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Nucksal for Kia Motors - “Yes I Am” MV (ft. his child Woochan)

Rose (Vampire!Jimin)

Plot: Meeting vampire!Jimin

Word Count: 921

A/N: so I’m thinking about making this a series???? I’m thinking maybe some lowkey Beauty and the Beast vibes, some good old fashioned vampire romance bc vampires were the actual reason I even got into reading and then writing, one of the first things I wrote was about vampires, I’ve done entire stories on them, I’ve written 600+ pages in one of them so vampires, for me, are pretty nostalgic so the link for this is vampire!Jimin (here)

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Vampires weren’t as terrifying as you’d expected them to be. You had gone into the castle expecting blood to drip from their mouths and sharp fangs, soulless eyes and cold words. But instead, you met the son of the “king,” a gentle soul with more compassion in his little finger than a lot of humans you knew. He enjoyed the little things in life, things you would overlook in a heartbeat. The way music could transport you, the way some friendships truly could last a lifetimes, several in his case.

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u know in most cases im really glad jason wears his helmet bc most artists draw him either looking really old or just. super badly. BUT every now and then he would get a good artist with a GORGEOUS art style and i just know.. i know it in my heart.. that he looks beautiful.. but.. that goddamn helmet… artblocks me… and its SO unfair… @ good artists show me my boy w/o helmet… i want to see those baby blues..

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What about Obi-Wan having to shave his face for whatever reason and the Council suddenly remembering just how young he is??

“I apologize for my tardiness, I ran into a group of Archivists and-” Obi-Wan continued talking even as the doors shut behind him, making his way towards his chair, absently noticing the rest of the council were rather quiet.

He settled down and looked around, blinking back when he noticed everyone was looking at him oddly.

“I…is something wrong? Did I miss something important?”

“No. No.” Mace seemed to shake himself out of whatever it was and got the meeting rolling. Though Obi-Wan noticed throughout it that everyone except Yoda kept stealing glances at him, the old troll just looked wholly amused.

It came to a point where Depa was outright staring at him for a full minute when Obi-Wan finally had enough. “Okay, WHAT is wrong? Do I have something on my face?” He ran a hand over a smooth, clean cheek.

There was some shuffling and Yoda started sniggering. “Something there is not on your face. Forgot your age the council has.” He pointed his stick at the man, smirking. “Lack of beard makes it obvious, gone it is?”

“Oh, Ahsoka got a bit…close while sparring and…it was better to take it all and let it regrow. Wait, all the staring is because I look younger!?”

“You look like you did when you were a padawan, all you’re missing is the braid!” Depa huffed.

“…So unfair. He still looks young and hot under the beard.” Obi-Wan wasn’t sure who muttered that and he didn’t want to.

“Its not like I’m aiming to look young!”

“You are young.” Mace snorted.

“Bah, when 900 you get, ripped like me you still will be. Look good hairless and in pink you will then.”


Why is Kim Taehyung out here trying to snatch wigs and get between me and Kim Namjoon?! Like BOII DONT TEMPT ME!!! IM LOYYYAL!!!

Date with Mr Dixon.
Part 2.

Summary: You develop a relationship with Daryl.
Warnings : Swearing, fluff, smut.

You woke up bright and early excited to go hunting with Daryl. You kept thinking of the date the night before and how sweet he was and you couldn’t help but smile. You were really excited to spend some quality time alone with him. You got dressed and went downstairs for some breakfast, then you sat on the porch swing enjoying the crisp morning air. You didn’t realise you’d dosed off until you felt something hit your boot, your eyes snapped open to see an amused looking Daryl stood in front of you kicking your boot with his own.
“Hey there sleepin’ beauty.” He smirked. You hoped to God you didn’t snore or drool whilst he stood there.
“Shit, I didn’t even mean to fall asleep.” You chuckled.
“S’alright, ya ready to go?” He smiled, you nodded and stood up. You noticed Daryl seemed different today, he was more relaxed and smiling more, it really suited him.
“So today I’m gon’ teach ya some basics for trackin’, show ya some trails and shit. Gotta start off slow, don’t wanna overwhelm ya.” He explained as you left Alexandria and headed into the woods.
“I really appreciate this Daryl.” You smiled at him.
“S’nothin’. He said bashfully as he avoided your gaze.

How the fuck can someone so incredibly tough and bad ass be so shy and awkward?! You just wanted to hug him and squeeze the shit out of him. You spent a few hours in the woods, learning different sets of tracks and picking up some good techniques. You were a fast learner much to your surprise and Daryls, he felt proud of how quick you were picking it up, you seemed to be a natural. When you were done he took you to a pretty clearing near some kind of river to spend some more time with you, you both weren’t ready to head home just yet. You both sat side by side in front of the river enjoying the temporary calm and each others company. You leant your head on Daryls shoulder and after a few minutes he rested his head on yours. You loved that you didn’t have to make small talk with Daryl, you could both just enjoy each others company without having to talk alot. You must have been there a few hours before deciding to head back, on the walk back home you slipped your small hand into his large hand and laced your fingers together. He looked at you shyly and blushed slightly, making you both smile.

“I really enjoyed today Daryl, do you think we could do it again tomorrow?” You asked hopefully.
“Yeah, I’d like that.” He smiled.
When you reached Alexandria you stopped at the gate making Daryl look at you curiously. You stepped closer to him, putting your hands on his chest and reached up to press your lips to his. It was a gentle and innocent kiss but it filled you with electricity. His lips were surprisingly soft and he cupped your cheek as he kissed back. When you pulled apart you both smiled and blushed, it was like being in school all over again.

For the next month the days were the same, you’d go hunting with Daryl in the morning, sit by the river for a few hours, then you’d go back. Some nights he would come by and you’d make him dinner which was really nice. At first you were the one to initiate physical contact all the time but after the first week he would hold your hand, put his arms around you and even make the move to kiss you. Things were going pretty good but you couldn’t help but feel a little weird that he hadn’t tried to go further than kissing. There were a few times when things got a little heated when making out but he would always make excuses to not go further. You started to wonder if he wasn’t actually attracted to you and it started playing on your mind. One night after cooking dinner things got a bit heated again and he made an excuse of checking the oven wasn’t left on, you followed him into the kitchen, you needed to know what was going on.

“Daryl, you need to talk to me. Are you not attracted to me or something?” You asked sadly. He whipped his head around to you looking confused.
“Of course I am, ya beautiful y/n.” He sighed. You walked closer to him and grabbed his hand.
“Then what is it? Why won’t you go any further? Your always making excuses and avoiding it.” You said softly.
“I um…” He cleared his throat and shifted on his feet awkwardly.
“I ain’t never…” He trailed off as he went red and avoided your gaze. Your eyes went wide as the realisation hit you. Daryl Dixon is a virgin. That hot piece of ass has never got laid.
“Your kidding right?” You asked incredulously.
“Nah I ain’t.” He admitted.
“But look at you, you’re amazing! I thought you’d have girls lined up ready to jump in your bed!” You were still in shock.
“I weren’t much for socialisin’, and no one wanted anythin’ to do with me that was worth it.” He explained now looking at you.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” You asked.
“Ya kiddin’? It’s fuckin’ embarrassin’. Grown ass man and still a virgin.” He frowned. You cupped his face and stroked his cheek.
“I think its sweet. And we don’t have to do anything you don’t want.” You smiled, he turned his face and kissed your palm before putting his hands on your hips.
“I do wanna though, I really fuckin’ wanna. I just ain’t know what to do.” He admitted.
“Just go with instinct, what feels right. If you want to touch me somewhere then do it, same with kissing. Just go with the flow and what comes natural to you. You never have to feel embarrassed with me Daryl, I’d never judge you.” You explained gently.
“Yer amazin’.” He smiled as he gave your hips a squeeze.
“I try.” You smirked, making him chuckle. He grabbed your face and kissed you, before long you were making out and pushed against the kitchen counter.

“Shall we take this upstairs?” You asked breathlessly as you broke apart. Daryl just nodded and grabbed your wrist leading you upstairs. When you reached your room he shut the door and his lips were on yours again. He backed you up to the bed and when the back of your knees hit the bed you collapsed with him onto it. He started to undo your shirt and you sat up a little to take it off, he clumsily unclasped your bra and slid it off, when he looked at you his breathing hitched causing you to blush. Of course he had seen breasts before but not in real life, he thought yours were perfect and he just wanted to touch them. You could see his hesitation so gently took his hand and placed it on your breast, he looked at you and smiled and you grabbed the back of his neck to pull him in for another kiss. He palmed your breast and felt your nipples harden under his hand, he felt his pants tighten and he bit his lip. He experimentally rubbed his thumb over your nipple causing you to moan. He smirked to himself feeling good that he got you to react that way so he did it again. He shyly lowered his head and kissed your breast to see your reaction, you hummed in appreciation and it spurred him on. He gently traced his tongue around your nipple causing you to gasp, he couldn’t seem to wipe the smirk off his face by this point, he was thoroughly enjoying this and felt like he would explode without you even touching him. It was such a turn on how responsive you were to his touch. He took your nipple in his mouth and sucked on it, you moaned and arched your back, it felt amazing. You loved that he was taking his time to explore your body. You ground your hips up at him trying to get some friction and he let out a low growl as you rubbed his erection. He kept sucking and nibbling on your nipple making you moan and he loved watching you squirm.

“Feels so good.” You breathed out, causing his other hand to glide down and open your pants. He was nervous and excited all at the same time. You grabbed his hand to stop him and he looked at you questionably.
“Its a little unfair don’t you think?” You smirked, gesturing to his fully clothed body. He blushed and nodded. You sat up and slid off his vest and top, pushing him onto his back and straddling him. His breathing picked up seeing you on top of him topless. You bent down and started kissing his neck and he moaned softly at the feeling. You bit him and sucked on his neck, leaving a mark and he hissed with pleasure, he didn’t know how nice that would feel.
“You like that baby?” You purred into his ear and he roughly grabbed your hips and pushed you down to rub himself on you.
“Fuck yeah.” He moaned as you continued to bit and suck on his neck. You started getting lower and lower until you reached his pants, you undid them and gasped when you pulled them down to see he wasn’t wearing underwear. His dick was fucking impressive and it stood to attention just waiting for you to touch it. He looked at you with hooded eyes and groaned as you licked from the base to tip. You swirled your tongue around the head before taking him in your mouth fully. He couldn’t help the moan that escaped as he felt the pleasure of your mouth and he fisted your hair. His breathing was ragged and his eyes rolled to the back of his head, he had never felt pleasure like this before. You felt his dick twitch in your mouth so pulled away, you wanted to taste him but that would have to be another time as you were desperate to fuck him today. He grabbed you and rolled you onto your back smirking, he started sucking your neck as you did to him, giving you matching marks. You mewled as you felt the desperate need between your legs grow, you knew you were dripping. He pulled your pants and panties off and licked his lips at the sight of your glistening pussy. He gently rubbed you feeling the wetness and growled.

“So fuckin’ wet.” He groaned in appreciation, he looked at his now soaked fingers and sucked them clean, moaning as tasted you, you tasted better than he could have imagined.
“Can I?…” He asked, nodding to your dripping pussy. You bit your lip and nodded as he scooted down and got comfy.
He inhaled your scent and it sent a rush through his body, he gently licked you moaning as he lapped up your juices. He licked your clit and you bucked your hips at him and gasped. He smirked and did it again getting the same reaction from you and he knew he needed to pay special attention to that little bundle of nerves. He started sucking on it and your moans got louder, he had to push your hips down to keep you still as you were writhing about in pleasure.
“Fuck Daryl, I’m gonna cum.” You moaned. Daryl didn’t know much about sex but he knew from things Merle said that women can orgasm more than once so he kept going. You came undone as you gripped his hair, the wave of pleasure crashing over you making you cry out. Daryl happily licked all of your juices then crawled back up to you with a cheeky smile on his face, he was so proud of himself that he got you to cum. You kissed him long and hard and then rolled him over so you were on top. You reached over to the bedside table and grabbed a condom, opening it and sliding it onto him. You lined him up with your entrance and looked into Daryls eyes to make sure he wanted this, he thrust upwards making it clear what he wanted. You slowly sank down onto him, both moaning at the feeling. You waited for a minute to adjust but Daryl got impatient, wanting more of that wonderful feeling of your warmth around him. He gripped your hips and in one quick movement he was above you again. You smirked at him and his need for dominance even on his first time. You wrapped your legs tightly around him to push him in deeper as he thrust into you vigorously. You were both moaning and panting, letting the pleasure embrace you and you knew you wouldn’t last long.
“Ya feel so good baby.” He gasped as he leant forward to catch your lips with his own. His tongue caressed yours and he laced his fingers with your own. His breathing started to get ragged and his thrusts became erratic and you knew he was close. You started grinding up to him letting your clit brush against him adding to the pleasure.
“Fuck, Daryl!” You cried as you tipped over the edge. Your legs were trembling as the pleasure took over your body. You felt Daryl start to buck his hips and groan as he found his own release. Your walls tightening around him sent him over the edge and milked him dry as he growled. You both lay there trying to catch your breath and he rested his sweaty forehead on yours.

“I think I love ya.” He whispered as he looked into your eyes. Your heart felt like it was going to beat out of your chest as you lost yourself in his blue eyes.
“I think I love you too.” You admitted softly.
He couldn’t help but smile at you and kissed you lovingly. He never thought he would ever find love, especially after the world went to shit, but here you were with him. He felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

Calum Imagine - Soccer Player

Requested: No, feel free to do so
Word count: +2200
Pairing: Calum x reader
Resume: Calum is a soccer and want to go out with you. so you two make a deal


You walk by the corridors of your school at the end of another day, carrying your books next to your chest as if they were the most precious thing in the world; which they are. Everyone knows you as being one of those girls who even studying a lot and always taking awesome grades and your nose always in a book, you have loads of friends and everyone talks to you. Some people would say you are the nerd girl between the popular, the nerds would say you’re the popular between the nerds. But you didn’t care about that.

Your best friend, next to you, rambles on something about how she’s excited for the new cloth collection for her favourite shop, collection that will be out in 48 hours and she can’t wait to go the mall to see it. You would go, never resisting a good shop and a new collection, but you, unlike her, were not into fashion. You preferred music. Music has always filled your life and you wanted to keep like that. You best friends suddenly stops, and grabs your arm to stop you

“Oh my God” she starts, looking at you excited, her eyes wide and a big smile on her lips.

“What” you frown at her, not understanding her excitement. Sometimes she would talk to herself and then realize something and get excited like this, but she stopped talking mid-sentence to talk to you.

“Calum Hood is looking at you” she smiles, barely containing her excitement. You raise an eyebrow in confusion and when you are about to turn your head to search they corridor for someone looking at you, she stops you and turns your head toward her.

“Don’t look now, he’s looking!” she accuses you and then looks on, turning to you again. “Okay, you can look now”

You look at the corridor and search for someone looking at you, but of course no one is, except the people that you cross eyes with as they walk past you two. You hear some laughter and your head turns in that direction, soccer players gathered in a little group chatting loudly about what you suppose is the next game. You turn to your best friend again.

“Who?” she sighs annoyed

“Can you see, in between the soccer players?” she starts and you look towards them. Some of them are definitively looking at you two and when a blonde one whispers on his friend ear you turn towards your bestie once more “Calum is the tanned, brown haired one” she continues in a hushed whisper, the one she’s uses when gossiping. You take a look and see the boy she is talking about. his side profile is facing you, his strong sharp jaw framing his tanned skin “he was looking at you just a while ago.” she takes a breath and her eyes wide at you again “Oh God, I think he is talking about you now” she smiles wide and you take a second look, his brown eyes crossing yours and a smirk plays in his lips.

“Why is he looking at me?” you panic. You had never noticed a guy looking at you before so you don’t know how to act.

“You’re blushing!” she laughs. “But isn’t is obvious, he’s checking you out”

“What? Why? What do I do? Do I smile? Do I wave? What do I do?”

“Nothing” she smiles. “just ignore” you frown at her and hush that ignoring is rude, and that you are not going to do that “it makes it a challenge, you are playing hard to get” she takes your arm and restarts walking, while whispering in your ear “just don’t look at them”. You nod and keep on walking

Don’t look at them, don’t look at them, don’t look at them. You tell yourself while walking past. Once you are far away enough, you release a breath you didn’t notice you were holding. You bestie swings her arms around you in a hug

“I’ll see you tomorrow girly” she smiles already heading to cross the road


“What about Calum?”

“Oh, just keep ignoring. See ya tomorrow” she waves and crosses the road.


(The next day)

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“I may have accidentally sort of adopted five cats.” With jimon?

tw for brief mention of animal abuse + jace’s history of abuse!!!


It’s almost 6am when Jace wakes up. He stretches, yawns, and as slowly as humanly possible he drags himself to the bathroom.

He looks at the facial cleanser next to the sink and picks it up. Weighing it in his hands a few times, he sighs and puts it back down.

I can skip it just for today, he thinks, and instead reaches for his toothbrush. As he’s brushing his teeth, though, his eyes land on a photo taped to the back of the facial cleanser. He hadn’t seen it earlier because the bottle was facing the other way.

He picks up the bottle and regards the photo. It’s a portrait of his boyfriend, Simon, looking straight into the camera lens and doing finger guns while winking (or at least attempting to). At the bottom of the photo someone has scribbled the words, Skin care is important! Love your skin like I love you - every day! xo Simon

Jace chuckles to himself, and after he’s brushed his teeth he goes through the rest of his morning routine as well, with fresh decisiveness. When he’s done, he pats his face dry with his favorite soft towel and, with a final smile in the direction of the facial cleanser, he goes back to his bedroom.

Just as he’s about to get back in bed to read, he hears the apartment door slam shut, followed by a loud bang.

Uh oh, he thinks, and hurries out into the hall to see what happened.

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Your head was throbbing, despite the amount of water you’d forced down when you’d woken up, and you were pinching the bridge of your nose when you stopped short in the entryway of your living room. 

“Dean,” you said. His name came to you easily, as did the memories, blurred as they were, from the night before. Of meeting him. Of laughing with him. Of ordering one too many rounds, lost in his smile and the little touches he gave generously.

“Morning,” he said, and flashed it at you now, that same charming grin, from where he was sitting up on your couch. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to be here when you woke up. Kind of feel like I made an ass of myself last night and I was gong to sneak out.”

“No. No, you didn’t. I did–I mean…I was–”

“Hey. Let’s say we blame it on the brew and call it even,” he said. You laughed softly and nodded.

“Sounds like a plan.” 

He sat up fully now, stretching his arms out in front of him before standing. He was as tall as you remembered. And your sobering up hadn’t made him any less appealing than he’d been the night before.

“Alright,” he said. “Thanks for letting me crash. I’ll get out of your hair.”

He started for the door, but you stopped him and he turned back to you, eyebrows raised.

“Maybe we could get breakfast,” you said. “Have a conversation.” Dean considered your words and a smile, something like a smirk, endearing in its own way, crossed his face.

“I’m friggin’ starving,” he said, walking back over to you, stopping a little closer than need be so that you could nearly feel him right there in front of you. “I could do breakfast.”

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