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                                        940328 ❤️ Happy Birthday Jackson Wang

“Jackson’s skills are excellent but he is humble. He does well till the point that I feel embarrassed. He has a charming and sexy style so many girls like him.”- Bambam

Happy birthday to one of the most humble, caring, and most hard working person we all know! Thank you for everything you do for got7 and all of us ahgases. We know you try your hardest to make sure everyone is happy. You are a blessing in everyones lives and we hope you continue to spread your loving ways to everyone you meet. Jackson we all love you and we are thankful you have such gentle heart and we are extremely proud of you, but we also worry too. Remember it is ok to take time to rest and take care of yourself. We rather see our sunshine happy and healthy and together will the rest of GOT7! Please continue on this wonderful journey with GOT7 as y'all continue to grow. No matter what, us ahgases will love and support you! ❤️ #KINGJACKSONDAY

a stupid texmex twins headcanon I like

taako and lup originally looked completely identical, with the same hairstyle and only really clothing style differentiating them, but then one time Barry accidentally tried to kiss taako in greeting thinking he was lup, so taako charmed his hair bright pink that very day so they could never again possibly be confused for one another 

also the second it happened he immediately and instinctively lashed out with magic and turned Barry into an iguana, and then left him like that for like 4 hours until lup found out and made him turn him back :p

Happy birthday to the guy who is wracking my bias list up and down 😂 My joy and one of the most beautiful humans out there ❤️ 🕊

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do you think H is used to girls or anyone in general falling under his charm?? how would he react if you weren't so enamoured by him, not so much as of you don't like him but you don't moon over him either

I bet he doesn’t realize it as much as we think he does. I’d like to think he’s rather oblivious about it - as in, he knows he’s got fans, and he knows we think he’s the most delicious summertime peach, but I don’t think he realizes what a hold he has on us (and the world).

And, honestly, if he were interested in someone who weren’t interested in him, he would probably see it as a challenge to overcome. If you were nonchalant about him, maybe brushing him off and not returning his advances, he wouldn’t stop until he at least got you to admit that he was cute. And it wouldn’t be over-the-top, either. It would be more along the lines of him dropping you a sly text or trying to flirt with you from across the room at parties, maybe swiping a hand across your waist as he walked by. He’d slowly chip away at your exterior until you cracked to the point of admitting that yeah, he’s not all that bad.

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Coldflash, space so :)

1 - Barry didn’t mean to crash land on Earth, the planet he’s been not-so-subtly stalking because he thinks their culture is amazing. He definitely did not mean to pick up a stowaway who keeps saying “Space! The final frontier!” every time they speed up dramatically.

2 - Len hid in the spaceship because he was on the run from the cops. he does not tell Barry this until it turns out that the reason Barry crashed on his planet was because Barry was perhaps not entirely in the best situation with HIS cops.

3 - Len sweet-talks Barry out of jail, both for his initial crime (freeing an suspect from jail who later turned out to be innocent, but wasn’t known to be at the time) and for violating the directive against interference with underdeveloped species. No one is entirely sure why Len calls it the Prime Directive, but he’s so charming, they go with it.

4 - Len gets a bit of Jupiter in a jar for Mick to use instead of a lava lamp. Lisa gets diamonds from Pluto. He promises that once they get this, Barry will be able to drop him off back at home and he’ll forget all about this. Barry feels very sad about this, but doesn’t know how to deal with it - Len has a home to go back to, after all! He can’t keep him with him!

5 - Barry is not sure at what point in this internal debate Len landed in Central, picked up Lisa and Mick, and hijacked his ship to go back into space, but he’s surprisingly OK with it.

6 - Len starts by apologizing for tying him up, then (at Barry red-faced-blushing request) shifts over into “So now I have you at my mercy, brave space captain”. Lisa and Mick look at each other and roll their eyes, but hey! they’re in space! Lisa’s totally going to find an alien to bang, too.

7 - Lisa ends up dating Cisco, the otherwise hermit-like master engineer of the spaceport STAR, whose services are so expensive that he can pick and choose his projects based on his mood. Lisa has no idea about any of this, and thinks the guns he made her and Len and Mick are cute. Barry gibbers because those guns are worth more than some planets, but then Cisco comes on board and he and Barry hit it off.

8 - Caitlin joins them as well as their doctor because where Cisco goes, she follows.

  • <p> <b>what she says:</b> I'm fine<p/><b>what she means:</b> so newt scamander has shown excellent prowess in not only using magic as shown by him using wordless spells even though he was trained in verbal magic and sure it's for saving time onscreen and all that but it says something and it's meant to show us this man knows how to use magic and he's shown apparating constantly without splinching and often with jacob so an added person plus he has an entire world in his suitcase with a shit ton of different climates and spaces and that's gotta take a lot of maintenance to stay functional and has insane knowledge on most species and herbs not to mention he literally extracted an obscurial from this girl which tbh doesn't sound simple at fucking all and he's also got to know how to use this magic correctly and efficiently so as to avoid trouble i.e. he smuggles magical creatures and traveled all over so he HAS to be able to hide his tracks so why did he not have a moment to obliviate jacob? he's asked a few times throughout the film and he never responds and i think it's because he empathised with the fact that this is a Muggle Plagued By A Completely Stale Life working in a canning factory and that that small moment of magic he witnessed could give him the strength drive and hope to lead his best life. Newt Scamander didn't obliviate Jacob Kowalski because he /wanted him to glean strength from the knowledge that magic is real because he is good at heart the way few people are. Newt has proven he toes the line between criminality and lawfulness but he wouldn't willingly expose or endanger the secrecy of magic folk so there is no explanation as to why he "neglected" obliviation if it weren't deliberate and sure there were a few times he ignored using some kind of mending or reparative charms to cover his trail like in restoring the jewellery store or the wrecked attic and others but there was no time for him to do so since he almost immediately had to apparate away or deal with some other loose creature so these are not examples of his character since he repaired the giant wreckage of Jacob's house and maybe that was because he cared about Jacob but they hadn't progressed as friends yet and what's more likely is he is BY NATURE aware of how to act cautiously with magic so nothing else makes sense other than him not obliviating on purpose to give Jacob a little bit of light and since we established he wouldn't endanger the statute of secrecy he knew that even in letting Jacob know what he knew it wasn't enough to uncover the magic community and even if Jacob spoke out he wouldn't be believed any more than most people and he could be obliviated eventually if he posed a threat but this actual angel newt scamander always sees the best in everyone so his first thought was that he had faith in Jacob not to rat out their community or at least not out of malice and to just admire this memory of this world he had with reverence and im not crying you're crying<p/></p>

I don’t know about you, but I love seeing Louis like in this last interview. There were so many moments of joy and laughter. He’s constantly joking, he’s not holding back. Flamboyant and giggly and swearing and beautiful. I love that he can be that way around Steve, I love Steve for making him feel this level of comfortable. It’s so great to see Louis being LOUIS in these moments. I missed him.