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“I love Harry Styles; he’s so cute and charming and I think he can do anything he sets his mind to. And there’s a Fleetwood Mac and a Led Zeppelin out there somewhere. Whether or not they’ll ever be able to rise to the top is the question, because the industry slaps them down, but my advice would be to any musician is just don’t give up. Believe in yourself.”


taking the fan-service to a whole new level: Ahn Hyung Seob


confidence level: Ten

Cinderella (Part 2)

Summary: You finaly get the the courage to meet your one night stand

Pairing: Jeon Jeong-juk (Jungkook) / Reader

Genre: Fluff / Smut

Words: 2.8k

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“Hello.” You heard his cute voice.

“H-hi.” You nervously stuttered.

“(Y/N)?” He remembered your name?

“Hi….um…you have something that belongs to me.”

He laughed. “That’s funny because I believe you have something that belongs to me.”

It took you a few to understand what he meant, but then it occurred to you. You stole his sweater.


You decided to meet him for a swap of your things. It was still pretty early so you decided to meet for an early lunch. You didn’t want to pretend like your someone your not so you dressed in a casual ripped jeans and flowy top.

Would you recognize him? Would he recognize you?

You both decided to meet at the corner café. You were beyond nervous. What if you is actually a jerk or he doesn’t like the real you? What if he regrets last night?

You walked into the café, you didn’t notice any familiar faces so you picked a seat in the back. It was pretty empty anyway so he shouldn’t have trouble finding you.

You clicked your thumbs together waiting for him. You felt your heart beating fast. You couldn’t control your emotions. You weren’t in a good place to be rejected right now.

Your head jerked up when you heard the door open triggering a bell. There he was. He was as gorgeous as you remember. He was wearing a white crewneck a black leather jacket with black jeans. He also had a white beanie on and a black face mask. As soon as he saw you, you could tell he was smiling behind the mask through his eyes.

“Hey.” He said to you as he sat down. He took off his face mask and he gave you a sweet smile. The killer smile you remember.

“Hi.” You shyly responded.

“Let me get us some drinks.” He got up not asking what you wanted.

He came back shortly with two drinks. They honestly looked quite tasty. “This is the best drink here.” He smiled.

You were hesitant to try it because you weren’t a coffee drinker and you doubted they had chocolate shakes here. When you tried it you were blown away. It had a coffee hint but it was mostly ice chocolate. It was delicious.

“It’s a chocolate chip frappuccino…by the look on your face I can tell you like it?” He laughed.

You nodded and put your drink down before it could give you a brain freeze.

“Um.” You started. “I just want to apologize about last night….I promise I never do these type of things.”

He nodded biting the inside of his cheek.

“My friends said that it’s time I put myself out there again….and maybe I got carried away…..so I’m sorry.” You looked down chipping your nail polish off.

“You don’t have to be sorry….” You looked up at him. “I dont regret last night.” He smiled.

“I just kind of wished I remembered more of it.” He continued. “But maybe we can start from the beginning? I mean if you want because you did sneak out on me.” He smirked.

“Oh no.” You leaned your head in your hands. “I promise it’s not like that….I was just embarrassed.” You blushed as you looked at him.

“You’re cute.” He laughed. “So does that me you want to start over?”

“Oh course.” You smiled.

“I’m Jungkook.” He reached his hand out towards you.

Really we are doing this? “I’m (Y/N).” You laughed at his silliness.

“And I did want to say that you’re great in bed.” He bit his lip.

You rubbed your forehead laughing. “You’re not suppose to say that…we didn’t have sex yet.”

“Right…I predict you’re great in bed.” He smiled.

You shook your head laughing, you kicked him from under the table. “Well I predict that you snore in your sleep.” One thing you remembered this morning was that he had the cutest snore you ever heard, it wasn’t loud or obnoxious but it was soft and cute.

His face dropped from your choice of words. “Really…we’re gonna go there?”

“You started it.” It was your turn to smirk.

You changed your mind, your glad you came to meet him.

“Oh I almost forgot.” He reached into his pocket and slid your phone across the table. You were so caught up in Jungkook you actually forgot about your phone.

“Thank you.” You blushed. “And you can have this back I guess.” You took his sweater laying on your side of the bench and tossed it to him.

“But I might take it back one day because it’s comfortable.” You tilted your head deviously.

“We’ll see.” He smirked.


The sad part was that Jungkook had to work later that day but he asked you out for tomorrow night. You were beyond excited.

When you got to your apartment your friends were argueing over what movie they rather watch.

“Hey (Y/N) How did it go?” They both sat up as soon as they saw you. You threw yourself between them on the couch.

“He was the most amazing guy ever.” You smiled.

“Really?” Lalisa cheered.

“Yeah….he was sweet, funny, charming, so cute.” You blushed thinking about him.

You felt happy, like you could actually can move on. You could finally forget about Illhoon. He attempted to talk to you a few times since the break up but you told him you weren’t ready, but now you feel confident.

“So when are you seeing him again?” Rosé nudged you.

“We have a date tomorrow.” You bit your lip. You were overly excited and it was obvious in your face.

“See we did this….we want credit at your wedding.” You laughed.


You thought later that day that you should call Ilhoon, he has been trying to talk to you for a while now to settle things.

You felt both relieved and disappointed when you heard his voice mail. You left a message saying how sorry you were for ignoring his calls and that you’re feeling much better and that you’re ready to settle your relationship.


“How’s this?” You pulled out a dress from your closet.

“No too fancy.” Rosé suggested.

You put it back and pulled out something else. “This?”

“No too fancy.” Rosé said more annoyed. Lalisa was good at this but she was out with her guy you still didn’t know.

Jungkook slipped his number in your phone before he gave it back to you and he texted you to not dress fancy, that it was a causal date. Which honestly made you happy because he was more down to earth, but somehow you were still nervous.

“Here.” Rosé got up and went through your closet. “This is not too fancy and it’s not to causal, perfect for a date.”

You loved her choice, it was simple white spring dress with a black and white stripped cardigan and to top it off with some gray doc martins. It was causal, cute, and edgy at the same time.

“Thank you.” You smiled.

“Just be yourself.” You released a breath.

You were already waiting for Jungkook to pick you up even though he told you seven, you still had ten minutes to spare.

Your heart skipped a beat when you heard a knock on the door.

“He’s here.” Why were you so nervous?

Rosé pushed you to the door and you slowly opened it. Your eyes landed on the handsome guy in front of you. He looked good like usual. He was in a white button down dress shirt with black jeans and his usual black leather jacket.

He looked at you and smiled. “Hey.” He sweetly greeted.

“Behave yourselves.” Rosé smirked.

“No promises.” Those words slipped out of your mouth.

Jungkook just laughed, mostly from your feared embarrassing expression. He reached his hand out and you took it following close behind.

“You look beautiful.” He said shyly.

“So do you.” You replied nervously and mentally hit yourself in the face. “I mean handsome.” You bit your lip.

“That’s okay, I’m know I’m beautiful.” He joked.

You were a flushed mess, your face never turned a shade lighter then red.

While he was driving you felt comfortable, the silence didn’t bother you. He was softly singing to the radio and you were blown away of how incredible his voice was.

“I hope you’re not taking me to the middle of nowhere so I can get murdered.”

“That’s not my style….I’m more lock you up in my basement type.” He laughed.

You pulled up into a parking lot that was packed. Instead of parking Jungkook made his way to the back of the building. After he parked you saw him text someone. You both got out and you followed him to the back door of the building.

You only waited a few seconds until it opened. “Hey man.” Some guy greeted Jungkook. He was wearing a backwards cap but you could tell he had orange hair. He had a smile that brightened up his whole face.

“You’re (Y/N) right?” He looked at you and smiled.

You nodded and shook his hand. “This is Hoseok, hes my friend, he works here so he can sneak us in.” Jungkook introduced you.

What was here exactly? After Hoseok snuck you in, he led you both out of the employees only area. When you made your way to the rest of the building you immediately got excited. You were in an aquarium. It was beautiful.

You walked down the path of the different displays of all the different types of fish. You haven’t been to an aquarium since you were little so it was refreshing. Jungkook really knew how to pick a date. He smiled at your fascination with the different aquariums. There was still people browsing but you could tell the aquarium was on their last hour before close.

Jungkook held your hand the entire time you walked through the different areas. You reached a portion that was a pathway through a tunnel. When you walked along the aquarium it was all along the tunnel. All around you. You slightly jumped when you noticed the sharks swimming above your head. You squeezed Jungkook’s hand tighter. It was incredible and frightening at the same time.


The next half hour you were more blown away of every display they had to offer. You walked upstairs until you reached another pathway of stingrays. You watched as they swam above you and all around. You looked at Jungkook smiling.

“It’s amazing.” You whispered.

“Yeah.” Just then Jungkook stole your attention as he leaned into you with a tender kiss. You were surprised from the sudden action but it didn’t take you long to respond. The kiss got deeper as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He held each hand on your hips moving you backwards until you reached the wall. You felt glass from the cold chill that ran up your back.

You felt him brush your bottom lip with his tongue. The sensation gave you butterflies as you opened your mouth responding to his request. He pushed you up so you were sitting on the railing behind you. He placed himself between your legs as he moved down to your neck. You felt like you were drunk with every wet touch. You touched up his toned body underneath his shirt. You felt the tension between your lower half’s.

He stopped kissing you for a moment as your phone rang ruining the moment. You didn’t bother looking at the name, you just hit the call straight to voicemail. Clearly making out with Jungkook was more important to you. He was your drug and you needed more of it.

You pulled him back in kissing him deeply. You reached for his pants buckle getting excited. “How about we finish this at my place, I rather not get kicked out.” He smirked. You nodded and you both made your way out of the building quickly.

When you got into the car he was shaking his leg impatiently. You couldn’t help but blush as you noticed his bulge. Luckily the drive was pretty short because you both couldn’t wait much longer.

As soon as you made your way into his apartment he pinned you against the door kissing you desperately. This was deja vu but better because neither of you were drunk.

You jumped up wrapping your legs behind him. You felt his erection poking you and it felt chilling. He started towards the bedroom carrying you. You were kissing his neck until he dropped you on his bed. You helped him take off his shirt and immediately took off your dress. He took a second to admire your body before he pulled your underwear off along with your bra. You grabbed his pants, quickly taking them off.

You grabbed his member pumping your hand up and down as he kissed your neck. You moaned as he rubbed figure eights through your folds.

“Jungkook.” You moaned. “I need you right now.”

He smirked at you as he grabbed himself and lined up to your center. He lifted your right leg up and placed it on his shoulder as he pushed in. The angle was deep and you almost screamed from the pleasure. He thrusted into you deeper causing the bed to squeak.

“You okay.” He asked you sweetly out of breath.

You nodded. “Faster.” You moaned.

He leaned into you more, bending your leg more forward. He thrusted into you at a rapid speed. He was out of breath as you attempted to kiss him.

You felt a chill as your pleasure was shooting through your body. “Jungkook I’m gonna c-” You moaned.

“Wait for me.” He tried to catch his breath.

As soon as he said that he started slowing down and you decided to let go. You closed your eyes as you felt him released causing you to shutter from the orgasm that was passing through both of your bodies.

You moaned as he pulled out of you suddenly. He immediately fell to the side of you trying to steady his breathing. You loved the way he looked with sweat dripping down his face.

He turned to you and smiled. “I knew you would be great in bed.” You laughed as you pushed your hair off your face.

He pulled you in for one last kiss before you both fell asleep.


The next morning you actually remember everything that happened and the thought obviously put a smile on your face. You felt Jungkook right behind you as his breath was on your neck and his arm was wrapped over your hip. You gently reached for your phone to check the time. When you clicked the home button you noticed you had one missed call from Illhoon.

He must of been the one that called you last night. Was he just responding to your call?

You sat up about to get out of bed when you felt Jungkook pull you back into his arms.

“No…you’re not sneaking out this time.” He whined.

You laughed from his cute actions and you turned around to face him. “I wont.” You blushed.

He leaned in and kissed you gently on the lips. “I’m sorry I slept over again.”

“I’m glad you did.” He shyly smiled. “I like seeing you first thing when I wake up.” You felt the butterflies invade your stomach again. He was so sweet and you can’t wait to move forward with your relationship.


A few hours later you decided to head home. Spending all morning with Jungkook was nice. He cooked you breakfast as you danced around him making him laugh.

You would of stayed longer but his friends invaded your alone time. They were all goofy especially the one you met last night, turns out hes Jungkooks roommate also. He just spends a lot of time over his girlfriend’s place.

When you got back to your apartment you decided to call Illhoon back.

“Hey.” He answered. “I got your message.”

“Sorry I didn’t answer I was out.” You responded. You were fine hearing his voice, it didn’t make you shiver like it did before, knowing he didn’t love you anymore.

“Do you want to meet me? I think we should catch up for a bit.” He sounded nervous.

“Yeah sounds good.”

It was time to put your breakup a side and start being friends again. That’s what you were before you even started dating. You met up with him at your old favorite pizza place that you always went to together. It was nice seeing him again. You definitely moved on, you can actually look at him without bursting into tears.

“So how is everything?” You causally asked.

“There was something I wanted to ask you.” He cut to chase.

“What’s up?” You smiled.

“I want to get back together.”


Masterlist | Part 1 | Part 3

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ur got7 "where would they kiss u" has got me crying n blushing avshsjdh I feel so flustered omg thank u.. if u don't mind could u also do the same prompt for monsta x??? thank u so much u are a real sweetheart !! And thank u for running this blog!!! ik it's not easy so kudos to u !☄☄

aww thank you!!! here’s the monsta x version~

Shownu is so simple when it comes to romance, but it’s so charming because he has really cute, soft habits. One of these is kissing your forehead, but he does it with both hands on your face, smiling down at you before leaning in to kiss your forehead and whisper that he loves you. The kiss is kind of cheesy, even Shownu will admit that, so he only does it when you two are alone like in the morning after you’ve both woken up and the sun is trickling in through the window of Shownu’s warm room.. 

Kihyun likes to play around and is a romantic tease, to put it nicely. He’ll do this thing where you’ll lay next to each other and if you sit up to reach for something on the nightstand, Kihyun will wrap his arm around your hips and nudge up your shirt and kiss the small dip of your back. It always makes a chill run up you’re spine and you’ll call out his name in shock - but Kihyun thinks it’s cute because he can hear your breath hitch.

Hyungwon is a nape of the neck kind of guy. Nape of the neck and the back slope of your shoulder. Especially since he’s the most affectionate when he’s holding you close, while cuddling or whatnot. He always treads his lips lightly over your skin and then stop all of a sudden and you’ll be like “Hyungwon? Are you taking a nap?” and he’ll just reply, talking against your skin and it’ll tickle. 

Minhyuk likes to hold your hand in his and then bring your hand up so he can kiss the top of your palm and you’ll be like oh! and he just smiles against your skin and keeps holding your hand. And then there’s also the kissing of your fingertips when you two are alone, maybe more than just kissing them, or maybe just kissing up your arm until he reaches your lips. Minhyuk just really likes your hands.

Wonho is of course, sensual and soft and so he likes kissing down your jaw and onto your neck. The opposite of Hyungwon though, he kisses from the front and lets you tangle your fingers in his hair. Sometimes he’ll keep going down, other times he’ll go back up. Every now and then he’ll kiss your neck so softly and then just rest his head on your shoulder if it’s been a hard day. 

Jooheon likes your lips, probably writes poems about them he’ll never share with you, but he just likes them. And the idea that he can kiss them???? That he likes even more. Actually kissing you on the lips, is the best though. And you can tell what mood Jooheon is in from his kisses because they go from cutesy little pecks to kisses that knock you off your feet. 

Changkyun/IM is the most intimate, to pick the prettiest word for it, with his kisses. And it comes from a mix of his love for skinship, but also his mischievousness. He does this when you’re in his lap or sitting between his legs and he’ll edge up your shirt and kiss right up your side and across your ribs into the center of your chest, pushing your shirt all the way up and this point. And it’s up to you if you want to let him continue or if you wanna pinch his nose and be like “Hey, we’re watching a movie right now - we can do that later.”

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Here's a soft Andreil Prompt if you're still doing them. Neil discovers he likes flowers. Maybe a little kid gives him some at a fan meet or something and Neil keeps smelling them and he keeps them in their apt until they're dead. Finally he throws them out (reluctantly) & he buys more for the apt that day. Andrew picks up on it and makes a point to buy fresh flowers for *Neil* their apt at least once a week *because he loves how happy they make Neil and watching him smell them pleases Andrew*

Oh wow that’s so nice. So cute. Wow. I have about 50 other prompts still open *cough* sorry guys *cough* but this one is too adorable not to write it. So here we go. <3 Enjoy!

Prompt me, guys. I’m ill as fuck at home. Also, you can not only prompt me aftg now, you can also prompt me the Raven Cycle stuff (all pairings. Yes. All.) :) <3

Read here on ao3

The whole thing is ridiculous, really, and Andrew can’t believe his life has come to this. 

It all starts with this stupid orange Lily or Daylily or maybe it’s a fucking daffodil or tulip for all Andrew cares. Neil brings it home one evening after a fan meeting, and Andrew watches, eating cereal straight out of the box, when Neil puts it into a beer glass (they don’t own vases) with this sappy smile that makes Andrew’s heart feel freakishly light in his chest. 

It gets worse when Neil turns to him and smiles at him now, still in that aloof, soft way. “Kid gave it to me at the fan meet.”, he prompts, his voice rough from the cold air outside still. “She said she read that my favourite color was still orange.” 

“Did I ask?”, Andrew drawls, because the way Neil’s cheeks are just the slightest bit flushed is just so unnerving.

“No”, replies Neil lightly, “but I told you anyway.”


The flower survives two whole days. Andrew shoos the cats away from it whenever he catches them so much as eyeing it. Because it would be such a nuisance to have to clean up all the shards. 

It survives two days, but then it’s fluffy orange head begins to sag, and the water starts looking murky. 

Neil looks at it critically, frowning for a long time before throwing it out and dumping the greenish water into the sink. 

After a quick question, Andrew rubs the frown from Neil’s lips and from between his eyebrows and then kisses him until the soft smile is back. 


“I just thought they looked nice. And smelled nice, too. Smell them! Have you smelled them?” 

“I’m allergic.”, Andrew deadpans. 

“No you’re not.”, Neil replies but pulls the pink and violet and aromatic lilac back towards himself. 

“I can smell it from over here, and that’s already enough.” Andrew resumes reading his book as Neil gets their vase. They own a vase, now. Well, Neil owns a vase. Andrew denies the ownership of said vase. 

Andrew watches over the edge of his book as Neil fills the vase with water, then puts the flowers in, fluffing them a little. 

“That’s Nicky-level gay, Neil.”, Andrew says not because he means it, but because he wants to tease Neil. 

Neil laughs as he puts the vase onto the highest kitchen cupboard where the cats are least likely to reach it. “Really? Is it gayer than the way you’ve been watching me the past few minutes?”

Andrew just glares. Neil winks and then turns back around to sniff at the lilac once more, standing on his tiptoes.


Andrew can’t fucking believe this. He can’t believe this is his life. 

The girl at the flower shop looks wholesome and sweet. She reminds him a little bit of Renee. Renee would probably be great at selling flowers. 

“Good morning, how can I help you?”, she asks cheerily. Andrew looks at her hands. They are reddened and chaved in places. Maybe handling flowers is hard business. 

“I need flowers.”, he replies, and he can see the slightest hint of a laugh tug at her lips. Maybe he’d find her cute or charming if he wasn’t so homosexual. 

“Well, you certainly came to the right place then. What’s the occasion?”

“Put them in a vase and look at them. Possibly smell them, too.” 

She is laughing now, and Andrew can tell she finds him charming. This entire idea is bad. Just bad. 

He goes through with it anyways. Because it’s for Neil.

“For your girlfriend?”, the clerk asks, “wife?”

“Boyfriend.” Andrew wants to says ‘Nuisance’, but he doesn’t. The clerk doesn’t bat an eye. 

“Alright. What colors does he like?”

Fifteen minutes later, Andrew leaves the shop with a scowl and an arm full of flowers. There’s orange ones, because it’s Neil’s favourite color, there’s blue ones, like Neil’s eyes and auburn ones like his hair, and they all tickle Andrew’s face as he carries them. His car will smell like them for a whole week, he just knows it. 

The way Neil’s eyes widen later, the way a little, disbelieving smile appears on his face, and the way he turns to Andrew (”yes or-” -”yes.”) and hugs him fiercly are worth it, though.

You opened fire and your mark was true
You opened fire, aim my smilin’ skull at you
You opened fire
I live tomorrow, you I’ll not follow
As you wallow in a sea of sorrow