he's so cute i cry omg

Okay so I was in the line to meet Sean Maguire and he walked past and this baby behind me starts to cry and so he turns back and pulls a sad face and like walked up to her and was like ‘aww what’s wrong?’ And the mother said something and he was like 'we can’t have you crying, you’re too beautiful to cry.’ I almost cried. And then he was like 'okay let’s get started so I can give you cuddles.’ And she started giggling and he tickles her and it was so cute. Omg he is so great.

it doesn't matter what genre or story you're in, shintaro! your fate is always the same.

lol inspired by the fact i used to accidentally call konoha “konohamaru” all the time. you done goofed, konoha, lol.

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Dan and Phil's friends Mimei and Duncan apparently met through the comments on an amazingphil video and now they're married and are one of the cutest couples on youtube like if you don't think that's the most adorable thing ever I don't know what is omg phil is truly amazing

phil’s actually done so many magical things for the youtube community he’s such a sweet baby angel //quietly sobs in the corner


actually crying because i would have given anything to have had cas in that episode



2-year-old amputee learns to walk, exclaims, ‘I got it!’