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Whipped - Auston Matthews

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Notes: Hola friends! This is literally one of my fav imagines that I’ve written so I hope you enjoy it cuties! Also look how beautiful he is in that gif!! I’m so in love.

Mentions: Like a few of the Leafs that I’m too lazy to write out

Warnings: Mentions of sex, nothing explicit or even steamy

Requested: Yes | No

Up Next: Jesse Puljujarvi

Teaser: “If you adopt us when you get married, we’ll make ourselves act five for you.”

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Wool Socks - George Weasley

Prompt: Reader steals George’s socks before a cuddling session, which Fred rudely interrupts.

Word count: 1,389

Warning: None(:

It was magnificent what a change in weather did to the world. With the snow pouring down around the atmosphere like a snow globe, the homey landscape outside the Burrow appear as a scenery straight from a Hallmark holiday card.

There were no visible lights, other than the strings placed around the wooden hut. Flashes of red, green, blue, and yellow flickered on a timed schedule. All the world was silent while the snow cascaded down to the ground in a soothing waterfall pattern.

You positioned your weight forward, hands clenching the window sill. The prepossessing sight was more captivating than any show you had witnessed before. Winter was a beautiful season despite the harsh cold brought along with the change of season.

The snow blanketed ground seemed so near though as you pressed your hand against the chilling glass perception struck unmasking the hundreds of feet down to the covered ground.

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Four Years After ~ Chapter Three

Not requested

Genre: Angst // Romance

Member: Park Chanyeol

Summary: (of this series) Four years after your breakup with Chanyeol, you are forced into collaborating with him on a song for publicity. From fan signings together, to song-writing together, you both eventually have to sing together in public. But what happens along the way of this song-making process between two exes?

Summary: (of this chapter) Okay. It’s been forever since chapter two. But chapter three is here now! Chanyeol does some questionable actions and says some questionable statements.

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter four}

He looks into your eyes again and you can see something shift in the way he looks at you.

It’s not love.

It’s not regret.

It’s not hatred.

It’s longing.

“Since the song is practically based on us…” he says. “And you want a merry ending. Let’s have a merry ending.”

“What do you mean by that?” you ask, curious.

If you weren’t sitting so close to him, you wouldn’t hear what he says next.

“Let’s continue our love story then. And let’s end it with something happy. Me and you.”

What kind of shit just came out of his mouth?

Why did Chanyeol just say he wanted to continue his love story with you?

And what was the point of saying that?

Because if he knew you, he’d definitely know that you would say no, especially by the way you’re looking at him right now.

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anonymous asked:

A blurb where you are dating harry and he wants you to meet Gemma before you meet his mom?

*I’m not sure this is exactly what you had in mind.  Hope you enjoy, nonnie! A huge thank you to those mutuals who read this and gave me their advice.  (You know who you are.)  

Code Pink

“Gem, I‘ve a Code Pink.”

“Code Pink? Are you positive?  This isn’t a drill?  ‘Cause I’m tired of the drills, baby brother.  Always end badly for both of us.”

“This one is real.  Need your help here, Gems.”

I rummage quickly through the drawer on the nightstand, grabbing a pencil and the list of qualities Harry had written down previously.

“Okay, let’s go through the list of qualities again,” I hold my pencil up, ready to read off of the list, “Are you ready?”

“I’m ready, Gem.  But this is important.  So don’t fuck it up, ‘k?”

Responding with an equally deep sigh of my own, I look at the list, “Here we go: honesty, humility, confidentiality, graciousness, compassion, optimism, and forgiveness.   

My dorky brother pretended to think over the list, but I knew he’d been refining the list for years.  Literally years.  Since his early days on the XFactor, he had been contemplating the characteristics he wanted in a girlfriend and eventually a wife.  This list had been revised and reevaluated, reassessed and reexamined multiple times over the years.  I’d run a Code Pink on three women, each of whom Harry had thought was “the one”.  Snort.  Obviously none of them had even been close to “the one”.

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Hated (Part 2)

Requested: Yes

Word Count: 3.6k+

(picture isn’t mine, credit to owner)



A few days after Luke’s party it was time for graduation. One thing I dreaded from day one was that my last name was right next to Luke’s in all the rosters which meant we had to sit next to each other in every class. But now that we solved everything, I didn’t mind sitting next to him at graduation. All through out our principal’s, vice principal’s and valedictorian’s speech, Luke’s hand was dancing under my gown in between my thighs, causing me to giggle and a sad attempt to compress my moans. I ignored the glances from the rest of the students in the H section. Finally it was time to be called up for our diplomas. I was before Luke so when they called me up, I stood up and Luke slapped my ass and I smirked, slapping him on the back of his head in return. As I made my way up to the stage, various hoots and yelling was coming from Marcy, Luke, MIchael and Calum from the sea of students and my family and Ashton from the huge crowd of other families. I collected my diploma and Luke’s name was called next, almost the whole class of 2014 cheered for him as he stood up. I rolled my eyes as he took a bow and he turned around to wink at me before I sat down and watched him walk up to the stage. The principal handed him his diploma and he stroked her arm and pulled her close to whisper in her ear. He then pulled away, strolling down the stairs back to his seat and I looked up at the principal who’s face was red with embarrassment and flattery I assumed. Luke, Calum and Michael must have been planning that trick for forever because when Luke passed Michael in the C section, he high fived Luke and when Luke returned to his seat, Calum who was in the H section as well but sitting a row directly behind us, cheered Luke on. 

The rest of the names went by fast and they called all of the graduates out for refreshments in the lobby. Luke, Calum and I found Marcy who was lip-locking with Ashton near the auditorium doors and Michael caught up with us. Luke threw his arm over my shoulder and I looked at Marcy as she finally pulled her face from Ashton’s.

“Ugh. Gross. When did this happen?” I gestured to her and Ashton. 

“Forget us, when did that happen?” Marcy squealed as she pointed to Luke’s arm around me, his hand feverishly close to my breast.

“Yeah, (Y/N), I thought you had a thing for the Hood.” Calum retorted confidently and I blushed, nudging him. 

“That’s all in the past.” I raised my nose in the air and turned my cheek jokingly.

Marcy laughed and then frowned, “You two didn’t hook up did you?”

My face turned a deep crimson and Luke smirked at his three idiot friends. “Oh yeah. We totally did. At the party.” 

Ashton piped in, “And they haven’t stopped since.”

I hit Luke’s chest and peeled away from him. “You haven’t told them about how much we’ve been…”

Michael groaned, “I practically know what your cunt feels like considering the amount of times he’s described it. And it hasn’t even been that long since the party!”

He was right. It had, in fact, only been a week. But I was too embarrassed to care and I hid my face in my hands while Luke wrapped his arms around me and cooed, “Awww.”

My family, unfortunately, had just found my friends and I and my dad gave Luke a stern look as he watched Luke all over me, kissing my face and caressing my ass. By then, we all had taken out gowns off so Luke’s sleeve tattoos were visible, right along with the ‘Yes We Cannibas’ shirt he was wearing. And it was even worse that he and I had smoked before, the ceremony so we smelled of weed and our eyes were red and glossy. I hadn’t really started smoking until I started messing around with Luke. My dad cleared his throat and I pushed Luke from me, Marcy giggling under her breath, she knew how much my dad hated guys like Luke. And he’d be mortified to know how many timed Luke came inside of me. 

My 17 year old brother teased, “Oh! (Y/N) has a boyfriend!” He was actually close friends with Luke, my brother being a year behind me and all of my friends.

I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him close, whispering quiet enough so my parents wouldn’t hear, “Shut up you fucking prick.”

He gave me a smug look because he had known about my ‘dates’ with Luke and I knew he would disclose that information anytime he needed for revenge. “Your girlfriend is going crazy Luke.” My brother sunk his teeth into my hand to free himself from my grip. 

I hissed and my mother told us to stop the foolishness. I was feeling kind of iffy about what my brother said because I knew Luke and I weren’t dating and my brother knew that as well. He was just fucking with me to get under my skin. My dad was still sizing up Luke before he spoke to me, “You haven’t introduced us to your friends, (Y/N).”

I wasn’t really feeling up for it to be honest so I breezed right through it, pointing to each person as I said their name, “This is Luke, you know Marcy, this is Ash, Michael and Calum.”

They all smiled and waved at my family and my brother sneered at Ashton, “Weren’t you just a senior a few years ago?”

“He’s in college now.” Marcy snapped. “Stop trying to bug everybody, you noob.”

I laughed as my brother rolled his eyes in annoyance and I grabbed Luke and I’s gown and rushed to the door, with everyone in tow. “I guess we’d ought to be going now yes?”

Marcy and I decided to push the cabin trip until graduation so we could spent a week with our friends, keeping our minds off of college for a bit. I could tell my dad was irritated by the way I tried to get away from him and the rest of my family. I hurried outside and he yelled after me, “Be safe.”

My mom screeched, “We love you honey!”

My brother obnoxiously shouted, “Don’t get pregnant!” Which caused a few students and their families to turn around and look at him as he smiled. 

Marcy and Michael hopped in Ashton’s car which left Calum and I in Luke’s car. I sat in the front seat with Luke as he drove and he had his hand resting on my thigh the whole ride out to the log cabin. All three of us were having a good conversation while All Time Low was playing through the car and Calum just came out with, “You guys wouldn’t mind if I masturbated back here would you?”

I laughed and Luke shook his hand, glancing back at Calum, “Don’t get your baby batter all over my leather seats dude.”

“Ah, no worries, brother. We’re here anyways,” Calum grinned and jumped out as we parked in front of the cabin, pulling up right next to Ashton’s car. I slid out of my seat and closed the door behind me, walking up to Marcy as she unlocked the door. I wrapped my arms around her as we walked in and looked around.

“Fuck.” Michael mumbled. “It’s nice as fuck in here.”

Most everyone nodded silently in agreement as they took the view in. “Aaaaand there’s a huge lake in the back we can swim in tomorrow.”

Ashton screamed, “Skinny dipping!” Everyone applauded, laughing and screaming back at Ashton. 

“Geez if you wanted to see me naked all you had to do was ask.” Luke joked. 

Calum spoke, “I think (Y/N) has seen you naked enough times for each of us, twice.”

“Har, har, har.” i kicked Calum in his shin and walked down the hall. He groaned in pain but hopped after the rest of us as they followed me. I’ve been here before for spring break a few years ago, my family had always been close to Marcy’s family like that. 

Marcy told us to pick our rooms and come out to the back so we could start a fire to roast some s’mores and hotdogs as it was starting to get dark out. I trudged into the room at the end of the hall with Luke right behind me. Sitting my stuff down, Luke came behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and kissed my neck softly.

“You wanna ditch the lads and just stay up here together?” He moaned.

He collected a piece of my skin in between his teeth and I shook my head no, it took every bone in my body to do that. 

“I’ve been waiting for this trip forever, Marcy ditched it for your stupid fucking party so I’m not going to spend my whole week in this room, on your dick.” I spat.

Now and then, Luke and I picked up our old habits of rude and snide remarks we shot at each other. He stepped back from me and I turned around, anger mixing with lust in his eyes and he crossed his arms over his chest. 

“You don’t want to go there do you baby girl?” He voiced.

I tutted, “Of course I do. I love when you hate me.” I brushed past him, joining Marcy downstairs. We walked out and not to long after, Luke came out, taking a seat around the fire. Ashton and Michael were busy making the fire and I stood with Marcy watching as she made admiring but annoying remarks about how Ashton looked so cute and manly starting a fire. I almost wanted to barf so I turned around to catch Luke playing with his lip ring in his mouth and leaned back, appreciating my body from behind. I came over to sit next to him but he insisted I sit on his lap, well rather, his thigh. After a few words exchanged between us, he finally convinced me to take a seat on his thigh, my legs resting on either side of it and pelvic bone pressed right against it. Already I was getting a little hot and bothered and it didn’t help that he occasionally moved his thigh up against me. By this time, everyone was around the fire, roasting marshmallows and hotdogs. I tried not to move much, as every little movement would turn me on completely. Eventually after all the s’mores and hotdogs were eaten and all the songs were sung, everyone was ready to go to bed and I…I was very worked up, my stomach churning by the second as I could feel my panties absolutely soaked. I stood up and walked into the house with Michael, Luke and Calum as Marcy stood by Ashton as he put out the fire.

“You’re walking like there’s a stick up your ass babe.” Luke uttered in my ear on our way up the stairs and I elbowed him in his stomach, rushing into the bedroom.

My clit was nearly throbbing for his touch and I laid myself on the bed as he had already taken his shirt off while he closed the door with his foot.

He immediately cut off my thoughts with his lips to mine, he was using the same force as he did the first time we hooked up, which I’ll admit was kind of hot and I was hoping that we’d have hate sex again. Luke was practically ripping my clothes off, only separating our lips for a second as he order for me to take off my shirt and bra. Out at the campfire, I was seconds away from an orgasm but Luke knew it so he stopped the friction between my core and his thigh by standing up, making an excuse to get another hotdog. 

So here I was, barely on the edge because it was slowly fizzling from loss of contact. Luke was looking down admiring my body, he’d been doing that every time we had sex, like it was the first time he’d seen me naked. I always blushed, not realized that he was gonna tear me to pieces. He reached his hand to my clit, rubbing it gently as he kissed my shoulder softly and I looked down at him, slowly bucking my hips into his hand, “Take your clothes off.”

“We’re going by my rules tonight okay, sweet cheeks?” He pulled his hand from my clit and I groaned, rolling my eyes, both at my pet name and the fact that he rid his hand from my finger. 

I whined like a child as he got off the bed and undressed himself, leaving me worked up again so I did what I felt like. My hand slowly came in contact with my clit and I closed my eyes as I rubbed figure 8’s into it myself since Luke was going to keep me hanging. It was dark in the room and the only light there was shining through was from the moonlight so I was hoping that Luke wouldn’t catch me pleasuring myself. My mouth hung open and I hadn’t realized how loud I’d gotten until I opened my eyes, still working my fingers against my clit and down my moist fold, when I saw Luke staring down at me. And I could tell that he wasn’t happy. I quickly withdrew my hand from myself and attempted to place it in my mouth but he shook his head, a silent notion that I’d better not taste myself in front of him. I looked down and he was about half flaccid but he was gradually growing harder. I liked this side of Luke during sex, when he called me names and treated me a certain way, the way I would hate if he treated out of the bedroom. 

“I don’t know what the fuck you think this is, slut, but we’re going by my rules.” Luke spoke.

Laughing to myself, I quickly remembered I was definitely not the submissive type in bed. “Lucas, I hope you don’t think you’re going to boss me around tonight, fucking douchebag.”

I sat up but was quickly pushed back down on my back as Luke pounced on me, hitting me in the face with his word, “Oh, but I do seem to remember who was puddy in who’s hands last week.”

I dug my nails in the side of his face and pushed him off me, placing my dripping folds right against the tip of his now very hardened dick. “And I do remember who was puddy in who’s hands first.” I took his lip ring in between my fingertips, repeating my actions from last weeks party and ground my center against him, pulling at his lip ring, not caring a bit if I ripped it out. 

He winced in pain and I was hoping that he would let me dominate tonight but he then came back into reality and grabbed my wrist as I was caught off guard and flipped me back over onto my back. I glared up at him before spitting in his face, but not stopping this time. I was surprised how long he let me coat his face with my saliva before snapping on me. I was quickly running out of moisture in my mouth and I sunk into the sheets as I could spit no more, Luke just wiped the spit off his face and rubbed it over his fingers before shoving three of them inside of me. I clenched my jaw and squeezed my eyes shut at the sudden stretch of my walls. I wanted so bad to go against Luke’s rules and dominate him but his fingers felt so good inside of me. He curled them up and almost tickling my g-spot with his fingers as I tried my hardest to keep quiet. I grabbed what was closest to me, which was the sheets on the bed and I tried closing my thighs around his hand but it was no use. He pulled his fingers out and forced them in my mouth, my eyebrows knitting together in frustration, Luke ignoring as his head ducked between my thighs and he pressed nose against my pelvic bone and his tongue flat against my almost leaking folds.  He hauled his tongue from the bottom, up to the top and the tip of his tongue meeting my clit. He kept eye contact with me the whole time as his slipped his warm tongue inside of me with ease and I continued to suck on his fingers while he worked in between my thighs. 

I whimpered in frustration, not wanting to be puddy in Luke’s hands again ilke last time. I felt like I was making an almost heart-wrenching decision to push Luke’s face from my core but I forgot he was very strong and kept his head in place despite my weak attempt. I remembered that we were in a cabin with thin walls and four other people so I tried to keep my screams of defeat come through my lips. Luke continued to massage my walls with his thick tongue, playing with my clit in between his fingers as if it was a toy of some sort. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and I grabbed him by his hair, ripping him from in between my thighs. He crawled up my body, confused and distracted just enough so I could flip us over so he was on his back. Luke obviously wasn’t having it as he flipped us over again, causing both of us to fall on the floor with a thud. But in the end, Luke was on top and demanded that I turn on my side. 

I huffed in vanquish, “Fuck you, Hemmings, you’re nothing but a piece of shit.” I always said things that would rile him up enough to fuck me senseless. He brought a his hand to my cheek, slapping me good and hard and my hair flew in my face. I looked back at him, genuinely upset that he had just slapped me, which he had never done before but I knew he was in the moment. I slapped him even harder that he slapped me, sound echoing through the room. He rubbed his cheek, his eyes again filling with anger as he sibilated, “Get on your fucking side now, twat.”

I blinked, Luke’s words during sex were getting dirtier and dirtier but I turned on my side, beating myself up that I was being submissive towards him. Luke got on his side behind me and lifted my thigh up, plunging deeply inside of me and I jerked forward, full of shock. In some of these moments, I feel like I want to hate Luke again but I can’t bring myself to it because he sends me into deep euphoria like no other douches could. Which was ironic because Luke was a douche himself. But he never failed to keep me satisfied anytime I snuck over to his house at 4 in the morning. Luke reached his other hand from under me to grab onto my breasts pinching and rolling my sensitive nipples in between his fingers and I almost yelped in pain before Luke rested my thigh on his and forced my head to the side so he could kiss me authoritatively, he slipped his tongue past my lips so I could taste myself on his breath. Still toying with my hardened bud, he reached down to rub on my clit again and I bucked my hips back against him as he forced his hips into mine, his tip slipping close to my g-spot but not quite hitting it, which drove me absolutely crazy. I banged my fist against the floor, Luke laughing smugly and rolling his hips a little faster as I could tell he was reaching his high and so was I. 

Our mouths were still at war, his pierced lip slipping into my mouth occasionally and the frequent biting and sucking at my tongue. He pressed his middle finger flat against my clit which pushed me closed to the edge, teetering between my sexual cliff and pleasure in which would be caused if I was to fall off the edge. Clenching my walls around his throbbing dick, he was the first one to fall off the sexual cliff and it was as if he pulled me by my shirt, making me fall with him. He came inside of me, his hot cum spurting out and my orgasm was not to far behind as I squirted violently, soaking both of our legs and the carpet underneath us. I was out of breath and so was he. Too weak to even get up, I laid right there on the floor as Luke glided himself out of me with ease as his dick was coated with my bodily liquids and he stood up, sitting on the side of the bed with his foot on my back. 

“You’re fucking weak, (Y/N).”

I chuckled and turned on my back, looking up at him. “But you turn into a big baby when I pull on your fucking lip ring, weak ass dildo.”

“I fucking hate you.” Luke grinned and pulled me up on the bed with him, laying down with me and tangling his legs with mine under the covers.

I yawned as I was exhausted and looked him dead in the eye and beamed, “I fucking hate you more, Hemmings.”

masterlist ye

Smut for the bitchy anon who is just dying for some

Nash pov:

“ wow darla u lookin hela fly can I hav a slice of ur booty pie ” nash shouted while holding skylynn before dropping her on the carpet and ran to me

“ sure bae, u can have the whole booty pie if u want HAHAHAH” I giggle loud

He pulled my undies down and stuck his fist in my hole

“ holy shit ur so loose do you keep a farm up there ”

“ ya ”

“ cute ”

He added his other fist and his foot before I cummed

“ wow u taste like shitty Mexican food lol ” Nash barfed all over me new shirt before whipping his anaconda out and put it in a jar of mayo

“ awe frick yes this is so appealing ” Nash groaned as he cummed in the mayo jar before mixing it all together and make a sandwich for me

It was good