he's so cute i wanna pinch his cheeks

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What do the 1p's think of the 2p's and vice versa??

Alfred: He is a fucking pervy! If I wanted to hear bad pickup lines I’d give booze to England!

Allen: He’s such of a nice cookie, so boring~ I’d still fuck him though. Ah, that nice thighs…

Arthur: At first I thought that he was just a crazy and annoying guy, but honestly he’s a good person that knows how to put a family together. And swear jar? Best idea ever.

Oliver: Lil Artie is such of a cute friend! He’ll be even better if he drink less and smile more! Also, he needs to put a fire extinguisher on the kitchen. You know, for decoration.

Francis: Oh my God, he needs to shower more, love more, smile more, everything more! How can somebody live like this? I tried to teach him, but he keep declining the offer.

François: Instead of caring about my life he should use more clothes. Discusting.

Yao: That guy is so childish! Why he has to give everyone a nickname? And why he hit on every single girl? And why he does so much dirty jokes??

Yang: Lil Dumpling still mad about me because I took him to a drink and now I know all his secrets… So cute~

Ivan: He’s a nice guy I guess!

Viktor:  He’s a nice guy I guess….

Matthew: He’s such of a nice and gentle person! He always remembers of calling me and visiting me!

Matt: That fucking cute mothercuker….

Feliciano: He can be a little scary, but I’m sure he has a nice heart!

Luciano: Talking about this annoying excuse of rainbow shit and smiles is forbidden in my presence.

Ludwig: That guy needs some discipline.

Lutz: That guy needs some sex.

Kiku: Kuro-san is a nice and decent man. He’s a little pervet, but he knows how to respect the place and time for acting like this.

Kuro: I like Kiku. He’s a nice man. He needs to stop taking pictures of couples, but hey, everyone has his kinks, who am I to judge?

Lovino: If I see that guy in my house again, I gonna shoot him. Oh my God he talks so loud. And why in hell he kept looking at Spain’s butt? That’s discusting.

Flavio: He remembers me of Luci so much~ Except that, thanks to me, Luci is not tacky as that poor soul.

Roderich: Such of an awful taste in music. And what about that clothes?? Why his jeans are ripped? He fell or something like this? 

Roland: Mr. right pants doesn’t know how to have fucking fun. Well, when so much time was used to make the perfection that I am, is no surprise that my counterpart is not as good.

Gilbert: Gillen is so cute and adorable and sweet that I wanna pinch his little cutie cheeks so much ><

Gillen: Gilbert is the coolest guy in the other world! Maybe because he remembers me of Rolland… *blushes*

The BTS Hair Colours That Fucked Me Up [Maknae Line]

Okay… So we may as well get the bias out of the way, considering how practically most of his hair colours have fucked me up in more ways than one. This also goes in bias order and my order of what hair colour fucked me up the most. (I have missed some hair colours out I know but they didn’t really do anything to kill me) 




  • Silver/Grey

Guys… We need to take a moment to appreciate how good Jimin looked with his Silver hair. I mean he always looks good but this hair colour… plus Blood, Sweat and Tears… I died… No one was ready for this music video…

Uhm… NO! NO! Jimin… I feel attacked and offended… This… this needs to be illegal and like… I need Jesus… the amount of… Let’s just move on…

  • Pink 

Seriously this boi, he’s such a mochi with pink hair… like we can all agree when his forehead ain’t showing he’s adorable but as soon as his forehead comes out to play BAM! you’re attacked. LIKE SO CUTE GUYS I CAN’T WHAT A SPECIAL SMOL CINNAMON ROLE!!

Like… Holy shit… guys I’m pregnant…This is it… the feels are too much. He’s my daddy

  • Black

Jimin looks so fucking cute here I can’t like… Omg he’s an angel I can’t… I’ve been blessed, seriously his smile could cure cancer.

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Okay so I know this gif is black and white but still… We know his hair is black and holy fucking shit… He’s daddy material

  • Orange

Jimin’s orange hair is one of the main reasons he became my bias. He suited orange hair so well I’m so upset I wasn’t apart of the fandom during this era. His hair looked REALLY fluffy when it was orange and I was DYING to touch it!!!

Like… Yes. Fuck. Me. Sideways. He. Is. 100%. A. Sex. God. Fuck. Me.

  • Blonde

His blonde hair was so good! I loved it so much and he was so fucking adorable with it! I can’t such a cute mochi I wanna pinch his cheeks!!!

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  • Light Brown

His hair… When it was light brown + Danger (Japanese Vers.) = holy fucking shit asdfghjkl!

Like.. How can you not love this hair! I’d fucking let him strangle me (IN AN NON SEXUAL WAY)

  • Red 

Believe it or not… Jimin’s red hair wasn’t one of my favourites. NOW BEFORE Y’ALL KILL ME ALLOW ME TO EXPLAIN MYSELF! It was fucking hard to choose an order okay!? But out of all the other colours, I felt as if this one didn’t kill me the most.

But FUCK! HOLY SHIT YES! He is literally a god…. But allow us to move on.


  • Purple

Jungkooks purple hair… No joke… Almost made him my bias. Jungkook is one of the most annoyingly hot ass bias wreckers for me. I can’t take it. Dis boi needs to stay in his fucking lane. But it appears he doesn’t know what that is!

He seriously though…. his hair purple, brought me life, cos I couldn’t handle it the first time I saw him with this hair colour.

  • Light Brown with Pink Highlights


Awwwww heeeeee sooo cute!!!!! <3 but his hair ASDFGHJKL!

  • Honey Blonde

His honey blonde hair literally killed me! I love it so much! and I’m kinda upset he changed it so soon… The depression…

I don’t ship TaeKook but I fucking love this it’s so cute. And his hair looks so good, it goes from light to brown just YES!

  • Black

I hate how he can go from being the most adorable maknae in existence to…

the most disrespectful and r00d person on the planet. Boi stay in your lane. I’m fucking warning your tall ass!

  • Brown

I need u depressed me so much and I love Jungkook in that era so much! ASDFGHJKL 

Jungkook…. In Blood, Sweat and Tears… Yes! HE IS DADDY! But I fucking loved his hair in the MV cos he suits natural colours so well <3


  • Orange

Whether it’s light orange of, dark orange he suits it no matter what!

His hair during Boy In Luv, plus those triangular (Illuminati) earrings. Yes, he was so fucking hot!

  • Lilac 

His lilac/purple hair was one of his best hair colours I believe, along with orange. He suits any colour and he’s just… Yes!

He goes from a sex god to fucking adorable how the fuck does that even work!!!

  • Blonde

Taehyungs blonde hair looked amazing! I much prefer him with brown eyes and blonde hair because I’m so used to his dark coloured eyes rather than his blue ones.

This gif fucked me up so hard. It’s just him breathing but omg yes! I fucking love him so much!

  • Brown

Yes! I know that his hair in this gif has slight green but I’ve grown lazy (as Tumblr decided to be a bitch and delete my work… For a second time!) But his brown hair is just fucking yes!!!

He’s so fucking hot and adorable at the same time… I want to know how this is possible…

  • Red

His red hair during Save Me was amazing! But I think it’s a bit too red. Don’t get me wrong he suits it so fucking well, it’s just not a favourite colour of mine that’s all.

Fuck. Yes

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Tbh I love Bakugou! He looks really cute when he's not scrunching his face

he does!! he’s actually a rather handsome lil’ fella when he’s not being an angry rage machine

tho personally i also find him adorable when he’s angry too, haha

like here, when he’s less “I’M GONNA FUCKING MURDER YOU AND DANCE ON YOUR FUCKING GRAVE YOU FUCKMUNCH PIECE OF SHIT” angry, and more of a “stubborn little kid throwing a temper tantrum” angry, haha

it makes me wanna pinch his cheeks and go “awwwww”

(tbh, panels like this are the reasons why i love Bakugou so much, b/c they present him in a less harsh light, haha. he is just a kid, after all. a really angry, stubborn kid, haha)


Just Jooheon Things


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NOT ONLY THAT, BUT HE IS SCARED OF A LOT OF STUFF….It’s so cute <3. LIKE MONSTA X IN A HAUNTED HOUSE, MONSTA X RAY WITH ANIMALS. But over time, I feel like he is conquering his fears one at a time and I feel so proud of him after everything he has been through. Especially through Monsta X No Exit when he started crying because he experienced life as a caged tiger….I started to cry for him <3 He’s such a sweetheart that needs to be protected at all time.

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(okay this gif…i can’t stop staring at it *heart eyes all around* ^)

Monbebe loves their charsmatic rapper and all the above <3. Jooheon has worked so hard his whole life to get where he is. I love how he has such a big heart towards his members and monbebe. He has shown us multiple sides to him even with his singing (WHICH IS INCREDIBLE). He doesn’t need abs or anything like that at all, he is perfect the way he is. EAT WELL AND REST…WE ALL KNOW HOW YOU LOVE SLEEP. (Monbebe’s add more :D)

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Just Shownu Things

Just Wonho Things

Just Minhyuk Things

Just Kihyun Things

Just Hyungwon Things

Just I.M Things

Just Monsta X Things


REQUEST: the marshmallow & chocolate of the s’more // reverse idol!au // park woojin

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genre: fluff

fic style: bulletpoints

summary: a surprise scenario for an Woojin-loving anon / where you are an idol of a 3 member coed group where you are the only girl. you go onto the show with Wanna One and you are the only girl. why is it that Woojin is captivating you??

warning: Woojin overload 

  • you and your hyungs played around in the waiting room, there was 3 minutes until you all go onto mini program with Mnet, where the princess (you) must find a prince (you don’t know which group) with your hyungs as your knights (more like the king and queen)
  • why did you call them hyungs? 
  • it was more comfortable to see them as actual brothers than a loving oppa 
  • plus you were the one taking care of them; paying for their food etc
  • your company, BigHit, trusted you guys enough to not have an affair with one another
  • not that you would anyways, you saw them as your real brothers
  • gross
  • you guys were in a 3 member group called “The Outsiders”
  • you all were born out of korea
  • your hyungs were twins of Korean and Japanese descent, they were both born in Japan, Naoto hyung and Naoki hyung
  • you were the leader of the group because the company didn’t want the twins to fight over the leader spot while being the same age
  • you were from America; you actually came to BigHit to be a makeup artist/stylist but you were caught by a representative practicing with other trainees and saw massage talent from you
  • so here you all are
  • “The Outsiders!! you’re up!!”
  • you all were casually talking to the MC when you all got startled by the airhorns
  • the song Nayana started to play
  • one by one, Wanna One members were walking to the center of the cameras 
  • you guys were in awe, all of you guys looked like your jaws were gonna fall off
  • everyone was laughing at your guys’ reactions
  • “ya y/n is really funny” you heard Daehwi say
  • you played along
  • “isn’t that a given for idols on variety shows-cho”
  • you jokingly shrugged as your hyungs pretended to wipe imaginary dust from your shoulders
  • “So before we begin, I’d like to point out y/n’s accent, since it’s so adorable. does anyone else have a cute accent?”
  • Wanna One was a yelling mess
  • “Hyung what are you talking about? I am a Seoul person.”
  • you thought he was so cute, you just wanted to pinch his cheeks
  • “Ya y/n, stop gawking at Woojin” Naoto hyung was jeering at you
  • Naoki played along “I guess everyone else can leave since y/n has made up her mind”
  • “wae wae wae”
  • the Wanna One members were upset that they didn’t have a chance to showcase their charms 
  • the MC played along
  • “so y/n what do you like about Woojin?”
  • you didn’t get shy easily so you didn’t mind the attention, I guess you were the opposite of Woojin
  • everyone was looking at you, except Woojin 
  • he was such a blushing mess who could barely keep eye contact with you
  • “Woojinnie is so cute… he’s like a marshmallow-cho..”
  • leave it up to your hyungs to hype it up
  • “Woojin what do you have to say about that??”
  • all the attention was now on Woojin
  • “I-I th-think that y-y/n has pre-pretty choco-chocolate eyes..”
  • poor boy was a stuttering machine gun; you didn’t know it was possible to stutter that fast
  • “let’s support them as the S’MORES COUPLE”
  • i want s’mores rn
  • during the break, you got a chance to talk to Woojin
  • he was awkwardly funny but that was his charm
  • you thought that even though you guys were the opposite.. that opposite attract right?
  • he was so different that I guess you could say, it was love at first sight
  • “y/n.. what is your ideal date?” he finally took up the courage to look you in the face
  • you wanted to reply October 15 since it was when the leaves would change colors but you didn’t have to wear a thick coat
  • but you said
  • “having s’mores by the campfire while looking at stars-cho”
  • you smiled
  • today was the last day of “dating” Woojin
  • it had been an incredible 6 months
  •  it was finally the end of June 
  • you both had one last day together
  • Woojin told you that today was going to be a surprised
  • he took out his favorite bandanna and wrapped it over your eyes
  • you felt a soft peck on your forehead 
  • then you felt him lead you into a car
  • since you were good at directions, he had to take a lot of detours to confuse you
  • he played your favorite radio station the whole time
  • it felt like such a long time before he came to a halt
  • he princess-carried you out of the car and sat you down on some chair
  • it felt like those chairs you would bring out to camping
  • Woojin lifted the bandanna
  • the sun was setting
  • you were seated at a small campsite with the lake just beyond the sliver of trees
  • Woojin scratched the back of his neck
  • “I don’t know if this is what you wanted… but I didn’t want to ask you for details or else I would ruin the surprise”
  • you felt like tearing up knowing that this would be your guys’ last day as a public/virtual couple
  • “no.. it’s perfect-cho”
  • you sniffled as he came up to hug you
  • he rested his chin on top of your head
  • “why are you crying we still have the rest of the night?”
  • he pecks you on the lips 
  • poor boy still gets super blushy every time he kisses you
  • you guys struggled to get the fire started; in the end the staff had to do it for you guys
  • the whole time you guys were making s’mores; you guys were recollecting your memories with each other
  • how one time you caught Woojin sleeping at the dining room table, just waiting for you to come back home from practicing and you didn’t want to wake him up so you both just slept at the table that night; caught a cold the next day
  • or how one time you wanted to surprise him from his tour back in Japan so you hid in the back of his van with balloons and marshmallows
  • you were so content with how things were going with him, you wish you could turn back time so that this relationship would go on forever
  • you both finished your s’mores and took a stroll to the lake to look at the stars
  • the lake was so still, you were able to see the reflection of the stars above
  • Woojin pulled you from behind into a back hug and nuzzled into your neck
  • “I wish that, for every star you see in sky you see.. they could never amount to how much more you shine..”
  • you could feel his tears falling down your collarbone
  • does this really have to end like this??
  • that night was the last time you guys were a public couple
  • you guys kept your relationship under the belt after the program ended
  • the only people who knew that you guys were still together were your hyungs and Wanna One
  • bless their soul
  • having a private relationship was hard
  • you guys would try so hard to hide your identities when you guys were on dates
  • but like hell you guys were gonna give up this beautiful relationship
  • you guys were the perfect combination~ 
  • I want s’more loving 
Boyfriend!Kang Daniel

  • you were just working at your local pet cafe when a group of 11 guys come inside and take a seat at one of the tables. 
  • but when you look outside there are like a sea of just girls outside the window screaming out incoherent sentences and you’re just freaked out because wow ?? this has never happened in the whole time you have worked here what is happening right now. 
  • but soon one of your coworkers starts almost freaking out in the back room so you just head there and she’s like 
  • and you’re just confused like 
  • “I don’t see an idol group here though?” 
  • but then it hits you. the group of 11 guys just casually sitting in your cafe must be the group she’s talking about. 
  • so since you are ordered to be their waitress bc you are the only one that is not freaking out about them  you go up to them and try talking to them when you hear someone screaming one of the member’s name. 
  • “wow Kang Daniel must be very popular.” 
  • but you hear chuckling and when you look over you see a guy who’s around your age who is holding a cat. and you’re just starstruck because wow he’s so cute but that cat is cuter?! 
  • once you get the order for their drinks and give them their drinks you have some free time so you decide to play with all the cats. while you’re playing with the cats though you don’t notice that the sea of girls are slowly disappearing because security has come to give Wanna One privacy. 
  • so while you’re playing with the cats one of the workers comes next to you and is like, 
  • “I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Daniel has been looking at you for quite a while now.” 
  • so you look over and TRY to guess who Daniel is since you don’t really know who it is but it doesn’t take you that long since you meet the gaze of the guy who was playing with the cat earlier. 
  • so sooner or later Daniel goes up to you and you both start making conversations about cats. an he explains that he named both of his cats boy names without actually checking if they were girls first and you are in shock because you did the exact same thing?! 
  • “i literally have named my cats harry potter and Joshua without realizing they are girls too.” 
  • then daniel is like 
  • “you like harry potter?!” 
  • so after that Daniel starts coming over more often and before you know it you start developing a tiny little crush on him because he’s super cute and you both became friends over your love of cats and naming them without checking the gender. 
  • so one day while you’re working Daniel stops by with a couple of roses and just sits down at his usual table but what really catches your attention is that he’s wearing a nice outfit AND that he has roses. 
  • so once you are on your break you sit by the secluded space that he usually sits at and he holds up the roses to you and is smiling that bright smile he always has while you’re just caught off guard and have become a red tomato faced mess
  • “I know that it’s only been like a month since I’ve met you but do you think you’d be willing to go out with me? on like one date i mean.”
  • and ofc you’d accept because who wouldn’t want to date Daniel?! 
  • so you’re first date would be at no other then your pet cafe, but instead of work you are here on your day off. and although you had thought it was just going to be you and Daniel Seongwoo had also joined in because he’s gotta make sure Daniel doesn’t embarrass himself.
  • but it doesn’t really matter to Daniel because he just acts like he isn’t there at all and continues to flirt with you. 
  • but he doesn’t really have to flirt with you because you have already liked him ever since you guys started talking about the names of your cats. 
  • so then after the date he drives you home and he brings to do the doorstep but you don’t really feel like ending the date. 
  • “i really enjoyed the date today, I hope we can have more in the future.” 
  • then he just casually brings you in for a hug and it lasts for quite a while but once again you aren’t complaining because the hug feels nice. 
  • so it’s been a couple of dates and are just chilling at home when the doorbell rings. you open it and it’s Daniel with his cats !! you let him in and you both just sit on the couch for a while just watching your cats play with his. 
  • “so i’ve been wanting to ask you this for a while,” 
  • you look up at Daniel and you notice that he looks ver nervous and you just find it cute because you haven’t seen Daniel like this before. 
  • “would you be my girlfriend, i mean we would have to keep it a secret for a while if you don’t mind.”
  • “of course Daniel! gosh who wouldn’t want to be your girlfriend?!” 
  • you exclaim and you instantly start hugging Daniel which catches him by surprise but he hugs you back and next thing you know you both are just cuddling on the couch watching the both of your cats play together. 
  • you both would be such a cute couple i swear omg like he doesn’t mind pda but he won’t over do it. you both would hold hands in public or he’ll put his arm around your waist while you both are just walking. there are occasional kisses when he just can’t resist you. 
  • but at home he’ll be almost glued to you, casually resting his head on your lap so that you can play with his hair. back hugging you while you are making food. 
  • one time he slept over at your house and you woke up to him mumbling in his sleep, 
  • “Y/N don’t go! I have to give you one more hug and kiss before you go!!” 
  • you would just snicker silently to yourself while you just get out of bed to make breakfast. 
  • while Daniel is preparing to leave you go up to him and decide it’s the perfect time to repeat what he said and see if he reacts to it. 
  • “But Daniel don’t leave! I have to give you one more hug and kiss before you go!” 
  • and then you just start laughing to yourself while Daniel is just standing there confused, but then he realizes that he must’ve said that while he was sleeping so he just starts getting all red in the face while you are laughing your ass off still. 
  • so he decides to grab you and start planting kisses all over your face unexpectedly. 
  • fights wouldn’t really happen but when they do they are often solved quickly since Daniel really cares about you and what you think so he’ll often try to talk it out with you and understand your side of the argument while also calmly explaining his side 
  • and then after that you both would probably play with the cats together. 
  • but since he’s an idol he can’t come over all the time so there are moments where you don’t see him for a week or a couple and you just feel really lonely but he left his cats at your place so you don’t feel as lonely. he also left his sweater there but since it’s summer you don’t wanna sweat all over his jacket 
  • he’ll text you often so don’t worry about him ignoring you, in fact he gets all sad and stuff when you don’t reply to him for a long time. 
  • but when he comes back from promoting and all that jazz you better believe that he’ll literally be stuck to you at the hip. like wherever you go he’ll come along with so that he’s near you because he missed you that much. 
  • “I missed you so much y/n I kept on telling the other members about you and they told me to stop at one point because I wouldn’t stop talking.”
  •  you’d just laugh and pinch his cheeks because he’s so cute and also that you couldn’t believe that you scored someone like him.
  •  “I missed you too Daniel, your cats was the only thing keeping me company besides work, but I haven’t told them I was dating anyone.” 
  • In conclusion you both would be a cute couple that everyone would be low key jealous of.