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When something goes missing, you can always recreate it by the hole it left. I know her name was Clara. I know we travelled together. I know that there was an Ice Warrior on a submarine and a mummy on the Orient Express. I know we sat together in the Cloisters and she told me something very important, but I have no idea what she said. Or what she looked like. Or how she talked. Or laughed. There’s nothing there. Just nothing. There’s one thing I know about her. Just one thing. If I met her again, I would absolutely know. 

Lords’ reactions to MC’s pregnancy announcement
  • Nobunaga is proud of her, proud of himself, proud of the tiny little foetus they made together, SO PROUD HE CAN’T CONTAIN IT. He gathers the retainers and makes them party until dawn. Katsuie is in tears because he’s so happy (and incredibly drunk). Nobu sneaks out early with her because she needs to rest and he is going to make sure she gets ALL the rest.
  • Mitsuhide is stunned but so excited. His dream of having ten children is finally getting underway! He kisses her tummy and her lips and her forehead and her nose and her cheeks, he can’t stop, he just wants to shower her with love and affection. He’s so thankful that she’s in his life and in love with him and bearing his baby.
  • Yukimura is terrified. Women die in childbirth, what if that happens to her!? He tries to put on a strong face but he is so freaked out. He wants her on bed rest immediately, wants to carry her if she looks even the tiniest bit tired (actually, even if she doesn’t), goes to the medicinal shop in town and asks the herbalist for advice on how to take care of pregnant women. He is going to do his absolute best to make sure that nothing bad happens to her or their baby.
  • Saizo is… conflicted. But he sees how worried she is about how he’s going to react, and he just can’t have that. He puts an arm around her shoulder and kisses her hair and tells her you’re going to have to start making dango in bigger portions because he’s not going to share, not even with his own child.
  • Masamune is happy, but a little apprehensive. His relationship with his family is complicated, to say the least, and he’s a teeny bit worried about whether he can be a good father. Low-key hoping for a girl so that things won’t get worse with Yoshihime and Kojirou. Kisses her cheek and pulls her in close, rests his hand on her stomach, starts daydreaming about their future and tells her about it.
  • Kojuro is very pleased and satisfied. He’s always liked children and he feels like he practically raised Masamune and Shigezane, so he’s 100% ready for his own kids. Things might not always go smoothly, but they’ll be together and they’ll face their troubles together. He is so ready. They cuddle (he’s totally not tearing up at all), he can’t stop stroking her hair and kissing the top of her head. They start making plans for their new nursery.
  • Hideyoshi is ultra hyped! Puts a hand on her cheek and they just smile at each other for a moment before kissing. And then he wants to go and tell everybody the good news. They walk around the castle hand in hand and he’s grinning and everybody’s congratulating them and it’s perfect.
  • Inuchiyo is speechless. Like… really? Are you sure? It takes a couple of moments to sink in, but when it does, the smile on his face is the biggest ever. He grabs her, lifts her, and hugs her really hard before nearly dropping her because DID HE JUST SQUISH THE BUN IN THE OVEN? No, Inuchiyo. No. He wants to go and shout it from the rooftops, he’s so overjoyed that they’re starting this new stage of their lives together.
  • Ieyasu stares at her, eyes wide. Well… I guess even someone like you can catch me by surprise sometimes. She laughs and launches herself at him, he catches her and she wraps her arms around him. He’s a little worried that he won’t know how to be a good father, but he can’t brood about it when she’s smiling at him like that, her face mere inches from his own. He silently vows to give his child a life far better than his.
  • Mitsunari walks out. When she gets to the door and looks up and down the corridor, he’s nowhere to be seen. She fumes and frets and has driven herself into a frenzy when he finally reappears an hour later. These are books about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. We are going to read every one of them cover to cover. She grabs the nearest one and throws it at his head.
  • Shingen grins in satisfaction because that’s what he’s been gunning for all along. He pulls her close and kisses her, like hell yeah that’s my woman, always giving me exactly what I need. The Takeda clan celebrates late into the night. Kansuke brews a herbal tonic for her and pointedly says that he hopes she will be a better patient than her husband. Shingen roars with laughter.
  • Kenshin is really excited and immediately starts planning for the baby. The furniture, the clothes, the toys, babies need so many things! And he is going to find the most perfect things. Many, many perfect things. They hug, but before he can suggest they go out shopping, she says that they should tell everyone the good news! Especially Kanetsugu, he’ll be so happy for them!


  • ALL ACCORDING TO KEIKAKU. Nobuyuki smiles.

1 year ago today Avi picked me for Misbehavin and I’m still crying about it. I don’t know what my favorite part of this video is. Me screaming in Avi’s face, the fact that he doesn’t seem to mind that I’m screaming in his face or how he says “Oh this is going to be tough” and then literally walks right up to me without looking at anybody else

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On manga acwnr, Hanji talked with Levi, Isabel and Farlan, but on OVA that talk is removed without mercy. What you think was the cause for a lot of Hanji development be removed in animate version?

Okay, first of all, this is a really good question, i love it. In fact, i have given this a lot of thought so this is gonna be a long answer.

In regards to ACWNR, they actually removed a lot of stuff from the manga. The first time i watched the animated version, i was kinda pissed off by it. They changed Erwin’s speech and their conversation BEFORE  the expedition (don’t even get me started on that…), the way Levi rescued Isabel from the streets, the lovely insult that Levi said to Flagon, even the chasing scene! Or The moment where Levi throws Erwin off his horse, that’s just epic. They changed so many details. I understand that some things need to be removed in order to fit and to make it more appealing to the viewer and i’d love to hear the thoughts of Isayama on the matter.  It seems to me, that they tried to just focus on Levi and leave other character’s development aside; because of it, we don’t get to hear, for example, Farlan’s impression over Hanji “doesn’t seem like the type who particularly cares what other think”, that wasn’t related to Levi directly so they probably consider it wasn’t crucial to the plot.

But when it comes to the scene with Hanji you’re referring to and the anime overall (these not only apply to Kui Naki Sentaku) i have some extra thoughts:

1)Manga Hanji and anime Hanji have differences and it’s undeniable. The animators tried to make them more like “the crazy scientist”, because this is a very common type of character in anime and, also,  this made the veterans’ trio personalities’ really contrast with each other, specially Levi/Hanji and that’s fun to watch, it brings dynamism to the plot. Manga!Hanji is a little bit more serious, intense and just full of badassery. So instead of her having a normal conversation with Levi and his friends, the animators changed it to her blushing and being just really excited about Levi’s skills, and that kinda crazy attitude (i do like the blushing part lol the Levihan feels take the best of me. I think one of the reasons they changed this scene is directly linked to the way the animators themselves portray Hanji. I really hope that in Season 2 we get to see the anime!Hanji more similar to the manga one, and by the looks of the teaser (the one with Nick) we might get it . YAY. Hanji is an amazing character and i feel that the anime version doesn’t really make them justice. 

2) I also believe the anime version tries harder to make Levi look badass, more arrogant and distant than he actually is in the manga version. So that’s also why we just get this Levi practicing in the distance while Hanji is just watching, they didn’t show Levi’s  vulnerable face when Hanji approaches him and his introvert attitude of “i don’t know how to handle this energetic person”.

I mean, look at him! He even apologizes! 

I believe Levi is just this regular really hot dude who has like bad social skills and that just happens to be really strong …. but that idea isn’t appealing for a broader audience. The animators maybe didn’t feel like this particular scene fits the kind of character they want to show the viewer, when it comes to both Levi and Hanji. A really tough guy and a crazy chick are more “anime-like”, “shonen-like”,  maybe this could seem like a really bad explanation, but this isn’t the first anime where this happens. I’ve been reading manga my whole life and i’ve seen so many characters have details altered. I’m not saying i don’t like the anime version of SnK, i LOVE IT, i could watch it forever, but i think the manga version is more realistic. Isayama has created characters who seem like they’re actually real people, with their quirks and their sorrows and that’s a great virtue not all story-tellers have so i don’t expect the animators to get it absolutely right.

3) Now i’m gonna dial down the seriousness and say… damn, that conversation was a real good Levihan moment and i don’t mean it just in a romantic kind of way, it can be also in a friendship kind of way. Hanji approached this thug, whose only reason for being there is he’s just so freaking strong and, on top of it, he has hell of an attitude and HANJI DOESN’T CARE AT ALL. Nobody wants to talk to them and SHE GIVES ISABEL CANDY! Maybe Levi was  touched by that, to finally have someone who doesn’t look at him like a threat. She even asks him to share his tricks. This was the moment when their appreciation for each other as comrades, or friends or whatever you want to believe, started. And that’s simply beautiful. It sucks we didn’t get to watch it animated.

  I could talk about this forever so i probably should stop now lmfao thank you so much for the ask! I really enjoyed answering it and i would love to hear your own opinions on the matter. 

My favorite thing about the Littlefinger/Jon scene is that it absolutely does not matter whether Jon and Sansa share a sibling bond or a romantic bond. The point is Littlefinger did not expect this relationship to be so freaking strong that he wouldn’t be able to move them as his pawns. His situation reminds me of his time with Catelyn Stark in 2x04. “Cat I have loved you since I was a boy. It seems to me fate has given us this chance to…” and she pulled a knife on him and asked him if he had lost his mind. She told him to get out when she cried over Ned’s bones. In that scene you can point out the moment where Littlefinger realized he would never have her, her love for Ned was too strong for him to tamper with. So he changed his method. I feel Littlefinger realized something similar in 7x02! Let’s see what his next move is.

Holy hell, this chapter was badass!!!!!!!!

Man I love Kirishima so much!!!! Even though he was chasing this villain he was still pissed off at him for abandoning his friends.

He’s the type of person who can relate to villain easily and even start up conversations with them. Look at how nice and caring he is to a villain who just freaking shot somebody! I’m pretty sure if he had it in his power to stop this guy from getting arrested or something, he would.

It’s only his first day, and he already has the reflexes of pro… he’s just too pure for my soul XD

I love this boy XD!

what is with this boy and skulls? 

LONG LIVE THE BAKUKIRIKAMI x sero BROSHIP!!!!!!!! I love their friendship so much!!!! Plus when Kaminari was talking about charging  Kirishima’s phone… was  he using his quirk to charge it or something?

If anyone ever gives me shit about Bakugou being an ass… I will murder them He’s had such an awesome character development and that is why he’ll forever be one of my favorite shounen characters ever! This is something you would never even imagine he’d do in the early chapters and now he’s grown so much to the extent that he’s encouraging his friends now, and he basically indirectly told Kirishima that he was as strong as hell, and I freaking love so much right now Kacchan!!! He is the best tsundere I’ve ever seen and Horikoshi made him look so pretty in this chapter and I’m just… AHHHHHH!!! I love him so much!!!!!

And Kirishima…. how dare you belittle yourself?! Heck, I’ve always thought that he was one of the strongest people in the class ever since they explained his quirk in the beginning of the manga. Does he not know how awesome having a somewhat invincible armor as quirk is?! The fact that he looks down on himself despite being so cheerful/positive all the time, and the fact that he thinks he’s not worthy ti stand by his classmates’ side is just so heartwarming (tbh, I can’t even explain what kind of feeling it gives me). Kirishima is just a perfect cinnamon roll.

So I’m gonna go ahead and guess that Horikoshi got the idea about the quirk-boosting drugs from the Illegals spinoff…

but I guess there’s nothing wrong with getting ideas from your own spinoff manga right?

and just when I thought Kirishima couldn’t get any more badass. This is actually kind of funny because he’s actually one of the first people besides Izuku to fight a villain (even though he’s not that strong) one on one. sure there was the Stain fight, but Shouto, Iida, and Izuku fought as a team. During the training camp arc Shouto and Bakugou fought together and Uraraka and Tsuyu fought together as a team too, and then there was USJ where everyone fought as teams…so yeah I’m going to appreciate the fact that KIRISHIMA WAS THE SECOND PERSON IN CLASS 1-A TO FIGHT A VILLAIN ONE ON ONE!

This.. THIS!!!! Is beyond badass!!!! I really love what Horikoshi is doing with the characters in this arc, he’s letting us see their quirks in action and that is exactly what I’ve been wanting for a long time now! Just imagine if he used this in the sports festival, or in USJ!!!!! Kirishima looks so freaking cool here! Like some kind of demon or monster and I can’t stop screaming at how badass he looks here!!!!!

This chapter was sooooooo good, hopefully after this we’ll see Shouji, Tokoyami, Kouda, Sato and Aoyama do some cool stuff too.


So I took up the fight / And the roaring in my head was like the thunder
    (more lyric/poetry edits)

BTS ((hyung line)) reaction to you biting their weak spot to get your way

Namjoon :

He would be cuddling with you while you both asked the other silly questions . You would be asking him about his life before you met him and before he become a part of BigHit Entertainment. He would give you honest answers but he would tease you when he asked a question . His questions would range from sexual to playful to serious to emotional and back to sexual . He joked with you a lot each time a sexual question came up and you became a bit flustered as you thought of the answer . He would laugh at you but he wouldn’t tease you too much . When you both decided to go sleep , you had a bit of a make out session with him which led to him burying his head against your shoulder to calm himself . You would stare at the side of his face and your body would be on fire for him after the little session . He would want to sleep since the next day you had to wake up early for a photo shoot with your company . He laid back and pulled you into him , smiling as you buried yourself in his shoulder . He was dozing off but you were wide awake . Your body throbbed , begging for attention . You were so turned on and his weak spot was right under your cheek . You contemplated whether you should just go sleep or wake him to satisfy you both . You went with the latter and turned your head into him . Since he slept shirtless , it was fairly easy to get your lips on his spot. You began nibbling right away , no teasing just straight to the point . He jolted and groaned while sighing out that you had to sleep . You replied by sucking hard at the sensitive patch of skin . He sharply inhaled then relented to your silent request . Turning over to lay on you and satisfy your wants.

JHope :

You would be playing a game of pool at Jins house . He would be losing while you led by three balls . Soon you hit the last ball into the hole . He would be playfully sulking and crying while you cheered and everyone praised your skills . When you went over to your love he was busy chalking the tip of his stick . You smiled at how concentrated he looked while doing so . When you reach him you decided to pull him towards the pool in the yard. As you took off your shorts , your bikini bottoms ((hahahaaa)) had a statement on the front . He leaned down a bit to check what it said and he hurriedly pulled your shorts back on before anyone else could see it . You had already pulled your sweater off and threw it onto a nearby chair . You went to pull your pants down but he stopped you . You laughed as he tied the ties of your shorts . Trying to prevent you from taking them off. You pouted asking him why .

“Have you read what it says?” Was his response . You laughed and turned to make sure no one was near . Since the coast was clear , you leaned up to his face and whispered ,

“Oppa , this is the only shorts I got here and I’m sure you don’t want them staring at me when we leave ,” you knew how to get him a bit jealous and the final touch was a little licking , sucking and nibbling of his lips . Hoseok had the most sensitive lips and it always gave him goosebumps when you kissed him but now he had a full on hard on because of you . He sighed and grabbed your shorts . Pushing and pulling them off . Before wrapping his arms around you and jumping into the ice cold pool . You screaming at him when you finally surfaced . But hey , at least you didn’t have to hide your ‘Eat Me’ statement bikini bottoms .

Suga :

He would be in his studio creating beats for his mixtape when you came home from work . He would briefly great you before returning to his studio. You sighed as you could predict that he hadn’t eaten and that he most probably hadn’t taken any break what so ever . You made a small fruit salad for him and took it to his studio . He thanked you by giving you and kiss and getting beck to work . You assumed he would’ve eaten the salad about a hour later so when you went back to his studio three hours after you gave him the salad to see him still busy and the fruit salad untouched , you sighed and let him be . You messaged Jin to ask if he had visited Yoongi like he said he would , his reply had you worried but you decided to be calm .

‘I was there , he didn’t eat anything I made him and he seemed really distracted so I cut my visit short but I saw him taking pain killers… he probably had a headache. ~ JinnieHyung ’

You went back to Yoongi’s studio and when you walked in he sat in his chair rubbing his temples . Sighing , he popped a few spoons of the fruit salad into his mouth before you saw him taking two more painkillers and swallowing . You frowned and paid closer attention to how he was acting. He was sitting straight ,which he never does . He had dark circles forming around his eyes. He kept rubbing against his temples and his eyes would briefly shut . You hummed and went over to his chair . You placed your hand on his which startled him, making you frown . If he didn’t notice you had been in the room something is definitely up. You tried to persuade him into eating then getting some much needed shut eye but he refused . Glancing at you before clicking away dragging and dropping and listening . You sighed and sat in his lap as he leaned back to accompany you however his eyes never left the screen. Since he had to look up now his fading hickeys were put in display. You smiled and thought to yourself ,’ This is how I will get you to listen you stubborn mochi. ’ You leaned your head against his shoulder and tilted your head so that your lips was closer to his adams apple . You placed butterfly kisses on his spot before sucking briefly , you repeated the process and when you heard his breath hitch , you nibbled on the skin . He sighed and you took note of the quietness in the room . You heard no clicking and you also noticed hoe relaxed he became . With one last bite you pulled away . His eyes shot open and he saw you sitting there with the fruit salad in hand . He sighed but made and 'aaah’ sound when he opened his mouth . You giggled and fed him before dragging him off to bed .


You noticed how Jin had been up late as of recently . You didn’t know why but he would always be on his phone or he would be speaking to one of the band members. You sighed a lot since he would usually be the one to hold you at night . Lately he would drape his arm around you but then apologise before getting up to speak on his phone . This had been going on for about three weeks now . Almost a month and you felt as if you and him had no time together anymore . So you decided to text Joon hyung to ask about Jin . Well the text turned into a phone call.

'Joonie I miss youuuu!’

'Miss you too y/n , did you call to say you missed me or for something else ’

'Actually hyung I wanted to ask about Jinnie? Do you know why he has been so busy lately?’

'Aaah yes I’m sorry I should’ve told you . PD recruited Jin as a recruits man. He has been bugging Jin for quite a while now . Even Yoongi tried to get him to lay off Jin but he is a bloody leech.’

You sighed thanking Namjoon before ending the call. You were worried about Jins health . So you made a meaty meal for him since he hadn’t been eating well. You found him in his small office , head hung between his shoulders and hands clenched tight at the edge of his work desk . You rushed over to him and immediately knew something was wrong . You called their personal doctor and he came down to Jins apartment . He informed you that Jin was dehydrated and exhausted. You sighed and felt anger begin to build up inside of you . He told you Jin needed bed rest and you thanked him . He left and Jin laid on your bed . Eyes closed but awake . You thought he was asleep so you went to the kitchen to put his food away but you had to rush back to the room when you heard a loud thump . You burst through the door to see Jin laying on the floor holding his head . You sighed and lifted him , moving him towards the bed . He resisted and pushed towards the direction of his office . He was too weak to even talk but he was too strong . At the end you got so freaking desperate to get him to rest that you latched onto his jawline sucking against his weak spot . What you didn’t expect was his knees to buckle and all his weight to come down on you. Luckily at that moment you threw him back and instead of falling onto you , he fell onto the bed . He sighed , body going lax finally relenting but pulling at your hand weakly so that you can lay with him . 'Finally,’ you thought , smiling .

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would you be able to do a thing where mc receives news of her parents dying but instead of he being upset she is happy and says good riddance because her parents were very terrible to her and just terrible people in general? how would the rfa+saeran react?

Sure thing Anon, I hope you enjoy!


·         After you got the letter in the mail, you let him read it.

·         When he was done, you attacked him in a hug and he thought you were crying

·         “It’ll be okay MC!”

·         But then you pulled back, and you were smiling and crying

·         Crying tears of joy

·         “MC… did you read the letter??”

·         “Is this one of those panic response things?”

·         You kissed his face a lot which made him go red and jumped around the apartment

·         This boy was a little scared

·         Eventually you calmed down and explained why you were so happy about it

·         “Yoosung, they were such terrible people to me. All they did was tell me I was worthless and hurt me”

·         “I’m gonna fight them”

·         “They’re dead now Yoosung”

·         “I’ll fight their corpse”

·         Yoosung”

·         After you’ve explained it, he understands why you took their deaths so lightly

·         He told you that if you changed your mind, he’d comfort you

·         But for now, he was fine with getting back to life

·         And he definitely noticed how you did things with less hesitation or fear


·         Jaehee was the one that got informed of your parent’s death

·         She sat you down and very calmly explained the situation

·         “MC I’m so sorry to tell you this, but your parents were in an accident… and they did not make it”

·         “Oh, thank god”

·         Jaehee.exe has stopped working

·         Thank… god??

·         “MC do you understand what I’m telling you?”

·         “Yep”

·         “…”

·         Thinks you’re in some form of shock at first, since she doesn’t know what to say you just kiss her head and continue with working in the café

·         She let it go for a few days, but finally decided to confront you and ask why you were so calm… and why you seemed happier after the news

·         “Jaehee, my parents were very terrible to me. They made my life a living hell, and made me want to give up on it a lot”

·         Ah.

·         She understands now, and tells you she’s happy you’re happy.

·         She’s still concerned that you might feel a little sorrow, but she doesn’t say anything.


·         It was actually a few weeks before Zen found out about your parent’s deaths.

·         He freaked out

·         “MC! You’ve been so strong, why did you hide it from me? You never have to pretend around me!”

·         Honestly, you didn’t tell him because you didn’t care, if anything you were glad they were gone.

·         You explained that they weren’t nice people, and you had felt no sadness whatsoever when you were told they had died

·         “MC… I understand you and your family didn’t see eye-to-eye, but aren’t you a little sad they’re gone?”

·         He is a firm believer in rekindling family ties if possible

·         You were a little annoyed that he suggested you should be sad to see such awful people go

·         So, you listed some terrible things they did. Kicked you out, locked you up, starved you, dehydrated you, hit you, made fun of you, screamed at you, never let you do anything, cared about nothing to do with you, never said ‘I Love You’, always said ‘I Hate You’

·         He gets it now

·         He apologises for suggesting you should be more upset

·         If you’re happy, he’s happy


·         Like Jaehee, he was the one that found out about your parent’s death

·         It took him a few hours to find the words to tell you

·         Finally, he sat you down and told you outright

·         “MC, I received a call today, and I’m sorry to say your parents passed away”

·         “Oh, okay”

·         He doesn’t hear that at first

·         “I’ve organised a session for you to meet up with the best therapi- did you just say ‘Okay’?”

·         “Yes”

·         He stares at you for a second, and you stare back, he’s waiting to see if you break into tears

·         “Jumin, are we having a staring contest?” You asked, laughing lightly

·         “I expected a different reaction”

·         Of course, he did

·         You explained that your parents weren’t supportive, or kind, or caring, or anything positive

·         “So… you won’t need the therapy sessions?”

·         “Nope, I’m fine”

·         He’s still a little sceptical, he’s heard of people being in so much shock they fool themselves into being okay.

·         But, you really are okay, he accepts that, and soon your lives are back to normal


·         He gets it

·         He knew you and your parents didn’t get along, but he thought you’d be a little down after their deaths

·         But instead you read the letter that contained the details and???

·         Threw it in the bin??

·         “Good riddance”

·         MC this is now how you react to a family member’s death

·         He asks if you’re okay, and you nod and explain that your parents were foul people that had no place in your heart

·         He understands so well, that it hurts

·         He shrugs and the both of you get on with your lives pretty quickly

·         However, he decided to add a feature to the app that cause confetti to cross the screen any time people said “Congratulations!”

·         So, everyone in the chat began to say it

·         You knew that Seven made it to congratulate you on your freedom


·         Again, this kid gets it

·         You received the news via phone call

·         And Saeran was listening in on your conversation

·         He was a little scared when he heard your parents had passed, he wasn’t good at comforting people and he’d feel terrible if you started crying

·         You scared the ever-living hell out of this poor boy when you came into the room cheering

·         “Saeran! Saeran! The best thing just happened!”

·         Have you gone m a d?

·         “Uh, what?”

·         You explained that your parents had passed in some horrific accident

·         C o n f u s e d

·         “Saeran, these people tortured me for so many years of my life, they made me feel so trapped that I couldn’t breathe, and their abuse was nothing short of physical and emotional trauma”

·         Now he’s 100% on board with celebrating this occasion

·         Gets a tub of ice cream for you two to share, and the two of you watch your favourite movies

·         He offers to take you to a junkyard and the two of you can smash things in celebration but you settle for the ice cream

Looking at JJ’s commentary on the Interrogation Scene

(I wanted to post this apart from the original ant/s post that it was attached to. I’m too proud of this work to let it sit cold on an ant/s blog to be made fun of, so I thought I’d share it with people who might appreciate it more.

Of course, if you disagree with me I am open to talking about that!! I don’t mind at all if you have a different interpretation. I just love talking about analysis, and the only way we learn more is through conversation. Unfortunately, ants don’t want a real conversation, so it’s tough…

There are a lot of accusations about it being manipulative/abusive. Actually, as an abuse survivor, I don’t identify with that interpretation at all. I don’t mind if others interpret it as such, but it’s a bit jarring to have the “abuse apologist” label thrust upon you for interpreting a fictional scene differently…

Anyway, I hope you find JJ’s words interesting, and maybe my interpretations, too? Feel free to share your thoughts!)

First, I just want to say, in regard to how one interprets a scene like the interrogation scene… it’s also important to remember that mind reading isn’t real. It doesn’t exist in the real world, so we shouldn’t be making some real world equivalent necessarily. That’s just not how fantasy worlds work. Especially fairy tales of all things.

Interpretations we bring to the table are - generally speaking - speculative or personal in nature, unless the authors/writers themselves come out and SAY, explicitly, “Yes, this is the interpretation of the scene that I intended.”

Also, interpretation and analysis are DIFFERENT things. The latter involves in depth analysis of literary themes, tropes, etc. that can be directly sourced to other well-known materials (for example, Hades and Persephone or Beauty and the Beast) and are commonly repeated throughout time in stories - used in intentional ways to convey a certain symbolic meaning or something (articulate, I am), whereas the former is more speculative. Speculation is fine! But that’s what it is - speculation. It can be challenged, debated, and shouldn’t necessarily be imposed on other members of the audience, unless we can clearly parse things out through analysis or the author’s own comments.

At least, that’s my feeling on it?


Let’s look at what JJ actually says about the interrogation scene, then, in his commentary. You know. The evidence that we have from the guy that wrote and directed it?

“But when his mask comes off, you see Adam Driver, and he just looks like a sort of prince.”

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“But the question of why he wears the mask was answered in his insecurity. That he was involved with the Knights of Ren, which we have a whole backstory for. But the idea that he was using that mask for intimidation, that he, like many terrorists, is a coward, and he’s someone who’s hiding, who’s trying to scare you. And he knows that what you don’t see is more frightening.

One of the big arguments I hear about the this scene is that Kylo is using these intentional “interrogation tactics” to unsettle and freak out Rey - and that, specifically, taking off the mask was a way to further intimidate/unsettle her.

But that’s not what JJ is saying at all here. He is saying the opposite - that Kylo knew his mask was a way to protect himself, and yet he removed it in front of Rey anyway.  Interestingly, this was exactly how I interpreted the scene when I read it out of the novelization - a guy who is pretending to be something he isn’t, and who is slowly unraveling in front of this girl for some reason.

It’s a foolish, stupid move, and makes no sense in the context of trying to appear more intimidating or even to be manipulative as many have suggested. In fact, JJ is insinuating that Kylo has a lot of trouble hiding who he is without the mask - which is the opposite of being manipulative. Taking the mask off means he is letting down his guard down - as I have argued before myself (and suffered attempts to be shut down over) - and it is actually a sign that he isn’t thinking straight in Rey’s presence. He’s willing to be open and vulnerable in front of her -

how is that not significant to the interpretation of this scene??

It is certainly not to be overlooked, and insinuating he was in total control and masterfully manipulating her throughout this scene is shut down by JJ himself.

“He’s talking about this ocean, this island. This thing that she imagines when she’s back at home on Jakku. And this is a setup, this island is the thing that she arrives at the end of the movie. The notion being this wish fulfillment was always in her, that she always knew this inevitability. So the two of them, working together in this scene…”

So, Kylo Ren pulls out this image, and JJ starts going on about “inevitiability” and the “two of them, working together in this scene” - and then the SW databank updates that the two have “intertwined destinies” and “mysterious connections.
It’s almost as if the two of them were fated to meet on Takodana and eventually end up on this island in the future on Ahch-To together in TLJ, in order to explore this “”””mysterious connection”””” and “FIND THE FORCE” or whatever.

“And if you listen to what Gary Rydstrom and Matt Wood did for this scene, the kind of sounds of the Force power between the two of them…There’s kind of this war going on.This battle.

I just want to show this because he LITERALLY USES THE WORD WAR. War. They are at WAR. It is not an abusive “relationship” when there is no relationship yet.

The subtext people read into this - when they say it’s some allusion to sexual assault or something else just as sinister - it makes me cringe a bit. Not because you aren’t free to that interpretation - you are. But that because subtext and literal text are different things. Subtext can be interpreted a number of ways, and no interpretation necessarily trumps over another, unless the author explicitly states so, or if somewhere in the literal text it is made clear.
Here JJ is telling us these are people who are at war, but that this “seemingly vulnerable war lord” (from the novelization) is letting his guard down around her, at a time of war. He never says that Kylo Ren is being creepy or crossing lines and barriers to intentionally make Rey uncomfortable. He never says Kylo is a masterful manipulator. He certainly never hints at sexual assault.

No, sorry, but that is an interpretation (which you are free to make for your own sake), but it’s not the literal reading. The literal reading is clearly an interrogation in a universe where reading minds is a means to that end, and a it’s practice done by Light and Dark Side users alike, including our own protagonist IN THIS SCENE. Some of the most beloved “good guys” use mind tricks and mind probes to mess with people. I see no difference here, other than you are coding the male/female dynamic to automatically mean powerless woman, dominating man. However, that trope is subverted immediately, so that reading doesn’t really stand.

“Her theme starts to come in here pushing back. Not only is she not allowing him to get into her head but she gets into his. And, of course, she hits his insecurity right on the head. And not only is he completely freaked out that she is so strong with the Force, but she realises that thing that Maz Kanata talked about is strong in her too.

First of all, lol @ kylo. SHE GOT U, man. She kicked ur ass, good for Rey.

But the main reason I wanted to talk about this was because I find it interesting he brought up the Maz conversation at this moment, especially considering that Maz makes comments such as, “Rey is where she needs to be right now,” and where that is, is being captured by Kylo Ren? … and before that, directly to Rey she talks of someone who “still can” come back (most assume this is Luke - but the way the dialogue is written here seems a little tricky and misleading - does she mean Luke? Or someone else?). It’s interesting that he is bringing her up right here, as she is connecting in the Force with and through Kylo…

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Ricardo and his so meeting xanxus and his so, their so's both being delicate but sharp and fierce when provoked. Better yet if the women find some reason to manipulate their men into spending more time with them Thanks for all the hard work and Reborn day! The event was amazing~ c:

• Ricardo’s like who the fuck is this guy why does he know me should I deck him? Haha, just kidding. But wow they’re like why are our women so similar?? What are the chances?? Oh great now they’re whispering among themselves what are they planning? I don’t trust it.
• They’ll never know about how the both of them are gossiping about things their boys do and what annoys them and what they like and also are giving tips on how to trick them into spending more time with them.
• And also giving each other tips on how better to fight dickholes who are rude to them or insult them. Don’t take shit from anyone, ever! You don’t have to fight physically to win, you can destroy them with words then punch them in the jaw. So they learn a lot from each other and it’s very nice.
• Ricardo’s s/o is the one who has a bit more knowledge in just about everything and is very informative and helps out Xanxus’ s/o quite a bit. Their men are pretty similar so it helps. Though they have their differences of course, so little changes in tactics are needed.
• Xanxus is easy to manipulate because if you try to seduce him even a little bit he’ll absolutely be up for it. Like even if he’s busy he’ll drop whatever if he feels like it and no one can stop him he’s the boss. Or especially he’s always up for drinking with his s/o, so long as they aren’t a bad drunk, he really will not deal with someone who is a stupid bitch when drunk. He won’t put up with it. But just chilling and drinking is fun, especially if you want to fuck around too.
• Ricardo, on the other hand, really gets off on sparring with his s/o. Now, it’ll take some convincing in the first place cause he’s so freaking strong he knows you don’t have a chance and he doesn’t want to hurt you, but he can absolutely get persuaded and it doesn’t take as much as one would think. But though he tones down a lot when fighting his s/o, he’s really just trying to help them get better, but they always take him by surprise and is better than he expects so once he starts having fun sparring with them he just gets so turned on. He’ll fuck them right there and just hope no one walks in.
• They really are both very strong women, and they only get stronger the longer they’re dating their guy. People wouldn’t expect much from them at first glance, which is why they always try and mess with them. And immediately get destroyed by them and their sudden temper, and then their scary mafia boyfriends show up and they get even more scared. Thankfully the s/o already dealt with it so the boyfriend doesn’t actually do much to the mean guy except laugh and mock them (unless they did something really horrible then they’ll have to die)
• All around the meeting is kind of awkward. Xanxus knows about who Ricardo is, he doesn’t know them, then their girlfriends are all gossiping about who knows what and they’re both lowkey worried about what they’re talking about. But it’s cool, man. It’s a nice day. Everyone goes home better.


Never stop smiling, the world wouldn’t be a happy place without it \(^.^)/

Happy Birthday, handsome

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THIS HAS BEEN SITTING IN MY DRAFTS FOREVER I just forgot about it, sorry about that.

Namjoon is the leader of the group and people think he’s supposed to be this almost holy, perfect, flawless guy who never says anything wrong and who doesn’t make mistakes. 

But since Namjoon is only human, he makes mistakes like every single one of us.

Like when he was younger, he said (kinda?) racist stuff (don’t ask me what though, that was before my k-pop time) and people still hold that up against him even though he has clearly matured and moved on from that. And sometimes he does things, like when he accidentally posted that derpy picture of Kai from EXO on Taehyung’s birthday, and people give him hell for that.

Basically, anything he does that people find remotely offensive (even things that are LITERALLY ridiculous to be offended about, like when he hurt himself and couldn’t perform, people gave him hate for that EVEN THOUGH HE WAS ALREADY IN PAIN- but some “fans” are just crazy), he gets hate for. We all know he’s a thinker, a person who is emotional, who shares his deepest thoughts and worries with the world and I just feel terribly bad that that poor boy just can’t seem to catch a break from the haters even though he tries, he tries so hard to make everyone happy and to not disappoint people but it just never seems to be enough for some people out there

…. wow that was long. I clearly have a lot of feels for Namjoon ಥ‿ಥ please treat him with a lot of love and respect, god knows he deserves it


Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: It’s Halloween and you end up trapped in a basement with the clumsy Kim Namjoon. 

Word count: 3422

A/N: This is the fourth story from a Halloween project I’ve been working on. If you’re interested in checking out the other stories I wrote you can find them here: 

Jin - Yoongi - Hoseok - Namjoon - Jimin - Taehyung - Jungkook

From: Seokjin-hyung

1:32 AM Hey so… I know I told you you wouldn’t have to come in early to help with the party… but I think you might want to ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

From: Kim Namjoon

1:36 AM And why is that? I thought I was forbidden from touching anything ??

From: Seokjin-hyung

1:40 AM Yeah you’re really not allowed to help, just pretend to.

From Kim Namjoon

1:41 AM wtf? Then why do I have to go?

1:41 AM I managed to convince Mina to come in early as well

From Kim Namjoon

1:41 AM and…?

From Seokjin-hyung

1:42 AM Always so impatient!

1:42 AM She’s coming with _______.

1:57 AM So? I thought that’d make you happy ( ^◡^)っ

2:03 AM You owe me btw. I had to pull quite a lot of strings for her to switch schedules with Hoseok at the bar

2:05 AM I was thinking you could get me those shoes we saw the other day… you know since I’m such a great hyung

2:20 AM Hello??? Joonie? I guess you’re having fun thinking about tomorrow 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

2:21 AM I’m going to bed. Just don’t fuck this one up ok? I know you like her so don’t make a fool of yourself too much.

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Panic Attack

Anonymous asked: can you write an imagine where you’re with luke and you have a panic attack and he makes you feel better

A/N: I’m sorry if it’s not good, it’s my first piece. I tried :) you can make requests here if ya want, I write about everything and everyone :)

When you were fourteen you got stuck for two days in the subway after a huge earthquake. Since then, you’ve been suffering panic attacks and anxiety due to claustrophobia.

Lately you haven’t been getting attacks that often because you’ve met Luke and he makes you feel really calm with his kisses and sweet words. You never told him about your trauma because you don’t want him to see you as a weak person.

Hiding your phobia from Luke is easy since you never have to take the subway and you keep away from the crowds outside the boys’ shows and hotels.

Taking the elevator bothered you a lot, but you managed to remain calm for those thirty seconds, so Luke never knew about your problem.

You and Luke have to reach the thirtieth floor of your hotel, so you step into the elevator. You’re a little scared because the ride will be longer than half a minute, but you try and remain calm because you don’t want Luke to know that you’re terrified. But at the ninth floor you hear a loud clang and you start getting that terrible feeling in your stomach. Getting stuck in an elevator with Luke is the last thing you want.

“It was just a noise, this elevator is old” Luke says, noticing that you got a little scared. You nod, pushing away the terrible feeling you always get before panicking.

Five floors later the lights turn off and with a loud noise the elevator stops. You can feel your eyes grow wider and your face becoming pale. Your hands are shaking and the feeling in your stomach is back, but now it’s not just a feeling, it’s pure pain. You sit on the floor with your back on the wall, trying to breath slowly to make sure Luke doesn’t realize what’s happening.

“Ohw, don’t worry, we’ll be out soon. I’ve been stuck in an elevator before, it’s really no big deal”.

Your realize you’re crying when a tear drops on your shaky hand. You hug your knees trying to be quiet, while breathing normally becomes harder and harder as the seconds pass. Fortunately, the elevator is too dark for Luke to see something.

Your chest starts hurting and breathing becomes too hard. You need air, so you start breathing heavily, not caring about the fact that Luke will notice. Every inch of your body is shaking and you want to scream, but you can’t, so you scratch your skin with your nails.

“Hey, y/n, are you okay?”. You feel his hand on your shoulder and you hear his concerned voice, but it’s like you are completely alone.

The lights turn back on, but the elevator doesn’t start, so your start to freak out more than before.

Luke sees the terrible state you’re in. You’re crying, crawled in a ball on the elevator floor, with nail scratches all over your arms and neck. Luke looks shocked, the exact thing you didn’t want to happen.

“Oh my god, what’s happening? Tell me what’s wrong”. He grabs both of your shoulders and he makes you look in his eyes.

“Panic attack” you manage to say under your breath. He lifts you up and makes you sit on his lap, hugging you tight.

“You’ll be fine, I promise. Just breathe and you’ll be okay” he reassures you, whispering in your ear while he kisses your cheek several times.

“I can't” you cry hard, scratching again the skin on your arms until they start to bleed.

“Yes, you can. You know how to do it”

“We’ll run out of air. We’re stuck in a fucking metal box, there is no fresh air!” you yell, moving back and forth on his lap.

“We’ll be out of here before that happens. Now breathe, please”. He wipes away some of the tears on your cheeks with the sleeves of his shirt and he wraps his arms tightly around you, kissing your shoulder.

“CALL SOMEONE” you cry. Your head is dizzy and spinning because of your heavy breathing. Luke makes you sit on the floor again, taking his phone out of his pocket. While he’s on the phone with someone, you feel like you’re about to faint. You don’t realize that it’s actually happening until you hit your head on the floor and you hear Luke screaming something. He kneels beside you and starts kissing all over your face. You blink a few times and Luke makes you sit straight again, totally freaking out.

“Oh my god, y/n, I really don’t know what to do”. He looks like he’s going to cry too and you feel so bad for making him feel that scared.

You try to hold your breath, like you’ve been taught to do, but it’s too hard. Luke sees what you’re trying to do and he slowly kisses you on the lips, deepening the kiss as he sees you’re calming down. He moves away from your lips, and then he starts kissing you again. He kisses you for ten minutes straight, smiling and wiping away the tear stains on your cheeks as he breaks the last kiss.

He took your mind off of your fear of dying in a metal box, so now you’re more calm. He leans against the wall beside you, hiding his face in his hands.

“Oh my god” is all he can say. Finally, the elevator starts moving. You jump on your feet, almost falling because of your dizzy head. Luke helps you stand and as soon as the doors open you run out of the elevator to the closest window. You put your head out and you put in your lungs all the fresh air you can. Luke escorts you to your bedroom. You two lay on your bed without saying a word. Luke wraps his arms around you and you hide your teary face in his shoulder.

“You scared me so much” he whispers. You don’t know what to say, you never wanted him to know.

“I’m so sorry”.

“Does that happen often?”

“Not since I met you”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want to be the weak one”. Luke kisses you slowly, pressing his lips on yours in his sweet way. You slowly tell him when your attacks started, being a little scared that he will not want to be with a freak.

“You’re so strong” he kisses you all over your face and neck.

“I love you so much”

“I love you too”

The Personal Trainer Pt. 2

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Part 1

Warnings: Mentions of smut but no actual smut. Just a lot of fluff and childish Pietro. 

Summary: You go shopping for some new clothes for Pietro with him, and you two start to get closer and you discover a new way to get him to train for you. 

A/N: I hope you guys are liking this series so far! Enjoy this part :)

“Good job Pietro.” You tell the speedster as he practices some punches on the punching bag while you were taking notes on your tablet. It had been about two weeks into training now and although it wasn’t easy, you were slowly figuring out ways to keep him on task.

“Are you even watching?” He complains as he looks over his shoulder to find you typing away, face glued to your tablet. 

“Yes I am.” You assure him without looking up. A smirk comes across his face and he takes off his shirt. 

“What color shirt am I wearing?” He asks. 

“Blue.” You say without looking up. 

“Check again.” He smirks and winks at you. 

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