the gun strapped under your jacket.

Sure enough, a demonic looking man was rummaging through the section of the storage house that contained Black Hat’s more deadly products. He was bright red, with large horns. Perfect target. You put three holes in his head before he even knew you were there.

Somewhere behind you, Black Hat chuckled. “Very good y/n.”

You turned back to him with a small smile. That was the first nice thing he’d said in a long time.

But your inward happiness was cut off when you caught sight of another horned man, this one purple, with a gun aimed right at Black Hat. Your legs moved to intercept the blast that made its way towards him. You’d lost him once, you weren’t letting it happen again.


A sudden pain hit in your chest, intensified and spread throughout your whole body in a blinding blue flash. The world moved in slow motion as you fell to the floor. Your e/c eyes made contact with Black Hat’s. He looked shocked, even…like he cared about you. But that couldn’t be right, he hardly cared when people, even those he worked with, got hurt. Still, there was something in the way he looked at you fall, something like…concern.

The ground was cold and hard, and you bounced a bit upon landing. Black Hat looked up to the attacker, and you saw a red laser shoot from his monocle, presumably getting rid of that problem. Your vision was blurred, but you could see 50 or so others like him in your field of view running down the corridor at you two. And who knows how many more were there that you couldn’t see.

Black Hat chuckled wickedly before transforming into a large grotesque demon. They never stood a chance. You laughed, but then began to cough up blood. What exactly did you jump in front of?

One glance down to your chest and you felt dizzy. The initial impact of the blast left your clothes and skin burned, and a sickening dent in your chest. Blackness and blood from your coughing marked the rest of your skin and clothes.

Black Hat returned moments later, back to his normal self. He looked down at you with a large frown on his face. You tried to laugh again and sit up, but he pressed you down again.

“Dammit.” He muttered surveying your wounds.

“N-Not so s-soft after all, boss.” You mumbled, lightheaded, “Tough enough to block the blast pretty well.”

“Shut up, you idiot.” Black Hat said, pressing a button on his wrist to call for Flug, “You’re going to hurt yourself.”

“To late.” You smiled, grabbing hold of his hand, “I-I’m glad….I- I’m glad I…”

Darkness ate at the side of your vision, Black Hat looked more concerned than before, you were slipping from consciousness, and that worried him.

“Y/n?” He asked, eyes (if he even had two) widening as you slipped away.

“I…love…you….” you smiled, the darkness finally claiming your vision as you closed your eyes. Black Hat’s voice seemed far away…

“I love you too, idiot…”

Warmth filled you at the sound of his voice and you let darkness overtake you, not sure if you would wake up or not.

yearning pt.4

pairing: kwon jiyong x you x dong youngbae
rating: m (explicit sexual content, language)
genre: angst, fluff, smut
pt.1, pt.2, pt.3, pt.4, pt.5

playlist - JIYONG
playlist - YOUNGBAE

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The creaking of the bed beneath the two of you seemed almost deafening, not that you paid much heed to the noises you were making considering the position you were in.

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Back to School Bash (Pregaming) By: Preciousluv & Y. Black

Aye P. @preciousluv35 I think they vibin, what you think?


“Yo, Bro!!!” I assumed D was back in the dorm after the walk I had. “Yooooooo!!!” the further I trekked in I could hear rumblings. Oh shit my boy had company. I wonder if it was the same broad sucking him off in the alley. That boy was wasting no time getting it in, but shit I guess he could say the same for me. I had no chill the way I ate that pussy in the bathroom. I went in my room and figured I’d rest my eyes, since I was supposed to go to this Back to School Bash.  I wasn’t the party type so I knew I needed to power up before I stepped back out. I stripped down, grabbed my towel and made my way to the shower. On the way, I passed my boy’s room his door was cracked. There was a brown thing perched on his twin bed. Lil’ mama was racked up. Big ass titties, looked like she was sitting on a donk too. “Aight I see ya boy” I said in my head. After the graduation shit that boy took a fuck it attitude and approach. I was on the same shit. If they could do it to him they’d do it to me just as easy. Motto for the next 3 years was, “Fuck hoes, and Ball the fuck out”. Simple, do what we were born and cultivated to do while smashing bitches along the way. We had to be careful though, We weren’t trying to get trapped so we made a promise to stay strapped. I was a perv long enough to see the monster tittes be uncaged. I was also able to validate that 71’ Impala she was toting. I knew my nigga was bout to have fun with that. I got in the shower and it didn’t cross my mind again. Holly became the shower head as she rained down on my head, with thoughts of how she tasted. How she vibed with a nigga. Like, she felt like a smooth move this far. But I’m not going to put all my eggs in one basket. I got out feeling refreshed and poised to hit that bed butt ass naked. That cool air on the sac was the best. Passing back by bro room, there was no denying he was in them guts. Her hair was fucked up, the sheets were pulled off the bed and all. I’m talking the fitted sheet. I smiled as I walked further past the door and he was walking that dick back into her jaws. My nigga was a savage. I wasn’t in the bed five minutes before my body shut down. That 6 a.m. workout had taken its toll.


I know y’all probably think I’m loose as fuck. I ain’t even gonna sugar coat it. Nigga trying to get my stats up on and off the field. See, I missed out on bookoo amounts of pussy in high school, trying to preserve my career and dreams. Did that only to still be fucked in the game. They just made me a savage. So much for being humble. To be honest this broad that’s in my room right now I don’t even remember her name. But the pussy solid as fuck. I just want to see how far this broad will go. She damn near broke a heel chasing me down, and she had on flats. Cute girl, I’ll admit, but I wasn’t tryna find love, then again; she probably wasn’t either. Damn shame I should value myself a little more, but the media will make you feel like a piece of meat. The bathroom was still fogged up after Rome had showered. I knew he’d seen that lil thing on my bed as he walked by. I left the door cracked for that very purpose. Nigga swore he could pull more hoes than me. I knew my bro well, I knew his ass couldn’t hang so he was probably asleep, trying to recharge. Letting the suds cascade down my chiseled frame, I got the idea to fuck with him. He better hope lil shawty aint still in my room. I smiled under the water as the plan was already playing out in my head. It was crazy, I felt like in a sea of niggas Rome and I stood out like the pink and red Starburst. He was dark I was light, both had promising futures, handsome, smart. I mean a girl couldn’t go wrong with either one of us. I came out in just my towel. Lil mama was still naked in my bed. I didn’t like that shit, What the fuck she thought this was. Oh no that ain’t what this is lil mama. I approached her, grabbing her bra and shit on the way. Just as I was about to speak my phone rang. It was mom Dukes. “Hello.” I motioned to her ass to get dressed.

“Hey baby how’s everything coming along?” I missed my mom. She really got me through when all the shit was heavy, kept me focused and pushed me to shoot for SU.

“Hey mom, Its coming along. It’s not UF but we here on a mission. You know?” I muted the phone as Bianca, that was her damn name. She was half way dressed when I told her she should go top my bro off while he was sleep. She gave me a quick look, then I could see the inner thot in her come out. She grinned and headed to the door.

“Yeah baby, I know. I was just thinking about you. Hell, you and Jerome. Sitting here sipping wine with Sandra now.”

“Tell my other Mom I said hello, Jerome good though, he is sleeping. When he gets up I will tell him yall called. I’m about to relax myself. There’s this back to school thing going down tonight, you know how he is always falling asleep.”

“Yeah baby we know, Well I’m not going to hold you up.” Before I could respond Bianca was at the door winking at me.

“Ok mom, love yall so much.”

“Love you too.” “Love yoooouuuuuu” Ma Sandra was screaming in the backround.


    Walking up the steps I was in a melancholic mood. Darryl put me on his roster but I wasn’t confident I was #1. He was going to take more work. Though I had some dough, I needed a way to make more, to douse him with some pleasure trips and gifts. I was too temperamental to strip, however, I was certain there were some freaky professors that would put aside their academic morals and pay handsomely for it! If Holly had a few in her back pocket and I the same, we wouldn’t even have to touch the money we brought along with us! Granted her parents were still supplementing her funds but who would turn down some extra cash and a surefire A?! “Heeeeyyy… guuurrrll.” I wasn’t fallen for that act. I saw Jerome’s ass skipping down the steps. “You sure fall easy.” I brush past her as Ms. Jamison holds the door open, never breaking stride as I walk into the building. “Sam… you know you got your way of hookin’ and I’ve got mine. Let me do my thang.” I keep walking, resenting her choice of words. As I press the elevator button Ms. Jamison chimes in, “Ya’ll need to watch it these bruthas smarter than ya’ll think! These not no country backwoods boys they’ve been through some shit and a lot of hurt.” I turn around to face her. “A man’s weakness will always be free pussy… no matter what. The key is to get what you need from him without expecting to be his main chick.  No hurt no loss and no damn feelings. This chick think she’s ready for that but you got that nigga walkin’ yo’ ass home like it’s chemistry or some shit. Now he thinks he the shit and the next freaky bitch will knock you down if not off his roster. You makin’ stupid mistakes Holly! I’m not a babysitter. Do what the fuck you want but I don’t clean up messes either.” With that I step onto the elevator and Holly solemnly stands in next me. Ms. Jamison just stands shaking her head. “Sam… you are one scorned woman. Just be careful.” The door closes and Holly and I ride up to the 4th floor in silence. My cell chimes and I look to see Trevor calling. Nope not doing it. I text  him instead, ‘Not feeling well plans 2nite?’. I wait and he hits me back quick, ‘Just going to a poetry slam wanted 2 c if you wanted 2 come’. I don’t text back but he hits me again, ‘Monday lets meet 2pm go buy books’. I shrug my shoulders, alright… that gives me the whole weekend to prey on Darryl. ‘Cool English at noon then physics’ I watch the three dots on the screen and then ‘K I got both wit u just bring urself I’ll do the notetaking’. I smile…. Yes honey you do that. It wasn’t that I needed the help I just didn’t want to do the work when I had a man to do it for me! I wasn’t too sure how good he was in writing thought provoking papers but I knew I had physics aced with him in my court! Now that I knew he’d be busy tonight, I was in the clear to go all out for the party! The bell dings and the doors open as Holly and I step off, the silence continues as we enter the dorm. I start to strip to hit the shower but I gotta deal one last blow; “Don’t get all fucking defeated you can still fix this shit tonight. Just snatch your heart off Cupids bow and lock it back up.” She looks at me like she wants to defend herself but remains silent as I pick up my robe and wrap it loosely around me before going to shower. I had a sexy number ready for tonight that was sure to keep Darryl by my side all night and definitely in my bed!


    Goddamn did Sam read me! Fuck! I had to admit I had butterflies talking to Jerome and shit I did let him eat my pussy. I never let a nigga get it that quick but something about him was different… but Sam wasn’t hearing that. Maybe I was too prematurely sprung. As she disappeared into the shower I walked out to get a soda from the vending machine down the hall. It was in a little nook at the end of the hall with some chips and a tampon machine. I stopped abruptly when I got there from all the noise coming from the nook. “O… hey miss… I’m almost done.”  A Coca-Cola guy was filling up the machine. He was husky and cute with his cornrows neatly braided; he exposed a deep dimple in his right cheek when he caught me gazin’. “Freshman?” He said and I nodded. “Is it that obvious or you just use that line as an opener?” He smiled again and I walked closer to him as the wall hid my shadow I was determined to prove Sam wrong! I asked him minimal questions about his job just to ease his nerves as I waited for him to finish loading the machine. I caught his lips mid-sentence as he loaded the Dr. Pepper in the machine. Eagerly he kissed me back as I pushed him up against the machine. “Some…someone might …. Cccome down here..” he stuttered as I unbuckled his belt. I made it a point now to carry a magnum with me; and as his 5 inch dick greeted me I smiled knowing that medium condom would be the perfect fit! The door to the machine was still ajar so I knew he was making excuses but as long as he didn’t stop me, I was going for it. Anyone down below outside that looked up, would see my naked ass on the glass as I secured the condom around his dick, he surprisingly lifted me up pinning me against the window! I moaned loudly as his dick entered me roughly! Right away he began thrusting merrily as he kissed my neck I held on tight trying not to laugh at his enjoyment! How long had it been since this nigga got some? “Oooo baby… yes… damn you ain’t got nobody handlin’ this for you?” He shook his head “no” as sweat began to form around his hairline. He grunted and groaned as he dug deeper. He had me pinned so tight against the window I got scared for a second and said, “You gonna break the glass! Put me against the snack machine…” He did a 180 and began thrusting even faster as the machine rocked it banged against the wall behind it violently! “Nigga chill goddamn!” but he was in the zone as sweat trickled down his face I could tell he was about to cum! “Aaah… aaaah… aaaah….. AAAAAAAHHH!” he yelled out with one final thump against the floor the machine settled back into place. I wasn’t expecting such a fast session so I was a little upset I hadn’t caught a wave. He fixed his pants as I adjusted my skirt remembering now Jerome must have made off with my damn panties! I smile to himself imagining him sniffing Bvlgari off them.

    “My name’s Carter.” I looked up and smiled wider. “Cherise” I said giving him my middle name. I didn’t expect to see him again and definitely not on campus but taking a page out of Sam’s book, anyone not a student got a different name from me! He leaned back and looked around the vending door before hoisting me up. “Nigga now someone will see me!” I looked down the hall over the door frame and was relieved nobody was there as I felt Carter’s warm tongue on my pussy lips I moaned closing my eyes. “Mmmmm…” I stretched my arms out across the top of the snack machine as he licked and slurped. “Damn Carter… yes…. O that feels gooood.” I couldn’t help but imganing it was Jerome instead as his tongue slid in deep I moaned excitedly swinging my legs as he pressed his head against me his hands made sure to keep in me in place! “Ooooooo! That feels good! O yes! Yes! Yes!” I grinded on his face as he fought to breathe, I was so damn close to cumming when I heard a group of girls getting off the elevator. “Shit!”  I said opening my eyes as Carter continued on his quest. “Carter….shit….fuck….aaaaahh…. aaaahhh….” He didn’t stop only slipping down till his knees were on the floor but his tongue still danced inside me! “O my God!” I moaned quietly as the girls’ voice grew louder then one by one they faded. They must have went inside one of the dorms as I placed my hands on Carter’s greased rows I grinded hard on his lips! “Fuck! Fuck!” I said hastily and he rose his lips and encased my clit tightly sucking on it! “OOOOOOO!” I yelled out before he stuffed my mouth with his bandana. I bit down hard on it as his tongue dipped in and out of my pussy before he thrusted it so deep I pushed back against the machine tilting it against this wall! He stroked me hard and deep with his tongue and my legs bucked wildly until finally, “AAAAAAAAHHH!” my muffled scream seemed to intice him as he continued my clit rubbed against upper moustache and I came again! “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!” This time I squirted all over his lips and he finally released me! I fell to my knees in front of him as he smiled wiping his chin with his hand before pulling his bandana out my mouth and wiping his face. “You taste good momma… I fill these machines every other week. You be here every week same day same time and be my fix?” I nodded drunkenly as I got to my feet. What the hell happened to the nose wide open brutha a few minutes ago? He turns me around pressing my face hard against the large M&M smiling on the snack machine. “Wait…” I say as he fumbles with his pants and then I relax when I hear him rip open a condom and spit. I wait as he one handedly puts it on before thrusting his dick deep inside my wet pussy. “Oooooo… Carter….” I moan throwing my ass back on him as he holds onto my waist. The machine thumps against the floor as it rises and falls with each thrusts. “Shit you just made my job so fucking lit!” I smile as I pump my pussy on his dick meeting his thrusts. He picks up speed and I moan as his balls slap against my clit. “O fuck Carter! Anytime… any fucking time…”  I feel myself about to cum as my pussy grips him tight I fight against it but I he pulls me back towards him grabbing my tight by my breasts as he thrusts his dick… “Come on this dick! Fuck!” He bites into my neck as we cum together I grip the sides of the machine tightly as our bodies vibrate, pussy juice slides down my leg. “Fuck…. Please tell me you got a cell…” I moan as he slips out. As we get ourselves together he steps back and looks past the vending door. “Some chick comin’” he says and I hurriedly adjust my clothes and he hands me a Dr. Pepper. I open it putting it to my lips just as Sam comes around the door. “Figured. Cop me one you got $2?” I smile as Carter reaches over, retrieves another Dr. Pepper and hands her one. “She already paid for it.” He says looking me up and down before closing and locking the vending door. I take the pen out of his front shirt pocket and write my number in the palm of his hand. He smiles retrieving his dolly before putting his hat back on, bandana tucked in his pants pocket. “Have a good night ladies.” I smile walking off smartly behind him back to our dorm.

    I start stripping as soon as we’re inside. “Alright Ms. Goody Goody…” Sam’s says as I keep up my front. “That seems to be the consensus.” I say sassily as I brush past her naked to the bathroom.  Minutes later as I run the black soap across my skin I start to think about Jerome and his ambitions. Why couldn’t I be both? The perfect little girl my parents raised with a perfect guy like Jerome and have my fill of dick with bruthas that could only bring me momentary things? I had to be like Sam. I already know how the road ends when you pour yourself into a nigga. I couldn’t get played again. Ever. As I rinsed off and stepped out I kept thinking about what she said. I wiped the mirror and looked at myself. I need to shed the old Holly. Make Jerome think I was a good catch, the marrying type but not ever give my heart to him. I had to commit to this shit. He wasn’t the only nigga that knew how to eat pussy! I had to keep my head on straight and keep my heart out of it!

    I walk back into the bedroom and look at the dresses Sam has laid out on the bed. “Daaaammmmnn… these bitches gonna kill us….” I smile and Sam laughs. “Shit you think Ms. Jamison will let us out?” I laugh, “Shit I don’t know Sam goddamn! These niggas might think we professional escorts or some shit with these dresses! These other hoes might as well stay the fuck home!” I reach over and touch the fabric and shake my head. I can’t believe Sam shelled out this much money! This shit was expensive! I only wore fabric like this on my birthday! “C’mon girl let’s do our hair and makeup, the sun already setting.” I follow her to the other side of the room as we sit on the floor in front of our mirror and begin sharing stories about Jerome and Darryl. Maybe Sam was more of a friend to me than I thought. I needed to look at her more as a coach than an enemy… afterall…. We were in this shit together!

d.w - Part 2

Title: d.w.

Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader

Word Count: 10,528

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of Blood, Slightly Descriptive Injury

Summary: Under the hold of a ruthless djinn, Reader finds herself in her perfect world with a strangely perfect man she’d never seen before.

Part: 2/2

Previous Part: Part One

A/N: As per your requests, here’s a part two. I was kinda hesitant in writing one because I didn’t want to drag it out. But, you all seem to really enjoy it. So, I hope you like this one just as much. Just a quick disclaimer; a Niche, and a Krismet are made up creatures that I specifically made up to fit the story line. I, also, made up a small town in Colorado called Clotho because that fits the story as well. If you’d like, you can look up the meanings behind the words, Krismet (try removing the ‘r’) and Clotho to see why I added them. However, I urge you to finish the story first so that you don’t ruin the ending for yourselves. It’s very long, so grab some coffee or tea or whatever it is that you like to drink, and get comfortable. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy this. Thank you!

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The moment he walked out the door, you rushed around the room, ignoring the throbbing pain on your arm where your stitches sat. The only thing on your mind was packing your things, getting your sister to pack her things, and getting the fuck out of here. All this was a little too fucked up, even for your-devil-tortured-self.

“(Y/N)!” your sister exclaimed once she walked into the room. She was about to rush over to you, when she noticed your frantic actions. “What are you-”

You cut her off, zipping your duffle bag. “Pack your shit.” you demanded, pulling off your bloody clothes and changing into the new ones you’ve already laid out.

“Why?” she asked, shutting the door.

You pulled on a fresh pair of black jeans, answering, “Look, I can’t explain it all right now. I just really need you to go get your shit.”

Your sister furrowed her eyebrows as she tried to understand your words. “Did Dean do something?” she questioned. “Cause I’ll kick his ass.”

At the mention of his name, you froze with the clean, army green shirt only covering your arms and half your torso. “No,” you responded after a minute, pulling the shirt all the way down. “No, he didn’t. (Y/S/N/N), just please trust me on this.”

Thankfully, she didn’t try to challenge you again, and hurried out of the room. “I’ll be back in five.” she called over her shoulder as she ran down the long hallway.

You sighed of relief, throwing on your black leather jacket and knee-high combat boots. You sat down on the edge of the bed and tied the laces. From the corner of your eye, you noticed a glare off the chair he previously occupied. Tightening the bow on your boots, you felt around your neck, only feeling your bare skin. You immediately shot up out of your seat and made your way to the chair. There, covered in droplets of dried blood, was your sliver necklace.

Did he take my necklace? You wondered, picking it up and gently scratching off the dried blood. Your mind raced with multiple reasons as to why he would do such a thing, but none seemed to make any sense. However, it didn’t even matter at this point. You were leaving, and he was staying here – far, far away from you.

Pulling you hair to the side, you clasped on you necklace. Your fingers held on to the misty blue pendent as memories of your father resurfaced. True, your time with him moments ago was practically a dream. Yet, still, a part of you wished you had stayed in that life.

“Let’s go,” your sister called, walking passed the room.

You snapped your eyes away from the necklace and you grabbed your bag, quickly jogging after her. You felt a little out of place in the long hallways, and the crappy lighting. “Where the hell are we anyways?” you asked, turning down the corridors.

“It’s their bunker. It belonged to some cult or something and they’re the last ones part of it.” she explained, leading you down an extensive stairwell.  

You snorted at the thought of Dean as a cult member. “What do they do?”

“They pretty much hunt with just a bit more brain power. They have tonnes of books on every monster imaginable.”

The both of you entered, what seemed to be, the garage. There were many cars and motorbikes lined up behind one another. And, in the centre right beside your mother’s crappy bug, was the beautiful black car you saw in your wish.

Your sister led you past it and it took everything in you not to touch it again. How the hell did you know that this was his car? The pounding of your heart echoed in your ears as your sister unlocked your car doors.

“Are you alright?” she asked, opening the trunk and tossing her bag in.

You looked up at her with wide eyes. “Yeah,” you breathed, handing her your bag.

“Let it go, Sam.” his deep voice suddenly sounded. Before either of you could react, Dean entered with the taller man beside him – Sam. Dean’s eyes landed on the two of you as his brows furrowed. “We’re taking separate cars?” he asked, confusion ridden all over his handsome face.

“What are you talking about?” you questioned, looking between him and your sister.

She shut her eyes, and let out a little sigh. “Shit.” she muttered, before meeting your bemused stare. “I forgot I promised them I would help them with a case.” she whispered low enough for only you to hear.

Fuck no. “Why the fuck would you do that?” you hissed, fear suddenly crawling up your throat again.

“They helped me find you.” she replied, in the same harsh tone. “If it weren’t for them, you’d be dead.”

You shook your head. “No, I got myself out. I don’t want – need him – them.” you stuttered over your words, feeling his gorgeous green eyes on you.

“Got out of what?” she asked. “You were still tied up when we found you.”

Shit. You mentally cursed. You’d said too fucking much and with him standing so close. Shaking your head, you mumbled, “Never mind. Look, we help them, then we leave.”

Your sister hesitated. You knew she wanted to fight the truth out of you, but she glanced behind you at the two men. Reverting her eyes back to you, she reluctantly nodded.

“No, we just had to get some weapons.” she lied, looking back at the brothers. “We like to use our own.”

You let out a little breath you didn’t realize you were holding. Readjusting the bag on your shoulder, you walked passed her and lifted the false bottom, pulling out your guns and several bullets.

The two boys nodded, sharing a confused look as they got into their car and waited.

“You’re telling me what the fuck this is about later.” (Y/S/N) whispered, shooting you a hard glare.

You gave her a little nod as you hid your knives in your boot and the gun in your waistband. Your eyes landed on the back of the car, and you swallowed your terrors. This guy, whoever the hell he was, was attached to you somehow. And, if in a perfect world of pure imagination and wishful thinking he was with you, what does that mean in the real world? The world with pain, torture, and death?

The question made your heart race as (Y/S/N) shut the trunk and led you to the car. The two of you got in the back seat with your bags, earning more puzzled looks from the two sitting in the front.

“Don’t you want to put those in the trunk?” Dean asked, his husky voice like music to your ears.

(Y/S/N) went to reply, but you beat her to the punch, quickly shouting, “No!”

They stared at you, perplexed with your sudden action. You took a short breath, calming your nerves down before continuing, “No, they’re okay here.”

Sam nodded, clearly giving up on trying to understand your ways, and turned to face the front. However, Dean kept his eyes locked on you. They flickered down to your chest, and at first, you thought he was staring at your breast. But, once you followed his eye-line, you found he was truly staring at your necklace.

You held on to it, redirecting his eyes back to yours. Slightly raising an eyebrow at him, you questioned his actions. He exhaled sharply, turning back to the front and driving out of the garage.

What the hell was this guy’s deal?

“So,” your sister said, breaking the silence after a while. “What are we hunting?”

Sam, with his laptop opened on his lap, replied, “A Niche in Colorado.”

“Ugh.” The groan fell feely from your lips. Niches were undeniably your least favourite to hunt. They fed on their victims’ muscles, draining their lived slowly and painfully.

Sam looked back at you. “You’ve hunted them before?” he asked, looking between you and your sister.

(Y/S/N) nodded. “Yeah, they’re disgusting. It takes a lot to take them down. You a have to tear them apart piece by piece, then burn them.” she described.

Sam bobbed along as he quickly typed everything down.

“Wait,” you cut in, shaking your head. “Niche? In Colorado? How does that make sense?” They usually hide in caves on the coast. The last time we hunted a Niche, was in North Carolina.” you rationalised, questioning Sam’s deductive skills.

He shrugged, opening the web browser to the news article. You and your sister scooted closer to the front seat looking over his shoulder. Your hand brushed Dean’s shoulder and the two of you tensed up. You instantly removed your hand, avoiding his gaze in the rear-view mirror.

Tuning your attention back to the article, you skimmed it, understanding how Sam could assume it was a Niche. The victim did lose a significant percentage of their muscles; however, a Niche would never go for the guts.

“Niches don’t exactly enjoy the intestines.” you clarified, sitting back in your seat.

(Y/S/N) agreed, moving back as well. “Yeah, they rarely take any flesh or tissue.”

“So, what the hell are we hunting then?” Dean asked. Judging by the shortness of his tone, it was obvious he was growing impatient.

Your nervous eyes flickered towards him for the first time since you’ve got into the car. Gulping, you cursed yourself for giving into your urges. The more you stared into those eyes, the less control you had over your emotions.

“Guess we’ll just have to find out when we get there.” your sister replied, shrugging.

Three Hours Later – Clotho, Colorado

You entered the motel room with (Y/S/N), taking the bed closest to the door. Unzipping your duffle bag, you ruffled through it looking for your suit. The door suddenly slammed shut, making you turn to it with a steady hand on your gun. Your sister stood before it with an annoyed look.

You put down the gun, turning back to your bag. “Did you want this bed?” you asked, taking a light-hearted tone to her sternness.

She glared at you, making her way to the other bed and throwing her bag on it. “What the hell is going on?” she questioned, angrily.

You sighed, pulling at your sleeves. “With what?” you played dumb, hoping it would soften her interrogation.

It didn’t.

“(Y/N)!” she yelled, adding a little stomp with her foot. You chuckled at the action, but a deadly scowl silenced you. “You said you’d tell me later.”  

Another annoyed sigh escaped your lips as you resumed your search for your suit. “No, actually. You said I’ll tell you later.” you corrected.

She didn’t reply, staring you down with murdering daggers. She wasn’t going to let this go.

“You know I don’t like to hang around anywhere for too long.” you said, brushing her off.

She mimicked your actions, rummaging through her things as well. “Yeah, but what makes the Winchesters so special that you had to leave right away?”

You did your best not to tense up at the mention of the name again. You finally found the suit, pulling it out and starting to undress. “The place.” you blurted out, pulling on the black pencil skirt.

“The place?” she repeated with a little scoff as she found her own suit. “What about the place?”

You swallowed, buttoning up the white blouse and tucking it into your skirt. “It’s just really creepy. The hallways are way too long, and have you seen the ugly colors?” you lied, avoiding her eyes.

She stared at you for a moment, bewildered. “You wanted to leave so badly because of the halls and ugly colors?” she slowly asked in disbelief.

“Well, it all just looked so sketchy, okay?” you slightly raised your voice, throwing on the matching black jacket. “And that whole cult business didn’t sit well either.” you added as you pulled your hair back in a low bun.

Your sister, now fully dressed too, watched you carefully to pick up any signs of a lie. “Alright,” she said slowly after a few minutes. “Whatever you say.”

You knew she wasn’t fully convinced, but you ignored it anyway. The two of you exited the room, with your weapons hidden in your clothes, to find the Winchesters all ready, leaning against the car.

Your eyes fell on him in that suit, pulling you back into the memory of your dreamland. You bit your lip, forcing your eyes away as you did your best to regulate your breathing.

Son of a bitch.

“All set?” he asked, following your figure as you walked passed him and into the car.

You glanced at him with a little nod. “Yeah,” you muttered, getting into the car as your heart pounded against your chest.

He got in with his brother just as (Y/S/N) shut the door on her side. And, from a small glance at the rear-view mirror, you caught a sly smirk on his face. It was like he knew what he was doing to you… and he liked it.

(Y/S/N) looked between you and him, her eyes narrowing. “So, what’s the plan?” she asked, pulling your attention away from him.

Sam turned to face the both of you. “Well, I was thinking we should split up. Maybe two could question the victim’s family, and the other two could check out the morgue.” he suggested, with a little proud smile.

Before you could even open your mouth, your sister asked, gesturing between herself and Sam, “Why don’t we see the family?”

Sam hesitated, glancing at Dean for a split second, then answered, “Sure,”

Your eyes almost popped out of their sockets at the realization that you’d be stuck alone with the one person you wanted to get far away from. “I’d feel more comfortable if I was with my sister.” you quickly interjected.

(Y/S/N) rolled her eyes, immediately brushing you off. “Come on, (Y/N). I’m not a little kid anymore. I’ll be fine.” she reassured, giving your shoulder a little bump with hers.

You forced a smile, trying desperately to ignore the bile creeping up your throat. Your eyes, regrettably, found Dean’s through the mirror again. And, if you didn’t know any better, you would’ve thought he looked just as anxious as you.

After a few minutes, the car stopped in front of a large house. Both Sam and (Y/S/N) got out, but before Dean could drive away, your sister spoke up. “(Y/N), why don’t you come sit in the front?” she asked, her voice laced with faked innocence.

You glared at her, realizing what she was trying to do. “No, it’s okay.” You faked a smile. “I’m fine here.”

Sam opened the passenger door, urging you to change seats. “Yeah, it will be easier.”

You looked between the two, before sighing and caving into their requests. You changed seats, sitting beside him in the front. The image of driving to the restaurant re-entered your mind. You pushed it out as the doors shut and the two of them walked over to the house.

The car jerked forward as it sped down the road, catching you off guard. Your back slammed into the seat, making you huff in surprise. You turned to him, glaring in his direction. He didn’t seem fazed, keeping his eyes locked on the road and hands tightly clutching the wheel.

You let out a little scoff as you reached behind you for the seatbelt. However, your hands grabbed only at the air. “Where’s the-” you cut yourself off, remembering his words in your alternate reality.

“Seatbelts are for bitches.” you both muttered at the same time.

His head snapped towards you for the first time since you got in the car. He sent you a look mixed with confusion and slight frustration. “How-”

“I don’t have seatbelts in my car either.” you quickly lied, cutting him off.

His green eyes, the ones you couldn’t stop thinking about, flickered from the road to you. He studied your blank expression between each take.

You remained silent. The last thing you needed was another slip up.

His hand found the radio, turning it on to fill the awkward silence. As the music leaked through the speakers, you bobbed your head along with the beat and mouthed the words.

“You listen to Led Zeppelin?” he asked, surprised.

You met his slightly impressed eyes, nodding. “I’d be an idiot if I didn’t.” you replied. “They rule.”

A small smile crept up on his lips, as he fully reverted his eyes back on the road. You watched as he tried to hide his grin while he tapped to the beat on the wheel.  

You were somewhat disappointed when you made it to the hospital, wanting to go on forever just listening to music in each other’s presence. But, you forced yourself to recall your plan. Find the monster, kill the monster, then get the fuck out of here.

So, once the car was parked, you practically jumped out, and darted to the entrance not bothering to wait for him. You walked down the halls, maneuvering between the rushed doctors and strained patients as you searched for the morgue. Truly, you had no idea where you were going, so when you saw a random arrow pointing to the right, you followed it.

A calloused, warm hand suddenly found yours, tugging you back. You froze at the connection, turning to the owner. Dean slightly pulled your hand closer to him, nodding his head to the left. “This way,” he said, noticing the contact and letting go of you hand.

You bit your lip to stop yourself from complaining about the missing warmth. Those beautiful green eyes landed on them and that sly smirk played on his lips again. He turned, and this time you followed like a lost little puppy.

“Agents Steller and…” Dean trailed off looking to you.

You pulled out your fake badge. “Montgomery,” you finished, putting the badge away.

The doctor, quite old and short, looked between the two of you and wiped her hands clean. “Dr. Grant.” she greeted, shaking your hand. “What can I do for you?”

“We’re here investigating the Terry Reynolds case.” Dean answered, shoving his hands in his pockets. “It would really help if we could take a look at the body.”

Dr. Grant nodded, wasting no time. She turned and made her way to the cold chamber, pulling out a body from the middle. “Terry Reynolds,” she stated, removing the while sheet from his face. Both, you and Dean, circled around the body. “Male, late twenties.”

You studied his cold, blue face, your eyes scanning over every little detail. His face seemed to show nothing, but the fact that he didn’t own a razor.

“Cause of death?” Dean inquired, as he too examined the body.

She smirked, chuckling, “I don’t think you can handle it.”

You and Dean shared a quick look. The amusement in his eyes made you bite back a chuckle. With smiles playing on your lips, Dean turned back to the doctor. “I think we can.” He replied, giving a little shrug.

Dr. Grant began rummaging through a file cabinet, taking out a file and handing it to Dean. “Alright,” she settled. With just a flick, the white sheet swooshed back revealing Terry’s gutless gut.

And though the file was opened in his hands, Dean didn’t even take a glance at it. He stared at the body with his mouth slightly agape.

You, on the other hand, instantly cringed at the sight. “So much for gut feeling,” you joked, looking to the doctor.

A bust of deep laughter shattered your heart. Looking up, you found Dean doubled over, laughing at your humor. A little proud smile stretched across your lips. You made him laugh, and boy did he look cute as fuck when he did.

Dr. Grant, however, took a different approach to your lighthearted joke. She stared you down, her hands on her hips. The smile on your face fell as she gave you a disapproving look. She opened her mouth to, most likely, yell at you, but was luckily cut off by a voice at the door.

“Dr. Grant?” a nurse called, poking her head into the room. “Dr. Barns needs to see you.” she informed before rushing out once again.

The doctor gave you one last glare, before exiting the room. You let out a sigh of relief, turning back to the body.

Though, you couldn’t concentrate as you felt like you were being watched. Your eyes met the culprit, a ghost of a smile hovering over his perfect lips. You shrugged, a blush creeping up your cheeks. “What?” you muttered, suddenly feeling self-cautious.

“Nothing,” he mumbled, shaking his head.

Those green eyes didn’t detach themselves from yours. You noticed, that though he was smiling, the light in his eyes wasn’t as bright as they were in your wish. He looked happier then, much more alive too. Perhaps that was just the price of the hunt.

You reverted your attention back to the body, taking in the disgusting sight. The ripped flesh, peeled open like it was revealing its secrets, displaying the hollowed insides. But, the missing intestines weren’t the only odd things. Along his arms and chest, the skin was teared apart, more desperately than the stomach.

“Look at this,” you muttered, hovering a pointed finger over the areas.

Dean looked up from the file, asking, “Missing muscle?” He shut the folder in his hands, and places it on the table behind him.

“Yeah, his muscles are missing there, but look at the skin.” you continued as he passed you a pair of white latex gloves. You gave him a small smile as you slipped them on.

He put his on too, trying to follow along with you. “Where?”

“Here,” you gestured to his right bicep. “the skin is literally ripped.”

Dean’s gloved hand brushed yours as he moved to touch the skin. You quickly snapped your arm to your side. He quickly glanced at you before returning his attention to the body. “It looks clawed.” he concluded.

“Then look at the stomach,” you pointed at the carefully cut flesh.

His big hands examined the gut, feeling the skin between his fingers. “The muscles in the stomach could be more fragile than the ones in the arms.” he reasoned.

You nodded, your brows furrowed. “But, if this monster is just looking for food, why would it care if its mushed?”

Dean took a deep breath, shrugging. “Guess we’re gonna have to do some research.” He quickly pulled out his phone and took a few shots before Dr. Grant could return.

You recovered the body with the sheet once he was done and pulled off your gloves. “We should probably get back to (Y/S/N) and Sam.” Without waiting for a reply, you made your way to the door, throwing the gloves out.

When you got back to Reynold’s house, you returned to the back seat despite Sam’s requests. The closer you were to Dean, the worst it would be for your unsettling heart.

“So, what’d you find?” Sam asked as Dean drove back to the motel.

Before you can answer, Dean tossed his phone to his brother. “I took some pictures of the body.” he informed.

Sam swiped through the photos, his brows slightly raised. “Wow,” he muttered, handing the phone to your sister. “That thing really ripped into him.”

“That’s just gross,” (Y/S/N) mumbled, handing the phone back to Sam once she was done with the photos.

“What about you?” you asked, shifting in your seat.

Your sister shook her head. “He lived a pretty good life. A wife, three kids, steady job.” she explained.

“He wasn’t acting strange?” Dean asked, turning into the motel parking lot.

Sam shook his head. “No, he was perfectly fine.” he replied, getting out of the car.

You brewed over the new information as you followed everyone out of the car. It was clear that it wasn’t a Niche, or demon possession. And the fact that it didn’t take the heart, ruled out the chances of it being a werewolf too.  

“I feel like were missing something here.” you blurted before you could stop yourself.

The three turned to face you, confusion ridden on each other their faces. “What do you mean?” (Y/S/N) asked.

“I don’t know,” you shrugged. “Usually there’s a pattern or something that points to one thing or place. We are literally running off assumptions that, for all we know, could be so far from the truth.”

Dean pulled his keys out of his pocket, making his way back to the car. “Alright, let’s go.” he said, pulling open the door.

You shared a questioning look with your sister. “W-what?” you stuttered, looking anywhere on his scruffy face to avoid those green eyes.

“Let’s go.” he repeated, gesturing to the passenger’s seat. “You need a pattern, so we’re going to find one.” Dean turned to Sam, tossing him his phone. “Try to find something that can explain those. We’ll be back with some food,” he turned back to you with a small smile. “and hopefully a pattern.”

With that, he got into the car. Sam already had his nose in Dean’s phone, analyzing the pictures, and (Y/S/N) followed him, typing furiously on her phone. You tried to silently get her attention, but she had quickly disappeared into the room, unfazed.

The car window suddenly rolled down, redirecting your attention. “Getting in, or what?” he asked, leaning against the steering wheel to catch a glimpse of your face.

You opened the door and got in, speechless. Was he seriously about to drive you somewhere just to get you some answers? Even the thought of that was ridiculous. Obviously, he’s doing this for the case.

Or maybe he feels the same way about you. A small voice suggested, twirling the anxiety in your heart.

Holy shit, you were delusional. This is for a fucking case. Don’t forget your plan. Find monster, kill monster, get the fuck out of here.

“Where are we going?” you mumbled, turning to him, careful not to look too long.

He glanced your way, forcing you to repress all the thoughts that would indicate anything but a professional relationship. “Police station.” he answered, turning back to the road. “I figured if there are any other cases like this, the police would know about them.”

You nodded, turning back to the windshield. “Good idea.”

“I thought so.” he smirked. “So, what do you think is missing?”

You shrugged, ignoring the flutter of your heartbeat. “I’m not entirely sure,” you admitted, chewing on your bottom lips as you sorted through your thoughts. “I guess just some sort of pattern, or something that can help us track down what we’re hunting.”

You turned to face him, to find he was rapidly looking between you and the road. He’d scan your features in the few seconds he had before turning back to the road to avoid a collision. His throat bobbed once he noticed you caught him, and he instantly nodded at your words. “Yeah,” he muttered, locking his eyes on the road.

You watched him carefully before turning back to your window, watching the trees, like an endless sea of lush green, pass by.

“The djinn,” he started, making your shoulders tense and the air catch in your throat. Your heart pounded against your ribcage as he continued. “caught me too, once.” He confessed.

You gulped. He knows. Panic of the worst kind pumped through your veins as you tried to regulate your breathing. “W-what?” you stuttered, not daring to turn and face him.

“It was a few years ago.” He went on, clearly oblivious to your panicked tone. And if, by the off chance, he did notice, he didn’t mention it.

Curiosity tugged at you from one side as fear pulled you from another. Relax. You ordered your heart. Nothing is certain. He’s just making conversation. “What happened?” you asked once you finished schooling your emotions.

He hesitated. Curiosity has won, tempting you to turn and face him. He glanced at you, muttering, “My mom was alive.” A sad smile surfaced as he recalled the memory. “And Sammy was at Stanford and his girlfriend was still alive too. And I just remember thinking it was all so perfect.”

“It was like that for me too.” You muttered, thinking back to your father, and a happy (Y/S/N).

He nodded, sparing you another glance. “Yeah, but then things like my dad being dead and-”

He cut himself off, nervously glancing at you. Your brows drew together, confusion and suspicion taking over your thoughts. And you couldn’t help but wonder, were you in his wildest dreams as well?

Nonetheless, you dismissed his abrupt pause. “I’m sorry about your parents. I know what it’s like and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.” You mumbled, absentminded placing your hand over his.

Those green eyes watched you with an unnatural alarming gaze as they flickered between your hand and, very rarely, the road. Your awareness kicked in and you snatched your hand from his.

“Except, Lucifer, of course.” You quickly joked, hoping he’d ignore your previous action.

You idiot. You mentally scowled.

And to your rare good fortunate, the car pulled into the parking lot as Dean let out chuckle that warmed your heart. You did your best not to blush as you got out of the car.

As you made your way inside, Dean turned to you with a little smirk. “Let’s keep the cute jokes to a minimum.” He suggested, opening the door for you.

You blushed at his comment, mulling over the little word he added between the and jokes. Did he just imply that he found you cute? But, your mind wouldn’t let you look too closely for it pulled you back to your memories in your false reality. For a split second, you felt like you were walking into the restaurant ready to see your family at a table patiently waiting for you and your husband.

However, the illusion shattered as quickly as it came and you felt a hand on the small of your back gently guide you to the front desk.

Dean looked down at you, whispering, “You okay?”

You looked up, once again star-struck by his award-winning features. Your eyes flickered to his lips before nodding. “Yeah, I’m fine.” You breathed, slightly running into the front desk.

You didn’t want to admit it, but the longer you spent time with him, the more you let yourself want him. That realization alone, was enough for you to pick up your pace, making his hand fall from your back.

Your eyes snapped to the receptionist, who was already glaring at you. You gave her a little smile before Dean redirected her attention.

“I’m Agent Steller,” he gave her one of his famous smirks, locking her attention. “This is my partner, Agent Montgomery.”

The red head didn’t so much as glance at you. And why would she when she was talking with someone as beautiful as him, giving her his undivided attention. An unfamiliar irritation tugged at your emotions, making you cross your arms over your chest.

“How can I help you?” she asked, batting her eyelashes and biting her lower lip. He didn’t even need to show his badge.

You rolled your eyes, sighing. Dean glanced at you with a knowing smirk before turning back to the red head. “We were just wondering if we could look at cases similar to the Terry Reynolds one?” he asked in that husky, cool tone.

He was flirting with her, and she was loving it. And you were… hating it? Were you jealous? Of course not. Your mind screamed.

Yes, you are! Your heart replied. And the more you deny it, the worst you feel.

“(Y/N),” Dean called, his hand falling to your back. “You coming?”

You nodded, forcing yourself not to get lost in those eyes and followed him to the back. The receptionist took out the similar files and handed them to Dean, ignoring your presence.

“Do you need anything else?” she asked, dragging a hand down his bicep.

Dean opened his mouth to reply, but your voice came out. Your words were out of your hands, working faster than your mind. “No, thanks.” Your tone silenced her, and her hand was quickly returned to her side.

Dean gave her one last smile before turning and placing the flies on an empty work table a few ways away.

You went to follow, but the receptionist held you back. “Sorry,” she muttered lowly. “I didn’t know.”

You furrowed your brows. “What?”

“I didn’t know he was your boyfriend.” She shrugged, and exited the room without another word.

Boyfriend? You wanted to rush after her and correct her very false statement, but Dean called you back. “Take a look at this.” He said, handing you a file.

You sighed, accepting the file. Opening it, you quickly skimmed it. The woman was must older, in her late thirties, and had the same injuries.

You moved closer to Dean, watching as he took out each file and opened it before laying it on the table. After all five flies were out and opened, you set yours down as well. “So, other than the injuries, what else is the same?” he asked, hands on his hips.

You forcibly tore your eyes away from his built frame and looked over each file. All different ages, races, features. You took out your phone and quickly took pictures of each file.

“No clue, huh?” he asked, smirking.

You glanced up at him as you took your last photo. “Guess we’re gonna have to do some research.” You replied.

His smirk widened into a full out smile at your – or rather – his words. “I guess we do.”

Four hours. The four of you have been studying and reviewing the six files for the last four hours surrounded by wrappers and the greasy stench of fast food.

“If I stare at these fucking files for another minute, I swear I will murder someone.” Your sister declared from her place on the couch beside Sam.

Sam nervously glance at her, picking up his lap and scotching away to the other side of the couch. You let out a little chuckle, looking at the fourth file for the hundredth time. Still, everything revealed to be different. Even the address.

Wait. You thought, getting out of your laid position on the bed. You grabbed the laptop from Sam.

“Hey-” he started, but cut himself off as you walked back to the bed and sat on the edge.

Dean got up from his seat by the desk and sat beside you. You opened six tabs and search an address from each file in each tab.

“Construction sites.” Dean concluded as he watched over your shoulder.

Your sister and Sam shot up from their seat and rushed towards you. “Finally,” your sister exclaimed.

“How many sites are in this town?” Sam asked.

You opened another tab and quickly searched it. “Seven,” you answered. “And whatever this is already hit six of them.”

Your sister looked to Sam, asking, “Did you happen to find out what it was?”

Sam solemnly shook his head. “I don’t even have a lead.” He admitted, shoving his hands in his pockets.

Dean stood up, slightly brushing his arm against yours. “Looks like we’re gonna have to be ready for anything.” He turned to face you with a little smile. “I know you like using your own weapons, but you might have to use ours too.”

You gave him a confused look before looking at your sister’s alarmed face. Her earlier excuse came rushing back to you, and you dropped your perplexed expression immediately. “Oh, yeah.” You nodded. “We do like using our own weapons. I’m surprised you remembered.”

Dean smirked, his eyes glancing over your frame. “I remember everything.” He muttered, before his brother dragged his eyes away.

“Well, we better go change.” He said, leading Dean towards the door. “We’ll meet you outside by the car.”

Once the door shut, you dashed to your sister. “It happened to him too.” You spat out as she ruffled through her bag.

She gave you a confused look. “What?”

“He’s been under the djinn too.” You clarified, as you turned and began pacing. “I think he saw what I saw, with his own variations, of course, but the gist is the same.”

Your sister stood before you and held your shoulders tightly, keeping you in place. “Okay, you’re not making any sense.” She spoke in a calm, cooled tone. “Explain what happened when you were with the djinn, then we’ll talk about Dean.” She ordered before grabbing your bag and shoving it to your chest. “And get changed while you do it.”

So, you did. You changed out of your cooperate suit and into your plain jeans and t shirt as you explained all that happened. You confessed all your interactions with your father, Dean, her, and her boyfriend. You watched as her face fell at the mention of her passed boyfriend and grow into a sad smile at your father. You told her about the tattoos and how he told you he’d been under the djinn as well. You laid everything on the table, unable to bottle it up much further.

“And I think I was his wife in his world too.” You finished, as you pulled on your combat boots.

Your sister stared at you, already dressed and ready to go, as she looked over the weapons. “Well, he does like you.” She concluded. “That’s for sure.”

You blushed at her words, but pushed passed them as she missed to catch the one of your main fears. “But, (Y/S/N/N), I knew what he looked like, and what his car looked like. I knew who he was and I’ve never even seen him before.” You replied, finishing from your boots and pulling on your black leather jacket. “How would I have known that? And, if he saw me in his world, how would he have known that?”

(Y/S/N) stayed quiet for a while. She handed you a gun as she mulled over your words. “I really don’t know what to tell you, (Y/N).” she muttered. “Maybe if you asked him about it-”

“No.” you quickly cut her off. “I can’t ask him if he’d seen me in his djinn dream thing as his wife. It will just bring up some really awkward tension in the car.” You stood up, searching for your gun. “Also… he’s really pretty and if I look at him longer than I have to I think I’ll cry.” You admitted, much to your disapproving mind.

Your sister tossed you a gun, ending your search. She chuckled at your words, shaking her head. “You’re so fucking dramatic.”

You caught the gun, rolling your eyes. “Whatever,” you muttered, leading your sister out of the room, making sure to grab your phone on the way out.

Instead of finding the boys leaning against the car, you found them behind the impala with the trunk open. They spoke in hushed tones, Dean’s raspy voice cutting in and silencing his brother’s.

“Sam, I swear, if you don’t drop this, I will throw you at whatever the hell we’re hunting.” He threatened, snapping the shotgun shut.

Sam watched him wearily, truly wondering if his brother would actually give him up. He must’ve been convinced he would, for he exhaled deeply through his nose, and remained quiet. You shared a weary look with your sister before revealing your presence.

“Ready?” you asked, looking between each brother. Your eyes lingered on Dean, trailing his frame. He must’ve loved flannel shirts because, despite the fancy suit, they were all he wore.

You met his enchanting eyes once again, helplessness crashing into you. The more you stared into them, the more you wanted to tell him the truth.

Don’t be insane. Your mind warned. Remember, find monster, kill monster, get the fuck out of here.

You gulped, dragging your eyes from his and to the trunk. It had a false bottom, you realized, as it was propped open with a shotgun. A bundle of about five combat knives, wrapped with a thin strip of brown leather, caught the corner of your eye. You reached over and pick it up. Looking up to Sam, avoiding Dean’s gaze, you asked, “May I?”

Sam nodded. “Take anything you want.”

You gave him a closed lipped smile, quickly giving both brothers your back. Your sister swooped in behind you, and began rummaging through the trunk. You searched for the opening, twirling the knives around in your hands.

“It’s tucked in here.” His raspy voice advised. He stepped around you, making himself known. He reached over, and flipped over the knives before pulling out a loose end of the strap.

You looked up at him, meeting his gaze, only to shoot your eyes to the floor. “Thanks,” you quickly muttered, walking away as you unrolled the knives. You shoved one in each boot, one on either side of your belt, an one stayed steady in your hand, ready to strike as if the monster was coming at you right now.

“Are you feeling okay?” he asked.

You looked up to find him standing in front of you. You redirected your eyes to the knife in your hands, pretending to find the sleek blade interesting. “I’m fine,” you shrugged before turning to the car. “We should probably get going, or we’ll have another body on our hands.”

He silently watched you, those damned green eyes grazing over your features. It was as if he was wondering how true your answers proved to be. You stared back, suddenly frozen under his strong gaze. If he stared at you any longer, you were sure you were going to weaver your plan, and crash right into him.

His throat bobbed, followed by his head, as he threw your distance demeanor right back at you and circle around the car to the driver’s seat.

And though you wished – no prayed that it wasn’t true, you felt your heart ever so slightly shatter. And you had no one to blame but yourself.


He had said too much before; that much was true. Perhaps he shouldn’t have said anything at all, but he did. And, now, it was like she was an ocean away. But, if this was just a reaction of his previous words, then that must’ve meant that she saw something under the djinn’s magic too. Something they both probably don’t want to believe, but may be as clear as day.

Yet, the woman he had seen in his alternate reality was slightly different. Still as beautiful as ever, but the woman he’d seen was much less… dark. She was so full of life and possibilities. The woman, in this life – the real one, was much less enthusiastic about life. And how could she think otherwise when she lived the life of a hunter. He knew, first hand, how destroying hunting is to one’s spirit, much less, their life.  

Still, he wished she would just come out and tell him. Tell him what she saw, who she saw, if she had the same inked mark on her collarbone as he did. Maybe, it might even get Sam off his back if he knew what she experienced.

“You missed the turn.” Sam informed, pointing his thumb behind him.

Pulled out of his thoughts, Dean glanced at the rear-view mirror. He found the turn, but only after meeting those (Y/E/C) eyes. He dragged himself away from them, slowing the car down to make a swift U-turn.

“Sorry,” he muttered, pointing the car in the right direction. His eyes, much to his dismay, drifted to the mirror again, finding her. She was looking out the window, brows furrowed and her bottom lip between her teeth. And, watching her, he couldn’t help but think about what he’d do to get that lip between his teeth instead.

“You missed it again,” Sam said, letting out a frustrated sigh. He glared at his brother, asking, “What’s up with you today?”

Dean spared him a sidelong glance, turning the car around and making sure his eyes stay focused on the road.

They weren’t. And so, he missed the turn again.

After many failed turns, he finally parked the impala near the construction site. Everyone hopped out of the car, weapons at the ready, as Sam passed out flashlights.

“Alright, I think-” (Y/S/N) started, but (Y/N) quickly cut her off.

“Look, we don’t know what we’re hunting. It’ll be better if we stick together and try to kill this thing as a team.” She explained. Dean couldn’t help but notice she was looking at everyone, but him.

He’s face adapted to a harsh, stone cold expression as his heart fluttered then, ever so slightly shattered.

“Dean,” Sam called, nudging his brothers elbow. The two sisters were already heading inside. “Stop staring, and come on.”

Dean glared at his brother. “I’m not staring.” He grumbled, following the two girls in.

Sam merely rolled his eyes, clearly tired of trying to convince his brother of talking to the girl who happened to also be his wife.

The building was, naturally, unfinished. The metal beams, hosting up the building, were scattered around the grand floor, while the stairs remained stairless. Wires were twitching, and pipes were dripping as the four hunters walked through the dark building. Dean instantly saw why the creature brought its victims here. It was abandoned, dark, and creepy. Just the way these monsters liked it.

An ugly screech sounded like an alarm, making Dean, Sam and (Y/S/N) point their guns in the direction it came from, while (Y/N) got in her fighting stance, keeping her knees bent and knife at the ready.

Scratching and hasty scurrying caught their attention, turning them all around. “There!” Sam yelled, shooting his gun through a corridor. His bullets missed, making him grunt. “I’m going after it.” He informed, not waiting for a reply and rushing after the creature.

“Sam,” Dean called after him, his brotherly instinct kicking in. He moved to follow, but hand caught his forearm, pulling him back.

“Watch out,” she warned, skillfully throwing her knife at a wooden beam, only just missing the black clothed creature.

Dean turned to her with wide eyes. But… A small voice, that always steers him to loneliness, wondered. I thought she didn’t care. “Thanks,” he managed to breathe, watching her in awe. She nodded, watching him just as charily.

The sudden sound of gun shots drew them out of their minds, both turning to face (Y/S/N). “I got it!” she exclaimed, running down the hallway and turning the corner.

Dean and (Y/N) went to follow, but a hackling cough turned their attention to the left. Their eyes landed on the black, musky figure, watching them. It then occurred to Dean that the figure wasn’t coughing, but laughing.

At the sudden realization, Dean’s calloused hand absentmindedly found the small of (Y/N)’s back. And, to his surprise, she slightly leaned into his touch, inching closer towards him.

Then, right before his eyes, a knife went flying to the creature. To further complicate things, the twirling knife stopped. In midair, the knife froze just inches away from the creature. Dean was sure it would come flying back, only making him pull (Y/N) closer they were shoulder to shoulder. And again, she didn’t object.

But, instead, the knife fell with an echoing clatter. “I see my threads are already starting to tie,” it hissed, hovering closer towards them.

Dean turned to (Y/N); both shared the same confused look. “What?” she asked, already pulling out another knife from her belt.

The creature tilted its head, examining the two hunters. In a blink, it was a foot away. It’s face was concealed by a droopy hood, but a red glow shined though it. Dean took a step back, pulling (Y/N) with him. She moved half an inch, not wanting to back down just yet. His eyes trailed down the floating figure, landing on long, black talons. They were big enough to tear his guts out.

“What you’ve seen,” it hissed, drawing closer. “will come to pass.”

Enough of this. The voice scoffed. Dean cocked his gun, pointing to the creature. “What the hell are you?” he questioned, his frustration and anger clear on his face.

“I believe your kind would call me a Krismet.” It answered, it’s red eyes, carefully watching the gun.

“What do you mean, what we saw will come to pass?” (Y/N) asked, drawing a bit closer to the foggy figure.

Dean, worry engulfing his better sense, drew nearer as well, reluctantly lowering his gun for the time being.  

The hackling returned instantly. “Why must you humans need everything spelled out?” it asked no one in particular. The two hunters exchanged glances, cautiously waiting for the Krismet to explain. “Your illusions are a mirror to your existing world. You-”

Dean cut it off, lifting his gun once again. “You have ten seconds to tell us what you want.”

However, the Krismet ignored him, keeping its blood-shot eyes on (Y/N). She watched it carefully, the knife steady in her hand.

The Krismet opened its gauzy, grey mouth, ready to speak in more half sentences, then instantly burst to flames.

Dean’s eyes widen, his hand dropping the gun, and wrapping around (Y/N)’s waist instead. He pulled her back, pressing her closer to his frame. She leaned into him, bracing herself against him as it screeched loudly, the sound high enough to rattle their teeth.

Then suddenly, it stopped. They relaxed into one another, looking over to where it once stood. Sam and (Y/S/N) stood, both holding flamethrowers, before a pile of charcoal looking ash. Sam gave Dean a knowing smile, biting his lip to hold back his laughter. Their intimate position finally registered in both hunters as they quickly pulled away from one another.

(Y/N) cleared her throat, curling a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “How did you-”

“We heard it say it was a Krismet. So, while you two distracted it, we googled it.” Her sister explained. “Plus, I always wanted to use one of these.” She laughed, waving the flamethrower.

(Y/N) forced a chuckle along with her, returning her knife back into her belt. “Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so fucking tired.” She muttered, making her way to her sister. They both turned around, (Y/N) pausing to pick up her fallen knife, and made their way to the car.

Dean couldn’t help but let his eyes linger down her frame and stay there, watching as she walked away.

“I knew it.” Sam scoffed, forcing Dean to drag his eyes away from her shrinking figure.

Dean gave his brother a once over, carefully watching the weapon in his hand. “Better put that down before you hurt yourself.” He mumbled, following the girls to the car.

Sam let out a little chuckle. “I don’t think you can deny it anymore, Dean. The Krismet said-”

“It was a trick.” Dean cut in, angrily. “It was messing with our heads.”

His brother shook his head. “No, Dean. Do you even know what a Krismet is?” Dean glared at him. He’d just seen one. Of course, he knew what it was. “It’s a servant for the gods of fate. It feasts on muscle and harvest it’s victim’s guts to give to the gods.”

Dean’s face twisted in disgust. “Charming.” He grumbled, the car coming to view.

“It also matches human threads.” Sam continued. “Which means-”

“Look, Sammy,” he cut in, stopping in his tracks to face his brother. “Me and her? It’s not gonna happen. The last thing I need is another Lisa situation on my hands.”

Sam glanced at the girls leaning on the car as he scoffed. “She’s not Lisa, Dean. She’s a hunter. She’s seen what we’ve seen, maybe even more by the way she and her sister seem to carry themselves.”

Dean’s eyes drifted towards her, his jaw tight. “What if-”

“You know what I’d do to find someone that matched my threads?” Sam asked. “I wouldn’t waste my time on ‘what ifs’ because after all the crap we’ve been through, I’d like to have someone to show me that it’s not always like that.”

For the first time, Dean didn’t have anything to say. He wanted her, there was no denying that. And maybe he was being stupid, and taking her for granted, but he couldn’t handle losing her. Because, no matter the circumstances, everyone who has ever come near him, including his brother, has died.

“Sam,” he mumbled, looking his brother in the eye. Sam nodded as his eyes reflected his hope. “For the last time, drop it.” He ordered.

He turned away from his brother, and the idea that maybe he could be with this girl, for no amount of love would be worth losing her. So, as he schooled his features, Dean eliminated her from his thoughts, his heart, and forcibly, from his soul.


The next day

Though you cited and recited what the Krismet said over and over again, you knew it didn’t matter. From the moment, he turned away from his brother last night to the way he ignored your general presence, you knew he had made up his mind.

Yet, still, you blinked back a few stranded emotions as you stared up at the ceiling, aimlessly watching the fan spin. You couldn’t help but feel foolish. You knew he was different here, he wasn’t the same Dean you dreamt. This Dean had seen death, possibly been dead, and still managed to get up and walk it off. That had consequences, it must, for it took his spirit and a shard of his life each time. And you knew it all too well, for you too had seen death, been dead, and felt the life drop out of you as you picked yourself up.

Though, none of it mattered. Your mind could lecture your heart all it wanted, it would never listen, never want to. You just had to understand that it was what it was. He didn’t want you, and you couldn’t make him.

A quiet knock came to the door, before it was slowly opened, and your hand drifted to the gun hidden under your pillow. Your sister’s head peaked through, making you relax, removing your hand from the gun, and sit up.

She gave you a small smile, drawing further into the room. “You’re still in bed?” she asked, using the soft voice she usually used to sooth victims.

She was pitying you, and that annoyed the shit out of you. “Yeah,” you grumbled, as you pushed yourself off the bed. “I’ll get dressed and meet you in the garage.”

She opened her mouth, to probably baby you some more, but thought against it. With a nod, she turned around and exited the room, shutting the door behind her.

Sighing and wiping the sleep from your tired eyes, you pick up your bag and began changing into your black jeans and grey t-shirt. You pushed every thought of Dean from your mind in the process. That was it. It was done. There was no use trying to overthink it. You found the monster, killed it, and now it was time to get the fuck out of here.

After getting fully dressed, you zipped up your bag, throwing it over your shoulder and grabbed your leather jacket as you exited the room.

The hallway was longer than ever, and you instantly forgot the way to the garage. This place is a fucking maze. You thought looking up and down the hallway.

Finally deciding you couldn’t just stand there like a lost idiot, you random turned right and walked down the corridor hoping it would take you to where you needed to be. However, it seemed to go on forever, and you couldn’t turn back now since you had no idea which room you stayed in.

You stopped and looked around. There has to be-

A hard frame ran into you, knocking off your balance. But, just before you hit the ground, a hand wrapped around your wrist, pulling you up right. Your eyes snapped up to the owner, and you froze. You had hoped to avoid him, but there he was.

His green eyes showed the slightest indication of surprise, before they resumed their cold expression. He quickly dropped your wrist, taking a step back. The sudden change in demeanor snapped your eyes away from him. You scoffed, turning to walk away from him.

“Wait,” His hand found its way to your wrist again, pulling you back. You turned to face him, cursing yourself for looking into those eyes again. Still, they showed no emotion. “The garage it that way.” He said, nodding his head to the other side.

You gently pulled your wrist out of his grip, and turned the other way, no bothering to mutter some thanks. As you walked down the hallway, towards the garage this time, you heard the echo of heavy boots behind you.

Is he following me? You wondered, as you slowed your pace. His slowed down also, confirming your thoughts.

You turned swiftly around, catching him off guard. He stopped a few feet away from you, finally displaying some emotion. “What?” you asked, sounding harsher than you meant to.

He stared at you, mouth agape and completely frozen. You raised a brow, impatiently waiting for him to answer. He cleared his throat, his sense finally coming back to him. “Um, I’m just making sure you don’t get lost again.” He confessed, shoving his large hands into his pockets.

You furrowed your brows at him. He was seriously hard to keep up with. One minute he’s laughing with you, the next he’s ignoring you, then the next he’s concerned about you, making sure you get where you needed to be. You let out a dry chuckle, shaking your head. “Make up your fucking mind.” You said, without thinking.

He stared at you, confused. “What-”

You cut him off, speaking freely now and ignoring your mind as it yelled at you to shut up and walk away. “One minute you’re nice to me and the next you’re ignoring me. Just tell me what you want or leave me alone.” Your desperate state began to seep through, causing you to flush with embarrassment.

He sighed, drifting his gaze down to the floor. You waited a moment for him to say something, anything. When he didn’t, you scoffed, turning around to continue on your path to your sister.

“I saw you.” He blurted, forcing you to freeze in your tracks. “Three years ago; when the djinn caught me.”

You turned around to face him once more, your heart beating abnormally fast. “What?” you breathed, your eyes glassing over.

“I saw you, and you were…” he trailed off, as he took a step closer. “My wife.”

Your breath hitched as bile coated your throat. You couldn’t find words to speak. When he saw your dazed state, he sighed and turned away, shaking his head.

“Where are you going?” you called, your feet, finally, moving after him. “You can’t just dump that on me and walk away, Dean.”

He turned to you. “You’re asking me what I want from you, but I want to know is what you want from me.” He demanded, slightly raising his voice as he walked closer to you.

“I-” you stuttered, losing your words once again. What did you want from him? “I… don’t know.” You whispered, shaking your head. “Clarity?”

He furrowed his brows, that handsome face scrunching up. “Clarity?” He echoed. “Over what?”

“What we saw.” You blurted. “I knew what your car looked like, what you looked like. I knew how you talked, and moved. How would I have known that? How would you have known me? We’ve never met, Dean. Doesn’t that scare you?”

“It was an illusion.” He replied, brushing off your question, as he stepped closer.

“Then, why did you tell me about it? Why do you think it’s your responsibility to make sure I get somewhere safe?” you asked, your voice raising to match his as you too drew nearer.

“I don’t.” he yelled, now a few inches away.

You drily chuckled, “Then why did you follow me?” The two of you were so close, you had to look up to meet his gaze.

He stared down at you, your bodies about an inch apart. He opened his mouth to retort, but shut it, stumped. Then, out of nowhere, he let out a frustrated groan, his hands grabbing your waist, pressing you against him as his lips crashed against yours.

You dropped your things, your hands instantly on his shoulders, kissing him back. They ran through his short hair, as his pressed you further against him. All anger, fear, and worry washed away as he rained down on you, engulfing you in every way possible.

He pulled away all too soon, leaving you breathless. Your hands trailed down his shoulders to his chest where they stayed. He rested his head against yours, keeping his hold on you.

“Stay.” He breathed, meeting your eyes. “Please,”

You blinked back tears, almost relieved by his words. “Okay,” you muttered, finally feeling a strange sensation bleed into that void in your heart as his eyes bore into yours and his lips curled into a sweet smile. You, then, realized that strange feeling was peace. And, that void in your heart was almost as distance as your fears. Because you finally found it, or rather, him.

Dean Winchester.

Joker Imagine - Project 6277 *PART 1*

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Your P.O.V.

The music was blasting loudly through the club. It smelled like alcohol, especially behind the counter in the bar. The white and golden club was mostly black since it was so dark. All the lights were on the dance floor of people grinding against each other and having a good time.

I was one of the bartenders here. Most people that worked here were men expect the dancers. I guess I was tomboyish so I was here in my blue flannel, black vest, black jeans and some black boots. I was wearing a name tag on my chest that just had my first name, Y/N. My Y/H/C hair was straightened and I had a little makeup on, some eyeliner and I had done my brows. I enjoyed my job, but I wasn’t planning to be here forever.Next year I would go to vet studies and become a real vet.

But for now I worked here at the club owned by the most wanted and feared man in entire Gotham city. Out of the millions of people that lived here, my boss was the worst. I had seen him just once or twice, but I had never been close to him. He scared me to be honest. My boss was the clown prince of crime AKA Joker. He had green hair and super white skin. I think he had blue eyes and many tattoos. When I saw him I think he had a purple jacket and many golden rings and necklaces. Did I speak to him? No. I kept my distance just to be safe.

“A vodka!” A drunken man yelled and snapped me out of my thoughts. I heard a familiar song ‘Gangsta’ by Kehlani blasting now. “Sure” I smiled and then grabbed a glass. I put a couple ice cubes in it and then filled the glass with strong vodka. I handed it to the man who left the money on the table and walked away. I sighed and then put the money in the grey cash register. My co-worker Rick was talking with some customers further away. Rick had blonde hair and brown eyes. He was a couple years younger than me, but we were good friends. Just as I was about to go over and speak to him, I heard someone clearing their throat. I looked behind me and saw one of Joker’s henchmen standing behind me. He had black clothes and his brown skin was mostly hidden. He had sunglasses on so I couldn’t recognize him at all.

“The boss wants to see you..” He stated and then looked at my tag. “..Y/N” He finished his sentence. The man had a very thick Gotham accent and a low voice. “O-Okay” I stuttered and decided it would be better to follow him. God help me if I would’ve said no. Suddenly my body felt weak. Had I done something wrong? Would Joker shoot me?

My palms got clamp and I felt how my knees went weak as I followed this man. He led me out of the bar and to the VIP area. People gave me strange looks since everyone knew that this man was Joker’s henchman. I took a deep, shaky breath and then tried to gather myself. The man opened a door and then I saw a big room with lights on. It had golden tables and all kinds of beautiful decors. Then I noticed black leather chairs and black tables. In the middle of the room I saw Joker. My heart jumped to my throat.

The henchman left us here and I realized that we were alone. Our eyes met and I felt shivers running down my spine as I saw those icy blue eyes meeting my E/C eyes. “Hello Y/N” Joker smiled and I heard his voice for the first time. It was deep and raspy. “Hi” I replied barely louder than a whisper. I stood by the door that was far away from him. “Why don’t you come closer?” He tilted his head and smiled widely so he could flash his metallic grillz. I shut up and walked over a few steps. My mind was running in circles as I tried to figure out what the hell was happening. As I did so, I looked at Joker. I had never seen him this close. He was wearing a white button up shirt that was left open. I saw that he had many tattoos on his chest including 'Ha ha ha’ written over and over again.

“You’re probably wondering why you’re here” He chuckled and then played with his purple and golden ring. I nodded shyly and then held my wrist with my sweaty hand. I felt so naked as he watched me so intensely. Also knowing he was a psychopath scared the hell out of me. “Oh I am a little lonely.. I don’t feel like going out there. Too many people there tonight” He sighed and then stopped playing with his rings. That’s when I noticed a special gun on the chair next to him. Dear God. Fear made my gut twist and I felt lost. “Wanted a little company. I’ve heard good things about you Y/N” He let me know. My eyes widened in surprise. He had heard things about me?

“I hope that’s good” I tried to speak instead of standing here like a mute flamingo. “Indeed” Joker spoke warmly. My breath nearly got stuck in my throat as I stood there. “Come here. Take a seat” He told me and patted the empty spot next to him. I didn’t dare to say no so I walked closer and then sat down next to him. I couldn’t deny that he was incredibly sexy. At least I thought he wouldn’t kill me so I tried to relax. He looked at my face silently and it made me feel vulnerable again. What the fuck was going on?

“I can almost feel your heart beating..Why are you so scared?” He questioned me with such a raspy voice. It only made my heart beat faster, almost jumping out of my chest. “I..I don’t know” I tried to answer him truthfully. Joker’s lips were parted, but he wasn’t smiling. “Oh dollface I won’t kill you unless there’s a reason to” He suddenly spoke with a hint of joy in his voice. “I just wanted to see you Y/N. I think you have something special in you” He admitted and then touched my jaw. He was wearing white gloves so it felt very silky against my skin.He ran his fingers from the corner of my mouth and up closer to my ear, almost as if he was sketching a smile.

“Does this pretty girl have a boyfriend?” He asked me and his choice of words made my cheeks burn. “No” I admitted a little awkwardly. Maybe it was a lie, but then again I didn’t want to call him my boyfriend. I  used to date Daniel, a rich boy from the better side of Gotham. We moved together and that’s when things went downhill. He started to drink so much that he lost his job and got financial problems. It got so bad that I couldn’t study. Yes Daniel was handsome. He had chocolate brown eyes and dark hair in a quiff, but he was rude as hell. He started abusing me mentally, telling the things like how fat I was, the fact I was such a slut. Then he hit me a few times. I broke up with Daniel, but he still thinks we’re together. I moved away to an apartment in the city, but he comes there a little too much. He scares me to death.

“Really now?” Joker wanted to be sure. I didn’t want to open up now and get deep so I just nodded. I wasn’t sure whether he believed me or not, but he didn’t ask me about it anymore. “How about we two have a drink and then talk?” He suggested with a cheeky grin. Why the hell did Joker want to have a drink with me? “But I’m working..” I reminded him a little nervously. As soon as I finished my sentence, I regretted it because I knew Joker didn’t like to be told against. “I’m your boss. I’ll let you off tonight to be my company” He smiled devilishly. I just nodded and tried to smile back at him. Better keep him happy.

“You have a beautiful smile” He breathed out and kept his eyes on my lips. Just then there was a knock on the door. I turned to look at the door that opened and Rick was coming with a tray of drinks. He looked scared as heck. I bet everyone that worked for the Joker were scared to see him. If they did one wrong move, they could die. Rick noticed me and I saw the surprise in his eyes. Joker’s hand was on my jaw and we were sitting very closely.

But he didn’t say anything. RIck placed the tray on the table silently. Then he just nodded and walked away. I noticed a couple henchmen guarding the door from outside, but then it shut and we were together. “Now pretty doll let’s have some fun getting to know each other” He smiled and grabbed two drinks. I recognized them immediately. Two vodka martinis. Joker handed the other one to me and I grabbed it with a quick thank you. I was still nervous and I wasn’t sure what to do.

Joker brought the drink to his lips and he took a sip. I focused on the background music that blended with the bass from the club. The song that was playing here was an older jazz song. Thank God there was music or else this would be more awkward. “Now beautiful tell me this one thing..’'Joker started and looked at my flannel. I crossed my legs and took a small sip of the strong drink. ”..do you get asked to strip often?“ Joker finished his sentence with a curious looking smile. He was hot, I had to admit it. But he made me so nervous. In a way it turned me on, but I had to calm down.

He was my boss.

’'Not really..” I admitted and then looked into his fascinating eyes. “What a surprise..You’re very good looking dollface” He let me know again with a mischievous look. But before I could say anything, he laughed out. “You’re too innocent. Oh I can’t wait to see the real you” He grinned and then ran his hand trough his green hair. I couldn’t help but to smile. I started to feel a little better sitting next to Joker. Then I finished my drink and felt it burning my throat. Joker looked at me intensely with a small smile. “Wow wow we have a beast here” He joked and then finished his own drink. I knew for sure I would get drunk even of this amount because I hadn’t had anything to drink in a long time thanks to fuck face Daniel.

Before I knew it, Joker and I were drinking our second drinks and talking a lot. Way more than just twenty minutes ago. I found him asking me personal things, but in this state of mind I didn’t even care. I just let him know anything he wanted which was probably bad.But deep inside I knew he wasn’t asking me things for fun. Little did I know what this insanity was planning inside his mysterious mind.

“Come here” He purred and then patted his leg. I smiled and sat on his lap so I was straddling his waist and adding pressure onto his crotch. I didn’t feel fear or shame at all. Joker’s hands were on my hips and he looked very happy. The alcohol hadn’t reached his mind yet. “You’re such a good girl Y/N” He chirped and I felt his hand on my bum. “Good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught” I sang a with giggles. It was lyrics from a song I heard a couple years ago. “It’s hard to imagine you doing bad things” Joker teased me.

“Why imagine?” I raised my eyebrow and then unbuttoned my vest and took it off. Joker seemed very pleased with my new attitude. “Someone’s horny” He spoke deeply and I saw a much darker look in his eyes. I just smiled and unbuttoned my flannel so my chest was exposed to him. I was wearing a red bra underneath so I wasn’t completely flashing my chest to Joker.

It’s funny what alcohol does to people…

Suddenly he grabbed my choker and pulled my face close to his. We didn’t change any words. I just shut the gap between us and pressed my lips against his into a hot ,steamy kiss. As I kissed the most dangerous man I could imagine of, I grinded on his lap and felt a tingly sensation in my lower stomach. Our tongues danced and saliva was changed in this hot make out session. Joker’s hands cupped my boobs and then he bit my bottom lip and tugged it. A small moan escaped my mouth and I shut my eyes. Suddenly someone walked in, but I didn’t care. Joker sighed, but kept me on his lap.

“Sir we found him” A man said with a serious voice. “At the worst possible time’'He growled with a very annoyed voice. I pouted and looked at him with a sorry look. My head was spinning and I knew very well that I was drunk. ’'I’m sorry sir” The man apologized with a voice full of fear. “Get the car ready” Joker growled a demand and then the man walked away. Our eyes met and he seemed very serious which made my heart flutter. “I’m sorry love but the fun ends here. I have to go” He explained slowly. “Aw but it just began” I slurred and it was obvious that I was drunk. Then I stood up and nearly stumbled as I hit the table behind me. “Careful” Joker chuckled as he stood up. He was in front of me and I sighed as he buttoned my flannel. “We’ll meet again” He promised and then put the vest on me. “But now we both need to go. I’ll get you a ride home dollface. We don’t want anyone to hurt you now do we” He spoke mysteriously.

I just hummed along the song that was playing and let him grab my hand. Then we walked out of the room and back to the crazy club life. The henchmen looked very serious as we walked past them. I was struggling to keep my balance, but Joker led the way and I was kind of forced to stay on my feet. “Drive her home” Joker told someone and pointed at the man with his gun. “Y-Yes sir” The man gulped and I laughed. Oh why were they so scared? Joker was a nice man! Haha..


Blast From The Past: Part 18

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.1K
Warnings: Fighting, angst, swearing, nightmare

A/N: Starts off in Bucky’s POV, then changes to Reader’s.

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1 // Part 17

~~Bucky’s POV~~

“You’re insane,” you cackle, “I don’t love you. I never loved you. How could I love such a monster. You killed Tony’s parents, not to mentions thousands of others. They scrambled your brain, but trust me, handsome, you were a monster long before Hydra got their hands on you. You’re filth to me. I never loved you. I never loved you. I never loved you.”

The words rung out in Bucky’s ears as he jolted awake. He took a deep breath and tried to hold back his tears. He tried to reassure himself that his dream wasn’t true, and that the words you spoke to him in Connecticut weren’t how you really felt.

He restlessly tossed and turned in his bed. Bucky didn’t have a hope in the world at getting back to sleep. He had hardly slept since returning from seeing you, but tonight was even worse.

Tony and Nat had spent hours over the computers, combing through everything to find out where you and Hydra were, and they finally found something. Tomorrow the team was going to try and get you back, to try and trigger your emotional switch. Everyone was relying on Bucky to be the one that would be able to do that.

Bucky stared up at his ceiling for hours, waiting for the morning mission brief before they flew out to face you.

“I don’t know if I can do it. She doesn’t feel anything anymore, including her love for me,” Bucky reasons with the team around him,

“Yes, but she didn’t kill you when she had the chance,” Natasha retorts, “Why wouldn’t she kill you? You were the only one that knew she was alive. She’s a Hydra trained assassin, especially without her emotions, it makes the most sense to kill you. So, whether she knows it or not, something in her made sure to keep you alive,”

Wanda and Steve nod at Natasha’s words. Bucky only sighs out, knowing that there was no arguing with them.

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No other place

Harry Styles - 1563 words (Requested)


A grin is shot at my handsome boyfriend before I turned back around, my bum leaning on the sound panel as I chuckle at a joke that Robert just shared with me, booming laughter leaving his lips. Harry was supposed to record a bit of his vocals today and I decided to tag along, it had been a while since I heard him sing anyway – apart from his Beyoncé shower singing of course – and the people that worked here were incredibly sweet towards me.

“I don’t understand how you’re still single, Rob.” I breathily chuckle as I bite my lip when I let my gaze fall back onto Harry who is singing his heart out in the sound booth. I loved seeing him like this, carefree and doing the thing he loved most. “Haven’t met a girl like you yet.” He winks as he pushes my arm in a playful manner and I push myself up on my feet again before turning around and leaning my outstretched hands on the same spot my bum had been only mere seconds earlier.

“Is there still a lot? I’m kinda knackered.” I sigh out as I turn to Wesley who is operating the sound panel, my eyes still trained on Harry as I await an answer from any male in the room. Harry stops, his head phones pulled off of his ears by his slender, ring covered fingers as he mutters something into the microphone. I give him a thumbs up and a wink, realizing I had another joke to tell Robert. “Oh I have another one!” I clap my hands as I turn towards the dark haired male again, a shit eating grin on my lips as I wait for him to gather his attention back to me. “Shoot.”

“Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?” I already chuckle at my lame joke, biting my lip as I await Robert’s response. He rolls his eyes with a grin on his face already, huffing out. “I don’t know, why?”
“He didn’t have the guts to.” I giggle as I cover my mouth and Wesley snorts as the words leave my lips, shaking his head before he glances at me. “What is up with you and your lame Halloween jokes?”

“Excuse you, I love for Halloween.” I huff out in mock hurt, my hand resting on my chest as I widen my eyes staring at Wesley. Both men laugh heartily and our laughter is cut short when Harry pushes the door open and joins us. “You were really good.” I compliment him as I kiss his cheek, my arm slithering around his waist to pull him a bit closer. Harry doesn’t say anything, only giving me a curt nod before stepping out of my embrace. He grabs his jacket off of the hook and waits for me to follow him and I give a questioning look to the other guys in the room before grabbing my coat as well.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Harry mutters before pushing out of the door, leaving me to trail after him. “I don’t know what got into him, sorry. Later boys!” I chime and wave before jogging after Harry who had already pressed the button to the lift. “Harry, what’s wrong?” I question, my fingers on my left hand curling around his biceps as I push myself closer to him. “Nothing.” He merely shrugs as I steps into the opened lift and I sigh out. It had been like this, Harry being distant, a few times every time I joined him at the studio. Maybe he didn’t want me here?

Harry stays quiet during the whole drive back to his flat. His fingers occasionally tap along to the tune that is playing from the radio, but other than that the room is silent, thick with some sort of emotion I can’t pinpoint right now.

“What is wrong?” I try again as Harry turns the last corner before we arrive home. He groans, slamming his flat hand against the wheel before answering the same nothing as I had received before. “Don’t bullshit me, your demeanor has changed. Did I do something wrong?”

Harry steps out of the vehicle without another word towards me and I take a deep breath as I slam the door roughly behind me. “Hey, watch out with my car!” Harry turns around swiftly as he points towards his very expensive, slick black car. “Oh now it can form a sentence!” I shout, throwing my hands in the air as I push past him. I’m sick of Harry not speaking to me, keeping shit from me and not sharing any emotions that course through that mind of his.

I am already in Harry’s flat, my coat swung towards the coat rack as I throw my bag across the room and I hear something crack within it. Harry’s booming footsteps are right behind me and I hear his harsh breathing seconds after, the door slamming behind us.
“Do you have the freak out like that? What if the paparazzi saw? Fuck Y/n haven’t you learnt anything!” Harry shouts so loud I know the rest of the building can follow his our very heated conversation.

“If you for once stopped acting like a fucking child and told me what’s on your mind this shit wouldn’t happen!” I yell back, closing my eyes before I fling my body around to look at my fuming boyfriend. He throws his coat onto the floor before he stomps towards me and both of his hands are raised in fists. My natural reaction is to make sure any vital parts are covered and I duck, squeezing my eyes closed.

The tiniest of shrieks leaves my lips, my head pushed down a bit to get ready for a blow I knew would never even arrive, because Harry would never ever touch any woman like that. I breathe heavily when all of a sudden the air is thick, silence laced through it, the only thing heard Harry and I’s harsh breathing. I open my eyes slowly as I see Harry gape towards me, one hand raising to cover his mouth as his eyes keep trained on me.

“Did you think that I –“ Harry mutters, and when I don’t answer he throws his hands up in the air and turns around, away from me before he groans and huffs, something that sounds as if he is complete and utter agony. I open my mouth a few times to assure him that whatever is going on will be alright, but I can’t seem to get the words to leave my lips. Harry turns around to glance at me shortly, breathing harshly again before a jumble of words slip past his lips, only the last few sentences caught by my ears.

“Y/n, fuck I’m such a fuck up I’m sorry, I understand if you leave me I –“

“Wait, are you afraid that I might leave you?” Realization seems to kick in and my mouth falls open as Harry averts his gaze from me. That’s why he has been so distant whenever I spoke to another male. It weren’t just his co-workers, it was every time we were somewhere and I tried to be extra friendly towards his mates. “H, that’s bullshit. You know I would never.” I refrain from rolling my eyes, crossing my arms over my chest as I try to make a statement towards my insecure boyfriend.

“You just seem to have such a good time with them, I haven’t seen you laugh with me like that in ages.” Harry just shrugs his shoulders, turning around in a nervous manner, his hands continuously pushed inside his jeans pockets before he gets them out to rub them together before pushing them back in the pocket. I roll my eyes at the nervosity my boyfriend seems to possess, something I rarely get to witness.

“I am friendly towards them because they are your co-workers and friends, babe. I have no interest in them whatsoever in the meaning you’re thinking about right now.” I let a coy smile grace my lips as I step closer, pulling Harry’s hands out of his pockets once more before I let them drape over my shoulders, guiding him as to how I want him to hold me. I let my arms wind around his waist as I pull myself closer to him, grinning up at him before I press my lips to his chin. “Plus, I laugh at your jokes all the time. Maybe you are so used to it you don’t hear it anymore.” I chuckle, squeezing my eyes closed with a tiny smile on my lips. Harry rolls his eyes as he pinches the skin on my shoulder, my body jerking into his as I slap his chest loosely.

“Since when do you get insecure about our relationship?” I state, pressing another kiss to his sharp jaw, breathing against his stubble that will be a full beard in about a week. “Always have. I see the men stare after you, as if you don’t notice.” Harry huffs out in an annoyed manner and I chuckle, pressing my body closer to his as I breath in his cologne, my lips resting against his warm neck, face hidden from the harsh lighting of the hallway we were still in.

“Harry, I only see you.”

Lots of love,
L. xox

Spring Break

Summary: Sam and Dean show up at my house and disturb my otherwise boring spring break. 

Word count: 1,833

Characters: Sam, Dean, CC 

Warnings: language

Author’s Note: This was written for @mrswhozeewhatsis Not An April Fool’s Joke Challenge. The prompt was that Sam and Dean show up at your actual house and need help on a case. I hope you enjoy it and maybe it’ll help you get to know me better. This is coming in just under the wire at 10:44 PM EST on April 30th.

Originally posted by musclecarinstant

In my admittedly limited experience, it’s never a good sign when the doorbell rings between the hours of 6:00 PM and 10:00 AM. It’s either the police, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, or the neighborhood children trying to sell school  fundraisers. So when my doorbell rings at 9:15 AM—completely interrupting my house-cleaning flow—I’m a little wary. Two very large, uniformed men standing on my front porch. Whipping out my phone, I type in the number for emergency services and let my thumb linger over the call button when I open the door.

“CC, thank God you’re home. We need you.”

“I’m sorry, who are you?” There’s something vaguely familiar about them, but I can’t put my finger on it. They pull badges out of the back pocket of their jeans and flash them in front of my face.

“Officers Ford and Hamil with Environmental Control,” the shorter one says. “We have a few questions about the horse you reported swimming in the pond up the street. You’ve made reports on three different occasions.”

“Yeah, well, if people could keep their damn horses in the fence, we wouldn’t have people drowning trying to rescue them. You can see how I would be concerned. Now what did you say your names were?”

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First part: http://mafiabosstsuna.tumblr.com/post/151020010028/this-is-sent-in-by-the-lovely-kaladork-a From the amazing @kaladork

The people asked and so they shall receive! I had quite a few requests for a sequel. But seriously, I would like to apologize that this took so long to get out. Aside from the usual excuses, I was finishing my final project for my Bachelor’s Degree and getting ready for my internship (Yay!). So here it is! The sequel to A Beautiful Almost! To be completely honest, there’s a whole heck of a lot less angst (I don’t know if you could call it angst) because I’m a smooshy, mushy sap at heart and have a weakness for happy endings. Also, it’s quite long, so I apologize for that as well. Hope you like it! ❤

She locked the doorknob.

And the deadbolt.

And the slidelock.

And the other deadbolt.

She kicked her shoes off and dropped her purse by the door.

Then she dropped onto a couch with a muffled thud, determined to sleep for the next twelve hours.

Bless Sundays.

Bless her day off.

Bless the sweet bliss of darkness that awaited her.

‘It’s funny,’ she thought, ‘how darkness can be so wonderfully comforting and so utterly terrifying depending on context.’

She began to cry.

Thick tears ran down her cheeks and her back shook with the nearly silent sobs that tore through her already drained body. It felt like each tear was emptying her, drawing on a reserve that wasn’t there.

It wasn’t because she missed her soulmate.

That wasn’t it.

Not this time.

This time her heart was breaking for someone else.

“I didn’t want this for you.”

With a scream of terror and surprise, she whipped her hand gun out of the holster on her thigh while flipping off the safety, rolling off the couch, and pointing it at the unknown intruder.

She’d be damned if she was going to be murdered in her own damn apartment.

“Well, this is new.”

The voice hung in the dark, smooth and amused.

She could barely hear it over the beating of her heart.

“Ts-tsuna?” she asked, breathless with fear and disbelief.

A rustle sounded.

“Don’t move!” she yelped.

The rustling stopped.

She moved to the light switch, flicking the lamp on and returning her hand immediately to the gun.

Her hard, blue eyes met Tsuna’s amber, narrowed and watching her attentively.

“You know how to use that,” he observed, nodding toward the firearm.

“Yet, you’re not scared.” She glared at Tsuna, speaking slowly.

Tsuna sauntered forward, steps smooth and lithe. His eyes flared in color, but the lids dropped; his handsome features reflected the change in attitude. The smallest smile dancing viciously across his lips, a cruel cast to the shadows on his face, oozing lethal confidence, a bit of contempt, and a certain surety of his own safety.

He stopped directly in front of her shaking form and leaned in and over her—placing his neck directly in line with the barrel of the gun—smirking haughtily at his soulmate.

“Do you really think you have the guts to shoot me?” he taunted.

Tsuna froze.

The barrel of the gun was shoved up into his neck, cold and perfectly nestled into the junction of his jaw and jugular.

Sudden, icy anger fueling her actions, she cocked the gun, taking her sweet time to let the click resound in Tsuna’s ears. “That depends,” she whispered from behind clenched teeth. “On what you’re here for.”

Tsuna blinked, surprise bleeding into his posture, deadly aura falling away.

“What do you think I’m here for?” was his careful query.

Her nostrils flared, jaw set in determination. “I won’t die.”

Tsuna’s brow furrowed, just slightly, as the words fell before him. The full meaning hit him like a sledge hammer to the gut. A string of guilt tugged on his heart and pulled, dragging it down to sit heavy on his stomach. “Is that- Is that what you think I’m here for?” he asked incredulously. He stepped back, away from the cocked gun and the defensive woman behind it.

Doubt flew through her eyes. “I… did?”

“Damnit! What kind of man do you think I am?” he growled.

She glared, heartrate jumping at his rough tone. Her fingers tightened on the gun. “A Don.”

“Ok, that’s fair.”

She raised an eyebrow at the uncontested acquiescence.

“But listen to me, sweetheart. Please. I’m not here to kill you. C’mon, you know me-”

“No. I don’t Tsuna.” She frowned. Her voice was forceful and agitated, frustration flying through her eyes and settling in the furrow of her brow. “Maybe you’ve forgotten, but we only knew each other for three weeks before you decided I was moving in with you.”

Tsuna’s hands came up in a shrug. “Well, yeah, but we’re soulmates. We’re made for each other and I-” He cut off abruptly.

Eyes narrowed in suspicion. “You what?”

“I, um, may have known about you before you knew me,” Tsuna admitted, for once looking a bit sheepish.

“You what?” she spat, all but hissing.

“It wasn’t on purpose! We were just—will you put the gun away? The last time I had a gun pointed at me this long Don DiMarco was threatening to decapitate me in his parlor!” He saw the resolute set of her face and the stubbornness in her eyes.

And the fear. She was still afraid.

Of him.

She was afraid of him.

His own damn soulmate was afraid of him.

Suddenly, it was too much. The world resting on his shoulders was too heavy and he couldn’t take the weight anymore because his soulmate—the one who should trust him the most—was afraid of him.

And it really was his fault for being such an enormous douche.

He looked at her, truly observing her for the first time since he broke into her apartment. She was tired. The entire situation had been weighing on her back and turning in her stomach for months upon months and she was bone-tired. Tsuna could see it. Dark circles announced the months of fearful half-sleep and her jacket hung a bit too loosely on her frame in a subtle show of anxiety-fueled weight loss. Despite the firmness in her eyes and the hard cords of muscle that peeked from beneath her clothes, he could see the gauntness that hadn’t been there before.

He swallowed dryly.

His fault.

Tsuna backed away. He sat on the couch, shoulders drooping, back slouched, head hanging.

“Please,” he pleaded.

She stood there, teetering on the precipice of distrust and concern. This was something she hadn’t seen from Tsuna before. In the three weeks of knowing him she had seen angry, charming, happy, smug, deadly, seductive, ruthless, motivated, domineering…

She had never seen vulnerable.

Tsuna looked up as he heard a noise.

She had put the safety back on and was setting the gun on the table.

Her beautiful face was frowning, just a bit, but she was walking over to him and sitting next to him, not quite touching him and her hands and arms curled in tight to her body like a shield.

“If you’re not here to kill me, what are you here for?” she asked quietly, eyes on her shoes.

Tsuna didn’t answer.

“Why are you wearing so much black?” he asked instead.

She swallowed. “I was at a funeral.”


“A boy in town. From the youth shelter. I work there now.”

Both of their voices were subdued, careful; both afraid of driving the other away, both scared of closing the gap too quickly.

“You work at a youth shelter?”

“I, um, run it.”

Tsuna blinked. “That’s amazing.”

She shrunk further into the shelter of her hunched shoulders.

“No. I meant it.” Tsuna shifted, turning his body to her. His hands found her face, cupping her cheeks and gently lifting her eyes to his. “That’s wonderful. I didn’t…” he trailed off. “I’m sorry. That’s what I came here for. I came to say that I’m sorry for the way I treated you, for how much I took you for granted, for ever hurting you.” He kissed her, tender and soft, yet needy and desperate. Trying to convey feelings he didn’t have words for. He pulled back—far too quickly for his taste. “I never wanted to hurt you. Never want to hurt you. I-” He licked his lips, searching for words. “I didn’t think of you. I only thought of myself and there’s no excuse for it.”

Tsuna’s hands slid from her face, across her neck, skimming her shoulders, caressing her arms. They settled on cradling her hands, still lying in her lap. His head fell forward into the crook of her neck. His heart leapt and he let out a sigh of utter relief and happiness when he finally felt her relax against him.

They stayed still like that for a while.

“How did you know about me before we met, Tsuna?” she asked into the quiet.

Tsuna spoke into her neck, too comfortable to move. “It really was an accident. It was your roommate. She worked for a sex trafficking ring we were trying to crack.”

“What the he—”

“Shh. I know. She doesn’t seem like she could hurt anyone. But we had been tracking her for months, lost too many informants to her. Each time we got close, she would disappear. We knew we couldn’t attack her directly. Otherwise she’d run. And you were there. An innocent civilian. We try to avoid civilian casualties. So we sent in a Vongola man.”

“I knew I had seen Dante somewhere before!” she cried.

Tsuna chuckled. “Sometimes you’re too observant for you own good. Yes, Dante was the one we sent. He started dating her and got to know about you. Angelica talked about you a lot. Specifically, she mentioned your soulmark.”


“Her real name. Anyway, Dante didn’t know it matched mine, but he had to report everything and my guardians do know my soulmark. Gokudera put two and two together.”

“How long before we met?”

Tsuna paused. “Um, two months.”

“Two months? You were stalking me for two months before you introduced yourself!” She moved back dislodging Tsuna, her hands going to her hips in mock anger. “You are my soulmate, mister. You stalked me for two months! What do you have to say for yourself?”

She expected him to follow her playful attitude, but instead his eyes dropped to stare intently at their hands.

Tsuna couldn’t bring himself to look at her. “I didn’t know if I wanted a soulmate,” he admitted.

“I understand.”

Tsuna’s eyes whipped to hers.

She laughed softly. “Do you know how terrified I was when my soulmark started to burn? I almost passed out.” She frowned. “What changed?”

“The situation.” Tsuna moved closer. “May I?” he inquired, gesturing toward her with open arms.

She nodded, trusting her instincts that told her he truly didn’t want to harm her. If he did, he would have done so already.

Tsuna gathered her close, pulling her into his body. He nestled her between his legs and curled around her. carefully wrapped his arms to encompass her—warm, but not tight. He didn’t want her feeling trapped at the moment. After all, she had held a loaded gun to his neck not too far in the past. Finally, he laid his head against her, encouraging her to relax back into him.

As he cradled her, Tsuna spoke. “Your roommate was planning on selling you to the sex trafficking ring. She just had to make sure no one would come looking for you.”

“Me? Why? I’m sure there are easier targets.”

“She thought you were a virgin. Virgins go hundreds of thousands of dollars in this particular circle.” Tsuna spoke quietly, anger at what could have happened to the woman in his arms seeping through the softness of his voice.

They lapsed into contemplative silence.

“How can I trust you?” she whispered. “How do I truly know you’re not here to kill me? I don’t feel like you’re here to hurt me, but…” Her voice was conflicted, tired, and confused.

Tsuna’s response this time was slower, more thoughtful. “Is that why you learned to use a gun?” he asked, yet again answering with a question.

She nodded hesitantly.

Tsuna sighed. “You spent all that time, nearly an entire year, thinking I wanted you dead?”

Another nod, smaller.

Tsuna’s hold on her tightened and he buried his face more deeply in her neck. She could feel him shaking just the slightest bit. “I’m so sorry,” he murmured. “You shouldn’t have had to live like that. I shouldn’t have made you feel like that.”

This was not what she had expected, obviously. She had expected hostility and ego and was instead met with penitence and tenderness; a sincerity she had yet to witness in her mafioso.

“I want to believe, but it’s still hard. I had convinced myself you would hate me,” she admitted.

“I was angry at first, don’t get me wrong. I-” his voice faltered. “I went a bit insane with anger. Do you know what it’s like to have your other half ripped away from you?”

“Tsuna, I am your other half.”


“It was terrible,” she conceded. “I felt like someone had ripped a piece of my chest out.”

“Yes.” His voice softened again, shame creeping into the corners. “I was hurt and I showed it through anger. I was bent on finding you, but not for the right reasons.” He stopped. That was a bit of an understatement. His anger had taken over like a tsunami, rolling across the ground and threatening to devastate everything he held dear. Looking back on it, he couldn’t help but be impressed that it had taken so long to find his beloved despite the burning motivation of his fury.


Tsuna chuckled wryly. “Yamamoto and Reborn knocked some sense into me. Literally. Separately. Brutally.”

She laughed along with him. “I’m sorry. I’ve heard horror stories about those two.”

“You could always kiss it better,” Tsuna purred in her ear.

“Tsuna!” she protested with a wiggle, but Tsuna held on tight, smiling mischievously.

He continued to hold her, letting her sink back into his embrace.

“Do you know how much I love you?” Tsuna exhaled.

She froze. He had never directly stated his love.

“I thought I knew how it would feel; seeing you for the first time. I’d seen your picture. I read every bit of information we had on you. I sent Gokudera to watch you for a bit.”

“See, I told you you were a stalker,” she sassed.

“Shush. I’m being mushy. Besides, I’m a Don. What was I supposed to do?” He swallowed thickly. “Then I saw you. I met you. And I couldn’t think. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t do anything. I felt like I was a kid again, No-good Tsuna, all helpless and weak. It-it didn’t rearrange my life. It just… gave it sense. Changed my perspective. I finally saw how everything in my life had been preparing me for you, had been directing me and giving me the tools to succeed, for us to succeed. When I saw you, I knew that I could love you.” He turned his head to her neck and began kissing. It was soft. It was sensual. His kisses were so tantalizingly slow she wanted to cry out. As it were, she bit her lip and listened to the words he pressed into her skin.

“I forgot. Too quickly. I forgot how much I need you. I forgot that not everything is dark and heavy and callous. And I forgot that you’re my light. I tried to drag you down into the darkness with me. But that’s not right. I need you. I need you to help me stay afloat in the dark. I need your warmth and your love. You happiness and your laughter–”

“My boobs.”

A laugh escaped Tsuna. “Maybe your boobs.” He paused before shifting his hands around to cup her breasts. “Definitely you boobs.” He bucked his hips, undulating as slow as possible to grind into her backside. Her face flamed. “Your butt, too. That’s pretty nice.” His lips were scalding on her skin, nipping and nuzzling.

“Tsuna,” she called urgently, all breathe and blush and gasping lungs. “Stop. I can’t do this.”

Tsuna stilled immediately.

She untangled herself from Tsuna’s arms and stood up on shaky legs.

Tsuna almost made a deeply embarrassing sound at the loss of her warmth, but he let her go. He needed to do this her way, as much as it killed him. He wanted to whisk her away now. To take her back to the Vongola mansion and take her in every sensual, erotic way humanly possible. He wanted to lock her up for a week straight and worship her body and soul. Watching her standing there, chest heaving and skin flushed, trying to deny the magnetism of their touch, he wanted her more intensely than anything he had ever desired.

He had considered doing it.

Taking her.

Especially back when he was angry.

He had dreamed of finding her and taking her in the middle of the night, locking her away, punishing her, and never letting her see the light of day again. It had taken Reborn beating him within an inch of his life and Yamamoto roughing him up to get it through his head that it was his fault. That she left for a reason and he would only cause them both misery if he pursued those awful thoughts. That if he ever wanted a true shot at her love, he needed to take her into account.

And as much as he wanted her to be his, he couldn’t own her. He didn’t want to cause her pain due to his selfishness. He had already done enough of that.

So he could be patient; for her.

She leveled her gaze toward Tsuna, sorrow lacing her eyes. “I can’t go back with you.”

Tsuna stood. He walked over to her and grabbed the hand that was clutched to her chest. “I’m not asking you to. Not yet. Eventually. Maybe. When you want.” He brought her hands to his lips. “What I’m asking for is a second chance. A chance to get to know you properly. To date you, to court you. I want a second chance to love you fully, to give you a chance to know me.”

She stared down at her own hand, still held tenderly in his. “I can’t leave, Tsuna.”

He could hear the tears trembling in the timbre of her voice.

Tsuna brought her hand to his chest, cradling it with both of his own hands. “We’ll cross that bridge when it comes. I mean to take the time we need this time around.” His voice was the most painful mix of careful soothing and quiet desperation. “You’ll stay here. I’ll visit on the weekends. You’ll remain independent until you decide otherwise. We can look for someone to run the Youth Center here so you don’t have to worry. And everything will be your choice. Please.”

She looked up at him. “And we’ll take things slow?”

“As slow as you want.”

She bit her bottom lip for a brief moment, mulling things over. “What if I decide it won’t work?”

“Honestly?” Tsuna asked. “I’ll probably be back the next day with every rose in a fifty mile radius and your great-aunt Bertha yelling at you to marry me.”

She smiled, a soft laugh pealed from uncertain lips, and Tsuna felt his heart leap.

There was a pause, a consideration.


Tsuna let out a relieved sigh. A load of tension eased from his shoulders, bleeding away with the warmth in her smile.

Seeing the stress he’d been carrying, trusting his word, she took Tsuna’s hand with the hand still held in both of his. Together they walked to the couch and she made him sit in front of her so she could rub his back and shoulders.

As she kneaded his muscles in the most wonderful of ways, Tsuna inquired of his love in a soft voice, “Would you really have shot me.”

Her motions continued without change, tender and capable. “I won’t die, Tsuna. Not like that.”

There was a strength in her words, a passion and conviction Tsuna had never previously realized.

His soulmate was strong.

“Good,” he stated with a firm nod. “You’ll need that resolve. I live a dangerous life. If you decide to live yours with me, you’ll need to be prepared. You’ll need to take that strength and hold tight. Focus it and let it become your will and your tool.” He grabbed her hand from his shoulder and brought it to his mouth, not kissing it. He leaned into the hand, speaking into the smooth skin. “As soon as you make the decision to be mine, as soon as you make the choice to stand beside me, you become my Donna; my Queen.”

Three Years With Sam Winchester - Part Two

Summary: Year two, you’re lost. You don’t know how to define yourself. You don’t remember who you are.

Warnings: self-harm, depression, addiction, mental hospitals, therapy, sex (is that a warning?)

Author’s Note: Originally supposed to be based off of a post on allsupernaturalimagines that prompted: imagine Sam finding out you used to self-harm and comforting you about it. Yet it’s more “imagine Sam finding out that you self-harm, confronting you about it, and helping you rise above it.” Also, if anyone wants to be tagged for updates, please let me know. YANA.

It was November. Sam Winchester was sitting at the shabby wooden table of your shared apartment, his long legs stretched out under the small table so far that his sock-footed feet stuck out the other side. He was absorbed in reading something, a book of some sort. You tried to keep yourself from turning right back around. You clutched the shaver tighter in your hand. I have to do this. You took a deep breath and knocked on the doorframe. Sam would want me to do this.

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Fight Song

Title : Fight Song

Pairing : Sam X Reader

Word Count : 3,168

Prompt : You have always been a hunter, and gosh darn-it, you were one of the very best despite your chronic disease. You had been working with the boys for months now, but when a shapeshifter takes on your body and all the complications that come with it, Sam goes into an over-protective mode that you don’t particularly enjoy. Song Fight Song by Rachel Platten.

Dedication : @adream78 <3 you girl! Keep being an inspiration!!

“You weren’t this ugly when you asked me out…” You ground out, your teeth clenched in pain as you scrambled to pry the man’s fingers from your throat. You looked up into the golden flecked eyes, puffing as you struggled for air.

“Oh come on now, sweet heart,” The charming, velvet voice rasped out, a handsome smirk on his lips. “You know you love this face.”

“Yeah.” You coughed with a groan as your vision began to waver from lack of air as he choked you out. You clawed at the fingers that you knew so well, the calloused hands were always admired by you most of all. You loved them. They were lovely hands, really.

Sam had the best looking hands in the world, and you weren’t just saying that. Literally everything about him was freaking gorgeous.

You probably would have forgotten you needed to shoot him in the face if he wasn’t reminding you by choking you to death. It was the little reminders that you really appreciated. But at least this shapeshifter had been a little considerate. After all, he had given you an opportunity to slap the crap out of someone who looked like an identical copy of your boyfriend.

“I love the face,” You hissed out, your fingers clawing behind your back. “But it doesn’t mean I won’t stab it.” The shapeshifter with Sam’s face’s eyes widened in shock as you swung up the silver blade you kept in your boot. The knife hit the creature in the chest, causing its eyes to glow white in the light as it let out a groan of death. The weight of the shapeshifter suddenly weighed down on you and you let out a grunt of frustration as you shoved its body aside.

“Y/N! Look out!” You whipped around a second too late, as a new arm wound around your neck, yanking you around, only to have a gun pressed into your temple. You grit your teeth, frustrated at yourself. You really should have seen that coming…

Your eyes flickered up to see Sam and Dean standing at full alert in the doorway, blood spattered across their features, their eyes wide and full of protective rage. Sam’s face was full of quite rage as he took a half-step toward you.

“Ah-ah-ah…” You heard an achingly familiar voice purr in your ear. You heard the gun cock in your ear as the shapeshift behind you tapped the barrel against your skull lightly. You didn’t need to turn around to see that the shapeshifter had morphed into one person that you really didn’t want to have to fight today; yourself. “Take it easy there, Sam. You wouldn’t want me to hurt myself now would you?”

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Let’s take a break, pt 2

Harry Styles - 1377 words (requested by anon)


My eyelids flutter as my nose catches the scent of vanilla and mint, the scent immediately invading my senses all at once. I feel at ease, as calm as I’ll ever be perhaps, as I feel the tension that had settled into my shoulders somewhere along the way of my relationship with Kyle, ebb away as if all of those problems didn’t even matter anymore. I guess, in the end, they didn’t matter after all.

I pull the duvet closer to my naked body, a small sigh leaving my lips as I stretch my legs, toes curling as a sound leaves my lips that should be similar to a sigh of pure bliss. My eyes shoot open as I feel the electric tingle shoot through my body, making gooseflesh appear at an instant when my arms touches a bare, warm body and my gaze catches a sleeping Harry, his lips slightly parted while he stays sound asleep.  

I give myself a few seconds to admire him. He is handsome when he’s awake and grinning at you in that mischievous manner, but while he’s asleep. I didn’t think it was possible, but he draws you in even more. His lashes flutter against his cheeks as he steadily breathes, lips slightly parted, making an almost snoring sound leave his lips with every exhale. I see black ink splattered across the tips of his chest which I can see, the rest covered by the duvet but making me anxious to peek what exactly is underneath there. I visibly shudder when I recall the words he had so loosely spoken to me only the night before.

“Oh believe me honey, I have enough love in my life.” I roll my eyes visibly this time and he gasps before he flicks some water my way.

I had only met him yesterday, and still, I chose to come home with him and sleep with him without a second thought to anything, without a second thought to Kyle. Never in a million years I thought I would be anything like the girls that I went to high school with, but here I am, many, many years later doing the exact same thing. And somehow, I understand why they did it.

“What have I gotten myself into.” I breathe, closing my eyes again as I feel Harry stir beside me. I suck my lip between my teeth and bite down harshly on it to keep the whimper that is threatening to leave my throat inside that mouth of mine. Somehow, I don’t regret it. But on the other hand, fuck. “Y/n?” I hum in response, cracking one eye open to give him a sideway glance but keeping perfectly still on my side of the bed. I was afraid that if I dared to move I would feel that same electric jolt through my spine again, the one that sends tingles immediately to my core. That’s not something you want when you’re about to get kicked out of his flat after a sleazy one night stand. Stewart might have been better. At least I didn’t consider him a friend after a few hours.

“What are you thinking?” Harry states as he turns on his side, his head resting on the palm of his hand as his gaze slowly rakes over my naked form. I didn’t want to actually voice that I was afraid that I had seriously screwed up this new found friendship when I didn’t make friends that easily. On the other hand, that was the best sex I have ever, ever had in my short life and when something like that happens you just cannot regret it.
“Nothing.” I mumble quickly, pressing the duvet against the front of my body and standing to my feet to collect my clothing.

“This is different Y/n.” Harry states rapidly, as if immediately realizing what courses through that chaotic mind of mine, trying to pull me back into bed but I’m too swift and already pulling my underwear over my bottom. “Harry don’t go there. You’re different, it’s not like that only to never call again. I wasn’t always a prude you know.” Before Kyle, I did have a few friends with benefits over the course of my life. But I never just dove into bed with someone for one night. It’s this barrier you have to cross and I never actually had the guts to step over that line. Maybe I was a prude after all.

“But this is different. I don’t want you to go.” I cross my arms over my chest right after I pull my shirt over my chest. “Harry no come on.” I’m not sure what he’s trying to tell me, but I have noticed last night that this is a true bachelor’s crib. Alcohol scattered everywhere and everything decorated so you wouldn’t feel at home here. And yet, it charmed me because it was the complete opposite of how Harry held himself together. I heard my friends complain after their shags that the guy just went with the standard lines of ‘you’re different’, ‘of course I’ll call you’, ‘I think we connected’.. and whatever the fuck the guy could come up with in such short time after opening his eyes and realizing the girl was still besides him.

The face he gives me makes me rethink my words, rethink the actions I was about to make and I realized I didn’t actually want to leave. If it was only for one night, I would stretch that night out for as long as he would let me. I silently nod my head, waiting for Harry to stand to his feet and follow me into his living room. I slowly thread through the hallway, careful not to gaze upon his walls to see it empty of any frames and as impersonal as it can get. I awkwardly turn around in the middle of the room, leaning my bum against the back of the sofa as my stomach gargles throughout the entire space, causing a chuckle to leave Harry’s lips in a whim.

“Hey, do you have something to eat, I’m starving.” I groan, patting my stomach as another loud noise echoes through the small, not decorated living room. Harry awkwardly scratches the back of his neck as he avoid my gaze altogether.

“I don’t have anything so girls don’t stick around.” My eyebrows shoot sky high before a frown etches it ways onto my features. That’s actually a really smart move of him.

“Way to make me feel special, dick.” Again, I cross my arms over my chest in a defensive manner. There is a smirk lurking underneath my stone cold gaze but I don’t grant him any of it. It really somehow, somewhere deep down hurt my feelings. Although it shouldn’t have. “Oh come on y/n.”

“I wanted to tell you that the girls I sleep with I normally don’t speak to for such a long time and they surely aren’t friends.” Harry raises his voice a little, flailing his arms around and this time I don’t suppress the chuckle that wants to leave my lips, biting my lips as a wide grin takes over.

“So I’m a friend?”

“Well to be honest..” Harry steps closer and his fingers weave into my hair, pulling my head closer to his to press our lips together and I feel this sensation already bubbling in the pit of my stomach. “I kind of..” Harry kisses me again between his words, pressing our bodies closer together with one swift movement of his large, opened hand and I feel his member already harden against my stomach.

“Think we have more chemistry than that.” Harry chuckles against my lips as his hands roam over my waist and give my butt cheeks a firm squeeze, drawing a moan from my lips, the sound caught by his lips on mine.

“I think you might be right.” I sound as breathless as I did last night, and I was extremely curious to find out whatever Harry could do with those lips of his.

“So… Friends with benefits?” Harry smiles as his fingertips ghost over the little bit of flesh uncovered above my jeans and I pull him closer. “Sounds like a deal.”

Lots of love,
L. xox

|| Sentence Meme || Hadestown ||

Adjust pronouns and such as needed.

  • “Lover, tell me if you can, who’s gonna buy the wedding bands?”
  • “Follow that dollar for a long way down.”
  • “You either get to hell or to Hadestown. There ain’t no difference anymore, anymore”
  • “Nobody knows where that old train goes. Those who go they don’t come back”
  • “An eye for an eye! And he weighs the cost.”
  • “A lie for a lie! And your soul for sale.”

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Note: This is my first go at writing Negan. I feel that there’s alot of douchebaggery missing from him, so please be gentle if you leave criticism. It is welcomed so don’t be shy!

°Patching up Daryl while Negan annoys the hell out of you.

I paced the floor inside our little infirmary, biting my nail. The group had left earlier that morning to take Maggie to Hilltop where their doctor could take a look at her.

What ever was wrong with Maggie, was something that I didn’t have much knowledge on.

Before the apocalypse happened, I had just been honorably discharged from the Military. I was combat medic and had served my time.

You bring me someone that has a cut, gun shot, or something of that nature and I can patch them up.

With Maggie being pregnant, I didn’t want to risk hurting her anymore than need be.

Not only had they been gone, but Michonne, Glenn and Daryl had been MIA for the past 2 days.

Daryl and I had just recently became an item. I’d known him since the quarry and our relationship slowly blossomed.

A bright light coming through the blinds made me freeze.

Carl swung the door open, breathing heavily, “It’s the Saviors and they have everyone.” He gasped.

“Go, go, go!” I said, running with him.

I ran as fast as I could, sliding to hault as I saw our people on their knees.

My eyes immediately went to Daryl, who was extremely pale and panting in pain.

“Dee,” I whispered.

Normally he’d hear me, but he stared hard at the ground, swaying slightly.

“Now who, do we have here?”

The man with the barbed bat approached me, a grin upon his face.

He was handsome, but looks were beyond deceiving.

“What’s your name Honey?” He asked, the bat propped up on his shoulder.

“It sure as shit ain’t Honey, I’ll tell ya that.” I bit out.

He busted out laughing, looking back at his men, “Little fuckin’ spitfire, here.”

The smile faded slightly as he pointed at me, “Name?”

“Y/N Monroe,” I growled.

He looked me up and down, biting his lip while he shook his head, “You attached to anyone here Miss Monroe?”

“Y/N,” Daryl whispered.

The man with half his face burnt that was behind him, kicked him.

“Dee!” I lunged forward, only to have bat boy catch me around the waist.

“Oohhhh, man! You’re with the goddamn redneck!” He laughed, pushing me back slightly.

I pointed at the scarred man, “Touch my husband again, dick cheese and I’ll gut you.”

“Wow, my type of lady!” Bat boy said.

He leaned towards me, “I’m Negan and I’m your new boss baby. I’d highly recommend not threatenin’ my boys again.”

I looked this Negan square in the eyes, “It wasn’t a threat.”

He smirked, before turning to the others that had come out of their houses.

“Listen up assholes! I’m your new boss, Negan,” he continued on with his rant, inflicting fear into everyone.

He came to stand before me again and looked ar Daryl, “You’re one lucky son of a bitch, boy, you know that?”

Daryl just sat there, the blood loss making him go in shock.

“I have to get him to the infirmary.” I said, pushing past Negan and going to Daryl.

His men yelled, raising their guns at me, just waiting for Negan’s command to shoot me.

Negan watched on and he seemed to find this all funny.

I helped Daryl stand, though all he could do was lean on me. “C'mon Dee, let’s get you cleaned up.” I whispered.

“Put your goddamn guns down!” Negan yelled.

“Ya know Rick, I think I’m gonna stay here for a bit and see how you work around here.”

I headed towards the infirmary, ignoring what all Negan was telling Rick.

My main priority was Daryl.
The hot water beat down on Daryl as I cleaned him up.

Thankfully we had access to a medical shower chair, so at least Daryl wouldn’t have to stand.

I wanted to make the shower quick, just to make sure that he was clean.

“You… shouldn’t… have mouthed… off to him.” Daryl rasped, getting even more tired.

I sighed, “I know babe. Don’t worry okay? Let me rinse you off and I’ll patch you up, okay?”

He barely nodded, closing his eyes as the soap suds ran down his face and body.
Once cleaned and dressed in some pj bottoms, I had Daryl lay on the bed.

The bullet wound didn’t look too terribly bad, but I was glad to see that it went through and wasn’t lodged.

The door swung open wide, Negan sauntering in, the burnt man with him.

“Don’t mind me, Miss Monroe, just comin’ to observe.”

I rolled my eyes, pulling the blanket up higher onto Daryl’s chest.

I’d given Daryl some pain killers, so he was now sleeping peacefully for the time being.

Putting in an IV, I started him on fluids.

I turned, needing to get my suture kit, when I nearly ran into the burnt man.

“Get out of my way.”

He smirked, “I should have killed him back in the woods.”

I froze, then slowly turned to face him, “That was you?!”

He shrugged, “Guilty,”

Stalking up to him, I hauled off and broke his nose, “He tried to help you!” I yelled.

I felt a pair of hands grasp my shoulders and gently pull me back. Spinning around, Negan was quick to put his hands up.

“Easy there.” His tone held no room for argument.

I shook my head in disgust and got the suture kit.

“Dwight, outside.” Negan demanded.


“Now goddamnit!” Negan’s voice bellowed.

I cleaned the wound on Daryl’s shoulder and concentrated on sewing it up.

I was so deep in my mind, that I hadn’t even noticed Negan watching me intently. I pulled the needle through and paused, “Do you mind?”

He stood up and went to the many cabinets that we had and looked through them, “Where did you learn to stitch so nicely.”

I sighed, “Combat medic.”

He turned, appreciation masking his features, “Oh really? How many tours did you serve?”

“4. Now be quiet.”

He chuckled, continuing with being nosy.

In no time I was finished and was glad to see some color returning to Daryl.

Negan nodded at my handiwork, “Nice job.”

I started to clean up my mess, sterilizing my tools and washing my hands.

“What would it take to get you to come back to my home?” He asked.

The question floored me, “My husband is here, my home is here. My family is here. My place is here.”

“You sure about that doll face?”

I ran my hands through my hair, sick of this assholes games, “Jesus Christ, yes I’m sure. Now get the hell out!”

He just grinned, started whistling and left the infirmary.

Getting an extra blanket, I climbed into bed with Daryl, covering us both up.
The feel of rough fingers dragging through my hair had me jerking up, disoriented, “The hell!?”

I looked around wildly and saw that Daryl was wide awake.

“Daryl!” I sighed with relief as I hugged him gently.

He was still pale, but not nearly as pasty looking.

“How are you feeling?” I asked him, gently touching his cheek.

His voice resonated deep within his chest. It was the most sexiest, calming voice that I had the fortune to hear,

“Like dog shit,”

Even when he cussed. I laughed, putting my head on his bare chest.

His hand lazily moved up and down my back.

“Ya know,”

I propped myself up to look at him.

“Negan has his sights set on you.”

Jealousy and pain marred his features. This had to be nipped in the bud and quick.

“Daryl, I promise you I’m not going anywhere.”

He nawed on his bottom lip, playing with my fingers that rested on his chest, “He’s dangerous. More than the Wolves, more than the Governor.”

I shook my head, “Listen, I know that this needs to be talked about, but you need to rest, okay? Get your strength up.”

He finally looked into my eyes. I gave him a small smile and leaned down to kiss him.

I was about to get up when Daryl pulled on my wrist.

Looking over my shoulder, I raised my brow.

“Stay… please.” He whispered.

The vulnerability in his face broke my heart and I wasn’t about to breaks his.

Readjusting myself, I cuddled close to him, putting my head in the crook of his neck.

Daryl turned his head, his nose resting on my forehead. He took a deep breath, inhaling my scent before placing a sweet kiss on it.

No one was going to take me away from Daryl.

No one.

Dangerous Woman - a GOT7 Fic

Chapter 1

I often like to think I’m an artist. There’s a lot of names for what I do.

Some call it grand larceny.

Originally posted by ecstasyformyears

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Everything to Nothing: Chapter 5

Thank you all for reading :)

Previous Chapters: 

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

“Cause we had a beautiful, magic love affair. What a sad, beautiful, tragic love affair,” I hear coming from my headphones.

It’s been one week since I’ve talked to Josh. One long week of not much food, not much activity, and a hell of a lot of Taylor Swift.

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I finally spoke to Josh. I knew he had amnesia, but I wasn’t expecting the same exact Josh, my Josh, just without his memories.

My Josh. And I can’t have him.


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