he's so charming in this

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I'm very proud of Harry! He sounded incredible, he was lovely and funny on the sofa, he once again made a bold fashion choice he feels comfortable in etc. He seemed so happy being back on stage and was as charming as ever. What a lovely boy. Go H 💖

I’m so proud of my talented, sparkly-eyed son and I honestly can’t wait for the entire world to fall a little bit in love with him.

Okay I just saw screenshots of jungkook's vlive and he's wearing white and his circle glasses and he looks so damn cute yet charming at the same time , yet those are just pictures. Is it safe to say that this man is driving me insane ? I can't be Watching vlive till Monday , I CAN'T #WHY IS HE DOING THIS FJJDJCKKCK

so i started reading the Ron Chernow book and i just


he’s already naturally rosy cheeked, imagine if he gets flustered and laughs hard enough that he blushes im cryI N G

There’s no after-smacc image he’s dead and we all fucking know it


something vaguely moboween

dunno if this is gonna grow into something else but pls just have this for now