he's so cute ~

LBM17 is over, but I have a little gem for you: Visiting my favorite “item shop” on the convention. I went there like 5 times a day (because it was nice and cheap) and greeted the cute cashier this way upon entering. Always.

The convention was amazing. Being Ardyn for three days (instead of two) was the best thing ever. Really. It was so much fun meeting all the other FFXV Cosplayers. Maybe a small selfie-post will follow later. (and i have a cute little clip of Noctis)

One of my favorite things about shiro is how he doesn’t have time for nonsense. Like if he’s doesn’t want to he’s not. Like when lance wanted to make siren noises and shiro was like “we’re not doing that” or when coran tries to baby feed him and he’s like “no just no”. But he had NO PROBLEM making fake guns sounds. BLAM BLAM BLAM