he's so cute even though he looks all grumpy

So traveling.

Isak has left Norway all of once in his life– maybe twice if you count that time his dad took him to see relatives in Germany when he was a toddler. So like he’s not very used to the hours upon hours it takes to leave your damn country.

But whatever, Isak is half leaning against Even sitting cross legged on the floor by the window (because all of the chairs are taken? really airport? really?) with his own head buds in, legs crossed and tapping out the beat of a Nas song on his knee. No care in the world right? Shades on him, shades on Even, both of them looking like cool motherfuckers. He’s good. He’s chill.

Then Even, the fucker, who at this point had has his own music in and was people watching, arm slung carelessly over Isak’s shoulders, jerks when some song comes on his Spotify (let’s be real, probably something from the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack.) Ever the dutiful boyfriend, Isak looks up questioningly but glares when Even immediately pops an ear bud out of Isak’s ear and replaces it with his own.

“I was listening to-”

“Shh. This is better.”

“I swear to God if you play me Gabrielle-”

But then Isak settles down and slouches further into Even (bony or not, Isak has become extremely good at melting into Even’s side) and pauses his own music and fuck, okay maybe the song wasn’t all that bad after all even though it’s slower and not rap and-

-has he heard this song before?

And Isak’s lids start to droop, and Even’s hands come down to brush through Isak’s hair as he switches from people-watching, to his favorite activity: Isak-watching. And even though Isak has been grumpy all day (because their damn flight had been delayed for four hours), his features smooth out in his sleep and you never would have known that today was a not-so-great day.

Then mercifully, hours later, their flight is called Even doesn’t want to because Isak looks so damn cute, but he’d have to trace his hand over Isak’s cheek and wake him up with a few low-pitched “baby, wake ups” and Isak, not a morning person at all, swats at his hand before he realizes that if he’s being woken up, that means it’s time to get on the fucking plane and yes, thank god, he hates airports.

And then they are off to the warmest place either of them could think of because the winter this year had been a dick. So Ibiza here they come! Where they lay on the sand side by side in some form of ‘fuck school is over for both of us now- what does that mean’ holiday. And they drink so much (Even orders Isak some fruity drinks that Isak thinks are too girly but holy shit they are amazing???)

And then, whoops, they miss a day of sightseeing- much too busy concerning themselves of the sites they can see in the comfort of their own hotel room.

And they have a fucking fantastic time and when it’s time to go home-

“Flight to Oslo delayed 3 hours? Even- seriously what the fuck we are never leaving Norway again.”


Some of my older followers might remember my collaborations with @androiben​ !! She does the art and I make a story?! WELL WE ARE BACK AGAIN and look what she made me! Is this not the most adorable little thing??!?!! Go check out her stuff!

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Tobirama, Kakashi, and Hidan headcanons for their reactions of their s/o asking to go in a shared onsen with them ot to take a bath together and how they act during. I know Hidan is hard for you so I won't be mad if there isnt as much!

All of these are kind of short my bad


•Tobirama isn’t a fan of onsens because he considers them more of an unnecessary recreation rather than a fun way to relax, but if his s/o beseeches him, he’ll give in

•His s/o shouldn’t expect him to get all cute and cuddly though. He probably stays on his own side, just looking miserable. He honestly doesn’t like how hot it gets in onsens. It makes him uncomfortable. He’ll want to get out after like, five minutes

•The fun part is washing each other off afterward. He’s all grumpy about it, claiming that he can wash himself, but if his s/o insists, he sits down on the stool and is super stiff the entire time. He feels uncomfortable. Even when they take regular baths together, he doesn’t like them washing him. It’s just like?? Stop rubbing me so hard? And dON’T GO NEAR MY THIGHS STOP


•Well first off, if his s/o hasn’t seen him without his mask yet, he’s probably suspicious. He knows this little trip to the onsen is probably just their way of getting him to take off the mask. Very sly.

•But he plays along. His s/o would be waiting in the pool, eager for him to come out because yay!! They finally get to see his face! But he comes out with a towel wrapped around his lower face, like a scarf. Mission failed

•He’ll act like nothing is wrong tbh. He teases them if they try to pry. Like “What’s wrong, ______? Why are you pouting?”

•He enjoys his time in the onsen though. Kakashi doesn’t get to relax very often (despite what the lackadaisical demeanor might suggest) and relaxing with his s/o is even better. He pulls up next to them and lies back with an arm behind their shoulders


•Hidan doesn’t like onsens. All he does is complain. “It’s too hot!” “I’m not getting in!” (Does hot water bother zombies?) 

•Honestly, if you want him to get in, you have to call him a pussy. Just do it. That’ll piss him off and he’ll get in out of spite. Using spite is the easiest way to sway Hidan tbh

•He sinks down into the water until you can only see his eyes, looking as feverish and angry as ever. He’s a grump. He’s just trying to show you that he can handle it, but he’s still not happy about it

•Can zombies feel relaxing sensations too??? I don’t know??? If they can, Hidan finds that the onsen is actually pleasant. He can withstand the heat anyway, he just complains for good measure. He’ll still be in the pool when his s/o wants to get out because they’re overheated. He’ll tease them about it too, “Who’s the pussy now?!”

I can’t get that Soulmate AU idea out of my head now and I just keep picturing a young Lance being so confused about it and his mama giving him sympathetic looks all the time and then he learns about soulmates and enemy marks on the playground and starts wearing long sleeves all the time because he doesn’t get why both his wrists say KEITH and he like asks teachers about it and looks it up online and shit and it’s apparently super rare and there are theories about whether you have to be their soulmate and enemy or if one or both of you get to decide which you are and he’s super hopeful but when he meets Keith he’s all closed off and grumpy and barely acknowledges Lance and Lance is still hopeful because he’s cute and he’s smart but he doesn’t seem to want to give Lance the time of day - even though he assumes both of his wrists say LANCE as well, so he figures that Keith’s decided it and they’re to be enemies and it’s okay for him within the context of the Garrison until Keith drops out and he’s frustrated as shit and then just… there he is, blowing shit up and riding in out of nowhere and rescuing Shiro and he would know that mullet anywhere because it’s been on his mind since the day they met and Keith somehow doesn’t even remember him and he doesn’t get it, he doesn’t get how you could forget your own soulmate or your rival or whatever they are, and he doesn’t get it when Keith starts being nice to him sometimes and when they work well as a team, and it’s not until they find out about Keith’s heritage that it even crosses his mind that maybe for Keith… there never was a soulmate mark or an enemy mark, maybe he never knew

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Arranged marriage au for that head canon thing :)

  • When Oikawa finds out about the marriage he flips his shit. He’s angry and irritated and okay, maybe a bit over-dramatic too but who can blame him, really.
  • First thing he does is go to Iwaizumi and he talk his ear off. In the end he more or less realises he doesn’t have much of a choice and kind of accepts to whole ordeal. However one thing he decides for sure is that he won’t, under any circumstances, like his future spouse. Nope. Not a chance.
  • Except then they meet and the guy’s actually adorable?? When Oikawa first approaches him he expects a personality to match his grumpy face but no, he’s just very, very awkward (and very very cute). And when Oikawa teases him he gets this endearing look on his face and the tips of his ears turn red and that pout! … Okay so Oikawa’s plan not to like him is more or less ruined.
  • Iwaizumi wonders why he even tolerates Oikawa and considers finding a new best friend when Oikawa won’t stop going on about he doesn’t like Kageyama, no, not at all, even though admittedly that thing he does with his nose when he’s frustrated is very cute and he’s actually really handsome, y’know? Also, have you seen him when he’s concentrating on something?? Somehow complaining about Kageyema turns into fawning over him and really, Iwaizumi need new friends.

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Youngjae's new instagram pics. Legit when I saw it I thought, "I've seen God."



And then he blessed us again!!!


He is so stunning and so beautiful and so cute all at the same time and I cannot believe how blessed we are to get to see this perfection!!! Not to mention, two pictures at once??? This Angel of Sunshine is spoiling us!!!

Really though, he’s been spoiling us and doing a number on my heart (a.k.a. ruining it, making me weak, shattering me, and leaving my heart an exploded mess) with so many of his selcas lately!! I mean,

WHAT IS THIS??? His flawless jawline!!! His soft cheeks!!! His precious ear!!! His lovely mole!!! His pouty, pink lips!!! The mole on his neck that I am totally weak for!!! His cute little nose!!! All in one picture!?! 

AND THIS PICTURE MAY BE SUPER BLURRY, BUT THAT GAZE!!!! BURNING INTO MY SOUL!!! HE’S SO FREAKING GORGEOUS!!! And his lips are way too nice looking here agdafkhkag…

AND THEN AGAIN HERE!!!!! THAT STARE!!! MAKING ME WEAK EVERY TIME!!! Honestly… I have seen God because that gaze ended me. But look at those cheekbones!!! And the way his hair falls into his eyes!!! Help me. I can’t even breathe right now. He’s too attractive.


And then, help me understand how he can go from that HOT-AS-THE-ACTUAL-SUN look to:


He is honestly the most amazing, beautiful, perfect blend of the cutest and most precious Sunshine, and the most stunning, gorgeous, and handsome Sun, and his selcas, especially these new ones, are such an example of it. I actually lost my breath when I first saw the newest ones… I’m just so overwhelmed by his perfection!!!

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A) I love ur blog B) pls consider flower shop owner Jehan - Parnasse goes in to rob him but he doesn't have the heart to rob smol Jehan so he ends up lecturing Jehan on how bad his security is and beefs it up by like. Installing security camera and stuff like that. One day jehan is like "so r u gonna ask me out or what" cue montparnasse screaming internally (and then eventually asking him out. Whenever they tell the story of how they met there's two very diff versions lmao)

I’m just picturing Montparnasse straddling a window pane, deer in the headlight, completely caught redhanded by a cute redhead holding a teacup, even though it’s like two in the morning, but NOTHING fazes Jehan, ever, they’re just like:

“Can I help you?”
“I’m just looking…”

Also they’re the dilemma of FLOWERS because Montparnasse can’t exactly give Jehan flowers. Think about it. If he buys flowers from Jehan, it’d be weird, cause it wouldn’t be a surprise and he’d just… give the flowers right back. And if he goes to another flower shop, it’s helping the competition!

So Montparnasse is all grumpy like: “I’ll get them a rock. A cool rock. A cool ass rock. People like that, right?” (can you tell he had the romantic experience of a thimble). But of course, Montparnasse’s conception of ROCK is very different from you and I’s:

“I-Is that a diamond???”
“Might be.”
“Montparnasse, put it back.”

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Well i wanted if you could write anything yoonmin fluff. It's okay tho you have a lot in your hands you don't have to do it. *hugs you* 😘

I’m gonna do it and you can’t stop me. FIGHT ME. Just kidding don’t do that I am very passive and will just cry if you tried, I’ll accept the hug instead.

Jimin pulls his hat down further around his ears and tries to contain the giant smile that wants to escape. Even though Yoongi looks miserable, he still showed, and that’s all that matters to Jimin.

“Hyung, you look adorable,” Jimin says as he steps closer to adjust Yoongi’s massive gray scarf. Yoongi lets out a noise like a disapproving cat, leaning away from the touch. Jimin thumps at the pompom atop Yoongi’s hat. “So cute!”

“Let’s just get the stupid skates,” Yoongi grumbles and Jimin swears he sees Yoongi’s cheeks go pink within the scarf.

The rental skates aren’t that comfortable and Yoongi complains the entire walk to the ice but his grumpy face turns to a shy little smile as Jimin takes his hands.

“Okay, if I let go, you’ll be fine?” Jimin asks.

“Nope,” Yoongi says. “If you let me fall I swear–”

“I’m not going to let you fall, hyung,” Jimin says. He starts to skate backwards slowly, pulling Yoongi with him. “See? Easy.”

“This isn’t easy,” Yoongi frowns. “You’re a freak. Humans aren’t meant to stand on footlong metal blades of death.”

“If you keep complaining I really will let go.” Yoongi clams up immediately. “Great. Now just follow me!”

It takes several laps around the ring before Yoongi’s comfortable enough to try and move while holding only one of Jimin’s hands, then several more before he skates a few feet on his own. But that’s more than enough for him, and he tires of the ice soon after. Jimin’s fine with that, though–after all, he’s just glad Yoongi didn’t flake out on this date idea.

Jimin hands the vendor his money, then thanks him and carefully takes two cups of hot cocoa over to Yoongi, still working on getting out of his skates. “Ta da,” Jimin smiles as he holds out one cup. “For a job well done.”

“I’d rather get a congratulatory blow job,” Yoongi says.

“Hyung! You’re ruining it!”

“Sorry. Sorry. Cute winter date, no perversion, got it.”

Jimin grins, then leans to kiss Yoongi’s temple quickly before Yoongi can move away.