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Phichit’s ‘thank you’ vlog: 500 followers??!!!

Thank you everyone!!! I didn’t know what to do to celebrate properly, so I asked Phichit to film a message! He’ll take over now, thank you everyone ♥ 

Phichit: So this blog keeps stealing my youtube videos for likes? And you reached 500 followers? You’re welcome, you copyright infringing son of a gun! But since it seems like I’m the hottest thing on here and you asked nicely, let me give all these 500 wonderful people a message: you’re beautiful and I love you. In fact, to get the message across better, I’ve asked Chris to help me…


*Phichit and Chris walk beside the ocean, dressed in white suits like the Old Spice commercial*

Phichit: You see, if I was your man, I’d never salchow over your feelings.

Chris: Or sit spin somewhere you’d rather I didn’t. Like if your grandma was serving tea and I decided to throw some very mature eros at her. I’d never do that.

Phichit: … that’s an oddly specific example.

Chris: Let’s move on.


*close up of Chris, lying on a bed with red silk sheets, rose petals fly through the air*

Chris, patting his thigh: I’m a man, but if I was your man, I’d keep the triple axels on the ice and save these quads for the bedroom.

*pan out. Phichit is lying on the same bed, rose between his teeth.*

Phichit: Rub me like a hamster, baby.

Chris, turning to look at him: ….

Phichit, worried: Too weird?

Chris: … uhh no… no, no, it’s fine….


Yuuri: Phichit, I don’t want to stifle your creativity, but why did you stick hamster ears on all my Victor posters?

Phichit: For science. Do you still find him sexy?

Yuuri: I can’t believe you’re asking me if I’m a furry.


Victor: How to seduce a man? Well first, cover yourself in egg yolk, and then… - what? I’m just explaining how Yuuri won me.


Yurio: Oh my god you’re all DISGUSTING CREEPS.


Phichit: So I’ve asked everyone and that was all the advice they had! I guess most of it isn’t really specific for this situation but…

Me: I really didn’t need you to go this far for me, Phichit. Thank you.

Phichit: Well I mean you wrote it all anyway. The weird stuff is on you honestly.

Me: Wow. Kinkshamed by my own creation. Oh, and Phichit? I believe in you. You’re the sexiest hamster out there.

Phichit, softly, with emotion: Thank you.

When the cash keeps flowing 🙏🏻🙏🏻

So Mr. L, the POT I’m still on the fence about because I’m not sure I can stomach sleeping with him. (Btw thanks for those who offered me advice, I will take it into careful consideration.) Well on Thursday he asked me to bartend a private event he was hosting at his estate. At first I was obviously a little unsure, like maybe this is a trick just to get me to come to his house, but yooo. I was so wrong. Apparently he is quite the entertainer. There was a professional chef, a professional waiter, AND this motherfucker pays a woman to manage his house….
His home though??!! Fucking beautiful and huge. Nice ass pool, expensive furniture. It was so much to take in. Anyway, they did an open bar, but it was just beer and wine, so super easy for me. I spent 3 hours pouring wine for a bunch of rich white folks. They were nice and all, but they don’t really talk to the help much 🤷🏻‍♀️ I did get told I was beautiful from a few though. ☺️ Oh and I met his sons, and one of them was fine as hell. I wish he’d be my sugar daddy 😂
I was done at like 10:00, and he wanted me to stay after everyone had left so we could further discuss if I wanted to accept the arrangement. He told me he asked me to do this because he wanted me to see that he was legit, and that his money was legit, and that he was serious about his offer of a 2500 monthly allowance. And I definitely saw all of that. I actually talked to the chef for a while to do some digging on him. He owns a company that makes sports equipment apparently. But not like footballs and jerseys, he makes the big shit like wrestling mats and boxing rings.
Thankfully when I was done people weren’t leaving yet, and he had to attend to his guests, so I slipped through the noose on that one. He just put another $500 in my hand and called me a black car to go get drunk with my friends.
So far this man has given me over a grand within two weeks. Even though I technically did work to earn half of it.
So I’m wavering hard. Can I do it? I know his money is good, I know his offer is good, but can I do it… the struggle ya’ll. God, I wish he was just 5-10 years younger and little less fat. Then I could totally do it. He wants to have dinner on Monday, so we’ll see how it goes.

I am talking to a newer younger POT. We’re suppose to meet for coffee soon, but he’s already asking me if I have a sense for what I would want my monthly allowance to be. I told him to make me an offer. So we’ll see how that one pans out. Haven’t heard from the Italian exec in a while, and still waiting on Vacation to get back from vacation to see if he’s legit.

For now I’m gonna keep hustling. I made good money at my bar tonight and will probably make even better money tomorrow.

My energy has been so high lately and it’s attracting the cash flow in my direction, and I don’t plan on letting that change 💸💸💸

hanahaki!au where jimin begins to cough up little forget-me-nots. logically, he knows that he should book an appointment with a doctor and get a consultation but he also knows what will happen after. he would have to undergo surgery to get rid of the pesky flowers in his chest which would also erase his memories of jeongguk. and he can’t do that, not when jeongguk means so much to him. it would break jeongguk too, to see one of his closest friends not remember him at all. so jimin toughs it out, ignoring taehyung’s increasingly worried confrontations. surprisingly he didn’t have to tough it out for long, the bursts of blue petals when he coughs decreases in frequency, his chest feels lighter and he feels like he can breathe again.

hanahaki disease is an illness caught from having an unrequited love, in which flowers start to bloom in the patient’s chest. the type of flower represents the degree of love the patient feels towards the object of their affection. symptoms include: difficulty breathing, coughing up flower petals, heaviness felt in the chest. types of treatment: surgery, having the love reciprocated or getting over the love.
“see taetae, i’m over him! i stopped coughing out petals!”
“ok but yesterday when you saw him dancing you sighed dreamily and said beautiful. i don’t think that means that you’re over him??”
“but no more petals!!!”
“have you ever thought about the other ways you can be cured.”
“you’re an idiot.”

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i've always imagined rough and passionate sex with harry (obvi) but like i also love the idea of just having really chilled sex like you're laughing and you get tired of riding him so he flips you over and he's on top and you start making funny faces and then he's laughing and as you both cum you're just in a fit of giggles like i would get off on making harry laugh during sex i think the combination of him inside of me and also his beautiful face crinkling into a laugh would just do me in!!!


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I just need to say that you are awesome and thanks for support Jared the way you do. Knowing that he is not perfect and he not always gonna take the decissions we like. Still focus on the positive, on his kind soul. These couple of days watching how people judge him just because he decide say or not Say something, i mean... Ughhh. I just want him fine and safe. So glad i found your blog! And you have a wonderful and equal talented group of Friends that I of course admire and follow too.

@patiletoproblems this is such a lovely, nice and kind message! Thank you so much for it!!! 

I wouldn’t know a reason to show my admiration in a different way. There is so much I get out of following Jared. He gives me music that helps me to deal with pretty much any emotion. I can blast for example Attack when I’m angry at something. I can listen to Alibi or the acoustic version of A Beautiful Lie when my world crushes again. Although I already knew all the things he says, it’s good to be reminded, to hear someone speaking about it aloud, to get told, take the next step if it’s bad and if it gets worse, take another step and that after every valley there must follow a high-point. It’s the law of life. I never thought, I would get all these things out of a singer, a band. And the least I ever expected was to make friends that understand me better than most I know physically. I feel barely alone anymore thanks to my girls @mars-avenue, @avaj99 and @thepromiseofanend! But also because of all those lovelies like you or others I have talked to. I can’t criticize Jared for being a human with a head of his own on his shoulders. True, not everything I would do the same way myself, but so do friends and family of mine not always things the way I prefer and I would never think of looking down on them for their choices. I feel nothing but gratitude to have Jared, Mars and fellow admires in my life! It makes it so much richer! Thank you to all of you!

… oh and this smile is the best therapy ever! It makes you instantly feel better, your heart lighter and to this day, it never failed to lift the corner of my mouth as well.

We have Sherlolly, Khanolly, and what do you call Strange/Molly? Strolly? Anyway, I think we can all agree that Molly is good for whichever BC character people want to ship her with. 

With that thought in mind, what about Richard III? Yeah, at first glance, it seems odd but hear me out. In Henry VI pt 3 (part 2 in The Hollow Crown), Richard talks about how if he had love, he wouldn’t go after the crown. He’s convinced his physical deformity is what is keeping him from love (he doesn’t even consider that it could be his dark and twisted mind). This could be an interesting Beauty and the Beast kind of story.

A physically deformed homicidal maniac. Yeah, getting a Phantom of the Opera vibe from this too.

So, any takers? I’d do it but I’ve already got so much on my plate.

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Mode Amel gave me such feels with that Ain x Theodore! Can I get a continuation again? Maybe this time with Ain coming to terms with his own feelings on the Goddess with Theodore's help?

(Beautiful Ain x Theo here!)

There were more lessons after that, and in time, they became less like lessons and more like dates.  Even when he and Theodore grew close, there was still guilt nagging at Ain.

He shouldn’t be distracted with Theodore.  He shouldn’t pay so much attention to the feelings welling up in his chest.  He should be solely focused on the Goddess’ mission.

“Hey, Theo?” he asked one day, unable to keep these feelings back.  Theodore looked over at him.

“Is something wrong?”

Ain shook his head.  “Just… a question.  Remember when I asked about the bird’s free will, back during our first lesson?”

Theodore nodded.  Ain continued.

“What if… What if it hadn’t come back?  What if it had something else it wanted to do?  What then?”

Theodore was silent for a moment, testing the wing joints of another Nasod bird before he attached the wings to the body.  Finally, he answered.

“We give them free will for a reason, Ain.  If any creature with free will decides to exercise that will… who are we to judge them?”

“So you’re saying that if it disobeys, it’s our fault?”

“I wouldn’t say it’s a fault,” Theodore objected.  “Just a different choice.  Ain, where is this coming from?”

“Nowhere,” Ain lied, and bent his head to the Nasod kitten he was creating.  His mind raced.

Free will.  Ishmael had given him free will.  He had a mission, but so long as he completed that… perhaps it wasn’t so bad that he was straying, seeking out the company of another?

In his heart, he still felt guilty, but he consoled himself with Theodore’s words.

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gosh this is so cute i love arin body worship.. like arin getting his neck kissed while hands glide down his curving sides. Theyre telling him hes beautiful and he blushes like crazy, hands still roaming around his stomach., fuckin lOVE his bOD

HONESTLY if i could live and breathe arin body worship i fucking would, because that shit is SO GOOD AND PURE AND NICE

and like, it barely even matters who he’s paired with (though to me dan or suzy would always be the go-tos) bc either way i can picture him just being so flustered and awkward and maybe sometimes trying to protest but the worshipper just shushes him and tells him to turn his brain off and continues, completely turning arin into mush with their words and their mouth and their hands, and he’s all shaky breaths and little moany noises and red face and pink chest uvu

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Hey you! Yeah, you! Guess what! God loves you! And nothing can ever, ever separate you from His love. No amount of sin. No amount of pain. Nothing. Jesus overcame all of that for us. So please just remember that God loves you more than you can comprehend. Isn’t that a beautiful thought?

So, Im gonna assume that this ask was meant in kindness, but it doesnt follow its intentions. In fact, its extremely disrespectful to my beliefs.

I dont go onto your blog and tell you that your god doesnt exist and that atheism is the better way.

I dont believe any god exists let alone your specific version of the christian god, so telling me “he loves you” will get no where here.

I live my life to the best of my abilities and I dont believe in the religious concept of sin so that is also irrelevant to me.

As for it being a beautiful thought, no its not. Not to me. I dont believe any all powerful being can love the world and let it be the way it is. Theres nothing beautiful about a god who purposfully puts you through pain to need him. Theres nothing beautiful about a god who ignores peoples pain. Theres nothing beautiful about a god who sends people through the hellish parts of life and then supposedly sends them to another form of suffering because they didnt accept him(regardless if they knew what he was or not) or because they broke one of his ridiculous rules.

So no, personally I dont find the thought of a god beautiful. I also dont find it likely. It certainly isnt proven.

Im an atheist.

I respect youre not. I respect you see it differently than I do. Im not saying youre wrong. Im saying that I disagree, how about you respect that :)

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yousef's best hair moments go (or do his worst ones if that's more Entertaining skfs;ldfjkdsfj)

oslirwhopqhtouuq daisy u know my memory is shit…. i will try my best but i cant reference specific episodes or clips and u’ll just have 2 deal

  1. so his best hair looks are when his hair is covered. snapbacks make him look Handsome and Perfect and he should never stop wearing them tbh
  2. u know that one scene where’s he’s dancing and then sana interrupts him? i thiiiink there was a brief second where he gets all embarassed and pushes his hand thru his hair invented beauty
  3. his hair actually looked good in those facebook pictures sana was looking at in class that one time good job yousef.
  4. during some shots in maghrib when he has his hood up and his hair peaks out…. dont @ me but thats attractive
  5. i know i already said his snapback looks but in particular the shot when fy faen is playing and the boys are holding the balloons and walking towards the girl squad….. thats a Good look

yousef’s worst hair looks:

  1. every other time he’s on screen. 

So I know like 90% of the fandom is against black paladin Keith and like for the most part, I’m kinda iffy about it myself. But hear me out. Black paladin Keith… whose right-hand man is Lance. Lance acts as an advisor of sorts, whom Keith trusts, no questions asked. If Shiro isn’t going to listen to Lance, Keith will. Keith already knows Lance is capable and takes the mission seriously (even though he seems to take little else seriously. That’s not to say he isn’t serious, just he copes differently). They have already experienced first hand that working together yields success. And already we can see that when it gets down the nitty gritty, they fall into a harmonious efficiency, despite the air of competitiveness between them. Keith is the drive and the passion and Lance, the patience and positivity. Together they make an unstoppable force. A good team, if you will. 

rhodey is the cutest person i can’t believe this,,, saying “boom” when something goes his way…Dad Jokes™… being So Into Being War Machine oh my god literally every one-liner rhodey has is life-changing i can’t believe how good he is??? “welcome to the dance floor, boys. oh no, i didn’t say you could leave” “I think it’s weird. you look like two seals fighting over a grape” “you look damn good mr president but i’m gonna need that suit back” WAR MACHINE,,,COMIN AT U,,, “no, it’s your fault, I just wanted to say I’m sorry”

he adapts so quickly to ridiculous situations he’s brave and resilient and selfless and incredible and his password is WARMACHINEROX with an x all caps what a giant dork i love him @ marvel where the fuck is my war machine movie


jackson wang abc’s(22 days ‘til his bday 🎂🎈🎉 )

is for darling


Misawa day theme: Development

Miyuki and Sawamura relationship development


i’m gonna hire jimin as my main model for my future brand, expect it around 2018

listen like….lance being the first one to step up & comfort keith is real cute for a lot of reasons, but just in terms of lance as a character it makes me so emotional cuz like!! you can see he does it because he actually cares and not because anyone asked him to. everyone is looking at him like they know he’s the only one who can get through to keith––which in and of itself is a beautiful thing. but what makes me really emo is that he doesn’t even notice everyone watching him….he’s just looking right at keith and steps up totally unprompted because he cares!! and everyone can see that, everyone knows that he’s the emotional support of the team which is why they all look at him that way, and yet he doesn’t know––he doesn’t even know that’s the quintessence of the blue lion, he doesn’t know how important that is, he’s just genuinely that good & caring and gOD wow i love lance so much ok

A sampling of some of the many, many universes in which Viktor Nikiforov and Yuuri Katsuki didn’t somehow manage to avoid each other for TEN+ YEARS and are already happily married (Inspired in part by the musings of @kiaronna and @pearlo on this topic from this post):

  • In 2010, Viktor is leaving an Olympic after party because it has just more or less dissolved into an orgy and that’s not Really his scene. In this universe, he decides not to go back to his room and instead finds his way to an outdoor seating area, which is not very heavily utilized given the fact that it’s February. There is only one other person out there–an athlete with his back turned, curled up onto a bench. The lettering on his jacket says Japan.
    “Mind if I join?” he asks, and the other man turns to reveal dark hair and the deepest eyes Viktor has ever seen.
    “Oh,” he squeaks. “No. Go ahead.”
    They sit, and talk, and three hours later exchange phone numbers. Instead of going to America to train, Yuuri Katsuki goes to Russia to train under Yakov Feltsman. He takes National gold in 2011 and marries Viktor in 2012.
  • Phichit accidentally posts a video of Yuuri doing a bit of Viktor’s 2013 free skate to Instagram, instead of the hamster video he meant to post. The video makes its way through the figure skating grapevine until, obviously, reaching Viktor. Viktor immediately DM’s Phichit, begging to know who the man in the video is.
    Yuuri wakes up to six missed calls, 609 Instagram notifications, 49 texts and a DM from Viktor Nikiforov.
    “I WAS ASLEEP FOR AN HOUR,” he shrieks.
    Phichit takes complete credit for their marriage in his speech at their wedding less than a year later.
  • Through the careful and judicious saving of money for several years, and because in at least one timeline the main waterline in the onsen and the transmission on the family car don’t go kaput in the same year, Yuuri’s family is able to send him to one of Yakov Feltsman’s ice skating boot camps when he is fourteen years old.
    Viktor is there, all shining hair and huge smile and new celebrity. He has just placed at the Turin Olympics and is on his way to becoming a Russian household name, and Yuuri has been in love with him for two years already.
    “Yuuri!” Viktor coos across the ice, over the heads of the fifteen other skaters in the bootcamp. “Keep your hips even! It won’t make it so hard to turn into your Axel!”
    “Yuuri! Don’t hunch your shoulders on the spread eagle!”
    “Yuuri! Your thigh should be parallel to the ice on that sitspin!”
    “He’s incredibly skilled for his age,” Lilia tells Yakov in the back of the rink one day. “And Vitya has been behaving remarkably well, since he came here.” She fixes her eyes on Yakov, deep and determined. “He’ll be old enough to make his senior debut next year. If we groom him through his last year of juniors, he could bronze in his first GPF, or better. I want him, Yasha.”
    Yakov Feltsman is not in the habit of denying his wife those few things she asks of him.
    Yuuri Katsuki returns home after that bootcamp to pack his things and collect his dog and hug his parents goodbye.
    “I’ll take good care of him, Mr. and Mrs. Katsuki,” Viktor assures from a Skype call. “He’ll be getting the best training in the world. I even have a poodle, so Vicchan won’t be lonely during the day!”
    Hiroko and Toshiya just smile knowingly.
    Yuuri Katsuki is newly fifteen when he moves to Russia and begins sharing a condo with Viktor Nikiforov. He is sixteen when he wins his first GPF silver, and eighteen when the Vancouver Olympics roll around and he stands below his best friend on the podium and accepts silver for Japan as Viktor accepts gold.
    He is nineteen when, after five years of glances and touches and shared secrets and tears and laughter, Viktor pulls him into bed.
    “About time,” is the general consensus to that.
    They have only been dating, dating-dating, for five months when Viktor asks him to marry him.
    “I know it’s quick,” Viktor says, “but I feel like–I feel like we’ve known each other all our lives, anywa, so what’s the point in waiting?”
    Yuuri, of course, feels the same way.
  • Viktor makes a split-second decision to touch up his make-up before a press conference at the Trophee de France 2011, and as he’s patting the sweat marks off his temples hears the definite sound of someone crying.
    “Um,” he announces to the otherwise silence bathroom. “Are you okay?”
    “Yeah!” comes the answer, shrill. “I’m totally fine!”
    “You don’t sound fine,” Viktor says, and ducks his head to see which stall has feet under it. In the last stall, he sees a pair of badly-abused sneakers. He straightens up and knocks on the door. “I’ll leave you alone if you want me to, but I can–if you want, I can show you a better place to cry. Than here.”
    It takes a moment, but the door opens. The man in front of him has watery eyes and puffy red cheeks and Viktor isn’t sure he has ever found someone so beautiful.
    “Okay,” he whispers, and Viktor leads him onto the roof where instead of crying, he stares out over the skyline and tells Viktor about his home town.
    Viktor never does discover why Yuuri was crying, but he does get his phone number–and he does visit his hometown with him, a year later, to tell Yuuri’s family that they’ve decided to get married.
  • Yuuri is somehow convinced by Phichit to go out with a group after Skate America in 2013–Phichit is in his element, leading people around the city with expansive gestures and the effortless social confidence Yuuri has come to know of his best friend. 
    “You’re from this city too, aren’t you?” asks someone at Yuuri’s shoulder, and Yuuri turns from Phichit’s monologue to see Viktor Nikiforov of all people. Yuuri, distantly in the back of his mind, realizes that he didn’t see Viktor before because he is wearing a hat, scarf, and enormous sunglasses.
    “Um, not from here,” Yuuri says, trying not to squeak, “but I–we both live here, Phichit and I.”
    “But you know the city,” Viktor says, “so that means you would know a place where I can get the most disgustingly greasy food imaginable and you and I can go there and my coach never needs to know?”
    “Yes,” Yuuri says immediately, because he may be timid around most people, and especially around his idol, but he has more than enough sense to realize that His Time Has Come. “I can absolutely do that.”
    Yuuri takes Viktor to American Coney Island, where they eat loose burgers and chili fries and drink diet coke, which is the only cession to their diets.
    “Oh Yuuri,” Viktor laughs at the end of the night, a speck of chili cheese still at the corner of his mouth, “I could fall in love with a man like you.”
    And he does.
  • Celestino wins a radio lottery and receives tickets to Champions on Ice in Las Vegas–he decides to take Yuuri and a rinkmate. Yuuri’s rinkmate is nice, but he doesn’t know her very well, and he’s several years younger. She also has friends in Nevada who she wants to meet up with, and Yuuri doesn’t know anybody in the state for obvious reasons. On the first day they are there, Yuuri’s rinkmate disappears with her friends and Celestino takes his wife and goes exploring on the strip. Yuuri stays in his room and plays Pokemon and Skypes his mother.
    On the second day, Yuuri goes shopping for souvenirs for Yuuko and his family, and stares far too long at the billboard of Viktor Nikiforov’s face that is advertising the ice show. That night, he debates which of the three posters he brought with him he should bring to have Viktor sign, before deciding on none–the odds that he will meet Viktor Nikiforov tonight are practically not any higher than they were when the were on opposite sides of the world, and Celestino won’t want to wait in the long autograph lines.
    “Don’t you want an autograph, Yuuri?” Celestino asks after the show, and Yuuri thinks it’s nice of him even though they both know that the polite thing to do is say no.
    “No,” Yuuri says, staring at the long line, and continues out of the building. 
    They branch off then–Celestino has dinner plans with his wife, and Yuuri’s rinkmate is meeting back up with her friends for some clubbing.
    Yuuri is walking back to the hotel when he bumps headlong into somebody’s solid chest.
    “Oh, sorry,” they say, and steady him with hands on his shoulders. Yuuri looks up and finds the same icey blue eyes frm that billboard yesterday staring back at him.
    “Oh,” Yuuri whispers, wide-eyed. “You’re–”
    “Shhh,” whispers Viktor Nikiforov, pressing a finger to his own lips. “Don’t give it away, I’m hiding. 
    “VITYA,” someone from the alley leading back towards the ice center screams.
    “Come on,” Viktor laughs, and tugs Yuuri away by the hand. 
    It’s the spring before Viktor will cut his hair, and it flies out behind him in a magnificent cascade as they run.
    They find their way into a club, where Viktor buys them drinks and laughs and laughs no matter what Yuuri is saying, and then drags him out onto the dance floor. Yuuri has not yet met Phichit Chulanont, who will drag him to pole dancing classes and teach him how to move his hips like a weapon, but he and Viktor get by in the crush of bodies, pushing against each other.
    “I think I love you,” Viktor breaths against his neck, and they’re both three sheets to the wind, but Viktor is Russian and Yuuri is a college student and their tolerance is astronomical. They aren’t even stumbling. “I know we only just met, but I think I love you.”
    “Then let’s get married,” Yuuri blurts before he can help it, and Viktor beams.
    “Yes!” he cries. “Yes, let’s do that!”
    It isn’t hard to find a place that will marry them–even though Viktor’s signature on the certificate looks more like a drawing of a tree, and even though Yuuri’s tie ends up around his forehead halfway through the ceremony.
    In the morning, Yuuri wakes up with the worst hangover of his life, fully-clothed next to Viktor Nikiforov, and says, “We can–this happens all the time, we can have it annulled.”
    Viktor stares down at the ring on his finger, tangled hair all over one shoulder. Yuuri realizes that he doesn’t even rememer where the rings came from. How much did they cost? 
    “I would rather not, if that’s okay,” Viktor murmurs, and so they don’t.
    Yuuri carries out the rest of the year in Detroit, wearing the ring around his neck on a chain and thinking about his husband, half a world away, waiting for him.