he's so cute he's precious he needs to be protected at all costs

Is it just me or are the characters in sm really likable

Like seriously. I thought

• Hau would be like the rivals in XY but he actually has a really likeable and cute personality (and he’s loaded like have u seen the amount of potions and revives he gives u)

• Gladion would be like Silver 2.0, but he actually cares for his pokemon and lillie??
This child deserves to be happy

• Team skull would be numbskulls who would be p annoying but they actually become one of my fav villain teams with rlly lame dialogue

• Lillie might have been a snob or smt like that but SHE’S SO PRECIOUS AND NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS (and her development is great)

There are even random side charas who only appear for a short amount of time but they’re still so likeable and I just

If u are still considering on buying this game then pls get it. It’s a HUGE improvement from XY and one of my fav pokemon games now (the characters are just one of the many good things about sun and moon~)


Bob is honestly an amazing actor and he deserves so much respect. He works so hard to make his role as Bellamy perfect. He’s also a cute little puppy that we need to protect at all costs because he’s so precious.