he's so cute cycling

magnus burnsides always likes throwing into conversations his completely random talents, and after like the 50th time this happens on the starblastin, they finally force him to demonstrate each talent to prove that he’s not just some liar, and sure enough, magnus is proficient in limbo 

Blitzstone Headcanons
  • Hearth gets really uncomfortable ordering food because it makes him feel entitled, and he always sorts the plates and silverware to make it easy for whoever has to clean the table
  • Blitz is obsessed with how soft Hearth’s hair is and whenever they’re alone he just.. gravitates to it against his will
  • Hearth is the “always cold” friend
  • They always cuddle in a weird tangle facing each other, and somehow Hearth still manages to be the little spoon
  • Blitz is a happy crier, and it happens a lot
  • At first Hearth was really shy about being upset and his only tell most of the time was lying his head on Blitz’s shoulder, but now he just kinda. lays on him. 
  • Blitz can get lost in projects for days fussing over details, and Hearth usually has to make him take breaks
  • Hearth took a long time to adjust to typical sensory input after years of living in a white room, meaning he couldn’t deal with crowds or flashing lights, of which there are many in Nidavellir
  • Blitz has a little windowsill cactus garden that he very carefully looks after
  • Hearth gets super flustered over compliments and Blitz thinks he looks cute when he blushes, so the cycle feeds itself
some general hc about daniel being cute bc im lonely n want interaction with someone im really lonely rn????

-daniel is hella cute mate -hes super flirty?? but hes classy about it n reads the mood -so like he dosent make peeps uncomfy bc that suCKS -he does this thing when he sleeps?? he needs to have his arms wrapped around someone n he uses them as a pillow -daniel dosent blush easily, but when he does he gets real embarrassed n he blushes MORE -so its kinda a cycle of dan being cute n blushy -daniel is shorter than david!! its only by an inch or so but?? david finds it cute -daniel unironically says “icky” -“ew!! no nikki don’t eat the bugs they’re icky ://” -daniel tries to hold in coughs n sneezes bc heS A MAN GODDAMNIT -daniel will randomly just grab your hand and shove it in his hair -“it feels nice and no ones done it in aaaaaages :00” -he does peace signs in photos -hes not the best with animals, but he loves them to death -he’s scared of drowning

concept - Ronan and Blue’s bromance;
-they have sleepovers all the time, especially when blue comes back from travelling but Adam and Gansey are still away
-they binge on so much junk food together and have stupid competitions on who can eat the most pizza in a minute and stuff like that
-they like to drive around a lot and just talk and listen to music (when it isn’t the murder squash song)
-Blue always puts her feet up on the car’s headboard and Ronan acts like he hates it but really he doesn’t mind as he knows she is more comfortable like that and she always takes her shoes off
-Blue painting his nails one time and he is super into it and wants to paint hers
-he is really bad at first but soon becomes a pro
-he dreams the most kickass nail polish that have patterns like galaxy or flowers so they look super aesthetic and pretty
-he leaves bottles around her room for her to find, always with a different pattern or colour
-her favourite is the sunflower one as it is so happy and yellow
-he also dreams her small things like clips and fabric and makes a game of subtly leaving hidden in her room for her to find
-and they never talk about it but Ronan always tries to hide how hard he smiles when he sees her wearing the clips or notices that she has made a new dress from the fabric
-also Blue makes Ronan do her her hair one time
-and it turns out he is amazing at it, especially braids
-so Blue starts rocking the most badass and intricate hairstyles all the time and people always ask where she went to get it done and she just points at the scary bald guy next to her and is like ‘it was him’
-and they always take pictures of their nails and her hair
-which Blue posts to her Instagram and everyone is like how???
-how do they have such good nails and her hair tho
-and Ronan is so happy that people like his stuff but he plays it cool coz he is punk af
-and then Adam comes back and Ronan does his nails and Adam loves the pastels which Ronan thinks is too cute  
-and Adam loves his hair to be played with so Ronan does loads of tiny braids and things
-and Blue is just like these gay nerds are too much


Ewan McGregor on The Tweed Run 2011, a group bicycle ride through the centre of London, in which the cyclists are expected to dress in traditional British cycling attire, particularly tweed plus four suits. Any bicycle is acceptable on the Tweed Run, but classic vintage bicycles are encouraged. Some effort to recreate the spirit of a bygone era is always appreciated.

It’s a really sunny day today and it got me thinking about Ronan and Noah making daisy chains together and Ronan goes to St Agnes later and and is like “hey adam I got u something” and Adam is about to go into full IM NOT A CHARITY rant but Ronan pulls out a slightly crushed and sad looking daisy chain from his pocket and is like “here” and Adam takes it like ???? and Ronan sighs dramatically like “for gods sake parrish” and snatches it back and places it on Adam’s head like a little crown and Adam goes RED and Ronan goes EVEN REDDER and then they just casually do homework together because it’s totally casual and they’re casual friends, casually hanging out, doing some homework casually


a pocket sized J-hope trying to tie your shoelaces for you but it takes forever because he keeps asking if he tied it too tightly or he ends up getting tangled. 

“Is it too tight?“ 

"No, it’s good. Thank-" 

"Are you sure?" 

"Yeah Hoseok, it’s-" 

"Wait but-" 


(but you obviously don’t care because you love it that he cares so much about you!)