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what is the reason to ship namjin?

Okay so Yoonjin is my OTP so I shouldn’t but Namjin is my guilty pleasure so here you go

Let’s start lightly with Namjin feeding each other (also yoongi looking a little ticked off but that’s my yoonjin talking)

Now can we talk about Namjoon’s habit of holding Seokjin’s hand

Okay like that last one I really dont know what Namjoon was doing? He just came over to Seokjin while he was getting his hair done, took Seokjin’s hand, held it for a bit and then went on his way like what?

Also Namjoon has this habit of looking at Seokjin like he’s the most precious thing in the world like literally Korean namjin shippers call Namjoon a honey farmer because honey drips from his eyes when he looks at Seokjin that is how sweetly he looks at Seokjin. Seriously I think I’ll have succeeded in life if I can get a boy to look at me the way Kim Namjoon looks at Kim Seokjin.

Look how happy he is with Jin like Namjoon idk he is in so love with him i d e k


what are you guys even doing you are in public space

let’s not forget that Seokjin once called Namjoon oppa also Namjoon don’t pretend like you hate it I see that smile on your face

Was it really necessary to record in that position

Seokjin is jumping onto Namjoon’s back all the time and the thing that gets me is that Seokjin is not small? So he must weigh a decent amount but every time Seokjin jumps on him Namjoon is steady as a fucking tree like he does not sway at all under Seokjin’s weight like fuck I got my princess yo

Okay there are a lot more like there was this one fansigning where they were playing rock paper scissors and Namjoon kept winning and he flicked Seokjin like the lightest possible I’m not even sure he hit Seokjin but then Seokjin won and he hit Namjoon with a effing marker LMAO but then Namjoon won again and he held the marker like he was going to hit Seokjin with it but he put it back down and he ended up flicking Seokjin just super lightly if that’s not love idk what is

List of Important Steve/Tony Moments in Avengers Assemble - S02

2x01 The Arsenal
Tony makes a robotic friend, a would-be present from Howard that ended up absorbing gamma radiation in some random town in Russia.
There’s a scene like the one in S1 opener of Tony observing his teammates on his screens.
Steve uses the Power Gem, it looks pretty cool. He screams a lot too (if you’re into that).

2x02 Thanos Rising
Contains the team’s first clash with Thanos. Arsenal gets destroyed.
Not much Steve/Tony though.

2x03 Vallhalla Can Wait
This one has the team on a late night talk show at the beginning of the episode. Both Steve and Tony are super cute in their segments.
But this is mostly a Loki vs. Thor episode. With a pretty cool bone monster on a rampage through NY, if you like those.

2x04 Ghosts of the Past
This one has Winter Soldier zapping everyone in the Tower.
Cap is angsty about taking on a young apprentice (Sam) because of what happened to the last one. Tony offers some helpful advice (like a good husband he is).
Cute Tony/Guacamole moments.

2x05 Beneath the Surface
This episode is beloved by Clintasha fans. It has them play a couple on a cruise, in normal clothing (I’d effing kill for a Stony episode like that! js).
Some footage of Tony in his lab, trying to revive Arsenal. Later they fight giant robots on a rampage through NY.
Cap looks great in his diving gear, that’s a plus.

2x06 Nighthawk
Nighthawk turns Tony’s arc reactor into an electromagnet strong enough to attract a table, could be useful for for h/c vids.
Steve gets trapped in a bubble.
A couple of moments where Steve and Tony act like team dads, this time for Sam.

2x07 The Age of Tony Stark
This one has Tony de-aging into a child and Steve staying behind to help (and not at all because in sickness and health does cover de-agings :P)
So many cute young!Tony scenes.
Some triceratops trample Cap, interesting visually.
End scene for young!Tony where he and Steve hug and Tony finally takes the Time Stone out of his arc reactor is one of the most beautiful precious Stony moments this show has blessed us with. It really has to be seen to be believed.
In the end Tony plays with Steve’s shield and they live happily ever after.

2x08 Head to Head
This one has a well known scene in which Steve carries Tony (in Iron Man suit!) on his shoulders, while running and throwing his shield about, and Tony exclaiming that it’s impressing even to him.
Cap gets to ride Tony’s body for a day. They all switch bodies. There’s a reason people think this show’s been taking their plot ideas from fanfic lol.

2x09 The Dark Avengers
This episode has the Avengers in a flipped reality, courtesy of Squadron Supreme (if you don’t know, in short, they’re Marvel’s evil Justice League)
Tony wears a black and gold armor and looks great in it
Cap’s new identity is The Captain
This episode is famous for the scene in which Tony catches Steve as he’s falling down a building (Hyperion’s doing) and it looks a bit… A LOT gay what with Iron Man’s hands around Cap’s torso and his crotch, well, let’s not go further.
Very important episode that shows Avengers as bad supervillains because of their internal moral compass that survives even a reality flip.

2x10 Back to the Learning Hall
This one has mostly Thor, Hulk and Hawkeye being bros and defeating Loki.
Tony has one great moment though, he straps Thor’s pet bilgesnipe Bilgy to Natasha’s flying car and makes it chase a Mjolnir hologram so they can get into Asgard. Someone watched way too many Christmas movies hahah.

2x11 Downgraded
It’s mostly about Hawkeye and Falcon who end up in Vanaheim and have to find their way back to Earth without electricity.
There’s one important Steve/Tony moment, the one where Steve gallops to Tony on a horse called Snowball that, by Steve’s own words is not a pony but a stallion. (There’s a joke in there somewhere, I’m sure of it!). It can be used for all sorts of vids imo.

2x12 Widow’s Run
This one is mostly about Widow trying to hide the Infinity Gems.
There’s one moment where Tony looks angry, at the beginning, because the Gems are affecting him, and there’s also a short animation of what he’d do if he used them, it looks cool.

2x13 Thanos Triumphant
This is a team episode, Avengers vs. Thanos. Has ageing up, everyone baiting Thanos, cool robo suits, but not much Steve/Tony one on one interaction.
Ultron returns in this episode.

2x14 Crack in the System
Ultron is back and his plan is to divide the Avengers, starting with Steve and Tony.
This one has Tony with a flower necklace thing. Super cute! And he offers Steve a double cheeseburger from his glass (idk either).
Steve leaves the Avengers at the end after some harsh words are exchanged between him and Tony.
Great visuals of Steve returning the Avengers card and walking away with his back straight, to the sound of mutual heartbreak (I’m mostly joking, but then again, I’m not).
In my opinion 2x14-2x18 should be watched and rewatched and studied because, in addition to showing why Avengers work best as a team, they reveal the limits of Steve/Tony relationship and how they mutually expand those limits because THEY LIKE EACH OTHER THAT MUCH!

2x15 Avengers Disassembled
This is the episode in which the team is further divided, with Widow, Falcon and Hulk choosing Cap dad and Hawkeye and Thor choosing Tony dad.
The upside of this drama is, Steve looks hot in his Commander uniform.
Also, this is the episode where Tony replaces Cap with Spider-man. His explanation for this is that Ultron-Adaptoid doesn’t know his attacks so he can’t adapt but I think it’s obvious he wants to piss Cap off.
The team splits in the end after Tony busts up all his suits as well as the Avengers Tower.

2x16 Small Time Heroes
Ant-Man becomes a Tonyvenger. This episode is a bit gross because it has Tony’s team enter MODOK’s ear cavity and then his brain.
It also has some cool scenes of Tony being a failboat.

2x17 Secret Avengers
This one has Capvengers go to Russia. No Steve/Tony interactions, can be skipped.
At the end of this episode though, Fury wants Capvengers to arrest Tonyvengers. There’s a moment where Cap looks at a picture of Iron Man that could be useful for vidding.

2x18 The Ultron Outbreak
This one is a M U S T! So much Steve/Tony it’s like Christmas!
They save one another. They chase after one another. They bicker like old couple who missed each other way more than they’d ever admit in public which means they must DO THE OPPOSITE AND BE SALTY! Until Tony is about to risk his life once more (this time by launching himself into Sun, gosh the drama in this relationship…) and till death do them part aspect becomes too real.
Seriously, this one has everything!

2x19 The New Guy
This one has a very important scene of Steve painting one of his husband’s near untimely demises (mentioned it in S1 list, the end scene from 1x01). In the background there are pics of other Avengers, but only Tony gets 2. And one of those has him smiling with a cup of coffee in his hand. If you read even 1 Stony fanfic in your life you know the special use for that painting. :PP
Other than that this is mostly a Hawkeye/Ant-Man budding bromance episode. But there’s a potentially useful tied-to-a-tree Cap moment in it too.

2x20 Terminal Velocity
This one has a few tiny blink and miss them moments (one of them is acting like dads at Hulk this time). It’s mostly a Hulk episode.

2x21 Spectrums
The Dr. Spectrum episode. It’s known for the scene in which Tony saves Cap in a very suggestive way, he grabs Steve’s torso from behind and has them landing on a road side to side and panting. It also has hand-holding/flying just before that.
Thor, Steve and Tony face their demons. Tony admits he too makes mistakes.

2x22 Midgard Crisis
This is mostly a Thor episode. He almost becomes buddies with Zarda (Squadron Supereme’s evil Wonder Woman) which hurts Hulk’s feelings a bit, especially when they start making waves while sparring because that’s THEIR thing and how dare Thor?
It has a cute scene with a bunny on Iron Man’s head. It can be incorporated into a fairy tale vid. Something I’d like to exist very much.

2x23 Avengers’ Last Stand
This one has Steve and Tony captured while on a diving expedition. Very few scenes but they do look cool, because they’re under the sea.

2x24 Avengers Underground
Squadron become global dictators. This episode has a cool scene of Steve using Dr Spectrum’s prism to change the color of sunlight. And even though it doesn’t have much Steve/Tony one on one interactions it should be watched because episodes like this one show why Avengers are best when together.

2x25 New Frontiers
This one is known for Steve and Tony in Space, admiring Earth and space respectively.
They end up on some random planet and fight Thanos and his goons.
There are small moments of Steve and Tony touching, Tony saving Steve from space vacuum, etc.

2x26 Avengers World
This one has the final scene that looked a lot like the infamous scene in the comics Avengers where Tony made this map of Avengers and called it Avengers World but later that turned out to be a lie of sorts… So people were like “Oh, no!” Luckily nothing came of it. No Incursions for AA!verse. Phew!
Tony uses a Jaeger-like mega robot to fight Thanos (and I can’t believe the writers couldn’t find an excuse to have both Steve and Tony pilot it! What a missed opportunity!). Looks very cool anyway.
There’s a scene in which Tony offers Steve some cake from his own plate which I loved so much I giffed it myself. It looks very good and could be used with other mentioned scenes where Steve and Tony stealthily (or not) try to feed each other.

Season One   Season Two   Season Three

As always, if you think moments got omitted, feel free to send a message or reply to this post.

Look at what you've done to me

Ever since he first learned of what stars really were, Stiles has had an appreciation for them. He’s run through dozens of books on astronomy, and even managed to land a telescope for his birthday when he was ten. More than once, when things got to be too much, he’d lock himself in his room, and gaze at the stars.

Fitting, that they were to be the last thing he saw.

The sad thing is, he thinks, all of this could have been prevented if he hadn’t been so broody and gone off on his own to investigate the break in the wards. Going too far out for anyone to reach him in time was also a bad decision.

He chuckles, then grimaces as his intestines make another bid for freedom through his hands.

He looks down and mentally catalogs the damage.

Looks like the small intestines are sliced up pretty bad. Liver and colon are fine. Small comfort, that. It only meant he’d die a bit slower than he thought he would.

He lets his head fall back onto the rock he’s lying against. At least I got the fucker.

Said fucker is lying around five feet away, the corpse still smoldering from the full potency of Stiles’ magic. A last ditch effort from Stiles, after the attacker’s talisman had rendered most of Stiles’ defenses useless. That left nothing in his proverbial tank to heal himself, unfortunately.

Pity I had to overload it, he thinks. It would have been a fascinating study. There were only so much material that Deaton had on magic, and Stiles had read through pretty much all of them a while back.

A sharp spike of pain tears Stiles from his musings. He curses as he acknowledges the limited time he has left. Probably around fifteen minutes, judging by the symptoms of hypovolemic shock that were beginning to show. Breathing was getting harder, his fingernails were turning blue, and he felt very, very nauseous.

What to do in the last few minutes of life? His options were limited, obviously, by his current state. But fifteen minutes was a lot of time. So many things he could do. He could lie back and enjoy the stars. He could reminisce. He could call someone.

Call someone. His last words. Hmm. But who to call? It was practically guaranteed he’d only get to converse with one person before he died. No doubt they’d notice how terrible he sounded, and ask him what the hell was going on. Then there’d be panic and his words would be lost in the chaos.

Stiles spends a precious minute mulling this problem over, and another two to figure out what he’s going to say. He fumbles with his phone, his head pounding and nerves screaming. After he punches in the number, he waits.

“Stiles. Of course you would call me this late.”

His voice is curt. Stiles doesn’t really know why he decided to call him to speak his last words. Their exchanges had been… cold these last few weeks. He could have called so many others. Scott. Lydia. Derek.

Stiles opens his mouth to speak, and the carefully crafted speech fails to come out. He swallows, and tries again to no avail.

“Stiles? Hello?” Stiles can practically see the eyebrow twitch on his face.

“Hello Peter. It’s not that late, you old fogey. I mean, I know you’re getting on in the years, but that doesn’t mean you have to sleep at nine every night on the dot.” Stiles swears that his sass has gained sentience, because he did not intend to say that. Too much sniping matches between the two of them, most likely.

A sigh. “Hilarious as usual, Stiles. Now, is there a particular reason that you called me, or have you managed to get drunk again?”

“Hey, if you leave your booze out like that, I’m going to drink it. I’m not apologizing for that.” He did, however, regret it a lot when he woke up with that hangover.

“Riiiight.” Peter continues to be unimpressed, and Stiles is feeling colder and colder by the second. Better wrap this up.

“Just wanted to let you know that I’m feeling shitty about that spat we had. And, you know, I’d like to apologize.”

A pause. “You’re choosing now of all times to call? It’s three in the morning. We could be having this conversation in person, you know. At a more reasonable time.”

Stiles smiles. “Yeah, well, I was awake and I realized that I was being really dumb. So I decided, why not call. He’s getting plenty of naps in during the day, not like missing an hour at night is going to hurt.”

That gets him a laugh. “Well Stiles, I magnanimously accept your apology. Will that be all?”

Stiles breathes as deep as he can, and lets it out. “Yup, that’s all. Good night, Peter. I love you.”

“Love you too, Stiles.” He hangs up.

Stiles lets the phone fall from his hand. His vision is blurring, and he can feel his heartbeat weakening.

He lays his head back and admires the stars. Such a beautiful night.


Heh. I beat you to it.

JESUS EFFING CHRIST MY HEART. YOU JUST HAD TO DO IT. But this is awesome, in a heartwrenching Peter’s-gonna-go-nuts sort of way. Oh god, now I want Peter’s reaction once he finds out. Who would give him the bad news? How would he take it once he realizes just why Stiles called him? THE ANGST JUST TEARS ME UP. Thx for writing this:)

and for a moment nothing else

summary: Princess Emma and Prince Killian have never gotten along. But it all changes when Queen Regina starts to meddle.

word count: ~9700

also read on: ff.net, ao3

Dear Prince Killian,

Undoubtedly by now you’re back home at your castle near the highlands. Thank every god in the skies above. I’ve already been told you’re returning for yet another exhausting visit to our castle just so Queen Regina can discuss the logistics of this ridiculous trade that seems like it will never end. Thankfully, it looks like it’s going to be finished soon.

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sunday recs =)

LAST FEW DAYS OF THIS HIATUS Y’all!! We’ll see Captain Swan + Co. THIS SUNDAY! THIS SUNDAY!!!!!!!! 

Whew, that said…. here are today’s Recs….

As you can tell I’m very very very excited but I still need to take a minute to thank all of y’all writers who helped me get through this hiatus! I’m horrible about keeping up with all the works that get posted, but I did try my best and I got to sample SO MUCH of the talent in this fandom! 
You all are so creative and great! Thank you so so very much! 
Also, for giving me the chance to share my own stories with y’all. I’m super insecure about my writing, and reading such wonderful stories every week makes me feel more so, but all the same, y’all who’ve read my stuff at one point or another during this hiatus, have given me that li’l push of confidence I so need some days, so THANK YOU! I’m still very much a baby blog, hardly 4months old (lol) but even so, the amount of love I’ve gotten from this fandom has been more than I’ve ever gotten in any other fandom! It means the world to me! :)

This summer, after avoiding the ouat fandom for five years, I ended up reading over 200 stories, and contributing myself well over 80k published words of CS love to this fandom! I’m gonna count this as a very very productive hiatus, thank you very much lol =)

Now, after that ^^^, whatever that was, let’s get on with recs, shall we? :)

Efflorescence –  @carolsdixxon

Soulmate AU. Please excuse me while I throw all my love in buckets to this story! It is a beautiful take on this trope! It encompasses Captain Swan’s whole story in such a beautiful unique way and take! It’s so wonderful to see their whole story played out in little vignettes! I loved so much the way this is written and the emotions behind it. So great.

The Price@profoundlyfadedfics

This is an au with lots and lots of Maleficent/SleepingBeauty feels, twisted just so to fit Captain Swan and the ouat universe. In this one Killian actually manages to kill the Crocodile, and ends up becoming the dark one himself before the first Dark Curse is enacted. Regina’s curse never comes to pass, but Killian, or better yet, Hook the dark one ;) does end up cursing Emma in some way and after that, we see how their lives play out! I loved it! it’s really a wonderful super entertaining read!! The way their paths end up crossing and how his curse ends up biting him in the butt is probably one of my fav thigs ;)

Unhand the Carnations @blowmiakisscolin

This AU is everything! Killian gets caught stealing flowers from Emma’s garden one day and from then it is just the most precious thing in the world! The way their relationship grows here is so lovely! and I mean, it’s a bit sad at times, but mostly just incredibly lovely and I just love this a lot, kay? :) Their bantering is on-point, and the feelings are so completely there, and on top of everything, there’s that touch of bittersweet Jones Brothers feels, and that’s just the cheery on top for me :)

fallen skies — @alexandralyman

Post-Apocalictic AU –This was a first one for me, I’ve never ventured to read an au like this, but I was so not sorry I decided to go ahead and read it. This is very well written but beyond that, it has this way of pull you into the story. Killian and Emma meet here after whatever it was that happened happened, and they are in pure survivor mode. Emma has her son, and she has to make an impossible decision of just taking her son as far away as possible, or help this really hurt stranger they’ve just found. Guess what she decides to do? By definition this isn’t a happy upbeat story, of course, but the relationship these two form here is so powerful and you feel that. How important they become to one another! it’s just so great. Please read! I just loved it and could babble about it all day lol

Hooked Up —  @artandteaandstuff

This is a deleted/missing S2 scene of sorts. Emma goes to visit Hook in the hospital after his accident a second time. This one shot is just SO SO SO much fun! I was crackling the whole time! This is perfect, fluffy and funny and just exactly what you need to turn a crappy day around into a happy one lol! I LOVED THIS! Emma ends up teaching Killian all about that heart monitor he’s hooked to and just the way she teases him and plays with his reaction toward her is just about EVERYTHING TO ME! Too precious and perfect! I loved this! <3

Ready to Believe You — @mahstatins

This one is just THE funniest AU I’ve read in, like, forever! I ADORED THIS AU! It made me laugh more than some comedies have sometimes. It’s a Ghostbusters AU that gets it just RIGHT! The tone is perfect, the characterizations, the serious moments vs the funny moments! The way OUAT canon gets wedged in so perfectly! I could talk about how much I loved this one all day as well! It’s just SO great! Besides Emma and Killian and their absurdly lovely relationship here, I have to say I enjoyed Mary Margaret and David here as well so much! This is just such a funny read and at one point of the other they all say just the darnest funniest things! The best! If you want a good time and angood laugh, I highly recommend this story!!

Carpool Hell@captainswanluver

Oh man, the title of this one doesn’t lie let me tell you. This story is a nightmare! LOL (I say that in the best way possible of course!) But Christ, can you imagine a future in which Killian gets stuck with carpool duty in the mornings to not just his kids with Emma, but baby Neal, Belle’s kid, Zelena’s Pistachio, even Regina’s second adopted kid???? It’ll be a nightmare, so yeah, I felt A LOT for poor Killian in this story! I laughed a lot too because, man, poor guy, but some of the things he ended up dealing with were just too funny not to laugh! I loved how in the end he just didn’t give up and managed to get through the week, but oh my God, just thinking about everything he goes through here makes me so glad I’m not the one having to deal with this scenario :)

(more under the cut)

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You don't have to do this but Jaylos all the numbers?

1. who leaves the most kisses and where?

jay, and everywhere.

2. who draws on the other’s face when they fall asleep?

carlos. and it wouldn’t be like whiskers and stuff like that. it would be “carlos was here” and a smiley face sticking out a tongue next to it. and carlos would spend a lot of time to bubble the letters and make it 3D and color everything, and even when jay wakes up carlos is like “wait wait wait! lie back down i still haven’t finished yet!”

3. who likes cuddling more?

JAY. like they’d be watching a movie together and carlos would be eating popcorn calmly and all of the sudden jay pulls the smaller boy closer to his chest and kisses his hair and carlos is really really red. and he gets even more red (which should have been impossible) when jay whispers “i love you” into his ear because those words just echo and echo and echo in carlos’ head for hours.

4. who says “i love you” first?

jay, but carlos never believes him, because inside of himself he believes hes just another one of those people jay dates just to get benefits from. so when jay says “i love you,” carlos’ smile goes to a straight line, and jay never knows why. one day carlos confeses to jay and jay’s literally never serious but now he’s all “no. no, carlos, that guy who dates just to get benefits from other people isn’t me.” “it was you…” “was me. not anymore. no, carlos, i love you a lot. you know that.” “i… don’t……” and there’s a long stretch of silence before jay has that smile on him again and carlos is looking at him half-sad half-exhausted and jay pulls him into a hug and kisses him all over his face. and carlos suddenly starts laughing and jay’s all “then let me show you how much i love you” and what a flirt.

5. which one initiates talk about starting a family together?

jay, and he’s so effing straight-forward about it. like he doesn’t even stutter or get embarrassed, it’s just “hey carlos, what about we have some kids, raise a family or something, and our whole family can see how much i love you?” and carlos is so flustered.

6. which one buys the other a room full of flowers as an anniversary present?

jay. evie got all the flowers and mal and ben decorated the room according to jay’s sketch of what he wanted it to be like (which was really bad so mal was like “are you sure this is the best you can do?” because there’s so many random lines and it’s such an amateur drawing, but it all got solved in the end). so when carlos came home he was like, “jay? what’s this here?” and the son of jafar is so happy and lifts up the mini cinnamon roll and spins him around and says “happy anniversary!!” with a huge smile on his face.

7. which one brings home a puppy without the other one’s knowledge?

CARLOS. but not just one puppy. like, maybe four puppies. all with matching leashes. jay comes home and he’s like “????????? wh” but within fifteen minutes those puppies are so precious to him but not as precious as carlos.

8. which one preaches about bees while the other rolls their eyes with a smile on their face?

carlos. he had a science class about bees and he goes into a speech about them and jay’s just laughing his head off over how nerdy his boyfriend is.

9. who thinks “what a dork i love them so much” more often?

carlos. carloscarloscarlos. he’s always staring at the selfies on jay’s phone (he steals jay’s phone a lot) and he’s smiling and jay doesn’t even take proper photos of things. it’s literally all just really silly selfies. and carlos is just thinking about how much of a complete dork jay is, but those cute expressions the guy makes sends the de vil’s heart fluttering to the moon.

10. which one eats all the other’s food without permission?

jay. he still got some stealing skills in him.

11. which one likes holding hands more?

carlos, but he tries to keep it secret. yet it’s so obvious to jay that he just grabs carlos’ hand and kisses him and does his absolute best to fluster his boyfriend.

12. which one starts being more cutesy in public first?

jay. literally, the first day they date, jay grabs a microphone and stands on top of his lunch table and carlos is like “no, no jay!!” and jay pretends not to hear him. and jay’s all “ATTENTION EVERYONE!!” and carlos is in his seat covering his face with his hands while his boyfriend is busy embarrassing him by getting the whole school to sing a really cheesy taylor swift song. after that’s done, he sits down and lets out a deep breath. carlos raises an eyebrow and says, “you done yet?” and jay smirks and replies, “not quite.” jay caresses carlos’ face and carlos is so shocked he just blinks and jay kisses him and the whole school is seeing them make out in public. from that point on, evie started writing fanfictions of them in secret.

13. which one drags the other into a fandom?

carlos. definitely carlos. carlos would drag jay to watch stuff with him and when jay would say, “i have practice,” or “i’m tired,” carlos pulls those puppy dog eyes on him and jay’s all “fine, fine, you nerd.”

14. if they were dogs, what kind would they be?

carlos as a dalmatian obviously, and jay as a stray mutt.

15. if they were flowers, what kind would they be?

carlos as a viola johnny-jump-up (flower code: thoughts, rememberance) and jay as a ranunculus (flower code: radiant with charm).

16. which one jumps into rain puddles while other gets splashed?

carlos jumping around excitedly like the little adorable baby puppy he is, and jay laughing next to him.

17. what do you think their dream places to live are?

to be honest, i don’t think either would want to move away from auradon.

18. which one accidentally puts a red thing into the whites load the first time they do laundry together?

jay. because he never thinks and after a day carlos goes to the washing machine to take out the laundry and yells “jay!! why are all my clothes red!!” and jay comes down with a raised eyebrow and once he sees how angry carlos is and the load of red clothes in his hand jay bursts out laughing and carlos is all “this is not funny!!!”

19. what do you think their favorite emojis are?

carlos - 😑🎮🐶😊🎶. jay - 🏆😏💪⚡🏃.

20. which one texts like a teenager?

jay!! just to especially annoy carlos. literally carlos would type up a whole 1000-word paragraph for their anniversary and jay would answer “awh omg ily2” and carlos is so mad but fifteen minutes later jay sends an even bigger paragraph.

21. which one sexts the other more? 

JAY. even though they would literally be in the same room.

22. what do you think their dream date activities are?

for carlos, probably going to a park, and for jay, probably just staying home alone with carlos, because then jay could kiss him and cuddle with him and sleep with him all day.

23. which one falls asleep first?

carlos does, and jay loves watching that boy sleep.

i’ll be warmth when you’re shivering cold

an: my sweetheart @piratesails asked for: “we were playing in the snow and you suddenly tackled me to the ground and now…we’re just…staring… at each other…” set in the enchanted forest (also for cutie pies @fiveowaves who asked for cs + snowball fights and @colinarthurgeoffrey who asked for “little killian meeting little princess emma”) as part of my fic celebration! Hope you all like this! <3

Snow is falling as Princess Emma walks out into the courtyard. She’s dressed in white, a cloak wrapped tight around her. Her smile is wide as she looks up at the sky and she scrunches up her nose when snowflakes fall on her skin.

She walks forward, with determination, into the castle garden that is inches deep in snow. She bites down on her lip as she makes her way toward a tree- the tree.

He’s standing there, leaning against it so nonchalantly, his fingers holding a finely crafted snowball as he examines it.

Killian!” she calls. “What are you doing?”

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Fic: Cure-All

So there was that “imagine your favorite character with the hiccups” post going around recently, and I got a couple requests to write my tags from it as a fic. 

~870 words of Klaintana fluff, feat. Kurt and Blaine both getting the hiccups and using a creative method to get rid of them. No spoilers, PG-13 for cussing.




“This is not happening.


“Porcelain, if you don’t go drink some water right fucking now I’m going to drown you!” Santana yelled, preventing Kurt from making yet another angry interjection to no one. “Get rid of those hiccups or I get rid of you.”

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butiwasalreadygone-deactivated2  asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you have any links to Outlaw Queen AUs set in the Enchanted Forest? Specifically, ones where Regina chooses to enter the pub when Tink first shows her to Robin (or otherwise meets him before casting the curse).

Hi! I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to post this publicly, in case anyoneelse is looking for some Enchanted Forest AUs. So basically, this all of the EF AUs I know of at the moment, but I’ll update this post as I find more. Hope this was what you were looking for :) Enjoy!

Please keep in mind that most of the links go to the link of the story on the oqpromptsandfanfics blog. I found it quicker to do that but you can access the whole story and go to the specific author’s blog by pressing read more (in some cases). All credit is reserved to the authors.

General EF AUs Oneshots/Drabbles:

A Little Less Lonely by clarkegriffinsituation: FTL Canon divergence, set a few months after Regina’s marriage to the King. Regina meets an interesting thief in the dungeons whilst exploring the castle. AU!Enchanted Forest. OQ Week1!Day 3: Firsts. Oneshot. Complete.

Caught by ninzied: She smirks, looks bored, thinks she has him all figured out; but before she can dismiss him, declare him no longer in need of his head, she falters when he replies, No, your majesty—an archer for a huntsman, not an eye for an eye. Rated M. Smut. AU!Enchanted Forest. Robin Hood/Evil Queen. Oneshot. Complete.

Assassins by believingispowerfulmagic: He waited, hidden in the trees. With his hood up, he blended right in. None of his victims ever saw him until it was too late. That was why he was the best assassin in the Enchanted Forest. This though was probably his most dangerous assignment. He was to assassinate the queen as she rode through the forest, sent on a fake mission by her husband. AU!Enchanted Forest. Assassin!Robin. OQ Week2!Day 4: Dark!OQ. Oneshot. Complete.

Darling, So It Goes by descaliers: She’d expected him to be here but still, the sight of him walking in through the main entrance was enough to send her pulse wild. AU!Enchanted Forest. OQ Week2!Day 1: Masquerade Ball. Oneshot. Complete.

Dreaming in Color (Like Lady Macbeth) by averbaldumpingground: Those red, red, oh so very red, red lips half-curl up sinuously, viper-like and menacing, invading the periphery of his still unfocused vision. They hold him breathless, binding him to the floor far more effectively than these old, rusting, creaking manacles cutting ribbons into his wrists and rubbing raw the soft skin of his throat with every labored breath. Rated M. Oneshot. Complete.

Incognito by bianka-bee: Robin Hood knows how to mix and mingle. His upbringing as a young earl-to-be did not, despite his father’s frequent and many admonishments, go to waste. Tonight, he will rub shoulders with the highest echelons, the creme de la creme of the kingdom. AU!Enchanted Forest. OQ Week2!Day 1:Masquerade Ball. Oneshot. Complete.

Masquerade by believingispowerfulmagic: King Leopold holds a Masquerade ball and his Queen has an encounter with a stranger. AU!Enchanted Forest. OQ Week2!Day 1:Masquerade Ball. Oneshot. Complete.

Masquerade Ball by repellomuggletum15: He only sees her for a moment, a dash of red in a sea of blacks and whites and purples and blues, figure hugged by the sinful silhouette of her dress. She’s the queen, he knows that much, can tell by the lavish gold embroidery on her bust line, the expensive jewels adorning her hands, ears and neck. AU!Enchanted Forest. OQ Week2!Day 1:Masquerade Ball. Oneshot. Complete.

Outlaw Kiss by darkbloodheart: Robin goes to visit The Queen to beg for mercy for his wife Marian and The Queen offers him a deal. AU!Enchanted Forest. OQ Week2!Day 4: Dark!OQ.

Tainted by bianka-bee: They say when love comes into one’s life it chases away all the darkness. They wouldn’t know because love is not what they have. AU!Enchanted Forest. OQ Week2!Day 4: Dark!OQ. Oneshot. Complete.

The Fires He Had Known by loveexpelrevolt: Robin intercepts an invitation to the masquerade ball held in honor of Snow’s 13th birthday – a perfect opportunity to infiltrate the castle and lighten the royal coffers. The last thing he expects to find in the darkened corridors is a woman with wits (and a talent for thievery) that match his own. AU!Enchanted Forest. OQ Week2!Day 1:Masquerade Ball. Oneshot. Complete.

The Moon and The Sun by doublel27: Air was a precious commodity in the Great Hall stuffed to nearly overflowing with people. Regina hid herself as best she could in the corner and hoped that few would take notice of her. AU!Enchanted Forest. OQ Week2!Day 1:Masquerade Ball. Oneshot. Complete.

Till Death Do Us Part by mysterious-song: He lays in wait for her cloaked in the shadows of her balcony. The breeze ruffles the hair poking out from his hood, flaps his cape behind him and provides ambient noise as it rustles in the trees below. This had not been planned as meticulously as it could have been, but he is not in his right mind. A red mist has descended over his eyes, his judgement has been clouded by revenge. He will kill her, or die trying. AU!Enchanted Forest. OQ Week2!Day 4: Dark!OQ. Oneshot. Complete.

Untitled by amultitudeofsins: She’s expecting a terrified peasant or one of her moronic guards coming to check on her, so she is utterly shocked when a small child toddles his way out into the clearing. She gapes for a moment, completely unsure how to proceed, and why is the child just staring at her? The Evil Queen meets Roland. Oneshot. Complete.

Untitled by doublel27: He will do anything she asks and it’s not always because she holds his heart and can make him. AU!Enchanted Forest. OQ Week2!Day 4: Dark!OQ. Drabble. Complete.

Untitled by il-etait-une-fois-nos-reves: Bad intentioned people learn that Robin Hood’s pregnant wife has magic. AU!Enchanted Forest. Oneshot. Complete.

Untitled by starlightspecter: He came to kill her, but arrows meant little to a sorceress. AU!Enchanted Forest. Assassin!Robin. OQ Week2!Day 4: Dark!OQ. Drabble. Complete.

General EF AU Multi-parters Fanfics:

A Light in the Dark by isazozo: When the eyes can burn into the soul there are no masks that can hide your true self. AU!Enchanted Forest. OQ Week2!Day 1: Masquerade Ball. Complete/2 Parts. Rated M. Smut.

Forbidden Love by whasupwhereitis: When a thief in the night follows a trail of blood and finds a woman asking for freedom, he’ll risk all to give it to her, because some thieves have honor, and some King’s lack any at all. AU!Enchanted Forest. Trigger Warning: Mentions of Marital Rape. OQ Week1!Day 5:Forbidden Love. WIP/9 Parts.

Pinecones and Princesses by prettypersistent: When Robin and Regina each run off with their first love, their paths cross and they embark on a journey, unaware of their destiny. AU!Enchanted Forest. WIP/2 Parts.

Prince John AU by ninzied: “Mother has invited yet another ridiculous princess to court tomorrow,” John tells him that afternoon by the river. He skips a stone into the water, and it bounces one, two, three times before sinking out of sight with a soft plunk. “Another evening of insipid conversation about idle gossip and the latest city fashions, no doubt, like I could give anything to be in your position right now.” AU!Enchanted Forest. Complete/2 Parts.
Fresh | Guilt

Queen of Thieves by madamqueenregina: Where Regina is the bandit instead of Snow and has been on the run from the King. One night, when Regina is planning on stealing some gold from Prince John, a certain outlaw and his Merry Men intercept. Rated M. Smut AU!Enchanted Forest. WIP/6 Parts.

Red by isazozo: What if Robin Hood hadn’t been able to save his wife when she caught a deadly disease while carrying his child? What if the Evil Queen had summoned him instead of the Huntsman to hunt down Snow White? Rated M. Smut.  AU!Enchanted Forest. WIP/13 Parts.

Storm Surge by tripp3235: Believing to be on the heels of Snow White, the evil queen is thrown from her horse during a dangerous and strong storm. She is found by Robin Hood who takes her to a cabin he and his son are using as a temporary shelter and nurses her. AU!Enchanted Forest. Complete/32 Parts.

Take These Broken Wings by villainandhero: Regina is to wed the Lord of Sherwood Forest; Robin of Locksley. Terrified of the entrapments of a loveless marriage, she finds that the same marriage might just be able to bring her the freedom she has always desired. Rated M. Smut. Complete/28 Parts.

Tavern Meeting AUs:

It Was Worth It by DocMcRegals: A glimpse of Regina’s life had she listened to the advice of a certain fairy. AU!Enchanted Forest. AU!Tavern Meeting. Oneshot. Complete.

Love Me Tonight by oh-my-outlawqueen: Inside of here lies the beginning of your happiness.” said Tinkerbell as they stopped at the front door of the tavern. She had been basically dragging Regina behind her for most the of their way and she still was gripping her hand tightly. “All the pain in your past will be just that. The past.” Rated M. Smut. AU!Enchanted Forest. AU!Tavern Meeting. Oneshot. Complete.

Never Was by startraveller776: Their chance meeting during the missing year wasn’t their first, but unfortunately, they don’t remember. AU!Enchanted Forest. AU!Tavern Meeting. Oneshot. Complete.

Revisited by ninzied:Regina and Robin at the tavern, take two. AU!Enchanted Forest. AU!Tavern Meeting. Rated M/Smut. WIP.

Runaway by Abisian: What happens on the other side of the door? AU!Enchanted Forest. AU!Tavern Meeting. Drabble. Complete.

The Merriest by sakurasencha: Robin’s version of the “missed opportunity.” AU!Enchanted Forest. AU!Tavern. Drabble. Complete. 

The Woman in White by KatieTheBaka: Robin sits alone in the tavern, like he has every night since Marian passed. But someone makes this night different. “He went back into the tavern and to his pint, feeling strangely as though he had lost something…” AU!Enchanted Forest. AU!Tavern Meeting. Drabble. Complete.

Untitled by merry-killian: Robin notices Regina running away from the tavern and follows her. AU!Enchanted Forest. AU!Tavern. Drabble. Complete.

Untitled by sassyswaan: Regina actually goes into the tavern to meet Robin. AU!Enchanted Forest. AU!Tavern Meeting. Drabble. Complete.

Your Heart Never Forgets by daggzandarrows: Regina followed her heart that fateful night and did go into the tavern setting forth a series of events that had led her to here - stuck in a humdrum town with no memory of her love and the child they bore. Sure, true love’s kiss can break any curse but what happens when you can’t even remember them? AU!Enchanted Forest. AU!Tavern Meeting. WIP/4 parts.

Dream-verse: A past AU!Enchanted Forest/AU!Tavern Meeting universe created by isazozo.

Naked Cuddles by isazozo: She was lying on her side, trying to memorize the scent of the owner of the pillow she now used to rest her head upon, when she felt his strong arm around her waist. He pulled her to him, so her back was now pressed to his front; she felt tender lips come in contact with the skin of her shoulder and sighed again. Rated M. Smut. AU!Enchanted Forest. AU!Tavern Meeting. Post-Tavern Meeting. Oneshot. Complete.

Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2015 Part 2: Saturday aka Melissapalooza

This is gonna be long, so grab a coffee and settle in. Melissapalooza started right when the con opened. We got there early and had some time to spend before getting in Melissa’s line. We saw Josh McDermitt first, and he absolutely LOVED Tina’s @tinarakowski cosplay and told her she’s the “sexiest Eugene he’s ever seen.” Walker Stalker Con apparently agreed :) It was very cool to see them give us a little shout-out.

 Connor also made Josh a custom pop vinyl of Eugene that he thought was “AWESOME.” Josh was super funny (as everyone knows) and he gives great hugs!

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