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Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you:

Looks like could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll:

Looks like a cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll:

Looks like could kill you and could actually kill you:

Sinnamon roll:

I colored one of the panels in my Merman&Captain AU manga:D

The whole thing is not uploaded yet, (except some doodle-like pieces in my sideblog.) Anyways, happy Yuuri makes me happy too:) Hope you have a nice day~

sehun being cute and sweaty for the lovely @sehuntiful​, I hope your exam went well!

Nothing’s gonna harm you (not while i’m around)

Hey everyone! Remember when, two months ago, I said I was working on a Baby BatCat fanfiction? Well, I finally got around to finishing it!

I’m sorry it took me so long, but what was intended to be a small, fluffy OS turned into a behemoth of a fic, filled with angst and hurt/comfort. So I guess it’s a win? Please enjoy!

Baby BatCat. Post-Season 3 Winter Finale.

It’s been two days since the standoff between Bruce and Jerome. While Bruce is having trouble coming to terms with his ordeal, Selina has never been more worried about anything or anyone.

This missing moment is about the two of them taking care of each other, having important conversations, and realizing that protecting and trusting are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

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“No one’s gonna hurt you,

No one’s gonna dare.

Others can desert you,

Not to worry, whistle, I’ll be there.”

— Not While I’m Around,

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Selina quietly observed him from behind the window as he sat on the couch opposite the fireplace, his lanky frame somewhat tense, shoulders sagged and head low. It had been a couple of days since Jerome wrecked havoc on Gotham and tried to murder Bruce, and Selina couldn’t remember a time when she had felt more terrified for him. The moment she’d learned about what had happened, she’d gone straight to Wayne manor, not even caring that she was supposed to be mad at Bruce—she just wanted, needed to make sure he was okay.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAYyyyy !!!!! HOPE YOUR DAY WAS SUPER SUPER GREAT AND that you got alot of presents and stuff and and i hope you like the drawing ! You’re one of my favourite blogs ;w;;;;;;; - super shy anon from few days ago (and if you want to post it then it’s fine ;w; )


- I’ve seen these flowers all over. They’re growing like parasites on other plants. All of a sudden. Where are they coming from?


Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Words: 624

Summary: Jason can’t get over just how cute you are :)

Warnings: Jason fangirling…

A/N I saw this video of a Korean couple doing this and I can’t find it which makes me sad but I thought it was so cute that I just had to do this. I hope you like it! Jason a bit OOC (just a smidgen)

You had been dating Jason for merely a few months, and he was already having to travel out of town for his “job”, which made you a little annoyed considering long distance could strain relationships. You didn’t want to strain this relationship, you liked it. Alas, Jason had to go.

He said he was going to be somewhere in Paris, which put him 6 hours ahead of you. That meant when you were eating dinner, he was going to sleep…for the most part. You weren’t really aware what his “job” was but he was most definitely not going to bed when you thought he was.

One particular evening, you decided to go to sleep early-ish at 9:00. As you laid on you and Jason’s shared bed, you got a text message from him. At first you were alarmed that he was up at 2:00 am, but shook it off and smiled at the text.

Goodnight babe. I hope you get some sleep. I love you ❤️”

You decided to return the act of affection but went one step further. You went on Snapchat and picked a cute teddy bear filter. Then you took a short a video of yourself saying goodnight.

“Goodnight Jaybabe! I love yoouuuuuuu!” And you blew a kiss at the camera. You downloaded the video and texted it to him, so he could save it himself if we wanted.

“He’s gonna think I’m such a dork.” You shook your head.

Meanwhile in Paris, at 2 in the morning, Jason laid in his hotel bed, on his phone, waiting for a reply from you. When the video message popped up, he quirked an eyebrow and opened the video.

When your face with the filter showed up, a blush and a smile crept up on Jason’s face as he watched you say goodnight and blow a kiss.

As the video stopped, he stared in wonder at his phone screen.

“Wow.” He breathed. He played it a few more times and his grin grew bigger each time. After one last time he set his phone down next to him on the bed and covered his face with his hands. He groaned into his hands, but started laughing giddily.

“They called me ‘Jaybabe’! Oh my god they’re so amazing! Fuck,” he said to himself. He picked up his phone and watched the video again.

“Oh my fuck,” he cursed as he watched you say goodnight once more.

Jason was a laughing, cursing mess as he watched you repeatedly say goodnight to him. He rolled all around his bed as he tried to contain himself but he couldn’t get over three things: how cute you looked, the fact that you called him “Jaybabe” and that you repeated “I love you”.

Back in Gotham, you stared at your phone, waiting for him to say something back, but you guessed he had already gone to sleep by now so you put your phone on your nightstand and went to sleep.

Jason was still flustered and freaking out about your message and didn’t realize you were probably waiting for him to say something back.

“Shit! Shit what do I say?” He asked himself. He looked around the room, hoping he could get an idea but realized he was overthinking it.

“Alright alright, I know what I’ll say.” He said and executed his plan.

The next morning, you woke up and checked your phone and smiled when you saw the message he left you.

I love you more, (Y/N). Have a great day tomorrow.” He winked at the end. Like you, he was also wearing a Snapchat filter, but it was a puppy one.

You immediately beamed at your phone and squealed.

“He’s just so cute!”


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its 12.37am u drive him to taco bell and buy him a crunch wrap supreme. when u get to the parking lot he whips out a ring box with exactly 13 cents in it. wyd


(niles voice) it’s not realistic,, it’s just not realistic,