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stanning michael is a reminder that i look up to true talent and a person with a beautiful heart and mindset he’s so incredible. i love him because he is so thoughtful and giving, he changed my life and helped me see beyond love and gives me endless happy days.

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"Kip..?" Impact hugging himself with his eyes filled with trauma and tears. "Are you busy..?..Cause, I could really use a..buddy right now.."


Kip looked over at his friend, his eyes filled with worry as it seemed the usual bright, happy attitude their friend had… wasn’t there today.

“No… I’m not busy at all… but you… what…?”

“You look like you’ve barely even slept… are you doing okay? Wait… don’t answer that-! Just…” Before talking even more, he reached out and pulled Impact into a tight hug.

“Just know I’ll be around to help ya out… okay?” He didn’t feel like letting his friend go at any point soon, just seeing the tears made his heart ache.

“Hey… why don’t we go back over to my place, I can make some soothing tea… and those funny little shaped sandwiches my rabbit-dad would make for us when we were little! How does that sound?”

Today is Zayn Appreciation Day.

Tomorrow is Zayn Appreciation Day.

Every day is Zayn Appreciation Day.

I live a Zayn Appreciation Day life.

I woke up this morning to the “leaked pictures of Chen and his ex” all over my Twitter (since most of the accounts I follow are EXO fanartists in Korea). While I’m happy to know Chen is fine and dating people despite his idol life, please don’t spread the pictures around. That’s something private and shouldn’t be exposed to the world. He’s also human and deserves privacy as well.


Where do I even start?

I saw Hamilton on Thursday. It was amazing, everyone is beautiful, the staging is flawless, the music is everything. We had great seats, aisle in the back of the orchestra section.

Mandy is a perfect Angelica. Lexi is a wonderful, beautiful, soulful Eliza. Brandon is a hilarious, heartwrenching Burr. Andrew has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard, and an adorable Phillip. Oak has the stage presence I expected and adored. Rory is hilarious. Everyone was fantastic, honestly. I can’t even name ‘em all.

But man. Javi. I don’t think it’s much of a secret how much I adore and appreciate that man’s soul. Now I love him even more. He messaged me last weekend and asked when I was seeing the show, and then asked if I wanted to come backstage after the show. Who the fuck would say no to that?

To hear that beautiful, humble man THANK ME, multiple times, I just don’t know what to say. I’m as grateful for him as he is me. It lifts my soul to know it’s mutual. I know I’m waxin’ poetic, but it’s true. Javi’s laugh is loud and wonderful and his smile, man. That smile. I can’t believe he invited us up to hang out in his dressing room for a few minutes. We talked like old friends. It’s been a long time since I met someone so easy to talk to right off the bat. He’s been there for me a lot this year, and I wish I could thank HIM enough. I think he knows. I’m sure of it.

There’s no feeling in the world like hearing the guy playing the title role say he was thinking about you during the show. I can’t believe how lucky I am. I’m so humbled. This guy. He’s just amazing.

We went downstairs after chatting for a bit and got to take pictures on the empty stage. Showed us where center stage is, where he starts off every night. Unbelievable. He’s so full of joy. I don’t honestly know which one of us was more excited.

Hamilton has given me so, so much. I’ll never forget any of it. This weekend was the best time I’ve had in years. I miss it already.

Thank you, Javi. You are a gift.

anyway….. onto more important things. i held my baby cousin who’s barely a week old and got him nap for a bit bc i hummed “sing” by the carpenters to him while i carried him in my arms and it was so precious i just stood there holding him for like ten minutes and kept saying “you’re beautiful!” and “so precious!” and my personal favorite “look at those sausage link arms/legs!” and oooooohhhmygod does he have the most gorgeous eyes and beautiful smile oh my goodness

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Brianna your love for Sebastian Stan is the most pure thing in the entire world you fill my heart with warmth every time you talk about him

Pls Amy, I’ll cry, this is so sweet, thank you so much love 💙💜💙💜