he's so cute he's precious he needs to be protected at all costs

what I really think of Monsta X

Shownu: leader goals, like if you can deal with these bunch then you are obviously a superhero, papa bear shownu ♡, i want to bite his arms too i mean what, precious eye smile, gentle and really looks after the other members SO damn well!, so hardworking! deserves all the good things…

Wonho: monbebe’s no1 fan. would do anything for us. but we want to do everything for him too. so lovable! all his wishes needs to come true because he is a good bean. like seriously his personality is A+. looks aint that bad either ;) must be protected at all costs… stop calling him a hoe. he aint ok

Minhyuk: bias. my love. pure SUNSHINE. glue that holds everyone and everything together. so much love for him ughhh.. never forget when he was covered in glitter. Blond!minhyuk is still my fave. SO HYPER??? like how? but I would love to have him around, he’s so extra xD cute af.

Kihyun: sass master. photographer!kihyun is my aesthetic. his voice is so nice like it gives me goosebumps?? I have a thing for his forehead. But y’all know this by now. boyfriend material ;; so freaking attractive! and i can tell that he loves the other members otherwise he wouldn’t nag them so much!

Hyungwon: meme. 75% legs. model chae is my fave. but also sleeping chae. iconic line: Bish I wanna get high. them lips… sigh. LITERALLY TOO BEAUTIFUL TO HANDLE. starship he has a wonderful voice, give him more lines. can be cheesy and greasy but we still love him ^^

Jooheon: I’m still not over Matthew ok. hella awesome. he really does have RHYTHM. those dimples though. I can never get tired of his aegyo but also his swag! sweet af, adorable but also can be sexy…. yep. would forever call him Jooheoney ♡ 기억해 이 시간 never wanna see him cry ever gain :(

I.M: bias wrecker, honestly why do I stan, voice can get girls pregnant, doesn’t look like a maknae but acts like the maknae, talented af, HANDSOME, but also very very very cute, LIKE STOP BOY?!!!!, iconic line: I AM WHAT I AM MAN. & bring back his blond hair pls. I want to feed him. Just me? oh ok…

Well, well, well… They are back!

Whom am I talking about, in thing plethora of comebacks? Why Monsta X of course!

Monsta X is a group of 7 super talented members!

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Last comeback, they came out with “All in”, a great  song with an awesome(yet super confusing) plot driven music video, claiming that it was only Part 1.

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So when i heard that they are coming back i got extremely excited to see the continuation of the story and to hear their new album.

Aaaaaaand to be honest, at first i was a bit disappointed with the new music video, probably because i was expecting something very similar to ‘All in’, a more fluid continuation.

However, when I saw the music video a few more times, it had really grown on me, The shots are great and there were some links to the previous music videos, but i guess i am a bit to stupid to understand right away!

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The ending, however… still feels very random.

The song too is great! I really like Fighter, in fact, i love all the songs on this album! 

And the members… oh my lord are they amazing!

First we have our leader: Shownu

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He is a great dancer and his stage presence just slays everyones existence! Just watch him on Hit the Stage for some solo dance action(by solo i mean without the other members). So, lets not sleep on Shownu please!

Then we have Kihyun:

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This boy is a cutie with amazing vocals! Yes, his vocals are truly great! I feel guilty for saying this, but there are times where i can see why Monsta X is Kihyun and friends. And, in my opinion, that is not always a bad thing. After all, there are songs which are truly amazing for him and choruses which just fit his voice perfectly!

Of course, we also have Jooheon:

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Ok so.. This rapper kills me! And not just because of his skills and voice, but also his persona! He just seems like such a fun guy who can kill with aegyo! He lights up the room and then performs and suddenly everything changes and he becomes just unbearably amazing! And lets be real, i find his sexiness no joke! He just seems like a manly man with a great twist aka aegyo.

Then theres I.M:

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Our precious, precious maknae! His raps, great and his singing though… so sweet! Just watching him, makes me wanna hug him, but then he gets all cool and spectacular and all i can think is “WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO OUT OF MY LEAGUE!” He also looks great with the new hair!

Lets not forget Hyungwon, of course!

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So, heres the thing, i admit to the fact that at first, Hyungwon’s look slightly disturbed me. It’s just that his lips and jaw just seem so out of sync with his face… It just seemed like he failed having botox, and so his face got slightly deformed. However, as i saw more of Monsta X and so a lot of their interview I realised one thing: Hyungwon need to be protected at all cost! I believe that its okay if someone does not immediately get attracted to him, but its never okay to hate a human being for that! After all, he is just so sweet, so kind, so graceful that i fell in love with him! Hyungwon is a beautiful human being!(PS, can we please ask for some more lines for this angel?)

Then there is…. Minhyuk!

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Minhyuk is a precious cinnamon role. He is so cute, so sweet, it destroys all Monsta X fans! He just speaks and everyone was to take this puppy and wrap him in blankets! And just like for Hyungwon, can this beautiful human get more that a mere 13 seconds please? 

Also, he has such a cute bromance with the leader, Shownu.

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Bromance and fanservice at its best!

And … for last… we have… Wonho.

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Did I ever think id find a man in a crop top hot? Nop, but things change… drastically.

Real talk now.

I really hope that Wonho doesn’t mind being so sexualised, I really do. Because sometimes it gets a bit out of hand. After all, when is he finally going to be able to do things fully clothed?

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He doesn’t even get to make stuff with clothes on! And like i said, if he enjoys it, good for him, you go boy! But if it is done against his will, then it is unfair. I just really don’t want to hear, that he is forced to do the whole sexy thing for the rest of his life. 

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But other than that, Wonho just seems.. special. There is an aura around him of a guy comfortable with what he is, who has experienced some things( and he has since he was like 14, which for me is totally fine. After all, in my country it is not uncommon to have a drink or smoke at 14-15. In fact, most in the end live a typical life). I do however, want to see a bit more of personality from him. Cause although he seems comfortable, I think he might just be comfortable about his own little safe zone as Wonho, rather than as Shin Hoseok. I don’t know whats going on in his head, but please don’t kill me! I love Wonho and Shin Hoseok, but the is my opinion! But i think this doesn’t just apply to Shin Hoseok, but to many if not most idols and famous people in general.

So, this is the roundup of the groups members, The amazing members!

As a bonus, lets make a bit of a Monsta X spam!

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So yes. This is our beloved Monsta X. The group of beloved, fun loving ‘dorks’(said in the most loving way) who make up a cool kpop group!

BTW: I know that I’m primarily an ARMY, but yo, THEY NEED TO WIN AT LEAST ONES!!! They deserve it so much! So please! Lets give them at east 1 win!

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Thank you for reading!

PS. Wohno can you please stop? Cause every time i try to find a gif for anything all i see is you! I love you and all but.. please… you are killing me!

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hii! i read your tags from my post (aka 7thtens) hahaha. i can tell that you really love those boys and it's so nice to see! but yes, please send me cute bap things. but i think it'll be easier if i followed you, so i'll look out for those cute (and not so cute ones too lmao 🙊) things! ahhhhh, i genuinely wanna know more about them.

OMG I truly with all my entire heart and soul adore these men and lovelovelove sharing them with new fans and it makes me very happy when people show interest in them so here I am, willing to give you any content you should ask for lol (sorry I just am very dedicated to them) 
((also I just linked a lot of info so please if you ever have the free time go through them, B.A.P is so neat and just wow lol)

I made a post a couple months ago for just my favorite reasons to stan B.A.P if you would like to go throug there?
It just points out cute moments/MV’s, songs, interviews and other variety things that I personally enjoyed and other Babys basically obsess over (truly they are the cutest weirdest bunch)

Heres a list of all their MV’s
(strap yourself in for their mvs, they’re all amazing!)

Members SNS
Yongguk: Twitter || Instagram
Himchan: Twitter || Instagram 
Daehyun: Twitter || Instagram
Youngjae: Twitter || Instagram
Jongup: Twitter || Instagram
Zelo: Twitter || Instagram || 2nd Instagram(videos) || Mochii (his pupper) instagram

Official websites: VAPP || TS.Ent Youtube || B.A.P Japanese Youtube 

B.A.P Blogs: @itsbap @mato-world

 Member wise you Got
Bang Yongguk: Leader, Rapper, composer, writes almost all of B.A.Ps music. fluffy awkward dad, tigger enthusiast , puppy cuddlier prolly, mean mugging intimidating to others but is actually a cupcake, cave voice marshmallow. holy shit Yongguk is actually so precious 

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Kim Himchan: Sub vocals, Visual, wine mom, bunny teeth smile, actually so super adorable with Babys, actual fucking nerd it’s ridiculous, softest heart with the hardest head, in love with bbang and jongup, will protect his children over anything. Took over as leader when bbang went out on hiatus for health reasons, carried B.A.P through end of the year performances/award shows + Noir comeback so bless Himchan ;;;

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Jung Daehyun: Main vocals, annoying oldest son, biggest fanboy of B.A.P, biggest fanboy of Babys, spoils all of us, is really loud and really extra, screams a lot, bounces around a lot, singing at any chance he gets, has really cute dimples and whiskers when he smiles, is actually a soft cute bun, like the softest honestly, can be a massive asshole to the other members but does it out of love, never take Daehyun srs please lol

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Yoo Youngjae: Lead vocals: sassy middle son, soooooo extra, brains of the group, MC of the group, fluffyfluffyfluffyfluffyfluffy, also super loud, gives everyone hella sass during interviews and vlives it’s actually super great. Daehyuns husband bestfriend, they are a power duo, never leave them alone together honestly. Is also rude but is just really smol can never take srsly, has a deal with his mom to never expose himself, we have yet to see any skin of Youngjae and it’s a curse. #DaehyunsMomOwesHimFood, looks really amazing in pink, Young+longcoats=gods work, actual king of aeygo.

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 Moon Jongup: Lead dancer, sub vocals, little nerd boy, “one puuunch~” is actual a pup, needs to be protected at all costs, is really shy on camera, but sometimes he lets his real self show when he’s comfortable, is actually the most hilarious man ever, loves anime, loves reading manga, likes to be naked, is Himchans lil love bug, this kids sense of humor is amazing, literally a fucking meme without trying to be. Has a really strong love connection with chocolate milk. Likes to take his shirt off a lot, no ones complaining, he’s ripped asf, flips, flips everywhere. cutest crooked teeth. someonebuyhimglassesplease.

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Choi Junhong(Zelo): Maknae, rapper, lead dancer. tall .-. only member with a stage name, goes hard asf with his verses honestly, imo one of the strongest rappers in kpop, loves his puppers, loves his hyungs, his hyungs love him so much. respects all of his brothers so much, meme lord, likes to be shirtless on instagram. huge flirt, 3am vlive adventures to waffle houses alone, drinks underage in America and we don’t understand how???????? He and Jongup help make up the choreography for B.A.P, has helped Yongguk write and compose music. is actually a very tall squish, needs to be stopped 25/8

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shit okay this got long, but if you have any questions feel free to ask me or any B.A.P blog on here, theres so many and I can give you some of the best if you feel like joining the fandom. We’re all really chill really meme-y sweet people and always welcome new babys to the fandom with open arms! 

When you have a crush on them and shyly confess

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To be honest, it’s hard to gauge his reaction to this.  He’s a quiet, shy person himself so he might really have an appreciation for what it took to confess to him.  He is american, though, so he might be more used to straightforwardness.  Either way, he’ll probably think it’s cute.  The little origami heart will definitely peek his interest, though he might be a little confused as to what he’s supposed to do with it.  It might end up in his pocket or in his wallet before someone (probs Jinyoung) points out it’s not just a gift, it’s a letter.  He’ll probably feel terrible, especially if it’s been a few days, and seek you out.  If the crush goes both ways he’ll want to find you as soon as possible to clear things up.  It would be his worst nightmare if his obliviousness cost him a chance to be with you.  “Hey, uh, I’m sorry about that.  I didn’t mean to ignore you or anything.  Can I make it up to you?”

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He’s going to be super surprised.  I can imagine him standing there after you’ve left the heart in his outstretched hand with just the most dumbfounded expression on his face.  He doesn’t strike me as the most observant person…like he notices things about the people in his immediate circle, but like outside of that he’s kind of walking blind.  He’s seen you around before and has on multiple occasions found himself thinking ‘wow he’s/she’s cute’ but because of your shy nature, he’s always assumed you weren’t interested.  So, what exactly is he supposed to do now that you’ve dropped a literal heart in his hands?  Jaebum would need to talk this out with someone…anyone just to wrap his mind around it.  He can be shy, but he’s mostly blunt.  He knows what he wants and he’s going to get it.  If you fall into that category, then just be prepared for him to walk up to you and tell you in the most straightforward way that he likes you back and wants to date.   “She/he likes me, dude…” “Is that a bad thing?” “What? No!” “So you’re going to ask him/her out, right?” (cue the ‘are you stupid look’)

Keep reading

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wow, you write very well and detailed! the plot is amazing too. can I request a scenario of rfa (and v + saeran if you can) being yanderes while they're dating mc?

Oh, thank you so much! So… I didn’t intend to go full yandere because I wasn’t sure I was comfortable with (not because of the theme, I just wasn’t sure if I knew how to do this), but that kept getting darker as I wrote, and it turned out really abusive and angsty. I’m not proud about Jumin and Saeyoung ones tho, they’re not that great, but I hope that’s what you wanted. :)


RFA + V and Saeran being yanderes ANGST


  • Whenever you hang out in public, he’ll always have an arm around your shoulder or waist
  • In bed, he enjoys fucking you in front of mirrors, he loves to watch himself giving you pleasure
  • Won’t let you cum till you tell him how great he is at everything and how no other man you’ve ever been with could ever be compared to him
  • He won’t forbid you of wearing certain clothes, but he won’t pretend he’s not bothered, he’ll pout and insist you have to change because he was the only one that deserves to see you at your best
  • If he’s not able to convince you, expect to find dark hickys all over your neck, collarbones and thighs after sex, that way you can’t wear low cleavage tops and short skirts
  • He’s not afraid of getting into fights if someone approaches you, fuck the scandals, you’re his
  • You always have a seat reserved on the front row during all of his musicals, and he makes sure the seats by your sides are empty, he doesn’ t want anyone distracting you from giving all your attention to him when he’s performing
  • At first, he would never let you be photographed or give interviews, HE is the public person here and anything concerning your relationship would be answered exclusively by him
  • He used to say this was for your protection, but you knew he just didn’t want you getting the same kind of attention he gets
  • But then, he realized  he enjoyed to show you off to media, so he’d spend days training you to say the right things and find the right clothes, so he’d dress you up like a doll
  • He was determined to turn you to a modern day princess and your relationship should always come across as a fairytale in the public eye
  • But he started actually believing in this, so any attitude of yours that didn’t meet his expectations would be harshly scolded
  • You didn’t feel human anymore, everything you did felt so robotic, made only for other people to see
  • He was the actor here, but you felt you were the one always pretending  to be this perfect princess
  • Neither of you knew what was real now, not even your love


  • He will hold hands with you in public and tight the grip everytime some guy (and girls, eventually) look at you and smile
  • In bed, sometimes his insecurities get the best of him and he can’t hold an erection for long, your warm touch makes him lose control of his body immediately
  • You would always reassure him it was fine, the sex was still great, anyways, and you loved him so much
  • But he didn’t like your tone. To his ears, you sounded like you felt pity for him, and he hated!
  • Still, you always managed to praise him a lot, and you just hoped he could notice that every moan and compliment you gave were sincere
  • He could almost read people’s mind on the streets when you went out. “What is she doing with him? Poor girl can get someone so much better” He was always wondering when you would realize that too 
  • He wasn’t strong enough to fight for you, so the only thing he could do was make himself weaker and weaker, so you would feel obligated to take care of him
  • So he’ll hurt himself everytime you get late from work/school, everytime you talk to another guy, everytime he feels you’re not giving him love and attention enough
  • He hates your pity, but if this will make you stay, he doesn’t care


  • Trust always was a low point in this relationship, even though she would never admit to you and to herself
  • You were always so sweet to everybody, sweet… or were you just flirting to everybody?
  • She gets it, ok? You’re a little younger than her, you’re pretty and bubbly, there isn’t a single person who wouldn’t fall desperately for you like she did
  • But she knew those guys would be coming to the cafe just to see you, they didn’t care about coffee at all
  • So hiring another person and putting you on paperwork felt like a natural move to protect you and her feelings for you
  • You missed talking to people, seeing their smile everytime you would hand over their delicious and beautifully made drinks
  • But you would never complain, you didn’t want to upset her, she would be so cold when she was upset and the sex would feel so awful
  • Because this would be clearly about her pleasure only, and sometimes you could swear your frustration would turn her on more and more
  • In fact, making you feel frustrated was an habit now. She would make you overwork so you’d always look frustrated, stressed out and tired. If you’d be like that, you wouldn’t look that cute to other people now, right?
  • She became what once hurt herself so much, but she couldn’t even realize it, she just wanted to be the only one to see your true beauty and sweetness that would be hidden behind those dark circles under your eyes and the ill aspect of your skin.


  • You didn’t remember the last time you went out by yourself, if he wasn’t with you, at least two bodyguards would
  • His arm is always around your waist, he wouldn’t let his guards down not even around his own father
  • He is very possessive and demanding on bed and this is a huge turn on for you at first
  • But you could always tell when something went wrong at the office, because he would take it out on you very roughly,. Most of the times, you would feel the pleasure through the pain, sometimes you wouldn’t, it was just that scary pain
  • In the beginning, he was very understanding that you had different habits from his, but it got really perceptive when he was slowly pushing his eating and sleeping habits onto you. It was for your own good, he would say.
  • Controlling you was for your own good, he would say
  • Things started to get weirder when you went out by yourself for a couple hours. A friend of yours was in town, she was going through a tough time and could use a friend now, she seemed so sad and afraid, you felt that taking the bodyguards could be intimidating
  • When you returned home, you never seen his eyes that dark and never heard his voice this low and husky. “Where were you?” “Why didn’t you take my calls?” “Are you leaving?” “Are you trying to escape like Elisabeth did that time?” Oh no, not this again…
  • He got you a bracelet with a tracking device, the bodyguards got very detailed instructions about never leaving you alone if he was not around, a female bodyguard was hired exclusively to watch over for you in the bathroom, that was the level of insanity going around that penthouse
  • You and Elisabeth were his precious little kittens, but if you’d gonna behave like an wild animal, he’d need to tame you at all costs


  • He is not too clingy in public, but he’s always by your side or a little behind you
  • In bed, he will make you scream his name out loud and tell you’re his, only his
  • If he was too busy, he would hire Vanderwood to keep an eye on you when you’d go out
  • As much as you enjoyed Vanderwood’s company, it was uncomfortable, and you told him. He didn’t like it, but dismissed his services on a very passive-agressive way.
  • “I’m just worried about your security, MC, it’s a shame you don’t care about yourself as much as I do… but I won’t tell you how to live your life”
  • Still, he needed to know if you were always ok, so he attached GPS devices on your clothes and would always hack security cameras on the streets to watch you
  • He also installed cameras and wires at your apartment, but he didn’t tell you.
  • Hacking your laptop and phone started as a hobby , but quickly became a habit, he’d love to trace patterns in your interests
  • But everytime you ‘d search something he considered inappropriate (like photos of that cute guy on that boy band) he would take down the internet at your home or send you a virus, this also worked as an excuse to go to your place or make you go to his, 
  • This happened so often that you felt you were actually living together, but not in a very natural way
  • He got obsessive about your online activities, he felt he could know you better like this than actually talking to you.
  • Everybody is more honest when nobody is watching, and although you were so special, you weren’t any different . Watching you like this would make sure you would never lie to him.
  • He just wanted to be the one who knows you the best, it was the least he could do after pushing you away like that. Now he wanted you closer as possible.
  • None of  the tasks he did for his previous job felt filthier like this one, and he got surprised how much this satisfied him


  • Like Saeyoung, not clingy in public
  • But he showers you in compliments in front of others, and gets slightly angry if people don’t respond in a way he considers adequate
  • Even when you don’t take his compliments as he desires, he will get frustrated. “You need to start seeing yourself as the magnificent person you are, MC. It really bothers me you’re uncapable of”
  • He puts you on a pedestal, and everytime you do something that doesn’t go according to how he pictured you should do, he will scold you for not reaching your full potential
  • Takes tons of pictures of you doing several activities during the day, and sometimes, he takes pictures of your reactions when he touches your body and praises you, those ones became a collection
  • A very prestigious art critic pointed out how the model would look despaired in some of the pictures, which V hated
  • Now he was determined to only get your joy in his photos, so he would create every possible situation that could make you smile. But still, nothing was good enough for him, you never looked happy enough, and he would be very clear about how frustrated he was with you
  • You watched as your boyfriend was only seeing you through pictures, you didn’t feel like a real person who could show her emotions genuinely
  • But what hurt the most was that you didn’t see your boyfriend’ eyes anymore, they were always behind the camera lens


  • He’s too shy to show affection in public, but he’ll walk with beside you, glaring at people like a hound dog
  • In bed, he is very instable. Sometimes he treats you like a porcelain doll and touches you like you’re gonna break, he feels so guilty for everything he did, so treating you like this feels like he’s finally doing the right thing
  • Other times, he’ll be rough, very rough. You’ll have dark bruises due to hard hickys all over your body, he enjoys tasting your blood, he says is the most delicious thing he ever tasted
  • He can be like this out of the bed too, the shy and quiet Saeran or the loud one who’ll snap at you over the silliest things. You never know which Saeran you’re gonna face
  • He hates it being like that, he feels like shit and knows this is too much for someone so bright and lovely as you to handle.
  • But he’s so afraid you’ll see you’re making a mistake being with him, it’s probably a matter of time for you to notice you’re too good to him
  • So, before you realize that, he has to find a way for you not to feel so good, he needs to lower you to his level
  • His snaps will be more aggressive, he’ll tell you how useless you are at everything, you’re stupid, futile, you’re so lucky that he’s patient with you, you ‘d never find a guy who could bare you like he does
  • And slowly you start believing in that, you never noticed how much you and him are alike. Yes, you’re lucky you have him, if you two  are so wrong for the rest of the world, at least you can be wrong together.
  • He  feels like shit, the only way to make you stay is if you feel exactly like him

walkingsaltshaker  asked:

The members (+ V & Saeran) discovering MC had a child/children? Or their reactions of MC admitting she wanted children? (You don't have to do both, either one would be nice. I just didn't want to send 2 asks.)

Doing the first one because it is!! Super cute! (I work in a toy store so I LOVE KIDS lmao.)


  • Your hands are shaking from your nerves when you finally work up the nerve to type up the text. Her name is Iseul. She’s two, and her dad left me just before she was born.
  • His reply was near instantaneous. Can I see a picture?
  • You turned to your daughter and put on a grin. Say cheese, honey!
  • “Heez!” She reached out to you, her little chubby fingers fanned out, and you snapped a picture of her face, of her red cheeks and big, broad smile. The little smiley face in the caption when you sent it to Yoosung felt like a lie.
  • You told him that you understood if it was a deal breaker, seriously you did. Even if you did date, you didn’t expect him to become her father. You got it, you got it, you understood, he was young and you’d -
  • You can’t even finish your string of messages before you get one back from him. She’s precious, just like you, and I’m not going to let you struggle raising her alone.
  • Yoosung’s desire to grow up and become a man increases twofold. It isn’t that he’s really excited about a kid - honestly, he’d never thought of it - but he’s so, so determined to support you that he’s willing to give fatherhood a go.
  • Despite his determination, it’s a bit… rough at first. He doesn’t really know what he’s doing and he often panics about little things. 
  • (am I feeding her enough? Am I feeding her right? why is she crying DID I BREAK SOMETHING OH NO HELP)
  • she’s chewing on the keyboard wire omg no stop
  • “oh shit i’m in the middle of a LOLOL match and she’s cry ing fuck”
  • (you come home one day and yoosung is in the fetal position because drew ALL over the apartment walls and he doesn’t KNOW WHAT TO DO)
  • After learning the ropes though he is great at being a dad. He’s just this big huge kid paling around with your kid and it makes your heart melt. Sometimes he’ll sit her on his lap and she’ll watch him play LOLOL. (at first it annoys him when she presses keys and paws at the screen but eventually he chills out and thinks it’s adorable)
  • He’s so proud of her. He never once thinks of her as being anything but his child, and he brags about her SO MUCH to his guild. (sometimes he’ll turn on voice and let them say hi to her)
  • (she always babbles back)
  • (they love her protect ur daughter 2k16)


  • You have a daughter?
  • Can he see her?
  • Oh god she’s the cutest he loves her already. Wait, that’s not weird, is it? He’s not weirding you out?
  • Great - first time he meets her, he brings her hair clips and buys her ice cream and dotes on her like the happiest new father imaginable.
  • Zen doesn’t hold back on either his love for you or your child. He is so happy to be a dad. He’s always taking photos of her, taking photos of you, taking photos of BOTH of you and just… grinning. He has a family.
  • He has a family.
  • like seriously this is Zen
  • When he finds out her father left you he is S T E A M E D. He wants to hunt him down and give him hell but respects you when you say you just… want that period of your life to be over now. It’s done.
  • He’s here.
  • He does puppet shows for her. He acts for her. He does all the funny voices for the bedtime stories and takes her to amusement parks when she’s old enough.
  • Daddy loves playing dress up with his little princess
  • (When Isuel starts imitating daddy while he’s performing he M E L T S.) 
  • If the media says an goddamn thing about u and your PERFECT DAUGHTER he will cut someone
  • (seriously he has like a million photos of her in his wallet his coworkers are sick of it)


  • She is understandably nervous when she learns you have a kid, and you tell her it won’t affect her relationship with you. You’ve been doing the single mother thing for two years now, you can manage it.
  • She’s not really expecting to get attached, only thinking of your child as something akin to taxes or a loan you’re paying off. She cares about it because it puts a burden on you, and she’ll help put when she can, but there’s no maternal affection there…
  • …Until, both by bit - your daughter, worms her way into Jaehee’s heart.
  • It’s the little things at first. The way she grins when she finishes a puzzle, the way she wiggles and dances to the music Jaehee plays while she’s working… and the way she sits right in front of the television whenever Zen is on screen. it’s just cute.
  • (seriously she touches Zen’s face and Jaehee LOVES IT)
  • Jaehee thought of children much like cats - messy and just… a burden - but watching the way the two of you smile at each other when you’re holding her… she’s just…
  • She’s filled with love - for you, for her, and she can feel that love that she’d forgotten, of a parent who deeply cares for their child.
  • (One day she offers Jaehee a cookie and says ‘mama have cookie!’ and JAEHEE ALMOST STARTS CRYING AHHH)
  • Jaehee learns how to make really killer hot chocolate for her since she’s too young to drink coffee, and the way she wipes the whipped cream mustache off your daughter’s face is just… precious…..

(more under the cut!)

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kgutierrez2222  asked:

I love you blog your writing is so great!! 😁 could I request a mlt to date an innocent girl! Please and thank you!

Thank you so much!! This is so cute, here you go:

(Based in my opinion)


  • Yuto: Yuto’s definitely not innocent, but he has stated he liked pure girls. He’d ask himself how can someone be so cute. He’d also love to show you things, seeing you grow and becoming more ‘mature’ would make him happy, although a little sad at the same time because he’d want to protect such an innocent mind. You’d be an adorable couple!! He’d tell you the most beautiful things, he’d make sure you’re alright all the time. He’d care for you a lot.
  • Yanan: I think this is no surprise! He is so innocent too, pure and fluffy, so I think he’d totally date someone who was like him. I believe you’d be such a cute couple! You’d discover new things together because you just cannot be innocent for all your life. Your relationship would be fluff, fluff,  and MORE fluff! You’d rarely fight, and Yanan would come up with the cutest date ideas ever. You’d grow together, which would result in you guys having a very strong bond, not only a boyfriend-girlfriend bond but also the best friends ever bond! Yeo One would have to share him with you
  • Jinho: He’s pretty shy and reserved, and kinda innocent in my opinion too, so I see him dating an innocent girl rather than an ‘impure’ girl. He’d be thankful you’re like him, because not many people are as innocent at the age of 24 years! He’d be complimenting you all the time and writing the most charming poems for you, sometimes he’d be a little cheesy, but he’d just want you to know how he sees you in his eyes.
  • Yeo one: I think he doesn’t really care about how spoiled a girl is, but in my opinion, he’s more into pure and innocent girls. He’d think you’re super cute and adorable! And would love it because he’d love to tease you and make you blush. Also, expect a lot of cheesiness. He’d take a lot of care of you because your cutesy would make you look so defenceless even if you’re black belt in taekwondo, y’all know how much he loves taking care of people lmao
  • Hui: Would think you’re the biggest cutie pie on earth. Like Yuto, he’d love to show and teach you things; he’d love to expand your horizons and make you discover new things. I think, out of all the members, he’d be the one who in some moments he’d treat you more like you were his little sister. He’d be pretty touchy in a non-sexual way because he wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable.
  • Kino: I think he prefers non-innocent girls, but he’d also go for an innocent one. Would tease you a lot and would dance sexily in front of you just to see your reaction, because he’d think they were so precious and cute. Even though he’d do and say dirty things when he’s with you, he wouldn’t like if someone else did them. Outside home, you’d be his little angel who’d need to be protected at all costs lmao
  • Wooseok: Being innocent while dating this giant boy would basically be: teasing, teasing, teasing, teasing. He’d try to tease you as much as possible, and would say many dirty pickup lines like “Call me leaves, cause you should be blowing me” or “There are 8 planets in the universe, but only 7 after I destroy Uranus”, and your face would turn all red and he’d laugh his ass off while taking photos of you to look at them later and think how can someone so adorable be with him. he’d be such a little shit
  • Shinwon: Would be a mix of Yeo One and Wooseok tbh, sometimes he’d love to tease you until your face looks like a tomato and sometimes he’d just look at you and think you needed to be taken care of because your purity couldn’t and shouldn’t be destroyed.
  • E’Dawn: Hyojong would admire your pureness a lot, just like he admires Yanan’s. He’d be surprised you were so innocent, so he’d want to hug you all day long. He’d be so respectful when it comes to skinship or having sex. Sometimes he’d tease and bother you, so you’d be super embarrassed, and he’d pinch your cheeks while saying “aw my beautiful flower”. He’d also write amazing songs for you, comparing you with things such as cotton or clouds because their softness would remind him of you.
  • Hongseok: Would love to make you blush. He often makes double sensed jokes, so he’d laugh a lot and would think you’re so cute when you didn’t catch or understand them although later he’d make you understand them. Out of all the members, he’d be the most direct and not that ‘careful’, but not because he wouldn’t care, he just wouldn’t think it was a big deal or something that ‘especial’. Though he’d respect if you didn’t want to do certain things.


It was difficult af, because I see them all dating an innocent girl!

I hope you liked it :)! Also thank you so much for requesting and for your kind words!! <3 

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Excuse my English, it isn’t my native language :c

anonymous asked:

When I first saw Sidon in a playthough, since I don't have the game yet :*( I immediately thought to myself that he is cute within seconds of his first line, but at the same time I could hear in the back of my mind "Don't you do it, don't you dare" but by then it was already to late. So anyways what were your first thoughts on Sidon, was it like mine and you were into him on site? SIDON IS LOVE, SIDON IS LIFE!


Honestly, same. I ain’t going to lie though, I was SUPER salty at the very beginning when Sidon didn’t help or carry us on his back. He totally could have, we all know it. That said, he grew on me super fast. And the moment Sidon got super excited after finding out who Link was, I was  d o n e

Just, rip my poor gay heart. I shipped them so hard, and only proceeded to ship them even harder as I went through the Divine Beast Ruta quest. Here I was thinking I’d be the only one to ship them.

tldr Sidon is a precious boy and needs to be protected at all costs

No one can compete

I doodled a little Cas because I love him. ❤❤❤ 

hip hop unit when you’re on your period


  • he probably made plans for the day but you texted him in the morning telling him you can’t make it bc you’re bleeding and you didn’t have the mood :(
  • he would be disappointed but being the sweetheart he is, he would come over to take care of you
  • that includes buying you your favourite snacks
  • you’ll probably be clingy when he’s here but he isn’t complaining
  • he LOVES it when you’re all clingy and pouty so he can take care of you
  • lots of kisses
  • but no cuddles bc you can’t lie in that position you might stain the sheets
  • and as much as you wanted to cuddle mingyu, you won’t have the energy to wash everything
  • binge watch movies
  • romance movies just bc
  • you have to keep leaving in between movies to go to the toilet
  • “babe don’t leave”
  • “i have to change”
  • “no you don’t”
  • “shut up kim mingyu i will bleed on you”
  • you hit his shoulder and then push him away so you can go to the toilet
  • “but i miss u” mingyu will be all pouty and shit
  • “…….we r literally in the same house…… and i’m going to change my pAD ITS DISGUSTING”
  • “it isn’t disgusting bc ure my girlfriend”
  • and then he’ll smirk and ure like…. ???
  • anyways you will push him away and run to the toilet AND LOCK THE DOOR
  • phew it’s so hard to get mingyu away idk if its good or bad
  • and he’ll be outside the toilet calling you asking if you’re done and when you open the door he will try to scare you
  • “BOO” he’ll suddenly jump out
  • when you roll your eyes at him he’ll hug you like a teddy bear and carry you onto the sofa and continue to kiss you
  • “i hope ure always on ur period”
  • “why??”
  • “bc then i get to take care of u and kiss u, and u won’t run away bc u r lazy”
  • you’d be too tired to even reply him and entertain his shit
  • but u still love him 


  • he’s chilling at home and you texted him asking if he can get you pads and come over
  • tbh he would be pretty reluctant and hesitant but too bad he loves u and ure cute
  • “ure lucky I love u so much to be doing this”
  • when he’s at the store he’ll freak out and send u pictures of the pads and ask u which ones u want
  • “babe which”
  • and after u tell him he’ll grab and pay very quickly, trying his best not to be obvious that he’s awkward
  • he’ll get some food along the way
  • after he reached your house he’d rant about how awkward the situation was when he was getting the pads
  • you’ll just laugh bc he’s so cute
  • “what’s so funny??” and you’re like nothing and he starts to tickle u
  • and he’s like “oH shit I forgot SORRY” 
  • he’ll make sure u aren’t in pain
  • y'all will eat lunch while he surfs the net blasting raps
  • and you’ll be taking boyfriend pics of him
  • “babe stop and eat” then he’ll cover ur phone lens
  • “nO VERNON let me take more pictures of u”
  • “but I’m shy”
  • he’ll start rapping his part in fronting and you’re like /heart eyes/
  • lots of selfies with weird faces
  • if you’re having cramps he would stop whatever he was doing and pull u closer to him and let u lay ur head on his shoulder and will ask u if you’re alright
  • if u fall asleep on him he’ll smile and take girlfriend pictures of u ;-)
  • when u wake up he’ll show u those photos and
  • rip chwe hansol


  • we’re looking at a boyfriend material right here
  • he knows exactly what to do when u’re on ur period
  • he already knows which types of pads you use after you told him once
  • he’ll buy so many packs though
  • “you need to store these up in case of emergency”
  • and u’re like “wow u sure know more about this than i do”
  • when you want to drink iced drinks he’ll be like “nO WHAT DO U THINK URE DOING RIGHT NOW”
  • u’re like ???
  • and he will talk about how you shouldn’t drink cold drinks when you’re on your period
  • ………who’s the one bleeding now……… u never know
  • and you’re like “but i rly wanna drink it”
  • and you throw in a few pouts
  • “nope, you’re gonna have cramps later on, YOU’LL REGRET UR DECISION”
  • and before you can continue to argue further he pushes you out of the kitchen and brings you into your room and tells you to rest
  • even though you’re fine
  • “cheol i’m perfectly fine, i’m not in pain”
  • he shushes you and goes to the kitchen to cook lunch for you
  • isn’t he such boyfriend material
  • just marry him already
  • he’ll bring the food into your room and treats you like a princess
  • he might even feed you U NEVER KNOW U WILL NEVER KNOW
  • you’ll catch him staring at you and when you ask why he’ll just say that you’re beautiful and he just needed to have a good look
  • “you feeling ok?” “you need anything?” “i’ll do it” “rest baby” “do u want to cuddle if u want just let me know i’m here”
  • ok i’m ending this here before i spill tears everywhere where do i get a seungcheol


  • i have a feeling he’ll search about periods when he’s alone
  • “why do girls bleed”
  • “why do girls have mood swings when they bleed”
  • “why does cramps hurt”
  • “what to do when your girlfriend is in pain when she bleeds”
  • when he’s over at your house he’ll ask you a lot of questions about it
  • “wonwoo, are u ok? why do u need so much info”
  • “because…… it’s important to know about girls’ needs, and their pain…. and especially now that i have a girlfriend, i just need to know”
  • “but u can’t help much”
  • “how do u know i cant help u have to tell me first”
  • and after you explain everything to him he’ll nod and pout
  • “i’m sorry” he’ll apologise out of nowhere
  • “what for??”
  • “for not understanding what girls go through… and sometimes being angry at you when you have mood swings, i didn’t know things are this hard”
  • “its fine, at least now u know”
  • he’ll ask if you’re hungry and he’ll order anything you want
  • pizza! time
  • after lunch y’all will be doing ur own things aka him sitting beside you on your bed while reading his book while you’re probably decorating your diary, pasting some polaroids that you and wonwoo took together, and snapchatting
  • when he wants to take a break from reading, he will hug you like a koala and make clingy noises
  • “babe i’m sleepy”
  • you’ll pat his head and let him lie on your lap
  • playing with his hair is one of your fav thing to do
  • and you’ll use your fingers to trace his features and he’ll fall asleep
  • aHHH SO CUTE its always so cute when he falls asleep on your lap
  • but it wouldn’t be cute if you need to go to the toilet to change before it overflows and you can’t bc wonwoo is in deep sleep
  • but its still cute

zac-baegans  asked:

How would the RFA members react to their s/o's being extremely short? Like 4'11 or something~.

OHOHO A SMOL BEAN… since I think headcanons are easier I’ll just write some HC’s if that is fine for you! And I’ll just add some reactions I got by myself because people say I’m small too! - Lizz 

|| Just wanted to add that I’m shorter than 4′11 and this absolutely adorable and precious. -Ellis ||


  • he isn’t the tallest one of the group but when he finds out that his s/o is smaller than him
  • boi…. the teasing begins
  • whenever he has the opportunity he just puts his ellbow or rests his chin on your head 
  • and whenever his s/o can’t reach a thing he laughs saying things like “aw u r so cute my small bae” but can’t reach it by himself.…..
  • SOMETIMES WHEN YOU’RE NEXT TO EACH OTHER HE’S JUST LIKE “wait.. WAIT… WHERE’S S/O? oh nevermind i didn’t see you”
  • or he’s putting things on your head (an apple, a cat, a mug…) just because he can
  • at the end he just loves you being smol and always picking you up to kiss you 


  • he thinks you’re so adorable??? like the first time he sees you he’s like… wow… so precious..
  • so adorable…
  • needs to be protected at all costs…
  • he feels so good when he stands next to u.. he feels so tall and he has the need to protect you (but you beat him in arm wrestling so a plus for u)
  • whenever you ask him if he can’t grab something for you he’s like “SURE HAHA” but has problems by himself.… 
  • he loves hugging you when he’s sitting 
  • you guys always hold hands when you’re in a big crowd because he’s afraid to lose you


  • he thinks this is too cute.. he clenched his heart and had to rest on a chair
  • he loves patting you on your head when you’re happy 
  • when you’re taking a selfie the first time he forgot about ur height and on the photo u guys couldn’t see ur face…
  • after this horrible experience for u he just goes on his knees whenever you take a photo together
  • whenever you can’t see something bc you’re too small he loves just holding you so you can see it


  • at the beginning she kinda felt anxious because she thought she was too tall for you
  • but now she’s used to it and she feels like the one who needs to protect you
  • (even though you’re the one who protects her most of the time)
  • she loves picking up things from a higher place from you 
  • and always watches you when you have to go on the tip toes… 
  • too cute…
  • one day she almost dropped her mug because you were too adorable
  • and then there was this moment.. 
  • she was too busy with work and her head was full with thoughts and she just crashed into u because she didn’t see you and…. 
  • she’s still sorry.. to this very day………..


  • the first time u guys met he didn’t even see you
  • you waved from down there (boi jumin is like the tallest one in the group what do u expect) and then he saw you
  • he was embarrassed…… 
  • big bean and smol bean
  • since he’s afraid this will happen again… he loves to take your hand every time he can… 
  • and whenever he has the urge to give you a kiss… he just picks you up 
  • but sometimes he’s also bending down to give you a kiss (it looks really funny but also super cute!!)
  • “S/O.. do you think I should hire an assistant for you too? So he can pick up things for you that are too high-” “no…” “you are right.. this is my job”
BAP!boyfriend - Jongup

Yongguk | Himchan | Daehyun | YoungjaeZelo

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•Cutest geek couple ever
•Video game date nights
•When a new super hero/Marvel/action movie comes out, you two are nearly first in line for the midnight screening
•You both have this remarkable ability to understand one another even when no one else does
•Comfortable silence
•Subtle but deep passion
•Neck kisses - not always done in a sensual way. Sometimes he’ll come up from behind with a hug and a kiss on your neck just to let you know how precious you are to him without trying to portray that with words that always seem to fail at truly expressing his feelings
•Shy blushes when you compliment him or surprise him with a kiss
•Super private relationship- even the other members won’t know about you for several months. This is not because he’s shy or ashamed of you, but because he likes to have some things that are separated from that part of his life
•He will eventually introduce you to his group when he feels that things are super serious with you. It’s basically like taking you to meet the family, so he wants to take that step in due time
•Coordinated Halloween costumes - Joker and Harley Quinn? Probably
•Thoughtful gifts while he’s away. Many don’t realize just how thoughtful he can be, but you will have no doubts when he comes home with a mixture of cute and useful gifts for you, all with an explanation of why he thought of you when he picked them up
•Many chill dates with movie/drama marathons and goodies that you had made together
•'No’ is hardly in his vocabulary when it comes to you
•Shy dance lessons, simply because it’s something he’s so passionate about, so sharing dances with you in like blatantly sharing a part of himself with you
•Surprising protective of you - glares generously dished out whenever he feels like your safety or wellbeing is threatened
•Mild bits of jealousy here and there, especially with his other members. He already has to share so much with them, it’ll be a point of annoyance to have to share you too
•Zoo dates, filled with you both cooing over the cuteness of the animals
•Amusement park dates, filled with you both seeking out the biggest adrenaline rush
•Most of your dates will include some kind of activity - ice skating, arcade competition, bowling, snowball fights…
•Your one pair of couples shirts was picked out and purchased by Himchan while he was third-wheeling on one of your dates - which he tends to like to do more often than you or Jongup would like, but neither of you have the heart to tell him
•His phone’s lock screen and background are pictures of you two posing together while on a vacation forever ago - probably taken by Himchan
•Absolute sucker for you playing with his hair
•He’d be shy about it, but he’ll sing to you any time you ask
•Your lap is his favorite pillow
•You guys are literally that super sweet, cute couple that all your friends vow to protect at all costs
•Lots of subtle skinship - He doesn’t necessarily need to hold your hand or have an arm around you ever second, but just having your knees touching while sitting next to one another kind of grounds him and keeps him relaxed with knowing his other half is near
•He sleeps best with your head on his chest
•Disagreements are rare, but whenever he’s not cool with something, his silence gets even louder
•Even with his silent tendencies, communication between the two of you is on point - there is no passive aggressive comments or subtle hints for anything, you both are very upfront about everything
•There is a point where you become literally the most important thing to him and he would give up everything for you, but he’s comforted in knowing you would never ask him to
•When you’re sick, there is no way in hell he’s leaving your side - He won’t hover, but he’d be close enough to get you anything you needed and keep a watchful eye on you to make sure you don’t get any worse
•He won’t admit it aloud, but one of his greatest fears is losing you
•Your opinion on just about anything is the most important thing to him - Ex. A new colour? The first thing he does is makes sure you like it
•Your relationship started as a simple friendship of shared interests and overtime grew to be much more before either of you even realized it. There may have been a little rough patch at that point while you both had to step back and accept that there was more than friendship between you
•That friendship resonates through your whole relationship - it is the foundation of your bond
•He gets incredibly shy when talking about you because even he is aware of how whipped he is and others pointing that out only cause more blushes
Overall~ There is kind of a puppy love-esque innocence to your relationship, but that’s only what it seems upon first glance.  Though you two are lighthearted with one another most of the time, especially while around others, it is incredibly obvious to those close to you that you love one another passionately.  There is an undeniable bond between you that goes much deeper than simple words of affection; you understand each other like no one else can. You have an unspoken understanding of what each other needs and you easily fulfill those needs without question - it just comes naturally to the both of you. And while there is this deep, passionate bond, there is still a beautiful playfulness to your relationship as well. You have a way of laughing together at running inside jokes that no one else could possibly understand; it’s like you’re on your own plane of existence at times. While others may mistake either of you to be naive because of this different thought process, it’s what brings the both of you closer.  There is no better way to describe your relationship other than simply stating that you complete one another. For each of your weaknesses, he has the strength to hold you up and carry you through any challenge you face while you return this same favor without question.  You are a couple to be envied and it’s simply because you both take things as they are and don’t bother trying to force anything that simply doesn’t need to be.


- the one that tries to sneak into your dressing room on ur wedding day to try and see you in your dress
- but then your dad saw and caught him and was like bruh tf u doing
- and he’d be like oh shit sorry and run away, but hides behind the wall around your room, coming back after your dad left
- probably forgot to put his shoes on before going out to the ceremony
- mark, his best man, would’ve been like “uh so u getting married in socks or?”
- and when he sees you walking down the aisle, he probably starts crying and doesn’t even try to be discreet about it
- like visible tears roll down his cheeks and his mom has to run up and wipe them for him and then run back down to sit in her seat again
- he’s so cheesy like his vows are just random jokes that you guys share and only you two are laughing at them and the entire chapel is just like um wut ((besides like mark or smth he prob knows every single one of them and chuckles to himself)
- the officiator would be asking you “do you take blah blah to be your wife?” or something and then he’d be like “i doOooOooOOOOO” with tears still running down his face
- and then when it’s time to kiss the bride, jackson wang ofc would kiss you in like a really dramatic manner for the guests to see like he’d swoop you down like you just finished a dance or smth cause jackson
- and then he’d take the mic from the officiator and scream “I’M MARRIED!!”
- after you guys would chill with the guests and he’d get all too excited and it would be one of those shirtless pits of weddings
- where all the guys take off their shirts and everyone gets really turnt
- even mama and papa wang
- his first dance with you would probably be him whispering every single detail he loves about you into your ear and you’d just spend the entire dance with him trying to dance without you even though he’s just making you cry cause he’s so damn cheesy
- when you get back home he’d probably pass out cause he’s too tired and then wakes up in the morning with a hangover and asked you wtf happened like night
- “uhhh we got married?”
- “oh yeah”
- would always try to be cute and bring breakfast to bed but then messes up the eggs or smth so he tried tiptoeing into the bedroom before you wake up and be extra lovey dovey trying to wake you up so you don’t get mad at him for ruining breakfast
- but you love it anyway and even if it is disgusting, you don’t tell him bc his face is just too precious
- he’d be the type of husband to leave little teasing compliments on the fridge before you leave to work so he’s the last thing on your mind before you leave
- calls you and bothers you at work to make sure he’s constantly on your mind
- and then you get in trouble for guffawing like an idiot during the middle of silence at your workplace and your boss just shakes her head like smh this girl
- one day, somewhere along the way, you guys would find yourselves talking about kids and he just winks and wiggles his eyebrows at you and ur like omg whats the point of kids my husband is like two anyway
- and i totally see when you finally do give birth, he’d be bawling his eyes out, crying and just staring at his little child like he/she is the most precious gem on earth and would only tear his eyes away when the doctor needs to do a couple more checkups
- he’d openly kiss you in front of your kids, like just straight up swoop you up and kiss you fully on the mouth and they’d all be like ok!!! bye, leaving now, seeya!!
- he loves you with all his heart and he seriously is the kind of guy to never leave your side unless you kiss him back with just as much passion or unless you tell him you love him at least forty times
- he’s a cupcake and should be protected at all costs even if he may come off as bluffing or confident or strong, LOVE HIM AND DON’T EVER LEAVE HIM HE DESERVES LOVE

12 Days of Christmas Challenge - Day 7: Our seven boys

Special shoutout to one of my mutuals @taos-peach-ass​ for asking me to drag her into Infinite because this is literally one part of my Infinite pimp post that I sent her with some additions/modifications to details.

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This is Infinite. They are composed of seven lovely gentlemen/weirdos (Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, Myungsoo, and Sungjong). The talent this group has is composed of vocals, rapping, dancing (99.99% synchronization), composing music, variety, acting, you name it. They can basically do any concept from dark, fierce, and cute. They are a bunch of savages; they will diss each other uncontrollably, they will diss themselves as a group, and they will diss Inspirits, and I absolutely love how savage they are, so be prepared. Literal squad and friendship goals and for me personally the group I can relate to the most. This GIF is Infinite in a nutshell, so if you are looking for anything ‘normal’ from Infinite, this is it. 

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This is Kim Sunggyu. He is the oldest member and the leader of Infinite. He is a natural loser (Loser Gyu) but we still love him. He is one of the main vocalist of Infinite and has had 2 solo albums (Another Me and 27 (title tracks: 60 Seconds/I Need You and My Answer/Kontrol)). His solo release represents the rockerish style within the group. He’s a great leader too and takes care of his members really well. Arguably is one of the most savage members of Infinite. Sometimes he’s a douche, but his intentions usually mean well and we still love him. #1 target on Weekly Idol even when he’s not guest starring. Could be #1 target in Infinite but could be the #2 target. The original dancing machine (his sexy dancing is grandpa style). Known as a Grandpa because 1) he’s literally a grandpa and 2) he’s just damn lazy. We still love him even though we make fun of him as much everyone else does.

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This is Jang Dongwoo. He is the 2nd oldest member but mentality could be the youngest member. He’s one half of the hip-hop sub-unit with Hoya, Infinite H, who has had 2 albums (Fly High and Fly Again (title tracks: Special Girl/Without You and Pretty/Crazy)). He’s one of the rappers of the group and is a member of dance line (his dancing is absolutely mesmerizing to watch). His singing will blow you away (give him more lines Woollim and put him on vocal line). Most precious angel in the world. He’s always happy and positive even during rough times. To add to his happy nature, he can be very hyper and bouncing off the ceiling and it’s very natural not drunk. Sometimes he tries to say something philosophical but tbh sometimes I don’t know what he’s talking about or if he actually knows what he is saying. He cries easily but if you ever make him cry for no reason I will probably fight you. Has the most contagious laugh in the world. Is obsessed with his niece and loves food. Is shippable with everyone. PROTECT HIM AT ALL COST.

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This is Nam Woohyun and I hate him (jk I really love him). He is one half of my Infinite bias. He is the other main vocalist and sometimes named part of dance line of the group. On his vocals, he is literally a vocal king and ballad king (he could sing the phonebook and chances are I would still love it). He part of a special unit ToHeart with SHINee’s Key (title track: Delicious/Tell Me Why) and debuted solo earlier this year (yea everyone waited 6 years for that). Please support his debut album Write.. by streaming or buying it. Also stream “끄덕끄덕” (Nod Nod/Still I Remember) MV on Youtube. He is greasy AF, almost everything that comes out of his mouth will make you cringe. He throws hearts uncontrollably at basically everyone especially Inspirits (his girlfriends) and made the finger heart popular. He thinks he’s cute and the problem is he is pretty damn cute. He seems to be the greasiest person to exist but he’s actually really sensitive, very precious and can cry easily. PROTECT HIM AT ALL COST. He is also very boyfriend material, so prepare yourself. Oh and I should mention he can go from precious puppy to hot fire sexy and it is not good for the weak-hearted like myself.

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This is Lee Howon, or more known by his stage name Hoya. He’s one of the rappers of the group and the other half of dance line but he is more recognized as the main dancer over Dongwoo. He is the other half of the Infinite H sub-unit. His judging face is my favorite and he is a literal savage. Between him and Sunggyu, I’m not really sure who is the most savage but we know that he is very savage towards Sunggyu. However him and Sunggyu are the most savage together, because couples who judge together stay together. He’s a sarcastic little shit and is known for his snarky one-liners. He sucks at aegyo and has one of the greatest Poker faces (it comes out especially when he has to do something cute or girl group dances). He prefers the dance style that would be considered as NSFW just warning you now. In reality behind his judging face and sarcastic savage remarks, he’s a marshmallow (but he tries to play it cool).

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This is Lee Sungyeol. He’s the last member of the 91 line (Woohyun & Hoya). He’s the leader of the cute and fluffy sub-unit cute and Infinite F (title track: Heartthrob). He’s very tall and is mostly known for being tall. He’s considered to be the weakest vocalist in Infinite. He is not as bad as how he used to be and has definitely gotten better, although Woollim still isn’t giving him enough lines. Despite being considered as the weakest of Infinite, he knows how to turn it up and steal the spotlight. He’s a great actor too, if you watch Hi! School Love On you would be convinced that he’s a jerk if you did not know who he was before hand (Woohyun was also in this drama, but he basically played himself). Woollim should definitely give him more opportunities to shine because he’s a great actor and entertainer. He’s a bit of a freak of nature. The way he thinks can be compared to an elementary school child (likes to pull pranks) and can be as hyper as Dongwoo, hence the nickname Choding. He’s dark horse in being savage so Sunggyu and Hoya need to watch out for him. 

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This is Kim Myungsoo aka L but nobody really calls him L. He’s the other half of my Infinite bias. He is the visual of the group and is a member of Infinite F. He can sometimes be considered to the lead vocalist of the group but that can sometimes be quite the debate. After his Masked Singer appearance, I believe he’s the lead vocalist of the group (if only Woollim would just give him and Dongwoo this position), but I always believed he was the 3rd best vocalist of the group in terms of technique. Now for his visuals, he literally trumps all the idol group visuals. He can look at his worst and still be considered a visual king. Basically he looks good without trying. “L” is suppose to be a cold city guy, but let’s be real “L” is just a cosplay. It is questionable whether or not he is really good or very bad at L cosplay? 99.99% of the time he is Myungsoo who is a dorky fluffball. He loves to eat, is obsessed with the color black (put $20 in your piggybank or something each time he doesn’t wear black at the airport), and anime. He is the most affectionate and clingiest member of the group. He always shows supports for his members’ solo activities and hugs his members like a koala. He is someone that you should also protect at all cost.

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This is Lee Sungjong. He is the youngest member of the group and is a member of Infinite F. He’s the diva of the group. Between him and Sunggyu, it is really hard to decide who the #1 target in Infinite is. He is Sunggyu’s #1 target but oddly was not a part of doing the “You were so beautiful” gesture (GIF) in their goodbye stage for The Eye. But all the members including Sunggyu have imitated this gesture at one point during the promotion cycle. TBH he will make you question how pretty you really are. Girl group dance queen, his hips do not lie when he gets in his girl group dance groove. His inner diva comes out when he does girl group dances that the managers one time had to tell him to tone it down. He is considered as the most innocent member of Infinite, but lowkey could kill the members if he wanted to. He would most likely will spare Dongwoo and Myungsoo, Hoya is his accomplice, and depends on the day for Sungyeol; Woogyu are basically screwed if this day ever comes esp. Sunggyu.


So, I passed the 300 follower mark (310!) and I am just blown away.  I feel like I should do something to celebrate, and given that most of you are probably here for my writing, I imagine that the best celebration would be a snippet of some sort.

So, how about a snippet of an unpublished WIP?  Just because I have so many of them and I hope to update both More Precious than Rubies and As Certain Dark Things Are to be Loved within the next two weeks.  So, below is a list of all my WIPs for which words are actually written.  This is partly an excuse to show off all my plots, and a way to let you guys pick which one you want to see a snippet for.

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OK. Time for my review of tonights episode, being a fucking rollercoaster of emotions like always 

this episode starts with our smog angry kitten yurio arriving with Yakov and Mila and the old ballet-lady whose name I’ve forgotten 

he’s greeted by a bunch of fans but apparently he’s not much into fangirls, ‘cause he runs off

and apparently he’s not the Russian Runk anymore, now he’s the Russian Ice Tiger (more like smol angry russian kitten tbh)

he’s meeting his cute russian gramps who picks him up and when he sees him he’s not a smol angry kitten anymore but a cute ball of fluffi- and happiness 

I mean, look at this cutie 

he brought him his FAVORITE FOOD Y’all I’m dying 

now we know where all the angriness and the “lol me no care” attitude comes from, that stare though

the look when you’re getting scolded bc gramps thinks you don’t like his food anymore lmao so relatable 

I love how we get a little insight on his mind I mean he’s a fucking precious cupcake that needs to be protected at ALL COSTS 

then we get to see Viktor who looks even more badass and ah-ma-zing than he usually does (hm, I wonder why??? maybe bc he’s happy with his cute bf)

lmao I’m a rockstar pls fuck off 

but then he sees Yurio is suddenly all happy and touchy and fatherly even though Yurio is his usual pissed angsty self - but Viktor doesn’t give a single fuck he adores him anyways

the look when you’re forced to be the center of attention, so miserable

the look when your kid acts a little off but you don’t care because your kid is a small perfect angel anyways

scenery switches to Yuuri who’s kinda stoked that he literally has no friends around him this time (and his bf doesn’t count)

then we’re introduced to his high-premium skaters, but I’d like to call them high-premium visages bc their faces are a whole new level of hilarious

I mean look at them (and for the record, the two on the right are brother and sister even if you’ll need time to understand that bc he’s overprotective AF about her and kinda obsessed?? and the guy on the left wants into her panties bc she’s an italian beauty)

we’re also introduced to the Korean Skater Lee and he just doesn’t give one single fuck about anything really 

a lot of glances are shared and apparently the italian beauty (who’s called Sala) knows Yuuri and looks really happy to see him (bitch stay in ya lane he has a boyfriend and is overall happy and shit)

then the angry Korean Lee says some rude shit (not even that rude) to her bc he doesn’t give a shit 

and her and her brother don’T take it so well (again, their faces what are they???)

and Lee could not care less

Yuuri decides it’s time to leave in silence and just take the other elevator bc they do take their time fighting

but no! who could that be? who’d wear lilac cheetah sneaker? 

why u blushing bitch

bc apparently the Russian Ice Tiger (who wears cheetah instead of Tiger Stripes, kinda ironic) is intimidating AF

but Yuuri is really happy to see him again and like always Yurio’s threatening him with keeping Viktor in Russia (but at this point no one really takes that for serious, ugh)

OH MY a small glimpse at my cute babies Leo and Guang-Hong! Oh how I miss them! I need them to have more screen time, or like their own SPIN-OFF! (make that happen pls)

Wow, look at that narcissistic guy over there wonder what his name is, oh Jean-Jacques? Not even surprised 

but more on him later 

then we get a quick look at Lee twerking his ass off (wondering who he’s tryna impress???)

and of course the king of grimaces and his sister (he’s kinda hot tbh) and btw everyone calls him Micky! 

dem legs! that grace! yakovs face! 

and of course: the gays 

Plus, Phichit kinda lost his chill

Minako, who is all of us trying to watch the new episode lmao

and those three precious babies who are also totally relatable to every fangirl (but their mom too, kinda)

I don’t give a fuck is the first to compete and he wears a really nice piece of clothing that kinda reminds you of a parrot 

Sala is totally in awe, Emil annoying Micky like usually (at least what we’ve seen up to now)

he doesn’t look 18 tbh, more like 26

that look, why aren’t those two dating?? (I know not everyone can be gay in this series *sigh*)

then again we see this guy 

who kinda invades Vickys personal space 

finally someone who actually expresses his happiness about his score 

now it’s Mickys turn (and this still doesn’t look like a healthy brother-sister relationship tbh)

he’s fit

with that face expression he should totally meet Chris sometime

his biggest fangirl 

he really hates that Emil is after his sister lol

all he thinks about during his performance is his sister and we get some really cute and glamorous throwbacks 

and some creepy shots of his sister sleeping????

he really is a pretty guy though (who’s just a little too overprotective)

strike that manly pose! 

they all look so not impressed 

but he gets a sisterly hug from .. well .. his sister 

SWITCHING SCENES TO KNEELING VIKTOR (he looks comfortable in this pose, wonder if he’s been kneeling like that some other times too??)

Yuuri looks so hot and dominant (kinda like a servant and his master, oh my) but seriously he’s making sure his laces are properly tied how cute and thoughtful???

“YOu’re my babe. Show what you got”

“I’ll make you proud, if not now then later in our shared hotel room”

then we get a hint that shit’s going down so fast

when you forget your responsibilities bc you wanna watch ice-skating live

Viktor being his cheerful self, but Yuuri doesn’t buy it and demands all his attention

“give me all your attention my love, I’ll perform only for you”

oh my yes you showed Russia all your fucking love for this man and oh my god nobody can tell me those two haven’T already been getting it on in bed at this point

the he showed us the most beautiful and fab performance ever, he was actually shining like a star, all about him screamed sex 

*when you’re thinking bout what you gonna do to your boyfriend in bed tonight*bc he’s hot holy shit

he’s SO HOT

everybody is stunned (and probably thinks about what’s underneath that really tight suit)

you’re such a good boyfriend you’re cheering for your babe 

giving the smog kitten some prep talk

seeing how hot the other Yuuri actually is and finally being intimidated by him, kinda (and get even more angry)

still cheering

that pose lmao

but that face, utter hotnesssss 

cheering intensifies 

blushing babe

and when you thought it couldn’t get any better 

an angel appears 

and that angel offends you but you don’t even care

you’re too overwhelmed by all that grace and beauty

like, really overwhelmed

and then you and your gay bf act like the proud parents that you are 

the love in their eyes I can’t they’re so proud

some more prep talk by the most ignorant people ever (and where’s his grandpa??? I was so sorry for him)

anxiety hits him

meanwhile those two are celebrating

VIKTOR EVEN KISSES HIS BLADES lmao someones getting treated good at night for being so perf I swear 

little Yurio just is fucking annoyed by all their PDA (maybe he has to listen to their sweet talk all the time lmao)

then they see him and get all fucking proud and happy

Yurio’S like the annoyed kid who’s getting embarrassed in front of his friends by his parents

kissy kissy make us proud we love you anyways 

“oh MY GOD Dad that’S so embarrassing I’m not five years old anymore” he’s wild lmao, really looks like an angry kitty

parents have no clue why he’s so pissed off

then his performance starts and OH EM GE it was everything! He’s the most beautiful human being e-ver

that face he’s prettier than any of us 

my kitten has to be protected

then he meets someone he hates even more than his parents

here I can see the tiger in him

their faces, I’m dyING

Yuuri is still first place and Viktor couldn’t be any more proud, just look at him watching his bf realize that he’s a sexy beast and in first place

now we get to see Jean-Jacques Leroy or as he likes to call himself King JJ

and to be hones he’s a fucking rock-star (literally??)

he loves himself a lot (kinda the kanye of ice-skating)

and is not afraid to show the junk in his trunk 

like I said…. rock star

“JJ Style” is apparently a thing

I’m digging his lavender costume tbh

he loves himself so much that he makes out with himself in front of everyone

and this is his signature hand-move

SUDDENLY the fun’s over, apparently Makkachin is on the edge of dying and Minako is at the Vet with him (I was crying tbh)

Yuuri immediately thinks about how he wasn’t there when his beloved Vicchan died and then … 

he tells Viktor to leave for Japan BECAUSE HE CARES MORE ABOUT HIS BOYFRIENDS FEELINGS THAN ABOUT WINNING (this gives me life) and eh doesn’t want his boyfriend to experience the same hurt and grief that he went through and all the ‘what ifs’ etc. 

he cares so much

I think Viktor knows that too 

then those people come along

why are my parents fighting?

Viktor is torn on the inside, he doesn’t know what to do

but then he gets an idea…

why not trust this heartless and emotionless men with taking care of his anxious and sometimes confidence lacking boyfriend????

he looks so desperate I can’t

and everyone is like: ?????????????

and then: cliffhanger 

let’s all pray for Makkachin, and for Yurio that his grandpa will show up and for a meeting between JJ and Chris! *prays*