he's so freaking adorable when he's shy and nervous

When Jackson wants you to do a duet 😅 “I wasn’t readyyy” *Kevin Hart voice* he could tell I was nervous after putting me on the spot 😂 He was sweet & gave me a second to get my life together 💛👌🏽.

My soul definitely left me loll I froze up then he let me get my life back for a second & I finally started singing in the mic 😂 Then he went to go grab JB I was dead foreal 💀💀 Jackson is the real MVP for sure! So is Mark lol they were wing men when Jaebum kept being all shy he’s too freaking adorable I can’t even deal 😭😭.

I Locked eyes with Jaebum

only to have him kneel down right in front of me 💀💀💀 it was a wrap after that y'all that’s how I knew the love was real 😍😍. Love at first sight? Haha I kid (or am I 🤔)

Bambam took my phone & did his thing 😄 Seriously that whole night was a massacre 🔥 Can’t forget about this little  one Yugyeom.

I know I looked composed but I was literally dying inside 😂

I was really nervous, afterwards so mad at myself for not asking to hold his hand or something 😭😭 I did manage to look up at JB to speak & he was already looking down at me so I went “You’re my favorite” & he goes “OH, really?? 😏” MY HEART EXPLODED ❤️❤️❤️

Family Dinners

preference list here
request here! i’ll take any anon or not.

calum -
His mom adored you. She liked how you were the girl version of him. Calum would actually get jealous because his mom would always steal you away to do something with her. When it came to dinner time, his mom pulled out the baby album and showed pictures of him and Mali. “You are so freaking adorable, Cal!” You pointed towards the baby picture of him posing naked. Calum rolled his eyes and put the album away. “Is dessert done yet, mum?” He would ask so he can rush home and stop being embarrassed. 

luke -
You were actually nervous and shy to meet Luke’s family. On the drive to his parent’s house, he tried his best to calm you down and tell you soothing things such as “don’t worry, they’ll love you because i love you” “after we’re done i promise we can watch fucking dance moms” “we can make out later to r&b if you want” Luke said all of those things to make you smile. Once you got there, Luke would always be by your side to introduce you to his cousins and siblings. Later on in the evening, you weren’t as shy anymore and talked with his parents and cousins. 

michael -
Michael was excited to go to family dinners. He was already close to your parents, so going through this evening will go by in a breeze. When you got there your dad immediately screamed and hugged Michael tight. Usually, he would do that to you but this time he did it to your boyfriend. “Dad, I’m still here remember?” you would remind him because of ten minutes of talking through sports, your dad hasn’t acknowledged your presence.  Your siblings would take Michael away and make him watch little kittens on Youtube for hours until it was dinner time. 

ashton -
You would be in the middle of dinner at your parents house and Ashton was sitting down next to you. You were running low on food from your plate so you asked “daddy, can you pass the spaghetti please?” the spaghetti was in between Ashton and your dad so they both reached for the bowl. Your dad looked at Ashton curiously and confused. Ashton sunk back in his seat, his cheeks warming up and asdfghjklfuckmylifedaddyash