he's so good to his fans <3

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I am loving all the tea you are spilling today. It feels like there are very few people defending Colin from the haters (both c!sers and s!qers). It's tragic that a fictional couple is more important than actual people. It's fiction, it could be whatever and however you want it to be. And here's hoping that when ouat is finished Colin will be free of this toxic shit.

I will always be ready and willing to defend Colin, because he’s a sweetheart and he deserves fans who appreciate his great qualities and respect him as a human being. I love that guy so much. He makes me smile with his adorable and his silly and his him. I just want nothing but good things for him. I mean, celebs will always have haters, but I hope he knows those are just crazy people and his fans still adore him and stand behind him <3

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KIM NAMJOON (RAP MONSTER) THE LEADER OF BTS. I have so much respect for him not just as a leader but also as an underground rapper. With him being able to speak English, he has helped the boys so much and should receive the father of the year award (I’m being so serious) gifs are not mine.

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He may look like a hardcore rapper on the outside, but HE IS THE FLUFFIEST PERSON EVER WITH SUCH A BIG HEART. He may not be good at dancing but man this guy can take over the stage, he was born to lead bts. The songs we know today are because of him (and also the other members, wait till I make theirs) You are one of a kind Kim Namjoon <3

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HIS DEEP VOICE, MAN I’D LET THIS MAN TALK ME TO SLEEP. His voice is the most recognizable voice for newer fans (understandable). It’s like smooth honey honestly.

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He has always been an inspiration to the boys and he continues to be. With being the most fearless, engaging, bright, and selfless leader he can be, Namjoon, you were born to be the leader of BTS and I hope you have bright days ahead of you. Thank you for being with us for more than 4 years (as BTS and an underground rapper) Army loves you <3. (Add more if you want)

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can you possibly do nct reacting to their s/o being in an underrated group (ex. topp dogg, berry good) i don't know why i came up with this idea but i think it's pretty cool

i hope this is alright anon i havent done one of these in a while so im a little rusty but here she is smooch smooch <3

here we see a wild taeil preparing to fight any bitch that smack talks ur group or dares call you untalented 

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is your BIGGEST FAN BIH he has every album every single and every voice message youve ever sent him 

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tries his best to be backstage supporting you whenever he can, watches the entire show staring at you in awe thinking about how you deserve the whole damn universe  

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loves and supports you, also roasts you about it occasionally but knows when to stop (also makes sure you know hes joking and that he thinks you and your group deserve the world)

will not hesitate to fight those who call you untalented or undeserving

to fans: “yall know (insert group name here)? ya me neither lmao,, but really go get their new album its the best and also not optional”  

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such a supportive boyfriend can you imagine him boppin along to ur songs and telling fans how great your group is bless his heart 

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*jaehyun showing the members a video of your group* “yall look at them GO look at my beautiful girlfriend who deserves the world and everything in it GO”

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*watching your comeback performance and thinking about how much love you deserve*

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always speaks about you in interviews and urges people to support you because he sees how hard you work and knows you deserve the WORLD bih

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*watching you on stage at your first award show and thinking about how hard youve worked for this and being emo as shit*

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Hi B, have a nice day! Can you rec the first fic that comes to your mind right now?

If I Had Three Wishes (They’d All Be For You) by @phd-mama because I still have to read it and it looks so good and I’m a big fan of this author <3 ! : When Harry Styles sets off for Provincetown, MA from his tiny hometown of Kerkhoven, MN, he’s facing an uncertain future. He’s always planned to leave, just…not like this. When he meets a gorgeous cabaret performer on his first night in P-town, little does he know how his life is about to change, or how much he has yet to learn. When they become more than just friends, Louis makes it clear he’s not looking for anything serious, but at least, Harry consoles himself, they’ll always be friends. Over one extraordinary summer, Harry learns to navigate life on his own through a journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening. But when Harry’s past tragically reappears in his life, will his friendship with Louis be able to hold on?  (66k, E)

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Eeeeyyyyyy go you for doing a headcanon blog! I hope it flourishes. :) I've got an OC x Predaking pairing in a fan fiction I'm writing... you mind tossin' me some headcanon ideas on how Preds would treat his S/O?

thank you so much <3!! of course!! i hope this works for you :) good luck with your fanfic, i’m sure it’s gonna be fantastic!!

Predaking ( TFP )

  • First off, once you’re establishedly together, he’s very protective. He tries to keep you around him at all times. Which, of course he can’t do… but he tries. He knows how dangerous these Decepticons are. He doesn’t want you to be hurt. You definitely have to reassure him you can take care of yourself.
  • Now, seeing as he’s very old… I think he’d be very traditional. Courting and all (like it calling it courting). Predking finds the most beautiful flowers for you and picks a whole large bouquet for you. Not only that, he ends up finding random things to give you!
  • Even funnier, he finds random lost human artifacts to give you.
  • You realize what he’s doing and you have to laugh and softly tell him that none of this is necessary!
  • What do you mean? I must get all but the best for you. My courting must be worth your time.
  • Predaking, you’re worth my time already.” 
  • After that he is extremely happy to be with you. Though, he’s very private with his relationships. Predking wants to keep your affections private. Not for shame or fear… just, it feels right!
  • So in private, you’re likely to be found cuddling up to him in his beast mode. He loves when you stroke his snout or just… stroke him anywhere! He even purrs like a cat.
  • You can sleep next to him knowing you’ll be protected and warm!

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I feel cleansed and blessed. Finn looks incredible. It looks like there will be a good amount of Leia. OMG ROSE!!! AND POE!!!! And I am loving Luke and Rey. I'm still unsure about BDT's character. It looked like he was wearing a crown like Jughead Jones in one part. :/ But all in all I am FINALLY excited for TLJ! (PS I've missed you! <3)

And Finn got his own poster, too!!! This is a really great day to be a fan, I think. ;; I’m so hyped for December, especially now that we got all this content today!

(I missed you, too. <3) 

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Hi Are you still doing matchups? If yes, I'm a 5"8 genderfluid with wild dyed white hair. I love astronomy, art, music, singing, and have a HUGE sweetooth! I have a thousand hoodies, good loyalty, protective as hell, and queen of Puns!

I match you with Underswap Papyrus <3

One look at your hair and Stretch is instantly on cloud 9; your hair, quite frankly, reminds him of a floofy cloud. Like his brother, he has a fixation on petting soft things (such as hair), so I hope you don’t mind his petting needs!

Stretch is a fan of constellations, so he can relate. He’ll make it a point to take you on more outdoorsy-themed dates at night so the two of you can stargaze together, and don’t be surprised if a few astronomy books start to pop up in your drawers. And even though Stretch lacks in majority of artsy related activities, he’s got decent tastes in music and enjoys observing your little musical sessions. Plus if you’re lucky (or you put on some George Michael tunes), you may be able to strike a dance or two with this awkward tol.

“does my sugar need a little sugar?” Oh yeah, Stretch has the freaking hookup when it comes to your sweet-tooth needs. He has mini candy stashes hidden all around the house, but his main corporation lies in a hidden compartment underneath his mattress. The little shit’s sugar needs will NEVER be satiated. Oh, and you have a hoodie collection? “cool cool..” LET HIM TRY THEM ON, PLEASE. He’s been wearing the same shit for years so please, for your sake and all of ours, let him try at least one of them on. 

So you’re protective too, huh? That’s pretty damn convenient ‘cause Stretch is as well. He also has the loyalty of a hecking police dog, so no worries mate. He doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. 

AND YOU LIKE PUNS?!? Well damn… “you’re the pun queen? well then consider me your king, honeybun~”


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why is he like this oh my god

Because someone at Marvel said ‘we need a character that looks the part of the villain at rare moments while often times his looks matches the ability to become so.“ Fabian heard “we need a character that looks like a villainous god to whom all looks up to and tries to be but falls short.”


Fun fact, it has been a fan theory for a LONG time that Fabian was actually created as an insult towards Fabian Niceiza. He was created by Chris Claremont, who had openly admitted to basing characters on people he knew, and who often even gave them the same names, and Claremont is rumored to have NOT had a good relationship with Fabian Niceiza…and when he created Fabian just as he was quitting Marvel, and thus would have found out his underling Fabian Niceiza would be replacing him…and oddly enough the story he writes is about poor noble Magneto being betayed and usurped and replaced by a little bastard upstart also named Fabian…

I’m just saying, things start adding up once you learn about this rumor.

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Hi i just finished chapter 22 of your sidon's epic pining adventure fic (huge fan, omfg), and I was just wondering what tune from the game specifically you had in mind for the "Prince Sidon" piece link composed?

oh goodness thank you so much!! <3 

And of course! So…personally, I headcanon that all of the music you hear in game are of Link’s composition later in life/the music that he hears in his head and wants to write down later once his fight with Ganon is over. So the music that they play (once Link shows Sidon how to play the piano melody of course~) is the theme music you hear for Sidon in game. 

Here’s a link to it as well! 

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hey!!! for the ask thing: 16 and 43? <3 <3 <3

16. Would you get a tattoo?

I actually have planned for several years to get multiple! I keep a list and let them wait a few years to be sure I really want them. I’m planning to get one this year. 

43. Who inspires you?

Oh, jeez, that’s a hard question… People who are generally nice and good-hearted. Mainly Hugh Jackman. He strives to be happy in life, hosts charity events, and is vastly multi-talented. He’s always willing to learn new things and he’s very gracious and friendly to his fans, and generally doesn’t host meet-and-greets so fans can meet him for free.

Thank you for the asks, lovely!! Have a wonderful day <3

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that wonwoo long distance scenario was so good anD WHEN JAE POPPED UP I MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE SCREAMED


JAE POPPING UP WAS ACCURATE HE CAME OUT OF NOWHERE AND WROTE HIMSELF INTO THE STORY HAHA but okay seriously I’ve only recently started listening to Day6 because Scooped is a huge fan (if you don’t mind me exposing you beb <3), and one late-night stalking session on his Bottomless-Pit-Of-Sass aka his Twitter (ft Dwight Schrute) made me so inspired I HAD TO WRITE HIM IN. I’M GLAD YOU LIKE IT!

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