he's so done with your shit

I commissioned the lovely @gildedskeleton​ to draw my best Voidwalker girl, my darling resting-bitch-face Warlock Andara! Look at her, she is so done with your shit. 

Honestly though deep down she’s a big softie. Those are a certain handsome Exo Hunter boy’s colours she’s sporting, and what with the Red War and all this Vex crap on the horizon she’s wondering when the hell she’s going to get to see her boyfriend again. 

He could feel her Light shining beneath his fingers, and it was calling to him. She was saying his name silently, but as bright as the stars in the void. She was purple storm clouds heavy with rain. Galaxies forming. The precipice between night and day. 

(Shiro-4/Andara kiss meme. Exo “kisses” are the best.)

Thank you so much gildedskeleton!! I love it so much. 

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An ask robo. I think youve already done a michael so what about either rich, jake or Jeremy witnessing reader squirting for the first?

Since I’m a sucker for Jeremy I’ll do him!

When Jeremy first made you squirt he was shocked at first. He have your clit one final flick before he pulled his mouth away, his eyes wide in surprise and arousal “did you just… holy shit did I do that?” You blush and look away before Jeremy grinned proudly “let’s see if I can do it again shall we?”

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woAH! New Account! Mine is too bab! Ut, Uf, Us Snans Okay, so what might happen during Christmas if s/o's family comes in, but they are super anti-monster and homophobic. So, when s/o has everybody over, they seem very...uncomfortable. When their parents begin to talk about politics, a fight erupts and s/o is done and decides to put their family out. They feel really bad about everything.

Hey! That’s pretty rad dude!

UT Sans: Ah, shit babe…it wasn’t your fault…they’ll come around eventually… Sans got a bad vibe from your parents from the beginning, from those “polite” sneers from when they walked in to when they handled his casserole like radioactive waste(I mean he knew it wasn’t that great, but it was edible?!), to when they started talking about how monster rights were totally unneeded, they were just animals right? Sans kept casually and coolly responding with insightful points, turning your parents around, making them look like fools. But when you finally force them out and feel bad, he’s there for a shoulder to cry on, and will “apologize” to them if needed. He feels a little bad, but kind of proud of his debating skills. He’ll probably put on some jazzy Christmas music and cuddle on the couch for the rest of the night

UF Sans: Ugh! Who the hell do they think they are? Sans is up and fighting with your parents right as they start accusing and being monsterphobic. Sans isn’t really good with meeting new people, especially not humans, and ESPECIALLY not mosterphobic ones. As soon as they start fighting, Sans is shouting and pointing fingers, throwing coal in the fire. When you make them leave, he needs to take a little breather, but when he comes back he throws an arm around you, “It wasn’t your fault, sugar…” he might apologize gruffly later that night, maybe with an extra Christmas gift.

US Sans: HMPH! FOR SUCH UNPLEASANT HUMANS, I DON’T KNOW HOW THEY HAD YOU, DATEMATE! When your parents show up for Christmas dinner, Sans had gone ALL OUT to make sure they had the best time ever! Because you had warned him, saying that your parents didn’t like monsters very much. He had brought out his best puzzles, and made the best tacos, and even put on his best scarf! But it was all for waste when they eyed his puzzles with horror and his tacos with distaste. Sans is optimistic for most of the time, trying to put a positive spin on your parents accusations. “Ugh, monsters are really clogging up the streets these days…” W-WELL THERE ARE A LOT OF MONSTERS THAT CAN SHAPE-SHIFT OR GET AROUND QUICKLY, SO THAT’S GOOD! “Monster rights aren’t important, they cant have A CHILD for ambassador…” THAT CHILD ACTUALLY FREED THE MONSTER RACE! THEY WERE VERY RESILIENT AND I’M SURE THEY’D BE HAPPY TO MEET YOU BOTH! When you make them leave, Sans is there to comfort you, rubbing your back gently. He might put on a Christmas cartoon or something, offering you some of his uneaten tacos

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Please talk about the mummy returns

pristinepastel said: Hey, i know you like the first mummy, but what about the mummy returns?

I HAVE RETURNED…after like a day. 

but what the people want, the people get!


aka the only sequel that is 1000% just as good as the first one. like holy shit. 

ten years later and we meet our heroes again. rick and evie are happily married, going on adventures, and evie’s dream of becoming a respected scholar has come true and they’ve made a tiny human! 

the only unrealistic part being that they only had one kid, i mean they are still all over each other ten years later and you’re telling me they only had ONE kid.

okay. sure jan. 

but boy o’ boy is that one kid awesome! 

alex o’connell. this kid is literally:

  • 50% evie super-klutz-genius. 
  • 50% rick screams-at-things-that-are-illogical-to-scream-at. 
  • 50% uncle jonathan’s sheer dumb luck and wit. 
  • 10% i’m really bad at math. 

you get the point. HE’S GREAT. also the actor passed on harry potter because, JUST LIKE ME, the mummy 1999 was his favorite movie and he just HAD to be in the sequel. alex is just such a smart-ass little shit. that much like his mother, accidentally brings about the apocalypse by opening something he shouldn’t have:

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ARDETH BAY TIME LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. he has a much bigger role in this one. GOD BLESS. (because he was supposed to die in the first one, but test audiences loved him as much as we do, so they kept his fine ass around) he still looks prettier than everyone and is still so done with white people once again. 

*after almost being killed on he bus* “this was my first bus ride.”
*after realizing they’re gonna make him fly again* “why can’t you people ever keep your feet on the ground?”

he’s just such an awesome A+ friend goals, because while he probably needs to go be with other medjai to prepare for battle against anubis’ army (yikes), he stays with the fam to rescue alex. it wasn’t even much of a thought for him really, rick and evie just batted their eyelashes and he was like: *sighs* “these white people are always messing my shit up, but they are my white people.”

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jonathan: still beautifully the same as ever. witty, clever, and would do anything for his family. 

“be quiet alex! if there’s going to be any hysterics, they’ll come from me!”

“if you see anyone come running out screaming, it’s just me.”

when he boasts about being a good shot and ardeth is internally like “i’m gonna die.” THEN HE SAVES ARDETH. hell yeah.

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rick: he’s still screaming at things. BUT IN DAD MODE. he’s the ultimate dad.

“you, lighten up. you, big trouble. you, get in the car.”
*sweetly* “honey, what are you doing, these guys don’t use doors.”
“knowing my brother-in-law, he probably deserves whatever you’re about to do to him, but this is my house and i have certain rules about snakes and dismemberment.”

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evie: still a super-klutz nerd, but with C O N F I D E N C E. little baby librarian is now a honey badger of ASK ME IF I GIVE A FUCK! and also a re-incarnated princess

“no harm ever came from opening a chest.”

rick: “i swear that kid gets more and more like you every day.”
evelyn: “you mean more attractive, sweet and devilishly charming?”

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we meet izzy, another one of rick’s ex boyfriends, who is a much more reliable mode of transportation than previously mentioned murder buses. 

imhotep: still emo. still wants to make out with his gf.

anck su namun/meela: hella good villain. she bomb af and 100% wants to take over the world. amazing. she actually has like a really cool role this time too!!! like so much screen time. 

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the rock…i mean the scorpion king, he’s another emo villain with goofy cgi rendering and like 4 million terrible made-for-TV spin off movies that you are lying if you haven’t watched at least one of them and felt that utter disappointment. but who cares the rock is pretty. and this was his first acting role and the reason we have him where he is today. 

thank you mummy returns for giving the world actor rock johnson #blessed

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normal action movie sequel romance: same guy. different girl. repeat of first movie’s romance. hehehehhehehehhEHEHEHEHHEHH. 

not here bitch. 

rick and evie’s love has only grown stronger. they still bicker like old ladies at bingo night. the still look at each other like they hung the moon. they’re still disgusting jonathan because they CANNOT KEEP THEIR HANDS TO THEMSELVES. one kid my ass. they still support each other and protect each other like crazy. they love each other so much and it’s so healthy and pure and there is some good in this world mr. frodo.

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the bottom line here is. what’s the point of watching the mummy 1999 if you aren’t going to watch the mummy returns immediately after?


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Choose your stylist: Jojo edition

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“My favourite music is Justin Bieber !”

Side to Side

Pairing: Tom Holland!Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Prompts: None

Word Count: 2465

Warning(s): Some swear words, slight smut (Nothing crazy but it goes there)

Requests: I have like 10 followers so like none of you pay attention to me (jk jk you guys are cool)

Song: Side to Side  (duh) by Ariana Grande

Author’s Note: This is kinda crap but I’m totally obsessed with Tom Holland and Spider-Man Homecoming so come on this wild ride and be trash with me! Give me feedback please I promise I’ll get to it in like 10 years

Summary: Reader and Peter (slant rhyme woo) are friends and both on the Avengers. They’re training in the gym and things get s t e a m y…

Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

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also after the philly show tonight i just want to say a big fuck you to everyone who says “”harry isn’t doing enough” or “that isn’t activism” or claim that we’re praising him too much when it comes to harry holding up the pride flags at his shows, or the trans flags now as well (or any other flag he may choose to wave. i saw a few bi flags there tonight as well). never in my life have i been to a concert where i felt just so universally accepted by everyone there for being queer, both by harry and his band and also by all the fans. when the mini pride flags were being handed out for the project, everyone was so excited to take a flag and thought it was amazing. i saw huge genuine smiles break out on peoples faces. we were sitting on the streets with mini pride flags out all day and no one questioned it. everyone felt free to be open without a worry. do yall know how meaningful that is to me?? people on the street even smiled at it. i saw at least 6 pride flags, big ones, on the line and in the front of general admission. one girl had a pride flag with “treat people with kindness” on it and held it up for harry to see. i walked around with a mini pride flag hanging out of my pant pocket all day, walking up and down the town and i had no concern about it?? i wasn’t scared of what was going to happen, i felt empowered and like i could truly just exist unapologetically as a queer person that day. the event staff took pride flags as well and had them in their pockets. harry was so clearly moved by the fan project to hold up the mini pride flags during sign of the times - i saw him turn to adam beforehand and just whisper ‘wow’ when he noticed. my point is, harry has created the environment in which all of that can happen!! harry created this space where fans can truly just be themselves without a worry and that is so liberating to have?? it matters that he holds the pride flag up so proudly. it matters that he made it a point to bring a pride flag out after it had been wrongfully confiscated. people are getting arrested for daring to bring a pride flag to concerts in other countries right now. so don’t yall dare act like what harry has been doing isn’t important or isn’t a form of it’s own activism and it’s incredible. do you know how moved i was that just… no one cared about people being queer in that room?? everyone walked out of that concert with their flags held high instead of shoving them into their bags and hiding them bc they were afraid to be themselves outside of that room. i saw people empowered to just truly be themselves, maybe for the first time in their lives. i waved the flag out my window as we drove out and people who weren’t able to get a mini pride flag for the project were saddened when there weren’t anymore. yall gotta stop acting like this isn’t some of the most fucking important shit harry has done. creating that strong of a safe space for his fans is an incredible thing he’s done so when yall say “he’s not doing enough” where exactly is he not doing enough??? pull your head out of you ass.

Okay but, I have to make a post about it, because honestly it’s destroying me.

Like, this reaction. He just doesn’t care about one of his arms getting destroyed. He doesn’t care about the pain coming with it, because as he said earlier while fighting Deku ‘He can always restore it, even if it hurt’s “a bit” to get them ripped off’. He was fine with it, because he had one of his arms still there to take action, he was used to restoring his body, so losing one might as well be a part of it. 

And then this. Like, yes it hurts like SHIT to get your arm cut off like that and he’s in pain. But still. The realization is. not. there. He doesn’t realize that BOTH of his arms are gone now. He still believes that he can always go back to square one, because he’s done that his whole life

But then. Tomura tells him. Tomura let’s him know what the fuck just happened. And it clicked. He realized that he has no way of using his quirk anymore and the terror is t h e r e.

He was ready to die, okay. He wanted them just to kill him and move on with it. He was done and ready. But this. Holy shit, Horikoshi

Seriously I don’t know if there’s been posts about this already and I’m sorry if there are. But this just broke me into pieces. I still think that being this cruel to such a valid villain was simply too much. (Not only because I’m attached as shit to him okay)

I said I was gonna do it so I actually did it this time. Here is a list of my personal favorite (the best) covers that Panic! At The Disco & co. has done. the numbers are links to other versions/videos, let me know if I made a mistake anywhere this was written out pretty late.

I will probably add to it as time goes on.

Here is a playlist of these covers.

SKAM S04E07 Clip 6 - Fucking over your friends

VILDE: He’ll break up with me..

EVA: No, Vilde, he won’t.

VILDE: Yes, he will!

CHRIS: He won’t do that..

EVA: Vilde, there are some douchebags who have done this and it’s not your fault. Someone did this to you.

NOORA: It’s not your fault.

EVA: It’s going to be fine. You’re just very, very sad now.

SANA: What happened?

EVA: Someone made ellevillevillde 2 and posted lots of shit about Vilde. It’s really bad.

CHRIS: Yeah..

NOORA: Oh my God..

CHRIS: It’ll be fine.. Just..

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(Our tiefling warlock, Malveus, has a nasty habit of interacting with things by licking them. So far, this has included dripping dungeon walls, hallucinogenic mushrooms, a spider’s butt, a gray slime, and various other creatures.)
(Early on in our third session, the party comes across a corridor scattered with glowing crystals which shatter with a blinding light when handled roughly. A couple of us manage dexterity checks to collect a few, and then the expected happens.)

Malveus: I lick one.

DM: (exasperated) It explodes. And it takes all sensation in your tongue. You can still talk, but you can’t taste anything any more.

Malveus: What?! No!

Other warlock: Oh, man, that’s your special thing! How can you live without licking shit?

Malveus: Can I heal myself?

DM: A Lesser Restoration would do it, but none of you can cast that yet.

Malveus: (mutinous grumbling)

(We move on. After a minor scrap and some uneventful trekking through caverns, Malveus suddenly snaps.)

Malveus: I can’t take it any more! I need my freaking tongue back, guys! I summon Asmodeus to heal me.

(General commotion. Most of us think this is a stupid idea.)

DM: Fine, try it. But I hope you know just how high of a roll I’m going to make you –

Malveus: Natural 100.

DM: Bull!

Cleric: No shit, (DM,) he actually did it!

DM: Fuck. Okay, fine! Fine. Fuck it. Asmodeus the demon lord appears in a gout of sulphurous flame, and says, (scary voice) YES, MY SON?

Malveus: O my father, I beg of you, heal my broken tongue!


Malveus: Please, father, I –


Malveus: Done!

Cleric: What? Are you nuts?!

Sorceress: Don’t be a damn fool!

Malveus: Guys, it’s fine. I can see through the eyes of my familiar, I’ll still be able to see. Ish. Totally worth it. Take my sight.

DM as Asmodeus: DONE. YOU’RE AN IDIOT. (regular voice) He heals your tongue, blinds you, slaps you across the back of the head and you take six bludgeoning damage, and then he vanishes.

Other tiefling: (waving cheerfully) Bye, Dad!

Malveus: I summon back my quozzit and put it on my head, so its eyes are about where mine are.

(So now our Malveus wanders through the Underdark with his centipede-formed familiar permanently affixed to the front of his face.)

you’re a fucking tease (smuttish)

a lil NSFW bc tom had me all hot and bothered 🙃 (if you’re tagged it’s bc ur on my taglist, if ur not into smut feel free not to read xo)

add yourself to my taglist!


part 2 | part 3 | part 4 (final)

“God, look at you,” Tom whispered, his voice rough as his lips played connect the dots with the small freckles and moles scattered across your chest. “You look so good right here,” his lips met your jaw, sucking harshly when you tugged his hair, “you look so good under me.” You went to say something but his cold hands slipping into your sweatpants and touching your hot skin made you gasp, urging Tom on more.

“Tom,” you whispered, silently begging him to do something but not being able to form an actual sentence.

“Darling, patience is a virtue.” You rolled your eyes, your comeback stuck in your throat when his hands fingers danced over your clothed heat. “Did you have something you want to say, my love?” His voice changed from a delicate whisper to a deeper, rougher tone. “Nothing?” You managed to shake your head, feeling his cold fingers dip into your underwear, a prominent smirk on his face. “Hm, I didn’t think so.”

You restrained another eyeroll, your legs trying to close around his hand to encourage him. You whined when his free hand came to separate them, hearing him softly ‘tsk’ you. “Tom, you’re such a tease.” You huffed, reaching your hands out to grab his cheeks and pulling him up to kiss you. Your hands slipped from from behind his neck to the top of his boxers. Before your hands could dip any further, his hand came down to grasp your wrist, causing you to groan in annoyance.

“Baby, be good,” he pulled away from you and lowered himself. You almost let out another pathetic attempt to beg him to get him to speed up his teasing when you felt his cold fingers slip into your underwear. “Fuck, honey,” he whined, letting his fingers slip into you slightly, feeling your anticipation. “You are being good, aren’t you, pretty girl?” You nodded vigorously, bucking your hips to force his fingers to perform a different motion, which he happily obliged.

“God, Tom,” you whispered, one hand reaching down to grip his wrist while the other carded freely through his newly cut hair. It wasn’t styled, resulting in it being messily scattered around his head, slight waves forming on top of his head. “You’re so fucking good at this,” a light gasp leaving your lips mid-sentence as his fingers circled roughly against you.

“Tell me, baby,” his rigid voice called out from beneath your waist, “tell me how good it is.” You whined, pulling his hair again. He pulled his mouth away from you slightly causing you to complain. He licked his lips, rising to your ear, his fingers still toying with you. “Darling, tell me,” he placed a kiss to the shell of your ear, “I need you to tell me how good it feels, baby. Or else – I can’t continue.”

“No! I – fuck, Tom.” You felt him smirk against your cheek, his head slowly kissing his way back to where he previously was. “Baby, don’t stop I – oh, god,” your eyes squeezed shut when his hot breath hit you, “I need this – you – I need you. And, god, fuck me you’re so good – so, so good.” His fingers quickened their pace, moaning into you softly, driving you over the edge. “Tom, oh my, god.” You almost came undone – and then you felt an absence. “Tom, what the fuck!”

You looked toward him, seeing him lick his lips and wipe his chin. He walked toward the bedside table and picked up his ringing phone. “Hello? Oh, shit. Yeah, give me a second.” You looked at him confusingly, rubbing your thighs together in frustration.

“Are you done?” You asked, seeing him hang up the phone. He slid on his jeans and grabbed a flannel, lazily buttoning it up. “Where are you going?” He frowned at you, leaning over you on the bed to kiss you.

“I gotta go back to set – they need me for a reshoot.”

“Please tell me you’re joking,” you groaned, ceasing your thighs as you flipped onto your stomach and shoved your head into a pillow. Tom chuckled softly, rubbing your back.

“I’m sorry, darling, I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“You’re such a fucking tease.” You whined, flipping onto your back again to face him. You brought your hands to the back of his neck, pulling him into you to kiss him again. Your teeth immediately nipped at his bottom lip, causing him to smile. You pushed him away from you slightly. “When you get back,” you whispered, “you better fucking wreck me.” Tom laughed loudly, dropping his head to your neck.

“You don’t know what you’ve just gotten yourself into, love.”


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my favourite character’s weapons in no order

optimus prime: lava axe and blue lazer guns

bumblebee: shooty guns

arcee: lesbIAN BLADES

chromia: sheer power of anger alone

Starscream: words and screaming

Thundercracker: pureness

Ironhide: he is the weapon

Wheeljack: who knows what it’ll be next

Megatron: a giant a$$ cannon – wait, you don’t fight anymore? oh, wait, so now the power of edge and darkness is at your side? oh, there’s your cannon again. nevermind. No fighting. Just words.

Rodimus: a campfire gone wrong

Ultra magnus: rules

Prowl: tables

Fulcrum: suicide – wait, that doesn’t work

Misfire: mistakes

ratchet: the power of being 100% done with everything

Grimlock: flame sword

whirl: zero shits

boyfriend!tom things

-sticking your cold feet under his butt on the couch when you’re just chillin out

-when he vacuums and is carrying around the long cord he flips it around like a whip sometimes with stupid sound effects because he knows it always makes you laugh

-when you go with him to premieres/press and stuff every so often he’ll catch your eye and either cross his eyes or wink or just smile really cute at you

-nothing hotter than when he’s driving and he slides his hand into yours on the center console and lifts it to kiss the back of it. or rests his hand on your thigh

-he would have his hands just casually down your pants all the freaking time like whenever y’all are snuggling on the couch or in bed and he had a hand near your hip he’d just slip his fingers underneath the waistband of your pants or your underwear not even in a sexual way he would just do it out of habit and rub little patterns on your hips with his fingers

-he loves watching you put your hair up like he gets in a trance every time you put it into a messy bun he just thinks it’s so cute

-when he spoons you in his sleep sometimes his hands will drift up your body until one of his hands is basically just holding your boob in his sleep lol

-you’re an intense knee bouncer, like, rock the table at a restaurant knee bouncing, and it used to annoy him but now he’ll just put his hand on your knee to tell you to stop and keep it there so you don’t start again

-when you wake up in the middle of the night and you’re far apart on the bed you’ll move in close to him again and he’ll unconsciously snuggle into you more or nuzzle his face against your hair or your back depending on how he’s sleeping and it’s the cutest

-you send each other lil videos or links that remind you of each other all the time

-he does this weird thing where he refuses to dirty a spoon if he feels like he doesn’t have to so he’ll like eat a cup of applesauce without a spoon and you always mock him for it even though it’s honestly kinda sexy but you’ll be like “hey when you’re done eating out your applesauce can you…” and he’ll push his hand in your face or flick you or some shit

-frequently when tom is gone he’ll text you super random questions out of the blue at random times like “what’d you have for dinner?” and it always makes you smile because you know he’s just missin you :’)

-he’s not afraid to post on social media about you and you make frequent appearances on his insta. esp when he’s really deep in the feels while he’s away he’ll post cute instas of you with sappy captions like “missing you ❤️” or “soon needs to come sooner”

-also always comments on your instas shit like “😍 😍 😍” or “baaabe” 

-gently touching his face post-sex when you’re in that romantically-stare-at-each-other mode and tracing over his nose and his lips and that freaking left eyebrow

-when he comes out of the bedroom in the morning yawning and stretching and his shirt rides up a lil and he’s wearing those low-riding sweatpants anyway and you see a nice bit of his stomach mmm yeah

-watching Your Show™ together all nestled against his chest and sometimes you get really comfy and sleepy and he pinches your side every so often to make sure you stay awake for it

-and when he’s away you try to watch episodes together at the same time in your respective locations but frequently he isn’t be able to and you watch the new episode without him and he threatens you like “if you spoil ANYTHING for me” even though he’s the one who struggles with keeping spoilers to himself


we got a lot of requests for more parts of living with tom, so this is sort of a cross between that and just some random thoughts we had about boyfriend!tom :) 

hope you liiiiiiike

xoxo, L & A

2 | Jealous



warnings: graphic smut, dirty talk, spanking, oral sex, fingering, rough sex, asphyxiation (choking), ass play, degrading names, dom!jungkook + sub!reader

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masterlist | ask | song | prev

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Wammy’s house memes

- *points at any bug eyed animal* holy shit who invited L

- Linda and Matt having an ongoing bet over when Mello’s next freak out will be

- ‘Your Momma’s so fat she wears Saturn’s rings as a hula hoop’ ‘My mum’s dead’ ‘Well yeah man so is mine’

- Everyone dabbing in coordination at Near to see how he reacts. He dabs back

- ‘You know why Near wears white? To hide all them fine cocaines he’s been snorting’

- Asking someone how they want their bacon done and being told to Beyond it

- Roger is a cyborg created by Watari and his circuits will short if you let him near a microwave

- Twenty one Zero days since the last explosion

- The ongoing conspiracy that Mello is in fact, Taylor Swift

- The yearly elaborate traps rigged around the house to catch Watari Claus at Christmas

- Calling Linda by her Deviantart OC’s names from 2005

- *Exam season* ‘I haven’t slept in forty hours so pardon my language but, what the fuck is going on in this here day?’

- Knowingly telling the new arrivals that Watari is keeping you here until he is ready to sell your organs on the black market

- Any fictional detective is L

- Both of Matt’s eyes are fake and that’s why he wears goggles

Put on a Show for Me - Let Me Show You Part 2

Author’s Notes: Despite how long it took me to post this, I actually had a lot of fun writing it. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it too. Again sorry for any typos. I try to edit it, but I miss things. 

Word Count: 3,413 (Get yourself a snack, kids. This shit is long af.)

Warnings: Smut. I mean is there anything else worth writing?

Part One: Let Me Show You

Roman knew you were reaching your breaking point. As much as you tried to stay cool and collected under the gaze of his bedroom eyes, he could tell it was all an act. Being an upir had its advantages. One of them being how he could catch your eye and sense your body remembering every welcomed violation he performed on your pleasure deprived body only a few hours prior. He could hear your heart race and he could all but taste the blood rushing to his favorite spot between your thighs. He wanted you again the moment he watched you fall into euphoria in his arms.

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