he's so flustered omg

how bts are in heat

whoop whoop first post by Admin C, get ready y’all we’re starting out with a bang

» Seokjin:

lmao, if I had to describe it in one sentence it would be “he looks high”. Constantly spacing out, never focused on one thing for more than five minutes, and it also takes him a while to answer questions.

» Yoongi:

grumpy as fuck man… for real, you can’t get more than a grunt out of him. Even more sarcastic than usual, and it’s not an image anymore, it’s literally how he feels and wants to act.

» Namjoon:

you can never really tell if he’s in heat or not, because his behavior doesn’t really change, but a tale tell sign he is is if he’s not wearing tight pants or form fitting shirts. He just wants to be comfortable man.

» Hoseok:

kind of sluggish, actually. It’s not like he loses motivation or anything, he just wants to either lie down and do nothing or have sex. There’s no inbetween. He just wants some relief, and if he can’t have it in the form of sexual favors, then it’s just going to be cuddles and sleep.

» Jimin:

wears a half mask everywhere he goes, constantly fumbling with the hem of his shirt, can’t keep his hands still, is a Mess™. Doesn’t want to be touched by anyone but his lover, and not even he knows why.

» Taehyung

a fucking chatterbox, you can’t get him to shut up, especially if he’s getting laid lmao. so full of energy, Yoongi and Namjoon don’t know what to do to make him sHUt uP.

» Jungkook:

he’s so flustered omg, like, he knows it’s completely normal, but he still feels like he has to hide it from the others, either in fear of their teasing or just because it’s private hyung shut up

THIS GUY. This freaking guy. He is the sweetest human being I have ever met. HE was freaking out about meeting us, he was so flustered and omg he’s adorable. He loved your messages and said he’d get through them all today ❤️ thank you for everyone who sent in letters and messages for this precious human being.

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yo, do u still do headcanons? (if not you can just ignore this ask…) i wanna request and RFA reaction to an MC with a personality a lot like the member they most hates (…i hope this makes sense) also, sorry for bothering ^^'

heyo!! not bothering at all??? also i LOVE this request a lot it’s good okay an interesting exercise too!!

also Disclaimer: i’m interpreting “hate” as more of “the person that the character gets along the least with” bc…… does Seven rly hate anyone?? before the end of his route anyway?

also literally impossible to hate yoosung??? didn’t get to write an MC that’s like him lololol


-personality like: Jumin!!
-Zen Does Not Realize that MC is so similar to Jumin for a Long Time
-like it’s not until MC and Jumin are in the same room for the first time that he’s like
-oh my god r u kidding me
-two emotionless robots that are obsessed with their pets and he’s in love with one of them??
-w h y
-mmmmm not that Zen rly thinks MC is an emotionless robot, but the similarities are too much for him to Not take notice? the thought is p unbidden
-if asked Zen would describe MC as stoic, honest to a fault, someone who loves animals, and a bit of a workaholic
-he insists they’re nOTHING like that trust fund jerk haha


-personality like: V!!
-it…….. never actually occurs to him that MC is like V?
-they’re a total sweetie, always concerned about their friends, and doing things to make them happy and feel safe
-and maybe they have some secrets but like…. everyone does? he insists
-MC is probably a lil too indulgent with Yoosung lol
-but they just want him to be happy
-and theyd go to extreme lengths to ensure his happiness
-this is starting to sound like a character role switch-up au oops


-personality like: Seven!!
-a fuckin….. meme-and-depression disaster
-just @ me next time g O D
-nah but like, Jaehee finds MC p fun but also like………. pls chill..;;;;;;
-it hits Jaehee pretty early on that MC and Seven are similar
-evidence: they can’t stop meme-ing in the chat when they’re together
-MC and Seven can team up and be an absolute Menace
-the thing is tho that when Jaehee asks them to stop MC does ‘cause boy oh boy that crush on Jaehee is very Heart Eyes Motherfucker!!!
-also their depressive episodes rly worry her aaaaaaa


-personality like: Zen!!
-likes that MC is so confident about themself? but also wow
-w o w someone that can rival Zen with their narcissism
-also omg he gets so flustered with MC bc they’re such an intense romantic holy shit
-they recite literal poetic overtures to him about how much they love him he is in deep with MC
-he’d never thought he’d be swept off his feet but this person wowowowowow
-aaaaaaa and they’re so gentle with him?? a lil flirty but so patient!!
-and they’re so so incredibly honest and sincere all the time it’s such a relief


-personality like: Jaehee!!
-at first he thinks MC is kind of a stick in the mud
-but once he gets them to talk about that thing they like/obsess over his heart is skipping beats so often oh god
-they’re so cute!!!
-MC might be serious a lot of the time and easily worried and stressed and maybe a lil intense but hooo boy
-they know what they want and can organize everything in such a way that they can get it
-and they know how to have fun even if maybe they don’t always have the time to sufficiently express that

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your header though is the best. so iconic. to say something new about that vlive you can see jungkookie getting flustered from the moment jimin started to lean in closer like he was kinda looking at jimin's neck when jimin started talking about taetae's gaming. so funny lol

honestly jungkook was flustered the minute jimin stepped into his hotel room. that boy went from “i’m gonna make him come again” to “wow, i sure do love jimin. sing lie for me, my king. i love u so much.” and he wasn’t even subtle lmao. like he was 100% fine with jm being there. but the second tae walked in (my poor son who has to third wheel) jk was like “why’s everyone coming to my room??” and it’s like. dude. at least try to be less obvious. come on. 

but omg, you’re so right. like, he got extremely flustered when jm first started to lean in. and then he was acting like a shy lil baby the whole time jimin was talking to him. and then jimin decided to do the romantic ass stare and jk tried to resist, but he had to turn and look jm in the eyes. like, wtaefaef. what. the. fuck. i will literally never shut up about that stare. okay. 

but for real. that entire vlive was absolutely iconic. i loved it. lololol. 

(gifcred to sugutie)

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Rfa/saeran/v's reactions to the mc being tol

A/N: Hiya cuties! These requests are similar so we decided to combine them, hope it’s alright!

I totally get what you mean! Everyone assumes MC is short, and it’s like???? I’m almost 6 feet??? So how would they react to me??? (゚ー゚;) ~Admin 404

Honestly, I’m not even that tall (I think i’m like 5’8 or something?) and I’m almost get offended when everyone assumes MC is short  ;~; leT MC BE TALL, VIVA LA TALL PEOPLE (imkiddingthankyouforthisrequestthough^^) ~ Admin 626


-Honestly does not mind that you’re taller than him


- secretly loves that when he hugs you, his face “accidently” ends up against your breasts

-The first time it happened he was so flustered!!

-”OH MY GOD! MC! I’m so sorry omg omg omg I didn’t mean to- I just- AAAAAA

-A little sad that you don’t put your head on his shoulder often

-’Cause craning your neck like that hURTS DUDE IM SORRY

-So, as an alternative, you let him put HIS head on YOUR shoulder

-A lil salty that he’s seen even more like a kid because of the height difference

-Also loves when he hugs you from behind and he can bury his face in between your shoulder blades, he can hide from the world back here!!!



-You must be 6 foot+ to be taller than him

-Your legs, yoUR LEGS


-T H O S E L E G S

-He knows the struggle of long legs so everything is roomy- cars, airplane seats, everything

-Also knows the struggle of fiNDING PANTS THAT ARE LONG ENOUGH admin salt

-So he has the best clothes customized to your height!

-Always reminding you to watch your head when you go certain places, and especially when you get in and out of the car

-10/10 always mindlessly drawing patterns along your legs



-Makes sure he picks the best babies to drive you around in so you aren’t uncomfortable at the lack of leg room

-If you smack your knee on a table when you try getting up, he’s immediately dropping down to kiss it

-When you hug him from behind and put your chin on his shoulder he’S DECEASED




-”How’s the weather up there?” jokes

- seriously saeyoung like i havent heard those before

-Climbs up your back all the time! “CARRY ME MC! PIGGYBACK RIDE!”


-S A L T

-He does like the leg aspect though

- its his longest yeah boi ever

-He also likes that you guys have to get bigger blankets just so it fits over you

-Which means he just gets extra blanket room!!! Yes!!

-Also likes when you two are cuddling in bed because it’s easier for him to lay his head on your chest

-Head on chest = He can hear your heartbeat = happy and relaxed Saeran

-HATES when you hold something he wants over your head

- seriously will climb up you to get whatever it is he gives no fucks

- Blushes furiously when he’s the small spoon but secretly loves it



- he’s honestly loving that you’re tall



- kissing you is so easy!!! He doesn’t have to dip his head down, he can just kiss you when he wants and he surprises you with tons of kisses <3

-S N U G G L E

- he loves that he can feel how warm you are all along his body <3


- he’s lowkey salty though???

- he doesn’t like that you’re taller than him in heels



- this little lady has a heart attack when you two first meet!!!

- Her head is barely tall enough to reach your chest??? Wtf mc

- omg she loves it though, yOU’RE SO MUCH FUN TO HUG


- tough days at the office are erased away when your arms envelope her completely and her head is against your chest

- 10/10 nothing is better than being the little spoon, but she loves pressing her face against your back when she’s the big spoon


- stifleshergiggleswheneveryourheadhitsthetopofadoorway

- shesnotsuccessfulathidinghergiggles

- as revenge, you put everything on the high shelves and you don’t take down anything for a week



- You ALWAYS call him a giraffe even though Jumin is taller than him??


- one day you make another blind joke (“Hey V, roses are reds, violets are blue, you’re fucking blind” “thanks MC”)

- he actually laughs and he goes to pat your head!

- “MC why is your head so soft???”

- “That’s my boob, V”

- W H A T

- this guy thought you were like 5’4 because you always call him giraffe???

- But you’re like actually 5’10???

- who’sthegiraffenowyouhoe

- you being tall has like 0 affect on him though? He doesn’t care if you’re short or tall, you’re cutie MC either way <3

- but you can bet your sweet ass this boy is thinking “There’s more of her for me to love!!!” because he’s such a cutie pie

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im Really into this highschool au where Gabriel straightens his (curly) hair with a straighter and so one day it breaks and gabe is forced to go to school with his natural hair and everybody is like???? Oh no he's hot (ESPECIALLY JACK)

omg he feels so flustered when jack sees him like that, he runs to amélie and begs her to lend him her hair straightener

Proposal HC's (MM Edition)

• Really nervous about it
Lots of stuttering
•Takes all night just to find the ‘right moment’
“Rika would’ve been able to tell me how to get this perfect”
•Drops ring multiple times
•Is genuinly surprised when you say yes or no
•Probably cries more than you
•Was done in some sort of scavenger hunt/ Game style

•Has been planning for weeks
• m u s t b e p e r f e c t
•Proposal sounds like a script from one of his performances
•Is surprisingly nervous, but he sure hides it well
is secretly thinking 'of course MC said yes’
•Is also fangirling like a teenage girl on the inside
•Rubs in Jumin face in the chat room later

•Worked forever on the details
Possibly asked Zen for help
•He definitely became bridesgroom(?)-zilla
•She was so flustered omg
•It was probably extra thanks zen
probably reverted back to meeting mode
•Stumbled over her words so much

•Took you to some fancy ass restaurant
It was so extra
•So much sap (for Jumin that is)
•Engagement ring flashier that Fashion Week clothes
It’s brighter than my future
•So much sex afterwards
Now who’s the cat abuser
•Nobody would look him in the eye the next time he was at C&R

•Probably something elaborate
•Goofiest speech ever
•*cough*Ringpop as engagement ring *cough*
•"I love you more than little Elly"
•"and Honey Buddha Chips"
•Tears were shed that day
God Seven indeed


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Can I please get a seventeen reaction to them going over to their S.O's house to see them and they see their S.O slow dancing to a song with their eyes. closed. Thanks ❤️

Thanks a bunch for requesting! 

Scoups: he’d walk in after a long day of practice and soft music playing somewhere in the house. After following the sound he found you slowly dancing around the room with your puppy in your arms. The sight melted his heart and he just stood there and watched you until you noticed him

Jeonghan: when he found you slow dancing around the kitchen as you baked cookies he couldn’t help but chuckle a bit before walking up and pulling your ear buds out to tell you something, but only laughs harder when he sees how embarrassed you get

Joshua: his heart would explode seeing you dance like that. He’d take the chance to sneak up to you while your eyes are closed, and soon he would have one hand around your waist and the other clasping your hand and the two of you would just slow dance all over the house. 

Jun: oh jun… i feel like he could go either way, he would either totally basic in the moment and marvel in your beauty and fall even deeper in love with you, or he would hide behind something and film you then send it to everyone in svt because wow

Hoshi: he’d get so excited seeing you like that he’d probably gasp super loud or clap his hands together excitedly, so naturally you’d stop dead in tracks, realizing you’d been caught slow dancing by yourself, but he would just smile that beautiful smile of his and join you, teaching you various steps and tricks to the dance. 

Wonwoo: honestly i feel like he would just stand there and watch you. He wouldn’t say anything until you noticed him, and even then he might not say anything. In the end you would probably ask him to join you, and of course he would, but everything would really be on your end

Woozi: omg he’d be so flustered when he walked in on you. He’d just kinda stand there not sure what to do with himself and when you noticed him you would laugh so hard, then eventually go back to whatever you were doing before you started to dance, only this time woozi would be by your side. 

Dk: Similar to Hosh, i feel like he would make a really loud noise and startle you, but he would just be so excited. He’d run up to you with such a big smile and start dancing with you, only he’d be so excited he’d start to go to fast and it would just be an amazing mess lol 

Mingyu: ah this awkward bean. He’d stumble upon you dancing after trying to figure out where such pretty music was coming from. Gyu would stand there and admire everything about you with the cutest smile, and eventually would join you because it seemed only proper that such a beautiful person should have an equally beautiful dancing partner 

The8: Just like the other guys, he would find you after trying to hunt down the source of the music. Rather than jumping in and dancing with you, he’d probably sneak into the room and sit down, leaning against the wall and just watch you dance. He’d be so content and happy in that moment omg

Seungkwan: Honestly boo would join you so fast. He’d be such an amazing dancer too, keeping the beat perfectly and holding your hand so lightly, humming along with the slow song. It would be like a slice of heaven.

Vernon: Awkward soul would walk in too see you slow dancing  by yourself and his first reaction would be to turn around and leave the room, but he would come back after he composed himself, but he would probably be too shy and awkward to just join you, so there’s like a 95% chance you’re going to have to be the one to ask him lmao

Dino: our baby dino, ah yes. He’d walk into your room to ask you a question, but would find you with your ear buds in, slow dancing with one of your stuffed animals, and his heart would practically burst. Nothing could be more beautiful than seeing the love of your life doing something as cute as that.

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Can I ask a MC wearing a sexy bunny outfit and what are the RFA+V and Saeran's reaction to this? Lmao sorry for my bad grammar >~<

Don’t worry, your grammar’s fine ^^ Thank you for the prompt~
also before I begin can I just say today marks a month since I made this blog and I hit 600 followers so thANK YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHING k now onto the stuff


  • The Beast is momentarily confused because?? he wasn’t expecting it??
  • But then he realised and confusion gONE
  • “Wow you look great holy damn
  • Highkey worshipping you and your bare legs he is wEAK for this
  • Nobody else is going to see you like this he’s going to be sure of that
  • Definitely going to remember it for a long time


  • Someone save this poor boy
  • You’re tempted to take him to the hospital because is he okay or is he dying???
  • He’s flustered af because you look so cute* omg
  • *cute isn’t the word he’s thinking but it’s the one he’s going to use
  • His face is going red and he’s just staring in complete awe 
  • Because damn he can’t handle how stunning you are 


  • If only it was a cat costume he’d have taken you then and there
  • But stILL
  • Seeing you like that is testing him
  • He just sits there admiring you for a while
  • Wearing his signature smirk too
  • He’s gonna show tell you how flawless you are
  • And how he hopes this outfit it for his eyes only
  • You know stuff’s going to go down between you two do I even need to continue


  • Again the girl is sHOOK
  • Doesn’t entirely know where to look at first
  • But has she ever told you how great you are?
  • if she hasn’t before you’re gonna hear it now
  • Words weren’t easy for her when she saw you in the first place
  • But then you gave her an innocent little hug
  • She pretty much died on the spot
  • she totally loves it even if she won’t tell you


  • “wAIT HOLD UP”
  • He runs into his room and disappears for a couple minutes
  • Before coming back out in a cat costume it’s canon he has one so
  • You have to really refrain from slapping him then and there
  • But you have to admit he looks pretty damn good in it
  • And he thinks you look pretty damn good too
  • Plus he’s a little sadistic so..
  • “You know, MC, sometimes cats attack rabbits…”
  • And he just pounces on you
  • You can decide what goes on between you two  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • Once again his face goes a little red
  • He is surprised to say the least
  • The last thing he was expecting to come home to see were legs but heLLO THERE THEY ARE
  • He doesn’t really know how to react bless him
  • He may not admit it at first but he likes it
  • It isn’t going to be forgotten any time soon


  • well he wouldn’t exactly see it so
  • If you’ve never put your hand on someone’s thigh and felt bare skin when you weren’t expecting it
  • You don’t know the surprise he got
  • He’d take a lot of pleasure in making a mental image of you with his hands though
  • And he really likes the image he’s made
BTS reaction - to you kissing them to get their attention

Jin: He would be obviously taken aback by your sudden ‘outburst’ but he would probably just smile at you and kiss you back lightly before he tells you to “give me a minute so that i can finish this up”

Originally posted by vminv

Namjoon: His eyes would go wide with how surprised he was, and he would start giggling like a little school girl. Once he gets a little better and ends his little 'outburst of giggles’, he would just sigh a little with a smile on his face and go back to work like he was before

Originally posted by kppoptrash

Yoongi: He would look hella confused at first, but when he sees your smiling face looking down at him, he would smile a really really big smile then chuckle a little while he’s setting his work  or whatever he was doing down, before looking up at you and asking you “ what do you want to do today?”

Hoseok: He would glance at you with a huge smile on his face, and then grab your waist and pull you into a huge hug while placing tiny butterfly kisses all over your body… He would probably look up at you and joke about it saying something like “If you wanted my attention just scream at me to look at you like I always do to you– *hehe*”

Originally posted by bangthebae

Jimin: Smiling ball of fluff. He would honestly find this the cutest thing but I can imagine moments like this being very important to him because he would value those little cute moments that are #relationship goals. He would probably bring you down onto his lap so that you’re facing each other while he leans forward to peck your lips extremely lightly, only to pull back with extremely red cheeks while you two just stay there for a while - joking around or just laying against each other in comfortable silence.

Originally posted by booptae

Taehyung: He would start smiling and giggling like a little school boy that got his first girlfriend lol. Once he gets himself collected he would grab your waist and pull you up so that he’s holding you up in the air and run around the house while tickling you (cause he’s just playful like that). After he gets tired, he would plump you both on the couch and ruffle your hair while saying something like “you’re too adorable Jagi…”

Originally posted by fykimtaehyung

Jungkook: He would be so flustered and surprised and kind of confused all at the same time. After you kissed him, he would turn a bright shade of red and bring his head down to look into his laps , too embarrassed that he’s so flustered about this. In his mind he would be thinking “omg omg omg …well that just happened… omg WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? does she expect me to just look at her like nothing happened? Or does she want me to like k-kiss her back??? UGHHH stop staring at me you’re making me neerrrvvouuuusss” but in reality he’s just nervously staring at his lap while twiddling with his fingers. If you tell him that you wanted his attention, he would end up saying something like “o.ooh that’s good *mentally facepalms*” because he was so caught up on what he should do that he wasn’t really paying attention to what you were saying…    

Originally posted by hugtae

// Hi— thanks so much for requesting this- it’s so cute <3 I hope you liked how I did, and sorry for taking so much time :( I’m working on scenarios now, and i’m just…not infired lolol ANYWAYS— Thanks alot , and i hope you enjoy–<3<3 //

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HI I KNOW THIS ISNT AN ASK BUT JUST AN UPDATE THAT GUY WHO LIKES ME GAVE ME A CAKE AND I WAS REALLY SURPRISEDD I told him "Hey, you didnt need to" And he was like "I know, but you see I wanted to." And I poked his shoulder and just said "Asshole." And he blushed and IM SO FLUSTERED OMG

OHMYGOD random offerings of pastries is one of the fundamentals of courtship😍 This is so cute! The most direct path to the heart is through the stomach, I firmly believe that.
Keep us updated with your beautiful blossoming love story💜💜💜