he's so gentle and cute

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That thing Louis does at concerts where he blows a gentle kiss to fans in the crowd and wiggles his tiny fingers afterward.... he looks so dainty and flamboyant is such a beautiful sight tbh

it’s honestly so cute and pure, bonus: his lil wink 😩

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How would things turn out if Fushimi and Yata were turned into 4 year olds during their homra days together? Totsuka and Kusanagi having to act as their caretakers and struggling to get them to drink milk and eat veggies respectively(I see Fushimi picking out all the vegetables in his omurice while Yata makes faces at his milk) and seeing their differences when interacting with Mikoto with awe and fear. How will they keep up with these very different kids each with their very different needs?

Aw they would be so cute, tiny Sarumi babies being taken care of by their Homra daddies. Like Kamamoto comes back from a mission taking care of some gang that was moving in on Homra’s territory, he was supposed to be accompanying Fushimi and Yata but instead he’s got one kid on each arm. Tiny Yata is trying to squirm out of Kamamoto’s grip because he’s energetic and wants to escape while tiny Fushimi sits there quietly sucking his thumb and staring at everyone with wide scared eyes. Totsuka would be so charmed by the two kids, like he wants to take a million pictures and have the kids come and play hobbies with him. Kusanagi’s a little more cautious about it, like the kids are cute but he’s not sure about taking care of them in the bar, he can already see all the glasses that tiny Yata is going to break. Mikoto just shrugs and says it’s fine, they can handle the kids, and Kusanagi kinda sighs and notes that Mikoto’s helping too, like he’s not letting Mikoto go take a nap and dump all this on him. Mikoto walks over to take a look at the kids and Yata thinks he’s cool, like you’re so tall and you have cool hair while poor Fushimi is scared and goes to hide behind the couch.

So the Homra trio try to keep an eye on the kids for the rest of the day, tiny Yata totally latches on to tiny Fushimi and starts dragging him places and wanting to play with him. Fushimi’s a lot shyer of course and at first he tries to get Yata to leave him alone because he doesn’t know how to deal with having someone pay him all this attention. Totsuka thinks it would be good for the kids to get along and tries to play little games for them, imagine him showing them his flame butterflies as like a magic trick and they’re both amazed, Yata tries to chase them and even little Fushimi is reaching for them (since this is pre-anthill Fushimi he’s not afraid of the fire and is more enthralled by the shiny). Kusanagi tries to corral the kids for lunch, he has them both sit on stools at the bar and brings them their food. Yata’s very excited for lunch and is using his fork to make little shapes in the rice while Fushimi makes a face and probably picks at his food and refuses to eat anything. Kusanagi gives this tight smile and is like I thought this one would be a difficult one. He tries to convince Fushimi to eat a couple vegetables and Fushimi keeps refusing, it becomes a battle of wills between the two of them before Yata’s just like ‘I’ll eat them for Saruhiko!’ and thus earns Fushimi’s undying affection. Fushimi also returns the favor later when Kusanagi’s trying to convince Yata to drink some milk (maybe Kusanagi attempts the ‘it’ll make you grow big, you know?’ line and in the background Totsuka just covers his mouth to hide a laugh).

Mikoto isn’t so sure how to handle the kids and probably tries to keep out of the way but imagine him ending up being so good with them too, like he’s all gentle and awkward the way he sometimes is with Anna. Yata of course thinks Mikoto’s super cool but Yata’s also a little ball of energy and it’s hard for Mikoto to keep up, he’s trying to sleep and Yata’s just climbing all over the couch wanting to play lion tamer. Unexpectedly Mikoto and Fushimi end up getting along well, at first tiny Fushimi is totally terrified of Mikoto and keeps hiding from him. Mikoto just lets him be, figuring no point in scaring the poor kid, but at some point maybe he ends up having to take charge of Fushimi for a bit. Like Totsuka takes Fushimi and Yata out for a trip down to the store or something and Fushimi gets distracted by a line of ants marching by. When he looks up Yata and Totsuka are gone and Fushimi doesn’t know what to do, like he can’t bring himself to yell for them and he’s just sitting there looking around everywhere and getting increasingly more upset, thinking he’s been abandoned. Then Mikoto just appears from around the corner, having been contacted by a worried Totsuka (who’s probably accompanied by a crying Yata). He just holds out a hand to Fushimi and Fushimi nervously takes it, not sure what to do. Mikoto just puts a gentle hand on his head and tells him not to worry, taking him back to the bar. By the time Totsuka and Yata come back Mikoto’s asleep on the couch with Fushimi curled up beside him like a contented kitten.

Imagine cuddling with Woozi on the couch during movie nights and when he wasn’t responding to your questions, you look over to see what he is up to only to find out that he fell asleep, with his arms circled around your waist. Giggling at how cute your boyfriend is, you lean forward to place a kiss on his forehead before whispering a quiet ‘goodnight’ to him then covering yourselves with a blanket and drifting off to slumber.

This is what a blessing looks like. 


Chanyeol will protect Baekhyun from the cold with his ’gentle giant hugs




Flint + hugging ladies  ಥ‿ಥ

do u like my boy

he’s like 8-9 feet tall and his arms are long
like, really long his fingers reach his fucking ankles man
but hes a sweetheart
he’s overall mute, but can basically make vocal horn honks
like honking thru his mouth
but he doesnt use that as a form of speaking, just as a reaction type of thing (like if he gets scared, he honks loudly. if he gets flustered or hurt he honks like a squeak. and to get someones attention he just makes a normal clown-horn noise. basically hes adorable and u should notice him)
he loves making friends and overall making people happy
and gets sad when he scares people off and is really sensitive so be gentle with him :(
he also loves kids and thinks theyre rly cute but doesnt wanna scare them. sOME KIDS LOVE HIM THO AND IF THEY DO HE’S PRETTY MUCH PERMANENTLY JOYFUL FOR THE REST OF THE DAy 
the top right is him w/o the mask and he’s basically my nightmares but I LOVE HIM ANYWAY AAAGHG

what a wonderful clown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we love him :’O :’O :’O

everyone thinks that bahorel- buff, smartly dressed bahorel- works as like, a lumberjack or something. Like, he’s always well dressed but he’s also built like a brick shithouse so people assume that he does really hard, back breaking work, right??

it turns out he’s a vet and he specialises in kittens and puppies and animals that are smaller than his hand and the first Ami to see him almost goddamn fainted when they saw him working bc its so!!!! cute!!! he’s so soft and gentle with them and he genuinely cares!!!!! This big towering man and all these tiny animals that love and trust him bc he’s so good and caring with them!!!!

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embraces her gently.

                THE GESTURE COMPLETELY THROWS HER OFF GUARD, but she suspects that it was his intention all along. she’d been waiting for him to come out to the store front upon her entry, assuming that he was most likely busy with a project in the back. (and she is patient to wait– she is here to see him, after all.) yet, she’s almost sure that he knew she was there, because the first thing she feels is his arms as they pull her close to him, wrapping around her. it’s much closer than she’s used to when she’s with him, as evident of the soft gasp that leaves her lips. he is gentle with her, however, and a tinge of pink graces fair skin. after a moment or two does she finally reach her arms around him, holding him as well. her frame relaxes, her face burying itself in the crook of his neck, basking in the moment. 
                   ❝ Uta.. ❞ she murmurs, but she says no more as her arms give his torso a gentle squeeze, and she, too, embraces him.