he's so cute when hes mad at dino

Seventeen Reaction to -

You getting scared easily


can i get a reaction with seventeen please? where you’re really jumpy and get scared easily? hopefully this makes sense, thanks!


Papa Coups

When you were watching a horror movie he noticed how you curled up into him. He would take the moment and wrap his arms around you.

“Don’t be scared jagi. I’ll protect you.”


I think he’d think it’s kinda cute. I don’t feel that he would scare you purposely, but he would laugh when the other guys scared you. 

“You’re so cute jagi.”


He’d be as scared as you are of the movie. But he’d act strong for you. 

“It’s just a movie jagi, I’m here to save you from any danger.”


Since he knew you got scared easily he’d always pop out of nowhere. 

“Boo!” Then he’d laugh like crazy at your reaction. But he’d get mad if you scared him.


He would scare you occasionally. Like if he heard you coming out of the bathroom he may take the chance to scare you. He would scare you just for a quick laugh.

“You get scared so easily jagiya.”


He’d be the most caring about it. Whenever he saw you jump or tremble, he’d quickly put his arm around you. 

“Shhhh it’s alright baby.”


He would take this as the chance to act cocky. 

“Jagi, if you ever get scared I’ll come and beat any ghost up.”


Unintentionally he’d end up scaring you. Afterwards he’d feel really bad and pull you into a tight hug. 

“I’m so sorry jagi! I didn’t mean to scare you.”


He would tease you about it. Like always mocking your squeaks and facial expressions.  However whenever he tried to scare you, he’d be to loud. 

“Ah! Jagi you caught me!”


Okay I feel like sometimes he would get scared too. Like if you guys were watching a horror movie he would be curled up into you. When the jump scare came both of you would scream holding each other.

“Jagi this is too scary!”


He would tend to walk up behind you and wrap his arms around your waist. Forgetting that you got scared easily, he would laugh. He would sometimes bring it up just to tease you. 

“Jagi remember that one time-”


This the type of boy to pull pranks on you and film your reaction. He’d even force you to go to a haunted house with him. 

“Oh come on jagi, you’ve still got the mighty Hoshi with you!”


Type to go on a date with you to see a scary movie. Knowing you get scared easy he’d pull you into a make out session to make you forget about the movie. 

“Don’t worry jagi I’d never let anything hurt you.”

-Admins A & JC

Being best friends with Chan (Dino) would include

- him bringing you over to the practice room so he could show you some cool new dance choreo to a Michael Jackson song

- you being his number one fan, like you’re so hype, anything Dino does you’re just like yes! Slay! Fuck it up lee chan!!!!

- the fans shipping you both together because you’re always around each other but you both get all blushy like omg no we’re just friends pls

- promoting his album around school, work, your other friends, everywhere lmao, you even got a shirt that says “Chan” on the back but you don’t tell him

- Dino having your contact photo one he took of you drinking chocolate milk with no makeup on and your hair up and you’re mad about it but yours of him is him barely waking up w crusted drool so it’s even

- chan thinking you look cute in that pic but not daring to tell you

- sitting around the dorms with the rest of the svtn retelling old stories you have with Chan, while he sits in the corner all shy like y/n stop embarrassing me ///:

- he secretly loves it when you talk about him tho, especially when you tell the story of when you were both little and got caught burying Dino in a hole in the backyard

- chan’s mom literally loves you to bits, like she’s always inviting you over for dinner even when Dino isn’t there and he’s like mom!!!!???!!

- channie texting you at late hours when he just got out of showcase filming to ask how you are and if you tuned in to the live taping, which you did every time

- singing Michael Jackson songs to back him up whenever he wants to dance and he has no music

- both of you being in your own world when you’re together, rolling around and laughing and seungcheol just stares at you guys like my children ಥ_ಥ

- pinching his cheeks whenever he teases you about something, and pouting until he comes over and whispers an cheesy ass joke and you’re rolling around completely forgetting why you were mad

- hoshi becoming kind of like the third bff in that trio when y'all are together, because your personalities all click

- listening to him talk over Skype late at night about how much he wants to succeed and be the best he can be and you’re just encouraging him like u r the best already channie ಥ_ಥ

- Dino stealing your toe socks because “they’re comfy” and he has “poor toe circulation”

- you’re basically two goof balls who literally laugh the entire time you’re together and you couldn’t imagine yourself being best friends with anyone else in the entire world

If Woozi were a pocket sized companion that rode on you and went with you everywhere

“Y/N no”

“Y/N NO”

“Yah! Stop pinching my cheeks!”

Always concerned for your well-being

Writing songs together

Intense cuddle sessions

Like he can cuddle you

But you cuddling him makes him feel jUST HOT AS HELL AND HE”S GONNA PUSH YOUR ASS AWAY #smolgrownmannu

But then he gets sad

“Please cuddle me?”

Fluffing his hair

“I’m not cute” *embarressed blushing*

“Yes you are, shut up”

Puttin band aids over your little cuts bc it can get infected and young Jihun don’t want that shit

Him getting mad when someone upsets you

“I can make a deal with Satan and-”

“Jihun nO”


Kissing the top of his head bc he’s still so sweet to you

Reminding you that you’re his favorite person each night

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Seventeen Reacting to their Idol Girlfriend going on WGM with Someone Else - Request

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I think he’d be someone to have a serious talk about it, saying that the two of you should go public. 

“It’s okay~ it’s just scripted between the two of us.” 

“I know but still….” 


He’d be very jealous but also very envious that the guy you’ll be paired with gets you. 

“Y/n… Promise it’s just platonic between the two of you..?” 

“Don’t worry about it, I have you so it’s okay.” 


Definitely, he’d be supportive but at the same time, he’d be nagging at you. 

“Remember y/n, no kissing on the face at all, okay?” 

“Trust me I know, this is the 6th time you told me this hour.” 


I can see him getting outrageously angry and start throwing stuff *teddy bears* out of jealousy.

“It could have been anyone but they chose you? Someone that’s taken?” 

“I don’t get it either but trust me when I say that nothing out of the script will go on, okay? We’ll literally be friends in a show together.” 

when you arguing and they say something false about you


Thinking outside the box, he’d negotiate with the directors setting up this season’s WGM to allow him to be in WGM as the “husband” was undecided. 

“Did you get them to say yes?” 

“No, but trust me! I can! Give me some more time!” 

anyone see that cute fairy in the back god 


Seeing that Wonwoo is not the angry type, he’d be quite irritated to see that you had to be around another guy. 

“Can’t you talk it out with your manager or something?” 

“I did but they’ve already confirmed it and articles are already published…” 


Worried to death, he’d be continuing to tell you how much he loves you and that he would always be with you. 

“You act like I’m asking to break up with you.” 

“Because that guy might make you feel something, I see the show!” 


This would probably knock the smile out of his face when he hears about it and he’ll be very much sad, smiling around you to act like he was “chill” about it. 

“You won’t… be mad when the script tells me to hug him.. right…?” 

“Hahahaha…. o-of course n-not…” 


Definitely would full out start whining to you that life wasn’t fair and that the two of you didn’t deserve this. 

“Life is so harsh! What did I ever do?!” 

“Mingyu, this is just a show that I’m on…” 

“No it’s not just a show! It’s a show where you get married with ANOTHER MAN!” 

“did she really just say that about me?” 


He’d spend hours and hours after finding out that you were going to be on WGM searching up about the show itself and sulk with you after. 

“I’m watching every episode of this supposed marriage show now.” 

“All you have to do is trust that I won’t feel anything~” 


I can see Seungkwan just completely freaking out like crazy after finding out about this situation and he’d be fuming it around you. 


“I know I know…” 


Of course, he’d be blank after hearing the news but then he’d be all saying that he trusts you so much but inside he’s worried to death. 

“Of course I trust you y/n… I know I’m more handsomer than your h-husband..”

“Why are you biting your nails..?” 

“W-what? I was? B-bad habit…” 

when you think about that one embarrassing you did that one day


Acting cute also lets his anger slide with you. This time, he didn’t even mean to act so cute when he was mad but he was just full on jealous. 

“Who in the world gets to have my y/n?!” 

“You do, but the script says otherwise, I’d rather listen to myself though.” 

Seventeens reaction to you wearing their shirt

Scoups: he’d be all for this seeing you all in his clothes. he’d see you making breakfast when he comes home from an early practice and he’d see you in one of his over sized t-shirts, his heart would just do flips because how could you be so cute! 

Jeonghan: “wahh she looks so cute in my clothes” he’d say in his head. You greeted him with a kiss when he came home and he just looked at you. “jag i think you're wearing my shirt” he’d say to you and you’d just run around and smile at him. he always loved when you wore his shirts because he wasn’t always there to be with you. 

Joshua: He doesn’t know how to react at first when he sees your small body in such a large shirt so he just walks up to and smiles to himself  thinking about how lucky he is. He’d be another one to leave clothes around for you because he knew you loved to wear them when he was touring or wasn’t home 

Jun: this little tease is the type to not say anything about it until your turned around or wasn’t paying attention. He’d then slip his hand under your over sized shirt probably saying something super extra like “it would look better off of you” because thats just how he is. 

Hoshi: he’s going freeze up at first because you look so cute in his shirt!! he’d have a little smirk on his face when walks over to you kissing you when he  reaches you. he’s going to admire you when ever you turn around. his favorite thing is to see the love of his life in his clothes after he gets home from his job he loves you so much he always feels like the luckiest man in the world! 

Wonwoo: he’d be so flustered seeing you in his clothes! he’s always love seeing you in his shirts or sweaters because sweaters paws!!! his heart would just melt because of it! 

woozi: “why do they look normal size…..” 

dk: LITERALLY DOES NOT STOP SMILING!! he absolutely love it when you wear his clothes because they look so big and you wear messy buns with the big shirts!!! You look so cute it makes his heart hurt. usually lots of kissing because he loves you so much 

Mingyu: ahhhh he’s another jun. Saying something smooth as hell. “wow it looks so good on you.. quite long.. Are you wearing something underneath.” 

Minghao: *can’t even make a sentence because you look so adorable in his shirts* 

seungkwan: “YAH! why are you wearing my clothes!… you do look cute” He’d be so conflicted he wants to pretend to be mad but he can’t he loves you to much and you look to cute!  

Vernon: He’d be so happy your wearing his clothes but he’d give you extra attention because he knows you only wear his clothes when you really miss him! he’d get so flustered and his little cheeks and ears would turn all pink he’s just so happy! *tries so say something but messes up* “I’m sorry youre just so cute”

Dino: “hyung she’s wearing my shirt what do i do” “let her keep it it means she loves you” “ SHE WHAT” He’s so flustered but he really likes seeing your small frame in his shirts and the way you made all his shirts smell like vanilla when you give it back to him he always smiles when he wears the shirts to practice after.