he's so gross ew

Listen, love whatever pairing you want because people will judge anyway

You like NaruSasu?

“How can you ship them? They’re like siblings you’re gross”
“Sakura clearly stated she doean’t like Naruto, move on”
“Just because Kushina said to date someone like her doesn’t mean NaruSaku are real lol get over it”

“Disgusting. Stop encouraging abusive relationships”
“She knows nothing about the Uchiha, she’ll never be an uchiha!¡”

“Naruto doesn’t even like Hinata! He only got paired with her cause he can’t be paired with Sasuke”


“Karin is such a bitch stop pairing her with Sasuke”
“Karin is only his plaything, he’s never gonna love her get over it”

“Stop trying to date Kakashi through a character”

“Lol how pathetic she left her village and family to be with him”
“It was probably an arranged marriage to strengthen the alliance between the villages”

“Just because they’re in the same team doesn’t mean they should be together stop pairing everyone!”
“They’ll never happen they’re the complete opposite of each other your ship sucks”

Ps. These are actual comments I’ve come across

And it’s stupid because its MY ship, like stay in you lane I don’t go around telling you who to ship/whats wrong and what’s right. So if you ship a pair good for you, if you don’t, there’s no need to be an asshole about it.

You don’t get to decide what’s ‘okay’ and what’s ‘not okay’ for people. You’re not god stop trying to control everyone.
Sebastian Aho #1 - Little One

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A/N: Eh 2 imagines in one day! I really enjoyed writing this one, it is super cute and I started to get into the groove of it much better so enjoy!

for @sportsxnetflix can you write me a imagine about sebastian aho where the reader is an athletic trainer and when the reader and sebastian are in pnc she sees a lost kid and helps him and i have no for what else? (can they be dating)

Hope you like it!


“Seb! I swear to god, if you keep putting that sweaty towel in my face I’m not massaging your legs before tonight’s game!” you threw the offending towel back at your retreating boyfriend who was laughing at your expense.

“Aw, come on (Y/N),” Sebastian Aho grinned at you, “You could never resist the opportunity to touch me.” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at you

“Ew, you two are so gross.” Teuvo Teräväinen pretended to gag beside you

“Hey, I’m not the gross one! Blame Sepe.” you accused

“Whatever, I have a gym session with you after video today right?” Teuvo asked you.

“Yup, I’ll be there in 15, so come up whenever.” you told him before waving good bye. Seb walked back to your side, took your hand in his again, and kissed the side of your head as you continued to walk around in the back halls of the PNC. You sighed and leaned into Sebastian’s shoulder. This was one of your favourite parts about being an athletic trainer for the ‘Canes, you got to spend all your time with your loving boyfriend instead of having to deal with all of the drama that normal NHL relationships go through due to separation and busy schedules. You continued walking while Sepe was asking you about who you had to see today for injuries or just maintenance appointments. That was when you saw her, a little blonde girl, probably not much older than 5, running her fingertips along the concrete wall, looking completely lost in daydream. Both you and Sebastian stopped in your tracks and shared looks of confusion, as there was no one else in sight that could possibly be watching this cute girl.

You walked cautiously up to her and crouched down to her level, “Hey sweetie, what are you doing?”

The girl stopped right in her tracks blinked a couple times at you, looked around at her surroundings and then all of a sudden you could see the panic and tears welling up in the little girl’s eyes, “I-I-I was playing imagination and I thought I was s-still with mommy!” she stuttered out tears starting to fall onto her cheeks as she got more and more worked up.  

“Oh, it’s okay sweetie! You’re safe with us, we can help you find your mom.” you comforted. At the mention of ‘we’ Seb knelt down next to you.

“Y-You’re S-Sebastian Aho.” the little girl furiously wiped at tears

Sebastian smiled warmly at the kid and nodded.

“Y-you’re my favourite hockey player!” her eyes widened in admiration making Seb smile even bigger, “Can I have a hug?” she asked and Seb swept her up in his arms gently. The girl started to smile through some of the remaining tears and gripped around his neck tightly. When she didn’t let go, Sebastian chuckled and stood up, picking the little girl up with him and setting her against his hip. This caused her to put a big smile on her face while she wiped away the last of her tears.

“What’s your name little one?” He smiled

“Rosie.” she answered

“What are you doing here Rosie?” You asked from the other side of Seb

“Well, my baby sitter cancelled this morning and my mom said she needed to do something about ‘sound check’ and my friend was away today at her grandparent’s so I had to come to work with her today.” Rosie babbled

“Oh! Are you Amanda’s daughter?” you asked.

“Yes! Amanda is my mom’s name! oh, she’s going to be mad when she finds out I left where she told me to sit.”

“I’m sure she’ll just be happy to have you back little one.” Sebastian said as he bounced her, making Rosie laugh, “Who is Amanda?” Sebastian asked you

“She’s the anthem singer. I think she’d be doing her sound check on the ice now.” you answered, “Let’s get this little munchkin back ok?” you smiled at Rosie before leading the way through the arena.

As you were walking and asking Rosie some questions to keep her entertained, she suddenly spoke up, “Are you in love?”

That made you do a double-take. Wow, you forgot how blunt kids could be. Sebastian, the champ that he is, just chuckled softly and pretend-whispered into the small girl’s ear. “I love (Y/N) to the moon and back but I haven’t told her yet.”

The girl nodded solemnly like she understood the inner workings of all adult relationships, “I think you should tell her.” she whispered back

“And why is that little one?” he asked

“Because she’s blushing right now!” the girl giggled. Sebastian met your eyes where you were desperately trying to stop yourself from turning into a fire hydrant.

That was just the moment when you turned the corner and saw Amanda Bell, the Hurricane’s anthem singer running around frantically, presumably looking for her mischievous daughter.

“MOMMY!” Rosie yelled from Sebastian’s arms and wiggled in his grasp until he put her down. She sprinted down the hall to where you could see her mom let out a big sigh of relief before crouching down to scoop up her little one in her arms and pepper kisses all over her squealing face.

“Thank you guys so much!” she sighed when you caught up with her, “I was worried sick.”

“No worries,” Sebastian smiled easily. “I love kids, and she has good taste in hockey players.” he winked at you.

“Don’t I know it!” Amanda laughed, “she refuses to go to a game without her Aho jersey. Anyways, we have to run. Thank you guys again.” she waved and darted in the opposite direction, Rosie smiling and waving at us over her mom’s shoulders.

“So… I don’t think my heart can handle you with kids, too damn cute.” you smiled up at Sepe.

“Well, you better get used to it.” he leaned down and kissed the tip of your nose.

“Why is that?”

“Because I love you, and you are going to be stuck with me for a long time.”

“In that case I better get used to it because I love you too.”


Me: Ugh. I can't stand Liam Dunbar. He's so gross. Ew.
  • Me: *reblogs 12 gif sets of Liam Dunbar*
  • Me: *excessively reads fan fiction about Liam Dunbar*
  • Me: *has over 60 pictures of Liam Dunbar saved to my phone*
  • Me: *has watched him confess to falling in a hole more times than the Bush Did 9/11 meme has appeared on my dash*
  • Me: he's so gross. ew.
  • Zelena and Hades: *have a big age difference*
  • Fans: AWWWW OMG!!! <3 ZADES!!!!1111
  • Rumple and Belle: *have a big age difference*
  • Snow and Charming: *kidnap an innocent baby to protect their baby*
  • Fans: Aw, they did what they had to.
  • Rumple: *kidnaps Zelena, a villain, to get his baby back*
shit I've actually heard each sign say
  • Aries: *gets told they're a nice person* "HAHAHAHA I'm not."
  • Taurus: "Well you're just gonna have to wait because I'm eating."
  • Gemini: "Look, he's ruining our economy by screwing up the industries, he's messing up the environment too, I'm no tree hugger but come on, we aren't even part of the Kyoto Protocol anymore, he's a racist bigot, plus he looks so gross ew."
  • Cancer: "I told him when we met I want to get married by 26 and have my first baby by 28 and if he doesn't like it he can go. Now we're two years behind schedule and he says he wants to wait until his career is secure, so I told him I'm having a baby with or without him."
  • Leo: "Okay but people aren't allowed to not love me."
  • Virgo: "I'm so excited because my bed is all made with clean sheets and now I can't wait to go sleep in them tonight."
  • Libra: "I got my bitch face down."
  • Scorpio: "He was saying bad things about me in Dutch so I taught myself Dutch and beat him up."
  • Sagittarius: "I woke up with my beard full of alcohol, vomit, blood, lady juices..."
  • Capricorn: "Yeah I started mowing lawns for money. Oh I still have my job, I just thought it would be nice to have a few others too."
  • Aquarius: "I'd like him if he wasn't so mainstream."
  • Pisces: "I found myself. I did acid and talked to the trees and watched the buildings dance, then I talked to myself and I danced."