he's so cute hold me

i wanna wake up like this one day <3 :)

“oh god he’s cute”


Hood Mills Family in 5x01

125/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

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Ellie you are too cute and pure for this world oh my god


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I hope you don't mind me gushing my love about Jared to you, guh, I just scroll over a set of GIF where Jared making such silly faces, aaahh, hold me please. He's so fucking cute and sometimes I wonder does he truly realize how adorable he is? I don't know what's your pov but imo Jared can be quite oblivious? And a bit too sensitive, even if that's why he intrigues me. (Mmm, despite joking about his good looks occasionally yet not fully aware....good God, I'm not making sense, just ignore me) -1

Thinking about it, I can hardly recall seeing any Jensen’s funny pictures, quite few comparing to Jared’s, according to my memory anyway. Their personalities are really different, I guess I’m more like Jensen, in some ways. Perhaps that’s why I got such a huge crush on Jared lol. *cough* Now back to my first impression on Jared, I suppose my first thought was, wow he’s so pretty (yeah I’m shallow), it’s S1 Sam when it first broadcast on 2005, though I got so livid about all the -2  

hateful comments throwing towards Sam/Jared and stopped watching for a while. Nevertheless, I still check up on him from time to time, his bond with Jensen is absolutely striking, I can hardly handle the overwhelming love between them *happy sigh* I’m hardly a emotional person, hence it never cease to amaze me how Jared can be so genuine, in ways I could never imagine, don’t know how to explain, that he makes me feel? Sorry about the rambling -3    

now please excuse me to find a quiet corner and cry happily *pool of tears*  What about you? How did you fall in love with Js? I’ll be very delighted to read your answer, love you! xoxo -4  

Hello, dear anon!

First off, can I just say that Jared is a very lucky guy to have such a passionate fan? It warms my heart whenever I come across people that genuinely care about these actors. There is far too much hate in the world and far too little love. Thank you for bringing positive vibes to my blog!

I’m afraid I’m nowhere near as passionate about the J’s as you are. I love them so much, but in a fond and friendly way. It’s honestly surprised me that I ever got to the point where I started caring about them, because I’ve never cared about celebrities before - only of their work, not of their lives and personalities. To me, that alone says there’s something special about the J’s!

I started watching Supernatural back in 2008 or 2009, but I didn’t get involved in the fandom before early last year. I had read some fanfics of practically every pairing throughout the years, but I knew nothing of the actors and wouldn’t read RPF because I didn’t find real people that interesting. Then I joined Tumblr and was bombarded with Jared and Jensen on my dash and almost couldn’t believe my eyes.

They’re that friendly? They’re that funny? How freaking adorable are they?

I was enchanted by their friendship and later convinced by their love. Their personalities fascinate and intrigue me and I love how they always make me laugh with their jokes. They’re so good together.

Thanks for sending me this message, dear anon! I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

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