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Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

Happy birthday, my prince!! (✿╹◡╹) (04/02)

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Regency era AU for IwaOi! Oikawa is a sought after Omega. He has high social standing, beautiful looks, and is of the wealthiest family around, so he wears the most gorgeous dresses. Because of this, he's often hit on by overly aggressive Alphas. Iwaizumi, an Alpha and street rat, saves him from one of these encounters by beating the hell out of another Alpha. Oikawa is star struck and Iwaizumi is quick to court him. They spend Oikawa's heat together and Oikawa becomes pregnant after mating.

Oikawa meets Iwaizumi while on a ‘date’ with an alpha that wants to court him. The alpha is rude, aggressive, and forces Oikawa into a small alleyway. Oikawa is demanding the alpha to leave him alone, but she won’t listen, forcing Oikawa into submission and making him curl in on himself. Another alpha comes out of nowhere, pushing the alpha away with a snarl, saying ‘you should listen to an omega who asks you to stop. Some noble you are.’ The alpha storms away, finding that fighting a street rat isn’t worth her time.

Oikawa thanks the alpha, who introduces himself as Iwaizumi. After introducing himself, Oikawa tells Owaizumi that he needs to come with him, that Iwaizumi deserves a reward. Oikawa brings iwa to meet his parents, who approve of the alpha for saving their son. Iwaizumi gains their favour, and gets permission to court Oikawa. Once they marry and spend Oikawa’s first heat together, the omega falls pregnant.

Iwa and Oikawa have twins, one boy and one girl.

So, @endearing-claire asked me to turn the whole “Owen being a total klutz when he sees Claire for the first time because she’s so gorgeous” idea into a prompt, and I decided - why not? It was fun and I hope you guys will like it :) 

As far as perfect jobs went, training honest to god Velociraptors in the most talked-about park in the world was pretty much at the top of Owen’s list. Or, at least, he hoped it would work out that way, seeing as how the raptors hadn’t hatched yet, and his general idea of what exactly he’d signed up for was quite vague.

“Wow,” Barry whistled quietly under his breath when the two of them stepped into the administrative building of the park.

It was all chrome and glass and people in actual suits. Since his arrival at the park a week ago, the only person in a suit Owen saw was Simon Masrani, and the high concentration of those in one place was starting to give him a headache.

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hey ross hope ur doing well! just wanted to drop in to say that a) tyler's hair is getting long enough 2 be pulled and you know he loves that shit and b) josh would definitely look so gorgeous after he cums, just glowing and sweaty and his eyes so happy and fuzzy and he's just smiling big and kissing everywhere. anyway! hope ur doing great luv u ross

ohmy god ty LOVES havin his hair yanked whnever hes suckin dick or eatin pussy or ridin dick or someones face jus bein pulled n manhandled wit it !! n josh is SUCH AN ANGEL whn he cums whole body relaxing eyes squinting shut jaw droppin tremblin like a leaf