he's so dumb and i love him

I can’t wait for people (characters in the show) to realise that Reggie isn’t just a pretty dumbass with “nothing going on under the hood”. He’s just been playing the dumb, pretty jock persona so long that everyone thinks it’s the real him. But there’s more to him than that.








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so what do you love about yoongi?

I love his voice, his sense of humor, his laugh, his smile, his nose, the way his eyes are, his inner strength, his perseverance, his lazy moments, his hard work, his maturity, his kindness, his sassiness, his intellect, his dumb moments, his embarassing moments, how he is a sneaky cheater, his perception, the way his nose wrinkles, his lyrics, how quiet he can be, some times the way he eats, his inspiring moments, how relatable he is, how he can make me feel so weak, how he made me hope for a better future, how he can calm me down, sometimes his fashion sense, how charitable he is, his caring moments, his jokes, his ambitions, how fatherly he is, how skilled he is, his hobbies, etc.

so many things about him that i fell in love with. things i never knew i could love about someone, let alone in a man. things that i only like about him that i would probably not like from other people

yknow? but there are other things i dont like about him too. he can be rude, he can be really loud, he insults other members, he sometimes insults his fans. he makes fun of peoples accents, and i think hes kind of colorist

not everyone is perfect and demanding someone to be perfect just… takes away the fact how human everyone is. and that is so exhaustive.

i wouldnt have had him as my bias for 4 years for only his looks

Admin Matte

Altho it might be hard to add a lot since Admin Matte already said so much, I also love his strong deep gaze, his neck, his natural dark hair, his skintone, his ears are adorable. His passion, how hardworking and commited he is, how disciplined he is. His unexpected kindness and concern that he doesn’t like to show that much. 

His new found love for dogs. How chill he is. His lack of reaction sometimes, Even how often he blatanly lies to get his way in any situation. His interest in interior design. How he called himself a crybaby even tho he rarely showed us any tears. How mean  and blunt he is ( which makes him relatable sometimes). His relationship to music itself, to the point where he wrote a song about it and called it his first love. How misterious and reserved he is. His all black fashion. How much he cares and worries and even blames himself to provide us with the best form of entertainment and performance he can provide. His closed off nature. How he literally goes weeks without a word. His terrible handwriting. 

The way his lips pout naturally when he speaks. His talent and love for basketball. His interest in photography. His name sounds adorable and I even like his stage name. How he wants to give positive messages for the young generations. How he wants to talk about mental issues. The things he has said about love. How responsible he is. How respected he is among the rest of the members. How shy he gets whenever other members are complimenting or saying good things about him.

I could go on but I guess this is more than enough.

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Question which id love your opinion on (based in your Stan & Christmas fics post) i had an idea in my head that i wanted to work on where richie basically serenades Stan in front of the school singing "all i want for Christmas is you" (love actually style) but i really really don't want to offend anyone and because Stan is my favourite character id hate to misrepresent him! (Sorry if this ask is dumb!) - @plsshutuprichie

its not dumb and sounds fine to me! one thing to keep in mind is not to make a joke about like “haha stans jewish so he doesnt get it” because we still understand christmas we just kinda don’t like… care

jake peralta appreciation post
  • was open and honest about his feelings towards Amy from almost the very start
  • didn’t try to sabotage her existing relationship 
  • didn’t lie to her about his feelings except once but then he felt bad and told her the truth the same day 
  • tried to move on in a healthy manner, accepting that she was taken 
  • dated someone else and didn’t immediately dump her and try and get with Amy once Amy became available (seriously it bugs me so much when characters do this. If you’re just using a relationship as a stopgap until your preferred partner becomes available, DON’T BE IN THAT RELATIONSHIP!!) 
  • didn’t tell Dave not to ask her out even though he liked her because he knew it wasn’t fair to her - “I can’t go around telling guys not to ask Amy out because I like her and I’m too dumb to do anything about it" 
  • never once tried to control her or emotionally manipulate her to be with him and was open and upfront about his feelings 
  • when they actually became a couple, is completely committed & in love with her and is willing to make sacrifices for their relationship like moving into her apartment because he realises it’s important to her and would make her happy
  • in the episode where she’s undercover in the prison and he keeps interfering bc he’s worried about her getting hurt he doesn’t try to make her leave bc he can’t handle it and instead accepts that he’s the one that needs to take himself off the case bc he knows she can handle it by herself and him being there is only hindering her progress because he can’t stop worrying
  • isn’t afraid of her becoming more successful than him - is really supportive of her taking the sergeant’s exam which could result in her outranking him and even becoming his boss bc "You can’t be afraid to be successful, you’re too good for that” and “I’ve always known you were gonna be my boss”
  • tl;dr jake peralta is one of the best male tv protagonists & boyfriends of all time and peraltiago is literally the healthiest and best relationship ever and has given me unrealistic romance expectations for life

I have a nibling who is not even two and has a model toy of the Endeavor space shuttle that he calls “my plane” when he plays with it. He loves it. And today we went to the California Science Center see the ACTUAL Endeavor space shuttle and I tell you what-

that kid lost his goddamn mind. It was the ACTUAL BEST. 

Cool fact about kids: they are small and dumb and they don’t know anything.

Like, for instance, their life experience gives them no reason to know that their toys are often based on actual things that exist.

It took him a while to realise the shuttle was even there because- protip about space shuttles: they are freaking huge. So like it didn’t even really register to him as an object? It was too big, it just seemed like the ceiling? But he saw the photos on the wall and he saw the gift shop and he was looking all around like “MY PLANE! MY PLANE!” because his toy “plane” was on every single thing. Models. Shirts. Mugs. Plushies. Books. This was a whole warehouse dedicated just to his plane, and that would have been amazing enough. Except, also, the actual life-size real has-been-to-space thing was there too. 

So eventually we got him to look up at the actual shuttle like, “yeah, look! There it is! It’s your plane, and it’s REALLY BIG” and when he finally took it in he literally screamed and I swear I thought for a second he was gonna die right there “IT’S BIG. MY PLANE MY PLANE MY PLANE” (looking at all the other people in the science center, pointing at a NASA space shuttle, shouting “MY PLANE!” like the actual proudest person in the world who just willed an entire spacecraft into existence).

Anyway I had a migraine for most of the day, but I’m still super glad I went out because it was totally worth it.

I want Hugo to fight me,,,,,,, gently,,,,, with cuddles,,,,,,

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For the pallet challenge, can you do Boyf riends in Eternity?

//Thanks for the request! anyways pls keep in mind idk anything abt stars and constellations I just added 3 of my faves aa

okay hear me out – 

lup got a day from barry, because she loved him, and of course she either gave him a day as well, or that day was theirs to share. and then she goes to taako, and she says she needed a day from him, too, because he’s her heart and this is all very, very beautiful and painful and poignant – but i’d like to postulate that barry needed another day as well, something i keep him anchored, because even though he loves lup with his whole being, he knows this is dangerous – 

so barry goes to team human for another day. he goes to magnus and lucretia and explains the process to them. magnus is confused – he’s not dumb, but magic is just an entire realm of stuff that he doesn’t always have the patience for, but if barry, who is much older than him and very smart, says it’ll be okay, then magnus trusts him. lucretia, meanwhile, is terrified much the way taako was, because she knows what this means and she’ll explain it to magnus later, but maybe not because the moment barry says, “I need you to give me the most fun day ever” he’s out of his chair and just says, “I need forty-eight hours to prepare” and he grabs lucretia’s hand and pulled her to his room and they start planning.

(and he’s so excited, he’s so completely stoked to do all this stuff for barry that she just keeps her fears to herself and rolls up her sleeves and gets into the thick of planning barry’s big day – and after a certain point, she’s so excited about what it’ll be like she’s not even worried. not as much. 

well, maybe a little.)

so they wake barry up with breakfast in bed, similar to taako – except it’s like cheeseburgers and french fries and the lumpiest, shittiest looking, most delicious chocolate cake barry’s ever had in his life, and this big ass glass of lemonade with four umbrellas sticking out and a bright pink curly straw – and he’s already laughing, he’s already having the best day ever.

and after that it’s this beautiful hike where they map the ridges of a canyon, and they find this village dug into the side that magnus found weeks ago, but he was using it as a place to get some peace and quiet, saving it for barry’s birthday, but today is basically barry’s birthday, so they hike down and barry goes nuts over all this really cool artwork and pottery and inventions he’s never seen before. they go fishing along the river and make s’mores by a campfire. they get out of the canyon and they go to a clearing where magnus and lucretia have made these really shoddy, homemade fireworks and barry gets to let them all off and they lay in the grass and stare up at the sky as these perpetually moving showers of sparks and lights fall down around them – and they have one last slice of cake before bed, and barry hugs them each, holds them both so tight – 

his weird, weird little brother and sister.

and he knows that memory of his day with lup is strong, but that moment when he and lup start the spell, he can taste chocolate cake and marshmallows, and he can hear magnus laughing and see lucretia smiling and it’s not the same feeling, but gods, it’s something. it’s really something.