he's so charming * *

#potterweekprompts2017, day 7: yer a wizard, harry

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so i started reading the Ron Chernow book and i just


he’s already naturally rosy cheeked, imagine if he gets flustered and laughs hard enough that he blushes im cryI N G

There’s no after-smacc image he’s dead and we all fucking know it


Miraculous Parallels: S1E15 & S2E04

They both have lucky charms!

It really is such a special thing to make someone a present. Adrien is well off financially but he chose to make something for Marinette. Marinette is constantly creating things and making gifts for her friends and family. 

I’m sure that this gift means something really special to her not because it’s coming from Adrien but because he made it for her

In another life…[Mark will still choose Craig~]

I’m watching Mark’s Charity Livestream of DD, and my god, he’s in love with Craig so much whenever he shows up on screen he just looks happy XD

(The Multiverse Theory discusses the theoretical alternate/parallel universes, of which one decision can affect the outcome of several things- but you get yours because you chose that path when there was a lot of choices. Come to think of it….it’s science of these kinds of games. I think this is too deep for a dating simulator lol Hope you all like it :D )

one of my admittedly many favorite things about gansey is that in theory he’s this old money, dignified, highbrow intellectual and passionate researcher into the unknown

but in practice he’s an awkward teenager who wears terrible boat shoes and can’t hold a conversation without talking about magic and thinks about how he’s indirectly making out with blue when he eats yogurt with the same spoon she used