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La Vie En Rose

Paring: Jughead x Reader

Description: Just a bunch of fluff :)

Warnings: none

Word count: 139

A/N: It’s 12 AM and this sucks ass lol // Please don’t repost this anywhere♡

Hold me close and hold me fast  

The magic spell you cast 

Jughead was never really an emotional person but when it came to you he was a hopeless romantic. He would smile and blush endlessly. He was completely and utterly under your spell.

When you kiss me heaven sighs
And tho I close my eyes
I see la vie en rose

When you press me to your heart
I’m in a world apart
A world where roses bloom

When you two were together nothing else mattered. Without a doubt, Jughead was always stressed but his only focus was you, he’s always at peace when you're together. You simply washed all his fears away until you both were in La vie en rose

Give your heart and soul to me
And life will always be 

La vie en rose 

No lie. I’ve been watching it for 5min straight. It’s been months and i’m still not over it.

Boyfriend! Suga

the cutest sleepiest baby my bias wrecker everyone

Dating Suga would include:

  • lots of late night talks
  • but not too late bc suga likes sleep
  • would almost choose sleep over anything else
  • except you
  • when you’re upset or have a nightmare he’ll hum into your ear and wrap his arm around your waist until you calm down
  • that is until you turn to face him and shove your head under his chin which he smiles at and kisses your head
  • the boys find your relationship with suga kinda secretive
  • which is okay by you and suga because all he wants is privacy so he can love on you without hesitation
  • “y/n can you come take a nap with me”
  • “babe”
  • wiggles his eyebrows at you from time to time, giving you his cute lil smile
  • the sex is good
  • no actually its great
  • he’s definitely a bottom
  • because all he wants to do is admire you
  • you beg him to help you with piano
  • but all he does is begin to teach you, then gets distracted and plays a song
  • “suga how do I play this”
  • “ok look it’s easy, just put your first finger on D and continue on from there”
  • “continue on from where??”
  • you guys honestly spend hours sitting at the piano, learning new songs and him showing you how beautifully he can play
  • jealous y/n is his favorite y/n
  • when you fight it can get heated
  • he knows when you yell “MIN YOONGI” without any formalities he’s in trouble
  • fights usual center around him not doing the dishes or cleaning up his socks from the living room
  • “do your own fucking laundry i’m not your maid”
  • “you may not be my maid, but you’d look good AS a maid”
  • and at that comment he wiggles his eyebrows again and takes you upstairs despite your protests
  • he’s a little cutey sleepy baby
  • you love watching him sleep because he’s so relaxed and looks very peaceful
  • when it’s really early in the morning, you’ll wake up next to him and brush his hair out of his face and stroke his cheek
  • suga knows because for a lot of the time he pretends to be asleep so you keep going
  • “i love yous” are rare but it’s so obvious
  • it’ll slip out during sex or when you two are flat out drunk giggling on the couch
  • or when he gets mad or jealous you’ll hug his shoulders and kiss his cheeks over and over again until you hear his lil laugh and an “i love you”
  • the two of you talk about the future a lot
  • he says he only wants one kid but who knows
  • you’ve seen the way he looks at his little cousins or at the random mother and toddler walking down the street while you guys are on your way to buy groceries
  • SHOPPING with suga is a whole other story
  • he’s v picky
  • “jfc just pick a damn lettuce already”
  • “but they’re all bruised!”
  • “your head is gonna be bruised if you don’t hurry up yoongi”
  • to which he throws a lettuce head into a bag with a grumble
  • he begrudgingly holds your hand when you’re walking down the street
  • he totally secretly loves it and squeezes your hand once in awhile
  • and when you two get back home and unload all the groceries, you’ll drag him to the couch and lay down on top of him.
  • he groans playfully but ends up pecking your lips and giving you his lil gummy smile

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Closure and a Fresh Start (Rules of Recognition finale)

Sebastian Stan x reader

Notes: fluff, smut, swearing, angst(ish)

Summary: after your (belated) first date with Sebastian at the pre premier party, he makes sure you know damn well how he feels about you.  

The event was as glamorous as you feared. Having so little time, you couldn’t help but feel proud of yourself with how put together you managed to look. You thoroughly enjoyed the slack-jawed expression Sebastian gave you when you emerged -dolled up and ready in your black cocktail dress and high heels- and gave him an award-winning smile. You giggled when he muttered something about ruining you under his breath before he kissed you on the cheek to avoid smudging your lipstick and presented his arm to escort you to the party.

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Sherlock wakes up, his brow furrowing as a small frown takes place in his features, eyes squinting as he blinks awake to sun in his face as it’s at just the right angle to spill through the crack in the drapes, hitting him in the face where he rests his head on John’s chest. After a moment he groggily lifts his head, blinking away the sleep and turning to look at John, the sunlight now pooling along his collarbone, and Sherlock leans over to press a kiss behind John’s jawline just under his ear, smiling as he whispers, ‘do you know what today is?’ and John smiles softly, eyes still closed and voice low as he says, ‘you know I do’ 

Supernatural:Kissed by Gods pt.1

“So,Dean this (Y/N).”-Sam introduced you to his gorgeous older brother.
“Nice to meet you,I’m Dean.”-He said smiling.
You could see his muscle even under the shirt.He was tall and well built.He had blond almost brown hair,and his hair….Was gold.
Stop it,(Y/N)!He’s out of your league.
“You know (Y/N) has a gift.”-Sam said
“I don’t like to brag.”-you said while your cheeks turned red
“What is it?”
“She won’t say.”-Sam said while giving you a beer.
“C'mon,tell us.”
“You can begg all you want,I still won’t tell,Dean.”
Anyways,now since I’ll be living here,could somebody show me where the shower is.“
“I will.”-Sam said leaving his beer on the table.
“You know,she was kissed by Gods and that’s why she has her gift.”
“Sam stop it.”-you hit his shoulder lightly
You finally got what you wanted,hot shower that caressed your skin.
You didn’t tell the Winchesters,but you could read minds.That’s your special gift.
After shower you put on some legging and white shirt.
You went to the kitchen to grab a beer.
“Hi guys!”-you said smiling.
“Hey.”-they replied
‘Funny.I never saw her without being covered in blood.She’s kind of fine…’
You stopped in the middle of kitchen after you heard what Sam thought.He thinks you’re fine?
You grabbed 3 pieces of pie for you guys and sat next to them.
You licked your lips and bit them.
‘Oh,I could think of more useful ways to use those thick lips’
Wait did Dean really just thought…You’re crazy,no!
‘How did she get her boobs to stay up?Did she taped them together.’
Really?Dean Winchester doesn’t know what are bras for.
“What movie do you wanna watch.”-Dean said looking at your lips.
“You pick,whatever you want.”-you said licking your lips on purpose.
'I bet she’ll let me do whatever I want.’
“Could you get the batteries.Stupid remote.They’re somewhere down on the shelf.
You bent over to get them.
'I would keep her in that position all night’
Jesus,why would Sam think that?Is he into you?
Cas appeared
“Cas,for the love of Chuck,don’t ever scare us like that again.”-Dean said
“Cas!Come meet (Y/N).”
“Hi.”-you said
“You’re one of few people who’s kissed by Gods.”
“There are exactly 5 of them.”
“Could you tell us her gift,'cause she won’t”-Sam said.
“Castiel,no.”-you tried to stop him.
“She can read minds.”-he said it even after you tried to stop him.
“Everyone’s mind?”-Dean asked blushing
“Yes.Is there a problem?”
Dean and Sam looked at each other
You left the room smirking while drinking a beer.

|Do you want a part 2?And with who do you wanna be pared?|

Castle Alphabet: B is for Bruises

A/N: first year teaching is kicking my butt. Here is some love for Castle because I need to update

Words: 1111

Last night had definitely happened.

As if your naked body isn’t enough evidence, you have more than enough evidence scattered along the floor of your bedroom. The most prominent evidence you have, however, was on your own skin.

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You know how nice it would be to just lay in bed all day with calum? Both of you in hoodies and no pants, a laptop laying at the foot of the bed, while Netflix is playing. Calum’s arms around your body, running his hands up and down your back. Your head on his chest, hand laying on his stomach. I don’t see calum being much of a talker in this situation more of an admirer. He’d just sit there and watch your every movement with a small smile forming on his lips everyday you make a face at the screen. When you’d finally ask him what’s up he just smile, loop his finger under your chin and pull you up for a kiss.

James Sirius uses the “son of the chosen one” literally every single chance he can get, especially after getting caught in the midst of an outlandish prank 

Albus Severus gets angry whenever someone tells him he is the son of the chosen one, because he hates living under that constant pressure

Lily Luna will smile and say, “I’m actually the daughter of the famous Quidditch player, Ginny Weasley”

merry christmas, baby

REQUEST: Okay, so Seb saying he really wants kids in that interview killed me. I am writing this request as a ghost, lol. Buuuut, what if he got a picture of an ultrasound in a card as an early Christmas present and that was reader’s way of telling him she’s pregnant?!

WARNINGS: fluff, fluff, fluff. Probably language too. quick mention of sex.!



As soon as you stepped in through the door, you dropped the tree trunk onto the wooden floor and ran to the bathroom where you dry heaved over the toilet. You heard Sebastian’s footsteps grow closer, his hands immediately moving your hair out of the way even though you weren’t puking.

“You okay?” He rubbed your back.

“I’m fine. Just feeling a little under the weather is all.” You coughed.

He smiled down at you before pressing a kiss to the top of your head and letting you know he was going to bring you a glass of water.

Once he was out of sight, you instinctively placed your hands over your abdomen as you rested your back against the wall. You were currently 2 months pregnant going on 3, but Sebastian didn’t know. You weren’t showing as much and you were very conscious of what you wore. It was always loose fitting clothes and sweaters and jackets. You wanted to surprise him and what better way to reveal the pregnancy than have it be a Christmas gift?

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“i did that annoying thing where i put loads of smaller boxes inside one big box and you’re getting really mad but you don’t know that the ring is in the smallest box and i can’t wait to see your face” (from here)

In retrospect, Connor should have seen the signs. 

The box from the TV they picked up on Black Friday that Oliver refused to throw away. 

“What if we have to return it? We might need the serial numbers or something.” 

“Ollie. The serials numbers are on the TV.” 

“I know but…see there! It fits under the bed. You won’t even see it.” 

“But it takes up so much space. We don’t need it. We can just recycle it.” 


“Fine. Keep it! I don’t even care.” 

A few days later, while Oliver was at the gym, Connor peeked under the bed and the box was gone. He smiled a self-satisfied smile and went back to studying. He’d known Oliver would come around eventually. 

Then there was Oliver’s sudden interest in Laurel’s new laptop and Michaela’s new table. 

Oliver’d all but cornered Laurel the morning she showed up at the clinic and pulled out a new computer. To Connor’s eye it looked nice but nothing worthy of the interrogation Oliver seemed to be giving Laurel over it. He kept a wary eye on the pair of them as everyone started to get to work but, eventually, had chalked it up to his boyfriend being a huge tech nerd and forgot about it.

The thing with Michaela’s kitchen table had been weird though. They’d been invited over for dinner and Connor had been the one to notice it first. 

“New table?” he’d asked. 

“Yeah,” Mic answered from the stove. “We had to spend last Saturday at Ikea because some people don’t know how to use coasters.” 

“And by some people, she means me,” Asher pipped in.  

“You got it from Ikea?” Oliver asked. 

There was something in his boyfriend’s tone–too much innocence mixed with too much interest–and it made Connor cock his head to the side. “Does it matter that it’s from Ikea?” he asked Oliver. 

Oliver’s eyes widened. “No. No, no, no,” he was too quick to say. “No, it’s just–I’m just surprised is all. I mean, it’s nice and…and I was just a little surprised. I mean, you hear Ikea, you think crappy dorm furniture. And this isn’t crappy dorm furniture. It’s nice. Really nice. Did you guys have to put it together yourself?”

Asher and Michaela launched into a story of assembling Ikea furniture that Connor figured was probably only amusing to them and tuned it out, keeping his eyes on Oliver’s profile. What was going on with him lately? Something was up. Connor just couldn’t put a finger on it. 

Michaela came to the punchline of the story and Connor laughed along with the rest of them, trying to ignore the bead of unease that settled in his shoulders.

So, yes, Oliver had left breadcrumbs behind; Connor just hadn’t been able to put it all together until now. 

He tore open the paper on the large box in their living room–a box that looked an awful lot like an Ikea kitchen table box–and opened a top flap only to find another box nestled inside, all wrapped up with a bow. 

He leveled Oliver a look. “What did you do?” 

“Nothing,” Oliver answered, all innocence. “Just open your present.” 

With a roll of his eyes, Connor set to unwrapping and opening this box–their new TV box–only to find another box inside. 


Oliver nudged Connor’s shoulder with his own. “Just keep going.” 

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      “I thought you didn’t wanna decorate?” you asked as you walked into the war room, your voice echoing off the high, tiled walls.

       Dean smirked down at you from his spot on one of the library chairs, a necessary boost – even for him – to reach the top of the tall stone doorway leading into the bunker’s library. “I still don’t,” he stepped down, “but I happen to approve of this particular Christmas tradition.”

      You watched with an ever-growing smile as Dean moved the chair he’d been using back under one of the library’s long tables, dropped the roll of tape he’d used to crudely hang the one decoration he approved of from the pin-impervious rock, and crossed the room to you in a few long strides.

      “Mistletoe?” you asked, eyeing the piece of greenery hanging over the library steps. You were almost certain it was kale Sam had bought for one of the smoothies Dean didn’t approve of.

       Your boyfriend grinned sheepishly. “Well, not exactly … but I know you’re really into this whole Christmas thing so I wanna try and be too. And besides,” he grabbed your hand and started pulling you towards his makeshift mistletoe, “how could I miss out on something that gives me an excuse to kiss my beautiful girlfriend?”

      You laughed and shook your head, resting your arms on Dean’s shoulders as his hands found their way to your waist. “You know, you don’t need an excuse to kiss me.” Dean bent down so his lips were a hair’s breadth away from your own. “I’m always a willing party.”

      You pushed yourself onto your tippy toes and closed the gap between you and Dean, your fingers in his hair pulling him closer to you. It didn’t take long before you felt your feet lifting off the ground, felt your lips level out with his as Dean pulled you up to him. Your toes skimmed the tops of his boots as you settled into your boosted position. You smiled against Dean’s lips.

      “Merry Christmas.”

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Just imagine him looking over at you like that. Climbing into the car to take you both home. And then having drunken sloppy sex on the couch because you don’t make it to the bed…

Imagine you say something silly and he looks over smiling and laughing under his breath. And you cuddle up next to him and he wraps his arm around you. And he’s looking out the car window watching the rain splash by and he says, “you know…you’re pretty stinkin adorable when you’re drunk…” And you giggle and cuddle in closer..And when the car pulls up to his house you both hop out and he smacks your ass as you walk in front of him to the door. And while he’s trying to fit the key in you wrap your arms around his neck and nuzzle into his cheek. You kiss his jawline and suck on his earlobe…And he groans and pushes his hips against you because he loves when you do that. Once you get inside it’s all hot sloppy kisses and groping hands. Pieces of clothing litter the floor. You both end up naked on the couch with him hovering over you before he pushes into you. Sex is fast and messy. You both collapse against each other, sweaty and exhausted.