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Blue Silk Pajamas

Have another stereotypical Marichat kiss scene, dang these are addicting to read and write.

They’re 18 in this one though, I don’t think those kids should be sneaking around kissing each other in the dark yet. XD

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Hamilton Characters Pride Parade Head Cannon

Alexander: Talking to John about how cute he is and they are wearing matching T-Shirts that say “That’s my boyfriend” with a pointing finger. John’s is the gay pride flag and Alexander’s is the Bisexual one.
Alexander: “John you are so cute, we should date~”
Johnny Laurans: “Alexander,,our one year anniversary is literally next week-”
Lafayette and Mulligan: Running up and down the street with Pansexual flags waving them non stop.
Mulligan: Is only wearing Pansexual flag boxers and noting else. (Flip-flops)
Lafayette: Wearing a crown he bought from one of the booths that says ‘Pride King’
Lafayette: Kisses the fuck outta mulligan and it’s hot.
Burr: is stand all alone watching this go down and rolls his eyes crossing his arms and scoffing, yet is still wearing the Bi-sexual flag shirt Ham bought him.
T-Jeffs: Holding James Madison up on his shoulders because his boyfriend is to tiny to see over the crowd
J-mads: Is just happy to be able to wrap his thighs around Thomas’s head from behind like this. Stroking through Thomas’s fluffy hair and navigating which way for Thomas to go like a GPS
Charles Lee: Gets into a fight with Laurans about equal rights
John Laurans: Bitch slaps Lee in the face
Alexander: from a far distance away at a booth buying things screams “WOO! YOU TELL EM’ BABE, THATS MY BOYFRIEND!!”
Eliza and Maria: Kissing in the street and it’s adorable.
George Washington: Is the cool dad he is and is there for support, he is also everyone’s ride home.

Adrien Agreste Headcanons

These were too fun to make. Feel free to add on at the end!!!

* Adrien can be very overly touchy with people he considers friends. He’s been so sheltered that he doesn’t really understand when you should give people high-fives vs. when you should pull them close and hug them. The shoulder thing is just a scratch of the surface; if Adrien considers you a friend, he openly will hold, hug, or kiss you on the cheek without hesitation. He doesn’t understand why it makes some people so flustered.

* To follow that last bullet, Adrien also doesn’t understand the concept of personal space. While Marinette thinks it’s cute, Nino has to constantly remind Adrien to stop standing so close. This is also the reason why Adrien never thinks to push Chloe away.

* Cat memes. Not only will he show people meme after meme, but he will occasionally slip in one that he made himself and become delighted when people laugh at it along the others.

* He has the most beautiful handwriting out of everyone in class.

* He’s really into theatre, but never got into it because of being homeschooled.

* I’ve always had the head-canon that Adrien is bi. He obviously started modeling at a young age, and so he’s been exposed to not only beautiful women, but beautiful men his entire life. I can guarantee he’s had some genuine crushes on other guys.

* He’s also not afraid to admit he’s bi/give other guys compliments. He once openly told Nino how beautiful he was and Nino turned BRIGHT RED

* sugaraholic, but we all know this

* Cannot sleep unless he’s cuddling something, whether it’s a pillow, ladybug plush, or Marinette herself

* Didn’t know this about himself until Nino pointed it out (added to the list of 200000 things Adrien Agreste has done to make his best friend Nino severely uncomfortable)

* One time he made Nathalie laugh and he wouldn’t stop smiling for like a week

* Shows the cooks sneak peaks of his father’s upcoming magazines in exchange for secret sweets from the kitchen

* Buys Christmas presents for every butler, cook, and staff member. Every. Single. One.

* Everyone on Gabriel’s fashion staff who isn’t cold hearted or narcissistic loves Adrien and sees him for the big sweetheart he is (some of them even resent Gabriel for making such a kind kid do something he hates so much)

* LOVES the holidays even though his dad doesn’t really celebrate them with him

* Most of the books in his upstairs library are anime and manga, but the rest are classic literature. He loves reading the classics as much as he loves reading comic books

* Tried Tumblr once but freaked out and quit when he saw a cuss word

* He’s one of those people who has to fill his coffee with a crap ton of sweetener and milk in order to drink it

* Doesn’t have 20/20 vision!!! (His father fiercely denied it so he wouldn’t have to get glasses, but eventually gave in to contacts when he witnessed Adrien literally almost falling off the stage of the runway because Adrien thought he had another 5 feet)

* Adrien hates his contacts because he secretly loves the glasses aesthetic


* Grew up playing dress up and dolls with Chloe. Because of this, he never gave/gives into dumb masculinity peer pressure

* Woke up a staff member in the middle of the night to “free a spider” because he wouldn’t let them kill it (yes I realize this is the same boy who risks his life to save his city every day)

Feel free to add on!!

i’ve got quite a few messages in my inbox abt jinyoung’s appearance in legend of the blue sea so im just gonna answer a lot of them here with my thoughts. no, that kissing scene is not cute. no, it’s not romantic. no it’s not anything to be fangirling about. that girl he’s kissing is 14 years old. jinyoung is 22. if they wanted the love story around that point then they should’ve casted an older actress or not have casted jinyoung and instead a guy much closer to her age. i don’t blame jinyoung for this, the decision was out of his hands, it was in the script, he’s just the actor and he had to just play his role. but i’m getting sick and tired of seeing this recurring gross theme in k-dramas of young girls getting casted to act with older guys.


Evak first kiss reaction by fans was basically “Isak can’t kiss” so I want to say that throughout all these episodes I SHOULD tell you guys what:

1st of all ISAK can kiss, there’s no fucking doubt.

- During their 1st kiss Isak was supposed to be nervous cause he was kissing a boy for the first time, the boy he had a huge crush on, the boy that will soon become his first love, the man of his life. So hell yeah he had reasons to be nervous.

- Secondly through the episodes we can see EVAK kissing progress; First them being cute, shy and soft boyfriends with eskimo kisses and soft pecks then we see their reconciliation where they are desperate af and they use their fucking tongues okay?! (I get too excited on that one OMFG). After that we have the big change, those careful, slow and full of words and emotions kisses caused by Even’s fragility at those moments and then the “New relationship kisses” where basically Isak is the one that leads the kiss cause Even is too lost.

-And finally the “Everybody GTFO he’s my fucking boyfriend and I can kiss him wherever, whenever, however and in front of whoever I want to”


Slip ups

That time when Levi was on roll call and when he got to Eren`s name, he shouted, “Eren Ackerman?” He realized his blunder and would have saved face if Eren hadn`t shouted, “Here sir!”

That time Eren told him that Erwin`s office was not a private place and he really should have listened, Levi was positive Erwin didn`t buy his story on why they were leaned over his desk like that.

That time Levi cut his cheek and he`d been having a bad day so he griped about it, Eren kissed his “boo boo” on instinct, in front of the entire squad. Oluo wouldn`t shut up for hours, knowing damn well Eren`s spit did not hold any healing powers.

That time Eren called Levi “babe” in a meeting and Levi responded with his own. No one believed that it was some secret code and not a term of endearment at all.

That time Hanji knew all along and made a constant effort to bust them, if they heard a thump in the office they`d burst in, hoping to find them doing the do. But all they ever got was Levi throwing pens (at their fucking eyes) and Eren`s high pitched screams of embarrassment.

Lúcio lets go of Genji’s neck and disengages his visor, setting helm, mask and filter aside as he leans in for a quick kiss. “You’re so good to me, gatinho.”

Genji pulls back a bit, his expression playful and just the slightest bit disbelieving. “I should be the one saying that to you,” he murmurs, pressing his lips to the underside of Lúcio’s jaw. (x)

I screenshot scenes from fics I think are cute so I can draw them later…

Also a bonus genji I doodled as a break

dystopiansushi  asked:

Do you know any good ace victor/ace yuuri fics?

Thanks for these requests! There are not too many ace/aro fics (please share them with me if you have read more!) and I found one fic with ace!Victor (thank you @dystopiansushi!) so I’m really sorry about the lack of recs. 😭 Nevertheless, I have a few here that should fit what you’re looking for. Enjoy!

Friendly reminder that being ace, along with gender and other sexualities, is a spectrum! Being aro/ace means different things to people, characters, and authors.

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Ace Yuuri/Victor

Understanding by Katskiforov, Teen, 606 words
In which Yuuri realises that he hasn’t, in fact, told Viktor about his sexuality. Cute coming out fic!

love and its derivatives by thankyouforexisting, Teen, 2.3k
So Yuuri takes his hand, gently, and Victor cooks, by his side, and it’s exactly what he needs. After a few minutes, he kisses Victor’s hand tenderly, eternally grateful that Victor doesn’t push, doesn’t get frustrated, doesn’t snap and lash out. Victor is the perfect boyfriend I’m sobbing

In My Arms by Tennyo, Gen, 1.6k
Viktor wakes up, and muses about how he ended up in Sapporo with Yuuri sleeping in his arms. Pure fluff. LOVE!

Earnest Love by jellyfishfics, Mature, 3.9k
When they live together in St. Petersburg, Viktor opens up and Yuuri meets him where he is. Ace Victor (!!!) and demi Yuuri!

Kiss?!?! by IllyasJames, Teen, 3.3k
After Victor kissed him publicly on the Ice for the very first time. Yuuri is a bit at a loss. He knows how he feels, well most of the time, but was Victors Kiss indeed meant the way he felt it. Thumbs up!

The Language of Small Affections by phoenixwings, Teen, 2.3k
His desire isn’t like flipping a switch to turn on a light. It’s more like slowly and steadily stoking a fire that’s strong enough to burn throughout the night. Lovely one shot!

A Love Most Unique by heartsdesire456, Explicit, 5.7k
There were a lot of things about Yuuri’s relationship with Victor that was unique. It was especially unique to be someone who had never found any appeal in the thought of sex and found such ready acceptance from a partner who very much enjoyed sex.

on love: storge by oakleaf, Teen, 2k
Eros is a sexual love; agape is an unconditional one.
Storge is a love based on friendship rather than passion.

fresh off the presses by fan_nerd, Teen, 6.7k
Based on his book selections, Yuuri’s not sure if this regular is a horny pervert, a cop, or a nerd. Victor is weird and eccentric, and the bookkeeper is pretty sure that the man has never come in with his hair combed. Ace Yuuri bookstore AU!

Boldly go. by IllyasJames, Teen, 1.6k
Sometimes you just have to ask. Ace Yuuri! CUDDLES!

INFINITE REACTION: Of you being too shy to look up at them after you pecked them on the lips


“That was… A kiss?” he’d just act confused when actually he’d be having a heart attack with your cuteness “I think it was a kiss! But… You can do better, so let’s try it!”


“No, no, no! This isn’t the way a kiss should look! You’ve to give a deeper kiss, you know? Use your tongue!” He’d say “Oh let me show you how!”


Woohyun would be so nervous as you, but he’d make some jokes to make you smile and lighten the mood and when you were okay he’s surprise you with a kiss.

“You can kiss me any time you want…”


He would grip your waist and say in a low voice, pulling your chin to look in his eyes.

“Oh baby… What was this? What did you want to do with me?”


“Hey… Look at me and tell me… Do you like me?”


Myungsoo is a baby (with 25 years old, but still a baby) and he’d bite his own lips trying to keep his mind lucid. But with your act of look down he’d smile and caress your hair to make you look up.

“This… was… Oh I liked…”


“Aigo… Hajima! You’re cute but let’s forget this shame, okay baby girl?”

Hi babies <3 Take a look on our Masterlist <3

~ADM Misso

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Dating Rocky/ Minhyuk

Rocky as your boyfriend:

  • dates and skinship would be super awkward when you first start dating, awkward hugs and moments of silence
  • he’d ask permission before your first kiss but it’s definitely more gentlemanly and cute than awkward
  • you can’t stop him from holding hands with you all the time once the two of you finally get more comfortable
  • his hands are warm, his smile is warm, his hugs are warm
  • he’s warm and comforting
  • he gives you his jacket whenever you’re cold no matter how windy it is outside, and insists on you wearing it so that you don’t get sick
  • “minhyuk you don’t have to, it’s so windy outside you should keep it on i don’t—” “I don’t want you to catch a cold y/n, i’ll be fine~”
  • watching him dance
  • him teaching you the choreography he’s just made even if you’re the clumsiest person ever
  • him falling asleep in your lap after tiring practices, you lightly massaging his back/ quietly running your fingers through his soft hair as he sleeps
  • he’d play the same game at the carnival twenty times just to make sure that you get the stuffed animal you wanted
  • he’d be super protective over you so that you wouldn’t get hurt or sick, i.e. insisting on carrying bags for you, carrying you to bed when you fall asleep and tucking you in, staying on the phone with you until you get inside anytime you’re walking alone so that he knows that you’re safe
  • he’d get flustered easily, and wouldn’t be able to hide his smiles around you
  • he’d force you to do face masks with him every day since moonbin refuses to
  • listening to music late at night, sometimes just chilling and other times dancing like crazy
  • likes to make you nice breakfasts in the morning
  • him hiding small notes around the house for you to find and read while he’s away, notes like “i love you” “i miss you” “you’re beautiful” “you make me happy”
  • talking about your day while cuddling, you sitting between his legs with your back against his chest, his arms around your waist
  • you’re the first person he turns to when he’s feeling down
  • soft, hesitant kisses at first
  • loves playing with the hem of your shirt, tracing shapes on your back, leaving trails of kisses up your jaw to your ear to your forehead
  • low, quiet growls when making out
  • after fights with you he’d come to you and apologize “y/n, i’m sorry. let’s not fight over this.” then he’d silently pull you close and just hold you and stroke the back of your head until the both of you calm down

dating astro master list

imagine Ronan and Adam consistently saying “gross” and “ew” and “get a room” every time Blue and Gansey do anything remotely romantic in front of them. Ronan’s the one who starts it and Adam finds it juvenile but he can’t help himself, as usual, so he starts doing it too.

Then, they do it enough that Opal catches on to it and one night at the Barns when Ronan and Adam do something cute, like hold hands or say “I love you” or kiss or whatever, Opal shouts “GROSS!” And Adam rolls his eyes because he should have known this would happen, and Ronan just beams in pride because he’s so proud of his daughter for being as annoying as he is.

BTS’s reaction: You are and idol that has been shipped with them

***If you want me to make a BTS, EXO, 2PM OR SEVENTEEN reaction, feel free to request**

Y/S/N: your ship name 

Rap Monster

You two had gotten closer and have been hanging around each other a lot lately during different shows that you have been invited to. You posted a picture on SNS and people started saying that you two look cute together and should date if you already aren’t.

MC:“So did you guys know that Y/N and Rap Monster have been shipped by the fans? They even have a ship name. It’s Y/S/N!

RM: “Woah! Really?!?”


Jin appeared in your new MV and at one scene he kisses your forehead and since then the fans have gotten crazy saying that you two should totally date.

*when he reads the articles* *shy, shy*


You two had met each other during a show and later in an interview Suga had said that you are his ideal type. That is when fans started to ship you two.

*when you two meet each other again during a live broadcast*

“Now it’s your turn Y/N? Am I your ideal type?” (ignore V in the back. or don’t. i’m not your mum)


No one knows why but for some reason people just started shipping you with JHope. Some people had even started writting fanfics about you two!

“So J-Hope, Have you heard that people these days are shipping you and Y/N? What do you think about that?”

“Well, I’m not complaining.” *wink*


There was a rumor that said that you two were going to be the new couple on WGM. Even though it was confirmed that it’s just a rumor and nothing more, that didn’t stop the fans from shipping you two and requesting you two to be the next couple on the show.

“So what do you say Y/N. Do you want to be my bride?” 

((****Please Goddess of KPop, give me strength to finish this reaction request…****))


You two were both really similar. You were both said to be 4D aliens so people started to ship you two. You were called the Alien couple or Y/S/N.

Question: “Don’t you think that it is time to get married to Y/N already and make pretty alien babies?”


MC: “Don’t you know? You have been shipped with Y/N because you both have similar weird personalities and one of your ship names is the Alien Couple.”

V: “What do you mean Alien Couple! We are not weird! Everyone else is simply boring!”


You two recently had some couple photo shoots together for a magazine since you were both known to be the cute shy and magnaes of your groups. After the pictures were out, fans didn’t waste a second and started shipping you two. They even made a fan club! But you and Jungkook, weren’t complaining. You always had a crush on each other anyway.

*after reading the comments under the pictures*

JK:“ Well this is makes thing both a bit easier and a bit awkward.”

**i don’t own the gifs*

Dating Song Mino Would Include...
  • waking up in his arms
  • morning kisses 
  • his even huskier, deeper morning voice (omg)
  • making fun of him would be 90% of your entertainment 
  • him being shy when you give him back hugs
  • his “kim woobin” eyebrows 
  • him coming home and complaining that Seungyoon told him to stop eating a lot again
  • late night dates in the city and eating at the food stands 
  • him coming to you to ask how many underwears he should pack
  • him having a religious experience every time he eats your food (even if it doesn’t taste good, he’ll pretend )
  • you catching him admiring your beauty
  • he would curse so much during sex omg
  • hot, passionate sex when he’s frustrated
  • slow, lingering, teasing sex on a regular 
  • him being the cute jealous type when you hang around his band members too much
  • his ugly agyeo 
  • having pyo jihoon over basically everyday 
  • whenever you’re mad at him, he’ll do stupid dances to make you laugh
  • your neck kisses being his weakness 
  • when you’re at his families house, you can make fun of him and talk sh*t about him w his sister
  • him being too shy to kiss his mom infront of you
  • him making up stupid raps and rapping them to you to make you laugh before you guys sleep 

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Panic Attacks ♡ Grayson

Anonymous requested: Hi!! Can you write a Grayson imagine he has a really bad panic attack and y/n helps him and it’s really fluffy please!

a/n: this is over 1,000 words, oops. I hope this is how you wanted it!! 

“I’m about to release the girls. You ready, Dolan’s?” one of the security guards said, over the earpieces. “Ready as I’ll ever be” Grayson laughed. “I better go” You smiled, trying to walk away. “Not so fast” Grayson chuckled, grabbing your arm and pulling you back towards him. He towered over you, but you didn’t mind, You thought it was cute. As he kissed you on your forehead, you smiled, hugging him. “Gray, I really should go” You laughed, trying to pull away. “It’s not fair” He mumbled, letting you go. “I know, I know. I still love you, ya big dork” You quickly ran up to him, kissing his lips before running backstage, hiding from all the fans.

You watched, as Grayson and Ethan hugged the fans, joked with them, and took pictures with them. They were both loving it. You heard everything they were saying, even though they thought you couldn’t. About 10 minutes in, one girl intrigued you, “Who was that girl that you were hugging on?” She asked the twins. You automatically seen Grayson start blushing, badly. “What girl” Ethan smiled, trying to cover up for Grayson’s blushing. “The girl. Don’t act stupid with me. I seen Gray kiss her, before they let us in” She rose an eyebrow. “Don’t tell me she’s ‘just a family member’” She scoffed, placing a hand on her hip. “She’s no one. I swear” Gray smiled, trying to hug the girl before her time was up. “Times up” The tall, security guard said, but the girl wasn’t leaving. “Who is she” She pushed, crossing her arms. “I-I-I” Grayson started breathing heavy -you could hear it on the earpiece. “Gray, Gray” You questioned, trying to calm him down, as he was never good in these situations. “Grayson” You yelled, a little louder, eyes glued to the t.v screen.

“I’m not leaving until I know who she is” The girl continued, making Grayson more anxious. Ethan was trying to calm the girl down, telling her you were no one, and that she seen things. All the fans were complaining, screaming. “Grayson Bailey Dolan” You screamed. Everyone winced a little, their hand going up to their ears, but you didn’t care. You just wanted to make sure gray was okay. You seen his hand shaking, slightly, and he was blinking really fast. In a second’s decision, you decided to go out there and help him, not caring what the manager would say. You threw your earpiece down on the ground, and ran out, going to help Grayson. “Grayson” You asked, once you got up to the Twins. “Her! Her! This is the girl I seen kissing Gray” She yelled, so everyone could hear. You put your hand up to his face; he was burning hot. “Gray, don’t do this to me” You cried, trying to get a guard to help you. “Joeseph” You yelled, hoping he could hear you between  all the commotion. “I need you to help me carry him backstage” You yelled, all the fangirls still yelling. Joseph nodded his head, and  carried Grayson’s arms, while you got his legs.

Once you were backstage, you laid him down on the ground, not knowing what to do next. “Call 911” You spat, giving Joseph orders. You removed all his clothes, trying to hurry so he wouldn’t be so hot. “Gray. I’ll be right back.” You whispered, hoping he could hear you. You kissed his forehead, him still burning hot, then went out to see what has happening. The girl was still fighting with Ethan, trying to figure out who you were, and everyone was pissed, just wanting her to leave. You walked up to one of the Guards “Why don’t you just escort her out?” You questioned, eyeing the girl. “She said she’ll sue” He shrugged. You scoffed, and walked up to the girl, Ethan still trying to calm her down. “I got this” You smiled, turning to Ethan, then to the girl “Y/N, don’t-” “I got this, she can’t sue me, I ain’t go nothing for her to take” You turned around, now facing the girl. She scanned you, for a second, before speaking. “You’re the girl. You’re the girl I seen kissing my Grayson” She exclaimed, not backing down. “You’re Grayson? Do you know what you did to him?” You yelled, over all the commotion. “Y/N, Seriously” Ethan pleaded, grabbing your shoulder. “He’s back their, passed out, probably on his way to the Hospital right now, because you had to keep bugging him” You spat, getting angry. “Mrs (Y/L/N), Grayson just got on the Ambulance, we’ve held them, but you need to hurry” Joseph whispered to you. “See? Now the whole show’s cancelled because of you” You spat, eyeing her up and down once more, then walking away with Ethan.

Getting into the Ambulance, you took a deep breath, then ran over to Grayson, laying lifeless on the gurney. “Grayson” You cried, running over to the boy. “Y/N?” He questioned, leaning up a little. “Oh, Gray.” You smiled, hugging him, tightly. “Easy” someone said. You loosened your grip, Sitting on the bed, beside him. “What happened” He asked, again, sitting up more. “Some Girl Kept asking about who y/n was, and you had a Panic attack” Ethan sighed, grabbing his brother’s hand. He looked at you, and then back at Ethan. “I don’t think I need to go to the Hospital” He laughed, looking around

A few hours later, Grayson was fully Okay, and laying in the hospital bed, joking around with Ethan. “-and then she” Grayson stopped to laughed, then was going to continue, but seen you. “y/n” he smiled, reaching his arms out, moting for you to hug him. “Gray” you laughed, walking towards him. He scooted over, patting the side of his bed, wanting you to lay down beside him. “I’ll just-” Ethan awkwardly laughed, leaving the room. “I was so worried” you sighed, snuggling up to him. “I would never leave you, y/n” He smiled.

BTS Reaction To You Squishing Their Cheeks And Smothering Them In Kisses

(( I do not own any gifs unless otherwise stated ))

Requested by anon

Jin: *Plays along with you and loves the attention*

yoongi: Jagi! *Begging her to stop*

Hoseok: *Loves it so much* 

Namjoon: *Somehow escapes then realises he didn’t really want to escape lol*

Jimin: *Likes it more than he probably should*

Taehyung: I know I’m so cute jagi! 

Jungkook: *so used to it he doesn’t even mind*

A Single Kiss

Destiel AU where Cas texts the wrong person, asking them to bring him cat food. for @castihalo​, because she’s pretty great.

see @castihalo‘s SUPER DUPER FREAKIN’ CUTE art for the fic HERE!

>> So did you kiss him?

Cas read Anna’s text message with a sigh, standing next to his bed in his pyjamas, only just woken up. He should never, ever have allowed his sister even the slightest of glimpses into his meagre dating life.

<< Not exactly…

He typed out the response quickly, and then dropped his phone down on the bed. Curled up on the covers, a cat with soft, blonde fur narrowed its bright blue eyes at him, and purred. Cas reached down, and scratched its ears.

“I wanted to,” Cas said. “But he didn’t look like he wanted to. How was I supposed to just… do it?”

Balthazar only purred some more. Cas supposed that his failed date wouldn’t feature hugely on his cat’s list of problems. Cas smiled down at him, and then padded out of his bedroom and down the stairs. He needed coffee, and fast; the early morning’s sharpness would only be softened by the taste of caffeine. Crossing the hallway, feeling the boards of the floor underneath the slightly threadbare carpet, he entered the kitchen.

It was the same as it always was, of course. Cas switched on the coffee machine and leaned against the counter, looking out of the window at the familiar view. Same little yard out the back, overgrown a little since he hadn’t been able to take time off work to tend to it. Same view over the back fence, of the same trees that had been growing in the same ground for decades. Same, same, same.

Usually, the unchanging days were a comfort. Today, Cas found himself chafing at the familiarity; the staid, unending pace. The date, last night… he’d been looking forward to it for weeks beforehand, and now it was over - and not much chance of a second date, if the lack of a goodnight kiss was anything to go by. Obviously, the guy just hadn’t been that into him.

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Boyfriend Series - BTS: Rap Monster


- He’s fluffy and adorable and cute but lord have mercy does this boy need to find his chill

- Like he’ll be a cuddly ball of adorableness from time to time

- Holds your hand and kisses your knuckles like a gentleman because he sees it as his way of letting you know that he loves you and he’s trying to show you how you should be treated without saying it

- All of his hugs so tight that it makes you two never want to let go of each other because likeyou feel safe and loved

- Kisses you on the cheeks and forehead when you two are in public but behind closed doors, you’re showered in kisses

- Raps for you and works on singing better and better for you

- Smiles contently at you and looks at you in such a loving way that you always blush or scrunch your face under his intense eyes

- Cuddles with you when you want cuddles because he doesn’t want to invade your personal space if you don’t want him there

- Makes sure you’re happy because then he’ll be happy because knowing you’re happy is enough for him to feel perfectly and utterly content

- I honestly feel like he’d be perfectly content and on top oflike the king of the world doing nothing as long as you were next to him with a smile upon your face

- Texts you all the time but will give you space if you want it

- Gets scared at the idea of losing you

- Loves to work hard knowing he now has one more very special person supporting him

- Will drop everything if you’re not acting like your usual self just so he can help you

- Calls and texts you constantly when you give off vibes of not being yourself

- Protective but will fully understand that you can have guy friends but will keep a vigilant eye on them

- Sometimes drives the members insane and sometimes makes them envy him because he’s so happy and like utterly in love with every little thing about you

- But he’ll constantly go back and forth between cute cinamon roll to holy fuck, find your chill

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How Jeno would kiss you

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surprise kisses; you:*talking about something random jeno: *randomly pecks your lips and then smiles*,he loves to make u do the duck face before kissing you because he finds it funny,always has this big eye smile before kissing you,leans really really really slowly closer to you;and then he smiles that fucking adorable smile jzdhjz and kisses you,isn’t scared to kiss you in front of his members;he loves it when they cheer on him even though you can clearly see a small blush on his cheeks

“And so Renjun and I were presenting our project and we were all waiting for the class to finally shut up and oh my god,you should have seen Renjun’s face and-” you were suddenly cut off by a soft pair of lips that pulled away too soon.

“You’re so cute when you talk,did you know that?” Jeno asked you with a big smile as he left you blushing.You slapped the back of his head.

“You idiot!Don’t do that when the rest are around!” you whisper-shouted as you tried to hide your face.

“I’m your idiot~” he replied,his smile getting even bigger.He loved how he could make you blush in just a second.

“Lee Jeno,please” you begged him as you hid your face in his chest.He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer to him as he chuckled at your blushing face.

“Okay,okay,I’ll stop~I’m sorry,baby~” he cooed seeing you were still hiding your face in his chest.But suddenly you surprised him by pecking his lips.



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Confession Sealed With A Kiss


Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Summary: Can I get one where isaac & reader are childhood friends and they both love each other but one day she gets hurt and he takes her home and fixes her up and let’s her borrow one of his shirts and they confess and kiss? Lots of fluff! Love ur writing!

It sucked, sitting opposite him watching him talk, laugh and smile. He had no idea on how madly in love you have been with him, ever since a year ago. Isaac was sitting beside Scott and they were in a deep conversation about god knows what. He was the one who actually introduced you to the rest of the pack, both of you were like glue, always at each others side which resulted in a lot of “You two should just date already” or  "You guys look so cute together"….how you wish it was all true.

Being invested in your own perfect world, you came back to reality which is something you didn’t want when you felt a pencil poking you hard in the arm.

“Ow” you said rubbing the spot.

“Well I wouldn’t have needed to do that if you were paying attention in the first place” Stiles stated, “What’s going on with you anyway? Since we sat down you seemed kinda out of it”.

Fiddling with the ends of the book that was too heavy to fit in your bag, you flickered over to Isaac who was still chatting away with Scott. “Nothing, I’m fine”.

Stiles gasped and looked to you, to Isaac then back to you again. “Wa-How-Oh my god!” he shouted and everyone turned to stare at the two of you. Kicking Stiles under the table he immediately fell silent.

“Everything okay over there?” Scott asked.

Giving Stiles the “don’t you dare” look, you said. “Fine, just perfect”.

While Scott and the others seemed to buy that, Isaac stared just a little longer. And apart of you was hoping that the extra second meant something. Getting up you said goodbye to the pack and headed to the parking lot.

Hearing your name being called, you turned around and Stiles was jogging towards you. “How long?” he asked.

“How long what?” not knowing what on earth he was talking about.

“How long have you had feelings for Isaac?”.

Making sure that no one else was around you pulled Stiles in, “Please just leave it, okay. it’s not a big deal and I rather he didn’t find out”.

“Y/N come on, we all see how he looks at you”.

Letting go of Stiles shirt, you walked to the side of the car. “Well looks can be deceiving. Please Stiles, I’m asking you as a friend to just leave it alone”. He opened his mouth to speak, but you were already in the car. Driving off you glanced in the rear view and saw Stiles starched his head, before walking away.

By the time you got home it clicked that there was a book you needed, and without it you couldn’t prepare for the quiz that was most likely going to be held tomorrow. Cursing under your breath, you turned the engine back on and made the trip all the way back to school.

“It’s freezing, and instead of being at home in bed I’m out here…getting a stupid book for a stupid test” you muttered to yourself, shivering from the wind.

Once you retrieved the book, you headed on out. However since it was dark you couldn’t really see much, which lead to you hearing a rip and a warm sensation. Standing underneath the street lamp, you saw that the top part of your arm sleeve had been torn and a huge cut was visible with blood running down.

“Great, just great” you muttered again.


Looking up the last person you thought you run into tonight was coming towards you, “Isaac what are you doing at the school?” asking him all while trying to cover up the wound.

“I was practicing out on the lacrosse field, what are you doing here?”.

“Forgot a book”.

You winched from the pain of the cut, “Y/N why the hell are you bleeding? What happened? Did someone attack you?” Isaac removed your hand, and his face widened when he saw the cut.

“I must of scrapped my arm on something sharp, it’s nothing. I’ll take care of it once I get home” you told him proceeding to head for your car.

Isaac was quick to block your path. “Give me your keys, I’m taking you back to my place and I’m going to fix that cut”.

Sighing Isaac wasn’t going to give up, so you gave him the keys and he carefully got you seated in the car before taking off.

Entering his house you only been here a few times, Isaac never liked to spend much time here. He was always at school, Scott’s place or your house. He tapped the bathroom counter, and lifted you up leaving you for a brief second to go and get the first aid kit. Watching him fiddle around with the items in there, you were surprised on how calm you were about this.

Calm at the fact that your arm was injured and also calm at how close you were to Isaac. It wasn’t like you hadn’t been this close before, but this time it was different…this time there were feelings attached, and only one side knew about them.

“Alright you can lift up the sleeve so I can clean it” he instructed.

“This might sting a little” he pressed the cotton ball on the wound, and you hissed at the pain grabbing onto his other arm without realizing it. He looked down and you quickly pulled away, slightly embarrassed.

He wrapped up the cut and in minutes came back with a new shirt. “You can borrow my shirt, don’t worry it’s a clean one” he smiled and closed the door to give you privacy to change.

Once you got changed, you came out and Isaac was tidying up. “Thanks” was all you said.

“Anytime, that’s what friends are for”.

Hearing him say that hurt a lot more than what it should have, leaning down you picked up a few items of clothes from the floor just to help him out. But it seemed he had the same idea and both of your foreheads bumped into the other.

“Ouch” you said, while he rubbed his.

“Sorry I guess we both had the same thought”.

He was handsome, his eyes were the prettiest shade of blue and staring at him time just automatically stood still.

“Y/N? Y/N did you hear what I said?” Isaac asked.

“Sorry what?” you turned away to prevent Isaac seeing you blush.

“Are you okay? Did I do something? Because lately you have been acting different around me”.

Oh god, there was the question indicating he knew….why couldn’t you have just hidden your feelings better. “Have I?” Facing him again, you wondered if Stiles could be right. Could Isaac have feelings for you too?

“Isaac I-oh god” You felt your heart beat faster, and you shut your eyes and opened them to go back to the state of calm you had before. “Ilikeyou” the words came blurting out, no time to even pause or stop yourself.

“Y/N your going to have to slow down and say it again” he moved towards you, which caused your throat to get dry.

“Just forget it, I shouldn’t of said anything. Thank you again for helping me but I should go”. Your head was spinning and it a matter of seconds you nearly ruined a strong, lasting friendship with Isaac that was built when the two of you were just children.

Rushing out the door, Isaac wasn’t far behind. Since he was taller it meant he could match your steps, he blocked the door. “I like you too” was all that he said.

“You heard what I said?”.

“Yeah, and it’s the same thing I’ve wanted to say to you for awhile now” he admitted.

Blushing a deep red, Isaac bit his lip before stepping towards you. “Do you know how hard it was to convince myself to not say anything? I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, and every time I saw you I wished I could walk over and kiss you”.

Captivated by his eyes you whispered, “You can kiss me now, if you want”. He chuckled and didn’t hesitate.

“I can’t believe we just kissed” he said with a grin.

“Me either, but it’s something I could definitely get use too”.

“Is that right? Well how about we go and get real use to it?”.

The two of you wasted no time in locking lips again. The line was crossed, childhood friends to lovers was something most people don’t dare to do. But here you were in the middle of the hallway, kissing the guy you had known your entire life….this was the moment a brand new page turned. You could officially introduce Isaac as your boyfriend and there wasn’t any better feeling than that….actually starch that, there wasn’t any better feeling than kissing him right now.